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Lakers Leaving No Doubt (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 9, 2023 7:38 pm

Lakers Leaving No Doubt (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 9, 2023 7:38 pm

Have the Lakers been the most impressive team this postseason? l Jason Jackson, Miami Heat radio broadcaster l Vikings reportedly tried to trade up to draft Bryce Young


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Additional terms apply. CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City sitting on top of the 10th floor, 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Tuesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4CBS is the number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You can always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. We've got two guests for you coming up today. Joining us 20 minutes from now, longtime Heat broadcaster Jason Jackson is going to stop by as the Miami Heat do take a commanding 3-1 series lead over the New York Knicks.

That series is over. And then at the top of the hour, we'll be joined by Kenny the Jet Smith producing this extravaganza for the next four hours. First up is Hot Take Kiki.

Hot Take Kiki. I'm usually in a very good mood to start these shows. Today, I'm just disappointed. Like, I'm not annoyed. I'm not agitated. My blood isn't boiling. But I'm just really disappointed.

And sometimes that's the worst thing to hear. And the reason why I'm so disappointed is because I was expecting a classic great series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. And I know if you're a Lakers fan, you probably don't want to hear this, but I don't have a dog in the fight. The fact that we're going to get either LeBron James or Steph Curry in the Western Conference Finals going in, that's a win if you're an NBA fan that doesn't have a team in the race to still try to go get that Larry O'Brien trophy. But when we get LeBron going up against Steph Curry, I expect all-time greatness and a series to go seven games and it just to be jaw-dropping. Now, that doesn't always happen because the Warriors got to a point when they had Kevin Durant where we all knew it was inevitable that Golden State would win those series. But before KD got there, those series were great. And when you have now life after KD in Golden State, you expected this to be a classic series. And after game one, I was feeling pretty good on this being just an unbelievable jaw-dropping series. But ever since then, the Lakers are just better. And you look at Golden State, they had a golden opportunity last night where, quite frankly, they should have tied up the series.

It should have been all tied up at 2-2 and then I'm going to be getting what I'm asking for and I wouldn't be in just such a crappy mood today. But the Golden State Warriors down the stretch last night, for anyone that thinks they still have a shot and that they're going to come back, I just don't see it. And I've always been extremely respectful of Golden State. You knew going into the playoffs, even though it was unexpected what they were going to be able to do, you knew that they were going to be a tough out. But if you go back to last year when they actually won it all, what do we say when they won that title? Golden State didn't even play their best brand of basketball and they were still good enough to win a championship.

And what you're seeing this year, a year later, is just when they got the breaks last year and they were able to pull it out, they're not able to do so this year. And it's so alarming when you get accustomed to just seeing a team win, win, win, win, win, almost look like they don't belong in the final two minutes of a basketball game. Because how many times when we talked about Golden State do you always say, oh, their experience is going to be the difference?

And I get it. The Lakers have LeBron bleeping James. They have guys that have won championships.

I know a lot of us clown Anthony Davis, but whether you want to acknowledge it or not, he's won a championship in the NBA. But Golden State just has an overwhelming amount of experience, championship experience, compared to any team that they're going to play. And last night, after they blew the lead, the Lakers get back in the game and they're going blow for blow to just see the horrendous shot selection by Klay Thompson and Steph Curry down one.

That was a cause for concern. But there were so many other opportunities where they had a chance to either go take the lead or go tie the game. And I'd be remiss if I didn't bring up the Draymond Green play before you had that ridiculous Steph Curry shot over Anthony Davis that just didn't fall. Draymond Green, and this just shows me why the Warriors aren't going to win a championship this year and why they're not even going to get out of this series. And why I don't believe that they're going to come back, even though they have two more potentially home games left in this series.

They've just been having too many brain farts. Like Draymond Green gets a rebound last night. You have Dennis Shruder in front of you. You're so much bigger than him, you could just put that ball right in the basket. But he didn't even look to do that. He fired it right back out to Steph.

