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Another KD Chapter (Hour 2)

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February 16, 2023 8:08 pm

Another KD Chapter (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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February 16, 2023 8:08 pm

News Brief includes Kevin Durant touching down in Phoenix. Tim Brown joins the show. Things Zach learned and jotted down from this NFL season.


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Now that is science. Sign up today at or call 1-800-79-VETUS. Be like me, bet for free! Alrighty, how we doing? Zach Yelb's show, CBS Sports Radio. Coming up in 20 minutes, the Pro Football Hall of Famer, Tim Brown.

We'll stop by and then at the top of the hour, Superball Champion Roman Harper will join us, who did win a ring with the New Orleans Saints, and we got a whole lot of things to talk about with our pal in Roman Harper. But first up, let's update you on some of the biggest stories of the day with some audio. We call this segment The News Brief. Time for your Daily News Brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports, and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Former Eagles defensive coordinator, now head football coach of the Arizona Cardinals, did address the media, Jonathan Gannon, and he made it clear that he wants to work with Kyler Murray.

Look forward to working with the players. That was very appealing to me. Some of the guys that we have on board right now, not too many times do you take over a team and you have a franchise quarterback.

So that was very appealing. Perceived as a franchise quarterback, that's the way I would say, or paid as a franchise quarterback. I'm not all that sure that Kyler Murray is elite.

I am very skeptical that you win a Super Bowl with Kyler Murray. And what concerned me with Kyler is how south that relationship went in just such a quick way with Cliff Kingsbury, where it seemed like they were attached at the hip. And I'm not saying Cliff is innocent here, but how quickly that relationship deteriorated and how ugly it was, that rubs me the wrong way. Where, yeah, there's got to be blame on Cliff Kingsbury's shoulders, but there's also got to be blame on Kyler's shoulders.

And I'm still, it just sticks out in my head. After he lost that playoff game, it seemed like he didn't take really a lot of accountability. Where he was so bad, it was brutal.

It was one of the worst performances you'll ever see. And he didn't take it on the chin. And now he's also unfortunately going to be out for some time in the season. I don't know how long, but he tore his ACL later on in the year. I look at Kyler Murray, I question his leadership skills.

I really do. And we know he has the talent. He has the skills.

Durability could be a concern. I know the ceiling is great elite video game type of player, and he's still young and he can mature. But the more and more you see, I think he's really good in spurts. But over the entire course of a season, I don't know if he gets you from point A to point B. And when you get to point B, you're like, OK, the car is wonderful.

It's here. And we're ready to go to our next destination, which is to the playoffs. And even if you get in the playoffs, it seems like, you know, early on in your trip in the postseason, the car gets like an engine problem or two of the tires just blow out. There's a lot of hype with Kyler Murray. He's paid as a franchise quarterback. He thinks he's a franchise quarterback. But the more and more I see from him in the last two years makes me go, yeah, I don't think he's as good as where he thinks he should be perceived in this league. So you could say he's a franchise quarterback.

Like, what else are you going to say? The new head football coach, you need a good relationship with him because the other guy, I know he didn't win enough games, but his relationship just deteriorated right in front of our eyes. And then he was gone. So he was done. So he already committed the money to Kyler Murray. He's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. But just because you pay someone to be a franchise quarterback doesn't mean he is. Like, for example, Kirk Cousins, good quarterback, paid like he's a great quarterback. Is he a great quarterback?

No. Dak Prescott, paid like he's a great quarterback. The last two years, the Cowboys season has ended where it did up against San Francisco because the quarterback couldn't do the simple things like snap the ball or not turn over the football in a big spot.

So you could get that big money, but it does not mean you're a big time franchise quarterback in my eyes. Let's hear one more from Jonathan Gannon, the head football coach of the Cardinals. He shares his vision for the team. We're going to be adaptable. We're going to be violent. We're going to be explosive and we're going to be smart.

And all three phases go into that. And we will maximize the talents of the players that we have. And that's how we're going to win games.

And don't get it twisted. We're going to win games. So the words are right, but it's very monotone and it's not very rah-rah there.

