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Crown The Kings? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 18, 2023 10:07 pm

Crown The Kings? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 18, 2023 10:07 pm

The Kings prove they are legit l College football coaches under pressure l Closing Bell

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How we doing? Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio fourth and final hour on this Tuesday. The poll question today, which you can always find on Twitter. At Zach Gelb. Also at CBS Sports Radio.

Z-A-C-H-G-L-B. Should the Warriors want Draymond Green back on their team next year? 68.1% say no.

31.9% say yes. So let's go back to last night. Kings take a commanding 2-0 series lead. I do think the Kings are going to win this series. I can't envision right now, even with the past history of the Golden State Warriors, a way that a team that's only won 11 road games this year comes on back and wins this series. I know this series goes back to the Bay Area, but it's not as if you're playing some slap-you-know-what team in the Kings where they're horrible just like the Warriors are on the road. The Kings, as much as we've been talking about their home court advantage through the first two games, they're a better road team. And you look at what they've been able to do this year on the road, they have 25 wins on the road. That's the second most in the NBA this season.

It's tied for a second. The first is the Milwaukee Bucks, who have 26 wins on the road. So this has been a Kings team that they're better on the road than they are at home. And it's not like they're bad at home. They're 23 and 18 at home, and they're 25 and 16 on the road. So, if you look at a way that the Warriors come back and win this series, the Warriors have three home games.

Three, four, and potentially six if it goes that far. You're telling me that the Kings, who wouldn't even need to technically win one of those games and they just protect their own home court, but maybe the Warriors go on the road and they find a way, even though they're 11-30 on the road this year, they find a way to get a road victory. You're telling me the Kings can't get one win in Golden State? Like, you just win one game at home, you win one game on the road, you'll win this series.

It's as simple as that. And with the way that this series has played out, where these games have been close, it's not as if the Kings are blowing out the Warriors, but, Hickey, what do we hear all throughout this series? Leading into this series, all we heard was the experience for Golden State, the experience for Golden State.

How has the experience mattered the first two games of this series, but non-existent? Steph Curry has not hit big shots in the first two games of this series. You then look at Draymond Green, he let his emotions get the best of him, as he does always, but on a big stage last night. Where the Kings, even when the Warriors maybe look like after the Draymond thing, they had a little jolt of energy, but that quickly evaporated.

Fox has been a stud, Malik Monk playing well, Zabonez after a bad game one plays really well in game number two. And last night, you just look at what happened, it's so clear, yeah, Zabonez grabbed Draymond Green's ankle, but there's a way to break free from that. And if Draymond brushed his chest of Zabonez, this is a non-story today. But if he like fell on him and tripped over him trying to get away, okay, you could sell that. But when you pick up your foot and stomp on the player's chest. It's clear what happened.

That was intentional. So now, like you look at the Warriors, it's so weird, Hickey. Because I went from you give the Warriors always the benefit of the doubt. And deservedly so with what they've been able to do before KD, during KD and then after KD.

But right now, this year, even going into this postseason when in the regular season, they were 11 and 30 on the road. As a guy, you still give them the benefit of the doubt because of the Warriors. They never lost the Western Conference Series to Steve Kerr as the coach, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But in every facet of the first two games so far, the Kings are outplaying the Warriors.

It's not by like a drastic margin, but they are outplaying the Warriors. And Mike Brown, who has known Steve Kerr for years and has been around the block for a long time and was in Golden State for a bunch of years. And when Steve Kerr was dealing with back injury and Mike Brown taking over all that.

Mike Brown is out coaching Steve Kerr right now, too. But the Kings look like the experience group. The Kings have their composure. Where the Warriors, not that they look lost, but they don't look like the Warriors of old. And like last year, when the Warriors won a championship, I sat here and I said, expect another one.

Down the road, just because maybe next year, year after that, whatever it is, it's tough to repeat. But that was the team that didn't even play their best brand of basketball last year. And it was still good enough to win a championship. And the West is wide open.

You look at the East. Injuries last year, I thought, plague Milwaukee. But it just happens. Like two years ago, they got hit with the injury bug again and they were able to prevail through it. You know, Boston still, we know a great team.

