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Poole Party Problem? (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 3, 2023 7:08 pm

Poole Party Problem? (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 3, 2023 7:08 pm

Do you have a problem with Jordan Poole's final shot? l Do you feel better about the Knicks or Heat after Game 2? l 3 favorite first round NFL Draft picks


Live from the police show, yet not overly ostentatious, studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Wednesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4 CBS is the number to jump on in 855-212-4227 and you could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Jared Greenberg, who did the sideline reporting last night for the Knicks victory up against the Miami Heat. He will be stopping by at the top of the hour and then at 9 20 p.m Eastern, 6 20 p.m Pacific, a man that covers the Lakers. Trevor Lane will be joining us after what was a great game one between Steph Curry's Golden State Warriors and LeBron James's Los Angeles Lakers and a big part of it Anthony Davis why the Lakers are able to take game one in the Bay Area and they're able to go into the Chase Center and walk out victorious.

We'll talk about that right out of the gate but first up producing this extravaganza for the next four hours is no other than Hatekeke. So everyone's discussing today the Jordan Poole shot at the end of the game and I think a lot of people are letting their feelings of how we wanted that game to end get in the way of logic because when I'm watching that game last night and you have the Warriors going on that 14 to 0 run down the stretch it looked like they were down and out in the game the Lakers are going to easily take game one and the next thing you know we have a tie game and then shortly after that the Lakers are up by three we're all sitting on the edges of our seats and we're waiting to see Steph Curry square up and take a three-point shot to go tie the game. That's what we were hoping for with the Lakers up 115 to 112. You wanted to see Steph square up and see if he was going to make the shot or miss the shot and I give credit to Stan Van Gundy because I thought he was great in the broadcast last night he said it's the ABC play for the Lakers on defense. Anybody but Curry that was a wonderful line and right away I got to give credit to Lakers defense they had two guys on Steph Curry so he couldn't find his way to get closer to three-point line he passes the ball to Draymond Green Draymond then throws the rock to Jordan Poole who is so far behind the three-point line like it is ridiculous range but prior to that Jordan Poole was six to ten from long distance in the game and he takes the shot and misses it and right away because of how long the shot was and it wasn't Steph Curry every Tom Dick and Harry today is yelling how it was the wrong decision by Jordan Poole. I vehemently disagree Jordan Poole had to take that shot now you could argue Jordan Poole could have got closer to the basket Jordan Poole should have been closer to the basket and I totally hear you and I got nothing for you but when he gets that ball and he starts to square up and you could go back and watch the replay with about 10.7 10.6 seconds left Steph is still standing right at half court if Steph was cutting to a three-point area to go square up for a shot it's a different story but I don't know what else Jordan Poole other than just being closer to the basket in that scenario is supposed to do so I don't have a big time problem and I'm not irate about the Jordan Poole shot and it didn't go in the guy was six to ten before that shot and he had a wide open look and what have we praised and I know it's been with Steph and Klay Thompson throughout the years but what did we praise the Golden State Warriors for years how they make three-point shots so deep and so many times even when we know they're going to be dominant they still make your jaw hit the floor so I don't understand why people are in sense today and they're clowning Jordan Poole and they're saying he made the wrong decision what else other than moving closer to the three-point line was he supposed to do but this happens all the time in sports whenever you don't have the guy take the shot you always criticize the guy for either passing the ball or saying to the team how didn't you get the ball into the hands of the guy who was supposed to hit the shot he was supposed to hit the shot and I get it there was about 10.5 seconds left when he releases that's an eternity but I don't know if Steph was going to be able to get into position to not only get the ball but then also release the shot as well because once again with 10.6 10.7 seconds remaining he's standing still at half court so he has to then break away from a defender get the ball square up to shoot and probably Jordan Poole's gonna have to make the pass in some sort of traffic so zero problem other than the distance with him taking the shot last night and when he gets the ball there and he doesn't elect to take a dribble or two to get closer to three point line he has to shoot in that spot and that's what the Warriors are we have praised them for years for making those shots so I'm not going to sit here in this moment and rip Jordan Poole for last night now going into this series I like the Golden State Warriors I like the Golden State Warriors in seven games I'm still picking Golden State but we have to tip the cap to Anthony Davis because Anthony Davis of the Lakers are going to win this series and you don't need a PhD in basketball to figure this one out he is going to have to be the most valuable player for the Los Angeles Lakers and what Anthony Davis did last night was absolutely dominant that's the Anthony Davis that the