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QB Carousel: Carrington Harrison, 610 Sports Kansas City Host

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 6, 2023 8:45 pm

QB Carousel: Carrington Harrison, 610 Sports Kansas City Host

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 6, 2023 8:45 pm

Carrington Harrison joined Zach to discuss if Patrick Mahomes gets enough respect and if Matt Nagy will get a head coaching opportunity before Eric Bieniemy. 

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

Step right up in and don't be shy! The Super Bowl is over, but the NFL quarterback carousel is just beginning. You could ask yourself a question.

Do I feel lucky? What does the future hold for all 32 NFL teams at the QB position? Now I'm going to give you an opportunity to spin this wheel right here. Let's spin the wheel and find out which teams we hit today.

The Kansas City Chiefs. Alright, let's check in with our pal Carrington Harris. He does a great job. Host here at CBS Sports Radio and you can catch him out afternoon drive in Kansas City. He joins us right now.

Carrington, how you been? Zach Gelb. No one has had me on to talk about the Chiefs quarterback carousel since probably, I don't know, 2012. I don't even really know what I'm doing on your show. But Ryan Hickey was like, hey Gelb wants you on. And I'm like, you know what, I will get up from eating dinner with my mom to talk to Zach Gelb. And they were like, oh, it's about quarterbacks for the Chiefs. And I'm like, what is there to talk about? The Chiefs have the greatest quarterback we have ever seen. Well, they have to hit on all 32 teams. So we have to do one day of Kansas City.

I am intrigued though, and I appreciate the kind words. What are you eating with mom right now? What's on the dinner plate? So it was like a little reverse happy hour. I actually just got some wings.

They were lemon, garlic, butter or whatever. They had literally just come out and then I saw my phone was ringing. I was like, oh yeah, let me go talk to Zach Gelb.

So I am excited to talk to you. Next time you do this, you know what, I would talk to Las Vegas twice. They need extra attention to their quarterback issue. Denver needs extra attention to their quarterback issue. Not Kansas City. So we'll keep on the food topic and then we'll delve into the Kansas City Chiefs as well just for a second.

Carrington Harrison is here with us. I just said about 30 minutes ago, we are actually coming to your town for the NFL Draft coming up in three weeks. Where are the places I have to go? He had to give me two meal recommendations.

Where must I go? Yeah, no, I just heard about this. I heard this while I was waiting on hold. I'm going to show you the best barbecue that you've ever had. Because I don't know if you've been to Kansas City before.

I have not. Whenever you get here, we're going to go on the tour. We're going to Gates. We're going to Jack's. We're going to Joe's Kansas City. We're going to try, like there's four big barbecue restaurants in Kansas City.

We're going to sample each of them and then when you go back home to the NYC, you can pick what's your favorite one. Yeah, an early case was being made for Joe's by one of our listeners, Slick Reynolds. He was saying you got to go to Joe's. Joe's is the place. Joe's is good. So the original Joe's location is actually in a gas station.

I mean like a living, breathing. It wasn't used to be a gas station. It is still currently a gas station today. So you can go fill up and get the best barbecue sandwich that you've ever had. So when we look back at the Chiefs this past year at Carrington Harrison, we'll see if we can top this conversation the rest of the way.

Probably not because we started off with food. Everyone was like freaking out about no Tyree kill this year and then the Chiefs go and win the Super Bowl. What did this year tell you about Kansas City when you look back at it? I actually don't know if we have given Patrick Mahomes enough credit.

I know I have in Kansas City. But I don't know if people like Zach Gelb have given Patrick Mahomes enough credit for winning the Super Bowl with Travis Kelce and a bunch of guys. Think about it. They had a they had a seventh round rookie at running back. Marquez Valdes Gantling, who was a 600 yard receiver.

Juju Smisheuster, who is no longer on the team. And Darius Toney, who you know very well, who was on the Giants, who they just cast away that scored a touchdown. Could have been the Super Bowl MVP, honestly, if we're being honest.

He had a chance to. I mean, Sky Moore caught his first touchdown in the NFL in the Super Bowl. I don't think we've given Patrick Mahomes enough credit for basically winning the Super Bowl with Travis Kelce and just a bunch of random guys.

He gets a ton of credit. Now you're doing what I used to do with Tom Brady. I'm serious with Patrick Mahomes. This is the thing about Mahomes. I think at this point now, let's say that Mahomes says, you know what?

I've made enough money. I don't want to play football anymore. Patrick Mahomes is one of the five greatest quarterbacks of all time at this point in his career. I don't care about longevity stats. I'm saying we all watch these games.

We know these games. You cannot name five quarterbacks all time better than Patrick Mahomes. And that's with another decade to go in his career.

No, you are right on that. Mahomes, if he retired tomorrow, he would definitely be put in Kansas, Ohio, as a first ballot Hall of Famer. Also, just going off the whole Mahomes and Tyreek Hill relationship, and I know Tyreek Hill said some things today.

