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Chiefs Win The Super Bowl (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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February 13, 2023 10:04 pm

Chiefs Win The Super Bowl (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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February 13, 2023 10:04 pm

No Huddle Offense: Super Bowl edition l Zach & Marco discuss their biggest takeaways from the Super Bowl l Who was most responsible for the Chiefs victory?


Alrighty, our number four of our radio program, Zach Gelb's show, CBS show, CBS Sports Radio. It's time for the final edition of Know How To Law Fence for this past football season. Hot take kicky? You know the dealio.

Hit it! Three postseason games for the Philadelphia Eagles and three times they have lost the toss. And the other team has said we'll take the ball coming out of the second half. I know for the Chiefs, it didn't work to start the game, but then it ended up working after halftime.

You can't say the same for the 49ers and the Giants, but the Eagles got off to the races to start Super Bowl 57. We thought Kenneth Gainewell had a touchdown, which would have won me a nice chunk of cash. But then it was overturned after review and Jalen Hurts said, I'll take it in to make it seven nothing on the Eagles opening drive.

Here is Mel Reese on the Eagles radio network. First and goal at the one. Quarterback sneak and he's in for the touchdown. That's it?

I love Merrill. Opening drive of a Super Bowl, maybe it's because he probably went nuts after the Kenneth Gainewell play, but I thought there'd be a little bit more energy there on the Jalen Hurts QB sneak. I think you're right.

I think the fakeout with the Gainewell initial touchdown then ruled, overturned after a replay. I think you lose a little steam after that first one. It's a Super Bowl though. I'm just saying.

I haven't been going nuts. So it's one of those where it's like, it's a touchdown in the Super Bowl, I get it. But it's the most anticlimactic play you could possibly run. Quarterback sneak, everyone knows you're getting it.

He's seen that converted literally every single time. It's just literally a matter of, OK, when are you going to snap it? He's in the end zone touchdown. You know, it's like now like, you know, it's not a play that's exciting. I don't think you as a Colts fan that has some bad offenses should be able to use the word anticlimactic and, oh, a touchdown isn't exciting.

You should be celebrating anything. You should be appreciating any kind of offense. As a play-by-play announcer of a team in which their offense is one of the best in the NFL this year, that's a different story.

I'm sorry, you gotta have a little bit more on that. Eagles answer back though. Travis Kelce had an 18-yard score, was wide open. This tied the game at 7.

Let's go to the legendary Kevin Harlan on Westwood 1. Kelce in the game, 6 catches for 81 yards and the score. Mahomes in the gun, waving Kelce in motion, shotgun snap, drifts back 3, catches on marching spiral pass, near side, over the shoulder touch, caught touchdown at the goal line, down the near side, Travis Kelce brings it in, beating Marcus Epps, 18-yard touchdown pass. Did you see the celebration for this one, Hickey? When he slipped or was doing the stanky leg, which one? I was talking about the actual, I thought that was a legit slip. I don't think that was a let's fake an injury. Oh, no, you know, yeah, he slipped.

Yeah, because the grass or turf or whatever was horrible. Nice little harbinger of things to come. But I haven't seen the stanky leg done in a long time.

Brought it back. I don't know, yeah, you're right. With the hand motions too. Yes. Like, oh, this is smelly. Well, one of the players walked up to him and was like, oh, it's stanky Tuesday. They must have rehearsed that. Juju.

Yeah. So, Juju's probably the one who showed her the moves. But Juju probably said, hey, Travis, I don't know if you're on TikTok.

I know you're a big podcast star now. But maybe there's a TikTok trend these days of the stanky leg. And maybe Juju Smith Schuster was actually the one that brought the stanky leg back. Juju's probably like, look, I'm not getting the end zone. But I know for a fact you're getting the end zone, Travis. So if you score, let's hit it.

Okay. Let's go to AJ Brown. This play was sick. Because when I'm watching this, I thought the ball was going to get intercepted, and then it was perfect ball placement and a good job adjusting by AJ Brown to beat two defenders for the 45-yard strike.

This made it 14 to 7 in the second quarter. Here is Maurice. Hurts in the gun. Hurts.

This time, fakes. He's back. He's looking deep. He wants AJ Brown. And it's caught to the touchdown. AJ Brown. AJ Brown in the game, six catches for 96 yards, and that touchdown. Then, right when everything was going Eagles' way, 14 to 7, you had a penalty on third and one, Isaac Samalow, and that moved it back. And then I didn't love this play call, but still, I don't know what Jalen hurts what happened here. But he dropped the ball, and the next thing you know, Nick Bolton picks it up and takes it to the house for a touchdown to make it $14. Mitch Holt does for the Chiefs Radio Network.

Spread set. Hurts by himself in the backfield. Threat to run and throw.