Now, how many rah-rah coaches do you get that end up being failures? And then there's guys that have these horrible press conferences where they sound like robots and everyone's like, uh-oh, and they end up being success stories. But when you're saying words like violent, explosive, and smart, more so the violent and explosive part, you can't be like, we're going to be violent, Bueller, Bueller, explosive, Bueller, Bueller, and, uh, smart. Gotta be like, we're going to be violent. We're going to be explosive and we're going to be smart. That's the way that I would say it.

It was not very convincing there by Jonathan Gannon. Violent, explosive, and smart. You know, it kind of sounds like, play me that audio clip one more time.

I got to hear it one more time before, before I say this on the air. We're going to be adaptable. We're going to be violent. We're going to be explosive and we're going to be smart. And all three phases go into that and we will maximize the talents of the players that we have. And that's how we're going to win games and don't get it twisted.

We're going to win games. Reminds me like my old boss, just a little bit like cousins of Mark Chernoff. Like if Chernoff came to me, all right, we hired Zach to be bombastic. We hired him to be a little quacious and we, uh, we hired him to just give these hard hitting opinions. Like when you say it like that, geez, like we hired this bombastic talk show host. You got to go a little crazy.

Not that everything has to be WWE style like Hulk Hogan or, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. But when you're saying where it's violent and explosive and you're just so monotone and it seems like you're still upset about losing the Super Bowl and having an embarrassing performance on the defensive side of the ball that you led, you got to give me a little bit more oomph, let's just say on the violent and explosive part. Let's hear from let's hear from Chad Henny. He was on the Adam Schefter podcast. He recently retired Chad Henny on Patrick Mahomes is super superstitions before games, the details, the superstitions, you know, baseball background. So all these guys, I mean, he has to have a certain thing each and every day he comes in and he does his work. His notes are written out of a certain way, same pair of underwear, which probably not a lot of people know on game day. He's been wearing it since, uh, uh, I've been a part of it.

This will definitely be a light and you'd be like, what the hell? You're checking my underwear out. But there's, there's things that I've seen that nobody else has seen. Were you a baseball player, Emmanuel or basketball?

Basketball baseball only through early high school. Gotcha. Did you have any weird superstitions?

Interesting. Or anything that you did? Anything that I did. I always in baseball, I always had the same, you know, walk up routine when I came up, like walk up song. No, like touching the edge of the plate a certain way. Let me, uh, fix my gloves after like every time you step out of the box.

Right. I was very mechanical about it. Like if I didn't touch the edge of the plate a certain way, I thought, yeah, that would go a certain way.

I thought it would go south. So when I was growing up and I was in high school, it was weird. It wasn't for like any sport that I played. Like I wasn't superstitious with like when I had basketball games or football games, but if the Patriots had a big game, I like walk up to my locker and I would just be like, if I get the locker combination right in the first try, they're going to win the game on Sunday.

Like stupid things like that. When the Rangers were in the playoffs years ago, I would go to the gym and I would watch the movie miracle while working out. Like I would have to watch miracle.

I don't know why, but then they would win and I'd be like, Oh, got to do it again. And that's like a long commitment, even though that's one of my favorite movies of all time, but my home's wearing the same underwear. He's got to wash it.

Right. Like I like the Rangers playoff run this past year, I wear the same Jersey and the same undershirt and the same pair of socks, but I was washing the Jersey and the socks. I would, and also the undershirt I'm imagining my homes after playing a full game of football, doesn't have underwear with holes in it and, and is not throwing it in the, in the washer dryer. You got to wash it.

Like, for instance, you're talking about mojo when you have nothing to do with the sports team, like the 09 Yankee championship run. I'm a really young kid and I'm picking out underwear on the basis of like, it's gotta be somewhat Yankee colored. Like it's gotta be Navy blue. It's gotta be something aligned with what we're doing here, but all of them are washed.

I had a collection to choose from. I wouldn't over wear underwear just to satisfy my superstition needs. Maybe he doesn't wash the underwear and I have a theory for this. We've seen the TikToks of Brittany Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes just screaming. Maybe after the game, he doesn't want to deal with all that screaming. They come running up to him to film a TikTok. So he just has on a smelly pair of underwear. So everyone kind of socially distanced from him. It might make him feel a little bit better about himself.