And sure, you could tell me that you live and die by the three ball, but that just doesn't make sense. When you're Draymond Green, you're down by one. You made the hustle play. You got the offensive rebound. There wasn't someone that was going to block you.

There wasn't someone that was going to prevent you from making that shot. And you don't do the simple play. It's like when you're growing up as a kid in school, they say, kiss, keep it simple, stupid. And the Warriors are just refusing to keep it simple. And they've looked stupid, especially last night up against the Los Angeles Lakers. And then also in the final, like 30 seconds, Draymond throwing the ball away.

I don't know what the heck he was trying to do. And Steph Curry, as great as Steph has been at times in the postseason this year and how much we've praised him. We all remember the brain fart that he had up against Sacramento when he almost gave them that game when he called the time out and didn't have one. And last night you have a time out.

You're lying on the floor and you throw the ball away instead of calling a time out. The last round, they were able to survive some of those brain farts. But when you're going up against LeBron and this is no disrespect to Sacramento. I love what Mike Brown has been able to do.

I love what the Aaron Fox has been able to do there. But when you're going up against the king and when you're going up against the Lakers, even though this isn't the greatest like your team anyone's ever seen. There was a reason why they were in the playing tournament.

They're going to make you pay for those things. And when you watch that game play out last night, Anthony Davis was awesome in the first half, not so much in the second half. LeBron gave you another solid effort. What LeBron's been doing all throughout this postseason. But usually you see that out of nowhere player kind of break out for Golden State.

And last night it happened very Landry Shammet like with what you saw the other night with Lonnie Walker. No one had on their bingo card Lonnie Walker having 15 points in the fourth quarter. But that kind of wraps up and shows you that it's just not going to be the Warriors year this year. And I know people are going to start to put out the motivational videos and they're going to say, oh, they were once up 3-1 against LeBron and LeBron came back. There's no way there's no shot that LeBron James is going to blow a 3-1 lead to the Golden State Warriors.

All he needs to do is win one more game. And if we're sitting here next week and we're talking about the Warriors finding a way to come on back, even though I always say the Warriors are always going to be a tough out, I would absolutely be stunned because these last two games, the Lakers have just shown you that they're better than what the Warriors have this year. And it's kind of crazy how much a difference a year makes because if you look at it from the Warriors side, we all expected them to be even better than the team that they were last year because Klay knocked off the rust and Jordan Poole was emerging as a third splash brother. Jordan Poole got paid.

I know it could be difficult mentally when your own teammate punches you in the face and I wouldn't want to show up to work either. But Jordan Poole in the postseason just looks off and the team doesn't trust him right now. Look at how much money he's making. And Jordan Poole only placed 10 minutes last night and couldn't hit a shot. So the Warriors have problems. I'm not saying their dynasty is over because this is a team that you look at how they won last year. They could win that way in the future.

They have to make some changes, some adjustments clearly. But you look at the overall theme in the NBA, there's a lot of parity right now. You had the number one overall seed in the Milwaukee Bucks go out in the first round. You have the Heat who are in the playing tournament. They're going to the conference finals, assuming and they will get one more win up against the Knicks. The Lakers, who are in the playing tournament, are going to the conference finals. Boston has not looked all that impressive.

They have to show me their killer instinct. You look at a team like the Sixers. James Harden shows up in game one and four, but was nowhere to be found in games two and three. You look at a team like the Nuggets, who I think they are still the best team in the NBA. But Denver was up 2-0. They looked like they were going to quickly dispose of the Phoenix Suns.

And now that's a series at 2-2. I know Devin Booker is shooting the crap out of the basketball 61% from the field. You got to assume eventually he's going to cool off. And Kevin Durant has been up and down in his level of aggressiveness. We've seen in the last two games. Let's see if it's going to continue.