We'll get into that in just a bit. Not that I ever doubted Kansas City. And I always thought that they'd be a tough out in the playoffs. They had a great chance to get to the Super Bowl. But I was always wondering, Carrington Harrison, because you've seen their runs the last few years.

They would go down big and they would so quickly come back. That's what I was wondering if they were going to miss Tyreek Hill. And then to be down by 10 in the Super Bowl to Philly, who's having an unbelievable season and still come back. That's what just made it so off the charts.

No, I'm with you. I mean, I would say that that's been the theme, really, of Patrick Mahomes career. That time, situation, score, none of those things seem to matter. I mean, you think back to the first Super Bowl run. They were down 24 to nothing against the Houston Texans. I mean, they were down 10 with eight minutes to go in a Super Bowl against San Francisco.

They won. You mentioned the Eagles. How about the Eagles played as well in the first half as a team could play. And the Chiefs still found a way to win in all of these games. That has really been a staple of Patrick Mahomes career. I'm on this team. So as long as we've still got time on the clock, I don't care if it's 13 seconds left against Buffalo or eight minutes like the Super Bowl against San Francisco.

As long as we still have time on the clock, we are going to win this game. Who are the quarterbacks in the AFC that you look at? Is it just only Burrow as the only one that's just in kind of a similar or even close to being in the same category as Mahomes? I mean, I like Josh Allen. I mean, I would say with Buffalo, I think Buffalo needs to go get Bijan Robinson. I think one of the big problems with Buffalo is it's hard to ask your quarterback to be the focal point of your passing attack and also be your best running back option, too. And I think what happens with Buffalo every year is you need Josh Allen to have like 370 yards total in order to win. Like Patrick Mahomes did not have a great numbers day in the Super Bowl. He didn't throw for 400 yards.

He threw for 180 yards. But you can have Isaiah Pacheco who runs the ball. You can have the defense do some stuff like you can't just count on your best player to score 40 points every night in the league.

You need other guys to kind of carry their weight. I think Buffalo's biggest problem is they have Josh Allen to do everything offensively. And if he does it, they can't win. I know the Chiefs, they had the last pick in the draft.

They win the Super Bowl. They're sitting at 31 just because you have the pick taken away from Miami. I know it's kind of tough to have a lot of draft conversation when you're picking last in the first round.

But what has kind of been some of the talking points on this draft for Kansas City? I mean right now it's been wide receiver honestly. I mean a lot of people are sort of waiting to see what's going to happen at the number one wide receiver. I mean right now they only have one wide receiver who is on his second contract in the league.

And that's MVS. Can you go into a season with Marquez Valdes scaling as your number one wide receiver? So I think they still need a wide receiver. Are they going to address it with Odell Beckham? Are they going to address it with DeAndre Hopkins? Or are they going to go get a wide receiver? I really like Quentin Johnson out of TCU. I think a lot of Chiefs fans are warm on him.

I think Jackson Smith and Jibba from Ohio State makes a lot of sense. I don't know if he's going to fall into range in which Kansas City could realistically move up to get him. But a lot of the conversation with the Chiefs has been about wide receiver.

And that appears to be their biggest weakness right now. Past rush a little bit but that's something you can address in the draft. Or you know there's always going to be that veteran pass rusher you can get. But wide receiver not picking up Juju Smith-Schuster. I really wanted Jacoby Myers.

DJ Chark ended up going back to Carolina. This team really needs a true number one wide receiver. I think Odell is going to link up with Rogers and go to the Jets whenever that deal gets done. Hopkins is the name that I've been saying it. I think Hopkins is going to wind up in Kansas City.

That's just based off gut feel. Yeah but the thing with DeAndre Hopkins is going to be what's the cost to acquire him? Like are you going to have to use a second round pick? Are you going to get him for a fourth round pick? And is he going to be willing to restructure his contract? I'm not super interested in DeAndre Hopkins at what we've heard he's going to command. I'm not giving you a second round pick for a 31 year old wide receiver who has played 19 games in the last two years. Why not though? Because you guys are in the penthouse.

You could do whatever you want right now. And if he can stay healthy you know that's going to be off the charts with Mahomes. It's just how the Chiefs have been built and the moves that they've made. It would be one of the more risky moves that they've made. It's not like I know you're a big Patriots guy. We're not talking about DeAndre Hopkins as a free agent right now. You can get him on a one year six million dollar deal. Sure take the flyer for DeAndre Hopkins. We're talking about you've got to trade something for DeAndre Hopkins and you've got to negotiate a contract with them. It just seems like a lot for a guy who tore his ACL less than 18 months ago and then missed six games last year because of a suspension. Right now I wonder with DeAndre Hopkins if there are more questions than answers.

And you and I both know this. Football is best played by people ages 24 to 27. He's 31 years old.

Like you are sort of in a race against time. How much does he have left in the tank? Do you actually believe Tyreek Hill when he said today that this is going to be his last contract with the Dolphins? I think Tyreek Hill just likes being in the headlines.

