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Hybrids, Supersoldiers, & the Coming Genetic Apocalypse (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 13, 2020 8:00 am

Hybrids, Supersoldiers, & the Coming Genetic Apocalypse (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 13, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone as they consider the genetic apocalypse taking place today and mankind playing God. The Days of Noah have returned. Mankind should be careful what he wishes for as genetic engineering crosses a line. We carry this DVD set in our online store.

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There are consequences when mankind tries to be like God. We are going to become gods.

The little I can kill off the left of the tribute participant.

You interfere with me becoming God have trouble welcome to understanding the times radio Jan Markel brought to you by all of tree ministries. They would begin a two-part series with pastor Billy Crone of Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, and founder of dental, life media man is trying to play God is trying to create life is trying to rid the world of the need for a Savior.

There are terrible consequences to that we consider pastor Crone's most recent production on this topic. Hybrids super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse.

Here is today's program. Of course, Jesus makes a loaded statement right as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man coming he talked about is not the rapturous to his second coming at the end of the seven-year tribulation. But Jesus said I didn't that was getting close to his second coming. His return will go back to the days of Noah, and then we go back to the Genesis account and you see that in Genesis 6, there was massive wickedness on the planet at that time. In fact it was so great that that's what instituted God saying I've had it here comes a flood I'm judging the whole planet and the only people begin to survive out of this is Noah and his family ate people in the animals that on art that's it, he's gonna wipe everything out but why will, there's actually more than one wickedness going on in that text that Jesus said was gonna repeat when he comes back again and the waken is certainly general wickedness and it certainly says that God's heart was grieved because man's even his thoughts were continually wicked, but the other wickedness that frankly is there that some people want to skip over but you got to do with it was also a genetic wickedness, dare I say and mankind was being hybrid and out privatization and that was another element of wickedness that will that's unfortunate back then. And that's kinda freaking weird but people don't realize it's being repeated today and this is what this whole thing is about. That's what we entirely, not just hybrids and just hybrids of super soldiers that are being hybridized out for military purposes, but the coming genetic apocalypse. Just like there was a genetic apocalypse the first time God judge planning. It's going to be repeated and don't tell me it's a lot closer than people realize. Welcome to the program so the days of now they going to return. That's an interesting concept. It's right out of the Bible and that could have many applications.

The sound bite indicated there is an angle not many are thinking about and that would be the angle of genetic engineering we've heard about genetic modification of foods, what happens when the goal is to make it happen to animals and humans. Much of that technology. It's not just future is here now, how about cloning human beings and creating human animal hybrids. Now this is just one reason the Bible calls the last days perilous. Mankind is trying to play God, and that has serious consequences. You may remember little sheep dolly back in the late 1990s and into refresher memory. With this little clip Dolly the sheep was a sensation when she first appeared before the world scientific breakthrough fascinating, but also Dennis Foley was cloned by taking a bodhisattva from sheep a fusing that sells DNA with an egg cell with its nucleus removed from sheep be this fused style developed into an embryo which was placed in the uterus of a surrogate mother sheep see the resulting Lamb in this case Dolly is a clone of sheep pay. These were Tony's so-called siblings identical sisters school cloned from the same sheep.

Prof. Kevin Sinclair, I worked with them and knew Dolly. It was a step change in understanding all development which ultimately led several years later in 2006 to the discovery that you can actually just somatic cells and social cells owned only to become embryonic -like cells that has the potential to divide into other cell types. This was Tony's greatest legacy advances in what we call stem cell research the ultimate but still elusive goal is to use cloning technology to create healthy tissues can be transplanted to heal damage cells and organs that back in 1997.

Dolly seemed to raise more frightening issues. If we can cling to sheep. Many asked why not a human being. Since then scientists have claimed more than 20 species including horses and household pets.

I think where we draw the line as if were going to regulations have to be asked dreamily careful and we have to look for severe disease affects to control for because with a lot of these things. It's not just the person you're doing a genetic manipulation on a potentially cloning, but it would affect all the generations ahead. So Tony's brave new weld has not quite predicted. Sheep created like none before half that she could not escape own mortality.

She died in 2003 now stuffed in a Scottish Museum we are carrying a new product that talks very extensively about this topic, which by the way were going to broaden the topic for the next programmer cell were carrying pastor Billy Crone's 16 DVD set, titled hybrids, super soldiers and the coming genetic apocalypse. I want to broaden this even more briefly here, because unless you've been somewhere in a cave. You know that America has been in turmoil starting in late May going on well into June.

We have seen unparalleled violence, wickedness, all sorts of things going on that are of a I would say almost a demonic nature now just this play into the days of Noah as well. Remember back in those days. It says in the account in Genesis 6 that there was rampant violence in wickedness. Mankind only thought evil continually.