Los Angeles Lakers traded for when he goes for 30 points and 23 rebounds and it's kind of funny because we know Anthony Davis isn't their best player but Anthony Davis if they want to go win a championship is their most valuable player and I said the same thing a few years ago when they were in the bubble because this league now is a dynamic duo league for the most part and we know what LeBron's going to do and LeBron can play better but you need that second running mate to be dominant and last night Anthony Davis was dominant it's like the same thing with the Sixers the same thing with the Nuggets a little bit different but we all know Joel Embiid he's the MVP of the league he's the Sixers best player but if the Sixers want to get to a championship their most valuable player is going to have to be James Harden because James Harden is going to have to hit big shots late in games you look at the Nuggets the guy that's won back-to-back MVPs and this year finished runner-up Nicole Jokic he's clearly their best player yes there's a game like game two where Joker goes off and Jamal Murray didn't do much but if the Nuggets want to go win a championship they need Jamal Murray to be their most valuable player because he's been in the past a great finisher so last night AD came to play it's good to see because for the last few years the injuries have been right at the forefront and if AD could give you not necessarily 23 rebounds and 30 points three more times but if he could give you great efforts like that three more times in this series then yeah the Los Angeles Lakers are not only going to win this series but then there'll be a tough out for the rest of the postseason I'm still sticking with the Warriors I didn't walk away from last night's performance saying oh my goodness gracious the Golden State Warriors can't win this series they absolutely can I still think they will and you even saw it last night the Lakers got as great of a performance that you could get from Anthony Davis and still at the end of the game the Warriors found a way to make it a game and when they tied it up after going on that 14-0 run you're lying to yourself and you're lying to everyone else if you didn't think the Warriors were going to walk out of game one on their home court and actually steal a game one victory I really thought they were going to snatch they were going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in that game because they looked like it was going to be an easy Lakers win and the next thing you know out of nowhere boom 14-0 run and it's unfortunate at the end of the game Steph didn't get the shot they made the right play getting the ball to Jordan Poole Poole should be a little bit closer but I can't crush him for taking that shot because what else was he supposed to do and that's the thing I think now we all see something we rush to go have a reaction to have a take and in the moment when you're watching you're like oh Poole's so far away why Steph Curry didn't get the shot oh stupid incompetence go back and slowly watch the play because I did it right before we got on the air I was in the newsroom with Hickey I'm like I know people are crushing Jordan Poole should he be closer to three point line absolutely but if he didn't take the shot there what else was he going to do and Steph I even put out the still shot on my twitter at Zach Gelb Steph with 10.7 seconds left is still at the half court line he's still at the half court line so I don't have a problem I have a problem with Poole trying to go hit that shot especially when he was six of ten in the game six of ten and unfortunately for Warriors fans he finishes six of eleven after missing that three-point shot Hickey give me your reaction last night to the ending with Jordan Poole and then also the rest of this series and if you're at all concerned about the Golden State Warriors as they take off game one on their home court my reaction to the Poole shot is this elite defense on the Lakers in absolute elite defense they did everything possible or should say everything right in that situation they got the ball out of Curry's hands they said as Stan Van Gundy said perfectly anyone but Curry is going to try to tie this game and if Jordan Poole hits that great for him we've seen him hit shots like that before in the playoffs it's not crazy to you know to yell at him for taking that shot when again we've seen it plenty of times him take a deep it so that was the perfect defense for the Lakers where Curry was getting hot late and they um they put themselves in the best position to uh succeed I don't know what else you know if you are criticizing the shot what you expect the Warriors to do outside of getting closer but still even now okay he takes a few dribbles then you're just allowing the defense to close in on you at that point he took it it's deep don't get me wrong but he took it in rhythm open three with a chance to tie the game I'll live with that I'll live with that especially when you have Steph Curry getting double teamed and not having the greatest three point should we ever seen really have any sort of shot to actually legitimately get a shot off to tie the game but I'm with you also great uh game one win by the Lakers I picked the Warriors to win the series I thought LA was going to win game one especially the short turnaround and all the emotions uh that the Warriors were facing after winning game seven on the road sorry Warriors fans but the thing is Anthony Davis was great yesterday that's why they won the game why I'm still sick with the Warriors is I don't trust Anthony Davis to be at that elite uh elite level three more times the Warriors have championship experience that will them pass the Kings in round number one I think it's going to do the same here in