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What People Are Saying About 'A Rush of Hope'

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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September 6, 2020 4:00 am

What People Are Saying About 'A Rush of Hope'

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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September 6, 2020 4:00 am

People are talking about A Rush of Hope—our first-ever cinematic crusade, premiering online this weekend. Here, we capture reactions from the first night of screenings. 

Be sure to catch this powerful cinematic experience this weekend. For showtimes and how to watch, just go to

Premiering Labor Day weekend, A Rush of Hope is Harvest’s creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic, designed to reach more people than ever before with the gospel message.

Read more about the making of this unique, cinematic outreach.


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Have you seen a rush of hope. This is what people are saying. I think it's amazing. I completely in the white plastic eggs able to put together a course of the Lord's help to reach out to people who don't know the Lord is a beautiful piece of art. It's amazing to give you hope you know, especially for not really like close of the church noted gives in a sense, like you, you still feel welcome and I think it was very beautiful and it was amazing. I've never seen anything like the C5 and states for years, but this is just amazing. Assessing at the time like this see everything on screen and still be involved.

I did know what to expect, but I still felt like I was there at the regular crusades, I still felt like it touched me to see, watch, and on the screen.

So after seeing this it's it's always so impressive to see how new ideas.

Pastor Greg Connor comes up with his way of just sharing the gospel is in such a way that we needed today the message was very impactful because it correlated to stories with life situations because it really a lot of things that people we are struggling with, especially right now and put that into perspective and then gives them God's perspective and its absolutely I would deftly be comfortable sharing this with somebody doesn't believe or not yet. The way he explains it. It's so simple, but yet so hold so much weight is really uplifting. I think that this movie will just really reach out to a lot of people and will really further the glory of God's deftly 100% re-watchable unit so it's not just the message itself.

It's like looking at the different shots you know that I likened the creativity that goes behind everything so yeah merely gives the open notes I love about this video is personally, I know the Lord and so I have that hope now Rush of hope that comes from knowing him and having a personal relationship with him. Our life is like a movie star. For questions about this movie is a love story. The online online event can change your life you all you online should favorite social media Labor Day weekend September 4 for seven different glory and exclusive performances. Mercy for King and country coming to a screen near you

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