As we've watched some scenes play out in recent weeks in America and frankly other parts of the world to but heavily Western world.

One would almost have to think that some of the rioting going on is perpetrated by mankind whose thoughts are only wicked continually somewhere in a talk about this and more, and I want to welcome back to the program. Now the familiar voice of pastor Billy Crone, Billy welcome back.

It's always great well where to start after and kinda painted that picture there, let's go for a moment here to the science angle. The whole angle is presented by the scientific community as helpful after all. We can now create our ideal baby it will improve society, we now can delete bad memories and will explain more that as we move along. In other words, this is playing God in the science world it's being portrayed as a good thing even though as you ring out and I think is working to emphasize here.

It's going to bring about the destruction of the planet again absolutely and what the master of terminology, elitist and different ways to use buzzwords code words to hide their agendas because of the mountain say radically alter all of humanity in our image playing God with it. We want to come out with technology, people would freak out what they do.

The commode terms like trans-humanism that humans need to use this technology to transcend the limits that were experienced and become better. They even use terms like post-human but they're all basically terms to describe that these people really want to use science and technology.

Right now, to alter humanity so that you're no longer human.

In fact many times we have on tape.

Scientists think tanks, even military expert military scientists group behind all this technology. They even repeatedly make the statement almost tongue-in-cheek, nervously same. How far can we push this and there's nothing to be any true humans left. It sounds like science fiction films while we are but it makes only when you go back to the Bible and go back to what Jesus said in Matthew 24 as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. As mentioned at the top. The program is not just the general wickedness which I think we could agree is abounding every single day just gets worse and worse. But even the ability to make hybrids. Humanity is actually input as a good thing. Pastor Billy Crone beyond the basic fact that man's trying to play God, which is very troubling in itself. One of the warnings.

Can you give why should Christians be concerned of the words first big concern as it literally is going to bring about the destruction of humanity, and frankly, life as we know, because what these guys are doing and it's not coming Jan it's already here, we expose it is been going on for quite some time. In fact, people might be engaged in certain behaviors that are actually having adverse physical effects on their own body and they don't even realize it printed they're not just wanting to radically alter humanity, but all God's creation and I'm talking they want to change all the originals of much as she wants, but plants and animals. You name it. Some of these terms we've known for a while that we haven't been able to put together so to speak… Dimensionally genetically modified foods GMO's. It will yeah what's up with that I keep hearing about that will basically their genetically modifying our food source, plants, animals, you name it we go into great detail the problem is what happens to the human who ingest those. One of the things that we did on a documentary to add legitimacy to because of such a while topic is we brought in an actual geneticist, a Christian who is in this field who even has patents for genetic technology.

They came on and basically said this is really going on. I know it might sound like science fiction, but she shared repeatedly. Her concerns that this is being done without regulation across the planet. There is no controls on this and back. She sang it spiraling out of control.

She saying it is going to radically for ever alter humanity plants and animals all God's creation many things up going down this road trip myself with research we know as Christians that Jesus Christ is coming back are clear about that.

But after going through this ongoing no wonder he's coming back. Not only is rapid. He has to come back because of these people have to wait just like it was in the days of Noah just like the scientist today are actually saying there to be any true humans left and knowing no true humans but no true animals or even plants let's out there when I want to do and I'm be playing some clips click to see you and Zach in their own from your presentation titled hybrid super soldiers and the coming genetic apocalypse, and I want to introduce the concept of the chimeric but then I want to follow that up with the concept of crisper and folks will explain all of this in.

If you are the brightest bulb in science. I'm one of those okay I avoided science every opportunity I had I avoided science because it's not my strength.

We're going to try to keep it simple so that you can understand some of these concepts and what's going on without the deep scientific jargon. This introduces the concept of the chimeric will come back and talk about it. Our relationship with animals is really really complicated so mammals as pets and companions and some we eat some try to meet us drink their bodily fluids. We mix the bacteria ferment, then heated with or their reproductive cells. We grind up their bones and put in the lipstick and makeup use their skin for our hats and jackets and shoes and sporting goods and fancy chairs and of course we mix ourselves into their embryos to create Camaros that will grow new human body parts for transplantation. That last one was whether you realize it or not, we're in the middle of a medical crisis in the US today roughly hundred and 15,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant 22 people died every day waiting for an organ that never comes. These are just numbers. Let's talk about a person was 14 my parents to position the specialist since the chances with this is you have a very short life. Crohn's disease patients generally tend to over 20 or 21 of the best suggestion that if there's anything I want to do my life as quick as possible. This is my dad is not 20 or 2100 and that would be weird even for the show is life is been extended time after time as medical technology has continued to improve, about 4 1/2 years ago though look like time was running out that had been on the kidney transplant list for several years and one day he finally accepted that he may never get one. I don't think survive much longer was 10 minutes later phone call asked us to come to the transplant center I received from the center perfect match and now there's a good chance that that might need another kidney girl asking ourselves if he can last another five years waiting list the previous week almost killed. We believe that the pig is the perfect model to solve the human organ shortage problem. Hey lady, I'm trying to talk about my dad was this have to do with pigs.

