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White House Staffer Morale Plummeting Under Biden's "Leadership"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 6, 2022 12:45 pm

White House Staffer Morale Plummeting Under Biden's "Leadership"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 6, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:10:02] Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)

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Fox News radio studios New York City you opinions and positive debris.

We get everybody trying kill me back in action with you on this Monday morning, 1-866-408-7669 you were back at it and I know especially after Memorial Day. We have our first full week this week I and some of you are getting up were at a college about to get out of high school, understand it and your back to that part-time job or the internship so I'm you. I hope you factor us into your schedule.

If not, don't really get the podcasts right to me, where you get podcasts you could you download a dizzying rate so up before we go any further, just quick. So a quick note today.

Friends of the World War II Memorial to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day will have a special event today in Washington DC. Make sure you check out about that and congratulations to Nancy Reagan she's getting her own stamp. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three the Russians some incremental games and the Russians will likely take the city what they've expended so much it's hard to see them being able to make much progress at least in the near term. After that, because they reached what most of us looking out of day by day city as a culminating point. But you know what they push back to talk about that city that they gave up 50% of now they are 70% of now they got it down to 50% new quick Russian search Ukraine counters and the war that should concern us all goes on. As Keith is breached again this weekend, but we also know that the price of gasoline. This is not set by a dial in the Oval Office and when an oil company is deciding hour by hour how much to charge you for a gallon gas, but are not calling the administration to ask what they should do that is Mayor Peter way over his skis political problems mount by and through books to the beach. I'm not kidding.

No joke, no malarkey with the public is saying about Joe on the economy, inflation, baby formula crisis war and more and why the fracture at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is beginning to show we're talking about a meaningful change in our government was a major investment in mental health perhaps money for school security that would make a difference on the table is red flag laws, changes to our background check system to improve the existing system. Handful of other items that will make a difference while closing in. It seems bipartisan Senate sessions are producing some type of gun deal will it help and why are all sides telling the president to stay away will examine close talk about this what's going on so so for we know some of these you may be person-to-person by now.

Starting this week, the sender's gotta go back into session on Sen. Murphy and center corner been leading a bipartisan delegation talk about some gun reforms he could stop in some way shape or form.

The carnage that were seeing if any, for the most part you have to Sandy Hook.

Nothing got done because they were asking for extreme bands on the left and the right said you try never my Second Amendment. I'm not to go anywhere with this so they are looking this is what we can tell you that they told us expand background checks my sure what that means incentives for red flag laws for states to implement red flag laws like they did in Florida and New York and funding for mental health and school security blows me away. The Democrats consider it a acquiescence to give in to the Republicans push for school security.

It's incredible. It seems to me to be a no-brainer.

CVS to Depaul you for background checks 81% of you said yes, 72% said federal red flag laws, 72% are in favor 62% say our favor. According to this study in CBS abandoned AR 15's couple things for gun owners. It would never give up AR 15's is the beginning of an incremental creep and also AR 15's as explained I have a necessary role for those who have a passion for guns number two in a red flag was it's how it's done in Suffolk County, New York.

I understand the hundred 60,000 times since 2019 red flag was a been put into play. Let's find out how would still in Florida. It seems to be effectively also reached the age to 21. Let's find out of the topic and then if incidents or political points.

Looking at November here we are in June.

May we can play pure politics.

Sen. Chris Murphy was on CNN yesterday and this is what he was saying. Cut one. We're talking about a meaningful change in our government was a major investment in mental health perhaps money for school security that would make a difference on the table is red flag laws, changes to our background check system to improve the existing system.

Handful of other items that will make a difference.

Can we get there. By the end of next week to Sen. Schumer has requested I don't know but as late as last night we were engaged in conversations about trying to put back together because I think Republicans realize how scared parents and kids are across this country and you want he's beach. He is very partisan guy and he's going to have his way not to be partisan, and he's told the president really stay out of this present speech to not help last week everyone in Stan's passion was well delivered, but the content of which is ban assault weapons.

We know we will with their talk about high capacity magazines or something nonsense Janine be on the table as he wants everything passed sweeping as if he had 100 votes in the Senate and a majority in the house.

While these blood blue states are pro-gun, so keep that in mind to center mansion pretty pro-gun guy there was a add that he once had is him shooting with the rifle Obama care that your Democrat try to convince him before you go all over Republicans and say they're acquiescing to the NRA which is never been weaker. So the presence been told to stay out. Hopefully he will lose. They want to make, but let Biden be Biden and stop scripting them so much when you let Biden be Biden.

He says crazy stuff they could easily blow up this this whole negotiation.

So back to me was the outgoing Sen. from Pennsylvania said this about prison.

Biden disappointed cut six. The problem is I think the president might have been a president who would reach across the I'll try to bring people together but is chosen not to take that approach since day one. He has sided with the far left of his party and really not reached out to Republicans he gave a speech on this topic, where he advocated policies that he knows for sure have no chance of passing the Senate probably couldn't even get 50 votes and hold the Democrats, much less get the 60 we would need. So once again the present is not being very helpful. I think at the end of the day this is going to come down to whether we can reach a consensus in the United States Senate true. So stay out of and the house is a joke. Nancy Pelosi shall hundred 11 years old put up this wish list of things that you like to change about the country, which is everything when it comes to gun laws which is going to go nowhere but everyone realizes there's an issue and I think one of the issues gotta be explored is if you're a crazy kid at 16 and 17 and you turn 18, you should never clean record to go buy a gun and start shooting people at a mall because they don't look to have the same skin color as you and shows you turn 18 who came to the of a driver's license yet, you should be allowed to buy a gun legally start up an arsenal and shoot your grandmother in the face they go to school and then target six and eight-year-olds right we all agree that that's gotta stop. How you get that juvenile record apparent to the gun store owner who does not want to sell one bullet to a lunatic because it hurts everybody that that is responsive who are responsible gun owners so this is the problem with the debate in the speech I heard last week, Gov. Christie nailed it again cut 11 is this really about the size issue though like George. I think it the both sides create the atmosphere right so when the president is saying the stuff he said in his speech the other evening this week and the emotion that he says it with. He is essentially trying to apply the people disagree with him or immoral and I think when you start raising it to that level you better win because if you don't the other side will never move towards you ever if you say this is a purely moral issue. If you don't agree with me yet that your son would come back and talk about the economy with one of the smartest guys when it comes to dollars and cents in Congress comes when Kevin break the ranking member on Ways and Means, and used to be the used to be the chairman course loss majority will change, but he's leaving. We know that for sure. Looks like Morgan Luttrell will get that job and then Brad Meltzer, the best-selling author cut esteemed historian will talk about his greatest conspiracies of all time and we are 78 years since the battle of D-Day. What's at stake there. I don't have to remind Brad Meltzer about that will discuss it through a lot to go over today and then to finish this out with you 1-866-408-7669 because are you one of the enthusiastic Republicans who can't wait for this election.

57% say yes or you one of the 44% Democrats who are not enthusiastic or enthusiastic about the selection independence only about 30% are.

It can't come soon enough for me. Brian kill Michelle politics and current events and use that up. Thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News nine or wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network mind and dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News talk show that's real. This is the variety kill me show very strike to see who have become ridiculously oil executives on the record talking about how they're not going to lie with their doing great right now is why the president has called for use it or lose it policy, where if you're sitting on these thousands of permits like these oil executives have been and you're not doing anything with them.

Then you can be held accountable for that know so far, congressional Republicans have blocked action to do something like that, but we think that's another step that would make a difference.

Among the many many steps. The presidents already take center transportation people to judge think she knows anything about oil and gas how dear he departed administration. They condemned them for day one promise to put them all out of business now demand they start drilling even though financially it makes absolutely no sense.

And because he's allowing gas prices to get jacked up because he will not produce here at home. He saying that they proved to have to go drill on leases that are almost impossible to get permits for just shows how clueless he is about a business, but does have the humility not to express it and say you know what I been a mayor of a small town. I like to find out why on gas is not producing more intensely idiotic political statements like that man who knows a lot about oil and gas and certainly financial benefits and the negativities behind not producing discouragement. Kevin Brady of Texas, Carson, welcome back. How how angry does that statement get you yeah good morning Brian, thanks Ramey in an awfully angry at you know the Sec. of energy, illiterate, and it's frustrating to hear the user loses which have been debunked and how we construct the intricate matters. The Permian basin in West Texas is on is on trend to be the biggest oil and gas producing field all but it in the world and bigger that every country but Saudi Arabia in Russia and we could be doing even more. As you said, if we have actually administration, but didn't attack American-made oil and gas every day and you listed some of those think they were real and in hours recall what these guys were bragging.

You go, they were bragging about shutting down production in America made their congressional hearing there demanding oil and gas start shouting in production so I just don't think American people are buying the stuff and I know gasoline. This is crazy, but it's above eight dollars in one community in California, about seven dollars and about seven more communities. They are Democrats are paying a steep price for their green new deal stuff, so by the secretary of Buddha just isn't limited to find you or make you lose the lease. He knows what is happening so that a been discouraging investment in any oil and gas properties are well on Wall Street.