Crouches down. He wants to run it. The ball is out.

He kicks the ball. It's picked up by Kansas City. They're going to the 20, to the 10, to the 5. Touchdown, Kansas City. A defensive score by Nick Bolton.

Hecky, I've said this for years. I don't think there's more of an exciting play in the NFL than a fumble that gets picked up and then taken to the house. I don't care what the distance is. Because you just never see that coming, and the next thing you know, the ball is just on the ground, and it's picked up, and then that elation, if you're on the right side of it, where you're jumping up and down like a fat kid at a candy store, and you're about to have like seven heart attacks because you can't believe what just occurred. I would say a punt return or a kickoff return would, for me, be more exciting. But that never happens anymore.

That's part of it. Well, the punt return almost happened in this game, but I don't even think there was a kick that was returned last night. I think you're right about that, but that's also, that's part of the reason why it's so exciting because now you rarely see it, and talking about, you know, unexpected, that's a total surprise, anytime you get a punt return now more than 10 yards.

Yeah, I think you're just arguing to argue there. Nick Bolton, nine tackles, and did have that touchdown, that was a game high of nine tackles. If he would have got that second touchdown, Hickey, if they didn't overturn that Miles Sanders play, which I thought was the right call to overturn, if he had two defensive touchdowns, he would have won the MVP of the game.

You're probably right, although if the game sort of somehow, you know, I know they have another touchdown, so it's a little different, but if somehow it played out where Mahomes needs a drive into the game to win, I'd still probably say he gets the MVP award. Let's go to Jalen Hurts, right when he makes a mistake, he answers back, that's why he's a franchise quarterback. Here's a four-yard rushing touchdown to make it 21 to 14, with just over two minutes left in the second quarter. Let's go to Marco Belletti's best friend, Kevin Burkhardt on Fox. Now Hurts on the keep, has a seam, and Jalen Hurts is in for the touchdown.

Fifteen carries for 70 yards for Jalen Hurts, the three rushing touchdowns, it's the most rushing yards by QB in Super Bowl history. Your review, Hickey, of Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olson, they've been phenomenal all throughout the year. I was in the stadiums, I didn't get to catch the entire broadcast, obviously, when it was happening I didn't get to watch any of it, but I went back and I listened to a lot of it today, and I thought Burkhardt and Olson, from what I heard, I didn't watch the entire game today, but I watched a decent amount of it, and I thought they were phenomenal.

Really good. They're all around, just like they've been doing the regular season of the playoffs, they crushed it. It shows you too, you don't have to hire the biggest name, you just have to hire the right people. People want analysts that are good, play by play guys that keep you in it but don't say too much. Like you said, yeah, they do the perfect job of him and Olson, and you don't need, like I said, a Tom Brady or a Tony Romo name to attract people to watch the game. Yeah, we also don't know how Brady's gonna be as an announcer, but Greg Olson, he's done a phenomenal job this year. And you know what the first time I heard Greg Olson do games, was actually the XFL during the pandemic.

When he was calling games with Burkhardt on Fox, I'm like, oh, he's pretty good. I wonder how, and we all know Olson, right, as the football players, you think if you call XFL games, that would be fine, but you just never know if he's gonna be given the opportunity to call NFL games on that two team, then you have Aikman and Buckleve, and then he gets elevated to the one team, and I read somewhere today, that when he goes back to the two team and Brady's there, his salary gets cut from 10 million to 3 million with all the prices that these broadcasters are getting, I think it's right now a bargain at 10 million. And I would think whoever his agent is, there's some contract renegotiations this year. Because if I'm these other networks, I'm trying to take Greg Olson. I don't know when Collinsworth deal expires, but remember they failed with Drew Brees. Maybe if you're NBC, you try to pluck Greg Olson away and put him on a number one team. Look, now Tony Romo makes a lot of money for CBS, I wonder if you say, I don't know, at some point you get tired of Tony, you make a move, I don't know. He's on a 10 year deal.

I don't know. That's guaranteed. I'm just throwing out, I mean, Kirk Herbst was just hired by Amazon, so it's not like there's a lot of openings for Greg Olson to slot in number one outside of NBC.

NBC, just because of the age of Collinsworth. If he doesn't want to retire, and then I want to move off of him, I don't know his contract is what if he's in there for another five years? It's tough. That's the only trick apart. Would you go three man booth to get him? With all the shuffling.

Collinsworth is 64, by the way. Three man booth. I don't usually like three men booths. I don't like three people in a broadcast booth.

I think it's horrible. I think for like radio shows when someone retires and they try to put like 7,000 people on to replace someone, I think it's a bad idea. I think you need a play by play guy and a color guy, but I wonder if you go to a three man booth just to try to get Olson away and then you expedite the retirement process of Collinsworth. But then being said, they hire Breeze. They put Breeze on the Notre Dame broadcast in the studio and then after one year they had enough of Drew Brees.