But like there wasn't a lot of championship contenders that you actually believed in. And that was the thing, like even entering this postseason with how bad the Warriors have been on the road, it was like, hold on. Until they're down and out, like I'm not going to say that they're done, but after two games, I can't sit here and give you one single reason why I think the Kings are going to not end up winning two games in this series. I look at this series, I can't believe I'm saying this, but last night was such a big moment and I felt good about the Kings going into last night.

I took them plus the two points and we talked about that on the air, but this now being a 2-0. Yeah, sure, Warriors, I would like them to win Game 3 and you hope they win Game 3 so you can have somewhat of a series. But I just don't see a Golden State outplays the Kings when the Kings only need two more wins in this series now. When you look at last night, what won the game, what won the game was clutch time play and defense. And again, when you talk about that going into the series, even though the Kings were the best clutch team and De'Andre, excuse me, Darren Fox was the best clutch player in the NBA. You still, with all that championship experience, would have favored, oh, if it's going to come down in the last two minutes and you're telling me defense and clutch shooting is going to win this game? Most people would pick, right, the Warriors.

Of course, Steph Curry, how can I pick against Steph and Klay with all their experience, all their doing it over and over and over again. And especially last night in a game the Warriors had to have. They've never been down 0-2 in a series before with Steph and Klay. That was a situation where they're on the ropes.

You know you cannot go down back home 0-2. And after they tie the game, after a little spurt and you're like, okay, maybe here come the Warriors. It's the Kings, again, in their two weak points, especially on defense, where they're the worst defensive team left in the playoffs. And they still play great defense down the stretch to stifle the Warriors.

I don't see a blueprint for it. You know what, you brought up a great point. The Kings defense was awesome last night, too. And out of the Game 2 performance, even though a lot of it today is the aftermath of Draymond Green, and it kind of stinks that that's the story, but it is the story.

And it's well deserved to being the story because it does take away from the Sacramento Kings getting their shine. But you look at the scores here, Game 1 was a three-point difference. Last night was an eight-point difference.

You're exactly right. Going into this series, if I would have told you after two games that one team won by three and then it was an eight-point game, you would have thought that, bare minimum, it's 1-1 in that series, knowing that the opponents are the Kings and the Warriors. But for both of these to go to Sacramento, it just continues to show you that really, Hickey, they've been the most underappreciated team in basketball this year. Like, all throughout the year, and even yesterday when we had their play-by-play guy on, Kyle Draper, he was saying, like, going into the year we were hoping for a sixth seed, maybe, you know, we're definitely thinking play in tournament, but no one thought they were going to be the three seed. And it does feel as if all throughout the year it was, oh, look at what the Kings are doing, look at what the Kings are doing, but they're not a threat to win a championship or they're not a threat to do damage in the NBA playoffs. And to start this postseason off with that atmosphere, lighting the beam, all that stuff in Sacramento, and for them to be up 2-0, they're sending a statement, and De'Aaron Fox is sending a statement, and we all know how good De'Aaron Fox has been, but his first year he makes an All-Star, they continue to be underappreciated. And still, even today, Hickey, the storyline's not the Kings being up 2-0, it's, oh, did you see Draymond Green's antics again? And that is frustrating, even though the drama sells, and I get that, that is frustrating, that even when the Kings are up 2-0, they're still not getting their credit, they're still not getting their flowers, because 99.9% of the commentary today, on this show, other shows, this network, other networks, TV, radio, whatever it is, has been, did you see what Draymond Green did was the bonus at the end? Well, when you want to use someone as a human trampoline, I understand why it's, you know, it is a big-time talking point, but, yeah, and even, like, you look at the last, like, week or so, getting ready for the postseason, there's a lot of discussion, a lot of people talk about, oh, you want to get the 6 seed, and you're lining up, oh, so the Clippers lose this last game, so they drop down to the 6, and now you're playing the Kings in a more favorable matchup than the, than the, than the play in the Suns right now, it's like, that was even, just going to the playoffs, everyone's like, oh, that's 6 to the spot to be, if you were right now in that area, if you're at 4 or 5 trying to drop down, the Kings are a favorable matchup, and I said, so far, it's like, you saw what we saw all regular season long, it shows you that the regular season still is important, because even now, everything we saw the last 82 games, guess what? The Kings, nothing's changing, nothing is changing, this team is a legitimately good team. And also, if, assuming the Kings find a way to get the job done, which I do think they will, their next matchup is either going to be Memphis or the Lakers, and right now the Lakers have a 1-0 series lead on, on Memphis, Ja Morant, what was it, his hand was not broken, what was the report today?