22. People are waiting every day for an organ transplant. We have the ability to use it to grow human cells, tissues and organs.

Why would we give the gift of life to people that are waiting that this is Tammy Lee, static CEO of recombinant X Tammy and the other folks here are working to develop a way transplant organs for humans.

Genetically modified pics naturally unnaturally none of these. These pigs are just delicious breakfast.

These are the genetically modified lifesaving pigs in one day soon pigs like things will have their genome altered in human stem cells inserted into their embryos to create what's known as a shy marrow, chimeric, this is Adrian Watson, scientist and director of development here at recombinant X like I said scientist came here as were talking about an organism that I cells from two different types of organisms are pinkeye mayors. For example, I mainly compose something cells but the organ of interest would be composed of human cells called the chimeric okay chimeric ultimate would like to grow Horgan's livers, kidneys, parts corneas, this is Mitchell Abramson, chief commercial and scientific officer. Every company X by providing a alternative method or attorney approach for generating human tissues, cells and products.

Today we really do open the door to some solutions that currently don't exist to limit the supply of available human tissues. We arty have the ability to grow human cells and tissues to liver cells. Pancreatic cells secured to prevent or delay diabetes.

The first step in creating these Camaros that are definitely not men chimeric get chimeric is to take an embryo knockout the genes that would normally grow the organ you're looking to place a liver cannot hear the then injected with human cells and those human cells that fill the niche where the pig cells can take embryo is not doubt for a gene necessary for delivery to develop the human cells will go and and actually developed the liver in the pig you got liver liver made out of human cells with your DNA. A perfect transplant organ made just for you won't require you to take a lifetime of antirejection and immunosuppressive medications. The idea of growing a human organ in the pig is something that I could see what guard heart that a child who needs a liver transplant or pancreas to go to trial just got some really serious disease. Look for solutions or superheroes because their saving this not be too terribly click there's a ton of ethical questions that arise from this idea of mixing ourselves going around the fuzzy edges of what actually separates us so creative and utilizing you maybe wondering that you're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here have on the line. Pastor Billy Crone, which is put out a incredible series of DVDs. Hybrid super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse we just played a clip about chimeric Pastor Billy Crone would we just here not outcome is already here were the same geneticists are not just wanted to modify plants and animals. Now humans what they actually want to combine and they already are combining humans with animals and of course that's where you get the term chimeric which is based out of Greek mythology of this animal was made up of like a monster with the lion's head and the goats body and service to have your as great as that sounds, that's what they're doing. If you notice by the clip course to have the rationale as freaky as it is. They have the rationale why we need to combine humans with animals and vice versa.

It's going to supposedly fix the organ donor shortage crisis and there is one around the world. And they're saying this is the healthy alternative quote" to what is going on because of the shortage as crazy as it sounds. In China they are harvesting organs from people in their calls for actually calling people. Most people don't know that the cloning Ali did not stop with dolly cloning is actually being done to humans we document them. South Korea even here in America and they say what we can get from these clones. That's just inhumane. We can't do that. So here comes the rationale for the chimeric.

How about we take human cells and put them in animal cell i.e. a pig in this example, it will not just grow heart, it will be a human heart, custom tailored to that person's genetic makeup, which means they won't even have to take rejection medication. What they don't tell you Jim with all the technology is there already admitting those horrible side effects. Shocker, because God says don't do this, but they said in this example, chimeric. When you put the human DNA into a pig. They can't control the whole outcome may very well grow a human heart and probably will, but it won't stop there. One example he gave is there's a propensity for to go and create a human brain, and then they even laughed with tongue-in-cheek going.

She would not be horrible if we had a human brains out of the pig. You raise some of the obvious questions against very extensive teaching. Is there any kind of oversight with this very little. How about can we regulate this kind of technology you raise the objection that these scientists are starting with an evolutionary mindset and that's permeated the scientific community. They reject God. The last thing they are listening to would be biblical warnings to never go down this road and the whole premise is that humanity made this mistake back in the early parts of Genesis with Neff a Lehman all that happened in the Genesis 6 account. Jesus said in Matthew 24 that those days of Noah would come back in the last days.