What do you mean by that? There's always a chance you're like, I'm sticking with this pair of underwear. It's good. You don't care if it smells. I think he washes the underwear, but it wouldn't surprise you that one underwear has a lot of holes in it. Yeah.

Like you're a football, like I naturally move in, right? You eventually have some, some holes throughout the years that develop in your underwear or your socks. This guy's moving at like a quick speed on a football field with a lot of sweat. There's gotta be some holes in that underwear. It's gotta be a little roughed up. Yeah. Probably, probably just give it to an equipment trainer.

You wash this and you keep, and you give this underwear tender loving care and you make sure this underwear never gets lost. Let's hear from Kevin Durant. He was introduced to the media today out there in the desert. And Kevin Durant explains why the Brooklyn Nets didn't work out. We just didn't get on the court enough. I think when you seen James, Kyrie and myself, it was, it was amazing basketball for 17 games though. But you need, in order for you to win a championship and be a great team, you just need more time on the floor. We could, it's another story about why we didn't get on the floor together, but we just didn't get enough time on the floor.

And those are hall of fame players that I learned a lot from every day and I'm wishing them the best as well. It just didn't work out. Yeah. Harden hated Kyrie. Kyrie hated Harden.

We all knew that. That's the other part of the story. If he's talking about the vaccine issue with Kyrie, I guess that also plays a factor why Kyrie was missing for half a season. But the part that he just so conveniently leaves out why it didn't work is cause he was a horrible general manager. You know, they blame this on Sean Marks. They, you know, both those players, they blame it on Joe Cy and others in the organization.

Let's not be sycophants here and just acknowledge the truth. Durant and Kyrie Irving were the GM and the AGM of the Brooklyn Nets for the last three years. And they both walked in and said, oh, we love Kenny Atkinson.

Stabbed him in the back. Then it's all, we're going to hire Steve Nash. No one else was running to hire Steve Nash, but KD knew him from their time together in Golden State. Oh, Nash isn't a good coach.

Yeah, it's not me. I'm going to demand a trade if you don't basically fire him. And then this year, all is going well. Kyrie's actually playing. He's actually playing at a really high level. Oh, you're not going to give me my contract right now for finally showing up to work for like two, three months?

Oh, stab you in the back. The biggest mistake Durant made was trusting Kyrie Irving and not knowing when to lay the white flag on Kyrie. Not that James Harden is this clutch player, but James Harden is a Hall of Famer.

He's a phenomenal player in the league. You had Kyrie and Harden there. If KD had any stones, he would have said to Kyrie, you're the problem. We're keeping James. We're not trading James Harden. And he had the guts to do that. So since those two guys didn't like each other and Kyrie and Harden, he stuck with the guy that he originally chose to partner up with in Brooklyn. That was the biggest mistake that Durant made because he doubled down on just the jackassery. That is Kyrie Irving.

Thank you very much. All right, Kevin Durant emotionally reflects on his time in Brooklyn that he called home. I enjoy the grind and everybody there, we tried our hardest every day, regardless of what was going on in the media, what was going on with our teammates, everybody who's in that gym, we grinded. So I love those guys. I get emotional talking about them because that was a special four years of my career coming off of Achilles and they helped me through a lot.

So I don't have anything. I respect the emotional part on recovering from the Achilles injury. But when you talk about all the people that put in the diligent work and gave it their all, once again, I don't get why he's still trying to defend Kyrie because Kyrie did not give it his all. Kyrie was a royal pain in the ass in Brooklyn and already have a public press conference. It's like a political rally.

You could be saying like the worst things in the world if you're Democrat or Republican and you're there and it's your person. Yeah! There we go, KD, whatever you say! Woo-hoo! Aye, aye, aye.

