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Secret Prayers, Unexpected Answers

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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June 13, 2020 3:00 pm

Secret Prayers, Unexpected Answers

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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June 13, 2020 3:00 pm

Mark and his wife, Jamie, discuss their relationship, how Christ led Mark to join the battle against human trafficking, and how Lantern Rescue establishes strong relationships in foreign nations.

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Welcome to lantern risk. A ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about arrestees we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they need this.

We are light it up today on lantern rescuers for the last few episodes really really fun that we've had a chance to have the whole team in the studio with us and today is no exception to that is to get a chance to actually talk to Mark and Jamie and hear their stories so you know is one of the questions we asked the other teammates in a marked we got here a little bit how Jamie felt that when originally but how did it go from your standpoint, what what it got in your life to begin to prepare you for this adventure know it's not uncommon because as we done today.

We've been able to do so shows and rug listeners.

Don't know that. But back to back and be able to hear my teammates and their heart and then also their spouses and their heart and also the sacrifices that they make in all that they do. And there's even more the activities going on. I know that you know hundred cc volunteer design I went to Costa Rica and train commandos unedited balance.Africa admin training people and in redness, a constant donor of her time issues that were was a violent violent tail so she is is constantly volunteering as well for other things and so just listening and taking in their hearts I think was so important for listeners to understand is that is not necessarily our training is not our extensive amount of tactical training is not all about what it is is just being willing to obey the Lord, you know, commands are prods you and says I want to do this and so you know for for me it was probably maybe the Lord had this in his works and plans many many years ago, but it took some years for me to come to that place of humility and submission to say wow this is a problem and Laura don't want to do something about it too much is given much is required) and I know a word that's just huge is compassion right. But in order to have compassion for this, there has to be some story David. You know that was like 00 and you talk about William Wilberforce then print out. Once he knew that now you got it it what was it that you how did you come about knowing for me specifically with human trafficking working in parts of the world, especially, most recently with ISIS and they would they would hold hostages and I was part of an extraction team. There was the fact that this was not just a problem with ISIS.

This was a worldwide problem in every single country in as I started to look into it and even begin to help even other organizations I realized that everybody's bringing a woeful bat to baseball game a real game. You know this is a real knife to a gunfight.

Write it with everybody was underequipped or are you know this were not taking this issue seriously enough so that's really where the Lord began to work on my heart mind to say no to switching to the rest your life you need to which you have left it.

Regrettably I wish I had more but to say this is what you're going to do while wow and so I'm curious Jamie is you hear that from your husband. What what did you see in his life that would've triggered that.

Well, there's a lot that you know some of the other couples reference let their husbands like character is like.

So I just remember back in high school we've known each in their home long time now, been together a very long time and Mark was always line he would stick up for the underdog and even from South he would peak be picked on by much older people and be able to defend himself very well. I remember this, minus my older brothers thinks the area then distilled a rotting bag for everybody in that there is this one particular time.

I remember because we are in high school getting and as I mentally challenged girl is being picked on by ambling the class and every Scene you stop stopping on or something on the market saying a quick manner and I make you Clintonesque. I just kept going kept going until finally Mark made him quit. And that's okay because he was defending the weak and helpless in this partner homages mentally to hunched here in the sky kept picking on her and so he's always been somebody who defends and a week and we gotta find out because every listers think the same thing. I miss that Mark Hodge make him quit see the glass on your door is hid with that really is and what he made him quit a pencil on ever remember him picking on her ever again. I think my you know my motive was right but I went a little too extreme for those who are seeing the last of his furniture in the studio. We have a little window fits maybe 8 x 8".

Actually, bulletproof glass, a few on me.

I did want to tell the person if you don't stop that's where your heads going so all really. You actually shot like eightball in the corner pocket is very good at sellout your witness to this and with your boyfriend at this point. Okay. And you know my friends and then be in trouble and here's Not You Know Men Are Programmed Differently Then Than Girls from the Get-Go, and I Teach at Church to Some Inner-City Kids You Know and ICDs Some Boys Who Were Trying to Stand up for Others and Then Someplace You Feel like It's a Manly Thing Just to Be a Bullying to Be Aggressive Vintages. A Difficult and I've Had to Pull Some of Them Assigned God Made You a Man to Protect Women, Protect Girls to Be a Protector. So Use Your Grass and Aggression to Protect and A Lot Of These Kids Have Never Ever Heard That before They See As Thugs around Them. Just You Know Be a Bully, Fear Man Again Just to Be Mean People You Getting on the Boss.

