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Rodgers on the Run (Hour 2)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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February 15, 2023 8:45 pm

Rodgers on the Run (Hour 2)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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February 15, 2023 8:45 pm

Leger Douzable joins the show and where will Aaron Rodgers end up next season?


You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. This is Zach Gelb Show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. Let's head out to the guest line right now and continue the NFL conversation. Coming off the Super Bowl with the man that played in the NFL for 10 years as a defensive lineman.

Now does a kick-ass job on Sirius XM and that is Le'Jae Duesiball. Le'Jae, how you been my friend? I'm good Zach, how you doing?

I'm doing fantastic. So I wanted to bring you on right out of the gate to just ask you about the Eagles defensive line. We know all three throughout the year, how great they were with 70 sacks in the league, but then in the Super Bowl they had no sacks. How much do you think the field did contribute to that or do you just view that as kind of an excuse?

That's definitely an excuse. I think you have to pay some homage and respect to what the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line did. And on CBS Sports, while previewing the Super Bowl, I said that was the one matchup to watch, right?

I think it's a competitor's act, right? When you feel like you're a top three unit in the Chiefs and State yard, a lot of people talked about the Eagles offensive defensive line, but they forget that that offensive line was retooled two years ago after Patrick Mahone was practically got beat up by the punks from the Super Bowl. Andrew Wiley was kind of like the only layover from that team. If you look at it, what they've done, they traded for Orlando Brown at left tackle. Joe Toney, they brought him in at guard. They drafted Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey, right? So this is the offensive line that, you know, besides the Eagles on the line, and you may be looking at the Detroit offensive line, I would say right behind those two teams, that was the next best off of the line of football.

And as a competitor, you get tired of hearing about the other team when you feel like you're pretty damn good yourself. So I think they took that personal into this game and they didn't allow a sack. And yeah, you could say the turf, but the turf is slippery for both teams. I just think the Chiefs literally wanted to dominate the line of scrimmage, which they did. And they protected Patrick Mahone, which they were paid to do.

And they did it at an elite level on Sunday. But the answer is still Burrow and the Bengals are the biggest challengers when you look at trying to dethrone Kansas City. And we know what Burrow and company did for three straight times up until the AFC title game. Who do you have the most confidence in after you move on from Burrow and the Bengals?

Well, that's a good question. So you're not putting the Chiefs in this category, you're saying? Well, to try to dethrone them.

Yeah, to dethrone them. I would say in the AFC, you would almost have to look at the team that's in the division with the Chiefs, the LA Chargers, right? Let's not forget they were at 27 points versus Jackson with Jaguars in the wildcard and just had a colossal downfall in that wildcard round. Do I have a lot of faith in Brandon Staley?

No, right? But I have a lot of faith in Justin Herbert. Let's not forget that this team was also beat up with injuries last year. There was parts of the year we didn't have his two top receivers. We'll see what happens with Keenen Allen.

There are rumors that he could potentially be a cap cut this year. And also, their left tackle, Rahsaan Flater, missed a good portion of the year, right? So like, this is a Pro Bowl caliber tackle that, you know, Justin Herbert didn't have. Corey Linsley, a center missing time as well. So they just got to stay healthy. That defense, you know, as Sparks played really well, but they weren't healthy throughout the whole year. You know, Joey Bolsom missed a good portion of that season as well.

So that's one thing. The thing that, you know, people are starting to talk about a little bit more is Jackson with Jaguars. Honestly, I mean, Trevor Lawrence, this is the quarterback that we thought we were going to see coming out the gates, right?

Urban Meyer tried his best to ruin them. Thank God that Peterson came in the next year and resurrected him, even though it was technically only a one-year thing. But you talk about Calvin really potentially getting reinstated to a receiving corps that played really well this year with Zay Jones and Kristen Kirk. They're going to most likely try to find Evan Ingram back to a contract. She talked about an explosive offense, a very young defense. They definitely got to get one more pass rusher on that side of the ball. But this is a group that has, you know, young depth at the, you know, the secondary position, young depth at the linebacker position. And they have a few pieces on defense line. I think they need another defensive tackle or defensive edge guy. And it could really, you know, solidify them as far as a team that could be a threat to the Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs. What do you think the Bills need to do? Because this was the first time this year where I said, okay, it's finally Super Bowl or bust.

They did a great job building. They were there consistently, but anything short of a Super Bowl championship would be a failure. And they got bounced at home in the divisional round. They could have got bounced in the wildcard round by the Dolphins with a third string quarterback.

