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August 5, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 5, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt speaks with his friend who does ministry to Spanish speaking Oneness Pentecostals.--2- Matt discusses more of Oneness Pentecostalism.--3- Does the devil have horns or a tail like pictures always show---4- If the devil-demons are spirits, then where did the Nephilim come from---5- What was created before the material world that we know---6- Why did Jesus say in Mark 5 that the girl was asleep when she was actually dead---7- What does Jesus mean in Mark 10-29-31 by the present age---8- How does it make sense to presuppose the trinitarian God of Scripture only---9- Can you explain what happens after death in relation to the judgment and Christ returning---10- What is apostasy-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Wrestling why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why don't why did some Idaho stuff without shooting, target shooting, I will have a friend who showed up here from LA's belly cop, I'm trying to get him to call him right now.

To do so because of what he does on the side and I just sort think about this. It might be great to have him just blab a little bit about what he does because he speaks fluent Spanish and he works with the oneness Pentecostal people's motors and still here if I can automate; because I think be worth having a month now before you recall, we have four open lines all you do is dial 877-207-2276 last four digits Christian apologetics research ministry CAR M.O RG.

We've had a bunch of visitors over the years we've had over 100 million were working on a new site and hopefully be released in a couple of months. We've got thousands of articles we are converting going from one thing to going from Ford to Chevy or vice versa.

Whatever method really don't work all the parts to make it all work and just takes a lot of time.

Now, as often as a case of the beginning of the show we don't have that many callers some way to give me a call 87720722760 really fast. Click on the air here with the lease lease on the are you there hey Matt Hardy, that was his lunch. I see this doctor. One minute ago was a he served the house so we sweet is that a bunch of videos, rights, and I been talking just a little bit I could if you heard on the air, but you're in LA copyright and they have and know what you do is in ministry wise you work with oneness Pentecostal quite a bit, don't you dare That. What I do and do that with the Spanish community, yet emphatically legible, but that is ultimately tells a bit about what you do on here because I want people who speak Spanish because a lot of people on the East Coast. We have a lot of station on the tablet you do so, that and having contact you because of the say this photo.

I don't recommend too many people to do what they do with Carla having Luis and I met in Columbia when he and I both flew down.

We didn't know each other flew down to the Spanish version of Carmina Carlos got beat us, and we did a conference we spoken and Lucite is headed off and so we been in contact city banana and he finally came up checking out Idaho and all that kind of stuff and that we just did two videos on top of the videos listed above.

Print money without Carlos Reyes backing out three names but I'll delete that work with the get go ahead okay.

Yes, a good goodbye now go on back to them, which is a very important point or when it Pentecostal also on our nation is out but I do it I publish it on my channel my channel my YouTube channel at Mopar or 40 8 PM a car guy Mopar 440 HP that my YouTube channel at my ministry with banishment and been doing it for 30 year book under Paul Cardin will work at PRI. Our Spanish ministry called Fenton within the unit, and I called the CIR not PRI but PIR stand at much what I do and I bent my ministry for Joel's witness is not one that that pretty much everybody but lit up a wide open field in the Spanish world and there's a big need and now I thought there was there with that many people ever doing it. Spanish. My Spanish is not the best but I that you know what I'm bilingual. I'll give it a shot and the Lord is neglected and I'm very grateful where shown that you taught me a lot.

Well, is God's only followers you have on this. I think I have 34,530, maybe 35. I have a check right and what is it again for the U-2 of the cheese on YouTube right yeah I am all PAR or 40 HP that you get a whole bunch of car websites but out my multimeter. My baldhead mechanically and socially as your 440 hp right Mopar HP that I is you look past the subject to multiple 40 HP yeah when I started my channel I able to do an experiment. I never you looking to go anywhere and I will time I thought a lot about Gloucester took place and what I when not when I started channel I didn't know what kind of title to put it all kind of name: Mopar work order. That's right. So what are you very well is good insulin recommending folks is if you have any Spanish people in Spanish friends who went to Jehovah's Witnesses and the oneness Pentecostal oneness is something that denies the Trinity and adds works of salvation. Both are non-Christian cults. This is a guy in Spanish that you go to and he's here in America we also have near as MI APIC that's in in Spanish. Also that's the Spanish equivalent of the English Carn site. Some so that's in marathoner package on here and the children wanted to do that so I'm very much man committed to see how the reaction is of the videos that we did so it'll be interesting although it can be very interesting metrically down some really awesome studies in Spanish and it has not been out. I know because I know a lot about going out community and will magically out of the Beto Juergen have a huge impact medevac then to give you my email quite what it wants to get in touch. Allie I asked the Mark new idea or 40 exclude Reyes or 40 that my email my Mopar's Mopar 440 HP and I also study the group. Let lose them under the light of the world which is very popular `and right now their leaders arrested in LA going to the trial court target of child abuse and sexual abuse on children so that the Big Bang have a published book back in 2000, so I'm waiting know anybody that affected by the scrutiny contacted contact to my friend okay if you guys want to get all that stuff. Just email and I'll forward information to police and then a handyman I want I want I want to thank you Matt for having us over M Euros is ready to so I try to do with my niece in Spanish, not good enough to teach, but it was fun and enjoyment good is well named right, however, that brother got more about electronic arts to get okay. There was lease and is right here in my house. Not so you be taken out of some sightseeing. He flies back to LA tomorrow so Outlook folks. We have five open lines.