What you are trying to do is indicate how what were talking about today is the re-creation of Genesis 6 in my right, absolutely. And from a scientific point of view shared in the Genesis 6 account. There's two levels of wickedness going on there that create the heart of God for him to pull the trigger. That's it. Judges whole planet. It was the general wickedness party may continually wicked. I think we can all agree that's been repeated today is also the other wickedness with the hybridization of humanity that to happen is not company it happening as well. At the same time as this repeat of general wickedness. Yet another Bible prophecy sign will be of a lot of people are talking about, but it's another Bible prophecy sign that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent. You had mentioned you about regulation this with the other major turning thing for me. I'm thinking McManus is dangerous. Obviously, it is forbidden by God. If you read the Bible. What a concept. This was also verified by the geneticists that we have on tape. We get at least about two hour interview with her and she admits what we found in our research is correct.

There is no regulation. With this technology. While this out. In fact, we document that they were calling their own industry as far back as the 1970s that we better regulate this because their words were, this is more dangerous than nuclear warfare. At least when they develop the atomic bomb made me realize the damage to humanity that could cause so the government stepped in and says nobody in the private industry can mess with this work and I control it. There's nothing when it comes to genetic modification.

In fact, what she said was it's growing at such an exponential rate. It is now impossible to go back and regulate this because in order to regulate something like this. You have to have a consensus. She says we can't even get to a consensus because we have so many countries doing this now it's advancing at such a rate you can't rope it back and so basically what happened is we've let the genie out of the bottle he can't put it back.

I want to play another clip and songs and playing a lot of clips they're all from this presentation.

If you're listening on the radio that's great, but if you'd like to see the clips and you can't get access to the DVDs at this point in time, go to our YouTube channel Jan Markel. All three ministries you can see all these clips, we show them both on our YouTube channel. We show them on our presentation on his channel his you can actually see these intriguing clips any kinfolks.

All this is presented in such glowing terms. You can have a genetically modified baby, you can manipulate DNA in such a way that you can have a designer baby when America to give birth to genetically modified, perhaps even twins are more. Doesn't this sound appealing, well I think some of the aberrations also sound appealing back in Genesis 6, which is why the comparison is made that we are returning to the days of Noah. 2011 scientists created glow-in-the-dark cats. The researchers took a gene from glowing jellyfish and inserted into the unfertilized eggs of house cats. It was a neat trick, but they had a bigger goal in mind. They also made the cats more likely to be resistant line case by again today, so why can't we engineer humans in the same way.

Well, can engineer ourselves as illnesses. That is, in fact, one sciences claims that he's genetically engineered babies using a revolutionary tool called crisper but what exactly is crisper anyway you like to be 6 feet tall, never bald, the secret traits like these lies in the 6 billion letters your genetic code just like that you can edit the human genome.

While the edits made quick changes can last for centuries, especially if you're editing, DNA and embryo embryos are dealt with a single cell venture billions really you want more water that initial sulfur manipulating the ingredients. Every cell wall looks later in life same altered cells can be passed on from generation to generation. That's one reason why most experiments on human embryos haven't left the lab that is except work of Dr. John why he claims to accused crisper to target and knock out the CCR 5G and human embryos linked HIV infection and then he did something that shocks the scientific community implanted embryos into several women, one of whom gave birth to genetically modified twins resistance to HIV aside, most scientists say was to risk.

At least two studies suggest that an edited sills might actually trigger cancer and another found the crisper can accidentally take game in a swell crisper could make it immune to disease.

No side will get into what crisper is. After I take my midpoint break but pastor Billy Crow. If you'd like, and what folks just go ahead you like science fiction shall crisper the technology that was developed back in 2012 and it literally allows the geneticists to slice and dice the DNA can take on individual strand put it back together or they could take out a strand and put another strand is something else in it, including from animals and plants basically was a technology that gave mankind the ability.

Unfortunately, to altar on a massive scale. Anything they want, plants, animals and humans as you heard they're already doing it on people including babies. What they're not telling you is there's horrible side effects we can get into those maybe later.

It's the danger now. It shouldn't surprise us, because God forbids this kind. But why is it happening by chance folks this is another Bible prophecy sign from God as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be the coming Son of Man, even the hybridization of God's creation is happening again. You can learn a lot more. It gets a life get a life Let me just say quickly that we are carrying this product is 16 DVD set hybrids super soldiers and the coming genetic apocalypse pastor Crone how many teachings actually 32 hours total 32 hours on 16 DVDs find it in my store. All of trees views as an viewpoint.

Give my office a call find it in my print and E newsletter when I get back on talk about another angle of the days of Noah going on. We've seen it going on in late May and early June here in this incredible year of 2020. Who would've thought in January 2020 would spin out of control like it has, but that is its increase of violence and lawlessness anarchy that we have seen and doesn't that remind you of the days of Noah as well, where they only thought evil continually.