Yeah. If you look at it right, the reason why they brought Von Miller in was to be the closer. And I don't think anybody would argue that the Bills were the best team in the league when Von Miller was on their team. But as soon as he got hurt, Zach, it just changed a whole narrative. Now, Gregory Rufo was playing really well with Von, but then he got banged up. He subsequently came back a week after Von got hurt.

And it was just never the same. Like, Leslie Frazier had to switch things up. He started blitzing more, which he routinely doesn't do. Played a lot of that cover to Tampa to defense. But he started switching things up because they weren't able to get the pressure because Von Miller wasn't there. Let's not also forget earlier in that year, it was the first time the Patrick Mahomes had ever been a home underdog versus the Buffalo Bills.

And what happened? The Bills beat them. And who closed that game out? Von Miller.

Exactly. So when you lose a player like that, and then let's not also forget Jordan Poyer being banged up, you know, I believe they were like one and three in games he didn't play or they didn't win games he didn't play. And they were undefeated in every other game he played, except for when they lost in the divisional round to the Bagels. Not having him for a good portion of the year where they hurt Michael Hyde not being there with no offense, we kind of saw Josh Allen regress in regards to turning the football over.

Right? We kind of saw Brian Dabel kind of coach that out of him. Well, Brian Dabel left, right?

He's in New York. Ken Dorsey's the coach now. And for all intents and purposes, I think a good portion of the year. And even when Brian Dabel was there, they just refused to run the football. And the crazy thing is, they averaged, I think, averaged over four and a half yards a carry, but they just refused to do it.

People keep saying they need to bring a runner back in. I thought Motor Singletary played really well when he got the opportunity to run the football. They just weren't consistent in running the football. The one thing you did see after that Jets game the first time, right, when Josh Allen had, I think, three picks or two picks in that game.

And then, you know, got the elbow injury from Bryce Huff on that hit. He kind of took things off of Josh Allen, right? And they started running the ball consistently for two or three weeks, but then when Josh Allen was healthy again, they just stopped doing it again. And he started turning the football over again.

So, I think there's got to be a little bit more balance on offense. Josh Allen just has to be better with the football. Like, you cannot turn the football over in this league and expect to win games. We saw that in the Minnesota game. We saw it in the Bengals game and the playoffs. If you turn the football over, you're going to lose games. And they got to pray that Von Miller comes back to what he was before the knee injury and that he was 100% healthy because that was their closer.

You know, to your point, I think everybody thought this was Super Bowl or Buff. The team is getting older. There's going to be some impending free agents.

You talk about, you know, Tremaine Edmonds. They're going to have to make a decision on him. Jordan Poyer is a free agent. I believe Michael Hyde is, too. So, they're going to have to make decisions on those guys. So, you hope Von Miller comes back, but if not, you're still going to have to find another edge-runner that could be your closer.

Le'Jae DuSable here with us. Week one next year. What's your prediction on who's starting for the 49ers at quarterback?

I just had this question on CBS Sports the other day. And to me, it's Brock Purdy. Now, I think it's going to be a competition only because Brock Purdy is going to be out all offseason with the elbow surgery and most likely won't be back until the start of training camp. He traded a farm to get Trey Lance, and rightfully so. Does Brock Purdy's seven games amplify doing enough for you to go ahead and, you know, put Trey Lance on the bench permanently or make him a trade pawn?

I don't know. I think if Brock Purdy is healthy and he's playing for what he did last year, I think he has to be your starter. I mean, the team believes in him. He was undefeated in the regular season when he came in.

Only lost in the NFC Championship game because he got hurt. Because of pass protection of anything, you need to make sure you get a good right tackle. I mean, and Mike McGinley told them why he wants to come back. I think they need to figure out what they're going to do with that position because he struggled in pass protection for them since he's been there. Now, he's a good run blocker, but he's been susceptible as far as pass protection. So no matter who your quarterback is, if you don't fix that problem at right tackle, you're going to continue to have your quarterbacks injured. Because we saw them have all three of their quarterbacks injured last year. But I think it's going to be an open competition. And to me, if Brock Purdy is what he was before the injury, to me, he's your starter. Lise Dussebal here with us.

Great job, CBS Sports HQ, also on Mad Dog Radio via Sirius XM. When we get to Aaron Rodgers, the last two years I didn't think he was going to get traded. I think it's pretty clear that they're entering closer and closer to a divorce. I'm predicting the Raiders. Where do you say that Rodgers winds up? Yeah, and I'm kind of with you, Zach.