Last year he said that Tua was the most accurate quarterback that we've ever played with. Like this is just what Tyreek Hill does. Tyreek Hill in the offseason he just starts talking and then we're talking about Tyreek Hill.

He said he wanted to quit to do Twitch. It's just no. Last season I spent my whole offseason last year hanging on every word of Tyreek Hill.

I refuse to do it again. Tyreek Hill chose the bag over winning and there's nothing wrong with that. You've got your $120 million. You've got a lot of guaranteed money. I hope you're happy with winning nine games and never advancing in the playoffs. But you know that he misses Kansas City. There's no way you can't miss the Chiefs of what they're doing.

He could have signed. This is the thing, Zach, and you know this. All of us have been offered jobs or you change jobs. Whenever you reach that point, we see what you value most. Do you value work environment? Do you value four-day work weeks?

You're allowed to decide to take a job for whatever reason you want. The Chiefs have made one thing clear. There is a tax to playing on the Chiefs. Everybody can't be the highest paid player at their position. We aren't the Rams. We're not going to have Stafford making big money and Aaron Donnell making big money and Cooper Cupp and all of these.

You're going to have to take 85% to be on the team. You can still be incredibly rich. You can still be incredibly wealthy.

But you're not going to be able to stay. You are the highest paid player at your position. That's what Tyreek Hill valued more than winning championships. More than playing on a team that has a chance to compete every single year. He wanted to be the highest paid wide receiver at $30 million a year.

That comes at a cost. Go win eight or nine games every year. Miss the playoffs and be happy with that. Carrington Harrison before we let you run. Andy Reid 65. How much longer do you think he's going to coach for? That's a great question. I mean I don't know how you can walk away with things the way they are in Kansas City.

I mean think about it. You've got a super passionate fan base. You've got a great ownership group. You and the general manager are on the same page.

You've got one of the greatest quarterbacks we've ever seen. I mean as long as you're healthy, why are you walking away anytime soon? I mean I'd probably set the over under at four and a half years and him coaching until his seventies.

And probably take the over. But we also know things can change. Look what happened with Bill Self. Bill Self appeared to be healthy and then couldn't coach in the NCAA tournament.

So I don't know if any of us can say definitive because things change so quickly. But if you're asking me right now, four and a half years for Andy Reid. Would you take the over or the under?

I'd take the flight over and let's say he retires at like 72. Do you agree that the enemy left Kansas City with the idea that he felt like he had to go somewhere else to be considered for a head coaching job again? I mean I don't know how anybody could see that and not come to that same conclusion that you came to. I didn't know what the other side of the argument would be.

It seems fairly obvious to me. And this is the thing and you know what? I feel good about this because I can say this and then you'll hang up the phone and you've got to deal with it. Give me one white coach who had to go through this process. Like we never asked Josh McDaniel, hey Josh McDaniel, you know what you've got to do? You've got to go be an offensive coordinator for another team. You can't be under Tom Brady and Bill Bellacheck for you to earn this job. Like just give me one white coach with the resume that Eric Bienemey that had to prove himself at another location. You're telling me that Eric Bienemey's employment to be a head coach is now based on Sam Howe?

That's what it's based on. Not based on anything he did in Kansas City. I just want to know why we saw Doug Peterson get so much credit for the success. I want to see why Matt Nagy gets so much credit for the success.

Mike Kafka who we know eventually is going to be a head coach in the league. How do all these coaches get all this credit? But yet Eric Bienemey has to go through another unnecessary step to prove that he's worthy of being a head coach.

It just doesn't make any sense to me. Let me ask you this. Does Nagy get a head coaching job again now being the offensive coordinator in Kansas City before Bienemey gets his first? A hundred percent. Gelb, he is a white offensive coordinator who had a winning record with the Bears.

Yes, we know how this is. He's now the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs for the next two years. He'll be the hot IT candidate. People will say, well he wasn't that bad with Chicago. Look who he had. He had Mitch Trubisky as his quarterback.

You should hire him. There's no way that Matt Nagy only gets one chance in the NFL. I mean think about how bad Josh McDaniel was with the Broncos. He got another chance to be an offensive coordinator with the Raiders and is doing the exact same stuff. Yes, Matt Nagy will absolutely be a head coach again in the National Football League in the next two seasons. Will Bienemey ever be a head coach in this league? I mean I'm going to say no at this point.

It's kind of one of those things like the more hoops you create, eventually you just trip up. I just don't know what Washington has to do next season in order for a team that has already interviewed Eric Bienemey to finally say yes. He's been doing this for three news cycles. Last year he wasn't even the IT minority candidate anymore. There was a time there where he was kind of the example of the Rudy Rule and the media was pushing him.

That was Tamiko Rice this year. Washington probably has to make the playoffs. The Washington commanders have to make the playoffs in order for Eric Bienemey to get a job. I'm just going to guess that the commanders don't make the playoffs this year. Well enjoy those wings with mom and I'll see you in three weeks. We'll go on the barbecue tour. Gail, I appreciate you my guy.
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