They only thought about wickedness and violence and anarchy. More on that in just a moment. Don't go away. We love friendly feedback right to us through our website. Follow three views.old are all of you God for all his central time is 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write to all of three ministries in Jan Markel box 1452-year-old MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. You can find today's featured product in our online store along with two dozen other cutting-edge items more of a moment with pastor Billy crawled and Jim Jesus prophesied that during the tribulation would be returned to the days of Noah. Noah's generation saw genetic manipulation and we are seeing that's taking place today even before the onset of the time of Jacob's trouble, or the tribulation.

The depth and depravity of such genetic tampering. During that dispensation, which the church is absent is staggering. Learn more in pastor Billy Crow's new 16 DVD 32 teachings that hybrids super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse found in our online store, and print magazine Markel is a feature just in this extensive presentation mankind is trying to create all life forms on our planet, including re-creating humans not in the image of God.

This is the genetic apocalypse. This is one study you can afford to ignore you want to understand at times watchmen on the wall. Visit our online store at all. All of you got on call a simple time. 763559 763-559-4440 create a crisis, you also have to instill confidence.

People why because people are freedom well for quite some time they got to advance their agenda while I start going down now when you get something out. We don't present information such as today's program to scare you but to prepare you fight and end time battle for truth and for biblical values. Society tries to tear down God and his image in these last euros Jan Markel and Billy crawled of sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas wrapup may may consider lighthearted others find very controversial as well. Barbra Streisand revealed in an interview with variety that are two new puppies are actually close of her dog Samantha who passed away in 2017 before Samantha passed. Barbara had cells taken from the dog's mouth and stomach for replicating purposes strives and said they have different personalities. I'm waiting for them to get over so I can see if they have her Samantha's brown eyes and seriousness. The daughter named Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett creepy. I think the parents in your thinking process that you go there with their kids with their pet dies of teaching them about that cherishing relationships and memories and moving on what we teach our kids well doesn't make another one is right she is.

Her decision to turn any legal ramifications and potentially deals with really tough ethical issues. You can clone it all. That means you be surprised if next season were on the stage talking about someone who wants to clone frozen while it is clone them and then just bring them good people just the rich people ethically sound to shut it down. That's what I'm officially going out of the woods somewhere in the cabin, two dogs, well it is an intriguing topic is mankind playing God.

I can think so and that has serious consequences had consequences back in Genesis 6 days of Noah wanted to sign up for my various newsletters, print and E what we talk about these topics also offer some of the products in the print and E newsletter were very active on social media, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you can find us also and he is his and light let me just quickly move into similar aspects of what we want to talk about this hour, and I indicated going out of the first segment that I wanted to reference some of the lawlessness that we saw late May going into early June not been able to comment until now. And that's because of some programming issues and by the way some of my cities got the same program twice in a row. Folks, that's not us. We don't ever hear the same program to weekends in a row.

That's a station glitch, which we have no control over whatsoever, so apologies when that does happen and that did happen here in the last couple weeks, son not been able to adequately comment on the rioting, the general turmoil of our time and I'm in the heart of it. The rioting that began Memorial day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Probably some 20 minutes from where I headquarter spent a terrible terrible ordeal.

Quite frankly, Minneapolis-St. Paul is now looking like a war zone. Some sections of the Twin Cities are boarded up, burned down hundreds of businesses destroyed.

I'm only speaking of the Twin Cities is going on in but 150 locations.

That was end of May into early June. Pastor Billy Crone. Let me just throw this to you because we can take this kind of behavior back to Genesis as well.

The days of Noah to read the text there we see that violence was at play continually evil was being thought about continually my hunches anarchy was being thought about continually. They probably just didn't have some of the technology in more modern issues that we are dealing with today as it concerns the spread of their ideology of evil, wickedness, lawlessness and anarchy Genesis account. Jan mentioned a precursor from Jesus that was in the days of no man, how do you not getting close to Jesus return when you see a repeat of Noah's day in the two witnesses that are mentioned are primarily we been doing with the first one mentioned and that is the hybridization of humanity, but it does mention what were also seen in the news constantly. This violent righteous behavior in the hatred and not just with the people who were doing these things. Jim but also the wickedness of the people who are allowing this to happen.

Absolutely. In fact, the Bible about what happens when you do this it always gonna create trouble me give you two passages real quick.

Ecclesiastes 811. Solomon the wisest man who ever lived said when the sentence for crime is not quickly carried out people's hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong when you don't come down on this behavior quickly it is going to do nothing but get worse. The people going to get embolden and do it more and more and that's why Solomon also said in Proverbs 2115 pieces on the flipside, when justice is done.

It not only brings joy to the right shows the terror to the evildoers. The work they know man these people mess around and put a stop to it. This is not in just being done it's being purposely done. That is a whole another level of wickedness.

Why would you purposely want to destroy your society.

