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Jets & Packers 2023 Expectations (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 14, 2023 10:09 pm

Jets & Packers 2023 Expectations (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 14, 2023 10:09 pm

Jets & Packers expectations for 2023 l Should the Patriots pursue Aaron Rodgers? l Closing Bell


Alrighty, how we doing? Now we're number four of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. So the biggest story right now is Aaron Rodgers and we wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, and wait some more to figure out if the white smoke will finally happen tomorrow when Rodgers does speak with Pat McAfee and if they'll say, I'm leaving Green Bay and not only am I leaving Green Bay, I'm going to the New York Jets.

It is clear, I think it's 99.9%. I'll leave one tenth open for Rodgers to do something crazy like go into a cave for a bunch of days and go participate in a darkness retreat. I never thought I'd be saying that on a national radio show, but when you see Allen Lazard just out of nowhere, oh, the Jets have interest.

Like don't get me wrong. Allen Lazard's a good player. Allen Lazard, even if they don't end up getting Rodgers is fine to bring into the Jets, but when you see Lazard just brought up and also, oh, Rodgers making demands that Lazard's there, that it's Randall Cobb, that it's Mercedes Lewis and maybe Odell Beckham Jr. as well.

Nathaniel Hackett is the offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers. The Jets have called their shot. They have pushed all the poker chips into the table, in the middle of the table, and you know it's Rodgers or Bust. And when you allow Carr to walk to the Saints, you make sure that Jimmy G winds up with the Raiders.

It is inevitable. Unless he retires, he ain't going back to Green Bay. And I don't think he's retiring, that Aaron Rodgers is going to be suiting up for the Jets. So there's a lot of big storylines entering next season. And I'm not going to say it's the biggest, but I do think two major storylines, Hickey, are how far will the Jets go? And also, we're finally going to get an answer in a three-year question. And I don't think you get all your answers in year one, but what does Jordan Love look like as the full-time starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers?

And I'm going to ask you a question right now, Ryan, that I think I know what you're going to say, but sometimes you throw some curveballs and I think I could predict you and I end up swinging a missing. And then I want to see if it matches when we go through the schedules. Next year, Aaron Rodgers starting for the Jets, Jordan Love starting for the Green Bay Packers. The Jets play in a tougher division and a tougher conference. The NFC North is improving. I know the Bears just got DJ Moore and they're going to get a bunch more picks, but I don't think the Bears are ready to compete.

The Lions are ascending. The Vikings had a really good year. Is there some regression this year?

I don't know. And I don't know what the Packers will be, but you look at the NFC in the entire picture. You feel good about Philadelphia, Dallas, they'll make the playoffs to other expectations. 49ers you feel really good about. Will the Giants continue to rock and roll?

I know they got Darren Waller today, which is a good move for them. Are the Seahawks going to be able to replicate and improve off what they did a year ago? Like there are a lot of questions in the NFC, like the Saints, they got the best quarterback for now in the division.

But are they going to necessarily be a force? Probably not. So when I ask you the simple question, who will have a better year? In 2023 will be the Jets or the Packers?

What do you think the answer is going to be on that one? Jets. Now I'm assuming that's based off a record standpoint, right? From a strict win loss, yes, the Jets will have more wins than the Packers. Because let's just say the Jets have 10 wins next year, but then they lose in the playoffs in the first round and Rodgers doesn't play great in the first round. But let's say Green Bay goes eight and nine and they don't make the playoffs, but Jordan Love gives you enough tangible moments where you think he could be the guy. Like you could argue going eight and nine with basically no expectations and thinking you now have your answer with Jordan Love could be viewed as a better year than even though you would be what, 10 and seven and you went all in and that's really what you got.

Like I, hey, the better records, the better record. But I think the way we could talk about it is you could be more optimistic, maybe about the Packers at the end of the year than the Jets. Well, yeah, because the Jets have such a short window that it's two years, maybe three to win a Super Bowl and get as much as you can. Where, like you said, the Packers, things go well, you have a decade of Jordan Love. So you're right.

I would, yeah, I don't disagree. It's like eight and nine, but Jordan Love looks really good and you feel good about your future. Yeah, you could consider that a win compared to the Jets having a better record, going to the playoffs, not winning a playoff game just because, again, it's just so intense.

