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August 4, 2020 12:21 am

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August 4, 2020 12:21 am

1- A caller gave positive feedback about the 3 schools CARM offers.--2- Who is Proverbs 9-1-6 talking about---3- How can I best witness to those belonging to the LDS and JW faith- I am using the schools, what else can I do---4- What are the strongest arguments for amillennialism---5- What does it mean to make your calling and election sure---6- Did Jesus give the Apostles authority to forgive sins---7- Do you think the corona virus is related to the end times---8- Are those who are still alive when Jesus returns, taken before or after the wicked-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
The Masculine Journey
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max Y. So if you are interested in. Give me a call. All you start week 772072276 we can blab all you want. We do apologetics questions questions on the truth of the word, and various things such as so justified by faith alone in Christ alone. You baptized so the millennium about the rapture. Can we lose our salvation is Mormonism Christian Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian is Islam, Christian, of course not have a schism. Is it really all kind of stuff that we talk about difficult questions. So hopefully if you want to be call only to do was dialing 772-072-2764 lines we also have three schools. If you're interested in checking about. It was talk about you go online to the website. See ARM dots who are in the right hand side of any page you will find the links in schools and so what I recommend you do was to start. Check amount we have some demos and see which one to sign up form we and we ask that you used up to 24 hours. That's only for the rare cases when the something is work right but rarely happens. We just let people know in the emails we sent him up but then everything works fine.

So there you go.

Working the new system for the hundred year hopefully helpful to have hope and insist that, but we'll see how that goes. Again for you to call forth in lines 877-207-2276 is good on line with Kyle from Savannah Kyle welcome around here yet again. Find again to thank you for your ministry. I have got your school.

Finally, have been looking through those and I really appreciate them for me being a younger oh yeah, they're very dense. Give me some good meat that you want, but not too wordy really work well in our learned resource being able to with my work schedule still being able to build in some theological truth. You appreciate appreciate it and yeah but my question was for Proverbs 939 this morning and going through verses one and think that me back a little bit out thinking is this a possible type and shadow of Christ. Well depends the witnesses like to use this Proverbs 8, to say the Christ was the beginning with God. The issue is this talk spoke about in the feminine and yeah this is for codification of of wisdom is just like a note the big boat is a she knows so is personification.

Things like that. We don't do that much in English so that's where this is just a personification of a big deal so gotcha. Sorry. I'll get back with the seven pillars the wine and the bread in the table. All other yeah well here's the thing that Jesus in John 539 you search the Scriptures because in them you think you have eternal life. But it is these that bear witness of me all the Scriptures, including Proverbs 8 Proverbs 9 bear witness of Jesus and how they bear witness of Jesus O.

True wisdom can only be found in Christ as he knows all things, and only to know something for sure is if God, who knows all things were to reveal to you a truth.

What he's doing here through the writers is revealing truths with overseas wisdom and we can see the representations you table we could probably make make allusions to certain things that but you know what it will do that.

You know I was watching some bad preaching that preaching on Sunday and on online most I was in good preaching is I have was in a couple good pictures on also have watched but you know they'll take something and it might be a principal in Proverbs and know you were two principles. The two principles of prosperity.

