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Identity Crisis: Transgender or Transformed?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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September 12, 2020 8:00 am

Identity Crisis: Transgender or Transformed?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 12, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell first talks to Laura Perry who transitioned from a girl to a man for nine years. Jesus Christ transformed her and she now helps those in the confused transgender world. Then Judy Glenney joins Jan, the mother of a boy who sought to become a woman. How will the church handle this issue that now permeates society? Tormented souls are at stake.


We tackled the culture war this hour but I didn't really matter what I did my body struggle with internal plaintiff knew that this was deeper than just the outer shell of the body what the freedom eventually became my present without welcome times radio mark so what you body all of three ministries radio for the residence we address a sensitive issue for the hour is possible to go from transgender to transform. Indeed, it is only with the help of a loving patient of Almighty God, we first meet Laura Perry live as a man, or nine years. In part two we meet the mother Masson decided he was a woman is the church ready for this dilemma. Here is today's program. So I began to remember all the things I had as a child. Like a boy. The problem is I'm never happy because I was supposed to be the man in the relationship and I hear about this transgender identity and so I went to a support group meeting. I was amazed all of a sudden you hear all these people telling me how wonderful this is and how I am for coming out. They said in a couple years. No one ever even get to know you are a female, I just wanted to be a man and completely forget that I had ever been born female. I really wanted to raise the existence of our begin the transition. I begin to take on and at first it was the greatest thing ever.

I was just on cloud nine. I started to begin to grow facial hair and began to grow a beard and sideburns in my voice begin to get lower. Even the body shape began to change a little bit. 2009 I had my name legally changed and welcome to the program and you can tell that little introduction we're going in a totally different direction for the hour is quite frankly a sensitive topic that my night and be totally appropriate for small children. But that's your decision. I'm going be talking for the first part of understand the times radio this week with Laura Perry. Some of you may know, Laura. Some of you may have read her book or seen her on various YouTube presentations and other venues that she's behind you has an incredible story story of victory.

So I want to welcome to the program for the first time Laura.

Laura will come to understand the times and get so much for having me on Laura we don't have a lot of time but I want to get in as much of your story as possible and not just going to ask you some real direct questions and you take your time answering them and trying to get the audience here up to speed on just what it's like to find that in your case. Anyway, you felt you were not really the gender you were born, which we know is a lie from the pit of hell you started questioning and realizing something was wrong in your life all the way back in 2007 it was not en vogue back then.

In other words, the whole transgender phenomenon hadn't really hit in 2007. So what are you thinking right at first I had never even heard the word transgender.

I had seen on hundred daytime talk shows. The cat I had seen people dressing of the opposite gender. But I didn't even know that people attempted transition. When I started feeling that they have so desperate to become a man. I looked up in Google girl becoming a boy is that if anything came up. I was actually shocked when I saw all kinds of other people that were feeling the same way you were going to live about nine years as a transgender I'm good. Have you talk about it, but you are going to go through a few surgeries anyway and you shocked me because you said that some who go through this process and some who actually make a full transgender experience can have up to 30 surgeries. Thankfully, that wasn't your case. Still you had parts of your body reconstructed, which is mind blowing to hear that folks go through that, let's go back to you as a kid because something happened what you think it was whatever and how that may have contributed and I think a lot of it is that the enemy just took perception from my mother and I want to be careful because I don't blame my mother at all and I don't want to bring any kind of monitor but I think early in life. I was much closer to my dad, my mom had had two miscarriages between my brother and II note part of it with her grieving of boys.

She was much closer. My brother they were culture and personality help much closer. My dad and a lot of times my mom she is exhausted from all her working at the church. She was on the performance treadmill forgot she's told that in her own story because you think is off the lot lot like just go away, leave me alone get off go play by yourself. But I internalize that his rejection mom doesn't love me.

I begin to act more like my brother because I thought well mom likes boys more than girls be more like my brother and in the more I acted like a boy. The more other girls began to reject me. And the more I felt like I didn't fit in with them. So then I would acting more like a boy and I just didn't know how to fix it. You are going to sign the transgender support group and you're going to start to hear how wonderful this new life could be if you could just be one of these transgender people tell me just a little bit about the support group was there they had me share just a little bit of hot water than I didn't see any of these connections are anything that happened in childhood anything like I really displayed to try what and within five minutes.