round number two because they are consistent and mentally tough why just don't you just can't expect Anthony Davis how great he is to play at that level three more times in the series but does championship experience really matter here like LeBron's on the other side he has a ton of championship experience and Anthony Davis has won a championship before I think it does in the sense of fighting through mentally LeBron is not in this category but Anthony Davis to me is a guy that does not push through adversity a lot of times he is someone who folds the Warriors do not fold as a team collectively when adversity strikes them outside but he does a championship experience I don't trust anyone else to push through he's won a championship but he's mentally tough in the playoffs no he's not well because his body doesn't hold up and that's part of pushing through he doesn't push through that's why I don't trust Anthony Davis that's why I don't trust the Lakers because they cannot trust Anthony Davis to play the level he has for three more games I'm actually really rooting for Anthony Davis because it's such a shame when your body can't hold up and you suffer all these injuries and then people clown you for the injuries and then say like you are that he's just not mentally tough to to push through it the guy's legitimately hurts no I'm not questioning the injuries but it's also just the lack of consistency like me and Sue were just joking before he basically guaranteed Anthony Davis is gonna have like 12.7 rebounds and be a non-factor in game number two that's what he does possible the guy it's not just the injuries or that he rolls an ankle is down for 20 minutes it's the fact that he mentally checks out he's not aggressive and it's almost like with how skilled he is it's almost like wow there's it's almost like a surprise Anthony Davis is asserting his dominance compared to when he's not that's the issue by the way you know I thought had the most logical take after game one and it's it's kind of ironic because this guy punched the guy that took the shot Draymond Green I want to play you this this is Draymond Green on his podcast and it's actually pretty cool I know Draymond's done this before but Draymond does the podcast immediately after the game and I don't always love what Draymond Green has to say but I love the way that Draymond Green defended Jordan Poole last night courtesy of the volume listen up quite frankly I like the shot um you know you obviously you know you tell him to eat up the space and and take three a little bit closer as there was you know he could have eaten up the space but Jordan can shoot the ball and he got a good look at it yes you want to take a couple steps in and get an even closer three but um Jordan taking that three is not why we lost that game I like that you know what Hickey that's the leadership that the Warriors try to tell you that Draymond Green shows like don't get me wrong this guy can act like a jackass a bunch of times we saw what happened in the last series we've seen what has happened before right up against LeBron in the finals but that may be from a leadership standpoint one of the best moments from Draymond Green and this is it's talking about a guy that he punched in the face earlier in the year I do respect the answer I don't always respect the things Draymond Green does clearly but that moment that isolated moment I have some respect for Draymond Green after that I know I know he didn't say it but in a way he's almost tipping his cap to the Lakers of just like like the thing me and you would talk about in Draymond Green without saying it hinted at it's like what else do you want them to do like Klay Thompson is not sitting there wide open in the corner it's Jordan Poole taking the shot or basically a timeout and it's like he took the shot okay you live with it he did that's Steph Curry said in the post game it's a make or miss league and that's truly what it is you make the shot he's a hero wow what a shot you know Jordan Poole is a hero after game one you go to overtime I would say at that point you probably win the game uh he missed it he's the villain urinated why would you take that shot also I'll say this and I think this would be a slug fest I believe this is going seven I think we're going to see great games in this series like what we saw last night um and you look at two players for the Warriors like we talked about the key for the Lakers it's Anthony Davis giving dominant performances I got to see more from Wiggins and then also Jordan Poole even though he played well last night I got to see more consistency from Jordan Poole because last year we were talking about Jordan Poole being that third splash brother and so far this year Jordan Poole has regressed in a big time way in the playoffs like I have to see Jordan Jordan Poole and Wiggins are big x factors in this series if the Warriors are going to find the way to prevail up against Los Angeles Lakers it is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we will take a break when we come on back the Knicks even up the series against the Miami Heat but can either of these teams find a way to take down the winner of the Boston Celtics series up against the Philadelphia 76ers we'll discuss on the other side as you do have game two in that series coming up later tonight it is the Zach Gelb show right here on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the Zach Gelb show it is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio in the first segment when we were talking about the Lakers and Warriors I was saying for the Lakers their best player is LeBron but their most valuable player is Anthony Davis you look at a team like the Nuggets their best players Nicole Jokic their most valuable player is Jamal