Give me a break. Kevin Durant on whether not winning a title in Phoenix would be a failure. I know how significant a championship is to a franchise and to a city and I've been a part of two of those and I'm looking forward to getting back on that road to try to do it again. But I know how tough it is and how hard it is and this fan base is looking forward to cheering for a winner. So I want to go out there and prove every night that we got a chance to win and that starts with the work we put in every day in practice.

Yeah, it would be a failure if you don't win a title. I know last year it did not go the way that they wanted to with the Suns but the year before they were in the NBA Finals and they weren't able to close out against the Milwaukee Bucks. But now you add Kevin Durant, you have Booker there, you have DeAndre Ayton there, you still have CP3. You bare minimum better be in the NBA Finals and I will say this now and I'll say it many other times throughout the NBA season. I will be actively rooting against the Suns and the Mavericks the rest of the way and I hate to do so because I love Devin Booker and I love Luka Doncic but I cannot root for Kyrie Irving and that team won't have a shot to get to the Finals even though we just had a Western Conference Finals last year because there is no way Luka and Kyrie will gel together. But the Suns are a legit threat so go Nuggets, go Grizzlies, go Kings, Clippers, Timberwolves, like whoever those contending teams are, Warriors, you know get Steph back, let's get hot, all that.

Anyone but the Suns, that's my motto for the rest of the NBA season. Anyone but KD and Kyrie, that's my motto for the rest of the season just because it it would make me sick that Durant plays the victim card here and Kyrie too and if one of them has a ton of success and it would be KD not Kyrie and it's in the NBA Finals, oh that's the last thing I want to talk about. And for Charles Barkley who's like Mr. Sun, remember what he said, KD is a bus rider not a bus driver. Imagine NBA Finals or Western Conference Finals, Barkley's working for Tiante, it's his sons deep in the playoffs, KD once again even though he appears to be the bus driver, it's really the rider here because he had to go jump ships again.

Like I was never annoyed and I never crushed KD for going to Golden State because he had the right to do so but this one annoys me that he bailed on Brooklyn because once again him and Kyrie ran the team and they took no accountability for the Nets failing in their last three years or so. Alright and finally because I know we gotta get to Tim Brown on the other side, Kevin Durant on what made Phoenix the right fit. I've experienced a lot the last couple years, you see the growth in this team when Monte took over, when James came here I see the culture started to change, the way they played on the floor, the energy they played with started to change and I always loved playing here in Phoenix, the fans always showed love to you know just good basketball in general. They always cheered their fans on but they showed love to the opposing team as well so I knew this would be a great place to play and a great place to continue to get better as a player.

They have a heck of a team but I hope they don't hoist the title anytime soon. Zach Gelb's show CBS Sports radio the Pro Football Hall of Famer Tim Brown will join us next. is back for our 20th year of NFL action. With the industry's biggest sign-up bonus of up to 20 percent, BetUS offers our members the chance to cash in on all your favorite sports.

Sign up at or call 1-800-79-BET-US where the game begins. We continue this Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports radio. Let's go out to the guest line right now. I'm welcoming a man that won the Heisman Trophy in 1987 and got inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015 and that is the legendary wide receiver in Tim Brown. Tim always great to hear your voice. Appreciate the time. How you been? Hey thank you Zach. Appreciate the time brother. All is well.

All is well. So I always love Super Ball week but one of my favorite parts of the week Tim is when we find out the new Pro Football Hall of Fame class. I just want to take you back though to 2015 because you had to wait a while to get into the hall. When you finally got that knock on the door and you got informed you're going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, what do you recall these years later?

Oh man that's the moment you'll never forget man. You know I mean I always thought because it took so long I would be mad be like you know it's about time it's about time but man that that is the farthest thing from your mind no doubt about it so it's nothing but tears man so it's uh it's an amazing moment and obviously a moment that changes your life in many different ways. Obviously you want to celebrate the guys that get in like Arande Barber, Joe Thomas, Darrell Rivas and the rest of the class but a lot of times the conversation as you know turns into who didn't get in. You look at that wide receiver position uh specifically like guys like Tory Holt, Steve Smith, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne still waiting there's been a log jam at that spot for whatever the reasons are for a bunch of years just what advice would you give players like that that you know are Hall of Famers but there's really nothing they could do until they get that knock or that call that they're going to the hall?