The two principles to time, but her shoelaces still don't misapply things all the time to do the kind of thing here. We need to always remember. Remember that if it means what it means in this context is the primary thing and so well you know you want to read too much into it usually okay right. Anything else I guess one other small thing I have get the intrigue segment in the gym equipment is a lot of that of me being here in Savannah ever since I moved here have been. I really think I got it and I like to help me bump shoulders with some of the Jehovah's Witnesses here and they're all over and the apartment we moved in. There's a lot of Latter Day Saints. But what I don't think the man I don't think faithful men and women willing to go out and people and I just really feel that Ed bill that my heart and I did plenty and numerous encounters and bad kind of what I'm using this school that you provide to help me kinda have some more direct, effective, and get to the point thing to maybe help the truth. You what you do is talk to your church and asked if you still teach a seminar on how to witness to Mormons, jewels, witnesses, along with some on the basis of the Christian faith and then teach my go dove hunting but you find a kingdom home on a Saturday and then you wait in your car wittily leads a congregation to go to neighborhood following the neighborhood you get out you follow them go door-to-door with after that pass on the warning Jack warning track with something that you don't who Walter Martin was delightful deal, but he wanted to order hundred thousand warning track is a something from people's doors inoculates people from joining Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. There are things to be done, but look understand the Christian church today not got the better cars you have the better health you have, so have seen faith to get to get to receipt to get to get to get is not about going out and making disciples is not what most of the church is about, and the pastors who hear this a get irritated with me, which is why you get basically never asked to speak anywhere. Once irritated, they know I will say this kind of stuff and the I what you have to come into speech on something I'll speak on it. According the word of God, and that's why don't have to speak very often. That's what I believe because people don't want to have the five feathers ruffled in the tables overturned, and you know the thing is, I believe in equipping the Christians not babysitting the Christians give him a sword not a pacifier. We need to equip them and send them out and not to be want to make your body feel guilty if they don't do something that's not it. But the thing is the pastors. Equipping the body of Christ for the work of service.

The building of the body of Christ, not for Becoming recluses in the Sunday morning huddle.

That's it. Just something I just will bless. Why don't I get asked to speak at that's what I believe this to smart and I will we would be honored to have you ever heard of a ministry called the navigator you yeah that's what I'm unplugged and here unfortunately I fell a lot of the churches I think I got hint of when I started I was going to when I talked to the pastor about possibly just reaching out to some other guy and getting from time to work together and then I was told that I might want to be careful of my wording that would be seen as sheep prevalent in the church is not yet taken. I understand. But if I were pastor of the church in your my congregation and you said you don't match. I want to do blah blah blah would help go to other churches get them going. I believe going in the church. I know I will let you have people here to Bible study joined the Bible study group another church. I was like good do it work were in the business and so to speak, putting her so that business when I hear to make make sheep to get into our pen. We guard our little sheet. The guy got the world and its look, give some advice. So you get Jacob's eye at your apartment complex. The area look for lower literature watchtowers like to live in an apartment complex in San Diego and I go into the we had her own washer and dryer, but I would going to the public once and you get is that we did and so on. Think we did what he remembering things.

So I would go into this thing and I would confiscate all the literature trash.

I just love it's for free they could all put down the trash and out that what I would do is when I saw Jerry Dubbs or Mormons in any neighborhood. I would switch doors, Augustine ignites conditioned air conditioned car and then I would watch to see what Dorsey spent more than five seconds at usually non-technical way when they were spending time with your I go back and I've done it many times and a lot of times people sick. You mean the Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christian. That's right or not Christian. The mixed date within teach. I have you a hand to watch our literature to music when you can put that the trash can and can't you go yes I will be glad to. It doesn't take much like pointing at the Lord then then there very prevalent. Savannah set up on microgrid for them and when the weather's rights. They have edict point on every single everything was square and I admire the development.

I just wish that we had more faithful younger men and older men and women that would be willing to do the same.

Kyle you're making a mistake. Don't expect Christians to do the work of ministry and get out on the streets is for clergy, special people who had a nice young boy your troublemaker. I would love to have you my car engine so well, pastor right.

I appreciate it so I thank you for your quick me from afar and I and I appreciate that and I listen to your show and it helped me a lot of my profit really kinda mesh well with Allie thinking I really helped me to understand things and yeah I just appreciate you and your ministry and in my wife and I continuing to pray for you guys and I really think for equipping that Jacob will praise God and thank you, he gets the glory. You could use a broken vessel like me can use anybody can a man a man that's right.

Okay God bless man okay will see you think all right right is good to Matt from pencil Vania that states that luckily on their question on all or strong argument for that. The argument thoroughly like I got a good one. We all go through what I can right now okay list.