The pressure is so high because the window is so small. And don't get me wrong, the Jets will have the better record. As long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy, the Jets will have a better record than the Green Bay Packers this year. But just entertain me here because it's never too early to do a little quick win loss on the 14th day of March in the year of 2023. I'm going to give you the Jet opponent. You just tell me win loss.

First thing that comes to your mind. And we don't know the order of these games. We don't know how all these teams are going to look in its entirety, but it's operating under the belief that Rodgers is going to be starting for the Jets and Jordan Love is going to be starting for the Packers. So I'll start you off with the Jets. Commanders at MetLife Stadium. When? At Dallas. That could be, you know, that could be Thanksgiving. That is a good game. I, you know what?

That could be that hickey. That could be Thanksgiving or that could be first Sunday night game of the year. They always love to put the Cowboys on Sunday night football to open up the year. It seems like, you know, we've seen right now, that would be pretty good to open up the year. Rodgers at Dallas to open up the year.

I don't know if TV protections work. If not, though, that could be a Thanksgiving type of game. I will go win. And I think the last time the Jets were on Thanksgiving was in the bus fumble.

Wow. Was it that it might have been. I mean, think about how bad the Jets have been in recent years at that game. We tailgate in the parking lot with the lasagna.

It was great. That would be quite the dichotomy of having that, you know, with then now Aaron Rodgers and your team next time you're on Thanksgiving. Yeah, I don't think that would go too well for my team if I'm being fair. Well, I said, hey, I'm saying the Jets fans like the last time you are Thanksgiving, but fumble one of the worst moments. I'm saying now you have Aaron Rodgers. You're feeling a lot better about being on Thanksgiving the next time. So you're saying that's a win for the the the the Jets win for the Packers there. How many times are we going to do that? At least for the first week, a few times.

All right. At Denver, your boys lost your mile high. You were such a pom pom just cheerleader for the Denver Broncos. They're a good team. That's what you said last year. I predict that they'll win 12 games this year.

So, you know, yeah, I'm being consistent. You may be smoking what they're smoking in Denver. They had a good offseason so far. Good free agent spending.

Okay. At the Raiders. When at the Dolphins. Loss at New England. This is tough. I will say is it really when I don't trust the Jets going into I know it's different, but they've had monumental struggles in New England. Couldn't take the last one in there. I will say when hesitantly.

Okay. Oh, I didn't realize this at the Giants. Basically, a home game, as you know, I know technically a giant home game, but that's a. It's not bad for the Jets.

No, that's a nice to go anywhere. I will say when I think they're better than the Giants. Buffalo loss that is at all.

That's at MetLife Stadium, by the way. Well, I think those splitting those spell out a vision game, so I'll say at home win. Okay. So you had six wins already. Dolphins MetLife Stadium game a loss before I give him a win now. Okay. New England MetLife Stadium win. Okay. Kansas City.

This is at MetLife loss. That's a good game. That is good. That's if they get Rogers assuming they do. That's a primetime game.

That is a great game. Lost, though. Chargers MetLife Stadium also potential another primetime game.

Herbert Rogers. I will say L for the Jets. Oh, Eagles MetLife Stadium. Another potential primetime game. Notice how juicy the jet schedule gets. Great home game slate, too, by the way.

Wow. I will go loss for the Jets at Buffalo loss at Cleveland win. Houston. This game is at MetLife Stadium win.

Doesn't matter where it is. Could be on the moon and then the Falcons at MetLife Stadium win. Do you have the Jets with 11 wins? I think it's fair, right?

I think it's egregious. Maybe give or subtract the win. I think they're anywhere with Rogers in that 10 to 12 win category, which is a playoff team which is exactly bare minimum next year, which you should be bare minimum.

Okay. Now I will give you the Packers schedule operating with Jordan Love as QB one and whoever the hell is gonna be at receiver with this exit is going to New York. Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs. I bet you they've hung out outside the facility with Aaron Rogers.

Bet a million dollars that they've hung out with Jordan Love outside the facility. You've still got Aaron Jones on the defensive side of the ball. You got Kenny Clark, obviously, and Jair Alexander.