You know that we eat the makes it impossible for the inlets oil and gas going to say about. I think it's $60 a barrel to lose mass of matter numbers have mass amount of layoffs and they can even get a bite to train and go into this business anymore because they been in school being told that this is the devils work and yet they cannot blame them now. One trick. Squeezing banks to stop them from lending to oil and gas sector. Your workforce board is right on target. We are having trouble finding workers. We need to produce more and in part of it. It is exactly what you said they demonized this industry and subject may join you things that your budget doesn't ever mention was that all gas companies lost more than a profit over the last two years and during covert and during the attack on their own energy they were bleeding carpet in the end, after summary, the secretary at the short memory so inflation is at 8.4% of wages of going up just roughly about 5%. We know it's the number one concern among all Americans in the present keep saying over and over again that this is number one focus, but he also is the number two focus was going to the beach this weekend. Great image. They are cut. I want you here with Doug. People judge said about inflation.

This is a real challenge that were all facing that that families are feeling that pain and that were acting on it, but looked over the bottom line is that there are two very clear and very different approaches here are there is our approach, which is to find solutions to invest in our supply chains and then there's the other path that congressional conservatives of the forward which doesn't really speak much to inflation.

It's raising taxes on lower middle class families making a lot of political hay out of the child very real challenges. The families are feeling and going to war with Mickey Mouse arson is a very clear difference in strategies here against some very challenging economic problems is that the Republican strategy to fight inflation. You know, make a man and I think the Washington Post gave that claim about tax increases that three Tokyo misleading very misleading as a claim he and the president are trying to run in obese times about nonsensical claims, hoping someone will buy but but no new matter is present. Name one thing in the president's plan of the fight inflation but actually loading place mansard there is not on track. He still pursue Brian is still pursuing. Perhaps this week. Another nearly $2 trillion tax increase on mainstream businesses in on people who invest here in America. In those supply chains. By the way, and he's looking at more spending $1 trillion if you can put people in place a higher soak look, I know what they say. Everyone knows their actions are exactly the opposite.

And that's why that's why his poll numbers in Texas around 30%.

No one is buying the stuff you have about 12,000 would be illegal immigrants. Two thirds of which are women and children coming to the Texas border there right approaching Mexico leaving Guatemala. What can you do to stop it being that you not the party in power, yet it is so frustrating because this is the civic humanitarian crisis. This is a drug crisis. It's a criminal gang crisis along the border in our community. Pain a steep price for the think you Valley Mayor made the point the other day that they close down their schools, 48 times last year because of threats from undocumented games and crimes occurring in their community. This is this is huge at this point I want to make is Brian is it we had more migrants and iron American soil under Pres. Biden than at any time in history. More than 700 many of them women and children who died trying to cross in America illegally because they been given the green light by this president in open borders policy and so the frustration is nothing presence doing nothing. The vice president obviously is doing last nothing there but you still got this humanitarian crisis in drug crisis going on in our backyard and our governor is pulling out the stops to try do everything you can, but but but without this White House that just doesn't care. I mean this reckless and dangerous and they just don't care and were paying every single day, millions of dollars to store a sense that would actually make the border patrol's life easier for the American people are paid for now were paying to watch a rust congressman when you get now he's retiring soon so make an impact person Kevin Brady, Texas.

Thanks so much.

Thanks Ryan. Take care. All right, have America's finest historians and tells a great story to verbally as well as with the written word Brad Meltzer will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen to Fox News five just Fox News contrasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other. Back everybody trying to get a great weekend with you right now is you watching among boxing your right Meltzer vessel author hosted population filters greatest of all time. Got two new books out because I am I am Dolly Parton and I am I am pie both go on sale now you must admit that I said I am pay is we could adjust and I am pay but we did. I am I am pay which is that my kids have loved the title itself. Every title that how many kids you have survive three kids, which is you know, I wrote these books right is is my I was tired of my kids looking at all these people on Instagram were famous and always other things right and and overpaid athletes and all the people he is all the people you see on Instagram as our kids wipe kids being fed garbage today every single day and we as Americans have to fight back. As parents we have to fight back them better heroes to look up to.

So we started the ordinary people change the World Series. We start with.

I'm a millionaire heart. I am Abraham Lincoln, I am Rosa Parks I am George Washington and give them better heroes to look up to where now the tome in the number one series teaching American history to this young age group and I'm so proud to unveil. Now of course of no starting with I am Dolly Parton is our newest book that comes out right now right who's going to the rug reluctantly going to the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame.

I love that it's that only she can be say I don't want to be. I don't need your nomination and they still nominator and still good and they will bring her Hanover item 1 over. Of course, so why Dolly Parton is a country music star that's done so much charity work also has Dollywood yapping mage would put put you into that and I think for me, you know what I love in this book, as you see Dolly Parton is a real person and she's a real human being with cut up lift her up on that pedestal but we do a disservice to our heroes.

We do that in your when Dolly Parton was born she was so poor that her father paid the doctor for delivering her with a sack of cornmeal and was a mother who gave her love for books. She says that when the first books Dolly Parton loved as a kid was a little engine that could, and natural. Dolly Parton is she's a little engine that could. So they told her you know Juergen have to wear just read no regular costumes and she was like no underwear amazing customs. I said you're just have to sing country song she sang to sing songs for all audiences, they said you know you're just be a musician, she's like, no, no, I'm gonna be a movie star. I would open up Dollywood my own amusement park on the starkest charity imagination Library and give books to millions of kids who can afford them with the first book, the gateway was prime but the little engine that could.

And I want my kids to have that lesson. No Dolly Parton when she was a little girl she was.

Her mom made her coat out of a patchwork of of scraps of fabric and she thought it was so beautiful and she goes to school and all the kids say it's so ugly and the secretive Dolly Parton and no one realizes is she was really felt alone and lonely. She felt different than everyone else, where she was from. No one wanted to go across the world, but she always wanted to know what's on the other side of the mountain and what I love about her is she had this dream. The butterflies actually fly her there. I want my kids to know that being a dreamer is a good thing.

I want them to know your dreams can take you anywhere and when you read these books you read about Dolly porn you see again that you go to her concerts just just you know it's you have rich people there poor people there city folks and country folks.

You have gay and straight. You have old and you have young you have black-and-white and everyone in between she judges nobody should accept you for who you are as long as you're being yourself in our culture right now. I want my kids to have a hero who says you know what we could use a little bit more sunshine in the world have but I am pay. I am pay is one of the great architects.

Many people don't know is our first Asian-American hero. He designed the Louvre in Paris and what his whole book is about is about looking at life differently so he's to go through life. He saw you skyscrapers being built. He was like that skyscraper is like a giant beautiful plant that comes out from the ground. He said I want to be an architect on the bill buildings so he builds the Hancock Tower in Boston class falls out of it and smashes everywhere and it's not all perfect right life is not all perfect. We have to remind our kids.

You can fail.

Sometimes, but he builds JFK's library in Boston. Many of course goes the Louvre. One of things.

This is obvious in radio, but I'll show you here in the book because it's an architect.

We want to teach kids get a look at life differently so we are screaming on an outing & vaccination could see the summit open up a C can see when you open up the part of the Louvre. It's not just a regular book, but you can see now, it pops up so it's a pop-up book in IM I am pay because we said we want kids to see everything differently have a new perspective on life and leave you when we talk about him. This is my favorite looks a little like the Apple store on $60. It was actually look like that but he says like you to read this one park. Is it so good. It says your future is yours to construct brick by brick. You can design it shape it and build something beautiful build something meaningful.

Build something that expresses who you are and he says I am. I am pay.

I know you are the architect of your own life and I need my kids to know they have that power.

So we picked to kinda creative people. We have so many you know today in the world. There's so many Hollywood people are kids look up to and so many music stars are kids look up to her doing nothing good, righteous, given our kids the wrong message.

Every day I say can I pick two creative people will sure kids the beautiful things you can do with your creativity and I thought Dolly Parton is of course the perfect choice. So, I am Dolly Parton. You know for my kids was they will beg me for so long to do.

I am Dolly Parton. They were like Dan when he and and Dolly Parton and her team was so nice to us when we were doing the book were helpful and kind of giving us details and no one else having sending us pictures we can get all the details right and amazing artist Chris Ellie hapless has this art style that's like it's almost like I'm Charlie Brown meets Calvin and Hobbes, and so kids love these books.

