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Broken Beyond Repair | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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August 28, 2020 8:00 am

Broken Beyond Repair | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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August 28, 2020 8:00 am

In front of every unsaved person, there is a deadline. When crossed, you will be broken beyond repair. In this message, Adrian Rogers studies Proverbs 29:1, so that we may never know the hopelessness of being broken beyond repair.

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What happens when you cross God's deadline.

Listen to Adrian Rogers even me all the hardness is met shall be destroyed and that without remedy the others into a situation that I would call hopeless. The Bible tells us that it is hoped the May hopelessness is the saddest word in English language in front of every unsaved man, woman, boy and girl. There is a deadline if you cross that deadline here will be broken beyond repair will continue love with plaintiff featuring the powerful and can message the claimed pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers.

If you are not a Christian today consider the message you are about to hear based on Proverbs chapter 29 verse one it says he that being often reproved hardness of his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

There are four thoughts to draw from this passage in God's desire is that you would never know the hopelessness of being broken beyond repair. If you have your Bible turn to Proverbs 29 one now as we hear Adrian Rogers begin broken beyond repair Bibles and turn to the book of Proverbs chapter 29 and verse one we ever had a solemn text text tonight is a solemn and a serious text. He that being often reproved hardness his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. I read this through in a number of different translations. One translation gives it this way that he will be suddenly destroyed and broken beyond repair mess. The title of my message denied broken beyond repair in front of every unsaved man, woman, boy and girl.

There is a deadline if you cross that deadline, you will be broken beyond repair. There is a time. I know not when there is a place I know not aware which marks the destiny of man to heaven or despair. There is a line BIOS not seen that crosses every pad to stay hidden boundary between God's mercy and God's wrath in our verse tells about that line he that may often reproved and hardness his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed. He will be broken beyond repair, he enters into a situation that I would call hopeless in the Bible tells us that it is hopeless to me, hopelessness is the saddest word in English language onto the notice for definite thoughts that come out of this text denied the very first thing is I want you to notice God's merciful conviction the spiritual conviction that God often gives he that being often reproved just underscore the phrase often you see God and loving, patient deals with the center over and over and over and over and over and over again.

We are often reproved what patients Godhead.

What will the Godhead is what mercy God showed that God had spoken only one time, it would have been more than justice demands. But God does drive with us God's Holy Spirit doesn't knock on my heart. God does reprove our sins does call over and over and over again. How does God reprove us. How does God convict us. How does God speak to us Nymex in several ways God speaks through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said when he the spirit of truth is, he will reprove the world of sin, of righteousness and judgment.

I don't know about you but before I came to Jesus before I was saved. I know that I know that times God's Holy Spirit just came to my heart said Adrian. Your role your center you need to get saved I can remember even as a child by hand of God and can fiction all my heart. As the Holy Spirit of God in his old way and inner precincts of my soul spoke to me. Not only does God speak to us. God speaks through sickness ever been sick, been on a bed of affliction, God spoke to you and you realize that this mortal frame is not going to last forever, you realize that your body is winding down to the grave I found out that many times in the hospital so many times you have a marvelous opportunity to bring people to Jesus Christ because at that time that sickness is the messenger of God to bring people under conviction. Not only does God reprove author's spirit and not only does he reproved through sickness but through sorrow partakes you went to the funeral of your mother God spoke to your heart with that little baby in your family died, God spoke to your heart when there was an anguish of sorrow, heartbreak, and you said I need somebody to give me comfort. I need somebody to give me strength.

I need something to make sense out of this and your heart was broken in God was speaking to you and God speaks to sorrow and through sorrow I mean to bring us sometimes to our senses.

Another way that God speaks, he often speaks to his servants. All he speaks to his servants the prophets through preacher God speaks to you through me. I have no illusions about being anything in my own writer having inner strength of my own, but I'd be a fool if I thought that I preach without the anointing of the power of God, of course, God speaks through me.

I don't have to brag to say that I'd have no business standing in the pulpit. If I didn't think that God speaks through me and I can say with Isaiah the spirit of the Lord God is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to preach. I try not to preach a sermon until I've soaked it in prayer so many times is not a fact of my knowledge every time of not practically every time I bow my head and say, oh my God, please, in the name of Jesus on annoyed me and give me a message for the people.