So this thing is right there for the taking. And if Golden State would have won last night, it's a totally different field. It's a totally different vibe. But one game in the postseason could change everything. And last night, you got the sense and you saw from the Golden State Warriors that it's just not going to be their year. And when you see a team, regardless if you think the Warriors are great or not this year, when you see a team with that much experience just do uncharacteristic things, that's the like red alarm that's going off in my cabeza that tells me this is just not their year. Now on the Lakers side of it, I look at the Lakers.

I've not been more impressed. It's not saying that they're the best team, but I've been because I don't think they're the best team remaining. But I've been the most impressed of the Lakers out of any team this postseason. And the only team that could rival them is the Heat. And what the Heat did up against the Bucks was phenomenal, even though Giannis Antetokounmpo only played in like two games in that series.

But I expected the Heat to take care of business against the Knicks very quickly. And we were even talking about this like a month before the playoffs started. Everyone, of course, was discussing in the Eastern Conference the three best teams, Celtics. You have the Sixers, the Bucks in whatever order you wanted.

And I remember a conversation that we had, if it's not one of those three, who's going to be the team that gets out of the East? And I just gave the benefit of the doubt to Miami, even though they did not have a superb regular season, because Jimmy Butler is just a killer. And we've seen him do this before in the postseason going back to the bubble. So I'm not telling you I expected Miami to be in the conference finals.

But it's not like my jaw is hitting the floor and you can't believe it. Just with that Heat culture and you have a player like Jimmy Butler who is just a flat out stud. You look at this Lakers team. I would not have had the Lakers as a top three or four pick to get to the NBA Finals before the postseason started. And you see this Lakers team, a big reason why you doubted them was the injuries. LeBron was dealing with injuries.

Anthony Davis dealing with injuries. And the most underrated piece for Los Angeles Lakers has been Rob Polinka. And I know we don't usually give Rob Polinka a lot of credit, but the general manager Lakers made some moves that just fit and moves that just work at the NBA trade deadline. So as I sit here right now and you see the Lakers, the moment when bum Brooks opened his mouth, just give the middle finger to Memphis. And then they followed that up with looks like just being a better team and a more dominant team and having a dominant performance and maybe quickly disposing of the Golden State Warriors. I'm really impressed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

And I know right in 2020, they play their best game, you know, their best basketball and they won a championship. But ever since then, we've been sitting here and just talking about how the roster is not constructed the right way. You never know who's coaching the team with the coaches that they have moved out throughout the years. And then also, it's like LeBron and AD just haven't been able to be healthy. And now they're healthy at the right time and they're getting the contributions from the other players on their roster. And it's not like heading into the playoffs. We were all gassing up and given words of extolment to this Lakers roster. So the two takeaways from last night, the Lakers, they have been the most impressive team with what we've seen so far through the postseason, not the best, but the most impressive. And you look at this Golden State team, it's uncharacteristic what they're doing. And that's why I don't have any confidence that they're going to find a way to come on back.

Hickey, before we take a break, I just want to ask you this one question. If you had to give me a number, 0 out of 100, that the Warriors come on back and win this series, what would that number be? Because what I saw transpire in the final two minutes made me say that this is just not happening for the Warriors this year. I will say 40%. 40?

Wow, that's a pretty big number. Yes, I think that two games at home, they are a team that has been sloppy, but to their credit, when they have to be focused, have played well, I do think there's absolutely a chance they come back from down 3-1. And I know you've been synonymous with being a Laker hater, so that may be marinated with some of it, but I just don't see how when you give LeBron James three chances to go win one game, how he's not going to be able to find a way to win one game when the Lakers have just proven to you through the first four games that they're just better. And when it gets tight, and we saw that last night, Golden State did things in the King series even though they came back with that Steph Curry play where he called timeout and didn't have one.

And then last night, it's not like I just gave you one or two where it's like, oh, those are easy fixes. I gave you like four or five things in the final two minutes that I thought were absolutely egregious by the Golden State Warriors. I keep on watching them, and even though I look at them and it'd be great if they're in the Western Conference Finals, I just don't see how they find a way to come on back and LeBron doesn't find a way to get one more, even with LeBron not even playing his best game yet. And I think that's another underrated part with the Lakers. We haven't seen one of these LeBron 40-point performance yet, and I'm sure that we'll eventually get one of those in this series if he needs to do that in order to advance back to the Western Conference Finals.

