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Brooks Koepka Good For Golf? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 6, 2023 8:30 pm

Brooks Koepka Good For Golf? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 6, 2023 8:30 pm

Masters update l QB Carousel: Solomon Wilcots, former Bengals DB l Should Hickey be suspended for his recent actions?


Alrighty, hour number two of our radio program.

That's right, it is the Zach Gelb show. Coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. Round one of the Masters underway. Pretty much I think wrapping up. You got a few players still left on 17.

Some disappointing news. Wells Alatorz did withdraw right before the tournament did start because of an injury. Victor Hovland, Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka are your day one leaders. All tied seven under par. Cam Young, Jason Day, five under as well. Shane Lowry, Xander Shoffley, Adam Scott, Gary Woodland, Scottie Schefftler, Sam Bennett the amateur. All four under. Sam Burns as well, four under.

You get to some notable names as well. Justin Rose, Colin Morikawa, Tony Finau, Jordan Spieth are three under. Keegan Bradley and JT. Justin Thomas along with Cam Smith, two under as well. Matt Fitzpatrick, two under. Patrick Reed, he is one under. Patrick Cantley, one under. Hideki Matsuyama is one under as well. Phil Mickelson, I'm surprised he's one under. Lefty at that Masters dinner.

I saw a photo of him. He wasn't looking good and also he looks so tired and I know he's up there in age I guess you could say but with how he won and then what happened with him going to live, he looked absolutely exhausted. DJ Dustin Johnson is one under as well and Roy McElroy who's going for the career grand slam, only one he has to still win is the Masters. He is even shot a 72 today so obviously the most notable name of them all. Tiger Woods, he is two over as well which Hickey, this is going to sound weird to say but with what we heard from Tiger earlier in the week on Tuesday, it did not sound like a very confident Tiger Woods.

I would have expected him to be and I know he knows Augusta like no other. No one knows the course better than him regardless of what Rory McElroy did say earlier in the week when we had that conversation with Alex Myers. Two over for Tiger, I kind of take it because my expectations were extremely low for Tiger Woods heading into this tournament. I hope he does make the cut, we'll have to wait and see because the more Tiger the better but Bryson DeChambeau is two over as well. So here's what I'll say and you know what my biggest takeaway was and I'm someone who I enjoy watching golf. I somewhat enjoy playing golf, it just depends on my rounds going more times than not.