Yeah I uh you know as you know I had the opportunity to uh to be with Tory Holt uh while I was down here and I just wish for the gym man just hold on brother and hold on keep believing it's going to happen no doubt about that so I mean these loggams are uh damnable brother you know it's a tough tough deal to deal with because you know you would think that okay pick a guy we didn't we used to say me, Andre and Chris it don't matter pick a guy just choose one you know I mean uh you know they waited three years before they put either one of us in and did you know they they flooded the thing out but uh yeah it's a tough deal man no doubt about it you see guys who are you know been waiting as long as you or maybe not as long as you going in it becomes difficult to to uh stay you know that nice kind guy but you know you you want to go to social media and let people know what's happening but that's the last thing to do right now. It also probably has to get annoying because everyone knew you were going to get in and that's probably all people were talking about to you when you weren't in the hall of fame right? Yeah it was tough man you know you know because you know I when I retired I was two three and three and catches yards and touchdowns you know so it's like well if that doesn't deserve to go into you know with the all-purpose yardage and all that stuff you know it was a tough deal man look I of course Jerry going in by himself was one thing but you know the only thing that I still have a little concern about or you know or think about every once in a while is why it took three years for them to start putting Chris, Andre and myself in you know it seems like to me that should have happened earlier.

Why do you think that was? I don't know I really have no idea you know I mean Chris you know never played in the Super Bowl, Andre played in four you know and I played in one you know and so I'm sure Andre had probably better numbers in the playoffs than neither one of us so you know it's hard to figure out man that's the crazy thing about it you know you can't put your finger on one thing when you have you know guys locked up like this and say this guy's going to go in before that guy because you just never know and from what I hear it depends on a lot on the guy who's presenting you and how how you know how well he does. Pro football hall of famer Tim Brown here with us so Derek Carr we know the Raiders and him have split how do you look back at Derek Carr's time with the Raiders? Look man the young man gave the organization all he could possibly give you know I mean I know people want some people wanted him to be different but I think he was great and and staying to what he knows that he can do on a football field and not becoming a running quarterback and all that kind of stuff but look I think he can look back on his time there you know knowing that he gave it all he had didn't win a lot of playoff games and that kind of stuff I get it but you know I think what he did on the field and certainly what he did off the field representing the the team I think it's something he can be proud of for a long time. I remember reading an article in the athletic years ago that one offensive coach anonymously said that Derek Carr's sensitive and needs encouragement and that is not the style he's going to get that's what one offensive coach said there's been rumors that maybe he's going to go to New York you know the media monster that is the New York Jets do you think Derek Carr can handle New York? Well Derek Carr is a is a spiritual spiritual minded guy I think he can handle anything he you know anything that comes his way no doubt about it you know so look we're all sensitive man Gruden said that about me hey I told him I'm only sensitive when you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing if you treat me right then but you know look I mean that's just a part of it man you know I think you have to wear your emotions on your sleeves every once a while to let people know that you really care about what's going on.