Yes, you do. Got some pieces there. It's not all barren now. Let's see. I think the biggest actually outside of Jordan Love and what he will be as a starting quarterback will actually start to see what a boy wonder boy genius could be. Sean McVay. Matt Leflore.

You're right. Because I think that dude is overrated. I used to get a lot of pushback, but I would have put in my top 10 for coaches. And there's been a lot of moments where everyone's like, Oh, look at his record. Look at his record. But I have not been making it out to be that that guy is that this is next coming of Lombardi. Like some other people.

You are definitely right about that. We will learn a lot from as you call boy wonder, which is confusing. Don't you also call something Vay boy wonder? Yeah, I know they're kind of look alike a little bit. And they're kind of big.

They have a championship and has been to two Super Bowls. Yes. Yes. Yeah.

I actually I referred to. I don't know if this is great to say in the year of 2023 after what's happened, but I referred to Sean McVay years ago as as sounding like John Gruden, except on helium. We just sound like him.

Yeah. Like he talks like him. Sounds like a guy like as I said, had too much helium. His voice is very high, higher than mine, which just don't send emails like John Gruden and you'll be fine. That is or even coach like him the second time.

That's true too. You know, just with the times. What an overrated coach that guy is after winning that Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. Go figure.

The 2002 playbook doesn't work in 2021. Shocker. That's a dude that should have never came back. Like, I don't know how much money ended up eventually. And I know they did settle and he had the hundred million dollar contract. So easy for me to say. And remember, he said, if it didn't work out, he would give it all back. Yeah.

Well, you know what? But if I was him, I would have just stayed at Monday Night Football until I just didn't want to be in football anymore. I would have never gone back to the Raiders also. I know he loves the organization, but I just would not have gone back.

I don't know. Maybe that got Adam with how he left the Raiders and then goes to Tampa, then beat some of the Super Bowl. Maybe he owed it to the Davis family to go back to the Raiders. But come on.

That was stupid. That's a coach that's addicted to coaching and even 10 years can't get out of the system and and had to go back. You know, you don't actually give credit to Bill Cowher. Bill Cowher did it right.

One. Then eventually got out. And then went to TV and never decided to come back when tons of teams would have welcomed back the services of Bill Cowher. You know, Tony Dungy too. You know, Tony Dungy, when he left the Colts, heck, you probably would have thought that he would eventually have come back. And he said last year in August when he joins us in city, the only job that he almost contemplated taking was the Lions job years and years ago. That was the only job that almost made him maybe said, OK, I'll come back and coach.

Sometimes, you know, it's just better to walk out the hero than come back and see yourself turned to the villain. And it's tough. You're right. How many times Bill Cowher's name? It's been at least three or four different times.

Still now. It's even recently. The Joe was it to wasn't for Robert Salah got hired. Wasn't there or something with the Jets where there's a rumor of Bill Cowher and the NFL Network NFL today and settling and wasn't supposed or something like that. But it's like it's over almost a decade since he stopped coaching.

His name is still up there and he hasn't he hasn't moved. And I think for if you're Bill Cowher, it's the right move. And he's not ancient. He's only sixty five. You know, Tony Dungy sixty seven. You get back in it.

But it's also to one of those things when you're away from it so long. I know those guys are around the game. Even John Gruden was around the game because you're still broadcasting the game.

Totally different. But when you're right, when you're not in the actual coaching so much as change from schemes, how you talk to players, it's just hard to adjust. So you had the Jets at eleven. Jets at eleven wins eleven and six Packers with love. We'll start with their home schedule. All home games. Bears. When Lions. Loss Vikings win.

Oh, OK. Sure. Cousins in Lambeau, never picking them. Chiefs loss. Chargers. Loss Rams win. Saints. Oh, interesting outside, right? And this is home game.

Yes. Well, it depends what time of the year. If you are the Packers, you hope that's a December game. Have car going to free the frozen, the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. I will say win for the pack.

Buccaneers win. That could be Baker Mayfield and Jordan. Jordan Love. That's a doozy. What could have been last year?

