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October 2, 2020 12:26 am

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October 2, 2020 12:26 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Don't you think President Trump is an autocrat---2- Is there a connection between Noah and the ark and the passage in 1 Peter regarding baptism and salvation---3- How exactly is the gospel -good news- for the poor---4- Does John 20-23 support the idea of Catholic confession and priests---5- Do you think, in the end times, will believing Jews and believing Gentiles have different roles and rewards---6- If church fathers, like Luther, believed in baptismal regeneration, what does that mean- Were they truly saved---7- A caller wanted to continue a previous conversation regarding regeneration, sin, and the human will.

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Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research what is written about a lot more you have questions about Bible doctrine maps like why Brent is called responded to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick on how are you doing out there. You are to bless you and hopefully this will be pursued today. Right. Hey, look at what you call, as usual you have to do 772072276 the last four digits spell see ARM on your dial so difficult he wants. We can blab no big deal. Pretty easy to do.

All right, all right, just jump on the call different lines 877-207-2276 let's go to Harry from Kentucky very welcome run here by Matt and what do we do with the evangelical in the White House. The CIA wants to rule it doesn't want to leave the elect thing is going to be illegal or whatever are you conversation a real bad so do you have anything of substance to say is making an accusation entitled opinion, but hey, why don't you fax yet look godforsaken annual I'd like to answer you listen to listen to Biden that I listen to, but not on very much and he does know has trouble stringing words together properly. Harris is been kept with the Raps probably because they don't want her to expose her Marxist theology or ideology trumps listing Morty Hellman, I tell you I like what he says like him taking shots at the left. But when he sees what what exactly housing autocrat what you want to rule want everyone to follow whatever that you have any hopes for that where he says he wants to do everything us like you listen to anything I had to do it but I I plan where you are coming from with you and now nano when you're at it, toward the left you yet. The far left and I understand that. I think the most fun of the moronic wackos really help destroy this country that believe there again just the Constitution. They want to have the promotion of homosexuality. LGBT Q, they wanted proof laws to kill more babies the Democratic Party if you study it in history is the party of segregation in proslavery. You know it's I don't trust the left do you I don't count them like you do well far left out by Aaron Obama was a man of character like that okay from what planet you're from. He was a Muslim and he did a lot of things that did not favor this country past a lot of things in favor of foreign countries you know okay so were already read it by now.

The thing was happening are going to read all called? Read because you do you approve of the far left some violence and rioting that I don't believe not you approve of what I see.

Okay deliveries were having terrible problems in Louisville okay. Miss you.

Do you approve of Pelosi's a potential threat of impeaching Trump again if he appoints a conservative judge and Supreme Court held that you will out that you are you in support of that of the threat to impeaching the did she say that the tools you tools is considered a lot. I don't know a man just so you know I'm not a Republican. Okay, Democrat or Republican, and I didn't vote for Trump?

Yeah, you said that I lady said that but that like to hear you of what he does well you know you do research or that you say were mostly desert canyons of the question of not seen a list of the things that he's done. I've heard a lot of conservatives list a lot of things out. I've heard the left just it's not without any real substance, and so I want to hear fax want to see if he's a bad president than the facts out there is a good present the facts out there. I don't trust the leftist media at all the night.

I don't trust is not to say the other leftist moron wackos and I still believe I don't trust so I don't know what to believe and was a good you got yeah I work down right now it is and I get on earlier today I will let me tell you what the status of the discussion forums I was using okay lidless publicly using the bulletin for years and now I can't work right for anything. I spent days and days trying to fix things. I've now given up on them and trying to talk with the group in order to get a new software model going and contacting people and all the stuff so will try and get it going again and we were trying to have it integrated into the new system. The new website okay if and when you okay you be welcome on you are hard to keep that going on under constant attack your server attacks to US attacks or spam attacks. People realize to say this people just do not realize how difficult it is to maintain this ministry not whining, complaining, it is difficult. We have thought the US attacks from countries the US a denial of service attacks were linked have infected computers, all trying and attacked the server ports that were on flights but nobody can access it to bring the servers down.

We have freedom to attach like that plus attacks trying to put him in spy software.

We've had various legal threats people.

Nothing ever happened yet. The legal threats to take us down. We've had atheists work to destroy the ministry we have Christians who are working to destroy the ministry as well because of the Calvinist and charismatic gifts and stuff like that. I would threat down and swatted praying against us. We have all kinds of issues. We've lost some donors because of coated and we distrust go through all of it and were trying to convert the site from one format format to move even further ahead and let me just tell you the amount of work I have to do is just staggering. It is staggered not be microwaving four months to get the site ready and I'm only 54% through the articles 5555.4132% with made it when I found that I because of word of faith is a good start and you get you pop up there year. I'm talking here to get out maybe 12 years and yet outlasting it go report on late with different types of faith but very interesting for you to put that on there like that of things, day everybody.