Correct, it's like a tissue injury in the hand, with no broken bones. And he seemed, after the game, this is not an NBA report, because if the NBA said he was doubtful, then I would believe that he's playing, but he seems so dejected and doubtful in his status for game 2, so we'll see if he'll be able to play coming up in game number 2, but just to get maybe a step ahead a little bit too early, if you end up getting Lakers and Kings in the next round, you get Mike Brown with LeBron, and we know that their history going back to Cleveland, and you also remember Mike Brown in his short term with the Lakers too, I don't know how much that storyline resonates nationally, but that is like an early fun story when I look at it, and what Mike Brown has done this year, it's remarkable, with how long that team was out of the playoffs, and maybe the best that people thought they could be this year was a six seed, to have him be the three seed and then also be two wins away from going to second round of the playoffs, you really just got to tip your cap to Mike Brown, I know he won the coach association, they give out the coach of the year, he's the real coach of the year in the NBA, I don't even get to argue with anyone else. Imagine being Kings fans where you've been downtrodden for almost two decades, you've seen the one team in LA win two championships, you've seen the team right near you in the war has won four, and now you have a chance this postseason to not only get back and end the longest postseason drought. And remember, Clippers go get all those players that everyone thought that was going to work too. Right, and you knock out the defending champs, and then you have a chance, if you want to get ahead of ourselves, the Lakers win the series, now to face the Lakers, knock them out, Kings fans, you're getting all the almost 20 years of frustration out in the span of a month and a half. And let's be real, I know this is going to sound like I'm contradicting myself, because I'm talking about the Kings getting disrespected, even if they beat the Lakers, you know though everyone is going to basically talk about the next round, assuming that it ends up being the Nuggets going up against the Suns. The Suns take care of business, maybe type the series tonight, and they end up being the Clippers. You know everyone's going to say everyone's Nuggets and Suns are going to be going to the NBA Finals. That's going to be that thought heading into the second round. I'll tell you, if it's the Nuggets that win, for a lot of people that weren't believing the Kings, there's a lot more people not believing the Nuggets. You talk about two disrespected teams and fan bases going into that series, battle who was disrespected more. But if they beat the Suns, I feel like that does change the perception a bit about the Denver Nuggets.

Still, the job not done, but I do think that would go a major way in changing that perception, like what you're saying with the people that bring it up. But not to bury the lead here. Draymond and his future, that's the poll question. He has an opt-out clause this year. I don't know if he's going to opt in or opt out. Earlier in the year it seemed like he was going to opt in and he was going to stay.

And then I think it was Taylor Rooks who had a conversation with him and he talked about how he could kind of see the writing on the wall as well. So I have no clue what Draymond is going to do. But if you're a Warriors fan, you should be hoping at this point that Draymond Green opts out and then Bob Myers elects not to resign him or he gets a deal done somewhere else.

Because for so many years, this relationship did work. And they've won four championships together, two without KD, two with KD. And Draymond Green is always going to be remembered for being a Golden State Warrior, but it just feels as if this isn't working anymore. You know, whether it was the Jordan Pool situation, the ridiculous antics last night, I know Klay defends him and it was just stupid. Like yeah, Zobonis did grab his ankle.

Zobonis was wrong. But there's a way to get out of that and it was a clear intentional stomp of Draymond Green on Zobonis. And it didn't even ignite this team and lead this team to a victory. So with how many moments that he's had and it's weird, like you kind of just numb to it at this point. You kind of just expect it to happen.

I made the joke earlier. The playoffs don't start until Draymond Green has a freak out. And you even saw last night like the Warriors players.

Here's what's concerning to me. I know sometimes the NBA is a loose sport. While all that stuff is going on, you see the reaction of the Warriors players?