So who knows, we'll see. Anyway, you had the touchdown by Hertz that got the game back up to 21 to 14 and then Patrick Mahomes re-injured his ankle after getting tackled by TJ Edwards on third down just before halftime. That's Kevin Harlan on Westwood 1. But Cannon at his side, looks at him with a low snap on the ground, picked up by Mahomes, moves up in the pocket, dodges the defender, cuts and moves and pump fakes and runs from the 30. Pump fakes at the 33 and taken down and I think he may have hurt his ankle. Mahomes may have hurt his ankle on the tackle made by TJ Edwards and he's hobbling, hobbling on one leg and favoring his right and hobbling dramatically to the far sideline.

Not a good sign, Mahomes hobbling on fourth down, no punch. Eagles eventually got into field goal position and they did go into the half for a 10 point lead at 24 to 14. On the play where they dumped it off to Kenneth Gamewell and then called a timeout, I thought they should have taken a shot in the end zone but they did not. They set up for the field goal. You take a 10 point lead going into the half. And right out of the half, quickly down the field, you have Patrick Mahomes in company and it gets capped off with Isaiah Pacheco when you're rushing touchdown to cut the deficit to 24 to 21.

Here is Mitch Hultus on the Chiefs radar network. Handed off, left guard, it goes, touchdown, Cairns on city, Isaiah Pacheco blasting in behind the block of Joe Tuni, the left guard and the Chiefs get a badly needed touchdown drive on this first drive of the third quarter at 9.30 to go, third quarter. Pacheco was the leading rusher in the game for both teams, 15 carries for 76 yards and that touchdown. So Hickey, you went into this game with some crazy reasoning on why the Chiefs would win based off like fan support and every, what was your reasoning again? Basically, the last time I felt bad for a fan base was Seattle Seahawks versus the Broncos Super Bowl. I thought, wow, this is going to be the Broncos Super Bowl. Seahawks fans, I feel bad for you that you're going to be witnessing your team lose and as you know, the opposite happened. So I remember because it was Philly dominated this entire week, whether it was fans, whether it was just talking points, whether it was guests. So I saw a few Chiefs fans like, oh wow, kind of felt bad. This has been almost like the Eagles Super Bowl.

Here you are. I'm like, oh wow. The last time I felt bad for a fan base was a decade ago and that team, the team I felt bad for, they won. So I said, okay, similar feeling, I'm going to go to the Chiefs, just winning and it worked out. So I'm two for two. Yeah. Your reasoning is wonderful there.

You got the right outcome, but the reasoning is just horrendous. But anyway, what I wanted to ask you was how nervous were you at halftime objectively when it was a 10 point game? Oh, I thought the game was over. I thought the game was over, honestly, right before Jalen Hurts fumbled the ball because they were going and scoring again at 21-7. I did not think that the Chiefs were going to come back.

Very nervous. Mahomes hobbling off the field down by 10. That was, I mean, coming out of halftime, that was the biggest drive of the game.

Okay. And then you had Kadarius Toney get a five yard touchdown reception. And this gave the Chiefs the lead in the game for the first time.

And this is Mitch Holtus on the Chiefs radio network. They're going to throw a quick pass to Toney. He's got it on the edge! He will walk into the end zone! Touchdown!

Kansas City! Kadarius Toney on a pick route to the near side, couldn't be more wide open. A five yard touchdown pass from Mahomes and now Butler can give the Chiefs the first lead of the game. So that made it 28-27.

There, do you think the Chiefs are winning the game? Or are you still not fully balling? Yes. So that's how quickly you shifted. Yes.

Gotcha. And then Kadarius Toney was making a push for Super Bowl MVP as the longest punt return in Super Bowl history. It was a 65 yard punt return. Got it to the five yard line.

Let's listen up to Kevin Harlan on Westwood 1. And Steve Bosh will punt and sends it down the middle looking into the lights. It was retrieved at the 30 yard line by Kadarius Toney. He's got a lot of chances and breaks the tackle, runs laterally on the 35. Blockers ahead, the near side 40. Blocker at the 50 on the near sideline, the 40. Getting a block at the 30 down the near sideline, the 20. He gets another block at the 10. He spins to the five. This kid's electric.

All gas. No break. Down to the five. Down to the five. 65 yard punt return. Kadarius Toney.

It is the longest punt return in Super Bowl history. Now I don't know how the other calls sound, but so far that's the best call that I've heard, Hickey. Hickey electric, all gas, no breaks. That was good. Robert Sala was enjoying that one somewhere.