It's horrible then you have one good hole and it's like okay you'll definitely go back but I thought the coolest thing that I saw today where I understand this is a sport that a lot of times people only watch the majors and even though I feel like there's sometimes and Jordan Spies three under by the way, just wrapping up but sometimes I feel like we know more about golfers than baseball players and I think golf with sponsorships and all that they do a good job capturing the individual and I know it is an individual sport so it's easier probably to do than baseball but you see baseball players more than golfers and I feel like there's a lot more popular golfers than there are than baseball players but the walk I think it was down 14 where I know I saw Max Homa and also I saw Rory McIlroy interview AirPods in I think they were talking to Andrew Catalon I know for Max Homa it was definitely Andrew Catalon I was just watching the clip during the break but I think that is important in a sport that sometimes the athletes look like robots and they're so serious I think on a stage like this put some AirPods in and when you're walking down 14 or whatever it is on the first day of the tournament and I think Homa even joked like oh it's good I got a birdie you know before I talk to you or something like that because you could get you could maybe be more entertaining get a golfer in a bad mood usually I don't like those in those interviews during a game or during around like in the NBA I always think it's stupid when they interview the coaches because the coaches give you nothing in game or like before a national championship in college football they're they're interviewing like Nick Saban or Kirby Smart or whatever the matchup is but I thought today the quick little stroll as you're walking down I guess it was right off your tee shot I thought was was good for the sport of golf today I don't know how often they usually do that but and I watch you know a few golf events throughout the year but seeing that the only other time I've seen that was during those Thanksgiving Thanksgiving you know fugazi kind of events where it's like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady and Peyton Manning with whoever the golfers they pick but that's a little bit different yeah the match that's just a staged yeah money grab for ratings for sure yeah it's cool I'm kind of shocked honestly they allow even air pods on the course with how strict they are with technology no phones allowed on the course so those are for the patrons okay I'm glad they I'm well if there's one course that would not bend the rules for anyone it would be Augusta would be the Masters but you're right it's cool to see them in the heat of the battle be able to do interviews kind of talk give a little insight into what they're thinking because we watch you know a lot of the names are household names you never know outside of watching the golf course for the most part what they're like even what they're thinking on the course it's cool and also how popular was that Netflix documentary too full swing very cool coming off that as well you get a little more personality showcase the golfers very good so that was actually my biggest takeaway from today for you what was your biggest takeaway through round one in Augusta Brooks Koepka back he is back I'm a big Brooks fan I think golf is better and he is playing really well top of the leaderboard right now it sucks that he went to live in his irrelevant but in these small majors that we get windows back into guys of that stature it's nice to see him back and playing well well it's so weird when you say Brooks Koepka is back because you're right you don't hear from him unless it is a major championship now just with the structure with him going over to live golf or if you paid attention to the full swing documentary you got to see a lot of him and for me that's okay I guess if you only see him like obviously I like to see him other times throughout the year when you turn on a golf tournament or if it's in your area and you go over to a PGA event but that's not the case with him taking the money and running over to live but for him with how quickly he kind of captured all of our attentions winning the US Open twice and winning the PGA Championship twice from 2017 to 2019 that standard for him is and he'll even say it like he only really cares about the majors so that's so important and after day one and it's only one day how many times do you see someone at the top of the leaderboard and then the next day they're like three four over and they kind of shoot themselves in the foot in day number two but to have Brooks Koepka with a share of the lead along with Jon Rahm and Victor Hovland yeah definitely good for the sport of golf and that's going to be fascinating to see the reaction where a year ago clearly it was more intense and clearly there was stronger feelings about live golf and like a year later it's kind of like all right they took the money it's kind of irrelevant and a guy like Brooks Koepka who's a mega star who's just judged by major championships I don't think there would be a better chance for Brooks Koepka to win I think there would be all that much of a negative reaction by people that aren't the golf purists the golf purists will probably be besides themselves if Brooks Koepka does whether they would be really annoyed with it but I think for people like us who will watch the four majors and then like two or three maybe other events throughout the year if you have some betting interest on it I would have no problem with Brooks Koepka winning and I'm I'm not thrilled but like a year later it's just been so irrelevant where you don't hear about it the ratings have been so bad and so comically low where it's like okay how the heck is that thing gonna have success other than oh yeah it has unlimited funds because it's run by the Saudis and that's the thing why I never really understood I get it's really the first major tournament where live is taken off and now you have a clear separation of guys and living guys in the pj's last year's kind of on the fly guys are leaving after some tournaments and now it's the finally this is the first tournament where everyone is back together I never really understood I guess that the thought of there be this tense rivalry or like a lot of you know beef brewing just because I think if you're a guy on the pj and you were upset like Roy McElroy was last year very outspoken you see those guys went over to live took the money and you don't hear from ever again like nobody cares yeah so I think like that irrelevancy almost makes your point of it's okay you take the money but now you don't hear from ever again it kind of lessens the animosity you would have towards them because they're out of sight out of mind for on the golf calendar 80% of the year well I think also part of it is like time does heal all wounds and at one point like you get so worked up in the moment about something and then like time goes on it's like okay who gives a crap but also