Like at the time they didn't know he was ejected. But when he is going up to the fans of Sacramento and doing the Hulk Hogan stuff and saying whatever words he was saying, which last year all Boston fans said, you know, bleep Draymond. And, you know, Klay Thompson was like, what about the children? Draymond's family was freaking out. And there you have Draymond Green just using the P word last night right as the cameras cut to him. It was it was just almost as if the Warriors players, when you're looking at the replays, they were laughing and having a good time about it. Because they know what Draymond's going to do and they know it's a ticking time bomb.

And it's like, what else can they do? Because remember the same organization that basically did nothing after Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole in the mouth. And it's like the players, I'm sure, know that there's no way of slowing down Draymond Green or changing Draymond Green's antics.

And it had no effect in a positive way for the Golden State Warriors last night. And if I'm a Warriors fan, you won four championships with this guy. He's only getting older. He's a good player, not a great player. He's important for what you guys have done for so many years.

I would retool this summer and figure out who that next piece is. Jordan Poole's not had a good season. But you still have you got to get the Klay deal figured out. But you got Steph Curry. And I would use that money and invest that money elsewhere in improving the team. Because I don't think I think for years you thought that the Warriors needed Draymond Green, but I don't think they need Hickey Draymond Green anymore.

His antics are tired. Like I said, now he's wanting also two more money. So you're going to even eat into your salary cap more. And with Steph getting older and Klay getting older, if you want to get like that legitimate third or fourth option, get some better bench depth. With Draymond making that much money and now, like I said, not being that catalyst like he used to. His voice maybe not being heard and being as inspiring as it used to be.

Even just his play, his defense, his ability to impact a game in a positive way is not what it used to be. It's not worth the money still. It's not worth an extension. That's for damn sure. Yeah.

And so you're right. I think it's time you've been there for a while. It's time to start kind of start picking apart the pieces. And again, you're still going to keep Steph. You're still going to keep Klay. So the championship window if you make the right move. Right. And that starts with moving out from Draymond. Like you said, I think you're 100% right.

And trying to use that money to still get a better option or a better depth to give yourself, like I said, still a better chance going forward next year. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll come on back. There's an article out about college football coaches under pressure. We'll get to it next.

And be rewarded for your generosity. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show is from last year's playoffs. It is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. The Celtics take a 2 0 series lead in the association in the first round of playoffs as they beat up on the Hawks. One nineteen to one oh six going into the fourth quarter. Looks like the Cavs are going to be a-okay in making this series 1-1 before it goes back to New York for Friday night at Madison Square Garden as that's 82 to 60. That game's Friday night, right? Hickey at MSG? Friday night.

Yes, sir. That's so stupid. Why? It should be Thursday. The NBA first round is way too long. Why is the NBA postseason overall with the three days in between? I would agree with that.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. That game should not be Friday. It should be Thursday at Madison Square Garden.

But that's the NBA. 82 to 60 right now. Cavs up on the Knicks coming up in about 30, 35 minutes or so.

Clippers, Suns, a lot of pressure on the Suns to make that series at one apiece. And right now in the world of pucks, you do have the Rangers up three nothing against the Devils. About 12, 15 left in the third period. Tampa Bay, how about this? 5-2 on the Maple Leafs. This game in Toronto, Maple Leafs have not won a playoff series since 2004. And a lot of pressure on Toronto. I really, I said this the other day, I think this is the year that they're going to get to the second round.

But you can never look past Tampa Bay even though it's not been their best year. You know how great they are. And this game was three nothing.

Oh, you know what I'm looking forward to tomorrow? Michigan. Michigan's probably losing his mind. They scored three goals in the first period. And then, right, got to squirm a little bit because it got to 3-2 and now it's back up to 5-2.

I'll tell you this, I'll tell you the two most obnoxious calls for Michigan, I guarantee you. Kucherov to go up three nothing. He loves screaming Kucherov.

And then Braden point after he had to sweat a little bit. It gets to 3-2 and then point gets the goal to make it 4-2. We'll use a lot of Dave Michigan tomorrow.