I know a lot of Jat Nation is probably going to be mad at me for saying that. I just think if you're the Jets, right, you want some stability at the quarterback position. The thing is, if you trade for Aaron Rodgers, how do you know this is not a one-and-done situation, Zach? Right?

Then you're in this same situation going into the following year after having one year of success. I just think the familiarity with Devante Adams, with the Raiders, him being back on the West Coast, and I forget this is a California kid, I think he could be one to go back on the West Coast. People have said they worry about Aaron Rodgers in the media. I don't think he really cares about the media, to be honest. This is a guy who's going to be a first ballot Hall of Fame. I think he could care less what the media is saying, and I know the New York media is different than Green Bay.

But in all, I just don't think Aaron Rodgers cares about what the media says. To me, if you're the Jets, yes, you would want a first ballot Hall of Famer and Aaron Rodgers to come. The thing is, it's just a one-year rental.

What is this doing for the longevity? I think with Derek Carr, at least, he's a bridge guy that could be there for three years as you look forward to getting your quarterback of the future. Aaron Rodgers, yes, we know the familiarity with Nathaniel Hackett as well, with the Jets, but is this a one-year rental? You just never know because every year Aaron Rodgers says he needs to get away and make a decision. He's held the Packers in hostage for three or four years. Do you want to be in that same position if you're Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh?

It's a playoff for butts, right? But what if you go to the playoffs one year, and then what happens the following year? You've got to look for a whole other quarterback again. Honestly, I just think, to me, the Rams are going to do whatever it takes to get Aaron Rodgers in that building, especially after letting it go of a guy like Derek Carr, who's been a Pro Bowl quarterback, who's won a lot of games. I think he's second on the team in Raiders history and wins and leads them in passing yards. So if you're the Raiders, you're willing to let Derek Carr go.

You're looking for a major upgrade, right? So Aaron Rodgers is the only one that comes to mind. I think the Raiders are going to try to go all in and get Aaron Rodgers. I'm glad you bring up the media point because I think it's irrelevant with the New York media and Rodgers, but if Carr winds up with the Jets, I know he did a heck of a job two years ago, but he comes off very sensitive. I think the New York media would actually eat Derek Carr alive. He's an okay quarterback. I don't think he's a top ten quarterback in this league, even though he shows some signs, but I could see the New York media really being a factor for Carr. I don't know.

I would say he's the ultimate leader. You brought up what happened two years ago. How many other quarterbacks would have faltered in that situation, right? You lose your head coach. You have the thing with Henry Ruggs where somebody ultimately dies in a very terrible accident. Damon Arnett is another first-round pick you have, and he's on Instagram Live with a machine gun.

You have to let him and release him, right? So you talk about distractions galore, and what did Derek Carr do in that season? Kept that team together and led them to the playoffs with lesser talent. I think people tend to forget that. They don't got paid because of Derek Carr.

Let's not forget that. He got paid in Jacksonville because of what Derek Carr did on that team, right? Darren Waller missed a good portion of that season. Hunter Wimprow was there, and he really showed up big. But even last year, people forget he had Devante Adams.

But Waller and Hunter Wimprow missed most of the season last year. It was a whole new offense he was learning. And then if you look at the defenses that Derek Carr has had to play with, he's never had a defense like the Jets have right now, right?

He's never had a top five defense ever. As a matter of fact, I believe the Raiders' defense the last decade has been voted the worst defense in NFL history. And that's what Derek Carr has had to deal with. I think they've been averaging and giving up over 26 points a game since Derek Carr has been the starter for the Raiders.

It's hard to have success when you literally have to go out there and have shootouts and win every game. So I think the Jets' situation makes a lot more sense because it won't be all on Derek Carr, right? He can lean on that defense. Hopefully, Breece Hall comes back healthy, he can lean on Breece Hall. He's got an offensive rookie of the year in Gary Wilson. Elijah Rivera Tucker is one of the best young offensive linemen in football. But again, Zach, he can lean on that top five defense. I kind of feel like it's going to be Jimmy G with the Jets.

I know it's not sexy, but he's a game manager. I've kind of come to that assumption too. I think they'll be in the running for Derek Carr. I just think Derek Carr's familiarity and trust factor with Dennis Allen may override him coming to the Jets. And I love Jimmy. Jimmy's my teammate.

And Jimmy will tell you this himself. He's got to stay healthy, man. I think he's a good quarterback.