We have kids, you know from birth people by am I the roof like four years old to 12 years old and I love the people build libraries of our real heroes for their kids and their grandkids and nieces and people run away from history. A lot of people run away from public schools that that's exactly right about a million people dropped out of public school during the pandemic and going to private education which assemblies generate check your paying school taxes and the right check in those teachers don't get paid for the most part enough to really forgot you have a curriculum that you can rest assured, if I go to work. My kids got to be willing to hate the country. While that, you know, one of the lesson. The first book we did was I'm Abraham Lincoln. Why because I want my kids to know to see this story that Abraham Lincoln lost 123456 of eight elections and still set him to keep going forward right that he was this guy who as a little boy. My favorite store and I'm Abraham Lincoln on November told this one here is when is a little boys 10 years old, is to love animals and I could tell my kids I was the 16th president. I can tell, documents, patient proclamation and all that stuff varies on the five dollar bill, but I tell him my kids a story when Abraham Lincoln was a little boy he loved animals so much. He saw a group of boys playing with turtles and he says I love turtle say races over to the boys and they're not playing with the turtles are putting hot coals on the backs of the turtles to make them run fast torturing the turtles and Abraham Lincoln sees that he's just horrified and he does know what to do okay for 10 years old or you're 50 years old. Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing but someone has to. And in that moment Abraham Lincoln sets them take the call off the turtles leave him alone and my son to this day sleeps with an Abraham Lincoln doll that one of our readers made for us based on our book, Heath realizes Abraham Lincoln is a great man and I are George Washington book is one of our top selling I am George Washington on the best books we've done because we like.

Here's what American hero looks like, and if we don't take that. You know what your kids in a picture is what he likes and all you gotta do it via values and ethics is burned into young.

The issues fall into the category of right and wrong is a gray area there but if you values and ethics in that foundation. That's the man or woman you elect, but that's the person should represent you.

That's a person should teach your kids, you need to know the daily planner. I need to know the quality of the person and the product that might make your absolute right might my favorite line and I am George Washington says leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge and I need my kids what these but everyone think so. Their history books. The ordinary people change what's has never been about history of values right to teach my kids the right values on the back of every book it says that value it says on the back of. I'm a million hearts as I know no bounds on the back of I am Abraham. Lincoln says I will speak my mind and speak for others on the back of I am. I am pay it says I will always be the architect of my own life and on the back of I am Dolly Parton says I will see the light that shines within you.

Night reminding kids you need to put that sunshine in your heart and have that like love for other people as oppose that cynicism that's been fed to our kids every day and if you can give your kids the values in these.

I am in the IM book series to meet some try to do that Haran is give my kids those values so they know the right. Person a look up to as oppose to the rhymers around the playground or that a college you don't have to worry about the day-to-day because you know they have the framework and foundation to make the right decision doesn't mean you always will. But I gave them the framework like IMP: walking through everything I only had a few much hands-on I always say you're building the pillars of the foundation of their of their emotional, support system, and if you teach them what it should be so hard to know what is good and what is bad and what we do in these books. We always show you here when their little we show Dolly Parton. She's a little girl and she feels different than everyone else, inch and kids are laughing at her because a close. She's wearing we have a story and I am Dolly Parton that it was Christmas and her dad wants her by her mom wants to buy his wife die Parton's mother a new wedding ring, a proper wedding ring and he says to the family you know we can't afford presents for everyone this year. I can't by individual present I got my mama wedding ring and Dolly Parton says, wasn't bad for us was beautiful because we saw the sacrifice. My dad was making for my mom. He gave all of us. One group gift was chocolate covered cherries. I want people to hear that Christmas story and I am Dolly Parton and teach their kids. You know what, it's not about buying a million presents Scott doing good for those we love.

That's a lesson our kids near the here's another lesson doesn't go as deep as those individuals but I think watching Ukrainians as imperfect as the democracy is fight for something that we take for granted freedom of lip made America recalibrating said stop thinking about us in the civil the verbal Civil War were going through right now the weight where they want. There's a clear bad guy good guy knows other people just want have the right to have a imperfect democracy and are being invaded by an evil person who wants the exact opposite, and all are asking for is the weapons to let them fight and do what the Afghans were unwilling to do now that that is stand up for them and listen as you and I ask you might be your next book.

I think I am to I would write it. I would write a no and and you and I were talking off the air.

We were saying that your you look at this and you and we were saying that help right now we are in this verbal Civil War, but in that moment when Ukraine happened it was one of the few times were Democrats, Republicans, to my surprise said no that something bad happening to people that are good and we gotta step up and the reason why I think Americans reacted that way. Discuss. We as kids in those generations. Above us, of course, as kids were taught the right values. We were taught you stand up when you see someone being picked on that when you see someone being a bully.

You gotta stand up there like like Abraham Lincoln does not story I told you stands up to those boys and says no you can't do that. Someone has to step up and again for me.

If we put those values in place when your kit you can anticipate every your kids can walk into, but when they watch that Ukraine sure I tell my kids I want to look at this. I want to see the bully I want to see is being picked on. That's your opportunity. It's exactly what we try to do in the drilled any further know you did you learn in different religions turn the other cheek, but if Ukrainians turn the other cheek and the West turns the other cheek, they lose their head at certain certain times. You can't and that's the way it is.

I wish people rational human beings and you can debate them, but there's a rational actors through history from Stalin killing millions of his own people to Hitler. We've seen this before. If you don't stop them early. If you pretend as if they can be rational. You have no excuse. You should expect millions more to die because you know the Bible says yes eternity but also says you have to take care of the poor.

You have to take care of those who need it.

You have to take care of those consumers major Helms enemies. Nothing else ethical. It means that you have to step up if you don't step up and help those who need help where we have huge problems and we all know that the other thing that I think heartening is that you do have a subject in today's complex world of of example of a hero right we don't know where he stands on Roe V Wade, we don't know where he stands at America's second amendment, but we know right and wrong would a great leader is and we also know that not many people anticipate he had this in a maybe his parents right at this former actor this this new to the political game and certainly knew the military knows Russia well enough to knows what he's up against tried originally to reach out and say listen, I could probably breach this breach between us and you and Pacheco are the for the former leader but I want about 30 points legal advice perform in Moscow at when he realized she couldn't do that. They supersede that his weakness so foods like at this little guy.

I can at his hands out to me. So that is what were taught then what we've said okay now the law of the jungle. I have to survive this jungle in order asking for his armaments headset while and I also think what's really interesting is that when you look at some you know I believe this about US presence.

I believe that this about him is what makes a great leader is not your stance on reticular political issue. What makes a great leader. Every president history when we judge who are great presidents are. It's when there is a crisis, how did you react that is Abraham link it hasn't yelped.

He has no idea what the Civil War is going to be, what slavery he thinks that there is, obviously, these issues, we know that that there they hate him so much when he selected, but he has no idea what he's really getting into, but the Civil War calms and he has to deal with it George Washington to begin of the founding of God has no idea what the country is going to be what the crisis can be, or even of course in the Revolutionary war was walking into a dozen of the training that the British military has, but he is up for the challenge when it presents itself and that is exactly what's happening recruiting.

He snapped up in this moment.

I know in your books does get into this, but people at home should realize as much as we laud George Washington as much as Internet and other nations study George Washington they wanted him out only guy won't fight this guy keeps losing battle lesson. The first bad overspending. The first battle we did this in one of our nonfiction books were the first battle George Washington fights in the United States gets pinned down to the East River by the British wealthy will tell a story.

This can win is the best is the strongest gets pinned down.

Don't don't finish it. Yet when we come back.

Brad Meltzer finishes that story. But most importantly, pick up his two books I am pay and I am Dolly Parton and Brad the best place again.

I get them on Amazon your local bookstore anywhere you want there for sale everywhere back and educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. The more you listen no more. You'll know Brian kill me.

I got a few women. Prognosis arrives at the scene present back up Brooklyn and he's about to be challenged by very slow moving you want to destroy. And this is this is one of the first great battles. George Washington fights evolutionary worries him back against me is the East River behind them got the British in front of him.

This is the moment that George Washington should die. It should be over. We all think you know George Washington's greatest hero ever lived, but in the beginning he can have the experience of the British military had so is pin down, and it should be done and and tour point before were talking the great leaders react to moments right and in that moment George Washington is the best thing he always does is he improvises. And in that moment.

We were talking off the air fog rolls in the middle of the night, and he plans a daring escape and they start commandeering all the boats they can find along the East familiar votes barges when you think of anything of if it floats they grab it and one by one, he starts putting his men on these boats and selling the safety but the thing in the in the gray part of the story is as George Washington won't get on any of the boats until everyone is safely across and not just as high level military people, but even the lower ranking men and that's where it says is a set I wrote this in my adult book. The first conspiracy, but I also wrote and I am George Washington.

Salina told before leadership is not about being in charge about taking care of those in your charge. I want my kids to learn that lesson in the I am George Washington. We all need to learn that lesson. I love the fact that George Washington stance that when the sun came up. The fog was still there, allowing them all to get out because the water initially was too rough to for those barges to come through. Sometimes in life you have to retreat to fight another day's heroic move was to retreat and got out of prison. Sam Houston to until he finally had his confrontation with the runaway scrape something up up pick up Brad Milton's book, I am Dolly Parton. I am pay live from the Fox News radio's is New York City pressure off the set of Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me every week and everybody Brian kill me come with you, from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world coming to you via Long Island where I had to take the train home.