But not only does God speak to his servants the preachers God speaks through his servants the singers God will put the finger conviction upon your heart upon your life sometimes is through the separated life of a brother or sister somebody that you will see that you work with theirs that smiled at victory that overcoming and you see the way that person lives in God speaks to you through that life and that life compared to your life. You know there's something about them that you don't have been God speaks not only through his servants, God speaks not only through sorrows and got speaks not only through sickness and God speaks not only through the spirit, God speaks through the Scripture through the Bible. Maybe you've heard a word from the Scripture, maybe a gospel tract. Maybe you been reading the Bible yourself years ago I read about a man was a deep-sea diver he'd been fighting the Lord, and he went down to the bottom of the ocean and there he found an old encrusted bottle with a cork in it he brought it to the surface, the cork out and somebody had put a verse of Scripture in a bottle and put a cork on it it said for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that deep-sea diver said of God love me enough to follow me to the bottom of the ocean time to give my heart to him.

But God does speak to his Scriptures. I don't know how God is spoken to you with is not a mother's child in this building that God has not spoken to an end, God speaks we are often reproved but I want you to see not only spiritual conviction but I want you to see stubborn rebellion. Notice what happens. He that being often reproved hardness is name that means a person who stiffens his neck.

He refuses to get right after God has spoken and I've seen people harden the neck. I've seen people stiffening next. I've seen people stubbornly rebel against God when he mentioned some ways the people rebelled against God.

Sometimes people harden and make my procrastination, which is a form of disobedience they say. Well, I'll get saved but not now.

You're in Proverbs 29 one turn Proverbs 27, one God's word says and does not myself tomorrow.

For thou knowest not want a day may bring forth your saying, well, God is speaking to me.

God is spoken to me through the songs God spoke to me through the Scriptures, God is spoken to me through the sermon, God spoke to me through his servants, God has spoken and one of these days I'm going to get right now I tell you all you doing my dear friend is pardoning your neck does not myself tomorrow but I knows not what a day may bring forth. Dr. Robert G.

Lee, former pastor of this church said that tomorrow is a period of time, found nowhere, except perhaps in the fools calendar. What he means by that is that tomorrow never comes another former pastor of our church.

Dr. Ramsey Pollard, my dear personal friend Dr. Pollard used to preach a sermon called one more night with the frogs and in that message Dr. Pollard told about Pharaoh and Pharaoh had rebelled against God and God spoken to Pharaoh who was keeping the children of Israel bondage there in the land of Egypt and God sent a plague upon Pharaoh and the plague was the play of the fall frogs covered the land of Egypt. I mean there were frogs every where you get in bed to be frogs between the sheets. A woman would open the oven. That would be frogs in the oven. A man's put his hands in his pocket.

There would be frogs in his pocket little boys going to school would squish frogs between their toes.

There would be piles of dead frog smelly rotten awful frogs croaking frogs.

The Dan must've been terrible frogs where finally they were up to here with the frogs and listen to what the Bible says in Exodus chapter 8 verses nine and 10 and Moses said to Pharaoh, except the honor of saying when shall I intercede for you for your service and for your people to destroy the frogs from you and your house is that they may remain in the river only in plain English, Pharaoh, you will me to pray and ask God to take away the frogs and when you want me to do it and then in verse 10 Pharaoh said tomorrow. Tomorrow back here the frogs everywhere and Pharaoh has a chance to have the frogs taken away Pharaoh anyone.

The frogs taken what he said tomorrow. That's where the title of the sermon comes from one more night with the frogs. I mean, why didn't he just simply say take away the frogs today is amazing frogs in his food frogs in his bed frogs and is closed and any says one more night with the wrong what is there about a center that makes them want to hold on to sin.

What is there about the sitters plague because the Sandia's troubles he has doubts he has burdens he has suffering as sick as he asked sorrows has fears he has disappointments he has. Part eight. And yet when you're asking if you want to be saved. He says no not tonight tomorrow give me one more night with the frogs he hardens his neck. By the way, let me give you three reasons why you ought not to postpone giving your heart to Jesus Christ number one dear friend if you wait till tomorrow you will lose tonight. We often hear people say get right with God. You may die let his true but get right with God.