It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. We head down to South Beach next. We'll connect with Jason Jackson as the Heat take a 3-1 series lead. Heat up 3-1. Jason Jackson has been covering the Heat, calling their games for a long time.

Also does a great job for Sirius XM MBA Radio, and the Jack Show is kind enough to join us once again right now. Jason, I would ask you how you're doing, but I think I know the answer to that with your team being up 3-1. First of all, I am literally getting off the bus from the plane from Miami. I mean, on the streets of Manhattan, unloading from the bus as I join you now.

So I'm ready to roll. I'm surprised you're not getting booed, because a lot of Knicks fans are very unhappy right now with the way that this series is going. Listen, why would they boo me? They've got their own issues to deal with. Come on, leave me alone. I'm not doing anything but calling the hell out of this thing.

What a fun time. How do you put it into words? We all know how special a player Jimmy Butler is, but to have this start to happen again and what he's done through the first two rounds, you've seen every great Heat player that's ever existed.

How do you kind of put this one into words? Yeah, the tough thing for me is we're not done yet, right? But we've seen the greatest scoring performance in the history of the Heat playoffs. A top five scoring performance overall in the history of the NBA in the postseason. I'm looking forward to seeing the, I think some of it, I don't want to call it manufactured fuel, but the fact that the 100 people who are tasked with naming the best defenders in the league decided to leave Butler off. The first and second team, it's absolutely laughable. And it's something else for him to kind of just put in the tank and take out on the opponent.

It's not just New York. Watching him do what he does is, first of all, super tactical. I mean, he is on the other side of 30 now. And so being very clear about when he needs to be at his best, doing his best isn't as simple as saying, even though he said it, that's the simplest thing.

I really start playing after the All-Star break. It's a medical training, basketball personal decision that's made with a lot of input from a lot of experts, both with the team and his own personal team to get him ready for this time of year doing what has to be done. And him leading this team, either with 50 and 40 point games or being the guy that's leading it on the defensive end or being the guy that just sees what's needed, as you had another 10 assist game from him last night, setting other guys up, it's just fun to watch. He truly keeps the game simple by just whatever is needed, whatever the defense is allowing, he just attacks that.

He doesn't make it much more complicated than that. And I just don't see a way how the Knicks are going to come back in this series when Julius Randle last night is saying maybe the Heat just want it more. I just don't think that the Knicks have that toughness, even though it's been a good year for them right now to prevent Jimmy Butler from just winning one more game.

I was surprised to hear, but I mean, the history is the history, right? Over 90% of the time you're down 3-1, you're done. It may not be game five, but it's hard to do what any team has to do from the position that the Knicks find themselves in. Listen, they got to play, you look back at one game they won.

What is the most important aspect of that game? It's not the six minutes that they grab control of the game in the fourth quarter. It's that Jimmy Butler wasn't playing.

Tomorrow night, he's playing. He's playing with a chip, playing with the idea that you don't mess around when you have an elimination opportunity, which the Heat have already had on the road against the number one seed. Not just in the East, but the number one seed in the entire playoffs and they're not playing anymore. It's also kind of crazy to me, Jason Jackson, how I feel this from a lot of people, how they're like perplexed how the Heat are up 3-1 in this series. Maybe just because I live in New York and Knicks fans, when they win, they go crazy as they should because they've been tortured for the last 20 years. But I don't know how people actually thought that the Knicks were going to win this series. Listen, the joy I get, it's been a while to have a team that is young and you feel like it's going to be the core for you and can bring more than just bodies into MSG.

That's the thing I've always marveled at. Knicks fans come hell or high water. They're in the building. Are they happy about being in the building?