I think being at this tournament specifically like even Rory McElroy said you put that aside because of what this tournament means and the people that run the tournament as well but you're right like last year you remember even though we knew some guys and a lot of guys right from the start that just went over but like Cam Smith who ends up winning his first major last year the open championship and then you know I guess if I recall he was asked about it and he was like that's not the time and place to do so and then like immediately afterwards or very shortly afterwards it was announced that he ended up joining live golf and that's gonna if you have a guy that's not on live golf right now you would think you win a major someone's gonna call you and offer you the bag and it's just gonna be do you want to go and if there is and you know there's going to be an enormous amount of money you know you got to think twice about it but I wonder now a year later if some people go yeah it's a you get the money but then you basically become irrelevant if you just want to stay in the PGA even though the quality of life and the guaranteed money that you get is going to be off the charts and ridiculous I wonder now a year later when they call you up and they offer you this amount of money if it does change your decision at all and for some you're gonna say I'm gonna take the money I wouldn't have got this offer if I didn't win a major and for others they may go I don't really know the long-term goal of live golf and how much longer this is going to move forward into the future but at least I know bare minimum that I'm going to get like you know a ridiculous contract as well so who really cares I guess the success or the future of live golf too that's going to be the fascinating part though whenever live golf goes under and I don't know when that time is going to be you know how is that and I know right there's that thought that they won't be welcome back and all that but I wonder if that actually happens and who knows when it folds about how that entire transition does go about because some golfers say if you go you made your decision we don't want you ever coming back I get it I get it's easy for the PGA to have that stance but look let's see when push comes to shove right and if it happens and let's say the next two or three years if guys like Brooks Koepka Phil Mickelson they're still big names you still bring eyeballs to tournaments yeah you still want them on you know playing on your tour sure you know you want to embarrass them a little bit maybe there's a little animosity in the beginning but at the end of the day they bring eyeballs that's what you want maybe on the uh the ninth green at nine o'clock that's you got to do if you want to come on back turn on shooting mcgavin welcome back welcome him back it's a live golf welcome back party the PGA is throwing it for you who's the girl um I think there isn't her name Annie that does all the the football videos where she mocks being the 32 teams yes Annie Agar so she did a master's welcome and it was like oh I think it was the Patrick Reed because no one likes Patrick Reed but I may be wrong on that like oh Patrick meet me on the the ninth green at nine o'clock and you know who she was then playing the role of and when she's also playing the role Patrick Reed shows up shooter mcgavin no tiger woods close tiger woods girlfriend oh with that whole issue that is going on I'd bought her a one-way plane ticket yeah that he kicked her out or she wouldn't leave something along those lines so I thought that was uh that was very funny and a good job by by Annie as well alrighty I know we got into Solomon Wilcox coming up in just a bit but I want you to hear this this is from yesterday a Ravens PR rep tries to stop a Lamar Jackson question at an event it was a press conference with Eric DaCosta and John Harbaugh were speaking in their I guess this is their pre-draft one of their pre-draft availabilities with the draft under a month away with respect to the this thing about the draft and everything just with the Lamar stuff that's going on hey guys are you all looking at quarterbacks are you looking at quarterbacks differently because of the situation's going on you know I don't think we really are let me tell you I know the Ravens are an organization that are well respected around the league and I'm pretty sure the PR guy that steps in because their director PR is Chad Steele so I'm assuming that's Chad in the clip and if it's not I apologize that's so minor league and even if Harbaugh and DaCosta say that they don't want to answer any Lamar Jackson questions don't these idiots realize that if you cut off a question it makes it more of a story and you can't even answer or I know they went on to answer the question but you can't even ask without maybe getting cut off and then being able to continue your question if you're going to look at quarterbacks differently with the Lamar Jackson situation hickey for me not that this closes the book on anything but it's just another little kind of ingredient that shows when the when the cake is done from being made it's just another ingredient that kind of tells me that the end product is going to be that Lamar Jackson is not going to be a Baltimore Raven come week one oh yeah he's got what I don't get those last week I know it was not Eric DaCosta it was John Harbaugh Jonah Harbaugh sat there for a half hour answering basically for the most part Lamar Jackson's specific questions well as I told you as I told you last week I don't think John Harbaugh was expecting him to be sitting down and then Lamar to tweet out his official trade request that was made a month ago and I would I would venture to guess that John Harbaugh wasn't all that happy with how that played out and I don't know if it was Harbaugh behind the scenes or DaCosta but whoever it was they clearly told Chad Steele we're not answering any Lamar questions so make that be known to the media you just sat there for half hour answering questions you're a grown adult getting paid a lot of question and you know what if you shut it down enough no one will answer anymore we're not talking about Lamar yeah ask another question we're not talking about Lamar people will give up after a while it's it's really stupid did you by the way see the uh the announcers today uh for this Masters tournament the the AI announcers did you see that AI announcers yeah you you didn't see that no like the like you know when you watch a TikTok and you hear like that that robot robot sounding voice yeah so there was Arnold uh what is it called artificial intelligence I think it was yes so AI sure for that that they were doing announcing today for the golf like you were able to say the name like the country of where the golfer was from and like where the ball landed all in real time why would anyone watch that I don't it was kind of creepy if you asked me I like Shane Bacon better that's who I watched today featured groups did a great job I don't need an AI robot telling me Tiger Woods