I'm lucky enough to have a car on the way in the Jews being about 40 minutes. If I was to take one after 230. This was explained to be the one I got down the O'Brien you still have on the trigger yet never want to get work done over to a guaranty get there the exact time. Very rarely are they late for those portrayed like that mean for the mass transportation and number three is if you are in a car after 230 leaving from New York City.

You will sit in traffic on Long Island. You'll easily double your time three to half hours four hours John Smoltz can be joined to the bottom of the hour, Michael Goodwin did not need that explanation. He's from the New York Post and today. Special thanks the brain to meet show network of stations is getting bigger. Special thanks to AM 600 Greensboro, North Carolina. WF SIS is now part of the family.

We appreciate that.

Now it's up to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3, sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three. The Russians some incremental gains in the Russians will likely take the city but they've expended so much it's hard to see them being able to make much progress at least in the near term. After that, because they reached what most of us looking out of day by day city as a culminating point, no quit Russian surge Ukrainian counters, and the war that should concern us all goes on as keep is breached again this weekend, but we also know that the price of gasoline is is not set by a dial in the Oval Office and when an oil company is deciding hour by hour how much to charge you for a gallon of gas that are not calling the administration to ask what they should do.

Unbelievable. This transportation secretary major may repeat political problems mount buying books to the beach.

No joke, no malarkey with the public is saying about you on the economy, inflation, baby formula and the war and more and why fractures at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are beginning to show and hurt the country.

We're talking about a meaningful change in our government is a major investment in mental health. Perhaps some money for school security that would make a difference on the table is red flag laws, changes to our background check system to improve the existing system. A handful of other items that will make a difference. They go Chris Murphy optimistic not selling partisan closing in. It seems a bipartisan Senate sessions are producing some type of gun deal will it help and why are the sides telling the president to stay away will examine Michael Goodwin a bit of reading. The first question here. Why are people. Why are they Murphy and company saying stay away Mr. Pres. Brian Joe Biden of course centered himself a bipartisan kind of guy unify the country. Blah blah blah. But in fact he's become. I think poisonous to bipartisanship his rancid attacks on Republicans and and I think the Democrats wisely solve that if you involved Biden you bring in the far left to bring in. You know that all the staff in the White House that wants to see things shortly. Turn left and so the best thing is to do it in secret. Frankly, and presented to the country entered Biden as a finished product rather than something that he could change because I think this change would probably be a poison pill for Republicans.

So through the members.

The Biden circle, including First Lady Joe Biden in the president's sister, Valerie Biden has complained that the West Wing staff has managed Biden with kid gloves not putting them on the road more, allowing them to flash some of the genuine relatable albeit Prone self. They want to let Biden be Biden. That's the scariest's solution to present Biden's problems I have ever heard been Biden looked at me. This is this is the guy over the hill and the idea that he could withstand a real free-for-all on the campaign trail and press conferences. I may go ahead, serve him up.

I think it will be would be a disaster. First presidency and I think it would only hasten the parties move away from him. Look Brian, they are quickly coming to the point where were going to have to know is Joe Biden running in 2024 and it boggles the mind to think that he would bet that there would be any appetite for more Joe Biden. I still wonder if he's going to finish this term let alone run for a second one. So the idea that you can unleash him and reap benefits that sounds like just an attempt to blame the staff for what's gone wrong. Not a solution for last week by week discusses just a bit picked up momentum since we used to talk on Monday. CNN we Washington Post as well as political there just calling him out saying this fractures within NBC are fractures within the administration about where to go the direction you have ended the how upset the princes that his own staff is walking back his comments as if what he's saying is actually right, and that his administration is actually wrong to walk him back. I really can't get my head around that idiocy. Then I see the Los Angeles Times of the week you read you an excerpt presence prorating still is a recover from his exit from Afghanistan newly 10 months later, Democrats limit congressional majorities and are in jeopardy in November, questions of competency persist in the White House is working strenuously to address domestic concerns about inflation public health while managing a plethora of foreign-policy complications including Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

He was supposed he was supposed to rebuild credibility for nearly a year ever since the botch withdrawal that is not happened.

The Los Angeles Times is losing it.

You wrote this weekend that his the crime running rampant in major cities. The New York Times is given essentially tacit permission for him to be anti-crime for a while with online product in the prayer this Saturday and talked about that was sort of a roundup of what's going on in Atlanta, San Francisco other places around the country where Democrats are Democratic candidates for mayor. In some cases governor are running on an antique line plot and the times concludes that this is because most of these candidates are nonwhite, and their communities that that they come from the rep the areas that they currently represent a fair elected or the cities as a whole are largely nonwhite, and these are the people demanding better police protection from the criminals and this is an earth shattering event in the sense that the Democratic Party has been the party of pro-crime. It's the party that look the other way in 2020, and excused all the rioting and murder that started with the George Floyd protest that has not stopped and I also point out Brian. It was two years ago now, two years ago yesterday that the New York Times published the Tom cotton op-ed which set off a firestorm within the time staff the paper recanted it essentially fired the opinion editor who published it and it was all about how what cotton was doing was urging Pres. Trump then-President trumps to send the military in to quell the riots, and restore order in American cities.

The times went ballistic over that and we had a crime wave ever since. If you look at the statistics in every major city in America from 20 20/2019 from 21/20 and now from 22/21. It's been a steady rise in violent crime, including murder and it all goes back to that summer of 20 and the George Ford protest, which turned into riots. Remember, mostly peaceful cities are being burned to the ground. The times is now saying, in effect, that era is over. Crime is a concern for nonwhite Americans and nonwhite candidates. Therefore go and Democrats make crime something that you can write on don't to see that to Republicans I think it's potentially a remarkable turning board for the Democratic Party if they see is it just to be dictating this we just accept it so outrageous that you write is outrageous that you've identified this and it's right and accepted. I will never accept it. That the newspapers are supposed to be holding people in power and account are actually giving them permission to do certain things that I want to bring a couple of things you said what a law enforcement listened read your columns and listen to the show they not in a million years will be confused about what party had their back and what didn't. You'll never be able to snow the men and women who wear the badge or put it down or used to wear the badge who had their back and who put a target on it so they one thing about law enforcement there streetsmart by nature and by training they know where the dangerous and it's a danger to keep these people in power.

Not all but most point and I'm recalling the situation here in New York City you a black mayor, Eric Adams, a black Democrat, a former police officer himself, who ran on making crime public enemy number 1.20 said from the beginning of his campaign. He was elected on that basis and he has tried to do that. The New York Times did not endorse him and endorse their rivals who thought that social programs were the way to go near post.

I should add endorse Eric Adams but also I received a letter from up from a poem retired police officer a while back in the post eventually published an op-ed from this officer.

He retired and he said from the NYPD. He said you know, even if Adam selects the police go out and do their jobs now takes the handcuffs off the cops. He said I don't know that the muscle memory still exists in the NYPD to do what it did and I think that's a very good point and you look around the country and you wonder now only places like Seattle and Portland Chicago. It's been a very long time. My police were allowed to do that. Remember you and you wrote about it in the 70s.

The writings of the New York Times and 80s. They had no muscle memory.

So we created the muscle memory, and it is so II believe it's still there, but I understand that the fear thing a ton relatively breaking news is that it looks like the presence could have his meeting of the Americas and in Los Angeles. Beginning today. It looks like Mexico will boycott and you know why because Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba were not invited there not only dictatorships but they are allies of Vladimir Putin. They should never been invited over the present United States three left this naked and embarrassed when Mexico not attending the first hope you are first posting of this event that Clinton created in our first hosting since 94 and that Mexico not show up in others to follow his wake. What an embarrassment. Well, our pride of a lot of you and I have talked about all along is a week and people are not afraid to define him. Do you think that Joe Biden would cut off any aid to Mexico would he do anything a retribution of course not feel ill take the ill take the insult and just keep moving and I think that look Vladimir Putin, you mentioned earlier Afghanistan. The LA Times. I it's hard to believe that what's happening in Ukraine is in some way influenced by what happened in Afghanistan.

Certainly China is getting more belligerent about Taiwan isn't that also raising the question of what would Joe Biden do if the night fifth China went after Taiwan militarily.

So all of these things are hanging in the balance. A president's test repeatedly by foreign powers but also by domestic groups and Joe Biden. As far as I can tell seems to fail every test except from the far left, which for some unknown reason he keeps pandering to, and I think it is destroying his presidency quick today. I think Thursday this week. It looks like the congressional Democrats have hired a ABC producer does documentaries to start the show. Thursday the January sink steering supporting the biggest names up top that you have sensational headlines and tell a story using ABC documentarians expertise, how, and their goal is to make Donald Trump unelectable.