That's a whole other thing. And so far this season, through the regular season and through the first round, that joy was on point. But for anyone, Knicks fan or not, who didn't really watch the Heat's regular season, they would be confused. Because you just look at the record, you look at the positioning, maybe even just watch the play-in games. And it just didn't, everything seemed off. This entire season was off. Nobody missed more games due to injury than the Miami Heat. Every star, role player had some time that they were away from the floor.

So the cohesion is right on time at the best time. And the really good thing for Miami Heat is they have a bunch of, I told you I was on the street, right? I mean, you hear all this now, right?

And so I'm a New Yorker. I'm used to it with the horns. This doesn't faze me whatsoever, Jason.

Exactly. So it was, the fact now that you have Kevin Love, Jimmy Butler, and Kyle Lowry all as the, and let's not leave you, Donna Sazzlemouth, even though a lot of people like to, that you have this group of knowing what it takes. And Jimmy's the only one in that group that I just mentioned that doesn't have the ring, but he's the best player of all the names I'm noting, and the hunger on top of that knowledge is real.

It may not be something you can put on a stat sheet or have in your analytics laboratory, but it's what's needed when the road gets a little rough, when the waters start splashing over the edge, just people you can turn to and go, okay, what do we do now? And those answers have come more than not from that group that's leading this team now, who hasn't lost a playoff game, hasn't lost a playoff game at home yet, and is in its second elimination game in so many series. I just don't get, Jason Jackson, why people can't just tip their cap to the Miami Heat, because you have Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose on ESPN talking about the weather being why the Knicks just got their ass kicked in Miami.

Yeah, and both of them love vacationing in Miami, so I was surprised at both of them. I don't know, man, that stuff I feel like sometimes, you know, becomes of the work that they have to do in those tight blocks and trying to turn heads and turn things around, you just kind of double down on stuff that makes no sense. And it also is a little bit of a slap in the face into a Miami team that just was very good defensively during the regular season, and you find me a better defensive team playing among these eight teams now, and I'll be stunned. That's why the Heat are in this position. They are dominating defensively, both the Bucs and now in this series, even better. And I think it kind of got clouded in the Bucs series, because both teams were willing to score and get after it, rather than lock it down and kind of keep it in the dirt, but you start looking at the percentages now. I mean, this is a Knicks team that averaged, I would say, averaged 116 points.

They're averaging less than 100 in this series now. Jason Jackson here with us. I also, when I watch Miami, and maybe this has just been with some of the players they've attracted in the past and the destination, too, everyone keeps on throwing out Dame Lillard's name there. Has that got some buzz? Has that generated some heat down there in South Beach?

Not really. I think everybody's distracted, and rightfully so, by the main thing, which is these games. There'll be time for all that, you know, and that's hopefully June, July discussion for Heat Nation. But listen, Pat Riley's still in charge, right? And so, Andy Ellsberg still has the ledger.

He's still staring at it. Whatever it takes, whatever situation presents itself that makes sense in making the team better, the Heat team's always going to be involved in, but then nobody's going to rush based upon outside inferences or too early hot stove for basketball. What do we call it? It's not really hot stove for basketball, is it?

Summer Splash, something like that. Whatever we want to call it for Hoop. We'll wait on that until there are no more Heat games to play. Jason Jackson, the other series in the East, all tied up at 2. I've been disappointed that the Celtics really haven't displayed that killer instinct. Do you still think that the Celtics prevail in that series? Are you starting to take maybe Philadelphia a little bit more seriously to get to the conference finals? Man, it's so tough to call that one because I just don't know how good Joel's body is right now. If he's at his best, that's a handful to deal with if he's the leading edge.

And which James Harden are you going to get? Boston is probably not where they want to be, so close having an opportunity to get up 3-1 the other day. But they got their hands full, and when you're looking at it from this side of the bracket, you're like, you know what, they can take it all the way to 7.