at the first take well that's the other thing like if something controversial happens I need a real human to to break it down not some robot you know like if someone is in very non-Augusta like fashion streaking around the golf course I need right like a Jim Nantz or Harlan yeah a guy yeah exactly he's butt naked well maybe we're gonna get replaced some some AI art artificial intelligence take over sports talk radio yeah I remember when AI just met Allen Iverson now all of a sudden it's some robot who will probably be saying we're talking about practice he was talking about practice Zach Gelb show CBS sports radio Solomon Wilcox joins us next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show the Super Bowl is over but the NFL quarterback carousel is just beginning you could ask yourself question do I feel lucky what does the future hold for all 32 NFL teams at the QB position now I'm going to give you an opportunity to spin this wheel right here let's spin the wheel and find out which teams we hit today the Cincinnati Bengals all right let's welcome in Solomon Wilcox the former bangle now does that believe in bangles podcast with adam pac-man jones you could always hear Solomon on Sirius XM NFL radio Solomon how you been my man Zach doing great hope you're doing well yeah I'm doing fantastic can't complain so I want to start you off actually on the offensive line soli uh layout Collins we know at the end of the season had that ACL MCL injury and we know how much the bangles invested into that offensive line last year then this off season out of nowhere they land orlando brown jr what a move that was by the bangles yes it just shows you how much they care about joe burrow and taking care of the quarterback and it's like doubling down on the efforts that they did last year remember they gave up seven sacks in the week one game against pittsburgh I think they gave up maybe five more week two against Dallas and after that they began to settle in particularly after the holly that halloween loss on the road at Cleveland they got a nice little um win streak and they did a good job of protecting joe from that moment on but they started to lose guys right around week 17 and the wildcard game and I think three weeks in a row they lost three starters on that offensive line so they're doubling down in the off season this year by landing orlando brown now we don't know when lael collins gonna be able to come back they're gonna move joe to williams over to the right side uh what's gonna happen with him because from what I read right he wants out of town now well yeah he requested trade but here's the deal uh they did pick up his fifth year options so they having this year I think he's gonna realize that the best bet for him before going out trying to test the market will probably be a free agent at the end of 2023 spend another year protecting joe burrow and see where it takes you if you can go to uh you know leave a team that just goes to what three straight afc title games if they make it again this year that would vote for him if he hits the market um he's probably better off staying put um I think that would serve jonah very well sam Wilcox here with us we know joe burrow sensational from what we've seen three years into the league uh contract talks are already beginning right all that conversation what do you think the deal ends up being for joe burrow and when do you think a deal could get done you think it will get done this off season or we're gonna have to wait a little bit no I think it would get done this off season I think the singles want to get it done they'll probably do it as an extension so he already does have a fourth year onto his rookie deal that gives them they do say I'm hearing it's going to be probably a four-year deal at about 214 meal or it could even be an eight-year deal at around 400 mil depending on if joe and his representatives want to sign the short deal and hit the market again or just be with the bingles more long term either way it's going to be north of 50 million a year um and it'll probably reset the quarterback market now here's the big question how much of that's going to be guaranteed is he going for one of those fully guaranteed deals well look I couldn't tell you that but I I listen if he asked for 200 mil guaranteed I don't think he'd be out of line um a lot of the teams aren't wanting to go close to the Sean Watson deal and you and I both know whether it's this off season or next year and off season someone's going to clip that number yeah for a guaranteed number so I think some of the owners need to get over it it's one of their own who signed the deal and and to act like that Joe doesn't exist that would wreak of collusion but here's the big question if Joe Burrow was available in a situation like Lamar Jackson was available right now how many teams do you think would give him like a five-year deal for for 230 million dollars guaranteed he'd probably get more you and I both know yeah do you think this is it for Lamar because man this seems like a very discouraging off season if I was a Ravens fan I would kind of expect him to be somewhere else after it's all said and done you know I'm talking about good friend Jamison Hensley covering the uh the Ravens for ESPN there he's got his finger on the post of what's happening and I asked them point blank I said look one minute Lamar's asking for trade another minute the general manager's saying they're willing to take the quarterback in the first round next thing I know they're offering 175 million up from 133 mil if the number hit 200 mil guaranteed do we have a deal and he says yeah one minute looks like they're far apart another minute looks like they're still the best of friends he said he could seize this ending with Lamar walking back into the building and everyone hugging and kissing and taking up so I mean it has huge swings there's a lot of disparity but I think they're more closely aligned than not. Solomon Wolcott's here with us so we mentioned Burrow and Lamar inside that AFC North what are kind of your expectations this year for Kenny Pickett and then also Deshaun Watson? Yeah and you know both those quarterbacks I think are we know Deshaun Watson can play it's about how close and how quickly he can get back to being what he was at the end of 2020 which was some time ago right so it may take him a little bit of while to get there but I think it's going to be very interesting in the meantime because if you look around them the Cleveland Browns have a pretty good roster they have one of the best running backs in the league in Nick Chubb they have one of the best offensive line they just beefed up their wide receiving core and they have two really good tight ends who can both run routes and are decent enough blockers the defense if you have a edge rusher like Miles Garrett at a shut down corner like Denzel Ward and a bunch of other first round picks in that secondary you're going to win your share of games it's going to be about how closely Deshaun Watson can play like what we saw in 2020.