Why would you purposely want to hurt people physically and just direct trouble in the country and again that's a whole elitist big brother globalist issue that is a level of wickedness that we are seeing that I believe is a repeat of Noah's day so it's still on topic. Bible also mentions this kind of behavior in second Timothy chapter 3 when Paul says, but mark this verse can be terrible times in the last days, and he goes through a whole list Aeroflot behaviors, something he mentions there is people not just can be proud and boastful but abusive and disobedient, ungrateful, unholy, without self-control, and tell me that's not what's going right well we went from obviously the catastrophe of the virus that overtook the whole world, and I've mentioned this on here before that, it affects between six and 9/100,000 people and yet the whole world could shut down over that we went from that catastrophe to businesses catastrophe to people's livelihoods and things that work for all their lives. We move right from there into entire cities losing blocks and blocks of livelihoods lifetime worth of work being wiped out in one night of rioting also have to wonder to Pastor Billy Crone and he is my guest for the hour you will join me again next week as we talk a little bit more about the hybrids and the super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse, you have to wonder was this orchestrated.

I don't know that we know.

I mean, you and I talked about how the globalists are trying to establish instability because with instability they can get their system up and running which they been trying to do since Babel hadn't been very successful they will get seven ignominious years during the tribulation, but I think our point is we see the setting of the stage for the tribulation will absolutely it's already been demonstrated that the people that being arrested and have been arrested. Running from the capital city thought about. So that tells you that it's been done on purpose that wicked behavior in a repeat of Noah's day.

I don't think is by chance. The timing should mention. So here we go to this virus and if you're globalist, elitist and up to another topic. Why are they doing this poor country why they trying to install these big brother things shut down the American economy make Trump look bad will because their goal is to take over our country, amongst other things right when you started to see the rhetoric for the virus to start wind down what wound up this project. I personally don't think that's my chance target is learning for years myself in research with these globalist behavior is there's certain things that they rely upon what they do is the axiom.

If you create a crisis you can manage the outcome. You also have to instill a constant state of fear in people. Why because people are more apt to surrender their freedoms in the time of that in peace that work real well for quite some time at this virus and they got to advance their agenda while I start going down to do now when you get will book something else and then as far as the righteous behavior knowledge so another thing that the elitist rely upon, especially here in America is they have to keep us constantly divided and hating the reason why Jim is the elitist bike very definition of the term delete meet a small number certainly in comparison to the world population and even the population. Our country are afraid of our numbers. They know that we will overwhelm them and they also are afraid of not just our numbers but about ever finding out and our ever coming together as Americans united against them because will put a stop to them lickety-split.

So what if they do, they constantly instill things purposely in our society to keep us divided use division to Congress and him tell you I think that this is just yet another tactic to advance their agenda and to keep us Americans separated from each other. They wanted hating each other they want is focusing on skin color instead of truth.

They don't want to look at what these goals are doing and as long as were busy over here in a corner fight and beat each other up there laughing. They also want to elect an ardent liberal in November and take out president want to go back to the hybrids the super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse because it really is our focus for this week and next.

I wanted to insert the caveat that we did because to me it's so obvious when you start seeing rioting, rebellion, anarchy, lawlessness, by the way, Billy Crone and he is my guest both this weekend and next weekend if we think what we've watched is bad you haven't seen anything yet until you get to the tribulation from which the church is absent, but this is just a little teaser of what we've been seeing here in the last few weeks, and a multitude of angles. But if you think people just ungodly angry murderers brutal behavior that now this is child's play sounds, but because the restrainer is still here. The restrainer is gone during tribulation so there no holds barred folks.

You do not want to be here for the tribulation time and you will not be here for that.

If you name the name of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I want to move on to crisper a play a little clip here that introduces crisper again folks, we are trying to keep the science to a level that will keep it simple and when we come back from this clip on Pastor Billy Crone elaborate a little bit more.

Just what is crisper this tie revolutionary technology that can genetic mistakes is getting attention and scrutiny this morning. Crisper could help rid us of diseases like cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and even HIV and cancer.

Think about that one is crisper acronym that stands for clustered regularly interspaced sort of palindromic repeats a huge mouthful. You can see why we use the acronym crisper so I'm signed what's crisper again geneticist Jennifer Downing gets asked that question a lot researcher and professor at UC Berkeley down. It has become a spokesperson for Eugene editing technology she's credited with developing that mouthful known as crisper. I've heard it compared to essentially like a film editor slicing a bit of film I would say that's a great analogy. How does that work. Think about a film strictly see a particular segment of the film that you want to replace if you had a film slicing you would go in and literally cut it out and back together maybe with a new clip and be able to do that in the genetic code. The code of life could go and sit out a piece and replace it with something that corrects a notation that would cause disease. That's incredible crisper has generated immense excitement because it's fast, cheap and can cut and paste genetic code with great precision to take months or years to alter gene now can be done in a matter of days credit and cancer. What I'm excited about.