That'll be entertaining for a whole lot of me. But if Boston is going to be at their best, they're not worrying about trying to be a part of a shootout. They are elite defensively, and they shouldn't get away from that too much. I know they're gifted, there's talented scores on that team, and it's always tempting to find yourselves, listen, we could put the ball in the basket, but when you have an ability to lock James down, particularly this time of year, you've got to lead with that aspect of the game. Out of 100%, how likely do you think it is, give me a number, that the Warriors find a way to come on back down 3-1 to LeBron and the Lakers? Come back to force game 7. Win the whole thing. Oh, win the whole thing? You're going to put me on the record for that one?

I think the number is zero. I don't see how LeBron James loses three games in a row, and there was a lot of mental mistakes last night by the Warriors. It's just tough. Because I respect the splash, I will go 30% above your zero. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's a game 7 in that series either. I would be surprised on that one, but hey, you watch a lot more basketball than I have, Jason Jackson.

Yeah, but they also pay me to watch it, so it's unfair. Last thing I'll ask you, Suns and Nuggets, after four games of what you've seen so far, Denver was dominant the first two, then the last two, the Suns just can't miss right now. Landry Shammet and Lonnie Walker in both those games have just been sensational. What's going to ultimately decide that series between the Suns and Nuggets? Let's first of all note that the Nuggets are absolutely beyond luck. What's the word?

Beyond luck, beyond fortune, whatever that is. But they have their big man available for their next game. There is a red line in the National Basketball Association. I don't care if you own a team or if you're sitting up in the.400 level, players cannot touch fans. Period. Period. That's the end of the discussion. And I know the Westbrooks of the world, and I believe PG probably even went this direction, this game petered on mayhem in the Malice in the Palace.

And then there was a very thick line draw. You're not wrong, but the owner was also an idiot too. He should not have held on to that basketball. He's just standing there holding a basketball.

He's standing there holding a basketball. Should he? Shouldn't he? We can have a separate debate. I'm talking about the players' responsibility.

I don't care what type of idiot you are, you don't deserve a forearm shiver from a seven-foot monster. At all. Ever. In this league. That man should not be playing tonight.

Period. But they're fortunate. They're going to be at full strength. They'll have all their guys. It seems like the most comfortable team in that series is the team that's at home. So if that's going to be the scenario, again, we'll be entertained at the highest level.

But I'm not surprised that, even without Chris Paul, that the scoring firepower that's available to the Suns might be the thing that kind of rises in the situation. It's just tough. And listen, I've only broadcasted games in Denver, and I'm huffing and puffing.

It is a legit thing to try to go there without doing it a lot. And the only team that does it a lot is Denver. And really being at your absolute best.

Particularly when you're nip and tuck. You know what I mean? And you're really like, you're playing to exhaustion in this stage. And all these teams are good. And so if this comes down to just the home team being the team that's most comfortable, obviously Denver earned that opportunity in a game seven. I thought this series was going to go the whole way, and I think we're going to get that.

The CP3 throws it off a little bit for me, but man, what a fun thing to watch. Do you think the league maybe told Ishbia, the owner of the Suns, to just put out that statement? Because that was waving the white flag, and you never would see that from an owner.

It was helpful. And he's new. And he's a businessman. Got some brownie points with the owners. Exactly.

So just moonwalk yourself out of it. I don't think that has to be orchestrated. I think people read the room well. That you don't become a multi-billionaire being unaware of the things around you. And I think it's going to be great, by the way, for this league. What he's already doing from a broadcasting standpoint, just getting the content to the people and not worrying about what's happening in bankruptcy court or trends or the things that you should or should not do. That's already telling me that he's willing to be outside the box.

And obviously that place needs a whole different vibe from a work environment standpoint of all the things that we've learned about what happened on the business side. So I'm going to applaud the Ishbia addition and say if you happen to spend a few billion dollars by a team and you want to hold a basketball a few seconds longer than you should, you still shouldn't get a left forearm in your grill. Well, enjoy the horns and the lovely sounds of New York City and everyone screaming at you. Just don't be looking up at the buildings and walk around like a Taurus because that's when you get an elbow to you. Come on, man.