You Know That Can Anything That Any Turn That Aggression into Protection. It's Okay to Be Valet. If You Use It the Right Way to Say You Know It's a Submitted Man to Yield to His Creator Is the Most Unstoppable Protector and He's Also the Greatest Provider and Is Also a Fantastic Lover You Know If Men Would Just Yield All of That Baby's Aggression Are All That Manhood Weed Is Yielded to the Lord.

He Will Use It in the Right Way, You Know Where That's Protection or Provision, or Other Means.

So You Know What God Needs Men like That You Know and I'm Honored to Work with Men like That and to Be within Their Company. I Have a Guest Frequently.

That Works with Gangs That Talks about How Those Inner-City Kids. They Want Love and Acceptance like the Mdm. Where Talk about the Previous Show and so You Know the Way They're Getting Love and Acceptance Is by Being That Bo Right That's Thin and so When Somebody Comes along That Actually Does This, but Let's Think about Is the Women inside This Right There, Getting Love and Acceptance. You Know by These Really Bizarre Means and the in the Trap That's Laid for Them in That Is Is Part of What We Talked about Several Episodes of You Know They Don't Stay Rescued Right Right and Others Wanting to Get Rescued Now but It's Quite Another Thing to Stay Rescued.

So along Those Lines, and We Asked the Other Couples.

How Did God Rescue Mark You Know People Have Asked Me Questions like Have You Been in War and I Know the Always When I Answer This in a Different Way Than What They're Expecting Because My Immediate Answer Is, I've Been at War since the Day My Soul Possessed This Body Because the Devil Wanted to Acquire and He Wanted to Use It for Evil. Not Good. And so Were in a Battle Were in a Specific War Our Whole Lives and It's a Spiritual Battle.

Yes, a Been in Particular War Zones As Well.

For Sure, but God without His Rescuing Operation in My Heart and My Life. You Know That's Where I Say I Don't Know Where I Would Be Today Afflicted Ices. Some Have Looked It the Worst of the Worst and in Terrace and Thought You Know If I Was in This Region. In This Part of the World and Left to Myself. I'm Not Sure I Would've Done the Same Thing. I'm Not Sure Who I Would Be I Would Be Just like Them, You Know, Had I Not Heard the Gospel and so for Me Personally, You Know God Work through My Family. My Family, My Parents Got Say Later in Life and Came to Christ Later and so I Did.

Gropes Know in a Church Environment, but It Really Didn't Take in My Life until I Was about 17 Years Old and I Started a except What I've Been Taught in It and Begin to Know Play a Larger Part in My Life, My Heart, That Age in the Desk. That's Actually All That When She Says We Met Nice Schools Really Have Anything to Do with Me for about a Year and 1/2 Because Although I I Cared about Certain Things. Also, the Involve the Lord at All and Not Fall after Him Any Part of My Life.

So the Lord Rescue Me at That Time and Then You Know I'm Not Letting out.