Aaron Rodgers versus Tom Brady is now Jordan love versus Baker. All right. So five wins on the home schedule. That's not bad. First year without Rogers.

Not a bad, you know, finishing third place has its perks. Bears on the road. We go to the road schedule. Mm hmm. I think we fight this year. I'll say loss. Lions lost something.

That's right. Viking loss. Falcons win. Panthers win.

Could depend when in the year that is. I would start shroud or young if that's who you're drafting week one. But if that's like week one and they elect to start Andy Dalton, a lot of money for backup. Yeah.

Makes you wonder what they're doing. Broncos loss. Come on. I mentioned the Broncos.

You don't hesitate. It's just like, oh, Broncos win. Geez, Louise and Gallo, who's a big Broncos fan was annoyed with you because can you start having him say negative things about the Broncos so they actually start to turn out to be a good football team because you are the hickey hex when it comes to the Broncos. Raiders win. Giants loss Steelers. Oh, interesting game.

I will say loss. I'd say I'm going eight and nine. Oh, wow. I've worked that kind of way.

It's kind of talked about it. You had 11 for the Jets and then eight for the Packers. And honestly, if you're a Packers fan, even if you lose one more or you win one more, if you're in that realm of anywhere between seven and nine wins this year, I think you sign for that in a heartbeat because that means love is weathering the storm of the ups and downs. I know it's not his rookie year, but really his first true year as a starter. And I'm sure there's going to be a heavy dose of Jones and Dylan and you have to manage the game correctly, but you got to let him air that ball out to Watson and Romeo Dobbs and we'll see how quickly it could build those relationships with them.

And who else is going to be on the roster after the exodus of one Aaron Rodgers to the JTS Jets. That defense can be big though. Defense can be big. That run game in the defense. That's how the Packers will win a lot of games this year. And you're going to need that defense with Kenny Clark and Jair Alexander and Preston Smith and Devondra Campbell and guys like Quay Walker.

You need that defense to step up in a big way. It is Zach Gilp's show on CBS. Last year, you may have made some smart decisions and you may have made some not so smart decisions.

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We will take a break and be on back in five minutes. You're listening to the Zach Gilp show. All righty, Zach Gilp show, CBS sports radio. This is not the Patriot fan bringing this up.

This was sent to me by hot take Kiki. The big lead just put out an article that says Aaron Rodgers to the Patriots would be a hilarious twist. Now, the author of the article is Ryan Phillips. This is not me being a douchey talk show host and saying I have no clue who he is when I actually know who he is. I do not know who he is. I don't know if he has any ties to New England, if he's a Patriot fan or whatever. Let me just click his bio real quickly. Oh, Ryan is a senior writer at the big lead, a San Diego based sports writer. He holds a journalism degree from Indiana University. He has no children, no pets, two bad knees and a crippling addiction to HBO Go. You know what? Let me say this. That's a very good bio to have. You like that, huh?

Yeah. No kids, no wife, no knees either. It's basically saying this guy really doesn't have much of a social life.

His knees suck. All he does is sit around and watch HBO Go. And at least he made a good decision to go to San Diego after graduating from Bloomington at Indiana.

I guess that's pretty much how I read that bio. But anyway, he just writes this article that this is not based off any sourcing, no inside information, no speculation. He just threw out the idea of the Patriots at the last moment swooping in and stealing Aaron Rodgers from the Jets.

He ends the article by saying, again, I have no evidence something like this will happen. I just think it would be the most entertaining outcome of this whole saga. Entertain me here for a second, Hickey. Belichick calls up Rodgers. Ring, ring, ring. It's Bill. You know, out of that darkness game, would you be interested in coming to one page replace and, you know, getting the opportunity to compete for the starting quarterback job with the New England Patriots? Your response, Mr. Rogers? Who's your wide receivers?

Billy, Kendrick Bourne, and also Devante Parker. Coach, I'm not just a quarterback. I'm also the GM. Can I get some roster control and bring my guys in? Yeah, you could shut the bleep up. Coach, coach, how about the offense? Can I call the place? You know, I'm kind of also the GM, the quarterback, and the play caller. That was the answer, by the way. Okay, where do I sign, coach?