He just hasn't been available. Wrap it up, Elijah Dussebal. When you look back at the Super Bowl, outside of the offensive line, and we talked about that and what they did up against the Eagles' defense, what was your biggest takeaway from the game? Ah, Dylan Hurts has arrived.

I mean, I think people have kind of lost this in translation because they ended up losing the game. But he was the best player on that field, Zach. He was better than Patrick Mahomes. He was better than Isaiah Pacheco. He was better than Travis Kelce, better than A.J.

Brown. He was the best player on the field Sunday. And I think any question that people had, and even Patrick Mahomes came out and said that, he killed all that noise.

Like, I literally said this all week long. I said, I know Steve Stike knows the play for him. He is going to refuse to let the Eagles beat him in the run game, right? Dylan Hurts left there and threw for 300 yards and still rushed for 70. He had almost 400 yards of total offense.

Like, this dude was electric. And yes, I know he did have the fumble, but what made me so proud, Zach, was how he bounced back with poise after that. It was like the fumble never happened. And shout out to Shane Stike in first play after the fumble, what did they do? They set up quarterback runs just to get him comfortable in the game again. I mean, that third and 14 throw to Dallas Goddard on the out route, there hasn't been a more perfect throw this year in the NFL. Literally, I thought that was getting picked off, but he put it where only Dallas Goddard could get it. On a big time down, third and 14, he was throwing absolute dimes in the RPO game, took some shots down the field.

I thought that was one of the things I highlighted as a storyline. I thought he was going to have to complete some of those one-on-one situations down the field to really get Kansas City out of those looks as far as stacking the box. And he did that. We saw him complete passes down the field to Devontae Smith. We saw him take shots in intermediate routes to A.J.

Brown. Dallas Goddard got in the game. I mean, anything that Dylan Hertz wanted to do, he did, and nobody could stop him. Last thing I'll ask you, because you brought up Stike and Gannon, it's another hiring cycle where Eric Fiedemey does not get a head coaching job. It's not surprising to me because it's just been that way the last few years.

The last two years I kind of expected not to get a job. Do you believe that notion that he needs to leave the Chiefs in order to be a head coach one day in the NFL? That's hogwash. There's been so many coaches that didn't actually call plays at Earth that have been head coaches.

It's nonsense. I would love for NFL owners to come out and explain why they haven't hired them. I mean, I think that should be a prerequisite that the league demands or give, because we know the Brian Flores suit is out there.

I don't want to say you should have to give a reason why you went with one guy or another because I think that's a bit extra, but it's weird. Like you said, Zach, what does this guy have to do to get a head coaching job? He's been an integral part of what the Kansas City Chiefs have done. He's been the opposite coordinator there forever. I feel like as a black coach, why does he have to go somewhere else to prove that he can call the plays even though he calls a few, he doesn't call them all? There's been plenty of coaches that didn't call plays and they got head coaching jobs.

I believe Andy Reid might have even been one of them when he got the job from Philly. So it's just crazy to think that this guy has to lower himself to make a lateral move, right? He's not even elevating. He's making a lateral move just to show everybody I can be a good officer coordinator and call plays and be a good head coach.

It's just crazy. It is, but I kind of feel like he's going to have to do that. As stupid as that is, because he should have a job by now, I kind of feel like he has to go to a team like the Commanders where we know he's doing everything on the offense side of the ball because I hate to say it, the name and the conversation, I don't want to say it got stale, but I just don't expect him to get a job now because that's what we've seen the last few years. Steve, when they brought up a good point at first take, he was like, and he's not saying this is Andy Reid's fault, right? But it's like he blames Andy Reid because Andy Reid kind of makes it known that he calls a lot of the plays, right? So it's like for our head coach, you know, owners looking at that and saying, well, he's just, you know, part of a really good staff. Is he technically calling the plays, right?

Well, I'll just say this. What did Sirianni do? And he's done a great job in Philly, but what did he do in Indianapolis? I was about to say, Nathaniel Hackett.

Yeah. There's plenty of coaches that didn't call plays that were great offensive-minded head coaches. And it seems like Shane Spiken said he's going to call plays.

I can't wait to see how that pans out because one thing that I think New York Sirianni did, and I think a lot of people remember his first press conference, they're like, oh, this guy's not going to last more than two years, right? Because he fumbled that open at press conference. He delegated really well. Both of his coordinators got head coaching jobs.

He never tried to overstep on Spiken. He let them call plays, right? He let Jonathan Gannon do his thing. And look at these guys. They both were going to be head coaches.