You see this playing out the most positively I think January 6 has spent it for so long ago it was, it was always designed for one thing and that was now was always designed to be a help to the Democrats in the midterms but as we've all talked about the economy, it always the economy is number one and if the economy were neutral or slightly goat or slightly bad then that's the kind of thing that can butter your brand a little more but when the economy is this bad in the sense of inflation, gasoline prices, food prices really nothing else is going to break through until you see major progress on these things and I think that's a plant.

This thing worked hard to keep it alive to keep breathing life into it.

I mean, you know, the arrest of Peter Navarro shackling him. I mean they been doing everything they can to get headlines to to enrage him and you look at the you look at the newspapers. Donald Trump is on the front page more than Joe Biden is. I mean, the media is doing its best to fan this anti-trump flame. That's all this is its anti-Tromp white supremacy dogma dogma dogma of but when you look at the reality of what people care about it.

Always the economy is always safety and its success especially so this year because of the inflation actually in gas prices.

Mike Goodwin thanks so much in my and of course toxins into the Michael, thank you, my pleasure Brian.

I will take you call 618 664-087-6690 was in the brain to meet you in your knowledge base.

Brian fill me show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about it with Brian kill me if I learn about the severity of the infant formula sort of April 1 emerge back to the Abbott 2 October 2021 industry executive said they knew how bad this could get when the plant closed in February near the Sec. of commerce. When did you first learned of this problem.

I first learned about it you know a couple of months ago, so this is a difficult issue but I yes probably April century, Regina reminder, they said she's a superstar and administration. Being honest but that's pathetic. Shows a terrible situation, Jerry Lewis, WS KY, Ocala, Florida hey Jerry fired her number.

Your loading level of commitment of the younger officers going back to the muscle memory to be a large challenge for local and federal when I first started location in a week of our lives.then it became a career what you want do a good job job board and typically would be restricting the state level you are formally in the way the beat down and got very much up till five in the public at the most vulnerable and will build thanks for the law enforcement perspective. I think he can always be trained and updated and motivated.

Because mostly their discipline people by trade. A lot of them come out of the military field they can understand the change in tactics like a little lag time radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me, show great job and they go John Smoltz. Maybe you highlight you weren't counting on us pumping in with what we did that actually that was a NetSuite championship series game for back in 1992, and that of course was one of the many playoff appearances that you had in the world championship. You're able to get loose to just about everything in his career, John Smoltz, welcome back to the brain to me Joe. The last time I think I was.

I saw you I was on the set a major-league baseball network. That's right right right there a lot of fun when you play that clip. I had all smile on my face because most people would not remember that argument that that move did you get to go sign was that just John Smoltz seeing opportunity.

I just went to my own and all I don't believe the back of the local salon of some of what I had to be on the basis on both pictures so I got on the on that they decided on the go suggests most 213, which is Hall of Fame career to over 3000 strikeouts was a closer as well as a starter and now is put the same amount of work effort into our broadcaster John I've I've asked us to other people in the past and they say doesn't come close, but when you prepare for a big game to work in a you know you're in scoreboard show for big game this anything compared to having a ball in your hand on the mound are not really close when I get good luck called World Series described having lived through some of those moments, it makes it a lot more enjoyable to have been proposed and getting an opportunity to prepare for the game. I think most realize how much work really goes into it by giving example when I prepared per game is a picture of it where you guys nine talks right as a broadcaster I have to worry about all 52. The whole roster so it's definitely different, and I joined it but it a lot if somebody would've told me beforehand.

I don't know how you jumped into it, but it's been a blast of cold box department. Really, what I call the greatest time of year because you know I get a chance is acquired 14 times and at times and take it for granted and not want to have opportunity to do so to that you could be the Frank different baseball and he of course was play-by-play me feel I thought you could do that another another thing that you do like. I think the first great golfer. I reply baseball player, then the been a great golfer was Rick Roden.

Remember the celebrity tournaments.

He always did so well and then here you are led 2020 10 in a playoff with Vinny Del Negra.

Let's listen cut 31st ever basketball player to the American censorship playoff history of this stuff before we talk about the 33rd of what was that like for you because it is. This is a celebrity edition of the same adrenaline going through your veins.

You didn't when you're playing baseball that well. It's really a story that is a great guy on down.

He was uttering these words out loud, but it was your call, you don't really say much but he kept saying in the last three holes with every thought Lockean that I could hear it and you know fortunately or unfortunately, he didn't miss a shot when you get that and so one time it's over and I'm frustrated not really down on your lost my swing. I just didn't make enough good shots down the stretch.

I found out and Vinny tells a story that on Wednesday that week two losses that I didn't tell anybody.

So he was playing with the simple emotional heavy heart and he told the press corps that before every game that is to tell him a lot and so it made sense what he was doing down the stretch and using that energy use of that focus and it was staying away from my lost because I'm up probably the most competitive guy in the world and I was so disappointed at losing but then hearing that Lori made me realize you know, obviously Betty was gone for so much more and that if your current bill went so I can't wait to get back. It's like throwing up at game five days later or sell current differences this year to get back at the greatest sports event that we have that none of which we are all professional and or did our profession. So, 20, 22, American Century championship. Would you talk about. This is going to 33rd celebrity golf championship is today on the golf channel on July 8 and NBC Saturday and Sunday, July 10 and ninth and 10th at stake $600,000 in prize money galleries will have about 50,000 people there and now you have 30 current and former NFL players taking part in it including Matthew Stafford Dwayne Wade oust Caruso John Lester active players include stiff. Here, he's fantastic.

His brother said set Kyle Lowery and oust Caruso, who well should not did I know you do you want to win. I get up and who will she. We look for just got this tremendous golf game.

I want to order Mark Boulder party Tony Romo plays Tony is great, a lot younger you know I I want to know where last year. I think Billy ended up elders, but the veterans brought out everyone skulking in interesting ways. A lot of guys and gals take seriously the community here that work on their game for me. Fortunately this year.

Normally I come flying about my parents at the All-Star game for whatever reason, I'll start later luck. Come and be relaxed in the tournament so I'm also going to make some changes how I go about it.

Tell a pretty pretty Lockean and want to do well and there's a difference between being very passionate and desire to want to dwell so much that you can't oppress, I would have a different approach this year, but it is for us is the greatest event that we get the plan and of course the venue because of the charity. All are huge part of the play. Write soon you somebody who subscribed to theory.

Show me a good loser no-show you loser you know III literally that day and I have been trying to work on things that will not get so mad right I actually mastered that part. The last two months, but there's a difference because now it makes me feel at times like I'm not as passionate don't care, and that is the farthest thing from the truth but I'm trying to create an opportunity to cure setbacks.let it go, you go on that shop that baseball I have the ball of my hand and when I wanted to force actually create atonement. I could do that quickly and golf. That is the opposite. You wait and you wait and you continuously have time on your hands to think about what just happened and that the process that I'm working on take lessons. I never have. The reason I have a couple things physically can't do baseball body a little bit so I my frustration level would be if you show me what to do and I can't do it I would be so frustrated that I would try to perfect it and so I've become so caught pretty much everything that I've done and there's good and bad in that and obviously that it creates a better thing. Couple things greatly takes a serious look and be what we can watch on the golf channel and NBC Saturday Sunday, July 9 and 10th can be talking the players leading up to this auto prize money but she was great to see other players excel in something. Maybe they're not as good at.

Maybe better.

Sometimes average players, a great golfer's and vice versa. It's amazing to how many chapters are two career I want talk about baseball this year if I could.

I don't know as many people in New York that thought anything that the Yankees were actually going to be this good or even better than last year. In fact, he would talk about general manager Brian Cashman may be moving on and now they come out with the best record in baseball. How do you first. We know about judging stands for now, but playing well we know the cleavers reclaimed somebody had two years ago, but how you explain this much success with your expected to be out great right but what on here, but it is unbelievable what their pitching staff and surprises" and a great surprise and coal was supposed to be great is going to be like the creek. There's a reason take advantage of the schedule with all hundred 62 games and sometimes you play teams early on sinking skylight later that a lot of people make a big deal. Sometimes about the schedule but the schedule is the schedule and you have to click play. The one that's given dominated so that the first second thing is that the team has a slight offense of the part about the Yankees. Here's what I've always said about the New York Yankees when it comes closer to the postseason if their lineup has too many strikeouts in a meeting and they don't they don't put the ball going up. They get exposed to the postings I get great pictures but they've added some cases in the lineup like that put the ball in play better and that is what the Yankees the scariest offense team for years in their stadium, all but now I get the ball in play a little bit more and doing things everyone expects of the Duke Yankees pitching staff is the reason why you're so good to Atlanta, catch the Mets. I don't think the Atlanta Braves selects this year that the deepest team I've seen internationally for their organization and you're doing it without the best so with the coil being expanded to see her in on the Braves and even the loss of nationals going back to you can win a World Series being under 500 going in September and never think that could happen, get hot at the right time with both postings did I think it serves as a nice not a blueprint, but it gives teams hope don't have the luxury of catching that the division leader and the Mets last one is good to hold onto that lead greatly although I don't think that's the case this year and I believe the New York Mets want to expand guy's team get to October pleasantly surprised this year and they could make a real chance. Mostly guessing and John Leslie question and I started reading this last week so she is described accurately.