I'm in. Do you think Rodgers would be oohed and aahed by Bill Belichick? Like, say what you want about Rodgers.

He does respect the history of the game. And there's always been that thought of, oh, if Rodgers was coached by Belichick, Belichick would definitely have Rodgers more than one ring on his finger. I don't think that'll work out because I still think at the end of the day, Rodgers wants his freedom.

I think we're seeing it with the Jets right now. He is basically running the Jets. That's what he wants to do. He wants to be LeBron James of the NFL. He wants to go to the team he wants to go to. He wants to basically bring all the players he wants to bring with him, run his own offense, do everything his way. And as we know, Bill Belichick does things one way.

And guess what? I may hate Bill Belichick. His way has worked pretty dang well. I would say if you had to choose the Rodgers way or the Belichick way, I would say most people would choose the Belichick way.

I don't think Bill is now going to change his way to follow the Rodgers way. And if you think about it, the Patriots situation right now is very similar to what he had in Green Bay. No great wide receivers.

I know that Devante Adams was there, but I'm talking about last year. You don't have any great wide receivers. You got a good run game with Armandre Stevenson and Harris. You got a very good defense. Green Bay has a very good defense. There's probably better pieces on the Packers offense, but the Patriots have a better defense than the Packers defense.

It's a very similar situation, except here's the one difference. The NFC North, you know, outside of this year got a little bit better. The NFC North is a lot easier to win if you were if you were Rodgers if you stayed in Green Bay, that would be going to the AFC East, even with Bill Belichick.

Because you got the Bills in the way. If you have a healthy Tua, then the Dolphins could be a really damn good team. And then, you know, the Jets would kind of be out of it because who knows what they would scramble to if Aaron Rodgers ended up with the Patriots. But I think there would be more motivation for Bill to get this done than Rodgers to get this done.

And, you know, Belichick can't stand the Jets. It's not going to happen. But just since the big league threw it out there as speculation, it's something that he wanted me to bring. Would you want to like would you want for it to happen? Would you root right now for Aaron Rodgers to be a New England Patriot, especially when you see him in the Jets recently? Does Allen Lazard flip at the last second?

It's not official. I would say yes. I mean, it's it would be the first time the Patriots associated, you know, flipping teams. Yeah. Or staying where they are going.

I should say going back on their word is maybe the way the right way. And screwing the Jets when it has something to do with the Patriots. Can I get Odell? I'm sure you want Odell. Sure.

And listen, it's Aaron Rodgers's team. If you're going to sign up for that experience, as much as I like Mack and I had oatmeal next time at the Super Bowl two years ago. Wow. Yeah, I'd be awesome to the side.

I'd be and that'd be fun. The guy who's once your Twitter profile picture. Yeah, no more things change.

Life comes at you fast. Rookie quarterback going to the playoffs two years later, you're off Twitter and now you're off the team. I thought Will Brinson had a great tweet today. Did you see this tweet at all?

No. Aaron Rodgers currently runs the Jets, owns the Bears, quarterbacks, the Packers. That must have ripped off. I saw someone else tweet that. That is very funny and also very accurate.

Not bad doing three things at once. Oh, now you got a little problem here. Will Brinson may have ripped it off from someone. Oh, Packers history dot com.

They have six thousand seven hundred and seventy seven followers. They put that tweet out at two twenty seven p.m. Eastern time today. Today's the 14th, right? Today's the 14th.

Will Brinson put that out at four thirty three. Oh boy. Now was the order the same?

Oh, he's wow. Well, he may have switched it to swap the order to make it. He did run. He did runs the Jets.

That was one. He put GM of the Jets. The Packers history at GM of the Jets will add owns the Bears Packers history dot com, owner of the Bears and then quarterback of the Packers was the third option for Packers history dot com was the first option QB of the Packers. Yeah. And that tweet made the rise.

Packers history dot com. It sounds familiar. That's the one that I saw with that good tweet. There's no way it was just a coincidence. Yeah, that's a that's a bad job.

That's a tough look. I don't know why people do that. He's not the only one to do it.