So that's the thing, right? You can be an offensive genius all you want, Zach. When you're a head coach, it's about delegating and knowing and trusting the people that you hired and then also being a great leader of men. And that story hasn't been written for Gannon or Spiken. It'll come to fruition soon, and we'll see if they are great in delegating and also can they lead grown men because the NFL, when you're a coordinator for a head coach, it's a totally different ballgame.

Yeah, it's a totally different jump. There's no doubt about that. Liget Dussebal, thanks so much. We appreciate the insight as always. Of course. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show.

You can think of Riley Auto Parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. 855-212-4CBS, 855-212-4227. Let me take one right here. Let's go to Lee in Cincinnati next up on the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Lee, what's happening? Hey, Zach. Thanks for taking my call, man. I just wanted to ask you real quick because, you know, we haven't really heard from Jay in Alaska about the Raiders, the fact that, you know, their car's gone.

But I'm being serious about this. The Raiders got a great shot. What do you think if they get Aaron Rodgers? In your opinion, does that make them a Super Bowl contender immediately with everyone else he's going to have around him?

Or what do you think? I do think that's where he's going, Lee, and I appreciate the phone call. And I'm going to assume that Jay in Alaska is well aware that Derek Carr is no longer on the team. I am surprised that in the last 48 hours since it's become official that they're not going to trade him and that they've released him, that we've not heard from Jay in Alaska, especially when I'm at the Super Bowl with Josh Jacobs on the show last week, and I mentioned Jay in Alaska being the Super Raider fan to Josh Jacobs. The fact that Jay in Alaska has not called and has not said thank you or has not even given me his opinion on the future of the Raiders is flat out embarrassing. So I have not heard from Jay in two weeks.

That makes me very concerned about Jay in Alaska, so I hope everything is okay. But with all that being said, I don't think the Raiders, even though they should trade for Aaron Rodgers, because for McDaniels, you needed to bring in a quarterback that's going to save your job, and I do think you could make the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers, I don't think I'm saying that they're a Super Bowl contender. So the Chiefs are better. Like, just look at their own division. I think at best in their own division, if the Raiders get Rodgers, they can finish second. But I still think right now the Chargers are a better team, so I'd probably put them in in the third spot right now if, and only if, they do get Aaron Rodgers.

But I do think that's enough to go get 10-11 wins and make the playoffs. Here's the problem with the Raiders. Their defense is god-awful.

And on the offensive side of the ball, even though they have all those weapons that we talked about, they don't have much that you can rely on on the offensive line. Like, I look at a team like Buffalo, and let's put the Rodgers on the Raiders. I think the Bills are a better team. Clearly the Chiefs are a better team. The Bengals are a better team.

That's right off the top of the head. And I guess your interpretation is, how many teams are you going to consider a Super Bowl contender? I usually put three teams as, those are the three best teams in the AFC, therefore those are my Super Bowl contenders. Now, where would the Raiders lie? That's a fair question. If Tua could stay healthy, I think the Dolphins could be a good team.

But that's a major concern. The Chargers could be right there if not better than the Raiders. The Ravens, if Lamar Jackson's able to stay healthy, I would think they're better than the Las Vegas Raiders with Rodgers. Can Kenny Pickett take that next step and that jump in year number two as the starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

And you know what? Let's not forget about this team. I think the Jaguars would be better than the Raiders even if the Raiders got Aaron Rodgers. The Jaguars, if you look at that AFC South, they're easily going to win that division next year. Tennessee, if they're going back to Ryan Tannehill, or whatever they bring in, if it's not Rodgers, I'm not going to be all that optimistic about it. The Colts got a long ways to go, and we know the Texans have a super duper long way to go. But I look at a team like Jacksonville, as you see today that officially Calvin Ridley has applied for reinstatement.

That's a Jaguars team. That Ridley move that they made at the deadline last year, it was a really sneaky good move. Because that dude I know, he was out because of mental health before the gambling suspension. That dude was well on his way to being a bona fide number one wide receiver in this league. And you saw what Trevor Lawrence did this past year. Him and ATN were awesome. You then saw the emergence of his eight Jones.

Christian Kirk was really good. We'll see if they bring back Kevin Ingram, who had a really solid year with the Jaguars. That defense got some names on it.

You got to see Walker take that next step. You know that Josh Allen, the defensive player is really good too. That's a team in the Jaguars that if I had to look at for next year, right now the top five teams in the AFC. It would be the right now where they're currently constructed. It would be the Chiefs one. It would then be the Bengals two. I'd probably put the Bills three right now.