As for the Steelers they're looking for a quantum leap for Kenny Pickett I think George Pickens at the wide receiver position is an untapped resource Deontay Johnson continues to get better and if that offensive line wakes up we know that the defense can be plenty good so it's going to be a real four team race in the AFC North I think the Bengals know that and certainly the other teams expect that. Do you feel like this is going to be Joe Mixon's last year with the Bengals and maybe look for the Bengals the draft of running back coming up next at the end of the month? Well it sure does look like it after losing Samad J.P. Ryan and the 12 million dollar number next to Joe Mixon you know both he and and Dalvin Cook these are two teams that seem non-committal right if they release Joe Mixon and I hope they don't they release them after June 1st they get a 12 million dollar cap relief when you think about the fact that they've got to give a ton of money to Joe Burrow to T Higgins and then next year to Jamar Chase they're going to have to clear the deck somewhere and most teams are doing that at the running back position and I think I think Joe Mixon gives this team something special that a lot of other teams don't have and that's power in the running game late in the season and into the playoffs so I like to see them do everything they can to keep them. With that being said how confident are you that they'll be on the roster come week one this year?

Not confident I'm 50-50 this year not very confident beyond 2023. How early do you think they draft the running back could you see them drafting running back in the first round this year? Well yeah because they're what 28 yeah I mean that's about where you would do it if it's B. John Robinson and just like what the Giants have seen you get the fifth year option on running back that you don't plan to give them a second contract but you would love to keep them on the fifth year option that means you better take them in the first round if you're going to take them in the first round you want to take them in the late 20s or in the 30s the Bengals are in the in a right position to do that. Salma Wilcox we know they're going to get a deal done with Burrow we know they're going to get a deal done eventually with Jamar Chase I know what Duke Tobin said about T Higgins but do you expect them to eventually get a deal done with T Higgins? Yes because people need to know T Higgins he's first round talent more importantly he's a first round young man I mean this guy is a he does everything the right way if you really take a look at how Zach Taylor and how the Duke Tobin these guys that built this team is really with character guys and Joe Burrow is a character guy he is the straw that stirs that drink and he's built the real good family of players around him and so I think Joe Burrow and what he has been able to do with T Higgins and Jamar Chase that's where you need to really check in on whether or not they're keeping guys or not because if it's right for Joe Burrow then it's right for the Bengals and it's right for everyone. Solomon this is a confident team as they should be we know they talked a lot going into that AFC Championship game and it didn't go their way what do you think they learned for that AFC title game and and how do you kind of look back at what happened in that last game of the season for the Bengals? Well I think they learned that we were right even though they drafted Jamar Chase that year many of us was right that blocking comes before touchdowns not the other way around you can't protect quarterbacks you can't win I mean as much as they hit it out of the park with Jamar Chase it still was the Achilles heel that cost them the opportunity to win a championship and even in year number three this past season when it came down to it the end of Chris Jones wreaked havoc on backup players because of the lack of depth because of the injuries on the offensive line that's why they went out to get money again on Orlando Brown they know they've got to get it right on this offensive line and only then can you pay attention to the luxury pieces of wire receivers running backs and you better have a good secondary because Cooper Cuff went right down the field on on Eli Apple like it was nobody's business so I think that's what they really learned to be honest with you. We know how great this Bengals team is we know for the foreseeable future it's Super Bowl or bust when you get to a Super Bowl lose and then you get to a title game right after that right now I know we still have a draft to get to Solomon how many teams do you think are better than the Bengals on paper? Yeah you know I always say these games gonna come down to the final seconds they always do I don't I look at all those teams in AFC that are bunched together you give me the quarterback and then I say well Burrow can you know he's the guy in the final moments of a game he's the guy the only there's a couple other guys and there's no doubt Pat Mahomes is that guy I I'm gonna go with Josh Allen but I think I think Burrow passed him up so right now I'm I'm telling you it's Keith and it's Cincinnati Bengals everybody else can get in line even though you got to pay attention to the Chargers because I think Herbert is that guy they can put the right team around them. And the right coach too.