Plenty of people do it. Yeah, but like I mean, come on, if you're Will Brinson, one tweet like you've already had enough success. Like you have 90. Not that we equate all the time followers to success, but you have ninety three thousand followers. You have nearly one hundred thousand followers. Packers history dot com has six thousand seven hundred and seventy if and I don't know if this necessarily was the case, but if he saw that tweet and goes, oh, I'm going to rip it off for myself because I have a lot of other followers, then you're just being a douche or what you should have done. If that's the way that it go did go down. You just quote tweet packers history dot com was like, oh, great tweet.

Few laughing emojis. Maybe just throw it the straight retweet. But it's also bad luck when you have a big following if this is the case. And he didn't know, which I find hard to believe.

And it's basically the same exact tweet. Bad luck. I just now the people could be creative. You know, you could have the same thought. It's happened before. Like I've tweeted things that other people have tweeted.

They're like, oh, you stole this from him. Like, I didn't even know you existed. But there are when it's a yes, when there's big topics. Yes. Sometimes you have the same witty tweets or you see the same gifts or memes all the time. There's definitely repetitive tweets. But this is very specific.

This is in a certain order. And it's in a way a little bit random in the sense that like, you know, it's not just big piece of breaking news happens and all everyone's reacting the same time. Like it's different when you see it, when you respond to something and you just post the gift like you could have the same gift. Right.

But when it's something that you're actually physically typing out and it's to that level of being witty, you're probably right. Was it also in the same like way it was like in the same layout, whereas like because I saw it was one line like big space, another almost like a haiku. Yeah. Was it in the same like. Yes. So we'll said Aaron Rodgers currently packers history dot com said Aaron Rodgers is currently comma officially. And then we'll went runs the Jets, owns the Bears quarterback of the Packers, Packers history dot com when QB of the Packers GM of the Jets owner. So like the layout of the tweet is the same. Oh yeah. There's so everyone still happily employed.

So it still works. So not like those clowns that run that Syracuse radio station that got rid of of Brent Axe. They unfortunately got rid of him because Jim Boeheim is still a big baby. And then the you see the owner of that clown radio station, the guy that runs I think it's called Galaxy or whatever it is. He's like, oh, Jim Boeheim had no role in this. He's just an investor in the in the company. And also is very good friend that he mentioned a few times in the article as well that how close they are.

Imagine. And like it's not the first time right where you've heard of a team. Have an influence or university have an influence in programing decisions like I've heard of that before. But Jim Boeheim is like out the door. Why do you cater to him now? And it's gutless. The teams that call the radio station like, oh, your host is being unfair. Like it happens.

I get it. It's happened to me before. Like you're a bunch of losers. You know, you get that upset about what a host says, like if it's out of line, that's different.

But if you're just being honest and I follow Brent a little bit, like I have, I don't think Brent is unfair. He's just being honest. What do you want to tell you? Syracuse basketball has been great. You want me to be one of those pom pom media members that went to new house, one of those Syracuse snobs and just go, oh, everything's great. It's all wonderful. Boeheim's the best. He's the greatest thing ever.

The last two years have been an embarrassment. So like what else do you want him to say? Oh, but it got personal. He had a vendetta.

Oh, give me a break. Well, you know why it's happening now. They want Boeheim to host shows. He's not just an investor. He's going to be working. He's going to be hosting shows, calling in, making appearances and sure.

That was the only way to, to get him on the air more as a friend. You want to listen to Jim Boeheim? I don't care.

I'm sure there's plenty of Syracuse fans next year. They want to hear, you know, just tells you everything's great. You know, they're doing an incredible job and you guys aren't intelligent enough to, to make any suggestions or the irony would be, he crushes them. This seems terrible.

That'd be the ironic part. He just hammers them for being like five and seven to start the year and just completes as, as negative as Brent was. Is that really what we're doing? We're getting rid of this, this radio host because Jim Boeheim is annoyed that he was critical of him.

And if you're Boeheim, like, don't you look like the ultimate jerk and bully. If even when you retired, I know you didn't want to actually retire. You are, you're still going to push to get this guy out of a job. Like you've made all your money. You don't have to work. Your kids don't have to work.