There is the potential to use the crisper technology to program the patient's immune system to recognize tumor cells in a precise way to cure some point, virtually any disease. Any disease that has a genetic basis is something that could be treated using the crisper technology imagine says we could expect to see clinical applications of crisper within the next few years. This is no longer science fiction. So this is so exciting what's been done so far animals for crisper has been used to design plants with useful traits and ends that's Artie been used in agriculture used it to cure my snow where liver disorder caused by a single genetic mutation.

Researchers in China have use this to produce super muscle dog so were at the beginning insert of the promise of this right.

This is the future. The gene editing Pastor Billy Crone again being presented is sort of the answer to everything.

Obviously it has a very dark side will absolutely want to mention is also been already doing it on humans. Babies and adults, not just plants, animals, that's a good analogy that they shared about this technology is like a filmstrip.

People are familiar with the DNA and exceed Kelly's little strands in it. The genetic code that God design so basically they figured out how they can slice and dice take up this little piece of put back together and see what happens with that or I can take out a piece and I can insert another from some other organism and do that and let me share with you real quick, Jim with her saying this is gonna provide an down going to share with why it can't provide.

This is one example.

They say this is why we need to go down this route and alter humanity and basically repeat the days of Noah. They say you enter a wellness center and the receptionist greet you when you say you're here for your annual restoration though your real age is 110 you would like to be restored to the age of 20 something so the nurse injects you with the genome solution through your skin, and now your quote set for another year and they say, this scenario may sound like something out of science fiction, but experts predict that it's coming sooner than later. They go on to say that it will also allow you to destroy any harmful pathogen and repair any faulty DNA he could correct problems like heart disease and cancer in it could repair the aging process. It could also strengthen and enhance other parts of the body, it could restore aging bones or muscles or eyesight and teeth to a biologically perfect state in which live the added capacity would allow a person to run at full speed for 15 minutes without taking a breath. No more huffing and puffing and they said one day we will say goodbye to aging hello took forever being young and healthy, and they predict it could appear in clinical trials.

By the mid-2020s. This is not far off.

This is what the really working towards. Why did I say it's not going to leave their because what they're already finding out is that the DNA structure in all of life that God design is so complex that is not simplistic is the pitch and they say if we could take the DNA strand out that the person could end up with cancer want to take it out in the liberty cancer hey what the problem is it so complex there now learning that single-strand could have the propensity to produce cancer, but it did. 13 other positive things that the human needs for survival, but you just took it out and by the way, when you take it out you can't put dextran back in so you forever altered the human why and irreversible changes in basically the geneticist that we interviewed admits that these people again. There's no regulation with this. They don't even know what they're doing their entering into it with this Pollyanna attitude analogy that we used in the interview was.

Can you imagine if you let a chimpanzee tried to steer the spatial and that's what these people don't they think that they know how to manipulate the DNA. The DNA from God is so complex that they don't know in totality what it does and they're messing up God's design. You also get into the genetic makeup altering with vaccines you can deal with the word try to treat mental illnesses and cancers you can induce some of this with some of the vaccine shenanigans that are going on and I really want to get into that because that's become a very very hot topic for a vaccine conscience now that there is talk of a covert vaccine that's can become mandatory.

You talk about that if we don't get to that in this hour we'll get to that perhaps first thing in our follow-up program next week but I came across an article here just a day or two ago. Let me read two short paragraphs. Japan approves groundbreaking experiment bringing human animal hybrids to term stem cell biologist so-and-so has been waiting for this moment for more than a decade after years of planning the persistent researcher has at last received approval from a government willing to pursue one of the most controversial scientific studies. There is human animal embryo experiments again because I just saw this yesterday online article goes on to say am only reading two paragraphs.

While many countries around the world have restricted defunded or outright banned these ethically fraught practices.

Japan has now officially lifted the lid on this proverbial Pandora's box earlier this year the country made it illegal to not only transplant hybrid embryos into surrogate animals, but also to bring them to term and it concludes the ultimate goal is a long way off, but the next step in his research has at last been given the green light by ministry officials in Japan as the first researcher to receive government approval since the 2014 band the gentleman's name is knockout.

She plans on taking things slowly so that public understanding and trust can catch up and I think what you brought out in your 16 DVD presentation over 30 actual teachings.

Billy Crone is.