They're like oh you are definitely transgender. You know I was concerned that I thought well I'm never gonna look like a man and they said don't worry about it in a year or so of taking hormones don't ever get to know you are girl who had been wanting to hear all my lost her all that it and I just bought it hook line and sinker. So none of those people talked about the struggle. There had to be struggle when you start taking hormones and start having surgeries. It's gonna be a struggle involved. They never talk about that. What was interesting as they talk about it fairytale like your to me happily ever after. My partner and I were going to the support group meeting for about the first year and after the first year we notice a trend we are leaving the meeting more depressed than when we get because everybody was so depressed felt on their time, but how miserable their lives are and yet their time, but how happy they are because of transition together. Talk about how miserable their lives are and it's like nobody was making the connection that this is not going to lead to happiness. In 2009 you change your name to Jake.

You had chest reconstruction etc. and I can go into details here your drivers license then would say male, but you said to me, but you knew you weren't so he weren't convinced yet. I immediately after the surgery is actually a few weeks later I had been a little bit depressed and I really couldn't quite put my finger on it but I went back to work and my boss that was a lesbian. She is very parallel to BPM and to help me plan the trip. She thought that was wonderful after I'd been back at work a few weeks to come. I got my face one day and she said look I don't know what's wrong with you. The term open around here you're depressed, you're not working as hard and unmotivated know what's wrong with you but I want the old Jake back. I was so lightweight what you mean, like, just blew her off.

I went home that night and I couldn't get it out of my head and I thought what is she thinking me that nothing in myself because I thought I was really happy and I finally had to admit that even though I like the physical result, my surgery hadn't made me man. This can comment here, you certainly look like one. I've seen the pictures my hunches you fooled everyone. Did you not with the way you looked in the fact that you were passing yourself off as a male.

People accepted that. Did they not yet.

In fact, later I had a new job where I was only known as male, and nobody knew yes and I thought that was my ticket to freedom. I thought all that is, for he would finally go away when nobody knew. But I realize that the battle with internal it enough to do with anybody else talk to me a little bit about the internal battle. You made a transition that itself had to be traumatic surgeries. You even had some internal organs removed my right all the female organs are meant yeah this has to be psychologically traumatic. Now you say. Being female is traumatic.

Okay I get that when you have your mindset but then to have the shocking things done to your body that had to be traumatic yeah and it was extremely maddening because it was like trying to run a race but the goal line keeps moving, there's always this perceived happiness you get there, not quite. This still didn't fix it or maybe the next thing. Well maybe the next thing the next thing I with another year of hormone. Another surgery but I eventually came to realize that no matter what I did to my body. The struggle was internal. I couldn't put my finger on. I did not explain it. I knew that this was deeper than just the outer shell of the body what it promised to be freedom eventually became my present self because I thought it would find freedom and living completely. What I called stealth. Another words, nobody knew there was transgender but then all of sudden you have to reinvent your life all the time you I'd be telling a story about child had nothing to me. I couldn't of been a Girl Scout.

I had to have them Boy Scout. I couldn't of played softball. I had to play baseball.

I was caught in lies all the time and I remember at one point I would cut a really big lie to my boss she become a very good friend. We work closely together and I thought I'm lying to somebody that I really care about it begin to drive me crazy.

I just want to play, click, click here. That small tire won't is quite well known as a transgender who became a female and he realized that was impossible. He made a terrible mistake. He's also a believer. I lived eight years as a female name Laura Jensen after undergoing gender reassignment surgery in April 1983 I started as a four-year-old kid in 1944.

Some bring into this conversation today 74 years of firsthand experience in some way, either living it or trying to deal with it or trying to recover from it.

It's important I think to understand that everything that we've heard today is damaging to children. I was damaged by this and I have some very strong points of view. So I hope that don't take exception to them. They come out of pain. They come out of real life experience. I'm not trying to be hurtful to anybody, but I think that I have a website called sex change and we get letters from either the parents or the transgender's themselves asking for help after they've lived a life like I did for 56, 15, 18, 20, all the way up to 30 years and they're saying Walt can you help me D transition. This was the biggest mistake of my life. I think it's important for us to realize that there is actually nothing good about affirming a young boy four years old. Like my grandma did me.

The moment you affirm a child like my grandma did putting me in a purple chiffon dress and telling me how cute I was, how wonderful I look at the very same moment that your affirming that young person you're telling them there something wrong with them you're not right that is child abuse. We need to begin calling it what it is is not affirming a child it's causing them to be depressed and anxious about who they are and then we go on to inject hormone blockers into them and begin altering their body can we begin to understand today from these discussions how destructive this is to the psyche. It's no wonder they end up with separation anxiety and bipolar disorder, dissociative disorders, schizophrenia and many other disorders that they want you to ignore your listening, understanding the times radio and Jan Markel and I'm talking to Laura Perry, who also realized this is after her surgeries that she had made the biggest mistake of her life as well. She has a book you can find the transgender to and that's the title of the book transgender to transformed by Laura Perry and I've read it and I've heard her story and other places as well Laura, let's make the turn here because you are going to make a turn and I think it started met your mother asked you to make a website for her.