If you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 away to give me a call so we just gonna run with what oneness is right now. Oneness is a non-Christian cult movement that denies the doctrine of the Trinity and says that God is only one person just tell you that when you have a group that denies the true God. What's going to happen as a natural result is are going to deny the true Christ if they deny the true Christ are also going to have a false gospel so they deny the Trinity what they say is God is one person is a problem with that. For one thing it's not biblical. Think about this. If God is one person and existed forever before he created anything. Could he have fellowship with anybody know is there any communication know is there any exhibition of the attributes of personhood now because person say you and yours and me in mind to recognize her own existence and existence of other they have fellowship persons have fellowship. We can say that.

So we want to be around people we we can love and hate.

We can rationalize that God is only one person that's not possible, but that is what having a personhood is so for the oneness perspective were God is eternally one person and he cannot have had eternally speaking fellowship could not have had have the oneness of anyone else, could not have shown any love any mercy, any compassion, any communication that would mean they were not part of his nature, but if not part of his nature held and is he a person problem and so anyway that's one of the issues, but also in oneness. What happens is because they deny the doctrine of the Trinity and therefore deny the true nature of the incarnation, and because they did not actually carnation.

They say that Jesus is basically two persons there's a human flesh and the human and the divine part and they're not the same and not simultaneously one person what they are what they are is like separate persons because are several persons that only the human nature guide the cross and there is no communication of the properties of the various of her natures to the person that I go into that complications so therefore they don't have a sufficient sacrifice and because of this, as all cults do. They then add works to salvation. It will say that in order to be saved you to believe in God and get baptized and go to church and speak in tongues and not do these bad things etc. etc. so this is the basis for what makes occult cults and oneness Pentecostal movements are non-Christian cult movements and he works in that area and we did. But I'd say your three hours of videos this week on that stuff have to talk a little kind of things and baptism and did the Trinity of Christ, things like I felt like it was spontaneous that I have all because he is ministry is worth following.

Because he does have a lot of good things to say and is informing me on some of the newer things. Oneness Pentecostal theology. I didn't know about Michael. You can be could make and so was very informative both benefited all right with the open lines of you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 tickets and Nate from California Nate welcome your on-air how are you door holder doing great. Yeah the grounds of race go on the whole, the Lowell question going ale and horns like the language you just ask personification assessing imagery is used and that's it. Satan is by nature spirits and spirits that have flesh and bones, 24, 39 so that's it there, or wanted science come from one well the Lima talking about. We do not know the capabilities of these angels in varying kinds of angels. We know that some angels nurture are fallen angels that some angels killed. I think hundred and 40,000 people. One of them did in one night. We know that the Bible says that angels can appear as humans we can even tell the difference. So we know that they're able to manifest as to how how far they will manifested. We don't know. But the Christian church always taught of the 1500s that the ethylene were the offspring between fallen Angels and women and the Jews always taught it to us what was taught solo from the time before the New Testament to timeout the New Testament that was a position that seems to be what's implied on the Scripture as well.

So that's what I affirm the reason why I have been so many goals that are like human bones, but larger verify the salon that Jeff is free of the line. Call 87707 mass like why call 77077 pairs nicely. Write about what after the show to apply. Did you want to call 877-207-2276 is good to Nate again. Still, there I didn't understand your answer.

Angels will not angels, but demon will kill an angel of God lowered an angel sent from God that killed over hundred thousand people in one night you'll just with reference absolutely okay on that one will allow it was a year international space station that the non-nickname the MorningStar name leading out of the thing now is the extent that dismiss what it is is just that you people to have different names in the Spanish culture. For example, mathematical maybe for named Jesus.