That Is, so He Rescued You Waft in Particular for Me. It Was Sitting. I Was Also Sports Tournament and the Speaker That Spoke Was, Not Eloquent, He's He's Actually Not That Great of a Speaker at All. I'd Heard and I Heard Michael Times Later and Always Thought We Know Usually Not Compelling That Night. Sitting There, You Know, As You Often Do, and It Was a Sports Event Is Required to Go to This and I Sat down in It and I Was like God Is Your Strength As a Kid You Just Try to Sit on the Back Row with the Hottest Girl Are You Know You Just Trying to You Know It's All You're Doing Is Just a Dating Environment in Your Mind so but in That Environment That This Man to for Many Began to Preach about in a Given Your Your Your Whole Life to the Lord and Committing to Him and I'm Realizing at That Moment That If I Got up and Gemma like to Christ That He Would Also Make Demands of Me That It Would Not Just Be Escape from Hell, Lord, That It Would Affect My Attorney, but That It Would Affect My Life Right Then That If I Made That Choice That It Would It Would Control My Choices from There Forward, You Know, and You Know so When I Went in. I Guess I Signed the Contract Heavily Because I Went Forward. Not Just to Escape Help but to Say, Lord, Whatever You Want to Do with Me. I'm Willing to Do It You Know so Show Me. And of Course He's Had to Re-Rescue Me, Not through Salvation but in Other Ways As TC Was Talk about the Trimming in His Life and Someone Else Was Talking about How God Works on Them yet. He's He's Deftly Had a Rescue Me More Than One Time in a It's a Continuation of It. I Get That Completely. So We Got It to Pray for like Me. Wow, I Wonder If Jamie's Boyfriend That Could Obviously Take Care Of Himself Witnessing This Whole Series of Stories like This Taking so Much More Than Light It up on That Rescue, Which Is Less Evolving Faith-Based Organization That Conducts International Rescue Operations for People Suffering from Human Trafficking Lantern Specializes in Sending Former US Special Operations Law-Enforcement and Intelligence Personnel Department with Host Nations and Assist Them in Reading Specialized Units Combat Ongoing Security, Genocide, Terrorism, and Track Is a Nonprofit Charity. They Offer Services Free of Charge. Human Trafficking Is Thrown into the Second Largest Activity in the World Reaching an Estimated $50 Billion Activity Lantern Rescue Was Developed Rapidly to Combat and Operates with Trained International Network in Order to Rescue Women and Children, Sex and Labor Slavery and Facilitates Gearing up for Operations Right Now You Can See How You Can Support What Impacted Lantern Rescue Where Again Today Lighting up a Little Bit of the Foundation Come from All These People up and Rescued Themselves so Many Different Ways to Be Rescued like Me Get to Meet the Families What's behind You Know That Led to Their Being Equipped for Such a Time As This Is Where with Mark and Jamie Today and so We Left Our Hero Marquis Was Obviously Just Saved and He Was 17 and My Right Long Time Ago and You Known Him for about a Year and so Can You Kinda Take Us Back to What the Real Story Is.

I Had More Hair Had a Sixpack. I Really Liked Alan out to the Ground like You to Think and I Think He's There Looking down Anyways Then Actually but Yeah I Remember We Were Actually Sitting around the Fire Pit in the Middle of That Mike Gravel Parking Lot and Handling Throwing Sticks and Firing like Christian Fishing Camp Type Thing You Know, and He Talked about Getting Saved in Given His Life to the Lord and I Was like on the Other Side of the Fire, Looking at Him.

I Think He Could Tell That I Had Some Admin As Well.

Around My Body and Head Back into the Fire and I Dance and I like This and Think More Questions Everything You Say That If You Know the Story Superman Is That He Was Actually Developed by a Couple Jewish Boy Will Do Their Thing, and That This Was Actually the Letters That He Because That Somebody's Got to Make Things Right and It Hurt the Stories of These That Eats All of Them. You Know That That Obviously Jesus Is the Super Saturday and and and and the Idea of When They See Bullying When They See Summaries Being Taken Advantage of, You Know There Obviously We Gotta Move into That Situation. So, You Know, We Know That Obviously You Met Ran and You Got Involved with This Adventure/Opportunity to Be As Attic You Know and Really Difficult Situations. I'm Wondering for You Was There at Night. Jamie That You Are like What Was I Thinking. God Mean As Far As What You Know What Is Got Involved in His Wife like Oh My Word on This Is Way More Than I Bargained for. Well, like Initially He Was Going to Be Gone Anywhere from a Month to Five Months. You Know That Was Several Years Ago Now and I Thought That Was Complete and One Time Thing and Then He Comes Back and Is Recommending This and Tie-Dye Last A Lot Longer. Considerably Longer.

I Hope That We Share with Our Listeners before Not Necessary Lantern, but on Other Interviews and She Mentioned It before, Something That I Think Really Important Significant to This Ministry and That Is in the Process of God Bringing Me to Specifically Working on Trafficking Trucking Issue. There's a Point Where I Went to My Wife. I Said I Want to Operate in a Different Way in the Middle East Then Them. Everybody Else's Ice. I Simply Am and I Want to Go in and Engage with Isys in a Way That Will Allow Me to Do What I Want to Do, Not Waiting by Tells Me to Do, but Enough That Share the Gospel.