Your grandkids don't have to work. You've made a fortune. And you know, I don't know Brent's financial situation, but he's a writer and a talk show host like in Syracuse. I can't imagine that he's the most lucrative guy on the, on the planet. Like, and you're really going to cost that guy a job.

It's that's, I'm sorry. That's why I've been very critical and I can admit I have showed my true colors on Jim Boeheim because I just don't like the guy. I think the guy is, has been a bad dude the last two years.

And I know winning sometimes, you know, gave him excuses and all that, but the last few years he has just been insufferable and he hasn't won. They should make that guy Ed Levine and Jim Boeheim host the show together and just call it Syracuse Shills. Cause that's what that show would be. And that's what that, unfortunately, I don't know the other talent that's on that station.

I think there's some kids at Newhouse that, that host the show. I think I read, but like, why would I ever listen to that again? If you say something critical, you're going to lose your job. You know, what are you teaching the kids at Newhouse? It's that's stupid. It's absolutely stupid. So yeah, Syracuse is Shills with Boeheim and Levine where we only talk positively about Syracuse sports. How's that for a programming idea?

Bunch of losers. Dino Babers, you're 0-9. This is a great year coach. Really, really. You're really doing a bang up job. I think you should get a promotion.

Get an extension. Geez. All right. It is the Zach Gilb show on CBS sports radio on the shot installed next to the closing bell.

You're listening to the Zach Gilb show. So two quick things of note. Number one, David Montgomery is leaving the bears via free agency. He's staying in the NFC North and he's signing with the Detroit lions. So even though I thought it was a long shot that the lions could go trade for Austin Eckler, not only will that take them out of the running for Austin Eckler if they were ever even in it, but if you look at last year's production Jamal Williams, he was a touchdown machine and he was really one of like the lone stars on hard knocks for the Detroit lions. Jamal Williams, I think he had 17 touchdowns last year. I want to say, and he had so many at home.

Like it was ridiculous. He has 17 rushing touchdowns, which the most in the NFL and one of the best personalities in the game. He is now available and he's not going to go back to Detroit because they just signed David Montgomery. Can I make a prediction here?

Oh yeah. New York jets. I know they have breeze hall and he's coming off an injury. Rogers and Williams did play together in green Bay for Williams first four years of his career, 2017 to 2020. It would not surprise me if maybe the lions made this move because either they couldn't get back in on the Jamal Williams market because the price tag was going to be too expensive or Jamal Williams may have already had his list narrowed down to maybe be joining Aaron Rogers once again. That wouldn't be good news for our pal, Michael Carter, but no.

Now I will say, I guess, I don't know much. I mean the cap room, I know the cap is fake, but the jets, if they're gonna have to sign Randall Cobb, maybe OBJ bring Aaron Rogers in and that's $60 million cap hit. That's coming their way right now. That's why Rogers is waiting.

He's waiting. So he will restructure his deal so he could fit all of his friends. Rogers and friends will all be in a, in a first come in, sign the deal, restructure, open up the cap space and then say, friends, the door is open.

Welcome. Here's why. Cause I think he's, I think he's actually maybe a good friend here and we'll say, my number is my number. We'll move it around and I'll still get all my money. Let's figure out how many guys we could get and realistically what it costs. Let's get those deals done and then I'll come in and then we'll restructure the deal.

That's how, that's how I think it's going to go. Now Jamal Williams may not be going to the New York jets, but it's just the name that, that I'll throw out there. Trying to think like where else could he go? I'd swap spaces with David Montgomery and go to the Bears. Bears could use touchdown. You're right.

Scores. Running backs. That would be a good home. Austin Eckler now with all the draft capital that the Bears have. Dolphins could use them too. Maybe make a trade. Jamal Williams.

Yeah. How about Buffalo? Buffalo.

Buffalo would be a good destination. In between the tackles runner. That's what they need. Especially by the goal line. Anyone that will just take a little food off the plate of, of one Josh Allen. And good locker room guy too. You don't have to be caught up with, you know, any, any problems in the locker room with him. That's right.

He wears his emotions on his sleeve in a good way. Yeah. So that's the point. David Montgomery and Jamal Williams.

I had another point to make, but oh, this one. Here we go. So you know this Raiders story? With Darren Waller getting traded.