Jesus doesn't mean that our eyes are just is what it is. I wouldn't pretty credence in it just the big deal. MorningStar estate I wouldn't take that name because it's obvious that negativity is okay.

Another question that I forgot. I apologize thank you for your answer really fellow and governor and apologetics number one Trenton all right, that was made from California. Let's go the phone with Rick Carolina Rick welcome your on-air all right.

What was created or what we know of as the material earth nothing universe. Nothing else. I think it should be okay completely modified little bits that she was beautiful universe. We don't know exactly when the angelic realm was created so there's a bit of a logical problem if were to say that was credible for the universal.

They were critical for the troopers because it seems to be the case that time and space came into existence when God brought them into existence of God does not exist in a relationship. We understand with time and space frequencies outside of time. That means but it makes sense to say that something had to exist in order for the Angels to have a place to exist would make sense to say that that was the part of the physical realm that exists, it makes sense to say that the universe was created by God and with in it someplace somehow isn't that immaterial realm in which angels could exist since that's where I would lean toward you can't prove that because if angels are also not corporeal and live a different sense.

Could it be that God created them before the physical realm was created and I'm not a philosopher expert on that. So I would say well I don't know them think so.

So you see the difficult enough in the question yeah and asked that my question a while when work with a great great outdoor not like when you mentioned that I didn't hear much of what they want their denomination or whatever there opt out called my first thought would be a heavenly host was created or their non-that could've been his fellowship with you but you can't understand that playing devils advocate gluts. The issue is in Christian theology, God by nature is eternally old know the word old isn't the right word, but he has existed eternally, and then he brought something into existence. What did God do for that eternal period of time before he created an intra-Trinitarian communion.

It's easy God fellowship and he was completely self-sufficient but in the oneness theology, it would mean that God as one person couldn't have fellowship could not express love could not have communication could not exhibit the attributes of personhood, so will be a serious challenge to the nature of the oneness God being personal. This is why as always told me someone this people deny that God was personal. If that's the case then they have really big problems and I could just jump into that ripped apart like a monkey and a cupcake. So it is us a lot of problems there oneness thing just disintegrates it disintegrates when you really use logic and start thinking he said through most people don't how to think that deeply about those kinds of issues that are not smart because I haven't gotten in those levels of thought practiced it and understood so things so that'll okay yeah I would like.

The what the timing of the creation of the Council I get. We will find out one day.

But maybe Aryan rocket docket. They were created for. It looks like the engine was critical for us absolutely since that's the majority position and the question is when was the fault falls some one position so the fall occurred when Satan tempted Eve but others in the fall happen before them and I hope that it felt before and was cast down to earth and in the earth a position with an did his dirty work with the Eve have any buddy what he think he was granted hours because for my network port. My opinion is that any sentient being.

That means a sentient being is someone who has the ability to be self-aware, etc. and exhibit fortunate that all of them will fall because they didn't possess the quality of holiness which belongs to God alone and so will all eventually fall in so believe that that Satan was allowed to do what he was able to do because Adam and Eve ultimately will fall. This is my opinion is respected and because they don't possess holiness and so the date of wood in the fall and they did.

Plus, I suspect that I wouldn't dine this hill, but I suspect part of the reason might be that God could express the greatest act of love with Jesus in John 1513, is to love your neighbor as yourself basically is to die for someone else. The greatest act of love.

So if that's the greatest act of love, then the only way that could really be exemplified is if there's a fall in which there sin in which people need a Redeemer where Jesus died so I can work as a blending of a lot of these things in there like that as well. So are the other heavenly host rate for getting yes angelic realm of RL sentient demonic forces role sentient.

Yes, they will all fall they would've all fell in action first Timothy 521 says your elect angels which I I assume means that they were the ones that were interacted upon by God to prevent them from falling not have all the details worked out about this aligner back side so I hope I lean towards that stuff evidently had really defended very much. We defended people ask questions and you plug holes, refinancing your issue doesn't really have any merit, but I thought about it over the years and this right. I lean towards this letter that is already part of every everyone in line. Mass Y.