All gas, no break. Besides when he was in New York, there was a lot of breaking by Kadarius Toney. But yeah, and that sequence, and then you had Sky Moore get the four yard touchdown to make it 35 to 27. Even though there was still 926 left in the game, you started to think, okay, Kansas City's going to win. We're going to have to Mitch Holt this on that Sky Moore touchdown. In the center of the field with McKinnon the running back. A fast left side, wide open, Sky Moore touchdown! Kansas City on a pivot route, and Kansas City has a chance now to get up by eight points on a four yard touchdown pass, Mahomes to Sky Moore. Did not have a TD in the regular season.

He's got one now. That's his first career touchdown, Patrick Mahomes. That's his third passing touchdown in the game. He was 21 to 27 for 182 yards. First off, nice little moment there, your first career touchdown. You see, I think he spiked the ball and then one of his team, or dropped the ball, one of the teammates picked it up and then quickly gave it back to him. So good awareness there on the celebrations all throughout the game with the stanky leg and then the first career touchdown ball.

Make sure you get in the back to Sky Moore. But it's just crazy when I read that stat line again, Hickey. Mahomes, 182 yards passing. I would have never thought the Chiefs would have won the game if he only had 182 passing yards. Even watching the game, it didn't feel like he had that, you know, that little. It felt like he was just, anytime he was on the field, just throwing it all over the yard. But also part of it was he was not on the field that often.

Well, like that was the thing. I was, for a lot of the game, I was more impressed with the run game of Kansas City. Like when the Chiefs were doing well, I was like, wow, they're running the ball. And then you look at the Eagles, I kept saying their backs couldn't run the ball and only Hurts could run the ball for them. Anytime there was adversity in this game, though, Jalen Hurts answered back. Here it was, down eight, 45-yard reception down to the Chiefs' two-yard line. This is Mauro Reese on the Eagles radio network. And then you will hear Jalen Hurts at a two-yard rushing touchdown and a two-point conversion to tie it up 35-all. Let's listen up to Mauro Reese.

He is back. He is going deep. He's got Devontae Smith. And Devontae Smith is out of bounds at the one.

Out of bounds at the one. They line up. They push. They sneak. And they're in for the touchdown. No, let's say yes. They are.

They are. They are in for the touchdown. A.J. Brown out to the far side. Hurts is going to run. He rolls. And he is in for the touchdown, and we're tied. Jalen Hurts, three rushing touchdowns as a Super Bowl record, Hurts 27-38 for 304 yards and a passing score as well, so four total TDs for the Eagles quarterback. That two-point conversion, Hickey, I still don't know how he got into the end zone.

Very slow developing. It feels like the Chiefs were, you know, there on the edge. They had three, four guys on him.

They spread it out well. And again, when you're squatting at 600 pounds, whatever he is, he's tough to bring down. That's what you call heart right there. 35-all, 5.20 left in the game. And I thought this was the most magnificent moment from Mahomes in the game. On one ankle, the 26-yard scramble to get to the Eagles' 17 with 255 remaining. Here's Mitch Holtus on the Chiefs radio network.

Aim tied, 35 apiece. Pacheco's the running back, 20 comes in motion. Here comes pressure to the outside as Mahomes steps up. He's going to scramble. He's at the 40, bad ankle, 30, bad ankle, 20. Tackle from behind down to the Eagle, 18-yard line, a 25-yard scramble. What bad ankle.

He is limping back to the huddle. Tell me, don't underestimate how tough Patrick Mahomes is. Yeah, it was insane. That was the highlight play. That was the moment that NFL Films is going to show for years and years to come.

Then they'll eventually show right after it, the game-winning field goal. But before that, James Bradbury, one timeout remaining for the Eagles. He got flagged for defensive holding on third and eight. This was with 154 left in the game. It was an incomplete pass. The Eagles look like they're going to get the ball back. They would be down by three, but he did have what was called defensive holding on James Bradbury.

Here's Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olson on Fox. Mahomes, pressure, lofting one, end zone incomplete. Juju Smith Schuster couldn't catch up. There's a flag at the 10, hang on. There's a penalty. Fire to the pass, holding, number 24, defense, five yard penalty, automatic, first down.

Yeah, that's worst case scenario. Kelsey, James Bradbury, they're going to say he grabs him. He's got his left hand on his back. I don't know.

Mike, listen, I think on this stage, I think you let him play. Obviously, Mahomes thought he saw it. You heard the surprise in Burkhardt's voice over the flag, and then you heard Greg Olson just say it.

I don't know. With the way that that game was being officiated, all I asked for is consistency. I would not have called it in that spot. I did not think that needed to be called defensive holding. It was not egregious to me.

I thought it was very ticky tack. And then Harrison Buckner, McKinnon goes down right when the Eagles are trying to let him score. He goes down at the two, and eventually Harrison Buckner gets a 27-yard field goal to give the Chiefs a three-point lead with eight seconds left.