We always get a kick out of him until they play the Rangers. So that's the two games going on right now. And then we have two more games. Jets and Knights about to have Puck drop. And then Seattle going up against Colorado. That game comes your way at the top of the hour as well. You had two overtime games last night. One go into double OT in the opening day of the Stanley Cup playoffs. And right now, these games have not been all that competitive so far. But we'll see if the two Nightcap games end up being closer than these games.

5-2 and 3-0 right now. Alrighty, I saw this list from Barrett Salih the other day. And Barrett Salih does a really good job covering college football. I have to say that because when it comes to his tweets about the Braves, it makes me want to just puke. Too much with the Braves and his Braves positivity and basically just telling us that the Mets are like the worst team to ever exist. But I do respect Barrett Salih greatly when it comes to college football.

Even though he's a pain in the ass when it comes to him rooting for baseball. But when we look at coaches under the most pressure. He says there's seven college football coaches under the most pressure entering the 2023 season.

And Hank, we talk about this all the time. There's many different ways that you could define pressure. Like there's pressure to win but then you don't lose their job. Or there's pressure to win and then you do lose your job if you don't win. Jimbo Fisher this year. I would say there's pressure to win and if he doesn't win, there's also pressure in terms of him coming back.

I know what the buyout is. It saved him last year. I don't think it would save him again. You have Wigman now.

He's going to be your starter from day one. I don't have any belief in that Jimbo Fisher is going to make it work. You know what Jimbo Fisher kind of reminds you of? Kind of reminds you of Gruden. Where you win that one championship and then ever since then, you're not as good of a coach as what you showed. And I know Gruden had that great defense and Jimbo Fisher had the great quarterback, right? Jameis Winston in college. But really ever since then, you haven't ever seen Jimbo Fisher be this coach where it's like wow, he's spectacular. And you keep on seeing these lists where forever he's in the top 10 coaches in college football and now you don't see him popping up on those lists anymore. Last year you saw it, but I think now most of the people that do lists that you respect, they don't put Jimbo Fisher in the top 10 anymore. Nor should they really, Hickey.

Absolutely not. I love the Gruden comparison because they also both got massive contracts they did not deserve. 10 for 100 for Gruden and whatever the exact numbers for Fisher, but that's still 80 something million dollars to go on that, but boy oh boy. Ryan Day. I do think there's pressure on Ryan Day, but there's no pressure in terms of Ryan Day losing his job, even if you are one of these delusional Ohio State football fans. But for Ryan Day, Urban Meyer owned, owned Michigan and also Urban Meyer won a national championship at Ohio State. For Ryan Day, he keeps on getting to the college football playoff, but and he got to a national championship game where he lost to Alabama. Last year, though, they had every reason to go win it and you get embarrassed by Michigan back to back years.

So that gap's not even closed now. Michigan is ahead of Ohio State. And then also, even though they had a good showing in the college football playoff, they lost the game. Like Ryan Day hasn't lost a lot of games at Ohio State, but it's up against Michigan. He has to beat Michigan this year. And you look at this Michigan team, you get McCarthy back, you get Donovan Edwards back, you get Blake Coram back.

They're returning a lot of dudes. And that's something you've also seen in the NIL era. You've seen in basketball, you've seen in college football where if you have someone that's on the fringe of going pro, if they can make the money in college athletics, they're sometimes more likely to go back to college than go to pro.

It's not always the case. But I didn't think Blake Coram was with the way that he was playing this year. I know he then got hurt that he was going to come back. But he's back at Michigan.

I'm sure there's a massive NIL package with it. But for Ryan Day, it could change very quickly. I don't think he's in danger of losing his job. But there is pressure to at least have a respectable full game up against Michigan. Because the last two years, even though I love it, it's been a disgrace for Ohio State up against Michigan. Ryan Day is such a conundrum. Frankly, I think it's stupid he's on that list.

I really do. He's 45 and 6. You lost to Michigan two years ago. I get it. You still went to college for a playoff last year and you are a missed field goal away from going to overtime with Georgia.

At midnight. Maybe beating Ryan at midnight as the ball is dropping. Beating Georgia and winning. It's not crazy to say they almost won a national title last year.

And yet here he is coming into this season with pressure because he can't win one game. I get it. You know what? If they would have beat Georgia, they would have beat TCO. That's what I'm saying. I think they would have won a national title if they beat Georgia and kick a field goal. Go to overtime with the way C.J.