Call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. Seven. Riel from Durham, North Carolina. Welcome here about Mark about when conjugated made a lot of the why he founded people at the girl with the butt nationwide. Actually, because sleep was a phrase that was used to describe death because when someone's asleep. They looked at him and her deadly look asleep and in John 1115. He says Janelle Jesus spoke, speaking of Lazarus. He says he's fallen asleep and they said well this fall asleep. He'll recover. Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought of you speaking of literal sleep next so John left 13th socialist way of speaking. As you know, she's asleep until she's not really but on she still alive still there just a way of abusing phraseology. Okay, I am one market market where a symbol that again on one more in my picture Mark and and it it about 2931 okay where needed. The thing that no one would let their home or whatever people I laugh when I got very evenhanded time, let in a what they mean by that pregnant age in a calm and analyze them and try to figure out what a to a just book of the Bible to Maine ages.

This age and the age to come.

It is the eschatological division that Paul uses.

Peter uses Jesus use and there's two ages. This age needs to come in this stage will have tribulations, famines, we have spent problems in the age to come eternal life. There's no marriage, things like that and that's just the division that the Bible uses which you will probably never hear spoken of in pulpits. I don't know why but this this is the case, I've never heard anybody speak about these things and it's right there in Scripture I think is because a lot of people group interdenominational influences and just keep adopting these things don't study them. My opinion, so that's all it is the stage and then the question is what happens at the end of this age is very interesting. I tried what you say that) obtained that that might make a only liking the alternate I mainly have eternal life.

Right now I'm getting yes yes thing that we aren't and whatever is not the argument alive will yes talk about in the light of the positive confession people to name and claimant's prosperity. People don't go uses versus takes you receive 100 times as much right now. If you sell $1000 100 times that much and that is that is sorcery and his evil.

Jesus doesn't say what you receive. I would rather receive not houses and home if I want to recite anything from God if he said that you can have whatever you want.

I would want something like Lord, make me the one the best preacher teachers at your word around so I could communicate as truths.

That's what's important not want five houses to have my friends have five houses that's that's materialistic idiocy when I want my partner know that I hear a lot about that and I'm not there. They were not there's Gnostic/Christian heretics who could not exegete their way out of a wet paper heresy don't understand what's going on and I would love love Mary it love to be able to go to a conference and tell the truth to people about what the word of God says that we need bodyguards because I wouldn't want to be a constant attack by the Christians who don't like what I say that I go when I turn I will think or maybe mother may be bad Bible but yeah me a lot about level DVIII the ghost was disabled, you will risk you will see the hundred times as much now in the present age houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children's and farms with persecutions and needs to come in your life will wait a minute. We can speak all this, which is persecutions and accompanied mothers what's going on with Jesus and this is not just a simple thing of materialism which is humanistic idiocy. Humanism is crept into the Christian church. Give me give me give me any to Hannegan some big diapers. Can someone change me as I don't pick up the cross and follow Jesus Christ only be comforted and I deserve because I'm a child of God and his pride in his arrogance, which leads to apostasy is growing in the Christian church in any of the conferences or plonk the truth about her guts out about all I will not allow natural hunting with me when I really thought I would if I were teaching a conference and I had to get the gospel message.

What I would do as I say, here's the law don't lie. Don't steal. If you've lied and you stolen your under judgment. The gospel is that Jesus did the law perfectly, and he died the cross for our sins. And if you trust in him to third parties. You better count the cost is Jesus is better count the cost of that is going to get into pieces. Pick up your cross and follow after me. I had actually said the people like Luke my witness is it now that you want to receive Christ. Let me talk you out of it in the community. But what exit know what I'm saying is I'm joking here. I want you to believe that I need to tell you the other side of the coin here. God will take you as you are, but he won't leave you as you are. It might be that you can lose friends and family members might not be. It might be that he's going to require of you to live for him, not for yourself. Now I teach at somebody and who actually said at that point. Why did I don't want to become a Christian will then don't become a Christian because you're if that's the case then you're not becoming a Christian for what Christianity is with what you wanted to be to satisfy your own earthly pleasures of peasant desires and this is rampant in the Christian church which is another reason why say that preachers and teachers should be preaching to thin the church out I mean is preach the whole counsel of the word of God preach the cost of the gospel as well.

Not every single sure Maccabee that that is the part of the truth, blessed people who don't want the truth. Have her ears tickled someplace else and were either can the church Carolina Lambert. There were people that my FOLLOW me anything about a thousand members, but only three of blog down my leg pain.

It only three of four members found in everybody out for Dan and hopefully you know that law that will combat your laboring for that other 909 it's not equal time now, but people now want to get at. They want to do it and they're worried about what people think and turn up the grant writer.