And then that four and five spot. It's between the Jaguars, the Ravens and the Chargers. I don't know if Lamar is going to be back. Could I see them franchise tagging him a year and then trading him the year after that?

Absolutely. So right now I would say, because of Herbert, the Jaguars just beat him in the playoffs. The Jaguars are the easiest, easier path to the division. So I'd probably put the Jaguars in at four.

And then at five right now, I would go Los Angeles. And the thing that concerns me with Los Angeles, I know Brandon Staley just got to the playoffs. And that is progress. But with the way that that game ended last year, I know Herbert's got to take some of that blame as well. But I do believe in the long-term plan of having Justin Herbert as your quarterback. When it comes to Brandon Staley, I just don't believe in Brandon Staley. Maybe one day it could be a good coach, but right now with this team, and if Keenan Allen's not back and you hear the rumors that he could be a cat casualty, if you don't have Keenan Allen back there, I know they have Mike Williams. Can they go get someone else? You know, are they going to be in the market for trading for DeAndre Hopkins?

That's different. But I just don't trust, and Brandon Staley doesn't get the benefit of the doubt from me. So I have to rank right now those AFC teams. Yeah, it would be the Chiefs' one. It would then be in at number two, the Bengals. Three would be the Bills, four would be the Jaguars, and five would be the Chargers, without knowing what people make, what moves people make this offseason. But as much as I've been advocating for Rogers to go to the Raiders, because of their line and because of their defense, to take that jump next year to be a Super Bowl contender, I think that's asking a little bit too much.

And that's the other thing. Like, if you're Rogers, and it appears that both parties are ready to divorce, are you going anywhere? Are you getting traded anywhere where then people are going to say, okay, you're going to be a Super Bowl contender? Like, if the NFC's not going to be considered, like if he goes to 49ers, he could win a Super Bowl with the 49ers. But if it's the AFC, I don't think Miami's going to move on from Tua, but they do have Tyreke Hill, and you know they have Jalen Waddle. If he goes to the Jets, I think the Jets are a playoff team. I don't think they're a Super Bowl contender. The same could be said for the Las Vegas Raiders. If he wants to go win a Super Bowl, and it has to be an AFC team, now, I don't think this is going to happen, but if the Ravens trade Lamar, and if they're set on trading Lamar, you put Rogers on the Ravens, I know they don't have a number one wide receiver, but with that defense, and you're basically just asking your quarterback to manage the game, we know Rogers is more than capable of doing that. But I'd be surprised if the Ravens pull off a trade this offseason, where they trade Lamar, and then also then they make a move to go get Aaron Rodgers.

So talking about the Raiders and the possibility of Rodgers going there, I got to ask Pat Boyle this. So I saw this photo, I guess it's photoshopped, but I first saw it was maybe earlier this morning of Mark Davis, and I go, oh, he's finally embracing being bald. Now I always know that he's had a, I don't even know how to describe the haircut that he is, but I never thought that he was like closing in on being bald when I first saw it, but you never know how people present their hair and what is really the, I guess the true part of that. But I saw this photo and I go, oh, I wasn't expecting to see Mark Davis, even though he always has a peculiar haircut, let's say.

And then I guess that this thing is photoshopped, that we haven't got actual confirmation. Yeah, I don't think we have confirmation and the haircut you're describing that he has, it's almost like Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But then it's like one of the Oompa Loompas stood on a chair on three of each other and then tried to cut his hair. That's what Mark Davis' haircut looks like. Would you at all refer to that as somewhat of a mushroom cut like Davis has?

Yeah, it's like a mushroom cut. How old are you? 28. Oh, so I didn't know we were the same age. I thought you were a few years younger. Did you have a mushroom cut as a kid?

I did, I did. I feel like that was- That was the 90s, 90s kids. I feel like everybody had a mushroom cut. When you were four or five, you always had a mushroom cut.

Absolutely. And I look back at some photos and people said I was a cute kid, even though people now would be like, oh, I don't see you being a cute kid. I had a mushroom cut.

I'm like, what the heck were my parents doing? Yeah, it was a style, man. It was a style. I don't know if the rat tail was ever a style for you guys. I never did the rat tail. I did the rat tail. Yeah. Why?

Why my parents are okay with that? I can see you though. Like I look at you, I could see you having a rat tail.

I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but you're right. I could see like a mullet on Pat Boyle too. No, no, I never rocked a mullet. I've never let my hair get like longer than the mushroom cut. You definitely had a mohawk once. Yeah, definitely the mohawk, the faux hawk. Oh my God. This is the first time I think I see your natural hair color coming back.