Some countries are ahead of other countries. Some of the Western countries America and parts of Europe probably get a hold back a little bit on this or other countries China, particularly although they could care less about violating any kind of codes or standards that are pressing ahead absolutely and basically every developed country is already engaged in behavior, including the human animal hybrid aspect we were not in fact we've been documented as far back as 2011 in print they admitted just in the UK, there was already 150 animal hybrid experiment already been done have neutrons Fort to look in the print there now call them Pero humans are PAR, a pair human or human animals. We are not witches, we're now slick mother start to sound like that movie the island of Dr. Monroe. You're absolutely right, except it's not a movie anymore. It's our reality that we have on tape to Jim that there are certain countries that are even further along in the reason why is because they come from communist list countries with an evolutionary mindset.

We have evolution over your America but we still have a little bit of the Judeo-Christian ethic. The cop holes in the range a little bit in the work unit two, but there's a little bit of it has no manifest goal will be to far not in China and South Korea. The ultimate Japan basically like China and Korea you doing with comments countries from North Korea but China. We got him on tape interviewing the scientists and back one guy asked the question.

He says why is China so far ahead in this technology and you brought up the issue about the West, they still believe that there's a God and that this is in fact playing God and the look on the Chinese scientist is priceless. He basically looked at the guy right are you a wacko God excuse me just mock some and that's the problem.

Jan is were living in an evolutionary godless society.

Some countries have taken even further than us because they want to be God because they don't believe there's a got they don't anybody to be accountable to, which makes me wonder was that the same mindset back in the days of Noah.

I would say it was the same mindset as these know which is the purpose of this program and next week because of the teaching found in the 16 DVD set, titled hybrid super soldiers and the coming genetic apocalypse, one more clip this hour we'll play some more next week because this talks about we can actually remove experiences from the brain folks you talk about playing God. This is stunning and staggering how man wants to play God you can possibly control memories and thoughts sent something is going to happen in 10, 20, 30 years. It's in process when times get tough to voice you can just push the reset button. Just start all over again/read all thought about it, in which we can do from time to time but be careful what you wish for because scientists are now working to make these wishes a reality. It may sound like something out of this or not.

Scientists are working on inflating microchip human brains to delete memory prototypes for the chip are allegedly being tested on epilepsy patients in hospitals with good results. You want to expand the just for the sick, but for the healthy population where users could remove experiences and get this by the chip is predicted to be as common as cell phones in the future. Are you ready used to try to eliminate those bad thoughts.

She is very sore from this whole area of functional brain surgery whether it be a chip whether it be brain stimulation. To me this is an area that is evolving at a crazy rate. I remember when when Neil Martin, the neurosurgeon was on.

He said just wait through the time is coming, were in it control so many of these behaviors.

Obesity. For example he set more in control at all through the brain. The last world's know with all to someone in the control room somewhere controlling your memories controlling your thoughts creepy. This is very creepy. Here's what were going to do. I'm gonna wrap up our one really continue this next week. Let me just make a couple of comments here. How has Hollywood prepared the way for all of this. How many of you have seen.

I think we all have probably mainly in the movie theater, but these days, we bring the movie theaters into our homes in various ways as well. They paved the way they prepared us they've simply put out a perfect pathway for us to walk right into this little snare of accepting what we're hearing here some of the Hollywood movies you can find this series of DVDs. Hybrid super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse. And what about genetics, I have a little role in this presentation I was in California in January. Pastor Crone and I talked for an hour. We have the DVD in this series about genetics, how have genetics been abused and misused. Genetics will often lead to extermination. What happened in Nazi Germany. Everyone accepted it very well under Adolf Hitler is that coming back probably. There's a lot more IT is just a moment ago that we have to hit the topic of vaccines because there are some genetic makeup that can be altered with vaccines. I think that is a very very timely thing when we consider the fact that we're being told almost every day now that to cope with covert, 19 you're going to have to get a vaccine is also suggested that our genetic makeup can be altered with such a vaccine.

What are we going to do with that.

While that's also part of Pastor Billy Crone's discussion in this presentation, which we will continue next week folks I want to go out of the program here.

I haven't use this little saying in a long time. I think it's appropriate because the purpose of these two presentations this week and next week is to remind you of the lateness of the hour.

The lateness of the hour and the price as your Lord and Savior. If so, then you deal with the church in the tribulation rapture of church escape the tribulation were all of his blossoms like cannot believe this is just a precursor what were seeing now so I collected a lot of the program every now and then with this little saying encouraging you to look back and thank him to look around and serve him to look ahead and trust him. Always look up and expect them. He is coming again sooner rather than later. Thank you for joining me will come back next week.

Part two with Pastor Billy Crone we can only cope with our perilous times by knowing that God has things under control he hasn't in time employment is nothing is falling apart all things are falling into place right to us through our website. All of that's all of follow central time at 763559444 763-559-4444 we get our mail when you write to all of tree ministries and Joe Markel. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 that's Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 5511. All gifts are tax-deductible going to continue our discussion with Pastor Crone next week. Be sure to join us that

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