I'm trying to do is not as a candy stick to the truth of God's word that the applicant directly.

You are right I that would be a little bit.

Thank you.

Okay. Okay. Keep listening. All right I will all right. Let's get to James markets on James welcome you earlier it's going man is what he got a follow-up about the question I have day before yesterday about knowing our okay from Mary Callahan in Arizona and are you, Carla house them all and I get your point with it is the only thing context we talking about here calling, give I just between you and first Peter work can't talk about it.

Well, those are real. There really was a flood really was no okay and at first. If you know how your it says includes running to that, baptism now saves you the flustered appeal to God for clean conscience. That's what it says in verse 21. My debate last week on Saturday. My opponent went to that verse and said that it's proof that baptism is necessary for salvation, which is not logically true because even if it says baptism is salvation, or that it saves you, doesn't say that is the only means of salvation. Nothing I would say that I agree with him or send logic is no necessity of exclusion so but what you know. I believe that this is corresponding to that that is now saves you will save Noah was the ark, and the flood was the means of destruction, so it is not easy pass to get through. For anybody with my position. The people.

The people that of Greenmount are at multiple articles or people you as their client now. I think a lot of people get the corner.

First Peter Locke.

I don't think their emphasis on the baptism part. I like the fact that I have their sandlot and now I had to do something even have an arc board that we have to do something well if we have to do something to be justified, dinner, preaching a false gospel that antichrists need to repeat it flat out and is my opponent's became Richardson stated that you must be baptized in water to be saved by merchant and he said also that baptism is a work and also assist you in faith and your baptism is what saved you cannot be stupid about that, so he's a false teachers and false convert in his preaching false gospel numbness in this behind his back to the twins face. You know on video. He said the same enemy false gospel. I don't take offense to that is being made as being sincere record what he believes.

Just as I but in our debate. He clearly because he could not answer the question under license 214, among other issues, which is a sin. This Catholic across not get baptized, and he didn't do that. So you regarding right that have been anything like not going out. We both know that work on Friday that I anything near here and an art should remain anything spiritual or religious looking. The thing to note that the ark is spiritual, so Jesus is not how it felt it building it is okay little buddy right now you all right evolve for one open line to go to give me a call 8777 60 right back after mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave welcome everyone looks good on the line blitzing everything Kansas Anthony welcome to check their check yet you're here. Yes, I have that we got what you hear me okay yes I hear you what you got right in. Let me background.

In what way gospel good news to the poor or you talk first.

Matthew chapter 4 like having a few to justify their position lately morning I went lately you got a little more slowly.

You said what is the good with the gospel gospel to the poor so he said yeah and what way the gospel good news.

Do you know what the good news is you know what it wrecks… You think that's good news. For anybody you're very, I'm sorry it white, brown, yellow. It's good news is that Jesus Christ paid for our sins elected and that we can go to heaven good works or anything to do that you did. That's the good news. That's what it is so poor. Are you trying to say then that the gospel itself must solve the poorest problems with Lori that all okay okay thank you okay that what I'm sorry.

What a crock with a friend that got good news. The poor people that God on the thought of, or the threat and the marginalized, and they carted a friend that you earth if not the only one who would like Matthew 2530 126 thing okay yeah I think you matter-of-fact I just started doing research today, I was sunning myself clear. 30 articles a day before I can work on other articles sister some issues need address of one of them is social justice stuff.

So I'm taking notes of what you saying here so I can research it even further by comparing it, but though you knew or Matthew 2531 and another thing to use the sermon on the Mount and argue the Beatitudes okay for to do what well the gospel good news. The poor people at and is not good news to report good, but not the gospel they mean though that it has assaulter poverty right okay yeah that's that's it. That's why I try to read some of the stuff I'd like to Pull out your wallet and Shane Claiborne and I got it just doesn't have the truth was with me at 20 Campolo Wells, R. Shane Claiborne Leon and the LA RDN Jim wallet JIMW a double LIS got back okay I will hear. So if you can't do to Rev. William Barth what this look like you do if you will. It is put a little paragraph together with some of the names you are real some quote some of the stuff they said that will help a great deal of Cadet my research time in a direction to go, and because I got about 20 articles and do now in the social justice okay now email it and fill it kind of work. This email if you can, is what to do, that we can start the info it, forget anybody vetted information on social justice stuff you don't email at our there is my website right right okay thanks a lot Bridget Anthony Lutz in the fold with Mark from New Jersey.