The sensitive tag is always an interesting one because if you overreact to being called sensitive then people go hey Tim you're sensitive look. Right right yeah so thankfully he kept that between me and him it didn't make it to the to the media. Well that's good Pro Football Hall of Famer Tim Brown here with us you know the sexy rumor for the next Raiders quarterback it's a Rogers reunion with Devante Adams do you believe that will end up going down? I have no idea how they could possibly work at this particular point the Raiders don't have draft picks to give them unless they give give up the future you know so I don't I don't know if that's a deal that can even happen you know but and certainly I hadn't heard anything I know Devante and Josh Jacobs they're certainly hoping it happens but we'll see man you know if I don't think they're going to give Aaron away even though you know he's you know up there in age a little bit but but if the Raiders can make it happen I think it would be awesome. They right now have the seventh overall pick in the draft the Raiders would you give that up for Rogers? I'm trying to run run through these quarterbacks I see coming up you know I think going to be coming up in the draft and trying to see if you know okay if you maybe suffer a year year and a half and and build with with one of these guys would that be worth it and I don't know I I don't know man I think it's a tough tough you know this is freaking Aaron Rogers right he could play that he's 45 years old for all we know and play at a very high level you know with the style of ball that he plays so I don't think you pass an opportunity like that I think if you got a chance to to to go there and you you got to make that happen. Yeah and I don't think Bryce Young or CJ Strad are going to be available at seven so they'd have to move up to get either one of those top two quarterbacks so it seems like to me that it's either going to be Rogers or then McDaniels if they don't get Rogers will go out and sign Jimmy Garoppolo would you be on board with Jimmy G or would that be viewed as a little bit of disappointment? Yeah I mean look I just think today's quarterback you know you know Tom Brady's retiring and Rogers is probably the last of a dying breed of guys who are basically dropback quarterbacks you know where you don't run running plays for them and things of that nature now you know Rogers will get out the pocket and run if he has to but he wants to get rid of the ball you know but like I said he will run so that that makes it the defense have to think about him you know a guy like Garoppolo it's not that guy I don't believe I don't believe he's a guy that is going to want to run but look it's I know that McDaniels has that dropback system because that's what he did right with Brady and so that may be the quarterback he's looking for man look if they like it I love it brother you know I mean I just I just want to see some w's on the board man that's that's all I'm looking for. If you were in Devante Adams shoes pro football famer Tim Brown and I'm sure he's doing this already behind the scenes per some of the reporting would you be constantly like on the phone with Josh and the new general manager saying we got to go get Aaron Rogers? Well I don't know about constantly but they would certainly know where I am with with this whole deal you know I mean and didn't come here to to to to to play with a with the startup offense with the startup quarterback you know I came here you know thinking I'd you know played eight nine seven eight nine more years at a very high level with with a great quarterback so I I certainly would have made my opinion known to everybody and hopefully they're listening to him and I'm sure that his his opinion is going to play a big part in what they do. Well we appreciate the time Tim always great to catch up with you thanks so much for doing this.