Shroud is playing in that game. I don't think it's crazy that they could win that game at overtime. And if you do win a national title, even though fans are going to sit there, as Hickey just smacks the microphone celebrating another Rangers goal to make it 4-0. We don't have to hit the sounder on this one. We'll save the sounder for better moments.

For more competitive games. We are really touching the money here and I don't like what we just did. The Hickey Hex may be on for the rest of the playoffs after that. But anyway, what I was about to say with Ohio State. Even though they lost to Michigan and that's the game. If they would have won the national championship, other fans would have set up. But the Ohio State fans wouldn't give a rat's ass if they were like, Oh well, Ohio State shouldn't have got in. But then everything happened for them for it to break their way and get in.

But you're right. If they make that kick, they probably do go on to win the national championship. They would have beat TCU. So it's just like, I get it. You want to beat Michigan. I understand it's a big rivalry. I'm not trying to downplay it.

But it's also like... But you got to have a better show against Michigan. He's 11-1 and 10-2 in the two years that they lost. Find someone better than 45-6.

That's all I got. And you're not saying he's going to get fired again? Sure, but how many people are going to say, Look what he acquired with the way that program was just a well-owned machine with Urban Meyer? That's what the Ohio State fan is going to say. At this point, I mean, he took over 2019.

It's his show now. It's not like he's still winning with Urban's players. And the last two years, they've got embarrassed by Michigan. In a Big Ten that it's just been basically Michigan-Ohio State. No disrespect to Michigan State who two years ago had a good season under Mel Tucker. Your team, they won the Rose Bowl this year, which was the lowest rated Rose Bowl of all time. And you guys weren't really a real threat up against Ohio State or Penn State. This year I know you guys played Ohio State well. But you ended up losing the game and you got embarrassed by Michigan. So it's basically like a two-team conference right now.

Where if you win the Big Ten East, you go up against whoever that comes out of the West. And you'll find a way to get the job done. But you got to be Michigan. That's important. But he's in no way of danger of losing his job. Now Billy Napier is an interesting one. Because last year was his first year on the job.

You have Anthony Richardson. And I even said this after the first game. Even though they beat Utah early, it was almost like a bad thing. Because everyone expected the stand to be so much higher and so much further along in the process. Where they almost probably could have benefited. I know it's a loser mentality, but losing a close game rather than winning that game.

And they were very disappointing after that. Anthony Richardson could go in the top five of the draft. Now it's tough for me to say that Billy Napier is under a lot of pressure. You know how quickly he could change at a school like Florida. And I don't think anyone like after year one is like, oh Billy Napier stinks.

I think it's kind of an incomplete. And it's tough for me to evaluate what that football team is going to be. Because I don't even know who's going to be playing a quarterback.

You had that whole disaster and I don't even know what truly happened with Jayden Rashada. And it looked like it was going to be Miami. Then it was going to be Florida. And I think now he's at Arizona State.

If you're following that. But I don't even know who their quarterback is going to be. So it's kind of tough for me to sit here and say that I have a lot of these lofty expectations for Billy Napier at Florida. But when you look at Florida. And Mullen I thought was overrated. But ever since Urban Meyer left it's like okay you're trying to find that next guy.

And whenever you're higher it's like yeah rah rah okay this is going to be the guy. And you know that milk could sour very quickly. But I don't think Napier is in danger of losing his job. I actually do because it's partly what you said it's nothing wins related to the like in terms of I think it's NIL. Like losing Jayden Rashada and not having your collective be organized. Even though you could argue it's really not the main priority of the head coach.

It still reflects back on him. And it's again for Florida when you're expecting to be able to compete with Alabama. To not have that in order where you lose a commitment of such a talented quarterback. It eventually falls on the head coach. And I think that's why in part also with Anthony Richardson how the year went last year. Like I said after that great win over Utah to get things going and giving a false sense of hope.

I think that's why nothing improves. I think he could be maybe not two and done but definitely three and done. So Mario Cristobal finally goes home to Miami.