Eyes on the ground. Straight ahead. I know how to do it. Thanks so much. Good to catch up with you, Jason.

Can't wait to do it again. There's Jason Jackson joining us. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. When we come on back, the Vikings wanted to tell you that they were in the Bryce Young sweepstakes. What does that really mean? We get into that next. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show.

I opened up the show saying I was disappointed that we're not going to get this classic great series between the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. Now I'm just disgusted and it has nothing to do with actual sports, but I just saw two things during the break that were so disturbing. So one is from Ty Dunn and Ty Dunn is a great NFL reporter. He's long featured stories and a big fan of Ty Dunn. I guess he's been leading this charge to kind of oust people who go on airplanes and take their shoes off on the plane.

That's just what I gather. So someone tweeted him. And this I hate when people do the plane lands and you stand up in the back of the plane, you stand up right away to go grab your bag, but you're not going anywhere. It's like just let row one go, then two, then three, then four, then five, and so on and so on. So this person tweeted Ty to bitch about that, which they're right, and then told Ty and the person didn't wear shoes the entire flight. I got TSA pre-check because I hated when they would make you take your shoes off in the airport to walk through security.

And with TSA pre-check, they let you keep your shoes on. But if you go on a plane and you take your shoes off, that's disgusting and just absolutely dirty hickey. Like, I can't believe that. Oh, a million percent. It's absolutely disgusting. But there are plenty of people that are disgusting in this world, and that's why it happens way more than it should.

I always say all the time, like Matt Collins, I would have won him on my football team because he walked around New York City and also the Super Bowl in the convention center this year without any shoes on because he prefers to not wear shoes, which is just always weird to me. The other story that I that I did see, too. Did you see the story about the the Nashville hotel manager? Did you see the story making the rounds at all?

No. So a Nashville hotel guests, this is according to CBS News, was sleeping soundly at 5 a.m. when he woke up. And he found a man licking his toes. The man that was licking his toes was the hotel's night manager. And this guy eventually got arrested. So the hotel night manager breaks into this dude's room and why the dude is sleeping starts licking the feet of the hotel guests.

Like, what is wrong with people? Those are the two stories I just saw back to back on Twitter. Ty Dunn, I guess, making sure that people fly airplanes with shoes on and then a hotel guest waking up and at the bottom of his bed is the night manager licking his feet. My guess on the Nashville night manager is that that is not the first time he's licked a guest's feet. That was the first time I caught because I don't think you do that.

You think someone liked it? I would say yes. That's my guess. That's a move that I don't think you just go cold turkey into. All right, I'm going to use my master key, break into this random guest's room, or maybe he gave me a look that I liked and maybe he's interested.

So I'm just going to try it out and see what happens. I think that my guess is that he had to test it before or maybe tried it out and it worked. And he goes, OK, this is my move to go for it and found the wrong guest. I would just assume and this is an assumption.

Let me just make this clear that the guy had to be on something. You don't just break into someone's room and start licking the guest's feet. I don't even know if I can stay in a hotel now ever again.

That's going to be like the boogeyman. You're going to sleep in a hotel and you're going to think about the story now forever. That's gross. I don't know about that.

I don't know. I don't know if I can stay in a hotel ever again. So you're never traveling ever again. You're going to sleep in your car.

That's what you're going to drive. Maybe you should just buy an RV now. Sleep in the hotel parking lot.

Would I be like John Madden now? Well, where else are you going to stay? Where are you going to go? Get an Airbnb. Well, if the guest, well, I mean, look, it's kind of the same thing. The person's home you're staying in, they have the keys. I don't, yeah, but now I feel like whenever you go to an Airbnb, you just punch the code and you never end up seeing the person.

Most of the time. I feel like the people that own Airbnbs now have like 10 or 15 other locations. You'd also think that you would never see the night manager in your hotel room licking your foot at a hotel cell.