Mets evidently of purchases is this piece of equipment that allows them to bat against a picture that are about to pitch against in as if in a virtual setting will actually give them swings against the person's velocity and motion and spin movement and everything else goes into it. You know a thing about this in the latter part of my career about it all. Kind of figure that out on that. I remembered you could see what I was on the light could actually happen. Most of the picture and see it visually and it comes out of that hole slot with all would come out of the release point and it really has an opportunity, you will a certain type of pictures that you're going to face and so I always thought it was good and no time like that because you want to see that they actually can be throwing a baseball but it's the next closest simulation will of what your face and I think there's some value in it. No doubt, but that's lineup is so much better. It's deeper and again they don't have many strikeouts in that lineup per se on a daily basis that I just think is going to be a prediction of a subway series. This is got the most most evidence for it might be this young will the Dodgers might have some say about that and some of the good teams. Lastly, you came out and said something one of the these phenomenon's in sports and maybes, even unreported, even though it is Los Angeles's Otani and the fact that this guys elite picture an elite hitter from Japan and you believe that if you just focused on pitching he be the best in baseball. So he think he surrounded himself by playing in the outfield you think the break should do that with the bread Yankees didn't say stop pitching head only the break should do the she is mediator should do the opposite.

I think this felt like figure out how long, and I think it: diminishing return baseball is great what the Angels assigned him to remember when they enticed all these people trying to entice. I believe the Angels came up with the most copperhead and creative contract that allowed the wildest dreams.

I don't know this but I don't think that while the strength they thought the last long enough to work it could be really really good at both the great apple what he did last almost impossible to duplicate bike and trying to explain to people what doing it hard enough to be take up the ground of America dominate baseball think about the D8. It was a stress that he was put in everyday this guy*everything has to function and think about something and break down something so if you have a bad time of the next day and focus on hitting or vice versa. So taking away from greatness, though he's great and if he could focus on one or the other would be that much better.

And it's difficult when you go to try to ask one of my comment was he so gifted on the mount coating� 8% of the work to be great on about 100% dominating pictures of the game that once every 6.they lost 11 in a row, so maybe they got to do something.

I got to July July 8 and NBC Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10th of talking about the 33rd annual championship of celebrity golf and my money is on John Smoltz because he wants and you tend to get what you want. John, thanks so much crap you got it back in a moment I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669 something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show you three quarters of white. We should have one, as we see him for right as opposed total. You should prove nowhere to my photo I prove that you should vote but but here's the deal. What they don't like in Texas I get a photo ID. If you have a photo identification by the state of Texas that says that you can carry a concealed weapon. If you have a state issued photo ID etc. student at the University of Texas not and so you can see how I trying to fool around.

That's an easy Fillmore had intent to write 20 made up as the problems you can make up a student ID that's totally different than any motor vehicle drivers license when he went idiot he could Fillmore nailed this guy. America wants voter ID having American community want voter ID.

We don't want our vote next because somebody's cheating no matter who you are who you vote for. Why is this understood to our friend understand special thanks, W. S. JS were privilege as of today to be in their great lineup so WS JS AM 600 thanks so much guys in Winston-Salem and we appreciated news talking sports will be the news. I do talk sports so I pretty much a one stop shopping. This is the right Kelly Joe New York City, but heard around the country and around the world and in the Ukraine and why is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me. Thank you for being everybody's the right kill me show on the top of the I'll be joining outnumbered on the couch.

You'll see what I'm wearing the same thing as boxing friends center likely will be back and beyond with us in the second right there.

The bottom of the hour a lot to discuss today.

In fact, the present United States is to be doing something bipartisan.

Nothing gun control he's going to be officially naming a stamp after Nancy Reagan so they go America can come together. There's more proof of that incipient year since the day after a note to remember our friends in the National World War II Memorial commemorate the 78th annual anniversary of the day on, of course, is a lot of these great trophy fights.

It happened so it's fantastic and will see what else is going on me while we could be on the present threshold of some type a bipartisan demon deal on guns. Which brings me to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three the Russians some incremental games and the Russians will likely take the city what they've expended so much it's hard to see them being able make much progress at least in the near term. After that, because they reached what most of us looking at it day by day see as a culminating point. That's why the sanctions had to be picked up and more strict no quit Russian search Ukrainian counters in the war that should concern all of us goes on as Steve is breached over the weekend. We also know that the price of gasoline. This is not set fire dial in the Oval Office and when an oil company is deciding hour by hour how much to charge you for a gallon of gas but are not calling the administration to ask what they should do. He has no idea about the oil and gas industry, and it's just sickly that is Mayor Pete now Sec. of transportation problems mount Joe Biden book books to the beach. No joke.

Once the public saying about him and his job performance economy baby formula inflation and war will discuss it.

We are talking about a meaningful change in our government is a major investment in mental health perhaps money for school security that would make a difference on the table is red flag laws, changes to our background check system to improve the existing system. A handful of other items that will make a difference. They go that is center Chris Murphy closing in a seems to bipartisan Senate sessions are producing some type of gun deal � one thing of the president stay out of it and again. Special thanks to WS LS I am 600 Greensboro, North Carolina. For now, carrying the show center likely joins us from Utah is that a brand-new book out called saving nine the fight against the left's audacious plan to pack the Supreme Court and destroy American liberty center, welcome back center. It's a bipartisan look at what could be coming down first on guns expanded background checks intent is for red flag laws for states and funding for mental health and school security. That's all I know. Can you tell your audience anything else. My understanding of where they want to go wishing to expand government generally in the federal government in particular one of their favorite things to do is spend more federal money and another one of their favorite pastime seems to agree that when someone has violated multiple laws often thousands of lost. They want to propose more laws about somehow going to do the trick.

So for you against any bipartisan move to do this. Are you hearing from center Corning that this might be something you could support. I don't see anything that they propose would solve the problem or consider anything I want possible that I am not aware of what they're doing but I have a lot of reluctance around the idea of pushing this notion that were going to respond to a tragedy like this one by incrementally eroding the rights of law-abiding American citizens more often than not these proposals end up doing little or nothing to protect people from violent crimes. They do a lot to make life difficult for those who are already abiding by the law or consider any proposal to bring up.

I am not optimistic. Those are going to meet my exacting standards in that regard because this seems like a knee-jerk reflex response to something bad happen without necessarily considering how it will affect the law since you do such a student of law. You know how we get a red flag on a 16-year-old who show signs of violence with guns like the one in Buffalo and the other one who everyone in their life could say this guy was danger in a Susie turn 18. They got this clean record and they got able to go and buy a gun when you know the gun store owner never loads. Would love to be able not to sell this guy gun. How can we deal with that. We are focused on how to enforce the laws regarding the books. It's already unlawful for somebody to have a convicted felon, or if they've been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of violence or if it got certain type of domestic violence related restraining order out against them, or if it been adjudicated mentally incompetent or order to involuntarily committed to an institution.

Any of those things would prohibit someone from acquiring a gun lawfully possessing a gun, ammunition, and so many of the circumstances we got people who could have and should have been handled appropriately by the system and in some cases might've even been able to be deemed persons who may not acquire a weapon focused on what it is some of the factors you just described how people are able to escape through. Even with all sorts of issues that should perhaps lead to them being institutionalized or being beamed mentally unfit, why they were overlooked understood center. I'm probably not to hear this for the first time with me.

You probably heard it last week when it was said, but is deftly noteworthy and placed your book. Here's comes from Andre Jones enough of your thoughts and prayers enough enough, you will not stop us from advancing to protecting our kids act today, you will not stop us from passing it in the house next week and you will not stop us. There, if the filibuster obstructs us. We will abolish it if the Supreme Court objects we will expand it and we will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation and our communities.

Each and every day we will do what ever it takes to him, gun violence, whatever it takes, so that place today. The name your book saving 99 Supreme Court justices, the Democrats had every hope of packing the Supreme Court and basically Joe mansion Kristin cinema are to the people that stood in their way.

That's a fear of yours. Why should we all worry about that here speak to in the book with regard to represented Jones in particular to someone who is trying to demonize and delegitimize the Supreme Court itself is in its situation and isolate those Supreme Court justices who want to climb the countdown to the demands of the All-Pro woke liberal political movement in this country, so there's no question they want to do this one to expand the Supreme Court they want to pack the Supreme Court is one of the reasons why a broker saving nine is because of statements made by people like Representative Jones, people who are willing to come out and attack the integrity of an institution, warts and all. Despite its flaws, despite the fact that all of us have decisions we can identify. The Supreme Court has made that we don't agree with from time to time. As I explained, saving nine. This is not a bad institution, it sometimes does good things. It's a good institution, but sometimes makes mistakes but it's the best of its kind anywhere in the world, and responding to disagreements by saying that the were going to impair the court's objectivity responding to them by saying work going to allow the incumbent president, where he controls Congress with his political party to get rid of the objectivity of the court will be destructive to liberty itself and torque constitutional system of government, and you feel as though there's a lot of lawyers who do your job in the Senate and the house. Don't they realize the American system and the way it should work well.