Because Pat Boyle, you did what though? You dyed your entire hair blonde? Yeah. But I don't even see that, but like lower your base a little bit. Okay, just a little blonde there. The tips are hanging around. You get a lot of compliments on that still?

It's mixed, mixed 50-50. For example, Boomer is sizing this morning I was here and he goes, man, he goes, when are you going to get rid of those things? I said I might re-frost them, Boomer.

No, you can't do that. I think that's one and done. You're like a college basketball player, one and done with the frosted tips.

One and done. But yeah, no, I don't think Mark Davis is actually bald. He should be. He should go bald. He should embrace it. Anything to get rid of that haircut. Even if it is losing your hair, it would look better than what he actually had. Or just have a normal haircut. Or that. I don't think he needs to do what he does. Maybe I'm dead wrong on this.

I haven't fully examined it. I didn't think he was closing in on being bald. He's got hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. That man can get some hair plugs. He can get a stylist. He can get somebody to make that hair look good.

He definitely chooses to look like that. You know what? I will say this. If you are going to bring the blonde back, I think you keep how it's going.

I think the frosted tips, right? That's what it's called right now is actually not a bad look on you. When it was full blonde, I thought it was a bit too much. Okay.

By a bit, I mean a lot. Not that I need to be your fashion consultant or anything like that. I appreciate any and all. You should do what you want to do.

I appreciate any and all advice you want to throw down on me. You got it. And I know all your ladies are going to be happy too because if you haven't been keeping track, I beat Pat Boyle in the regular season picks where it was like a side competition and then you did a very savvy mood where you said, oh, I'll challenge Gelb for the postseason even though you didn't really have an invite to the postseason because you lost in the regular season. But it was kind of like the COVID year when some team would drop out because they had COVID and you had someone else in the Pac-12 championship game. That was you.

You basically did a COVID kind of year at the pitch. And I give you a massive amount of credit, man. You took on the challenge. You didn't have to do that.

Well, I had nothing to lose because I lost picks to Mraz somehow on the DA show. So therefore, I have to park cars at Bob's Bar, which I don't even think is that bad of a punishment. Like I'm going to go for an hour, park cars, and then I'm not giving your car back.

I made that clear in the beginning and then I'm going to go enjoy myself. I'm not giving your car back. No, I'm going to tell you where it's parked. You line up, I give you the keys, and boom, that's it.

And I know that's going to be like a big show debate for them, but I have the audio of DA agreeing to that. So that will be fine. But I'm going to show up, I'm going to park the cars, do all that. But for you, I was like, oh, yeah, I'll take this. If I win, then Pat asked to park cars with me and then it's like someone you can actually talk to while you're doing that. And then if I lose, I don't have to do the picks next year, which I didn't get any extra money for doing the picks this year. And as fun as they were fun, I appreciate the opportunity. But it was just extra work. So I'm good with it.

And the wager I also proposed, in addition to helping you park cars, was to go sell a bit for a month. Oh, yeah, we have to continue the story. Well, yes, but also, no, I'm starting to get into some trouble here. Oh, so your lady friends are saying how many lady friends are there? You know, you got to walk a fine line between trying to post some clips on social media and let people know, hey, this is what I'm up to. Because I didn't think your lady friends, no offense, are listening here on CBS Sports Radio, so they would see your social media clips. They're following you on Twitter? A lot of girls follow you on Twitter? I feel like Instagram's more of a thing. Yeah, well, I also posted some stories to Instagram, and some people... Oh. I feel like 90% of people, no matter what you post on Instagram, they just see it and they just swipe right through it, unless it really piques their interest. So I was like, all right, I'm going to post this, and probably no one's going to understand what's going on.

You got to have better post management. Yeah. That was a mistake, going to Instagram on that. It was.

It really was. The risk was not worth the potential headache here. As Dave Gettleman used to say, the juice is not worth the squeeze. Yes, yes. So now, so a few of your friends... One I haven't heard from in two weeks, and... And she didn't know there was maybe other ladies that you were seeing, because you're a single guy. Yeah. Okay, and that's a problem. You're in a sticky situation, no pun intended.

One has, is holding it over my head, but she's still talking to me, so that's... Okay, so she's still interested. Yeah. That's at least good.