Mark welcome excellent… Ridiculous that it matter.

You know what you made that Saturday at about half the length a lot. Thank you very much for what you do brother.

So what you think of it I think it went well for you and me and that was really good.

What is I from or forced confusing and he couldn't handle. Colossians 214. It really sank his boat's so we got here man, Catholic okay was from John 2023 okay in the Y date on your church. Basically, if you forgive any things have been forgive you for giving them independent of any man being retained. The issue here is something that the Catholics we are talking to them not to address it if you forgive the sins of any, so, ask do the disciples forgive sins and ask this of the question of the Catholics do they do this talk of the priests were talk about this is what Jesus says to the disciples. Let's talk about this pre-stuff you think you have authority from later on, but is it talking to them and ask him is are they having the authority to forgive sins. And if they say yes then ask him this is Jesus obligated to forgive the sins if the disciples are stifled to the forgiving is that is Christ, and obligated to do that, he must do what they say if they said your sins are forgiven, but Christ has forgiven them asking the question and they can't say you will normally prove that early, but not noted one no one thing at a time always focused. This is like teach people about apologetics because you'll do just did what they do. I say no not talking about your authority or priesthood were looking at what Jesus said to the disciples that were talking about and we can talk about the authority thing later did Jesus say that if you forgive the sins that he will then be obligated to forgive them if they do this that's the question you gonna bring them back in digressing into okay okay all right able to write back. After these messages, please match Y call 772-0776 charismatic slave back. I think the wrong sector all right at the wrong button try but that Mark still there. I miss her about that.

Okay, where were we all .23 okay so here's the thing they had to asking this question right and he said that the disciples actually forgive sins will say yes is Jesus and obligated to do with the have done obligated them to do that. That's the question because they're actually saying the disciples had the authority and that they would do it if they did it then does Jesus forgive them because Jesus, God's will to forgive sins, not people as you see the problem that they have with that okay yeah was at obligated to do it. All this of Jesus is not obligated to do the disciples say really. Okay, let's talk about that and the proper understanding of your theology because Jesus is not obligated to do what people tell him to do just that simple.

Okay, it also says her sins have been forgiven. That's in the perfect tense perfect is I have been so I have eaten you know is I was eaten eating in the past and still him, I had eaten.

As I was eating in the past but not now. You know, sitting in the past was completed in the past I had eaten. I have eaten is I've been eating in the past and still doing so. So this what it says here the perfect tense they have been forgiven of their in the past forgiven and they are now will why is Jesus saying it that way.

It is the safer since you forgive the sins of of any of their sins will be forgiven if you think they have been is like saying they arty have all this going on here is that the disciples were pronouncing would already has occurred and that's the proper understanding of okay you you on my back.gave 30 man Matthew nine what is labor 989. Matthew 98 the summer austria glorify god who given such authority to men yeah well it were things i'll do is is i will say you foresaw the crowds was looking at it all sick this is for the disciples can you show me in scripture where it says that the authorities passed down for the disciples.

please show me in scripture that's all you gotta do and they will be able to find it because it isn't there is just not there any other letter, 16, 19 and you the keys. looking at every red light, and there shall have been bound.

it's the same issue was so tender stuff about john 23 jeff having valid is your church and your church that was given.

peter will that's interesting because there the keys probably reference isaiah 22 and set the cute house of david on his shoulder when he opens normal sharpening system will open and so because so it's a reference to keys generally means authority of some sort give you the authority the kingdom. every buyer shall have been bound always talking to melissa say talking to peter what they want to do is and say what that means that all the popes have authority and then again i want to say show me where it's it's it's passed down should only words passed down in scripture they can't find it because it's not there.

they assume it. so that's the point of trying to make one of matthew 1616 through 19th. they want to go through these verses just say show me when the bible where it says that the authorities passed down by laying on of hands were the authority is that they can do that and if it's the case let's see your your popes do what they did in matthew 10 jesus summoned his 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness they could heal every kind of disease and sickness. if your pope has the authority let's see them heal every kind of disease and sickness and matthew 10 verse one birthday you can also go to carmen and you look about an article based on that is the roman church have the authority of christ is mechanical to these verses and i sure paul healed on command. peter healed on command raised from the dead did things like that and they don't have that same authority so there you go read what i okay i will tell i don't okay goblins. all right, let's get to this week derek from la derek welcome you on anything.