Well you said it not me but that that's part of the puzzle right? Solomon Wolcott it's always great to catch up with you really do appreciate the time. Zach you're the best keep up the good work my friend. Thank you there he is Solomon Wolcott's joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we only have two teams left on the QB carousel the Kansas City Chiefs and the LA Rams as well. Alrighty we'll take a time out when we come on back there is a radio host and a co-host right here on CBS Sports Radio and they've heard of them DA, David Amanda Laura and Mraz they are calling for Hickey to be suspended and the power to issue the suspension is being left up to me. Will Hickey get suspended?

We'll find out next. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio. So Hickey is kind of and I wasn't aware that you were developing a shock jock bad boy kind of reputation around here on CBS Sports Radio but I've heard a lot on our network DA kind of refer to you that way where he does illustrate and I'm aware of everything that has happened but he does illustrate the point that you were drunk walking out of the Rose Bowl putting up content and he didn't love that and then you're cursing on the air which I was shocked and the biggest offense I think from DA's mind is that Hickey you burped on the air this past weekend on your very popular overnight radio program Friday into Saturday 2 to 6 a.m eastern what I like to call the hot take Hickey hour on CBS Sports Radio but is referred to by the boring name of the Ryan Hickey show.

So anyway let's play the infraction and then we'll get to the claim and the reasoning by DA and Mraz why they want you suspended. So here is the burp this was on Saturday morning at what about 5 10 speak for yourself was it like 5 10 a.m eastern time something along those lines? I gotta listen to what the topic was I forget honestly but then I could tell you the time. Well it was the take that DA accused you of stealing that FAU could be the next Gonzaga. Yeah sounds like probably 5 0 5 a.m. Okay so you're waking up 5 0 5 a.m eastern time Saturday morning and you hear this on CBS Sports Radio. You could start to build a path towards becoming the Gonzaga of the east coast dominant program that plays in a smaller conference. Sorry about that I think it's one of them my apologies that was a burp that slipped out my bad but FAU can become the dominant dominant program in a smaller conference just like Gonzaga has become in the WCC and in the west coast. Now before we get to the claim by DA Mraz wanting you suspended and giving their reasoning I just want to have you make kind of like an opening statement only about the belch itself were you trying to press the off button were you trying to press the cough button did you why didn't you dump it give me your take on the belch heard around the world on CBS Sports Radio. I felt it coming I could have sworn now again not to make excuses just to say facts this was on probably hour 20 of being awake in a row I thought I hit the off button so in my mind boom the microphone is off I let it out okay get second to a group and now back into the point and after I let the burp out I look down and the red light is still on meaning the microphone is still on so I did not my either finger slipped does not hit the button hard enough did not turn my mic off that is why I went over the air but my full intent was to have that be off the air not have the listener listen to me burping that's for sure and unfortunately just a whether it's a mental error a physical error both that snafu happened and here's the one part where I just as I have to ask is the judge here I'm just surprised a little bit with the inconsistency in the story from a few days ago because didn't you claim that you were basically like Chuck Knoblauch where you were having the yips because you drink a lot of water during the show whenever you do that you start to to burp on the air so can you just clarify that do you still think you have the yips well if it's the yips but that's what you drink a lot of water and you know during the show because my voice is talking for four hours so yeah so you're backing off the yips no I do burp a lot yeah during the show but most 99 of it's off the air okay gotcha that's a little uh cloudy right there from what you said earlier in the week until now I'm just going to say all righty now let's get Mraz and DA this is on the PGP that they do where they want you suspended and they state their case I suspended you for multiple weeks on the PGP for burping should Gelb suspend Hickey I think he should you do I think he should look I think the precedent's been said here at CBS Sports Radio look you got to learn that that's not okay and simply saying I didn't mean it is not okay look I didn't well I guess I did mean it when I burped but I got taught a valuable lesson I think all can admit I'm a much more mature human being than I was at burp time you know maybe it's time Hickey who's getting a lot of accolades gets reeled back a little bit little suspension no mic on on the Zach Gelb show for a week that'll teach you a lesson and that's a quick way to teach somebody yeah they can't they have to sit and stew in their own thoughts and realize how punished they were look you may hate the punishment what's happened to you in real time but ultimately it's for the better for you any response to those claims by DA Mraz yeah a few things number one this didn't happen on your show so why