So I think you're okay in that department. So you went into the transfer portal expecting all these teams to be there, and now they all pulled out because you got some baggage with you. Exactly. Man, you got up your NIL deal. I got a sprained MCO. They're worried that it might be a torn meniscus. So now you're doing the picks next year, so that's the way that this plays on out, and I just fade back into my normal time slot.

All right, this worked. But I love Gelb's gambles, and I know DA and the entire show love Gelb's gambles. Objectively, I thought it was amazing. Yes, it was, and you taking a shot at somebody around the show or on the network every week was always the best part of it. A lot of people caught a lot of heat there.

Everybody caught shrapnel. It was good checks and balances, and that's all I ask for here at a radio network. You got to have checks and balances. If people mess things up, you got to just call them out for it, and here's my thing. I really only like to go after people when they mess up, and then they don't take account of it.

That's the thing. I will keep someone nameless because they work with me, but they messed up on something, and then they tried to weasel their way out of it. If you just say, I'm a very easy guy. If you just say, I messed up.

Okay, how can I get better? I'm all there because we've all messed up in life. There's no doubt about that. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio.

This is via KXAN in Austin. Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza has dismissed the domestic violence case against former Texas Longhorns head men's basketball coach Chris Beard. If you recall, Chris Beard a little while back was arrested and then eventually fired. This happened on December 12th, and he was charged. That's when the arrest happened, and he was charged with assault by strangulation and suffocation in a family violence situation following an incident with his fiance. So that was the original thing that happened, and now we found out today about an hour ago that the charge, the entire case was actually dismissed. And the other information here, Garza said Wednesday, that's the Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza, that after a careful and thorough review of the evidence, recent public statements and considering Chris's fiance wishes, our offices determine that the felony offense cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And the other part of this is the quote, and this quote, of course, comes from Miss Randy Truce, who is the fiance of Chris Beard. She said that Chris did not strangle me, and I told that to law enforcement that evening, going back to December, Chris has stated that he was acting in self-defense, and I do not refute that. I do not believe Chris was trying to intentionally harm me in any way. It was never my intent to have him arrested or prosecuted.

We appreciate everyone's support and prayers during this difficult time. So that was the statement that was released by Chris Beard's fiance. So we know he was fired from Texas, and the question was, obviously, are you going to go to jail or not? And then if you're not, when are you going to be welcomed back into the college coaching community now, just because, and I want to be careful how I say this, just because that this was dismissed doesn't mean that it didn't happen. And it's clear in that statement when you hear from Jose Garza that they didn't think they could prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, and they're also granting the fiance's wishes. Now, we've seen things before where wrong acts occur, and then a wife, a fiance, whoever it may be, doesn't want it to go anywhere further and won't cooperate, and then the next thing you know, everything gets dismissed.

So I want to be sensitive to situations that have happened in the past to other people and at least acknowledge that. But all you could do here is go by what the legal process is, and if Chris Beer, but fair or not, we all know how great of a basketball coach he is. We know what he did at Texas Tech.

We know why he was a hot commodity at Texas. And if you're available and you're not sitting in a jail cell, another school's going to take an opportunity on you. Now, I don't know where that school's going to be.

Just finding out about this about an hour ago, I don't have a school off the top of my head. It's a little bit early to even speculate on that front. But there was a question, when were we going to see Chris Beard coach again, and Texas proceeded to get rid of him, and you got to find a way to figure out what's going to happen on the litigious front. It appears we've reached that front today, and we've reached that road today on what the answer's going to be, and now if you're Chris Beard, sure. Will there be some schools that say, I don't want to deal with the baggage that comes with Chris Beard?

Yeah, there will be some people that won't even interview. But there will be schools that are going to look at Chris Beard and say, everything was dismissed. His fiancé said nothing happened. He was acting in self-defense, and you could talk yourself into hiring Chris Beard, and that's the way that it will eventually go down, and he'll be back on the sideline either next year or maybe waits a year and wants to be selective a little bit in his job, and you go maybe back to coaching in two years from now or something like that. So that's the latest on the Chris Beard front. Just wanted to make mention of it because I remember when the story did break, and then we eventually found out that he was fired, and you got to get both sides of the story, and this is just the other side of the story today. You were wondering what else was going to happen, and as we talked about from KXAN, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza dismissed the domestic violence case against former Texas Longhorns head men's basketball coach in Chris Beard, and once again, Garza said Wednesday that after a careful and thorough review of the evidence, recent public statements, and considering Chris's fiancé's wishes, our office has determined that the felony offense cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Take a break. Come on back. We'll update you on some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio next. We'll get to the news brief on the other side.
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