That Whatever You and I Want to Have That Freedom.

We Can Pray about That and Got Opened up Those Doors in a Way to Do That and When I Came to Share That with Her.

She Started to Cry and I Thought What She Thinks This Is the Last Trip I'm Going, You Know, Crazy Man by Himself on a Plane the Leasing a Rollover to Syria Somewhere in Shake Your Hand and Lose My Head You Know and That Maybe Was a Possibility, but She Was Crying and I Was Trying to Console Her and I Told People in the past We Have Five Daughters and so You're Trying to Thing That a Man Wants to Fix Pretty Quick. You Know Is Fast You Can in Those Environments. And That's How Were Conditioned and That's What We Try to Do Is like Fix the Problem and Always Lab Because Just like the Bully. My Problem Usually Shoot It or Beat It up Just Eliminate It Right and That Moment I Could Do Anything She's Crying I'm Distressed I Don't Cry, Don't Die, You Know, She's like I'm Not Crying What You Think I Am. And with That Said I Had to I Got up and I Just Said I Have To Leave and Just Tell Me Later That and so She Says I Want to Tell You Later, so I Leave and I'm Driving and She Sends Me Texas Says. For Years I've Prayed for the Abused to Be Rescued or the Abusers to Become Sick. I Just Never Thought You Would Be an Answer to That Prayer You Know Immediately What She Prayed for for Years That I Did Know about. I Know She Was Praying the Prayer That God Heard That Prayer and Then Said Okay the Heart of Your Husband.

I'm Preparing to Do That and I'm Going to Open Those Doors for Him to Do That and so That Became Just Uniquely How Uniquely Sovereign God Is Now How Cool He Is You.

You Say You Said Earlier That He Would Hear That Prayer and Then Make That a Real Opportunity and I Mean That He See Me through A Lot in This Environment Both Lantern and before See Me Three Gunfights for Kids to A Lot Of Different Places Where I Normally Would Back out. But Then I'm like You Know What, Wait a Minute This Is an Answer to God for the God Has an Intention for This and Get Protection about Me and Let's Do This so God Is Just Uniquely Human Sovereignty.

Just Amazing. Jamie Can You Take a Stare from Your Perspective to That Moment Right There. Your Crying, I Wonder If When You Said That I Should Know I Keep It That Long. Now Know for Sure Not.

Sometimes I've Been like If He Dies. It's like My Fault Because Sentra Likes Are behind Us Shortly Know for Me That Takes Though It Took All the Ego Out Of It Took All the Training Out Of It Took All Everything Out Of It Just Became Obedience Reduces Your Mind and Obey God and Do This for Monogamy Big on This Right, Sister and and You Can, You Know, for Those Who Haven't Had a Chance to Hear the Stories like This Might Be the First Episode You've Turned into There's Podcast Right It's Lantern Rescue Podcast and Get It. I Tend to Get Anyplace and You Can Hear All the Stories He Heard TC's House Happened in That Family. How This Happened for Alan How This Happened to Some Extent with Brandon, Her Best Friend Tori and You Know Really Great Stories to See in in in What I Hope That You See. And I Know It's Everybody's Prayer Here Is That What You See Is the Real Hero of the Rails Attic. The Real Superman. It's Come to the Rescue Is Is Is Jesus at Any's Come to the Rescue of of This Team so That They Can Be. You Know That Rescue for People That That Really in A Lot Of Cases Mark They Don't Know They Need to Be Rescued.

They Don't Think It's Possible There Hoping for a Change with the Given up and so You Eat, You Seen That in a World but There's Another Aspect of This That That I Would like Our Listers Get a Little Bit of Insight to an End and That's the Relationship That Lantern Has with Other Nations Right and This Didn't Happen in a Vacuum. Either God Was Preparing These Connections so Can You Share I Know You Can't Mention the Countries That Kind of Thing, but Maybe a Little Bit of What Johnston Know for Us and for Karen and I and the Founding of This the Basic Discussion.

Like I Said Earlier with the Returning Organizations, Bringing the Wrong Equipment or to to Less of a Relationship to a Much Larger Flight and so for Us It Is Really Important That We Work with the Highest Level Governments.

We Can't and so the Countries That We Work in.