I think Mario Cristobal is a really good coach. Last year though it seemed like there was a lot working against him. Remember that quote that he had about the parents and there was like a lot of things that he had to deal with. I forget the exact quote but it was basically as if he was dealing with high school parents or Pee Wee football parents. Kind of like that and he was getting frustrated with them. And I know they weren't going up against the best schools in the world but they started off the year 2-0. And then it was a disaster after that.

Like it got really ugly really quick. Remember they lose that game to Middle Tennessee. And then after that they had two wins or three wins the rest of the year. They beat Virginia Tech. They beat Virginia in overtime by a lovely scoring affair of 14-12. And they beat Georgia Tech who fired Jeff Collins early in the season. And you beat them 35-14 but it was ugly.

And Miami just wasn't competitive in a lot of these games. I don't think Cristobal is in danger of losing his job but you got to be respectable this year. Because then you go into year number 3 where going back to Miami and how much you meant there.

And that vision that it does kind of go south rather quickly. And I think college football has shown you being alumni or having ties to the school only gets you so far. And now that patience no matter who you are runs so thin that yes I only could get fired after year 2 but you're right.

You got to show some signs of progress otherwise it's going to be almost an impossible hill to dig out of. So Steve Sarkeesian. It's weird because I feel like Arch Manning buys him another year. Where even if this year is bad eventually you could play the card but you go to Arch Manning. And Manning went there for a reason. I do think that he will get a full year as Arch Manning as the full time starting quarterback. Which I believe it 1000% when it happens and Marco eloquently laid it out yesterday. They announced that Quinn Ewers is the starter for this year.

We'll see if that absolutely happens. But it's a strategic play because at least eliminates the distraction right now of this QB battle that we were all looking forward to. I'm with you but also at the same time if you don't win this year. I don't think if you're Sarke you want to go into next year with a still on fire. Going to be you know a red shirt but still a freshman quarterback in Arch Manning.

Making his first college start. Yes and you also think Manning will only be there for 3 years. So if let's just say then next year it doesn't go out well you don't win enough games with Arch Manning. Going into the last year of Arch Manning do you really need to keep the coach if Arch Manning is only going to be there for one more year.

And I don't know maybe it ends up going to transfer if you end up firing him anyway or however that goes down. Neil Brown at West Virginia we don't have to talk much about this. The new regime captain there he's a placeholder he'll be gone at the end of the year. And then finally Brent Venable at Oklahoma is an interesting one. Because for so many years it was like alright is Brent going to take a job is Brent going to take a job ah he's never going to leave. And then he goes back to Oklahoma and year one it was just ugly.

It was really ugly. And we know how well with machine that that university was with Stoops and then also Lincoln Riley. For Venables I don't think he's in danger of losing his job but this is a big year. Because if you have two years out of the gate where it's just so sloppy looking and eventually you're heading over to the SEC anyway.

If it's tough now it's only going to get tougher. That's what happens when you lose 49-0 to your arch rival that puts you on the hot seat very very quickly. It is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio we'll come on back with a closing bell.

On the Zach Gelb show. Four games last night in the Stanley Cup playoffs let's start things off in Boston Bruins take care of business against the Panthers. Bruins had the most points in regular season history most wins as well. Brad Marchand I know they were dealing a little bit of a of an injury bug there. A sick bug did end up playing and he got a goal to make it to nothing lets us it up to the Bruins radio network. Now Maccable left wing Marchand left circle shoots he scores! Brad Marchand with a rich shot off the line and it trickles in. Bruins 2 Panthers nothing that's his 50th Stanley Cup playoff goal. 50th Stanley playoff goal as you just heard give Brad Marchand a stock up. On the ice we go to Carolina with the Hurricanes. Two power play goals that's all they needed they beat the Islanders 2-1 listen up. To ESPN as the Hurricanes strike twice on the man advantage. Jarvis at the half wall at the edge of the circle near the hash marks to the goal line for Nason and back to Jarvis. Burns slides it for Neches.

Drops for Burns a drive! Score! Second power play goal for Carolina and the lead is 2. Can't take the 1-0 series lead give them a stock up. Now lets get to the two games that they both went to overtime one went to double overtime. We start things off with the Oilers and Kings it looked like the Oilers had the game winner in overtime but then it was waved off. The Kings then responded Alex Iafalo had the game winner in OT here is the Kings radio network. In overtime on a power play to Kopitar.