She became a Bible study teacher and you were to make a website for her Bible study.

Talk to me about that and how that was a turning point. One of the most beautiful parts of the whole story.

I think because I like the most unlikely area. I was so angry with my mom and by this time in my life. I held onto bitterness for so long. I was irrationally angry with her and she didn't deserve all the hatred I had, but I had just belted in my heart for so many years and the only reason we were in contact at all was because my partner kept pushing me to stay in contact with them because he lost his parents a very young age so we had minimal contact but she had become a Bible say teacher and I didn't know until later that her becoming a Bible say teacher was part of when I came out of transgender. It really broke her and she went from this very legalistic and she will tell you in our own testimony, a self-described Pharisee into becoming some of it was truly humbled and really surrendered to the Holy Spirit that she had been changing and I had noticed that yet, but when she asked me to make this website I really was just doing it for the money but I had this brilliant idea one day to summarize each lesson and I didn't know the power. The word of God when you've got word with the rule than the story so as I begin to read the lessons all of a sudden I begin this be something I'd never seen in the Bible before it wasn't just God's rules. All of a sudden, I begin to see the heart and the character of God and begin to see that God was loving and faithful and trustworthy and it just begin to change my heart and my mom and I spent several months after that I would call and ask her a question once in a while and I went from never calling her or calling her very rarely to calling her every single day and I just couldn't wait to hear more about the Bible and then eventually I said mom what happened to me. I'm hundred and 80 from where was six months ago and she said I've been praying that God would draw you back like a magnet. That's what God is done that I knew even then that I had made a complete turn around. I had never really wanted.I had never been real in the church.

I'd never wanted read my Bible and I knew that of the really different person.

I wasn't saved yet, but I mean just my desires and handing I could feel that the Lord was drawing me but were you still thinking to yourself, I can never be a woman. Yeah, at that time definitely and it was so painful I used several things to remind me of the truth, the whole time my mom refused to call me Jake. She refused to the male pronouns. All that needs to make me home and I think mom, you've got to give into this is who I am going to get over it. I'm never gonna change and yell and scream at her but she wouldn't give in. It was like this tethered to reality to me. God never let me forget who I was, so he'd kept pursuing me.

I went home and I repented that night and I begin to give my heart to the Lord and over the next couple of days it took me a couple of days to trust the Lord that he would save me. I'd had so much that in my life. There were times in high school, of praying to Satan asking Satan to keep people from coming to know Jesus. I had a really hard time believing that God would save me, but he proved to me that he would through this incredible encounter.

I gave my heart so fully to the Lord. I was radically changed and all my desires begin to change my scripture and him from childhood, buying back to me. I knew I was. I thought I would again be a man of God I didn't realize that God was going to come after this identity, but he was gentle and patient but had to begin to convict me. It was like will gotta recognize this wasn't your wills but I don't know what to do about it now.

I'm going to stop this way. As I began to keep going on the throne.

I begin to pursue God. Mark having more and more convicted. Finally one night I thought maybe Jesus will return to my dad was always taught me about prophecy about the rapture and stuff and get excited. I thought maybe the Lord will come back any day and then I will just get out of this right. I called my mom around the mom what he is studying in Bible things she said Bob and setting on the judgment seat of Christ, and I like whoa that's all of a sudden the reality that Jesus could return any day and I will stand before him. Those two realities is collided and I went home and threw myself on the floor. I'm just sobbing before the Lord, not what you want from me you can in my life that I named everything in my life I could think of, like, you can have it all what you want what I need to do. I'm not ready to stand before you and the Lord simply asking a question. He said if you stood before me tonight, what name what I call was so thrown off by the lightweight we've Artie got the Ford like you know there's nothing I can do about this here. My name is John chapter 1 verses Jesus Christ himself is the creator. He said you cannot claim to love me, and yet reject my creation and I think you envision him is sort of leaning down, kneeling down and saying to you. Do you trust me. Could you what he said at that moment he said, let me tell you who you are. And that's what begin to free me and I realized the freedom and that and realizing that the creator of all the universe knew who I was out of credit with a plan and a purpose that wasn't just here as a result of biology that I was here for his purposes and that he still knew I was per couple month I still didn't know what to do and felt like okay what I'm willing to lead all. I just don't know how how do I fix, still trying to fix myself and I finally saw myself in this deep dark pit. I couldn't get out of the Lord brought to mind for my life.