Let's review the premillennial position right so so what were looking at a chart left to right were in the mall. And then there's going to be the rapture. Whether it's a free country of mid true poster right now is irrelevant. Okay, this could be the rapture and then a thousand year reign and then the new heavens and earth right yeah okay so we get back on the Regis of Scriptures. In light of that, let's see what happens okay for both right back after these messages talk about this to open my only 77076 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 charismatic slave back to the show with Québec. Mattie still there. Okay, just a quick review refresh people's memories so the premillennial view is that the rapture happens before the thousand year reign. The new heavens and new work happen after the thousand year reign correct yet that's correct. Now, on the read some scriptures for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words. Now, after the times of the ethics record and you have no need of anything to be written to you for you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. That's the rapture right right yet now and it comes like a thief in the night.

This is a day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night right after the rapture occurs at the floor.

Come like a thief in the night correct second Peter 310 but the day of the Lord will come at a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar of the elements will be destroyed with intense heat on the earth and its works will be burned up. I went a minute so one of them said the day the Lord to conduct a thief in the night was is the day of the Lord of both just the day of the Lord will come at a thief.

Once a thief in the night no reason. I think a little bit different.

I personally, I think, is because the earth is round and light on one side and dark on the other.

That's me with the phrase they Lord is only one the day of the Lord just one will come like a thief becoming a thief in the night and first Thessalonians 416, 2 to 5 verse two. That's the rapture in second Peter 310. The new heavens and new earth are made look like a good happen the same day does not right. Yeah. So where's the thousand year reign in between those is a neuron I would never refer to Revelation out late late late late late late late late late okay to do this with people at all. I'll talk to you just did the revelations that will admit that they can understand, so I say so, then you understand what this is actually saying you address that you go to someplace else to contradict what this is saying that what you're going over there is a beach understand what it says here now you gotta go to someplace else. It will that sets up different than this with her inadvertently doing this is arguing Scriptures in Scripture. So I say to them. First things first. What you do with this went with the same phrase is used two of the rapture and the day the new heavens and new earth are made, the day of the Lord, the thief in the night, the day of looking at a thief is only one the day of the Lord which company thief, just one, and in one description, it is a rapture letter description it's a new heavens and new earth. So I asked him please explain how that works is explain where the millennium fits in their I'm not hurt anybody.

Give an answer yet nobody has okay yeah I got my brother and he got all thoroughly every week. Rapture, that all about the Lord a thousand years, so might not be that day a minute. So then you saying that the term thousands is a reference to some executive right yes will then list the revelations, not 20 verse one is on Angel is literal. Nothing heaven.

That's literal, holding the key of the abyss.

That's figurative and a great chain in his hand that's figurative laid hold of the Dragon has a figurative, the serpent of old, that's literal serpent in the garden who was a devil and Satan that's literal and bounded for thousand years literal, figurative allegory Revelation embolism literal but it I III interpret the harder to understand that you first worked with what is clear and then you will get the wand and I may Revelation it all out things that are symbolic yeah just so will you and I agree this this thing is that I don't know what to do with in all seriousness, would you do with first Thessalonians 4 and rental and Peter 310 when it says this it just like my goodness it's it's quick and it's easy and so you know and then put an ounce of a study done on this topic go to Carmen and look up to ages and I've taught this study many times and I mean this honestly without exaggeration.

Nobody has refuted it. Nobody has never people who just say I don't agree. That's fine. I've had people say want to think about and come back to you with that with an answer.

Okay great and nobody house and this is the next 20 years. Now that's not to say that I'm not saying I don't care what your answer is always wrong, but that's not my attitude. It's it's very, very, very, very good argument very good when it is shared with you was just just delete the appetizer so bright what what what I go how much weight on it all I got all of you by.

I want to write but Christians were really the right good overlay millennium like weather on literal modulation but on what we should do is study because the Bible speaks eschatological as we should be doing studying, but we should never hire look down our noses at somebody else and pass judgment on debatable issues because Romans 14 is very clear about this. A lot of people you know Christians don't read the Bible enough does not accept the ones we can faith but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions. One person may have faith that you eat all things on Wendy's only vegetables its articles on so I'm on Mill unite be pre-milk somehow slightly postmeal. Okay, I don't judge anybody. For if they disagree with me. Okay, that's no big deal that I know of denominations that if you hold to the pre-milled you, you can begin if you hold of the postmeal view you can't begin.