Murray for the Sixers I'm talking about to win a championship or to go as far as you can their best player is Joel Embiid their most valuable player their most valuable player is James Harden Hickey you're a Knicks fan I don't know if you'll agree with this but I'm gonna say and this is the obvious part their best player is Jalen Brunson their most valuable player though to win this series up against the Heat is Julius Randle and you saw game one you didn't have in game two you do and not that you know Julius Randle is the only reason why they won the game but he was able to give you 25 points and 12 rebounds Julius Randle has been someone in New York that it's weird like he wanted to be here he's someone that it's very up and down it's very turbulent it's like one week Julius Randle wow he helped save the Knicks the next week he doesn't want to be here get him out of town so it's a very up and down ride for Julius Randle and it's a crazy seesaw ride but he is very important to the success of this team and I don't think Julius Randle on a championship team is a one or a two I think he is a three and the Knicks aren't built to win a championship right now but it was very important this year for the Knicks to get into the playoffs because right they make the playoffs two years ago then they missed the playoffs you know that they're very close to just James Dolan just swooping in and that can happen any moment the fact that they made the playoffs and won a series that is gonna buy this regime more time and I don't think anyone thought Leon Rose is on the chopping block but the way that he didn't get Donovan Mitchell if they didn't make the playoffs this year you're gonna sense a lot of people starting to turn and for the Knicks I don't think it's reasonable right now to say that they're anywhere close to winning a championship even though they're in the second round but it's important to have continuity because it does seem like a regime comes in and they just fail New York or regime comes in has a little bit of success and then quickly it's back down to failure and then there's a regime change you need some consistency and you need to consistently make the playoffs and they've done that now two out of last three years so that if you make it the year after that the year after that then from there you're eventually gonna have to add another player to bring you closer to winning a championship but when Jaylen Brunson is your best player and I love Jaylen Brunson but in the NBA he can't be your best player if you're looking to win a championship so where do you stand on that one Hickey? Well when it comes to Randall being valuable yes like they need him to play well because he's one of those guys I will equate a little bit to Carmelo Anthony in the sense that he is primarily a scorer he's not going to bring defense he's not going to bring facilitating or rebounding his main goal on a given night is scoring and when he's hot he's hot he's hitting shots everywhere he could put you he could score 30 and whether you know in his sleep he is a guy that absolutely can you know dominate a game but also in the similar sense especially in the playoffs we've seen from Julius Randall when he's off when he's not making shots brings the whole team down he's a massive liability he's going to keep on shooting he's a black hole and at times his attitude gets to the point where he's sulking and that leads to him performing bad it kind of brings bad energy to the rest of the team we saw him in game number four against the Cavaliers get bench in the fourth quarter they just didn't play him at all he's a guy that yes if the next one to go far and get past the heat in this round and let's just not let's just start right there with getting past the heat in round number two you need Julius Randall to be scoring 25 and now like he did in game number two and if I'm a Heat fan to be honest I'm feeling pretty confident after the first two games you get game one and then in game number two you lose but you didn't have Jimmy Butler assuming and this is the big assumption that Jimmy Butler's actually going to be okay with that ankle injury and it's it's ridiculous by the way game two last night Tuesday we don't see game three until Saturday people wonder and like me we bitch and complain why this takes so long the NBA postseason well it's because you play a game on Tuesday and then you don't see the next game until Saturday so assuming that Jimmy Butler is going to be okay and these extra days will actually help him I fully anticipate the Heat to win that series because it wasn't like the Knicks last night were drastically better and we saw a team in the Miami Heat hickey not have their best player and their most valuable player in Jimmy Butler I picked the Knicks in seven to win this series I'm going to stick with that pick but you'll be wrong I feel worse about this team after yesterday's win than I did after the game one loss just because like I said no Jimmy Butler and it's still I know Randall's banged up and Jalen Brunson's banged up but the fact that you couldn't put this team away and Caleb Martin's hitting shots and Max Struce is hitting shots consistently it's just you have to have a better performance at home without the main piece on the court you have to take care of business better and easier and the next offense for a large part of that game yesterday was ugly why are there so many days off in between here I honestly have no idea I like if you would have told me Tuesday to Friday okay I would understand that and even then I would think it's ridiculous but Tuesday to Saturday my only guess guess is the fact that the Knicks and Heat are ahead of almost everyone else whereas you're looking at the Lakers Warriors I believe it's every other day