You may live your cedar friend every day that you live without the Lord Jesus Christ is a lost day even if you knew that you could live for 50 more years and then gets a, you realize that would be 50 wasted years, 50 years going down the two of you what deathbed repentance. Billy Sunday said the deathbed repentance is burning the candle of life for the devil and then blowing the smoke in God's face, so get right with God. You may live, and if you don't get right with God today, you will lose today. Another reason that you ought to get saved today. Is that something worse might come tomorrow. You see, after the plague of the frogs came the plague of the lice and after the plague of allies came the plague of the flies and after the plague of the flies came to play of the Locust and after the plague of locusts came plague of the boils and after that game fire and then darkness and then death and it got worse and worse and worse. Those of you are under conviction. Why do you put off giving your heart to Jesus Christ. Why tomorrow something worse will come tomorrow it will not be better tomorrow. He will only have more sin to repent of and less time to repent in 1/3 reason you want to be saved. Is this that tomorrow may not come tomorrow may not come. Our text speaks of sudden destruction, he shall suddenly be destroyed that without remedy.

Joyce and I were in a house and a thunderbolt sounded right, mirrors, it was so loud and so near that everybody matters just jump. I didn't think anything about it but I went out in our front yard. You pass our house you see the own tree in our front yard has the bark strip from all way up in the tree all the way down to the ground with a bolt of lightning hit that elm tree and just peel the bark off and blew the bark way across the yard mighty bolt of lightning.

It is something awesome to see. Now they own tree already had that light in it. Emily and I thought maybe trees will die anyways is not all that bad. I want Taylor bark is worse than the light, dear friend. That bolt of lightning hit that tree. I got to thinking that suppose suppose was standing in the front yard and that bolt of lightning at me very possible possible rhyme own front yard.

Did you know that 4500 people a year in the United States die being hit by lightning. We talk about like a bolt out of the blue. Many times a person is into eternity by a bolt of lightning. You never know you never know. Tomorrow may not come. I remember Dorothy so well. She was a member of our church in Merritt Island, and as I was standing at the front door I shaking hands with people going out. Dorothy, one of the sweetest members in our church. She came by.

She was a mature lady patted my hand smile that Michelle was a quick learner. She sent us even I pastor for our soul. I was in the morning that day going home from church.

He went over the overpass over the banana River bridge going over Cocoa Beach and coming over that overpass was another automobile on the wrong side of the road. Dorothy never even really new. I suppose what hit her car just like that she was gone. She left church on Sunday morning, full well expecting to be back Sunday night I'll see you tonight has to my dear friend on your way home from church. You may meet something like that. You say pastor you trying to frighten me. You got it as right, dear friend, I would to God I could, I'd rather frighten you into heaven and login to him. Listen, the Bible says he that being often reproved and harness his neck, Shallotte suddenly be destroyed. Now she one destroyed because she hardened her neck. I just bring that up as an illustration of how frail that life is tomorrow may never come some hardened her neck, my procrastination out in a way that people hardened her neck not only by procrastination but by pride. Did you know the reason that many people will not come down and I'll make a public decision for the Lord Jesus Christ be afraid about what other people will think it if they come down and and confess the Lord Jesus as their personal savior leg on the fly. Will these folks around here think will think that I'm an old sinner. If I go down there. That's right but that's what you are, and Olson, but so is everybody else. For all of sin and come short of the glory of God and unsaved man sits in an auditorium like this. And the preacher preaches a message like I preach and he looks around he says I'm just as good as the rest of the slope. What he needs to do is to be honest about this and just as bad as the rest of these folks all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and the church is nothing but a society of sinners who finally realized and banded himself together do something about it. The only organization I know that has to be bad before you join… The Hells Angels different… You come say hi center, I am lost. Some of you and unsaved church members. If you were to die tonight to go straight to hail what you been in this church so long thought a Sunday school class you been to be.