all current want to bring about a topic. what you're how you view the role of leaving israel meetings like that people are israelite are yet it got actively that by at versus the role of gentiles who believe in christ in the f you think that they would have different role it would have different or no because the hundred 44,000 revelation 16 of the goodies are going to be believing jews so there wouldn't be doing really believing the true messiah and that they will come to the fate of the building that so that's that's what's gonna be anyway so don't cause nothing with israel yet because it says that matthew 11 2526 so so confidently okay right all the question journal fast. don't put out by talking about your life for believing the right outside of the hundred 44,000 you think that there were less endowed that believers that will not be i don't know when you return of christ means the eschaton, so the doctrine of christ, which is a single event so he blessed you know there's a covenant aspect two things, and on to say that matthew and jeff and romans limply 526 god is not done with israel yet and i'm not sure what that means. i would note the good things might be to do a stupor in depth covenant related study on israel to see what might be carried over to the new covenant time, which is out of people. okay thank you arend and god bless.

let's get to elaine from florida.

welcome. i think thank you for taking my call. i really appreciated all i got a lot of prep, because yesterday i thought we were talking one roman catholic went on another note, i will and that was the path and calculate all get a quick bite of that and the roman catholics said that the do you condemn all the church fathers to hell because they believe that about generation and and you said that any person who said that after the paper, salvation legal. 1 o'clock and my right, that's correct. yeah, for me personally, i kinda have a problem with that because you got when i read my like the example luther clearly believed in and out generation. i just can't the al-assad think they that luther was locked, but it was a forerunner to the research of the gospel in the darkness the wrong and i got some responded that in college and they have an issue there. example which means that money doing it is done and they would affirm that the actual baptismal water regenerates individuals of the bleeding also lose your salvation and i took strong inference conditioner that i did not agree to that at all and i will say this, they were not very clear on exactly what it meant and i don't believe they understand it as well as i like to say they do.

so i was on the inside. i took theology courses from other top guys. my conclusion was so i'm not exactly sure the lutheran position would be like to have a lutheran a knowledgeable, qualified luther professor called me up and say this will teach the discussion about interest. i would like to build cms and yeah will, but all in the concorde where they basically they're what make a confession on an article article mind about the augsburg that about the day you break that i read that after the break voted right back after these messages, please state the man's leg. why call 770727. here is matt's leg.

alan from florida all the clutter agreed. augsburg cardboard binder of article 9 on baptism that quote about the state that 30 salvation and up through baptism, the great god and our children are baptized to being offered to god through baptism are deeded to god's great they condemned the anabaptist project about children and that children saved without baptism and then the nine on the night article that you think you will not about luther in his large catechism on baptism. he he he basically know that they wait a cologne state. so why think baptism white and got nothing. look directly at like what you want to give the quote truth is that they say they're accustomed go back to work and i you think based on youth data works are of no guilt. salvation will then become the fate that luther answered yes i worked in the multicore salvation.

baptism, however, is not a god brought dated you must put christ probably about any goes on at that, but it becomes beneficial. you have yourself baptized the father of the what god commanded dora but in order that you may receive in the water, salvation yeah he's yeah he's usually blowing at their end. if the augsburg confession is older than i would. i would yeah i would recheck as a false gospel because when anyone says that baptism is on work that's just doubletalk doubletalk because it is a work work is something that you do in space and time is what it is in the ceremony so 30 to say that it's necessary for salvation. that's what the problem is that they want to say that they believe that baptism infers a kind of grace which i agree with and that you can be saved through it to because of it. i think a lot of problems with it but i wouldn't call it damnable luther to say that it's necessary for salvation in it and that that what is necessary and that we get saved that's heretical. flat out all day absolutely not be a formula concorde independently of the event regarded say that not absolutely net rated possible or anything without baptism, but they would say that containment of the doll, one of the problems i had a few think you here's the thing is when i went there to dismiss college rod. rosenblatt was a professor of mine took basil's class is really good yet. he's getting sick to think of the airport's kids around and do stuff and you know he was great guy son of believe in government. but whatever it was back in the late 80s with the thing is that's not unity i learned in this in lutheranism.

they don't always they're not consistent. let's just put that way, and not need to be cross-examined and forced to actually works and love to be able to give the 3rd° to some of the things you lutheran on that issue is a paradox paradox, because it does make sense to build voter that they weld what you know where i can use read the bible that day.


and that's exactly say, but that's not exactly believe it reasonably okay. i don't think a particular question everything on complex let's get to chris from we lost him more, calvinism, angie from georgia. we like her manager dropping like flies callback function for the lines 877-207-2276 let's go to thomas from florida near you where you say the topic will incompatible permanent and after examining our conversation you are very clear by the way, what you're saying. the numbering aperture you talk about likely are very clear. the question we talked about the nature of man is changed are regenerates that there is a nature of it that the nature of the regenerate.