Hey I appreciate it brother. Zach Yelp shows CBS Sports Radio so looking back at the NFL season I put together a list of 10 things that I learned and some of these things were questions I had before the start of the season or thoughts I had before the start of the season but then you see the way that they play out and you get the definitive answer so in a number 10 Deshaun Watson has a lot of rust still to knock off now we know he's practically was out of football for two years and all of it being his own fault and this year he came back and you never really saw a moment where you were like wow this is the old Deshaun Watson or this is the Deshaun Watson that when I saw him earlier in his career there was without a doubt and there's no doubt that this guy was a great quarterback and down the stretch in Cleveland it looked like they were trying to make him do everything and they weren't handing the ball off enough to Nick Chubb I just never really looked at the time he came back in that week 13 or 14 it was like wow all right this is the guy that you gave a guaranteed contract to and trade up all that draft capital for in at number nine I advocated for this ever since Urban Meyer got fired it came to fruition it was spectacular and you're number one Doug Peterson I learned is definitely the right guy to save Trevor Lawrence because after year one that was a wasted year for Trevor Lawrence it was almost as if this was his rookie season because he got some of the worst coaching ever from an all-time great college coach in Urban Meyer but an all-time bad NFL coach in in Urban Meyer as well and last year was such a clown show and to see this year even after the poor start right like this football team was not clicking on all cylinders right out of the gate and what they were able to do down the stretch get into the playoffs win that division and not only that but win a playoff game where they were down so many points up against the the Los Angeles Chargers that's really impressive they were at one point three and seven they ended up finishing the year nine and eight and they beat the Chargers of that crazy comeback 31 to 30 and they lose to Kansas City by seven points but that Chargers game they're down 27 zit and you see the experience you see the greatness of Doug Peterson and you've learned this year that Doug Peterson and Trevor Lawrence are the perfect combination for one another in Jacksonville in a number eight I learned this year that this would be Tom Brady's final year in the NFL I don't think we learned about that until he had that dramatic retirement announcement when it's him the sand the ocean and his thoughts because all throughout the year and even before the season started the sentiment was okay this is Brady's final year in Tampa it was never this is Tom Brady's final year in the NFL and unless there is some crazy return which I I don't think that's gonna happen again that was the the last year for Brady in the NFL and wasn't this wonderful year absolutely not the team was below 500 I know they won the division but that's like a participation trophy individually I don't think Brady was as bad as what people thought but you know what it is when Brady doesn't play well it's because of one reason one reason only offense line and that offensive line just had an abundance of injuries and they were a very troubled unit all throughout the year seven I learned that the Rams have an identity problem because before the year started we looked at the big three in the NFC as the Rams the Packers and the Bucks like before the year started it was one of those three teams led by Rogers Stafford or Brady were going to make the Super Bowl Bucks were the only team out of that group to make the playoffs and they were below 500 because of the product of their crappy division Packers missed the playoffs Rogers horrible in that final game of the season up against the Lions and the Rams just had to deal with the bevy of injuries all throughout the year but what I mean by what I learned was the Rams have an identity problem is right after the Super Bowl you heard the rumors of okay this could potentially be Sean McVay retiring or Aaron Donald could be retiring both came back and after this year there were retirement rumors for Aaron Donald were on wildcard weekend he changed his Twitter bio to say he was a former NFL player and then he quickly retracted that and oh yeah I'm coming back and McVay he let his staff talk to everyone else and there was a legit thought that he was going to go off the TV so yeah the Rams are gonna get Stafford back but he's hurt McVay's back but I think he has one foot in one foot out Donald's on like the the 18th green and it's just waiting to walk into the clubhouse they could be a player next year but I don't know where the buy-in level is and that's concerning to me and that creates an identity problem six this is something I thought I knew before the season but there's always a moment the last two years where the Cowboys make you say oh they're pretty good and especially in a year where the NFC was down and was really bad like we talked about the three best teams before the start of the year going into the playoffs it was like the Eagles the 49ers and then either the Cowboys or the Vikings and most people leaned the Dallas Cowboys over the Vikings but the Cowboys once again had another really good regular season under Mike McCarthy and what made this one even like more impressive than the year before is the injury to Dak and how Cooper Rush played really well in his absence but when it came to the postseason time sure they beat the below 500 Buccaneers but in a game that was there for the taking up against the 49ers a game that if we're being honest they should have won Dak McCarthy Kellen Moore who's now the OC with the Chargers failed in the big spot so once again I don't want to say you learned this but you were reassured that the drama Dallas choking Cowboys well in a big spot are the drama Dallas choking Cowboys and their fraudulent five here's something that I think we learned this year Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes is the next great QB rivalry in the NFL and also in the AFC we thought probably before the year and it would probably got was a sexier pick before the year Josh Allen and Joe Burrow I mean it should be Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes but Burrow defeated the Chiefs again in the regular season I know they lost in the postseason but they now played four times and Kansas City is one and three up against Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals now they got the redemption this year in the playoffs which they didn't last year and there was a lot of