First Nephi chapter 16 verses 24 through 26, where it says if anyone will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake shall find it or what is it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet forfeit his own full what shall I give in exchange for a full and that's when I found myself in this deep dark pit I can see the light at the top, but I had no way out like Lord, I have nothing here is my broken arm member almost this visual like scooping up my life and going here, Lord here is this broken mess I've made in my life. You can fix it.

It's your had a clear vision of Jesus, getting down on one knee he reached his hand down into the pit and he said do you trust me he didn't tell me how to fix my life. He didn't give me all the steps he just asked if I trusted him. He was asking me to just walk away from everything and not only did I walked away from the identity my job, my partner, everything. I'd known for almost 9 years.

You said to me that kind of a turning point in the transgender movement was likely the 2016 Supreme Court decision that allowed same-sex marriage to be declared is certainly the new law of the land in there was kind of a ripple effect that happened at that time. I think you would agree with me yet. It seemed to open the flood. Yes, that's the term I was looking for yeah and I didn't even realize it.

We were used to being so taboo and nobody talked about being transgender and when I start hearing it on the radio all the time. It was really weird. Everybody talking about the and I was really angry about actually because I felt like it was going to expose me when nobody was talking about transgender nobody suspected that I might be transgender. I didn't want all the activism and all the attention in your mother's Bible study group was going to play an important role to and I think this part of the story is interesting because it shows the love of Christians and how much they cared about you and I think they even raise $1600 so you could have a whole new feminine wardrobe in my right yeah exactly right. I think sometimes in the chart. We forget what true love looks like they didn't come down and affirm me is Jake and say oh it's just wonderful and God love you just the way you are. Which of course got love that they use that to say you can stay and then live Harvey want these women prayed for me and they sought the Lord on my behalf and then when I came home they embraced me with much will have and they accepted me as a woman. I'm in the first time I showed up in Bible study. I did not look very feminine. But they just embraced me as one of the women and they weren't uncomfortable around me and they didn't shy away from me. They were so happy for me and rejoice with me, and yet they raised $1600 buy me a new wardrobe actually given me thousands since then. I mean, they have been huge supporters of my ministry is last four years and Laura will come speak to your church or group. You just have to reach out to her through website trends to promise you she's an inspiration and not only that, but she looks like a lovely woman now and I think that was another thing that I was impressed with Laura because I saw you as the supposed man that you wanted to be.

So the pictures of you beard and all and you're very attractive woman. Now them. It's quite a transformation in such a miracle. I almost laughed.

Now I remember how hard it was. I couldn't even conceive of being a girl again. I cried generically the first time I went shopping for female clothes that is the Lord. It healed me. I now embrace femininity so much I truly love being a woman. I'm beginning to understand his creation of woman and how woman is different than men, but good. I never saw woman is good there might be one there might be 100. I don't know be a thousand out there listening right now who are saying this is me Laura is me.

I feel exactly the way she felt the confusion. In other words, or maybe they've already transitioned and they just don't know what to do and you've given them about 25 minutes of your story. How would you talk to them on anyone out there that are struggling to know that there is hope in the same power that raised Jesus from the dead can overcome any feeling that we have any desires that we have if we will submit them and surrender them to him and his peel the layers of the onion back there was a moment after I went to the Bible say that the like kind of broke off me but it took several years for this identity to really be healed and I'm still healing. In some ways we do for a lifetime is the Lord mold and shape this but no matter what you've been through no matter what you've done, no matter how for a run.

No matter what you've done your potty if you like to Jesus and let him tell you who you are. You have embraced a lie, for that matter much of humanity embraces the light doesn't have to be the transgender line.

They can be of one of the million other lies and I think you probably were turned over to that reprobate mind.

This is now, years ago. This is in the early days and you broke free from that reprobate mind you have a glorious testimony. It's sort of the story that if anybody can be set free reading your story. I now believe anybody truly can be set free. They really can only given that encouragement. One thing that healed me. There were several things how 107 25 other lifers has sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction. Word of God is what healed me memorizing a lot of scripture and then discipleship. If your girl struggling you actually need godly women that don't struggle with this to help you embrace femininity. Same with mental growth and growth.

Many men but also want to give a quick encouragement. The parents go ahead, take your time God was answering their prayers all along the way. There's so many things I look back I was having constant dream.

I dreamed way more back than I do now dreams about missing the rapture sometimes or dreams about waking up a girl and I hadn't actually transitioned and then I would freak out but there were so many ways God was answering prayers for years and my parents didn't know it for probably seven of the nine years I did know that God was even answering their prayers be encouraged to keep praying to get a couple minutes left. Anything else you want to insert here before we close the session and encourage everyone to there's a lot of resources out there. Sometimes they are hard to find.