Disgusting. Like we were just in Kansas City. Could you imagine if you were sleeping in that in those big rooms that we had and you woke up in the middle of the night and you felt a little tickle on your feet and it ended up being the hotel night manager sucking your toes like it was Rex Ryan. Not to be a little crazy, but I that's why not that reason in particular, but I always do put the little bolt over the door at night. Oh, just you never get everything safe. You never know, you never know.

So he treats every everywhere he goes like he's he's like out of Motel 6. I do have always a fear just of someone breaking in. So I said, you know, I'm gonna be extra safe. Maybe I'll play a prank on you next time we go away. Well, that won't work because I got the bolt.

Oh yeah. Just start knocking on the door is what I'm talking about. To be clear, none of this other funny business people and I see it's you. OK, I'm going back to bed. If it's someone, some crazy guy at the door and be like, hey, what's happening?

No, absolutely not. You said it was a prank. But what happens if it was emergency? Well, I'll see what kind of frantic state you're in. Are you banging frantically? Are you just kind of giggling like, oh, man, he's going to be so mad when he wakes up sort of thing? I think I would hit the door in in a in a frantic way. I would want you to kind of get to never find out.

And you kind of freak out a little bit. Hope the prank never happens. And I hope there's no reason for you frantically to be banging on my door late at night. Then we're in big trouble. I got food poisoning, Hickey. I'm like, stay away. No way. But then I'm putting the deadbolt, I'm putting the lock, I'm turning the lock.

I'm putting the do not disturb sign on the door to stay away. Did you see this story from Tom Pelissero? The Vikings were making calls about moving up very high in the draft. And that had the idea. And they had the idea to do so if Bryce Young didn't get selected with the first overall pick.

Two things on this. So for a while, we thought CJ Stroud was going to be number one overall pick. So there was a thought that Bryce Young could be available at two.

Fine. But the Texans, all we've heard was the Texans wanted. All they did was want, and they had to take him to CJ Stroud. But they really preferred Bryce Young. So if that's true, Hickey, I don't think there would have been a package that the Vikings could have offered that would have made the Houston Texans move off of the number two overall pick to not select Bryce Young. And even if they didn't, like, they would have had to have taken Bryce Young. You know that they like Young over Stroud.

Especially, off the top of my head, I forget. What? The Vikings are picking 24th? 23rd?

Something like that? Well, they got Addison. The picks you have to give to have the Texans go from two to 24 alone had to be massive.

And I don't know the deal. I mean, maybe unless you include Justin Jefferson in that deal, which would be ludicrous, to say the least. That's still a large jump for a team that needs a quarterback. And like I said, obviously they liked Stroud a lot.

And they love Bryce Young. They were taking a quarterback no matter who was going one to Carolina. It seems like they just want this story out there because they know that their fans aren't thrilled with Kirk Cousins. Not that Kirk had a bad season last year.

He has good regular seasons, but you just don't trust him in the postseason. And we know it's inevitable that they're eventually, sometimes, some way, going to find a way to split, even though Kirk's lasted longer in Minnesota than what people would think. I don't know who their next quarterback's going to be, but this feels very Green Bay Packers-esque when they had Aaron Rodgers. And Rodgers would demand to go get another wide receiver, another piece on offense. And any time there'd be a player out there, after the player was traded or signed, just like in this case, after the player was drafted, a story pops out, oh, well, we tried to go get Bryce Young, but there's never an actual chance you're going to get Bryce Young.

In this case, I thought there was a 0% chance that the Vikings could have found a way to move up to two. Right. And it's just like, this is the last year of Kirk Cousins. So it's like, if you want to move off of him, okay, you have one year, and then you could show, okay, we're done with him, and here are fans. We're going to move and get someone else. Like, there's no need to put that report out there, because your actions in a year can just show you that you are done with Kirk. And they're going to be an attractive destination. I know they've got to fix that defense, but offensively, you've got Justin Jefferson, you just drafted Addison. You also, you look around, Dalvin Cook's still going to be in the fold, maybe, maybe not, and K.J. Osborne, you've got a lot of pieces on that offensive side of the ball.
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