They have a different conception of the way it should work, and there are number of people in this body who believe that the court is there to do their bidding, that the court should prepare to reach conclusions that are consistent with their concept of social justice and that the Constitution is somehow encompasses what they see as a desirable lyrical outcome. But as I explained 39. Not every good idea from what I've heard bad ideas unconstitutional, but more importantly very, very few ideas. Very few policy objectives are up to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is Paris and explained in chapter 1 of saving nine simply to decide cases to decide individual disputes about what particular provision of lower the cost to should meet and that's it. The way to be overturned sometime in the next few weeks. A few days I do and I explained in the chapters 7 and eight of saving nine but that's one of the reasons why I became so concerned about the effort to pack the spring I started forcing early last year, shortly after Pres. Biden took office that the left new row versus Wade. All was some sort of on the edge because Roe versus Wade. As they themselves know.

If not doctrinally sound it's not rooted in the text structure. The history, traditions of our law. All of our Constitution so they know that with present truck recently, have a quick pretext. Foolish originalists on the court between other textual's originalists including Justice Alito, my former boss in, and Justice Clarence Thomas days of row are numbered.

And that's exactly why they want to pack the Supreme Court so they can undo those things.

They want the court to continue to be answerable to them politically to do their political dirty work things that they can't accomplish through the legislative process and that's wrong.

That's why I explained that saving nine is about much more than the Supreme Court. It's about much more than of packing the Supreme Court. If you read saving on you. You walk away with a better understanding for the way our government works and how fragile the system really is, how wonderful it is the same time how we have to protect nine will give you the tools you need to do that you never lose another political argument of your life You recheck so in the series Roe V Wade gets overturned and will be certain states wherever where abortion will be illegal right where these even though the majority of the country feels as though it should stay in place. But most of the country also feels as though after the first trimester abortion should not is not okay go into those numbers back and forth 5% either. Either way, what do you think that this is going to end up being that so-called sanctuary city inside a red state so the Austin Texas inside Texas. Yet, it might be illegal but they going to do it anyway just like having giving illegals some sort of citizenship is illegal that sanctuary. They can't be kicked out something that we see over time that will be up to each state to decide city's individual cities and counties.

Other subdivisions of the state fair precisely that. They are therefore subject to state law control to each state to decide whether, when, to what extent, in what way they want to allow local autonomy that will be up to them to decide one of the things that so crazy and infuriating and shocking about the left's response to the Dobbs draft opinion which really was masterfully written.

I encourage everyone to read that opinion regardless of their pews on a portion or all row you trust me enough left to saying the.

The Alito draft opinion in the Dobbs case somehow signals the end of democracy is quite the opposite with living for abortion policy purposes.

In a traditional oligarchy for less 49 years, nearly my entire life, for what that's what that was a allow democratic processes within our country to function as a Constitution intended to understood pickups in his book and learn a lot like usually do. Whether it's about history about the law is called saving. Nine. The fight against the less audacious plan to pack the Supreme Court and destroy American liberty graduation center. Go get them. 1-866-408-7669 ICU names up there I'll get to you. I promise I best I can. Then we welcome inbred bear was also got a great series on talk about the Vietnam War will discuss that this is the brain to meet you this commentary.

You need to know Brian kill me talk show that's getting you talk more with Brian kill me, let me say few things number one in understanding why gas prices have gone up January 17 that is the day put troops to the border of Belarus and Ukraine but gas prices are knowingly dollars and $0.31 were going up around I know what they were going up and they were up at $3.31. What you just said is there at $4.82. Now they've gone up a dollar 50 because of the unthinkable Russian aggressions and Ukraine that camera back next. Unbelievable.

So that's what's going on.

I was going to Bill W NASA bill failure on my things. My father was going by my father. On Memorial Day I was by the Medicare it takes because you couldn't believe it. They call and revelation in the Bible. One, because all the calamity think a little happening around the world all all things are going really 70 years since the, the invasion of Normandy. We will is this deed of the DD anniversary. We know there's also a lot going on there hundred years since the aircraft carriers invented. We got all a lot going on in around the world. A lot of anniversary so always could have always have a tribute for Adam to get a stationary channel does more for Memorial day than we do some sorry disappointed with that. The other thing to keep in mind to this so much put exists in which clinical movement this week alone. Get this to January 6 trial starts and the Democrats are making this like a show that actually brought in and a documentarian from ABC to help produce and unveil different people in the order in which you make the most impact on top of that Supreme Court is handy that a series of decisions, one of which we know about the leak is going to be handed down the Roe V Wade, so if that is overturned historic that is going to be huge news and then this week as the Senate goes back into session with the house and the Senate might be unveiling gun restrictions or some type of a gun to changes to the gun laws in this country that hopefully gel with the Constitution that might have some type of bipartisan support because were all horrified about the Sears shootings took place this week for the present United States spent this weekend. He's tense all Friday talk about how much he focused on the economy and the stories of how much his administration is at each other's throats. How disappointed they are. Other prison binders with his staff, trying to walk back on with every statement he says they came to the conclusion, according to his sister and his wife that he has to be more buying. Let Biden be buying. How scary is that.

And then he goes and packs a bag and goes to the preaching Delaware sky spent over three decades try to get to the White House now with these in the White House. He can't get far enough away as soon as he is able to what's going on is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me common sense steps that do not come to my Second Amendment rights were likely can apparently some significant mental health spend make a difference as well and I think everything is important is said is consistent, the negotiations were having everything I want.

We're not going to put his legislation with able to ban assault weapons or to pass comprehensive background checks right now. People of this country wants to make progress. They just don't want the status quo to continue for another 30 years is that is center Chris Murphy remarkably apolitical about this whole process asking the president not to take part knowing that last Thursday speech as well as was delivered for the presence Bessie Everest given by it does. It's not helpful just furthered puts those lines bold in those lines between the parties with me right now is prepare our Prince got a lot of stuff going on. I mean, one of which is you.

Are you ready for debate on Monday night on Fox nation between Lindsay Graham and Sen. Sanders and I want talk about that in a second. But first things first are used to probe what you hearing about these courting Murphy talks here and that they are progressing in and to tender mercies is basically a framework that for less than what everybody wants, but it's what Republicans and Democrats are agreeing on, which is a rare thing in getting sick now as part time frame.

I'm told the end of this week for a framework but probably not about this week so it cannot be slow making of the sausage here and when you see something not to send this going to be so dramatically different from what we getting from the house.

Does that mean instead an arrival in the house. No, I don't think so.

I think there's this sense that something has to get done, thereby even the progressives who want much more may vote for it, but you know with Republican the siding on whatever number that is you would be able to get the numbers that you need to 18. So for suggested study, 81% of the country going to them once background checks 72% want federal for a red flag laws and 62% want to ban AR 15's after the horrific you filed the shooting over the weekend shootings in Philadelphia, three day Chattanooga three dead South Carolina one dead. Phoenix got a shipping shooting West Texas had five heard making Georgia Mesa Arizona did so shootings seem to be up in this country and the pandemic hasn't helped. In terms of diffusing any type of anxiety Americans feel. I don't know if the woods with tech will cut a job that's doing on America's youth. We have a major problem. Now what the solution is I don't think that there is one one-size-fits-all on some each kind of shooting is different to what we saw in Philadelphia is a lot different than what were seeing in some of the shootings in schools in all their different animals, but I think that the most part we have one thing is clear and there's a mental health component to this. That is significant and go down the gums wrote but mental health and families and kids is a big deal. I did is I just want you yourself are people listening to this right now. Okay, we hear about gun. This can be taken away your guns in American people going to take this out on American gun owners who are lawfully doing with this post to do center Pat Toomey's the worker Joe mansion for years to get something done this.

What he said and face the nation yesterday cut seven there are intensive discussions underway. It includes people who have not been engaged on this issue in the past, certainly can't guarantee any outcome, but it feels to me like we are closer than we been since I've been in the Senate, and he went on to say they have more more line with Republican values. Soon we look at the selection of another story. If you look over the weekend in LA times a friendly outlet seems to be turning on prison. Biden are they right. Here's an excerpt he he ran on competence and experience is struggling to manage multiple crises. The white has been working to rebuild his credibility for nearly a year ever since Afghanistan but a relentless pandemic.

The influx of migrants on the southern border in the prison staff stalled legislative agenda have served to further calcified the public's negative perceptions of them and he's frustrated going to politico. That is, approval or below trumps, and the goal is to get him out more bring us inside the store in the White House we been fasting to CCN in the Washington Post, and NBC all have similar stories. I think that that's what going out of the White House on the inside anonymously.