To Dowdy in the middle. To Kopitar left circle to the goal line. Arbertson centers. Score! Alex Iafalo wins it in overtime. It's a power play goal. Great quick puck movement by the Kings.

They worked it down low. A touch pass by Arbertson to Iafalo in front who buries it. Kings take game one here in Edmonton.

Iafalo nets the game winner in overtime give him a stock up. Wildin' Stars was a good one in double OT. Ryan Hartman with the game winner here is the Wild radio network.

Grabbing it is Nyquist toss it left side steal to the back pose cut off in front by Harley who couldn't get it out. Here's a turnover open in front they score! They score! Ryan Hartman helps the Wild steal game one of a bouncing puck in front. And he wins his double overtime marathon in Dallas as the Wild prevail 3-2. A Wild finish for Minnesota give the Minnesota Wild a stock up.

Last night in the association Tyrese Maxey 33.6 of 13 from 3, 13 of 23 from the field. The Sixers find a way to get the job done up against the Nets. They're up 2-0 expecting a sweep in this one. Maybe a gentleman's sweep at best if you are a Nets fan.

96-84 Sixers win game two. Give a stock up to Tyrese Maxey. De'Aaron Fox continues to be a stud. We talked about his game one performance against the Warriors at 38 points.

In game number two at 24 points 9 assists and 4 steals. Give De'Aaron Fox a stock up. Draymond Green asking for an x-ray after the game on his ankle. Are you kidding me? You stomped on the bonus. I'll make this joke for the third time. The x-ray technician said yeah I don't need to give you an x-ray.

You're full of crap. Stock down Draymond Green. Gotta give a stock down to James Harden as well. What you saw last night was the Sixers biggest fear and also the Sixers biggest reality. James Harden just doesn't show up in the postseason. I know he had a great game one but it's too inconsistent. In game two that's the true James Harden in the postseason. 8 points, 3 of 13 from the field, 2 of 8 from 3. Just an anemic performance and the Sixers had to come from behind up against the Nets. But a bad job by James Harden. Stock down. And Hickey, last one here. This one annoys me because it makes me want to vomit.

TNT needs to stop in the postseason because this happened on Sunday. Had a good weekend, was watching one of the games on Sunday, was eating some Chinese food for dinner. Had an egg roll, had some General Tso's chicken, little fried rice, wonton soup. So just as I open up my Chinese order and I wait for the Chinese food to come, took about 40 minutes to deliver.

I sit down, take a bite, drink the soup then take a bite out of the chicken. And the next thing you know TNT puts on a Dr. Pimple Popper commercial. Now they are blurring out the pimples being popped but it's still disgusting because you know what's happening. Spineless Silver, you got to talk to your TV partners. I'm putting this on the commissioner. Talk to your TV partners. I can't have Dr. Pimple Popper commercials when I'm trying to watch the NBA and eat some dinner. It was disgusting, repulsive. I almost projectile vomited my General Tso's chicken.

Enough of these Dr. Pimple Popper commercials. Stock down. And I'll give you a bonus one here. The Defense of Play of the Week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces, DoD veterans and their families.

Their members are TheMissionLearnMore at The soon to be MVP of the league, Joel The Process Embiid was a force on Monday night as he collected 19 rebounds, recorded 3 blocks and grabbed 1 steal en route to a 96-84 win over the Nets. The Process, I love you, you put The Process in there because I call him Joel The Process Embiid, also scored 20 points as the Sixers took a 2-0 series lead over Brooklyn.

Stock up, Joel Embiid. Alrighty, good show today. We'll do it all again tomorrow. Just to give you some updates in the sports world before we head on out of here. Celtics beat the Hawks game 2 of that series, take it 2-0 seriously, 119-106. Cavaliers beat it up on the next 2 minutes to go, 103-82. Cavs get a tie at the series 1 apiece. Clipper Suns comes your way at the top of the hour and in hockey, Rangers get the win. Gotta love it. We'll recap it all tomorrow. Big thanks to Kevin Rae for joining us right now.

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