Mitch Holtus. Townsend will hold it, 11 seconds left in Super Bowl, 57, 35, 35 tie. The kick is good. And Kansas City leads 38-35 with eight seconds to go in regulation in Super Bowl, 57. And then shortly after that, Hertz gets the ball.

You knew that this was like, nah, don't get me wrong here. There's no way he was going to be able to throw the ball from where he was into the end zone. Not that they should have lined up like a running back at center like the Cowboys did. But what if you just try to do like a little dump off pass and then start laddering around there, Hickey? At this point, it doesn't really matter, but I was just- Yeah, that, or I guess you throw a Hail Mary, take the 20, 15, and hope for a flag.

Tap it up or something like that. Pass interference. Yeah. And then all of a sudden, now you're in position for a field goal to tie the game. But they never call pass interference on a Hail Mary.

No, but you never, you know, you never, it's egregious. We just saw, you know, a flag that if you want to say sticky tack there, then if you're the Eagles, they're like, OK, well, maybe if we throw it up here, someone gets tackled. No shot.

I know it's a dog pile, but the odds are slim either way. I'll just say that. I would have just dumped it off like five yards or 20 yards and then start throwing the ball around. But that's not what the Eagles did.

Let's hear how it sounds, though. Mitch Holt and the Chiefs Radio Network as the Chiefs secure another Lombardi trophy. Hertz takes the snap. The Chiefs only rushing two on a delay. Clock is going to be out of time, and the pass is going to be under thrown. It's incomplete. It's incomplete. Everyone, everyone who claims that Chiefs Kingdom will raise a banner above the National Football League again for the second time in four seasons.

The Lombardi trophy has a red and gold reflection, a big red reflection that Chiefs are champions of Super Bowl fifty seven. That sounds a little harsh there, Hickey. That's just me. I mean, I would expect it to be rehearsed. Like, don't you want to have, you know, you don't want to say the game's over, the Chiefs away and like.

No, but when you when you rehearse the call, sometimes I think you could botch it. That was a little botch there. I was like, what the heck is he trying to say there? Well, I liked it. You know, I like the passion. Chiefs Kingdom, you're raising another banner.

You could have passion, though. I have no clue what the guy was trying to say there. They're raising a banner. Play it from the beginning again. Hertz takes the snap. The Chiefs only rushing two on a delay. Clock is going to be out of time and the pass is going to be under thrown. It's incomplete. It's incomplete. Everyone, everyone who claims that Chiefs Kingdom will raise a banner above the National Football League again for the second time in four seasons.

The Lombardi Trophy has a red and gold reflection. Like doesn't it sound like he's trying to say something to the doubters? But then he goes, everyone who claims the Chiefs will hang a banner for the claims Chiefs Kingdom, which is like their fans, anyone who claims basically to be a Chiefs fan. Yeah, I don't know. I thought that was a bad final call, but that's just me. I was lost all throughout that. That was the first time I heard and then we played it there a second time.

I don't know. I like Mitchell. It was a good job in that game with all those calls we played.

The last one though, it's just like, it's a pass for me. That's a, that's a note for me, dog, right in the words of Randy Jackson, take a time out. Listen up team. We've got a game to win. So here's the strategy. Deposit $200 at and get $450 immediately to play with. Sign up today at or call 1-800-79-BET-US. Be like me.

Bet for free. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Ah, look who just strolled into the studio. Well, actually I should probably say, Oh, we're back in the studio. I haven't seen Marco Balletti in an entire week.

Marco, how you been? Good for you. Congratulations. I'm sure my wife would say the same thing.

She would love it. You know, you haven't lost your sense of humor. We'll get to the game, but I want to get your thoughts about the game in just a second. But on Saturday, I think it was one of the greatest people watching days I've ever had when I was at the super bowl, um, in Arizona, cause I went with Perloff and Perloff's friend, uh, Sully, who's a great dude to waste management.

And I got to thank the folks at draft Kings, uh, who hooked us up. So we were in a big tent. It was like all you could eat, all you could drink, all that stuff. And we were looking at holes 10 and 17, not the craziness and all the mayhem on 16th. I've never seen a sporting event as bonkers as I can't even say lively cause you saw like some people getting carried off on, on stretchers, but as crazy as waste management, I've, and I'm not like this old decrepit guy. So like I'm only 28, that's not old guy yelling at lawn, but I've never seen an event like that.

I've never been, I've heard some stories I've never been. And I'll admit golf's also not my thing, but golf and that, and that tournament really have nothing to do with each other. Well, that's what it feels like.