Obviously there's frustration there is worry there is a big mix of maps that they can't get their head around and it's hard to see how they turn around before November. For a lot of things can happen between now that but we start seeing these stories and you start seeing more and more traditionally friendly outlets being very very skeptical and critical.

You know something is wrong in these approval ratings continue to drop their not changing so something has to change.

Whether it's staff or whatever you seem to is that you know our kids are older now, Brett, but we know it is like baby formula.

Can you imagine running out how you have to scramble this matter how much money you have, who you know you can't get it. It's not being made. So the question is how did this happen this talk. Now the FDA is good to be investigated because they would shut this down. New quote true. Well, this could be a catastrophe for the country didn't seem to care.

Present never had an FDA director into recently. That's probably not a good thing. What about the commerce secretary. She was asked by Jake Tapper over the weekend about this baby formula thing that could've been known in December.

We shut this plant was shut down in February and the president said I can't be a mind reader when he was asked about it and may listen to the commerce secretary cut 23 Pres. Biden said he did learn about the severity of the infant formula shortage until April, but problems first emerge back of the Abbott plant back in October, 20, 21 in industry executive said they knew how bad this could get when the plant closed in February, the secretary of commerce.

When did you first learned of this problem.

I first learned about it you know a couple of months ago, so this is a difficult issue but I yes probably April make you feel better by the ministration really want to get my school here in Charlotte I know this and I been there radio interviews that I did. I do the radio interviews to sometimes on the train and Intel are handling your ticket so I totally get it but but have Brad as a parent.

Then Brett had not had all the bread is apparent in anchor. Go ahead and say hello upon the great so I think that the administration is behind the eight ball on this. Nobody wants the answer wants to answer the question one when they knew to bring up just a little bit usually pops right back right around now. Yeah right I lost you a little bit just want to repeat what you just said.

The question broken reconnecting in just a second. So Jean Armando comes and says this this is what it would else she said, following up that conversation cut 23. We will get inflation under control. We just have to stick with it and see it through it. I think it's worth noting that gas prices are up at dollar 40 a gallon since Putin move true troops into Ukraine honey is the cause of this inflation is the supply chain problems that were caused by coven. So the problem is the proven price hike and then the supply chain problems. What are you doing to both we both have been out there where rapid gas is now between nine dollars and we getting set for $10 a gallon gas.

This is a disaster for any administration care was George Washington who but I never had gas issues during his administration, but I'm still researching real quick bread. I know you're up against it, but just which plaintiff judging Armando when asked about this whole problem with gas prices and inflation she's approved price hike and supply chain is that people get a by that is I can work out. Now I report that no one wants to answer the White House when the president found out exactly who told about the baby formula how we talk about gas prices, you know better. Keep going back to price hike will way past that now way past that because a lot of this movement was happening well before that and I don't know if it is a communication team. Just think that if you keep on hitting it that suddenly it's going to strike a chord. There's no evidence of any goal that is true.

Lastly, discounted new news within the last hour, with most have this conference of the Americas is American Summit on US soil. First time since the 90s going to be in Miami.

Mexico is just backed out and the reason they're giving Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, aren't allowed and this being this is a convention of democracies. I'm pretty sure that's not a stretch to think that would be invited, but this is not doing your diplomatic work before the announcement. Is this a big deal.

It is a big deal, actually, because Mexico is standing with Cuba and obviously Mexico's leader is a leftist, later there are more more leftists being elected, and Latin America, and the administration, dropped the ball and setting the table for all of this it in LA the Summit of the Americas and the hope was that you get all these countries to agree on some things altogether, even though they have come from different ideologies and the fact that you're not good that you cannot have half a loaf wanted to talk about Latin America.

It is not as powerful as this debate is taking place that week from today in Boston between the center. Sanders and Lindsay Graham. I'll be moderating. It's kind of old school debate where the Senators will have opening statements will talk about their perspective on things.

The economy domestic policy and then they'll sit down and will go back and forth and I'll grill them with questions and effort a bipartisan effort by this number of different groups to come to bring back the way to set it used to work to try to come to come some compromise between even the most ideal ideologically Senators so we'll see if what happens if the first three in the church, Boston, Massachusetts Edward Kennedy Institute has foundation, the bipartisan policy Center will be on Fox nation is a layer at 12 PM will be streaming live at 12 PM on Monday the 13th favorite. Not that you need some else do. That's can be a lot of preparation for job.

I know you do great tonight six*three hours in radio with Brian kill me back everybody thinks what you being here yet outnumbered the top of the hour, so watch Fox News Channel and NUI to vaccinate now you see me holding up the sheets and means there is time to see there is more to know the Tampa Bay rays from the organization are not happy about Friday night, they said, because religious reasons most players wearing rainbow logos on their caps and sleeves for the Tampa times know that Jason Adams jailing peaks, Brooks Raley, Jeffrey Springs, Ryan Thompson, among those who did not wear them."

A lot of ask about the faith is like a face-to-face decision to is our decision because ultimately all said we wanted them to know that all are welcome and love.

Dearborn input comes to our bodies. I think a lot of you guys decide. This is the lifestyle that maybe not that they looked out anybody differently adjusted that maybe we don't want to encourage it all right next let's talk space. Let's talk blue origin. Let's talk Jeff Pazo's the company's a suborbital joyride last about 10 minutes. Lift off the touchdown at an altitude of 350,000 feet. Well we know this seasonable bit of a fight with you on must therefore as part of an ongoing space ever by a handful of companies including Bosque and Richard Branson who origin completed its fifth crew flight over the weekend and O supported Saturday's latest series of ambitious rocket powered exhibitions was wrong with that. They pay tax dollars.

It helps the economy right people do not realize how many innovations scientific and what we use in everyday life comes from space exploration. They bank rose bankrolled by private investment capital and wealthy passengers. Good job. Next sports I thought it would be a good win for the warriors in game two and it was a top Celtics 107, 88, evidently was a big third quarter for Golden State you had to win on the West Coast.

Steph Curry 29 points chart pool picture for just inside a midcourt to The pivotal.

And the worriers beat the Boston Celtics. Game three will be Wednesday in Boston were tied at one game apiece next Rafael.

They dealt with this French Open for the 14 time is a all-time record 22 grand slams.

Good job. Next in soccer Ukraine steering to go to the World Cup, which would play them, input them in the US division so I'm not thrilled about that. They lost to Wells one nothing so they will not be going to cutter the game was a Cardiff city Stadium with the final game to decide the remaining European slot when he go for Wells and only go by Ukraine Wenger Andre yellow Manko, who had a free kick from Gareth fail into the net by mistake � the worst possible way. No more Elvis themed weddings in Las Vegas chapels. Lacy company is clamping down no idea why the Clark County clerk Lynn Gioia who led a marketing campaign promoting Vegas as a wedding destination said beautiful chapel to stop using Elvis could have come at a worse time. Sorry about that focus on the raters yeah but it's a huge thing you've been to Vegas for a while.

You met me only sing elves impersonators on the streets. Kindly take the wax museum. I don't get wax museum support and no I don't get wax busy is because since me and Elvis wedding speech wouldn't come off like a joke right hi I'm Bob comically married you because a lot of money that Elvis Elvis next children playing team sports less likely to suffer mental health problems, but less kids are playing team sports mercy.

Researchers found that youngsters who only play individual sports tennis, gymnastics our greater risk of mental health issues. The kids will playports at all.

The findings come from major study of more than 11,200 kids 9 to 13.

Expressive. Most kids quit sports by 13 lie with the researches expectations yet to show the children of the team sports less likely to have signs of anxiety, depression, withdrawal, social problems or tension prompted him anyway to go to the Academy of life. That's what I love about next to much self-confidence can be harmful to your health.

That's my problem. I think I walk on water scientist for University of Vienna report that older people were overconfident about their own health, don't go to the doctor. Like the present United States that could present this to be detrimental to their health long term. Conversely, the study also found the opposite holds true. People are pessimistic about their own health tend to be the doctor were off so you can manifest illness.

No question. Would you like one of us to bring you down a peg. Every show for my release when I only met for my own physical health. Yeah, actually around for a number years look the other day if you want to stop Eric.

I love Derek. I go back into fianc� name, something I do wrong. He said I need more time and I said okay I'll give you more time. Someone asked him after the Charlotte reality all show our daily show wrap-up what you did wrong to bring you down right and I just said I sometimes got Fowler quite the step down because about 6070 people.

I'll just say guys wanted time tell me of any idea wrong. I think issues in your life next 10 delivery workers admit to eating a customer's food is going to a poll by 500 delivery driver so they are actually out of themselves. The commission by the circuit route planner feeling of persons fries are putting their sticky fingers and somewhat chicken may not be the most disgusting thing one for drivers confessed. They've hooked up with someone in their vehicle 110 minus did you pick up your food. If you have a car 3 in the car and get your food during the pandemic. My daughter Caitlin nonstop over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources.

A Fox box whether podcast process personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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