Yes. He gets traded to the giants for a third round pick. Basically it was Gedarius Toney for Darren Waller. Cause that was the pick that the giants got back for Gedarius Toney, who they shipped off to Kansas city, ended up putting a Superbowl and making two big plays in the Superbowl at touchdown.

And then a punt return that took them down to the two or three yard line. So the way that this story goes, according to Vic Tafer is that at the combine, McDaniels was telling people that Waller was about to get married and he was having his wedding and supposedly Waller didn't want that to be public knowledge. I don't know if it was with any malicious intent. Maybe it was just McDaniels not knowing he was supposed to share it. And maybe McDaniels was like, Hey, like we want to work on a deal for Waller, but the guy's getting married. So we're not going to trade him now. So like, let's just like, we'll look for his, his personal best interest and wait like 10 days from now, but he's available if you want. And we just got to wait for him to get married.

So I don't know what the actual truth is of that story. I guess Waller wasn't happy with McDaniels. Now you do have Waller traded. So Kelsey Plum, who is married now to Darren Waller and plays for the Las Vegas aces. So they were in Vegas together. Now Waller goes to the giants and she's obviously still with Las Vegas aces.

So RG three put out a tweet. Darren Waller just got married to Kelsey Plum in the Las Vegas aces and Josh McDaniels wedding present was to trade him to New York. McDaniels is not romantic. Kelsey Plum responded probably because he wasn't invited to the wedding. LOL. Don't mess with the wife checks out Josh with Daniel's bad guy hated by the players. Make sense. And Josh Jacobs was not happy about this.

No, he was not. Alrighty. Let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. Alright, $11 million a year for Allen Lazard. He is going to be winding up with the JTS Jets, Jets, Jets on a four year deal and $11 million a year on a three year deal. Going to the Raiders is Jacoby Myers.

Give Allen Lazard and Jacoby Myers a stock up. Brooke Lopez and Trey Lyles. I like the kerfuffle you got into at the game last night to wind what was really good contest between the Kings and the Bucks.

I'm all for it. Brooke Lopez. He looked like he was on a man on a mission defending Giannis and had a hand over his throat and it did not matter he was powering through. Good stuff right there.

Give them both a stock up. And by the way Defense Play of the Week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union proudly serves the armed forces, DOD veterans and their families and members of the mission. Learn more at and we just was talking about Brooke Lopez. He came to the defense of Giannis on to the Koopa at the end of last night's win over the Kings getting in a fight with Trey Lyles after Lyles shoved the Greek Freak at the end of the game. Lopez finished the game with three blocks, eight rebounds and 23 points as Milwaukee won their NBA leading 49th game of the season and I think as long as Milwaukee stays healthy they're gonna win the championship. Clay Thompson 30 in the game 33 in the first half last night. Warriors get the dub.

Give Clay Thompson a stock up. The Boston Celtics last night. It's tough to lose a game when you look back and you have 40 plus points go in favor of Jalen Brown who had 43. Jason Tatum didn't have his best game but he had 22 and Malcolm Brogdon off the bench had 20 points. If I would have told you last night that they're playing the Rockets who headed into the game had 15 wins and Brown would go for 43, Tatum would go for 22 and Brogdon would go for 20 you would have thought they won. Well Horford only had two, Smart only had six, White only had nine and then Hauser had five and you had someone else with two points as well to get to 109.

Yikes. Rockets win. Stock down to the Boston Celtics. Finally Patriots what are we doing? I know Jacoby Myers not a stud but what are we doing?

Only 11 million dollars a year are you really just gonna get Bill O'Brien and nothing else this offseason from Act Jones? Come on Bill wake up let's do something. Bill let's go. It's time to get going.

Stock down to the Pats. Big thanks to Bruce Pearl, Jim Larranaga, Mitch Henderson, each and every one of you for calling, listening and tweeting. You can always give me a follow on Twitter and Instagram at Zach Gilbs E-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. We're back tomorrow for a Monster, Monster, Monster Wednesday show.

The man, the myth, the legend John Fanta and Moose Johnson will stop by as well. Talk to you then everybody. We out. Bye bye. Peace.
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