We know that social media Google they are hiding a lot of this information, but you can find that there is information on my website enough so that a first While higher in the clip you heard mention sex change regret.

Another good source. We also have a documentary coming out in October from the American family Association called in his image. I think it's can be amazing. It's got a lot of different people and it with different perspective lacked the director first on here myself and many others. While higher than it is well okay so is your mother still have her Bible study going on since it was such a life changing for you.

She does and those women have been a huge man to her and they just amazing. You can find out Bible studies Come grow with me and I'm going to promote Laura's book one more time.

Laura Perry, you can find the book transgender to transform and transgender to I know will give me lots of websites folks Ray comfort says this about the book. This book offers a living hope and healing for those struggling to find their true identity and encouragement for families who love them by Ray comfort front cover testimonial on Laura's book Laura. I personally want to thank you for being an encouragement to my audience. For that matter to me because I saw only by way of picture.

I didn't know you still really have never met you, but I've met you kind of online and the transition that you've made. I think it's stunning. It really is. It's quite a testimony. All glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I honestly didn't think it was possible. I am just as stunned at what is done in me.

Yeah I can understand how you would be having seen the pictures of you as a man and I believe you were supposedly married, not officially but right married to a man who was living as a woman right right your story doesn't get a whole lot more bizarre. Therefore, all that more victorious here in the end.

Amen yet you mentioned at the beginning of the program at the Victoria story, the Lord reminded me after I came home that my name means victorious spirit really wonderful Laura Perry. We will stay in touch. I want to thank you for sharing this very good news today, and folks coming up in the second half of my program to talk to a mother who has a teenage son who came out and said mom I'm a girl. What does a mother like that do Judy was married to a pastor in a Christian home were going to share her story after I take a real short timeout, so don't go away and come right back. We love your website. All of trees used the old barge. All of such reviews for: Central Time 763-559-4444 76355944 male would you like to do all the three most recent John Markel 1452 soda, 15311, Box 145, Grove, MN 55110 gifts are text news.

Thank you for trusting some people say we are in apocalyptic times if so, isn't it time you started to understand God's plan for the hearing Dr. Ron Rose, both 40 days through revolution uncovering the mystery of the times. The Bible says blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book revolution. No one puts things in easier terms to understand that Dr. Ron Rose revolution will love easy to understand and practical presentation. Following Bible is clear about the things that call on roads is one on one, will award for almost a full time at 765-5761 so I know will public for their curriculum better wake up and look at what is being taught in your school because it is propagated.

Not a lot of other ways as well. Christian school to know you lead busy lives and always be via radio show on our website 24 seven.

All of the trees used for all of three views. Our complete archives or watch the program at this journal, or on our YouTube channel is a program on also download the mobile app from one place called heaven first program every Saturday morning, Markel just the welcome back to continue on with the little different for understanding time to reveal this particular week, but we try to look at all the issues of the day, including some of the cultural issues. Let me just quickly say how active we are on social media, Facebook, twitter Instagram very active on YouTube.

You might want to watch the programming on our YouTube channel. You can watch it on his channel light and various portions of our website. If you're a visual person. If you write to us tell us how you listen. Which you that sort of helps us in the office here if I know what station are just how you might be listening electronically to the mall in the air for almost 20 years to the date I'm joined now via mom Judy Glenny. She sent me her book.

The book is titled mom I'm a girl.

I started getting into it and then I met Judy by telephone was totally amazed at what she went through Judy. Welcome to the program having and I know you listen on KPD Q out there in the Portland area you live in poor thing. I'm in Minneapolis. We are in very safe cities.

Judy and Nell were actually in Vancouver, which is across the river from Portland that yet were saying how much going on. Let me just get my audience acquainted a little bit with Scott and just can ask you some questions and I'm going to be fairly quiet because again I've not experienced anything like you nor Laura Scott first talked about some gender confusion about age 12 or so, and this is back in 2001 the transgender craze and hadn't hit like it has here again now in the last five years or so. So talk to me about what happened about age 12 and the progression there at about that age started mentioning confusion, I'm questioning about who it was about him being a boy and so forth. And he just mentioned that I think I should have been a girl at that point the trends in terrorism. As you mentioned was, not even out there. It was there but not certainly in the media and exposed as it is today. He express it as I thought a normal preteen would growing into those years thinking about his tender his sexuality and pick who he was and that sort of thing.

It wasn't a blatant statement at that time that I could see it was just a questioning at that point about age 16. It sounds like he came out and you said I'm tired of pretending I should've been a girl that may be of 15 or 16 that yes he said I tired of living the lie.