In Those Sovereign Nations We Want to Work at the Highest Level We Can't Know If We Can Meet with the President, Prime Minister We Do If We Meet with Atty. Gen.'s Nasser Resort with That's What We Do Because We Want a Long-Term Plan in Place for These Countries and so That's Were Guys like Also TC Now Play Such a Big Role Because They Help Identify Help Us Identify the Foreign Team That's There. The Foreign Unit That Were Going to Train This Going to Work with Us You Know We're Not There Road Worth Were There, You Know with the Country and Working with the Unit That Often Is like an FBI Unit, and Allows Them to Get What They Don't Know Never to Get and We Give Them Hope We Give Them Courage. We Give Them Training and the Means to the Rescue's Analysis Is Fascinating to Me Completely Ignorant. I'm Learning All along the Way but I Thought about What Shoot You and You Heard You Said Several Times and Essentially Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight or Bring a Whistle Back to a Baseball Game Right That If You're Just Working with the Local Sheriff, so to Speak in a They Only Have so Much Power in the Country, Especially Right You Know If They're Answering so When You Get in in Connection with These Presidents or by Ministers or Whatever. That's the Go to Guy and He's the One Who Really Does Have the Power to Affect the Whole Team and a Resource.

Yes, It Takes a Great Deal of Diplomatic Work You Know We Have To Go in and Spend Time in the Country. Not Even Rescue Just Building Our Network out in Finding out Who's Not Corrupt Who's Trustworthy. Who Can We Piece Together to Work. This Type of Operation and Even Less Time-Consuming and Is Something I Don't Think Our Listers Understand Where I Think People Think Sometimes We Were Trying This Way, We Get Some Money We Go over Right Stuff Restores Rescue Kids. There Are Hundreds of Hours behind That Operation That You Know We Have To Do Is Not a Day Are Probably Last Five Minutes Were Jumped on the Show Was Talking to Somebody Another Country Is a Local Person in That Country and Saying Hey Can We Do This or That Is Full-Time in Its Full-Time Someone of Those Roles That You Actually Have Your You Were Told Me and I Can't Get It Right There Stored Fat in It, but It's Right up yet Well Me Now Been Called A Lot A Lot out for Me As a Warrior Diplomat and and That's What I'm Trying to Do Mostly My past Is Is to Be Able to Go in and Negotiate Operations in the Build Those Relationships Than Not Get Extorted in the Process and or Killed. That's What Guys Prepare Me to Do Differently in Rescue Jamie As You Hear That Part of What You See Here Your Husband Involved in This Is, While in Yes Planning.

It's Not Surprisingly Too Much to Me.

He's Always Been Amazing. She's a Sweetheart Command That Halo Really Didn't Say I Got out There. Here's What You Do Is Brilliant Business Parts since Mark Are Working However That Work so We Really Makes Each Person Unique That He Definitely Has Made Him Amazing Enough in All the Fellas Here Would Say This. None of Us Could Do This without Our Spouses and in the Ring Would Say That about Her Spouse. None of Us Could Do This without Our Our Partner There. I Mean We Are so Disconnected You When You Are Traveling As Much As We Do in a Busy Season You're Coming Back and You Just You Know I've Done This for Years My Life in Your Years Living Out Of a Suitcase and You Can't Hardly Make Plans like No Other Americans Make Plans. You Know It's down My Beer Might Not Be Here. I Don't Know If You Can Barely Plan to Mow Your Yard and so the Spouse Is Such a Critical Player and They Carry Such a Burden. It's Overlooking. I Just Listened When Talk about Painting and Taking Jobs to Support the Ministry Areas What She's Doing. She's Supporting This Rescue Operation and in the Ministry through Her Husband, and All of Our Spouses Do Those Type of Things and and You Know There the Heroes You've Ripped off Their Shirts. They Got Esses You Know, I Know This Kind of an Operation and It Kinda Mimics like Military. In Some Ways and Then Deploy Come Back Whenever. And All These Things so Clearly Again.

The Team Is Alan TC and a Market Rent but There's Also Caleb's Friends House and He Got Tammy and Jamie, the Other Spouses Praying for My Name. Maybe Some Else on Your Heart for Landon Rescue Based on What You Heard Is Grateful for Your Prayers and Thankful an Opportunity to Share Is

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