If you hold the meal you you can't get it and that is making judgments on debatable issues. I think that denominations filing Scripture a lot. I think that we should keep the faith in the essentials and Satan. Our perspective we hold these relating to these, like Calvary Chapel is pre-millennial a pre-trip rapture wired with either one of those, but I go to that church and was no big deal. I don't look down my nose at them. I don't do that if they were do the same to me that we have problem you have the humility before God first so that we don't have people don't have anybody I say, folks, we have like for you to call 707 max Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg and show everyone. We in lines 87776 with Scott from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

You were on the air. I can 3835 and loud barking ganged out but, therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward for you have need of an duress so that you delegate Perrier will ask when you done the will of God University what is promised for you and Virgil while he was coming will come and will not delay but my righteous one shall live by faith. And if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him.

Yes, okay, well I have no greater anyone. He turned away and wanted Gordon living the Christian life can be very dangerous to have especially is now no more so, but glad it was living the Christian life out like that have no pleasure in anyone who turned away and found turn away or if you turn the fan after you been to Paris and you get your self and they were or who switch questions and yet so bright they grab my Gary to make your calling and election sure right then it is all right. Maybe try and follow away. Okay, but what you question which question I just wonder why they don't well Dr. do not delay, trust in the Lord. No matter what happened. Here's a thing and in Hebrews a lot of the stuff is in Hebrews and understand that Hebrews is written to the Hebrews to the Jews great deal of Old Testament quoting their yes also understand the Jews had an understanding of who the Messiah was full to be far more than any other nation. They had the Old Testament Scriptures they should've known better. There were many Jews therefore who were on the fence about a lot of things.

They were sure Jesus was the Messiah. They were so thoroughly inculcated in their law keeping their legality. It was very difficult for them to move over to the idea of justification by faith alone in Christ alone and so a lot of them shrank back, they were never ultimately justified because if they were enemies, we were safe and Jesus can't lose any for John 617 240. So what we see here we see what we can see out of the sink with you setting 710 which talks about different kinds repentance when that Lisa life when it leads to death. So there's a true and false conversion. A true and false faith. You can have people who appear to be saved but are not really saved and they gradually fall away.

And so this is why you find statements like, check yourself to make sure you're in the face. He who endures you don't will be saved because it's not saying that you can lose your salvation is just describing the manifestation of those who are truly saved will endure. If you do, you can enjoy your salvation if you don't is because you were to say to begin what we know this before fish for John 219, which is they were not from us because they never were of us if they had been of us, they would've remained what Hebrews is doing a lot of the verses that talk like this is speaking generically to the people who have tasted the heavenly gift participated in many of the wonderful things. Hebrews 6426 have or gone on was sitting willfully of receiving alter the truth. Hebrews 1026, following there's no more hope for is nothing left for them and this is why the Bible speaks like that except okay know you feel like a damn about a way that IG is always there, like I got good without light, but more rating competent Jesus would do for me only made about what what I do. Graham didn't pay me now to grow if he saved you is because this with the Bible teaches audible don't think about this. But Jesus says in John 637 all that the father gives me will come to me, that means the people in the future are to get saved and the reason is because the father gave them ahead of time to the sun. That's what is teaching John 637 well and then then Jesus says all the father gives me will the father is at all that he's given me. I lose none so what he's saying is there's a group of fathers getting give to the sun had given okay and they will come to Christ its future in Jesus as the will the father is that of those that Jesus lose none is the will of the father that Jesus lose none of the father has given to him. So the father is making a requirement upon the son Jesus, that Jesus not lose any.

Because he's giving them to the sun for safekeeping the will of the fathers I lose none but raise them up on the last day is because a father elected them and gave them the sun for salvation. You chose them for the fig begin the will for salvation. That's second Thessalonians 213 and Ephesians 14, and five talks about this. This is why we can't lose our salvation because Christ can't fail to do the will of the father, if any, get lost over 10.