in the entire series I know the Celtics and Sixers for at least the first three games are every other day Monday Wednesday Friday Nuggets and Suns though already 2-0 and their next game is not till Friday so they have a joke decent gap as well I'm not sure if that's just hey we're going to start it early and you know you had Knicks Heat the same day as game seven of of Warriors Kings I don't know I'm just saying try to get everything on a schedule to where you have the Easter conference finals and western conference finals happening at the same time with teams not having a massive advantage and rest like a week compared to another team that I have no idea this is so stupid though and I'm not yelling at you I know you're in agreement here they played last night they don't play game three until Saturday it's it's just the definition of insanity and stupidity what I don't get is if you were dead set okay game one's going to be Sunday in New York like it was and game three is going to be on Saturday Miami then put game two maybe not on Monday night or Tuesday night excuse me Tuesday night like on Wednesday Wednesday now again not that it's making it that much better but it's like you have you go from one day off to three like that's also going to impact the rhythm of players and how you go it just doesn't make any sense let me ask you this if the Knicks win this series do you think they could beat either Philadelphia or the Celtics I think they have a chance I wouldn't pick them in the series but so far I've seen from the Celtics or Sixers tells me it's impossible I'd pick them over the Knicks for sure but I think there's absolutely a path for the next two go to the finals even though this has been a fun Knicks team I think there's a zero percent chance if the Knicks get to the conference finals that they're going to beat either Philly and or or Boston assuming everyone's healthy like if Embiid has a leg injury then it totally changes it well that's the thing you think in a week and a half he'll be better like fully you know right well I mean we'll see how he looks we'll have to wait and see but I'm assuming if the injury is not a factor then I'm going to take the Sixers to be to win that series and even if Embiid was hurt and had to miss a few games I still think the Sixers would win that series and the same thing for for Boston I think Boston against the Knicks would beat them in a seven game series as well the Heat if I'm a Celtics fan I want the Knicks to win this series if I am a Sixers fan I want the Knicks to win this series it's not that I'm telling you I would pick the Heat to beat either Philadelphia or to beat the Boston Celtics but you just don't want to play Jimmy Butler like Jimmy Butler is just an absolute killer and you know there'd be motivation up against the Sixers you look at the Boston Celtics that would be a pain in the ass matchup if you have to go up against the Heat both the Sixers and Celtics should be able to beat the Heat in a seven game series but I wouldn't say that the Heat have no shot to do so if I'm Boston if I'm the Sixers I'd much rather see the Knicks than the Miami Heat and I do think ultimately the Heat will win the series and that could set up for somewhat fun Easter conference final depending on who's going to win this series between the Celtics and the Sixers. 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We'll talk about the return of Joel Embiid in just a second but Hickey taking one last look at the 2023 first round of the NFL draft as we've basically had a week to sit on it I just want to have us both make three selections of our favorite picks in this draft it doesn't mean that like this is going to be the best player it's just where they went the fit if someone fell that you thought the value was great you could use this as any interpretation as you want like if you want to say hey it's Bryce Young because you think the Panthers got a transcendent quarterback you're absolutely able to do this so give me your first player when you look at this you're just like wow I think that team or that player's gonna have a monster year let's start the main just said Bryce Young you kept it simple stupid you traded up to number one you could have fell in love with CJ Stroud and his size fitting Frank Reich's profile you could have fell in love with the upside of Anthony Richardson and what that could lead to you got the best quarterback in the draft you didn't overthink it you kept it simple and you got a guy that I'm very high on in Bryce Young that's for me number one you like Bryce Young can't tell right I didn't know hard to tell I often confuse confuse you with that guy that was running around the studio for two months begging his football team to trade up to the number one overall pick uh what was it pay the price let's go get Bryce I'll tell you this if they got him I'll be wearing a number nine Colts blue jersey every day for probably at least a few years oh you would have been insufferable so that already would have been ordered already would have been here I would have been ready to go part of me kind of now and looking back on it would have loved if you would have got Bryce Young and I don't think he'll be a bus but then it would have been really fun if he turned out to be a bus just with how much of a stink and how much of a push you were making for the Colts to go get Bryce Young he's a great guy why are we rooting against them no I'm rooting against you but you are rooting against Bryce if you're listening somewhere I got your back don't worry well now you don't have his back anymore you don't really care what happens with Bryce Young now I mean that's true but I'm not rooting against him are you going to get an Anthony Richardson jersey um we'll see talk to me in