I know I am a girl and I am going to live like a girl. So this is when he actually started making some overtures started putting on all he didn't wear a lot of tractor that he didn't wear something bock girl close and that sort of thing started putting out a little bit of makeup started, his hair growing longer and wearing it more in a woman's fashion so she started making these overtures into that area of his life and that when we started getting very concerned about this whole thing of which we had absolutely no idea what this was all about. It was something that was totally out of our periphery. We really had no knowledge of what this was in so we were very ignorant. Should we go along with this is it something that is natural is it physical is it psychological. We had no idea where this was heading did you think it's perhaps a passing cc will grow out of this. The way he was approaching. It really knew that he was taking it very seriously. We kind of figured that we better find out something about this. Knowing Scott when he gets into something he doesn't go halfway, he goes all away. We knew that he was definitely yelling in the something that we had no idea what was going, will you said to him that you're not going to condone this so this must've been the blow to him. Yet it was.

It truly was it caused a rift in our family because we knew that obviously this was not God's plan for him. We knew that he was a male through and through, and that what he was trying to do was obviously something that is very confusing to him, but he had bought into this whole idea somehow that if he felt he was a girl.

Then he convinced himself he knew that he was a girl and we knew that this was just not the truth, so it very definitely caused a schism in our relationship, you said to him, we will call you Scott your ours son we love you like our son and we cannot condone your actions. In other words, acting like a woman. This is not who you are and you refuse to buy him women's clothing. Then you told me about that time he became very deceitful. Eventually he was going to leave home here.

Talk to us a little bit more about when you said to him, except this we know you're a boy, you connect like a woman. Do we know who you are. How does he react belligerent. He was angered, but he didn't display a lot of anger. It was more of a tone of what he said his body language. There was one point later on that he really lashed out but in the beginning he would just be quiet. He would shut himself up in his room. He wouldn't talk like this and became very disturbing to us and that we thought we had lost him in the sense that we lost communication with him.

We lost relationship with him because he just could not accept the fact that we did not go along with what he was doing and take him and this is a big point that most people in this situation do they acquaint your condoning their actions with your love and we constantly hold him regardless of what you do. We will always love you and we made that very clear. But in his mind because we didn't go along with what he was doing. We didn't love him so I'm sure that that played into a lot of what he was going through as well.

Another real quick clip here won't hire Walt again as I sit in the first half of the program was a transgender and obviously he made a reversal of all of that. He's quite an excellent spokesman. Why do we abuse them with hormone blockers and cut their bodies apart as a way to affect treatment. It's insane actually doesn't make any sense if we just pause and take a sober breath it's insanity. It's painful to get these emails from people whose lives have been totally torn apart. Men like myself who was married had two children at a career was an executive for American Honda Motor Company, one of those therapist who was an advocate for gender change. Surgery told me that what happened to you as a child wearing the purple dress. The only way to solve that is to have cross gender hormones and undergo reassignment surgery. That's the solution will I trusted his expertise because Dr. Walker had actually written the original international standards of care for treatment of gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria.

I'm here because he was wrong.

I'm here because those standards of care have morphed into what they're using today Evan change much yet they've gone through revision. After revision, but the basic idea is that when somebody comes in they can self diagnose their gender dysphoria. We are manufacturing transgender kids.

We are manufacturing their depression or anxiety is turned into huge industry. The people are profiting from. After kids lives are completely torn apart the most vulnerable people in our society and adults are turning their lives apart.

It's really beyond my understanding why we been having this discussion because it shouldn't be happening. I don't believe any doctor who injects a young person with hormone blockers should have a license to do so. I would preferred that they not have that ability and I hope that people began to realize this and began to speak up about it. There is absolutely nothing good about affirming somebody in a cross gender identity because it destroys their life to listen to understanding the times Radio One Jan Markel I have on the line shooting Glenny. She sent me her book mom I'm a girl you couldn't get the book and learn more at Judy's website Judy that spell GL EN and EY Judy find the book there are ethics only $10 and that includes shipping. Excellent. If this is in your life and the book I referred to first half. The program also excellent. If this issue is in your life Judy. Now I know Scott was going to eventually were not quite there in the store. Yet he was going to leave get a job and start saving us money to get the surgery done in Thailand. Did he have any hormone shots before all of that well yet another interesting story. We had no idea of what this was all about.

We didn't even know the direction that he was going. The steps he was taking at this point he was 17, unbeknownst he had started taking hormones.