They can and I dream that I mark about a disciple I can about the helpful and that not of the bike but yeah that's what that's LaBonte today and that such a will send you thank you thank you God bless. Never forget the scholars at Salina say folks, God's going to purify the church. There's two ways. One is to the preaching of the teaching of the people who were given the responsibility to open God's word and speak out of the truth of God's word that will send the church out it will purify the church, or if they don't do their job, then God will do the job with persecution and that will be the means God uses to purify the church and along with the purification of the members of the congregation. He will discipline the false teachers who were not preaching and teaching to purify the body of Christ and to equip them for the work of ministry there to be held. We are to be held to a higher standard. Speak the truth and let the truth do what it will in the hearts of the minds of people. It will cause division. People will leave and people will stay the people who leave.

Let them go. The people who study teaching and equip them for the work of ministry so that they can expand the kingdom of God to the preaching and the teaching of the gospel of Christ. In truth, not an error and there's a lot of error being taught from pulpits today a lot you really want to call 70722 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave children. Let's get to Thomas from Florida, welcome you earlier paper is by walking out the question about ecology, but I didn't know your position, but I thought the rub for beer and millennial thought, present question and they can ask anything. I was watching your services can be something on progress by writing minor on recently.

I was recently watching Dr. James white among others doing a apologetic method, discussion and dream. I was rubbing the presupposition And you said that Van Til argued that in order for logic everything that they presuppose the existence of a God, but he also said that you have to presuppose not only a God but the triune God of Scripture now wondering how can we get that point I know I'm rather backward of the fine printed because without the doctor, the Trinity, nothing makes sense.

Nothing because now I say that I had many many many many conversations on this topic off air here with people who agree to disagree, but the only way to make sense of anything is by presupposing the Trinitarian. When you do that you could call grounding and then ground such things as the one in the many issue the one in the mini table is one concept. There's many manifestations of it. How is that in actuality we recognize the one of the many distinction. This occurs in the dock of the Trinity, one God, with three distinct simultaneous persons. We can also get into the width of the necessary preconditions for intelligibility. God is the Trinitarian God is the necessary precondition for all laws of logic and proper thought and the issue of rationality and truth was that truth be just something logical and/or moral we presuppose God's existence we can account for everything. We can also account for the existence of the universe because the universe is not eternally old.

How can we know that was brought into existence. Well, if it's eternally old Logical problems located in the right now. It was begun then that which began it had to have the necessary and sufficient conditions, it was necessary and sufficient has to be possessed by a person God software being who could then decide what to do something about filling in all the blanks with these are the basic areas to cover. And all it only works in the Trinitarian sense because you have to have a being whose existing free turned into eternity.

But if you can have a being that's existing eternally. You have to have a being that is self-aware has attributes of personhood can make decisions well if God is one person that's not possible for eternity if is not possible for eternity that house that God exhibiting attributes of personhood itself, refuting it doesn't make any sense, so we get into duality and with duality of godfather and and son we have the issue Fellowship of the means of the fellowship which be impersonal something for the issue of fellowship itself mean that there's something fundamentally impersonal nature of God, eternally, which we can't have. Therefore, we have to have a Trinitarian being where the issue of fellowship is is mediated by 1/3 person and in the third person can mediate between the other two and we have the completeness, the Trinitarian essence. And so with this I know it's highfalutin stuff.

We can discuss the issue of the district preconditions for all things, which goes back the Trinitarian God, which is exemplified in Scripture. John is a lot each one of the segments that I talked about. I can teach on for 1 to 2 hours done these things in Bible studies before because it takes time. These are difficult concepts for a lot of people in and I'm not knocking them in sync all your dummy don't know that not at all. Hey, this is new stuff you know is like the idea of the table meet those on this is for little bit is a table once sitting in front of my desk in my office. Lessees were desk maybe you're sitting in front of the desk and someone else in Florida is sitting in front desk to someone else in New York is sitting in front of the desk when it's different manifestations of the concept of what it is to be a desk we all recognize desk this if I were to destroy my desk. The concept of the actuality of desk. This is not destroyed just a particular manifestation of it. The thing is desk. This is an abstraction.

It occurs in the mind is something we recognize and assign a value to the desk to desk over there's a desk, a different kind of death is a bigger one is a small and I could do it and you could do that, your different places. I would Idaho your Florida so the concept of what it means to be a desk is transcendent. It transcend space and time is not dependent upon space and time not spent upon where you are where I am or what.