I love golf and Perloff said, he goes, I think I, um, saw four golf shots all throughout the day. And I go, you're a hundred percent right. Because I would look to my left and you would see these two guys get into a fight and one dude just got knocked out. Then you would look to the right. There were some college, these college kids, and they weren't even in this, this tent, but you just see like down below doing, I have no clue what they were doing.

We'll keep it family friendly. I know what they were doing, but use your imagination. And then there was one point I was walking the grounds, like away from the tent, which was just stupid. I don't know why, but I wanted to see what kind of the scene was. And I see this girl, she probably like 22 or 23, just getting carried out on a stretcher IV already in the arm. And you had like three or four other, uh, like people getting carried out, like right behind her.

That event it, and I, and here's the other thing. I don't know how the golfers concentrate. When I go in golf, I need everyone to shut up and I'll still shank the ball into the woods or hit, hit the ball five feet. These golfers have people yelling while they're swinging. Like usually you go to any other golf tournament, right?

Quiet, please. You know, they have people sending me the signs, quiet, please be king, get people to quiet down the waste management, but any other golf tournament, everyone is silent at this one. It's a frat party.

Yeah. I mean, again, having been heard stories, it almost sounds like it's a concert with some golf in the background, which is just funky a concert, but there's a football tailgate crowd. Like that's what I would say, like an sec football tailgate crowd at a concert. If a concert or an sec football tailgate crowd had a baby, the offspring would be waste management.

There you go. And maybe like the uncle's like a golfer or something like that. There's some bloodline of golf in the family that it was, it was, I, I usually don't get stunned by things, right? Cause you like when you're in this business, you think you see it all in the sports world. You hear about that event and you go, okay, I've been to a lot of other golf tournaments and like, how crazy can it actually be when you compare it to other sports where, you know, are just synonymous, synonymous with Jackassery.

That was the craziest thing I think I've ever seen. Like I said, I think part of it too is also cause it's, it's out of place. It just doesn't feel like it's in the right spot. So it makes it even, I don't know, more dramatic if you will, to see certain things cause you kind of like, you look around and you're like, we are at a golf tournament, right? So it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Yeah.

So that was absolutely bonkers. Anyway, our poll question is, I want to get your thoughts on this and I'll give my answer. This will get Hickey's answer as well. Who was the biggest reason the chiefs beat the Eagles? Here's the four responses. Andy Reed, the chief's offensive line, Patrick Mahomes or the refs. To me there's two.

The refs is nonsense. I want to say Mahomes, but I think I would probably go with the chief's offensive line. So I was between Andy Reed and the chief's offensive line. And I said earlier, if there was, if the MVP was most valuable person, instead of most valuable player, Andy Reed for his coaching and the adjustments that he made in the second half would have won the most valuable person, but that's not the name of the award.

I'm not going to sit here and say, we need to change the name of the award. The chief's offensive line though, I do think was the biggest story of the game because we all talked about this all throughout the week. The Eagles, their pass for us, 70 sacks in the league.

The chiefs are second and they have 55. I thought that was going to be such a big factor in the game. And I know you could talk about the field and how it was a slip and slide, but to still not register, and the other teams play on the same field too, but to still not register one sack for Philadelphia, when you have multiple guys on those teams that numbers are pretty damn high up in the sack count, that to me was the most stunning part. And again, it's also too, they dominated. In that second half, I mean, Patrick Mahomes had clean pocket after clean pocket after clean pocket.

They absolutely shut it down. They didn't hold it up. They didn't hold their own. They dominated the line of scrimmage. And also you saw it in the run game too, because outside of Jalen Hurts, the Eagles, their running backs were a non-factor. It was weird because I was seeing everyone's conversation about how impressive Mahomes was on Twitter, because you try to stay plugged in when you're at the game, just see what the outside world is thinking, because you guys have the luxury of hearing the broadcast.

We didn't. And everyone's marveling over Mahomes. When I was watching games, and Mahomes was incredible, don't get me wrong, but I was looking at the way that they were running the ball, and that was the thing that stood out to me the most. And obviously Mahomes plays a part in that with that 26 yard run that he had at the end.

Yeah, and also too, and I think it's, this is a compliment. We take Mahomes for granted. We're used to seeing him dominate week in and week out. So when he puts up a performance like he did last night, which was tremendous, it's not Mahomes-esque. He's better than he was last night. So we almost gloss over and we go, yeah, he was great and all, but it was, yeah, it's Mahomes.

So it was almost like he's on another stratosphere. He has to put up a ridiculous game for us to even mention him because we assume that he's going to be that good. It's such a tough, you're right in your line of thinking that saying it's between Andy Reed and the Chiefs offensive line, because I was surprised how conservative the Eagles play calling just got in the second. I know they put up 35 points, so that's tough to say, but I was the entire second half. I was saying like, throw the ball deep, throw the ball deep. And they just kept on doing these, these crossing routes and these dump balls. And then they threw it deep to Devante Smith and it got the ball down to the two. Yeah. You know what?