How he got the through a doctor. I am not sure but kids do have their ways of getting this if they are truly persistent in this. So, yet he hadn't taken the shots, but he was on hormones which again if any woman knows, those hormones can be very powerful and really affects your emotions, which was part of why he had these wide emotional swings and lashed out at us eventually. My understanding is he was going to have to leave home. He moved to Portland, you said where he lived in a place where kids on the street were living in some sort of a home in Portland he got a job and began saving his money for the complete transgender surgery that he was going to get in Thailand that fell apart once you take it from there. Once he knew that he did not have the opportunity to get the money that he needed for this surgery. His world just came crashing down. He wanted this so very much at this point this is what his life goal was was to live as a woman, everything was wrapped up in that scenario. So when he knew that he did not have the place and the means he had come to us.

As for the money and obviously we did not give him the money. We said that we never would. He started saving every single penny that he could garner toward this surgery. This is when he really felt that he could not live anymore. He felt his world fell apart, came crashing down around him and he always told us that if he could not live as a woman he would not live at all and naturally in he took his life and how did that happen. He borrowed our truck. We have an old 1969 white suburban and the suburban is a Van the big fan that it open in the back. He had come home one day and asked my husband if he could borrow the truck to move some items that he had gotten in Portland and he was moving to another location and Gary didn't think too much about it. He said sure.

Scott sounded very upbeat. He asked in a very normal tone KK man.

Then he talked with Gary very kindly, and Gary didn't seem to pay anything wrong with that so she gave him the keys we found out later that he rented some helium tanks in Portland put them in the back of the truck and simply lay down and inhale the helium handle went peacefully to heaven. I want to emphasize that he was raised in the Christian home and my listeners are predominantly Christians listening on Christian radio.

They may have someone in their family who struggling exactly as Scott did. You said something interesting to me because you have agent for your book mom I'm a girl and your agent said about the book that the church isn't ready for this switch to me is a stunning statement as if the church isn't going to get ready for reality than the church might as will close their doors as they need to start dealing with issues like this to me.

That was a very, very sad statement because there could be a thousand parents listing agreement kids listing right now were going through exactly what Scott went through what you say to them, I would say wake up happening everywhere here at kids or Christian kids do not have a hedge of protection around them in the sense that this is not going to affect them and this is something that I have been trying to get across to a lot of our Christian parents that just because her kids are raised in a Christian home does not mean that they are not going to be affected by the media by their peers. This is a blatant, as Walter said this is going on and it is prevalent. The enemy is attacking particularly our Christian kids. I would say be aware of what your kids are doing.

Don't put your heads in the sand and say it's not been a come to my house because it will your kids are being affected in so many different ways, and particularly in schools. If your kids are in public schools. This is in their curriculum. You better wake up and look at what is being taught in your schools because it is being propagated not only in their sex education, but in a lot of other ways as well. Christian schools to your kids are affected by. Obviously, the media, they share things.

This can be a fad among kids and their very prone to what is going on with other kids in there willing to try a lot of things and this is going to be something that is going to be really strongly influence in their lives.

At this point you said to me, couple things that were stunning that the American psychiatric world keeps changing positions on this and the kids no longer know what to think. What did you mean when you say kids no longer know what to think. Actually, like I mentioned the school systems are putting into play and this goes along with some of the pediatric physicians that Walter mentioned this is something that is pushed on kids to explore who they really are. It is no longer a sense that you are a boy just because you have certain anatomical equipment for a boy or like a girl. It is more of something that you are to explore that you may be a boy or you may be a girl. It is no longer the fax fax so kids are in this confused area as to really what gender and sex is all about, and this can lead to very very stunning repercussions. As Walter pointed out, you said some of this exploration even begins as early as kindergarten. Yet in the curriculum in kindergarten.

They are actually introduced to ways of expressing gender, we may be dislike or percent putting on a dress and boy putting on address till way of expression under by the third grade they are introduced to gender identity and that they may choose their own gender and by the fourth and fifth grades.

They learn about the relativity of gender roles and why it's a social construct not necessarily inherent as who they are male or female. And that goes on from there. And the interesting thing is that now, particularly a physician or a professional that includes physicians therapist counselors. They are not allowed to practice conversion you write to anyone under 18 that is correct. Your listening, understanding the times radio Jim Markel talking to Judy Glenny from the West Coast not acquainted with her book mom I'm a girl and her son Scott came and announced that little bit before he became a teenager, certainly by the time he was in his midteens. He was pretty convinced and how he went on to act that out and take some drastic measures you can learn more after website Judy Judy last name TLE and then EY the book is there as well. You can just order simply through the website Judy. We talked about some other things here. Let's just spend a few minutes talking about because obviously couple things Laura Perry in first half of the program acknowledged that 2015 was a huge turning point for aberration when the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage to be the law of the land. It's like it opened Pandora's box and you would agree with that.