three years I mean I'll get one if he's great absolutely talk to me in three years I only have three jerseys Quinton Nelson which I got you yes that you gifted me which is Russell Wilson which I got you no I'm not Matt Ryan 28 to 3 jersey which I got okay you're just talking Colts jersey let me just Colts jerseys Peyton Manning Peyton Manning you have a Quinton Nelson Quinton Nelson and then the last one Dwight Freedy no Bob Sanders no Marvin Harrison no Reggie Wayne no another culture easy Edgar uh Edron James no all right who is it oh Andrew Luck Andrew Luck Manning you almost forgot that he played Nelson and hopefully I'll get a number five Anthony Richardson jersey in I'll say two years you're kind of like the coach or the GM that says yeah well that player is not getting traded I could guarantee you by week one you'll have an Anthony Richardson jersey no I with jerseys I am very not selective but I usually go one at a time I don't really have a like I don't have a lot of Mets jerseys I have right now one that I can only wear I have one really culture that can only wear right now in Quinton Nelson although I will you know if we need a retro throwback go Peyton or Andrew Luck like I don't I'm not a big jersey guy in the set I have one Rangers jersey like I don't have five jerseys of every team I root for one one Penn State jersey I'm just a one time at a one time at a guy at a time kind of guy but I will say in your in your wardrobe at least here I would say out of the five days of the week that I see you two days out of that week or in some sort of sports apparel and then the other three days you think you're like a GQ model that's right yes I would agree with that thank you you're welcome um my first one I think this is going to surprise some people because I'm going all the way to the 21st pick in the draft it's Quinton Johnston I love this fit for Los Angeles Chargers you have an offense that yes Mike Williams big receiver Keenan Allen wonderful wide receiver he's like that one guy in football everyone goes oh he's one of the more underrated players in the league that means he's no longer underrated that means everyone realizes his importance their problems though is that we have not been able to see Keenan Allen and Mike Williams stay on the field enough so I like that move going and getting another wide receiver and he's going to get a ton of targets he's quick he's big I believe Quinton Johnston was one of those wide receivers who before the draft process it felt like he was going to be the first wide receiver off the board and he ended up going to be the second wide receiver off the board but he even got an invite into the green room that meant that the NFL thought that there was a chance that he was going to pull Will Levis and he was going to fall out of the first round so I really like Quinton Johnston I think he's going to be a stud and I think the situation with the Chargers with Herbert and you have two other wide receivers will not only get him a ton of targets but he may be more relied upon than what they think it they're going to need out of him because of the injuries that the other two guys usually do suffer that's our only concern is he was banged up a lot at TCU and he's a really good receiver big body guy and now you're going fix the Chargers mold a wide receiver room that their biggest issue like you just highlighted is their lack of health who's your next pick I will go with a guy your team took I hate to give the Patriots credit but Christian Gonzalez out of Oregon tremendous corner out of Oregon tremendous corner fell right into the lap and not to mention because I will give the Patriots credit here as well you trade down and still land them so you land extra draft capital from the Steelers and screw the Jets screw the Jets it was only a fourth round pick I think get still it's extra draft capital look you know see what you get nerds like you get you know wait who knows you take a guy in the whole top of his sixth rounder what if they didn't have that second round pick I'm just saying you know it won in a million do you do hit on later round picks and that's where good GMs truly do make their money but really good corner you get them at good value and you get I think a really good fit now and when you see a lot of corners have a lot of success in that New England secondary especially I will go back to the wide receiving well Jackson Smith and Jigba who is my favorite wide receiver in this draft and I said the same thing about Alavi last year a few years ago I said the same thing about Justin Jefferson Jamar Chase was an easy and obvious one but Jackson Smith and Jigba going to Seattle just like the Chargers you have a good wide receiving room with DK Metcalf Tyler Lockett getting a little bit older now Geno Smith just having a good year last year we'll see how much regression there's going to be I thought value wise and add a little extra oomph to the offense it was a good move by Seattle and also Seattle not that I'm using this as a pick but they have Kenneth Walker in that backfield and they add Zach Charbonnet you got a ton of weapons in Seattle like if Geno's not the guy Seattle becomes a very attractive destination not only do you have an organization a lot of people respect but at least on the offensive side of the ball if I'm a quarterback and let's say Geno just flops this year I know they still have two more years on that contract I look at that as a destination where it's okay I could go win there if you're a very good quarterback in this league with all the potential weapons around there they have it's funny Pete Carroll kind of prioritizing the offense but he has done a really good job like I said putting weapons around and making Seattle a um a place that maybe you know I don't