I gotta be honest. I didn't really feel that vibe. The three times that Hertz threw the ball deep, minus the heave at the end of the game, the one into double coverage, JJ Bryant had the touchdown, which was a terrible decision. Not a great throw. Good adjustment.

Yeah. Great job by Brown to be able to get to the football, but you got a corner kind of got twist and turn. The safety's over. That should have been a pick or knocked away. That shouldn't have been a touchdown.

Give credit to the Eagles though. The second one was thrown into double coverage, was knocked away, should have been picked off. Now, was that the Ques Walkins play or the other AJ Brown one? I believe it was both AJ Brown.

Okay. Because there was one to Ques Walkins where Hertz threw a great ball and Walkins just dropped it. But on that AJ Brown one, if memory serves me right, just seeing it from where we were in the upper deck, AJ Brown was breaking down the middle of the field and it looked like if he would have just turned right, he was wide open and he turned left, which was weird to me. I think they were both kind of like that, that seven route, that post route. I think they were both kind of the exact same thing. So I feel like Hertz, it was the same ball. It was the same coverage. He threw it the first time. They got a touchdown. He tried it again. I mean, it was, he had a clean pocket.

I got AJ Brown. What the hell? It worked the first time. Didn't work the second. It was only in a complete pass.

Not a big deal. The third one was Devante Smith and that was a busted coverage. You see the corner creep up. Smith gets behind him.

It's an easy one. Smith did a bad job of falling out of bounds, although Jalen Hertz also kind of led him out of bounds a little bit too much too. But to me, I didn't feel like it got conservative. I felt like when they threw the ball deep, Devante Smith was so wide open.

You couldn't possibly miss that. The other two, again, were in the double coverage. I feel like the Chiefs, they still, they needed to stay inside their offense.

I think they did. I think the Chiefs made a couple of stops and it was simple. It was making them stop on third down to force them into field goal and they forced them to punt once. I mean, it's not like that. I didn't feel like the Eagles got out of their offense.

So I disagree. I didn't think they got out of their offense. I thought the Chiefs happened to blink a couple of plays.

Not a lot, just a couple. And that was it. That was the difference in the game because the Eagle defense couldn't stop them. And you look back at it, the offense put up 30. I know Hertz gave one away, but if you would have told me where the yards were at, the time of possession was at, and that the Eagles would have put up 35 points and the Holmes would only have 185 passing yards in the game, I thought it was like 9,000 times today.

I would have just said, how many points did the Chiefs lose by? Look, you give the Chiefs credit and they deserve everything. And it's not like the Eagles played a poor game.

They did it. They dominated in most aspects of the game. Their defense played a poor game. The problem is, is that if you go through all of this stuff, I hate to say it, you know, the holding penalty aside, let's look at it. You dominated the time of possession.

You had a lot of breaks. The Goddard one, I still don't understand how he's inbounds on that. I'd have to see a freeze frame. I still don't get how he's inbounds, but they got that call. They got the call on the one with the flip out and it winds up being a touchdown return. And they said it was incomplete.

I thought it was incomplete as well, but it was really, really close. And they got the benefit of that because it got turned over. They handed the Chiefs seven points when Jay Leonard just dropped the football.

He didn't get stripped. He just dropped the ball. So the Eagles, to me, shot themselves in the foot so many times where they could have ran away with the game and they didn't let, they didn't do that. When you let the Chiefs hang around, you're going to get burned. Mahomes is going to find the end zone.

Kelsey's going to find the end zone. You can't let a team that good hang on. And all more importantly, when you dominate and you're at the half and you're up 10, I did, I was worried about the Chiefs in that spot, but I almost kind of felt like you're Mahomes, you're down 10 and you got beat in every aspect of the game.

Eventually it's going to turn your way. This is going to be fun in the second half. Now on the holding call, I didn't like the call. I thought it was ticky tack, but my biggest point is, it's not that, Oh, you can't call it in that spot. It's the way that it was being called throughout the game. Like remember early in the game or Bradbury's same on juju space, Schuster, that should have been called in. It wasn't, this was by far and away, less egregious.

All I asked for, and I know that this is not the way that it goes and there's so many things. We don't know how it's going to be called as consistency. And with the way that it was called for the first 58 minutes, I thought it changed in the final two.

Yeah. I mean, look, this will could have gone either way. If they didn't throw the flag, what I've been screaming for it. No.

Did I hate when it came out? I wanted to see the Eagles with the ball, but that's a selfish thing for all of us. The Eagles with the ball down three, no timeouts, minute and a half, let's go.