I think absolutely the insurance companies also were allowed to cover transitional surgeries, which was another open door. All right that happened in 2015 as a part of that act. I do believe so. And now we have to ask what's next is pedophilia going to be approved and then celebrated in America and then we wonder why is America having so many problems will there are consequences to our actions. Yes, absolutely. And I do think that again Walter hit it right on that the enemy is going to attack our children and it has been proven so many times in so many other countries, that if you can get the children you have pretty much change the culture you have changed society and the enemy is dead set on destroying our family as we have known it changing our values and changing our cultures from what we were actually founded on Christian values and you said to me, and let's take a moment here to talk about this. You said to me that women's privacy has been protected. Up until now and then.

The transgender phenomenon hit and now that is violated in so many ways. All a man has to do now today is to claim that he identifies as a woman and he has the right to enter the women's bathroom has the right to enter dressing room shower rooms that we can get an women's sports as well. But even just as recently as seven, eight, nine years ago. This was unthinkable and now it's the new normal, and that is a man entering a dressing room little girl in the room next to them actually think that parent should be particularly aware of what is happening in protection essentially of their girls that their girls are no longer protected from these violators that are easy prey and it is so easy to just say I identify as a woman I have every right to enter this woman's place is undressing or about or whatever and then women's sports. Of course, is also been seriously affected.

Now we've got them in who are competing side-by-side with women. I would think women's sports is nearly ruined my right or wrong. There how absolutely, this sets that title IX way back and it just breaks my heart say former competing athletes that we have worked so hard to gain equal ground with competition for practice field had four events and for paying all of these are things that we had made great strides in this title IX and this literally just wipes it out and there are women now that are deprived of scholarships that are deprived of international competition because now these men are actually competing as women and in so many of the sports they actually have. Obviously, the physiological advantage. I think Judy knowing you little bit. I do certainly through your book and in some private conversations with you. This didn't shake your face, but let's just suppose that we have.

As I said to Laura first part of the programming. Let's say we have either a thousand parents of young people like Scott, listening, or we have a thousand Scots or Laura is listening to the programming today.

What do you tell them there is always help our God is a loving God, our God is a God of redemption and I would say keep on your knees.

Keep praying.

Don't give up.

God has a plan for the suction just like Laura. I have talked with other people that have come out of the transgender community and they say that God did work in the heart, and there is hope. So don't give up keep praying trusting God that he has a plan for your life, and he has a plan for their life as well so I would say keep on keeping on. And don't give up your face God hasn't forgotten God hears your prayers, and he will answer. Are you in touch with other parents that are going through similar things as you did. Yes I did get some emails from time to time with folks that are going through this and I keep encouraging them with the same thing that God is working it may take more time and what we would like to see but he is working and there is always help as long as they are alive. Oh my goodness. God still has a plan for their life. Don't give up to conversations we keep encouraging through Scripture that God is there will folks. You can learn more to this website against Judy you find the book there mom. I'm a girl. We got a minute or two left Judy if you want to sum up, you've done a wonderful job already. I'm still giving you another minute. If you'd like anything else.

As a parting word to my audience. I would say that he aware keep on the alert Bible monitors us to be wise we can stick our heads in the hand about this. It is only going to more prevalent so wake up, look at your children be protective of your children and keep them in the word, by all means keep praying and keep trusting God that he will work through any situation and I think your husband is pastor of the Portland Bible Church in my right. I know you're renting and think they close you down due to covert my rights Portland Bible church and they could find that online if they want to look into that. Yes Portland Bible and we have our service affair, and I invite them to take a peek's pastor Gary Glenny right after Gary Granny yes Judy, thank you for being bold enough to come on here but also to write the book. It's a very moving story and I know Scott was obviously tormented. He had to have been your right. He is set free now and you'll see him again.

I think fairly soon. The way things are going in this world that is our help and that was what got me through this is that I know I will be reunited with him and God is a God of mercy, out of love and I praise him for that. Will folks. I think this is been a common emotional hour. Perhaps one of the tougher hours I've done here on radio. We have an identity crisis in the Western world, but if you believe what God's word says about you.

If you believe that's true. Your identity is rooted in something that chains can't go away finding your identity in Christ means you do a better job believing that what God says about you is truer than what anyone else says, including yourself, for that matter God knew you before he formed you even knew you before the beginning of time and that kind of identity should be a comfort to a lot of people want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you again.

Thank you for your support of this radio outreach known its 20th year, almost like a radio station. This radio outreach has been improvement in your life is here from you write us through our websites. All of trees used.war follow-through.war mail when you write to all three ministries. Joe Martel +1452 Grove Soto 55311 spots 1452 Grove Soto 55311." 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. All gifts are taxed. God is not in the palm of his catches him by surprise. Everything is falling

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