like why like if it's from my own show like which I would totally disagree with but that'd be one thing where the infraction was committed why is now a punishment supposed to be levied out on a different show we'll just call it platform that had nothing to do with the previous infraction two reasons number one you now have a history of things that they were talking about we can't play the entire clip where you have cursed you have posted a video drunk out of your mind ranted and raving about Penn State and now you have the belching incident so that's one side of it I guess from their reasoning the other I'm kind of like responsible for you in some way where if something happens with Hickey you're associated with the Zach Gelb show even if it is part of your responsibilities still with the network away from the show you practically do represent the show at all time so that's what I would think the line of thinking is there but here's the one thing that I'll say should you be suspended because of the fact that you by mistake belched on the air just because morass belched on a previous PGP like I think maybe we could call into question if that original morass suspension even though he agrees with it was fair in the first place now to be fair I asked for the evidence I was never provided the evidence of morass belching on the PGP so I'm not aware of it I guess it's past the statute of limitations but I do wonder what your thoughts are if you think it's even fair that a radio host or producer should be suspended for belching on the air I am someone who is a big believer in intent did you mean to do something or not Sean just admitted he purposely burped on the air he needed a lesson learned because he thought in his mind when he burped that is the right thing to do I've told you multiple times it was an accident I did not intend for this to get out in the air it was a physical mistake and or a mental mistake at 5 a.m the morning I know it is not right to burp on the air that is why it has not happened especially on this show it has not happened in previous shows outside of one small instance so it's not like I need to be taught a lesson of that is not okay that's not how we do radio here at CBS Sports Radio burping on the air I am well aware of that fact which is why it's never happened before the only thing that I just find a little unbelievable about your story is early in the week you said you're having the broadcasting yips and that's why you were burping so much well what is it like I don't you say yips what does that mean that you that's what you said I just burp a lot during the show because I drink water you said you drink you've been drinking water right and you've been having this problem you've been burping non-stop I've never witnessed that when you're on this show where you do have pretty much an open microphone I don't hear you belching a lot well not drinking as much water because I'm not talking as much a lot you talk pretty much a decent amount on this show so that's the only part of the story that's a little bit weird to me 30 seconds to a minute at a time here and there compared to the show I host it's 15 minutes at a time you know for three times an hour I think four hours I think you should just distance yourself from the whole oh like you know I've been burping a lot during the show that that doesn't make sense to me because you've never had burped on the air before okay because I turn off my mic and every time it happens I just turn it off boom it's kind of this big bell it's just a little what's the big deal if you did even burp on the air like I don't think it's that crazy I think it sounds unprofessional okay do you see some of the things that go on in this network I just want to you know go out of my way to do it again I try that's why I didn't dump it I happen I'm like oh that's embarrassing and finally they want you to actually come to Bob's Bar so play this clip go ahead we need Hickey at the Bob's Bar show on June the 16th we do because he's become he can't miss who knows what he's going to say next and how he's going to offend the listeners maybe you do a shot everybody does a shot together with Hickey and then we keep reciting no big deal after every shot and then see who's the last one that can still say no big deal how drunk are they get he's a shock jock no big deal this has really become a rolling carnival by the way Bob's Bar there's going to be tables set up for everything you want to experience at CBS Sports Radio I do think it's an inconvenience for you because that show is going to be on a Friday to do this show at 10 p.m finish this show at 10 p.m at night then go to Bob's Bar then come back for this show but if you are willing to say that you're going to go maybe I'll be lighter in my sentencing so would you be willing to go to Bob's Bar on that show in June just wondering well I mean if I'm drinking I will not be working I tell you that right now they want me to take a shot I'm not taking shots so you could say no at 8 a.m in the morning and then trying to work a shift at night um I probably have to turn it down I have a very busy summer but oh that's a bad answer I have a very busy summer I'm not going to suspend you but I am going to monitor this situation further and if you continue to do disgraceful things on CBS Sports Radio then I may bring you back to court and say okay it's time for you to pay uh face a little punitive action
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