know who the next exactly someone want to cook there I'll tell you that someone would want to cook there oh some more than others right over hickey's hat kitchen works uh yeah works better for some chefs more than others that's for sure all right give me your next one last one is is not sexy that's why I like it a lot it's the Cowboys taking Mazie Smith really to Jerry's credit he has had more boring drafts recently and I think especially with what you need it's easy to kind of look at some of the flash um later on in the draft I think the Cowboys did the right thing and getting interior defensive line help they do need to you know kind of shore up that defensive line I like the fact that it's not sexy it's not exactly the pick Jerry Jones would make but it's the right pick do you have that audio by the way inside the war room just wondering with the uh the Dallas Cowboys I saw that they released that it was fascinating stuff where they literally when they were on the clock with like two minutes left they put out the video they put out the audio of the Dallas Cowboys discussing who they were going to pick and how they got to Mazie here is the the audio from the Dallas Cowboys team website you got two minutes just get warmed up well who would you take personally I would go Mazie because I know that he helps us now with the guard I love the guard too my question is you're adding something to it where we have depth I think the defensive lineman gives you an immediate starter and something for the future here I am cut from we've missed one of those two guys after having them both here in our hands we're better on a lot of scrimmage with either one of these guys we've had offensive lineman there we've had the opportunity to pick them we've not had a defensive lineman interior defensive lineman that high in quite some time we're good all right I think that's pretty neat now they don't tell you who the guard is but the first thing they is but the fact that they show you kind of in a truncated way the the decision-making process hickey I like when teams release that content like don't get me wrong I'm a sucker for the draft day phone calls and that's pretty cool but that's not really behind the scenes because everyone's getting filmed there you know that it's going to get put out you know how selective and protective teams are the fact that they basically even though there's some edits there they take you inside the war room that's neat that's awesome they kind of show you in a way how the sausage is made right okay you're on the clock now sometimes I mean at least I don't know you I felt this way on Thursday night with some teams you're sitting there it goes what the hell are they doing like what are they waiting for let's get the pick in and let's go and I know some picks are more deliberated and talked about than others but that was cool to kind of see a little bit of a debate you know very cordial not too spirited but it's a nice kind of insight to see what really happens in a war room and my last first round pick that I absolutely love Jalen Carter going to the Eagles now I know there's off the field concerns you put him in a locker room where he's very close to the Kobe Dean Jordan Davis as well you have Nolan Smith now DeAndre Swift Georgia guys in that locker room but also you have veteran leadership in there that don't really know him guys like for example Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox now Hassan Riddick probably taking on more of a leadership role in your number two with the Philadelphia Eagles the Eagles are in such a great spot and even though there's character concerns you have someone in Jalen Carter that could be a stud and could be one of the better players in the draft you got him at nine I love that pick and also the environment that he's going into real quickly I have to actually say you're right on something I have to give you credit I have changed my opinion yesterday not that we went back and forth at this but I thought that the Sixers should sit Joel Embiid and they won game one sit him for game two get him rested and then boom you have him for game three and you get some extra rest already taking care of business I was talking to a buddy of mine who's a Sixers fan today and he said we've been stuck in the second round for half a decade first time winning game one you got a chance to go for their throats tonight he's going to be hurt regardless of when he plays so bleep it go for the kill shot tonight and my buddy Dan said that because I just asked him I go do you like Embiid playing tonight and he sent that response I go okay I could rock with Hickey I could rock with Sixer Nation I could rock with the idea of playing Joel Embiid even though I was against it now take out a pen Hickey and write something down because you would be stubborn you would be dragging your feet stomping those big feet of yours and be like I'm not changing my opinion until I'm proven to be wrong I changed my opinion so can you thank you very much there's my PSA for the day Jared Greenberg will join us next most of us have clothes that we've loved for years maybe even decades but it's harder than ever to find clothes that will stand the test of time if you're looking for more pieces designed to last you can't go wrong with American Giants from hoodies and t-shirts to denim and more they've got everything you need to build a wardrobe that you'll be proud of for years to come all American Giant clothing is created with a commitment to doing things better from the materials they use down to the last stitch in every piece and everything is made right here in America in partnership with people and communities because keeping things local ensures the kind of 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