When we are, we apprehend those concepts was concepts are exactly those things. Concepts which require minds so the concept of desk. This requires a mind and since the concept is universal, requires a universal mind. This is why we have to have the issue of occult necessary preconditions for intelligibility necessary preconditions recognize recognition of actuality in the caught him up. He will call the first law of logic. The lot identity something is what it is.

It's not what it's not for these things and I'm going with you there quickly, but normally teach this difficult to slowly teach this and people there. No lights go on all. I never would've thought of that. And so this is why the presupposition of methodology. My opinion is simply superior, it can account for everything, even the idea of evidences which is classical okay of initial positive classical is more rational, only a presupposition was of can you justify the idea of evidence and only presupposition was, can you justify the idea rationality okay here you would like you anyway by different arraignment.

God bless. Okay.

All right now folks I know that was highfalutin and I just said it because I don't have time to explain everything, but let me tell you, there are levels of defending the faith that are just not easy to get some time for you to be trained in certain concepts.

I've done this many types of people and train them and they love it because these. They realize that the word of God really is. The stuff is derived in Scripture.

Okay, alright, let's get to Lawrence from South Carolina Lawrence, welcome you on the AAI. My question is, I've been having issues trying to understand judgment and plan and how that because a lot of people what they say you die you know that heaven and another thing like you have to be good to go with you to place judgment that's happening.

Christ returned from China. Together, our list all speak generically when you die, you go to a good place or a bad place. That's it.

There's no median others no in between. It's good place or bad place that we who the good because when Christ, we will go to be with the Lord sacred is 58. So when we die we would be with him flipping is 121 so that's what happens to us what happens of the unbeliever.

They go to a bad place. Now there's some debate within Christianity about what the exact nature is of that is the term bad place generically of that place was a place of discomfort. It's a place of regret. It's a place of pain and suffering. Some call that help because that is what help is but also is not just what help is so it looks like death and Hades are thrown or moved into the outer darkness was death and Hades. Death is the thing that same brand in the world and Hades is a place of suffering and so it looks like death and Hades are cast out some call that hell be cast out into hell and some say that it's the hell that's cast of the outer darkness as variations and when I studied it. I've not been able to conclude exactly which one is which. Because the terms are used anonymously interchangeably and so what I will say is that will use hell generically are cast into hell, and that bad place and there's no escape from it now.

It is a judgment what would say is that the wicked are brought forth for a judgment out of the bad place and more punishment is given to them and their cast into that place in hell for Hades which is casted out of darkness and that's it.

From then on the permanency of their judgment has begun. Now actually it begins after death, but it looks like there's a resurrection of sorts with the judgment and then their cast out after that so it's a little bit ambiguous and that's what I found by myself, is in Scripture.

Okay okay about the Lord make the point that it happened at the judgment, but yes, yes, the Christian was not over rewarding loss of report but not damnation, rewarding loss of arrival God gave you a lot about it. Well I yeah was there like level than would you like anything like a electromagnetic note in bed late and I made kind of like okay awaiting our areas of the judgment of the that's and that looks like there's a holding place until the judgment of the wicked, and then they'll be better cast of the health or brought out of hell and cast into outer judgment of darkness and is currently bad is not to be like him lonely. It's gonna be as you say weeping and gnashing of teeth gnashing of teeth.

I had a kidney stone.

Once and it was incredibly painful was gnashing of teeth and would last for hours in my entire life I never want to go through that again effort effort and so can you imagine weeping and gnashing of teeth without aunt.

This is what awaits those who rejected Christ God bless arrive was Lawrence from South Carolina. Let's get to Roberta Louis Lawson had a question about in times of preachers and stuff like that since I don't know the question was, let me just blab on that little bit. Luke 20 Luke and Matthew 2424 Jesus says in the last days, many false Christ's and false prophets will arise and deceive many children say that so I talked earlier about cleaning the church out in second Thessalonians 2, it talks about an apostasy. Apostasy means to think the falling away from truth with the Bible prophesies is that in order for the antichrist to arrive must be an apostasy is a Christian church must fall away this mean every individual meets the visible church as a whole will fall into darkness and in the antichrist will be unable to come where you are. Are you going to a church that is teaching the word of God in truth, which sometimes uncomfortable or are you going to a church that tells you that you're worthy of being blessed and that Jesus was the first one born again.

He died to sanctify your ego trip couldn't such things that he wants to be healthy and wealthy.

If that's what you're hearing in your church you go to Falls Church to find the true church and be equipped and prepared to serve the true living God, not according to your fleshly desires.

God when you find out they folks never go there out of the Lord bless you and

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