He's failed to do the will the father. It's simple. It's simple and people who teach that you can lose your salvation you need to take a piece of paper and pencil and write down all the things that you do to keep yourself right with the infinitely holy God. Write down the things you have to do to keep yourself on track with God to make sure you stay safe. What it what it was, even to do and what you get that list together. You should frame it should frame it put a nice picture frame just frame embroidered to hold it up on the wall because you can look at it on a daily basis and just just be so thankful of how good you are to keep yourself right with the infinitely holy God. You can look at it can raise an eyebrow and smile and moon walk back at do pretty well. I keep these things know it's Christ who saved us and it's his blood cleanses us and we are justified by faith in Christ and that's how it is not by faith, and anything else so we can't be lost because of father gave us to the sun for safekeeping and he took said that the son would not loosen us to will the father so Jesus can't lose any of our hope is in ourselves in any way that we can lose our salvation. That's how it comes down if your salvation depends upon your goodness in any way you can lose your salvation, your goodness would be your remaining faithful your container. Read the Bible you're not seeing R-rated movies you're not doing this or you're always doing that that is within your salvation depends on what goodness, what God can do to save the grace of faith. After all he can do second Nephi 2523 or CCC 2068, the Catholic catechism says so you think that you can only obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments. What arrogant foolishness that doctrine is for the pit of hell to think that anybody could keep their salvation by what they do with her own ability to two can commandeer their own mind and heart to make sure that they are the ones keeping themselves in the face to their maintenance of salvation by either believing in a continued action of believing, not realizing it was God grants that we believe liquids 129 Grandis repentance second Timothy 225 and that God works faith in us. John six to me.

John 620 29 and Jesus says in John 640 or 665. Excuse me, you cannot come to me and this is been granted to you from the father. You can't granted to you, that means all your free will and everything else is not what makes it is going be granted you for the father talk like this and for the people live like what I say this and make him mad and I say okay, too bad.

Go read the Scriptures see what the Scripture says and ticketing strings cut them off and and Manna read the word of God, believe the word of God.

Sorry little bit of a renter. Okay, the comment about which Christians would stop worrying about their salvation because of their lack of faithfulness because of the city is ridiculous to think that we keep salvation by what we do, how we are how good we are in some way and her attitude or belief are works or whatever else this is it's a foolish doctor and it's caused all kinds of untold grief for people in the world and is not biblical. I stand against it is right right here in the right leg of his message is all the man's like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back to the show. You guys know that some callers who called in that Sam, Shimon and Rhonda unite tonight having a discussion on solar feeding faith alone, and I put it up on the karmic websites on the right-hand side of any page will say watch discussions on the file with Sam Shimon 715 tonight, and it's a link is click it and tonight you can watch it if you're interested in doing that will be defending the biblical doctrine of solar feeding is to go there you go to, so they would give that information out there. Let's get to Charlie from North Carolina. Charlie welcome you are on the air.

God gave the apostle authority to correct to heal.

Yes I Do You Give Them Authority to Forgive. Well, It Looks like When It's under John 2023 That Says the Sins You Forgive, They Have Been Forgiven and That He Is in the Perfect Tense Have Been Forgiven and so There Is Debate about What This Actually Means. Now You Certainly Want to Make Sure That We Understand It Is Not Something That Is Passed down. But God through Christ Gave Us Specifically to the Apostles If They Had That Ability. It Was Only the Ability to Make Pronouncements That Were Already the Case Because God Alone Is One Forgive Sins. So It's a Bit of Debate on That Other Catholics Will Say That That Means That Everybody and Their Descendents, and All the Priests and That the Catholic Church Has All the Authority to Forgive Sins, Etc. I Got It for Second Look to Doing so That the Highest I Get Lucky You Got Lunch All Right List on the Phone with Let's See John New Jersey. John Welcome on the Air. Question about Coronavirus the Government Trying to Control Going to Bring the End in Her Way Thing I Do Know I Think It's a Bit Too Draconian. I Don't Agree to Do As Much As They Think Is Just My Opinion but the We Want to Be Able to Support the Idea of Not Infecting Others, but from What I've Been Hearing about Statistics and Different Sources of More People Are Dying from Influence This Influenza Then Coronavirus Seven Hearing and the Children Aren't Hardly Affected by It, and All and Listen to Some Statistics on This Radio Show A Few Days Ago so You I Don't Know That with the Facts Are Good and Trust the Media.