Let's see what we have in the bottom of the game, the end of the game. But if you're looking at it from a perspective, like just a balanced perspective with the officials, if they, they know it's holding and it was by the letter of the law, that's holding no matter what you say, again, even the people that don't want to throw the flag, you can't say it's not holding. You just say, don't call the flag in that spot. So to me, I don't like that argument, but if they don't call that, they also affect the game because you can't tell me that Juju Smith-Shuster didn't beat him at the line of scrimmage. You can't tell me he wouldn't have been open. And this idea that Mahomes overthrew him, he overthrew him because he threw it away because he wasn't open. He would have been wide open and that would have been game. So this idea that the officials got to get, it would have been, it would have been a first down would have been the same concept. No, he would have got in the end zone then.

Not necessarily. If he's smart enough, he goes down. We don't know. We don't know how it plays out. He'd have been open for a first down. It actually would have been better if the, I'm just saying, it would have been better the way it played out. The Eagles let him get in the end zone. And if he was in the end zone and the Eagles would have been no timeouts or I think one time out at that point and down seven, then we'd see where we are, but you can't tell me that he wouldn't have been open. So that's the part that I don't like in this aspect of, well, you can't call that in the bowl would have been one that has nothing to do with because holding doesn't have anything to do with balls being uncatchable, but you can't tell me he wouldn't have been wide open. He beat him at the line, which is why he grabbed him.

He was smart. He took a chance. If they don't call it, great.

They called it. He got beat. You held him. You wanted to hold him. Would you have thrown the flag in that spot?

I know we had to take a break, but... Probably not. Yeah, right? Probably not because I didn't think it was, it wasn't egregious, but again, I can't kill it because it is holding and you do affect the outcome if you don't call it because you stop the Chiefs from either getting a first down, which is game, or a touchdown, which is a seven point lead. You would effectively call the same thing if the official doesn't throw the flag. So it's really, it's kind of, it's a weird balanced spot.

I probably wouldn't have thrown it, but I can't kill them that they did. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Wrap it up shop. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. Heck you real quickly before we get to the closing bell, who was the biggest reason the Chiefs beat the Eagles, Andy Reid, 29%, Patrick Mahomes, 27%, Chiefs offensive line, 23%, and the rest, 21%. Real quickly, what is your answer on this? I would go Andy Reid. It's tough because I feel like this is a cop out. I think the biggest individual person is Reid, but I thought the best unit in the game was the Chiefs offensive line.

It's tough because you can easily make an argument for all three. I could easily argue Mahomes is the biggest reason for them winning Reid and also the old, like it is, it's not an easy question if you're not, you know, it's tough. I think Reid and the line have to be 1-2 and then Mahomes would be 3 and then the refs would be 4. And that's not taking anything away from what Mahomes did in the game.

I was just more impressed with that offensive line and then also the coaching job in the second half compared to Andy Reid. And I also think I know it's quarterback up against quarterback, but with the way that Hurts played in the game, not that it takes away from Mahomes, but the Chiefs offensive line was much better than the Eagles offensive line and the Chiefs coach Andy Reid was much better than the Eagles coach in Andy Reid. So the quarterback advantage, like it's weird on paper they had the advantage, but I thought Hurts outplayed Mahomes in the game and he just didn't win it. He did, but in the second half Mahomes took it to another level that, you know, Hurts could not reach and just put them over the finish line. I wouldn't say Hurts couldn't reach it. In that second half, yeah, I played him. I wouldn't say he couldn't reach it because Hurts, when the game got caught, when the game went into an advantage eight points, you had Hurts then march right down the field and then on that two point conversion, I still don't know how he got it. Oh, I'm saying Hurts played really well, I'm just saying like Mahomes took it to another level that, again, it was just one of those where he took a 10 point deficit into a win.

All right, we're not going to have time here for the closing bell, so we'll do a lot of this stuff tomorrow, but very good show today. Appreciate Howard Eskin for joining us, even though he was, you know, just spreading his propaganda and his craziness, but we do love Howard and it was good to see him out in Arizona and only Howard can make this Super Bowl about anti Bill Belichick. That was actually impressive. I did not see that coming today from Howard Eskin, but I would find a way to push anti Belichick and then still say, oh, I don't hate Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I thought that was comical.

I like Belichick. That was funny. Yeah. Not original, but. I've heard it 5,000 times from Howard, you know, we could get a little bit more creativity from from Mr. Eskin. A big thank you to Bob Fesco as well.

Hot day cookie. Good job as always. And that will conclude our day after Super Bowl show. We'll be back tomorrow all throughout the week. We'll try to get some people on from the Kansas City Chiefs side of things.

Players try to go get Steve Spagnole on as well. We'll see what else is cooking throughout the week. So be back tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. We out. We out. We'll see what else is cooking throughout the week.
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