Can you be on this or that and when invitation is given, the devil says don't you go down there and make a fool of yourself make a spectacle of yourself so you stiffen your knees and you are in your heart and you lift up your head and you walk right now. Do you do because pride is kept you from coming to Jesus Christ. Another way the people hardened heart, not only through procrastination and pride, but through pleasures pleasures. The Bible speaks of these people second Timothy chapter 3 verse four. They are lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. Certain things I say well if I give my heart to Jesus that I would have to give this up or give that up. So I'm not going to give it up. I so stupid that so foolish goes, the only thing got ask you to give up her things that hurt you make a good healthy holy wholesome gotchas help yourself and my dear friend what you give up is nothing compared what he gave up for you.

And thirdly what you give up is nothing compared what you get. Who would give up dirt for diamonds. My dear friend… I'm not inviting you to a funeral. I'm inviting you to feast on not inviting you to death. I'm inviting you to life.

I was on the street one day an old barely came up to me and he said Mr. will I'm so hungry I mean that all said, would you would you give me some money to give me some money. I need some money to eat with.

I looked at it and smelled his breath and I thought he wanted to get a little liquid nourishment. So I said I know I will give you money.

But he said I'm so hungry I said fine.

I succumb only let's have a meal together we will buy restaurants a couple, but to sedan in the and I'll buy something eat now sit here and talk with you while you eat and so he, reluctantly came in he was dirty and and filthy and disheveled them and obviously penniless in rags and so I sat down there with him and bought him a meal and we sat down there and talk to Wilde and in the course of the meal. I've course which the claims of the Lord Jesus only told about Christ and how Jesus loved him and how Jesus one saving and asking I said no sir. Would you like to give your heart to Jesus Christ. Would you like to be saved, and what he said me said no. I said no, why not you want to sit or sit are so much to give up is what he said. I'm he said it is so much to give up.

Can you imagine in the devil to deceive my dear friend the Lord thy God is a son of a shield. No good thing will he withhold from them that walk upright like what you see people hardened their heart by the silly excuses and indeed they are silly excuses. Now I've talked about spiritual conviction. I've talked to you about stubborn rebellion.

Let me talk to you about sudden destruction.

Notice what our text says he that being often reproved that spiritual conviction harness his neck. That is, is stubborn rebellion, shall suddenly be destroyed. That is sudden destruction.

You see there's an end to God's patience.

God does speak God does speak, but finally God's patience wears out. Let me show you how a man may be destroyed there three ways that he may be destroyed.

He may be his mind may suddenly be destroyed by strong delusion. There may be the destruction of his mind through strong delusion.

That's the reason that many people are in fault cults today. Jehovah's Witnesses and other cults like this today because when they heard the truth. They refuse the truth and now they believe a lie second Thessalonians.

The second chapter, verses 11 and 12 says this. For this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie that they all might be damned who received not the love of the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. What is that burst out, it means that when a person hears the true and he doesn't act upon the truth. God's judgment is that this man will be to see and there are many people who I said this morning that no man can believe until God opens his eyes, but this judgment is worse than that. Not only does God not open his eyes but God sends him delusion and judgment that he might be damned.

And so, so many times the mind. The mind is destroyed through strong delusion and a person gets a live firm interest is mine will continue with part two of this message coming up on Monday. I hope you can join us then. In the meantime you may have questions about who Jesus is or what he means to you or how to begin a relationship with God. It's so important to have those answers and we invite you to go to were discovered. Jesus you find resources and materials that can answer questions you might have right now. Again, go to and click Discover Jesus you like to order a copy of today's message.

Call us at 1877 love God, you'll receive the entire lesson broken beyond repair. This message is also part of the powerful series cultivating a deeper faith how to strengthen your spiritual life if you'd like that complete collection. All six insightful messages: number 1877 love God or go online to or you can write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183.

We are so glad you joined us for today studying God's word. This is the day to be saying it's the day to listen to God's conviction give up stubborn rebellion on Monday will hear the powerful conclusion of broken beyond repair. Unless I'm at love with finding ministries. Our greatest hope is to continue Adrian Rogers work in introducing people to Jesus and sharing what it means to follow Christ.

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