I Don't Trust Them Even Want to Throw the CNN Building and I Think Her Left Distant Have an Agenda. Truth Is Not the Agenda so I Know the Truth.

This Stone Okay and That Going Back Only You Know, Bring Me While It If They Are Lying to Are You Are You Believe Where You Premillennial or Whatever They Call That My Mama Lineal Likely That When Christ Returns That That's the Culmination of the. The Age Happened There. I Have My Reasons for Attending and Are Not Just Wishful. I Have Done A Lot Of Study Good Arguments to Start. I'm Concerned No One's Been Able to Refute Them. So Far so You Believe Christ Is Going to like Bird or My Personal Opinion Is That You Go through Tribulation. In This It Gets so Bad That If Christ Does Not Come Back. No Flesh Will Be Left Will to Destroy Itself and of Reasons for That Matter, Are the Scriptures and That to the Devil Will Come like a Thief in the Night Is the Rapture but It's Also the New Heavens and the Worker Might and We Don't Have Beginning of the Show and so Well. I Also Believe Because Jesus Says to End.

In the Parable of the Wheat and Tares, Which Interprets the Act Explains What He Says in My 1330 Says Allow the Boat to Go Together. The Wheat and the Tares and He Says at the End of the Deal Say the Angels First Gather the Tears I Saw That What the Age. The First Will Scatter the Tears Just Read the Whole Context Back 15 Versus Four Will Contact Will See Is What It Says and so I Can I Believe That When Christ Comes Back. The First Was Taken with the Wicked, and We Cross Pollinate That with the Process of Me Not. Matthew 2437 through 41. I Think It Is in Matthew 27 Luke 1726. Following It with the Days of Noah Social Media Days of the Coming of the Son Of Man, for They Were Eating, They Were Drinking They Were Giving in Marriage to Noah and the Ark of the Flood Came and Took Them All Away. Matthew Says the Flood Came and Destroyed Them All Is What Luke Says. And so to Middle Be in the Field One Is Taken Once Were Taken of the Once Were Destroyed in Luke 17 Asking Where They Taken. He Says with the Body As the Vultures Gather so Maybe Who Knows. I Was Can Happen, but It Wasn't the Way Could Be Taken Out Of the Kingdom Because of Jesus Says in Matthew 13 That There's a Bit Taken Out Of the Kingdom and He Says Okay so after Right Letter to Part Your Position on This before Little Bit, but If There Taken Where Were They Go 80 Well We Don't Know and Here's It Is Just This Just for Fun, Just for Fun and I Think It's Revelation 16, Three Unclean Spirits like Frogs Got Together to Gather Them Together for the Great Day of God Almighty Called Armageddon so Superficial 14 or 16 and You and so 16 and so Could It Be I Don't Know You Know I Don't Know. It Could Be That Approximate Three Step yet.

Revelation 1613, so Could It Be That There Taken to the Placement. I Don't Know My Just Throwing Things around Me. Nothing. Maybe Brian Can Write and I Don't Know What the Bible Says That Isn't Really Asking Whether Taken in Luke 17 Jesus Answers. He Says with a Body As a Vultures Gather so There Taken to a Place of Destruction Well While Revelation 16 I Saw Coming Out Of the Mouth of the Dragon Are the Mouth of the Beast Are the Mouth of the False Prophet, Three Unclean Spirits like Frogs and or Spirits of Demons, Performing Signs, Which Led to the Kings of the Whole World, to Gather Them Together for the War. The Great Day of God, the Almighty Armageddon Could Have, but Maybe, Maybe Not. I Don't Know but I Don't Have a Denominational Loyalty so I Don't Have To Hold to Pre-Mill All Milquetoast Male Preacher Mid Poster That Matter to Me. I Just Read It and I Have To Worry about Was My Denomination. I Think I Keep My Password If I Teach This I Just Say It and I to the People Relisting Me to like It.