you said that the word nature was not grow and i said i said in the context of being human against you can see that the natures changed were not human, but we can be affected. nature can certainly be affected.

so when they say are natures changed.

i don't think the reason right terminology okay this got about the human will and nonmajor were talking i was coaching i would. how could we were taught in comparison to a live regenerate christian and that that decision were made regenerate regenerated sinners regenerated.

now we regenerate christian regenerate people just think about what we still have the sinful nature. this is the paradox is that the thing is really difficult. we still have a sinful nature even though regenerated.

so think about this the unregenerate person has a sinful nature. the regenerate person has a sinful nature, so how they changed the changed positionally, legally and experientially in the sense that god is now living in us and to be honest i even know what regeneration is. i mean when i say i don't know what it is. i mean, it is this thing where the blah blah happens for soul in this area of love like you and me defining i do know regeneration is something that god does to us and that in that were somehow changed. what that means and i know god is living in a cycle that we no longer are slaves to sin that, and this is called regeneration. we been regenerated and what were no longer slaves to sin, even though we have a sinful nature still is. this is not an easy one to get through the bible we would go by what the bible alec calvin go as far as the bible gives a revelation going over right now. more discussion and we talked about free will and i believe we have free will and my pastor and i think that if we have a person wanted dead and one is alive and i that i lease the bed sinners nature is restricted according to his spiritual admit that he may not will to do what is good. therefore, there is little that is not it's free. it's free to be able to do whatever he wants to do these three he will say he cannot will do what good know we cannot take you have. you cannot choose to do with you not aware of right with me on that, but has yet to do so not aware of.

you also can't accomplish what you cannot do i can't accomplish flying to the moon by flapping my arms so i may want to. i may try to but i can't.

so there's my freedom. i still have free will to desire, but not the freedom to accomplish free will is consistent with our nature. i can desire to do something i can't do i can freely choose to do something i can't do. but it doesn't mean that i'm not free in that sense i can desire to do something i can't do this to me in my free i can desire to flap my arms and go to the moon but not being able to do it doesn't mean my free is free will have to be defined and we went over yesterday free will as i say is the ability to to act in a manner consistent with the nature without being coerced that i didn't say would have been restricted because i can flap my arms but i can't fly to the moon because i'm restricted by my nature to not be able to accomplish what i desire to have the free will to desire nothing nature to accomplish so we can only desire free will choose what were able to choose but were able to choose, i'm able to choose to want to fly the loan. i'm not able to accomplish it by saying we can only choose were aware of where the concept i can accomplish if the unbeliever can be aware of the concept of doing good with the can't accomplish it or not free to be able to choose the good and accomplish the good because are natures a slave of sin so they can be intellectually where essentia they know that god exists, but they don't have fiduciary which is faithful trust in. that's a difference to their free will is still free, but only in the sense of essentia but not in fiducial ability to choose and accomplish particular nears of redemptive work and personal christ that no matter what they currently valued it at the willow street are not restricted within the balance of my capability about. we are natures are restricted by my nature.

even god's nature is restricted. he's restricted to being holy so as i don't use the word restriction here gentamicin free will is a work free will is the ability to to choose to do something in a manner consistent with your your nature, but that's also not forced upon kind, i don't believe the yet extreme determinism that some internet back the origination of all things comes from god even said i believe is weight your part that all anti-biblical thought that evil comes with an authentic, not works, but god restricts that evil. he needs to study was called to see the creative, proximate and efficient causation and thinking i talked about this that the creative will of the creative act of god is. he says b like, and it occurs because he has decreed. he said it, it is by his direct hand the proximate cause of something is god putting the garden there and putting satan the angel who fell making fall, but he freely chose to follow rebel against god, so god let him exist even after his fall, and put the garden in place and adam and eve in place with their freedom of will and god allowed the enemy to enter in and god allow the enemy to talk to steve so we say that's the proximate cause and that god brought all these things to bear and baby if he hadn't been the fall with occurred lease that context that sense, but is not the efficient cause of the fall, efficient cause of the fall is adam not eve but adam choosing to disobey god. even though god arranged all the circumstances, the proximate cause he's not the efficient cause and that he's the one who actually did work directly caused by his own act of and the rebellion inside of adam's heart. okay hernandez a study that i think i mentioned that to him that he was feeling in that area okay recommend call that you get a marble all right hey folks, we are at a time that was the creative proximate efficient causation.

the lord bless you by back on there tomorrow and hopefully see you

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