animosity there but I think a lot of us went into this year was like oh Chiefs and Bills Mahomes and Allen Mahomes and Allen the Bills have a lot of work to do like they're close but yet so far and even though the Bills have been able to defeat the Chiefs now more than than one time in the regular season they haven't had that success in the postseason against Kansas City because a year ago they lost the game second time they lost to Kansas City in the postseason and then this year at home snowy game they couldn't beat the Bengals to then go have the right to go play the Kansas City Chiefs and what would have been a neutral site AFC title game so I do believe it's Burrow and Mahomes as the next great QB rival in the NFL not Mahomes and Allen. Number four I learned this year that year one in the Pete Carroll Russell Wilson rivalry somehow not only went to Pete Carroll but it was a knockout fashion and it was an early knockout because the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos and that was the start of this crazy comeback year for Geno Smith I still can't believe I just said those words like that's one of the most stunning things I've ever seen that was like a relevant pretty much for 10 years we would only talk about him in bad situations off the field or when his own teammate would punch him in the jaw and then he had a broken jaw or he forgot the time zones on on a road trip when he was with the Jets like there was a lot of bad scenarios for Geno Smith and you get rid of Russell Wilson everyone thinks you're screwed and Pete Carroll shows everyone how good of a coach he is and you get Geno Smith having for Seahawks standards a historical season so year one not only goes to Pete Carroll I learned but it went in knockout fashion of Pete Carroll over Russell Wilson. Three I learned the Buffalo Bills were overhyped before the year I understood why the hype was there but they were everyone's pick to go win the Super Bowl and you look back at that year their failure to take the load off of Josh Allen's plate and also losing Von Miller messed up that team because Von Miller was brought in to be the closer and the Bills were a team that you would have thought just give them a Lombardi trophy in September but as the season did go on you saw signs of vulnerability and weakness from the Buffalo Bills and they didn't just lose in the playoffs they got embarrassed in the playoffs like if that would have been a high octane offense type of game a classic that's they lose on the field of 38 to 35 it's like okay that stinks I know you didn't reach your goal but at least you showed up they almost lost to Skylar Thompson and the Dolphins in the wildcard round they were lucky to get to the divisional round and then in the divisional round they just got absolutely gutted and embarrassed by the Bengals so for the Bills they disappointed and the Bills failed this year it was Super Bowl or bus and you kind of learned that they were overhyped and now I want to see how tough this team is because that's a team that's fun to play and they're going to win this game because that's a team that's fun to watch we all know how great Josh Allen is but he's got to turn over the football fewer times you got to bring in a legit running back that you get consistency from I know Brandon Bean said to a newspaper two weeks ago you know he takes too many hits well don't have to be your second leading rusher I'm not saying you take away the legs of Josh Allen but you know when to use them and they use them too much number two we know that the Kansas City Chiefs did not miss Tyree Kill for one second of the season I know Tyree Kill's a great player Tyree Kill had a phenomenal season in Miami but there were people and I know we now clown it like all people who's actually saying people were doubting the Chiefs there were people doubting the Chiefs you go back to the Super Bowl predictions you'll find some but the Kansas City stand the last few years it was automatic who's going to Super Bowl to the AFC this year was like okay maybe the Chargers could win the division oh Broncos get Russell Wilson oh the Raiders get Devontae Adams oh the Bills and the Bengals and the Ravens are really strong in the AFC was there ever a part in this season where we said oh my goodness gracious the Chiefs actually missed Tyree Kill no not a single second and they just won the world championship and finally here's the number one thing I learned this year in football Jalen Hurts is a franchise quarterback and not only is Jalen Hurts the franchise quarterback he's the leader in the clubhouse as the next face of the NFC because you go through the NFC quarterbacks I'm talking about strictly at the quarterback position here your quarterbacks right now Dak Prescott good quarterback not great Daniel Jones had a good season not the face of the NFC Sam Howell he's going to be a starting quarterback next year for the commanders yikes 49ers we don't know if it's going to be Trail answer Brock Purdy Geno Smith solid season Stafford good player Kyler Murray we don't even know when he's going to return next year but not the face of the NFC Kirk Cousins doesn't show up in the big spot Jared Goff had a good season Rogers probably going to get traded Fields good quarterback needs more talent around him Brady retired and there's all the quarterbacks of the NFC south Jalen Hurts this year they believed in him they didn't make the move for Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson they flirted they go out they already drafted Devante Smith the year ago they add AJ Brown and the investment they put in Jalen Hurts he soared he succeeded this year and not only to a level where you're like he's good no Jalen Hurts went from he could be the guy to he definitely is the guy and he's great and I heard Travis Kelce even say this on his podcast new heights will play for you later in the show that even though they lost Travis Kelce would have been more than fine if they gave the MVP to Jalen Hurts because he was the best player in the field on Sunday what Jalen Hurts did this year from a leadership standpoint and his play on the field that's the number one thing I learned the most this year in the NFL is that he's a franchise quarterback and not only that he is the future face of the NFC out of the current group of quarterbacks right now he has the baton and we'll see how far he could run with it Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio we will take a timeout and we will come on back and we will chat it up with a good friend of ours Roman Harper former NFL safety will join us to discuss some things as we get set for the NFL Draft the next NFL season.
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