Okay, Maybe Read the Scriptures and See What It Says and Call Me up and Say Hey I Think around Because of This I'm Totally Open to Hearing If I'm Wrong. I Told Them That Is Saying It Now, and I Know I Know You Wrote an Article on 28, Super Long Three You Know That Much but I Was Wondering If You Think That the Buyer Thing Has Something to Do with the Eye Again. You Know I the Bible Talks up Legs and Come out They Can Wipe out 1/3 of the Population so I Don't Think I Think I Don't Know What This Is Going on but You Know I Don't Know. I Got People Using It for Political Gain. Maybe There's A Lot Of Information out There That's Just Difficult to Wade through and I Just Don't Get the Antichrist Shall Be Inferred First for What You Know for Christ Right to Come Back after He Shows up before Christ Back to Ghost.

I Believe That Yes You All You Think We Will Grow Yeah We Will See the Antichrist Will Absolutely No I Don't Mind about Escapism.

I Believe That Were Going through a Christian through History Going through Stuff and People. Cindy Will Know It Didn't Go through It. Yes He Did, He Would Screw the Struggle He Went through It As Read Matthew 24 Synergistic People Read Matthew 24 They Asked Jesus Wardens the Scientific Coming in All This.

I Just Read He Says, and after the Tribulation of These Days He Sets the Son Of Man Will Come When He Said Yes It's All I'll I'll I Really Live I Believe You Want to Be Here till but I Thought Maybe That Buyer Think Hiding Something in Her Either. No, No, No Matter That's What It Is Okay I Blank on My God Bless You and I Know That I Say This Kind of Stuff You Write Brown Shoot up Just Telling You Read It for Yourself the Next 24 Luke 17 and Matthew 13 Matthew 1324 and Luke 17 K Matthew 13 Matthew 24 Luke 17 Just Go Read What It Says Job Must Really Have We Lost Him with My Views in the Rapture. I Just Said What That Was. So Let's Get to Roberta from Utah.

We Don't Have a Birth off the List Get to Whoever This Is, Right Now I Will Just Plug You on the Air. And What's with Your Name and Where You from Your Hello You Are on. Okay, Why Let's Try This One.

Welcome You Are on the Air. There Hello Hi Hi Draw near with Matt Slick C Was Going on Here. Let's Try This One of Hello Welcome You Here with Matt Slick Hello Hello I so We Got the Computer and Yes I Can't Guess I Can Okay I like I Wondering If I Don't Hurt and We Built Here in I Don't Know the Exact Timeline, but It Appears to Be That the Wicked Are Taken First and Then We Are Taken but on the Same Day. This the Same Thing. And the Reason for That Because If You Look at the Two Age to Age Model, Which Is What Paul Taught Which Is What Jesus Taught and Which I've Never Heard Anybody Ever from the Pulpit, Teach and but It's Right There I Learned This from Kimberly Barker and A Lot Of You May Know Who He Is He from Southern California to Gover's House.

We Would Talk Ask Eschatology and He's a Guy Who Introduced Me to This This H&H.

The Comp Concept and over the Years of Looking at Expanding on It but Nevertheless Here's the Thing Is That at the End of the Age.

Certain Things Happen and so at the End of the Age. The Wicked Are Gathered, the Judgment of the Wicked Occurs. The Elect Are Also Gathered. The Harvest Occurs Which Most Consider Is the Rapture the Return of Christ Occurs in Rapture Does Occur of This. I Was Reading from My Information I Give You All the References but It's Right There in the Article. This H&H to Come to Age His Arm. Kimberly Berger Is a Guy I Was a Guy and He Taught That the Idea to Me Back 35 Years Ago. Okay There You Go. All Right, All Right. People Discover Seven Show. Oh Well, What Does the Scripture Say the Lord Bless You and by His Grace That on Their Member Tonight If You Want Discussing Faith Alone for Salvation Link Farm Homepage on the Right-Hand Side of Anything

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