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February 3, 2023 8:04 pm

Joe DeCamara, 94WIP Host

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February 3, 2023 8:04 pm

Joe DeCamara joined Zach to discuss where the Eagles have the biggest advantage over the Chiefs and why he believes Jalen Hurts already is the best quarterback to ever play his specific style of football. 


The biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, is on Odyssey.

And Westwood One brings it to you, streaming live for free, Sunday, February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown, Travis Kelce! It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, are going to the Super Bowl again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl, your Odyssey. Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. The biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, is on Odyssey.

And Westwood One brings it to you, streaming live for free, Sunday, February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown, Travis Kelce! It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, are going to the Super Bowl again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl, your Odyssey.

Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. Let's go to Philadelphia and now joining us, he's going to be the new morning host on Sports Radio 94 WIP and that's our pal Joe DeCameras. We'll talk a little Eagles and Chiefs coming up for Super Bowl 57. First off, Joe, I know I've talked to you behind the scenes but I want to say it on the air, congratulations on the new gig and now thanks for coming on. Thank you, Zach.

I appreciate it, appreciate the kind of words. Looking forward to the Super Bowl and there's a lot going on here for sure. If I would have told you before the start of the season that the Eagles would have been in the Super Bowl, what would you have told me?

Well, I would have told you that it's unlikely. I would not have told you that it's a complete impossibility because it was obvious before the season that the Eagles had made a number of additions that were likely to pretty dramatically improve the club. AJ Brown being a really big one. Hassan Radek has worked out better than expected so you know certainly there's been more done here than I would have thought but we knew they were pretty good. I mean they got James Bradbury so you knew you had two good cornerbacks. The big mystery of course was Jalen Hurston whether he could take a leap forward.

He took about six leaps forward and he has made an incredible difference. And you looked at the NFC before the start of the year. Like we were talking about the Rams, the Bucks, the Packers and then who would be that fourth team and could that fourth team challenge the other three and all those three teams that I just mentioned Joe really opened it up because all three were duds.

Well they were and it really is one of the weaker conferences candidly I think we've ever seen. I mean that did help the Eagles. I don't know in the end that it really matters because even if there were three or four great teams the Eagles very well still could have found their way to the Super Bowl but I think the Eagles are a great football team. In fact I'll tell you this I think they're the best team in the NFL since the 2013 Seahawks. I really believe that if you go through the last decade I feel very confident the Eagles are the best team since 2013 Seahawks and maybe better than that squad but it was made easier the path was certainly made easier by a really easy conference and by the way exhibited by I mean the Giants to the end were frauds not that they weren't okay but they weren't great. Minnesota clearly wasn't great and so it really came down to the Eagles in San Fran which I think the Eagles were gonna win anyway but once San Fran had their quarterback situation in the conference title game I mean that was pretty much a wrap. The Eagles really cruised their way to the Super Bowl. Joe De Camera here with us so I had Brandon Graham on back in September and he said this team was better than the team that won Super Bowl 52. I saw Fletcher Cox today said that the 2017 team would have defeat this team. What makes you think just wondering that this team is better than the team that won the Super Bowl a few years ago?

You know I think they just have more more good players more great players. I mean ultimately in the end Jalen is more of a sure bet than Nick Foles was. Now look Foles on the biggest stage the Super Bowl and the next biggest stage the NSX Championship game played two of the greatest games of his life and you really can't play better than he did in those two games. Prior to that he was shaky for a couple games. Jalen had one game this year that that I would call down.

One. I mean and that's not really counting the last game of the season when they were kind of playing hide-and-seek with them because they knew they were going to win the game against John's backups then I wanted him to go full-four. So you know this team look both teams incredibly strong offensive and defensive line.

I think the the 17 team had a slightly better running game with a little bit more of a diversified backfield but and this team I mean this team is better wide receiver they're better at cornerback they're not as good at safety they're better at linebacker both teams really good but I think this one's better. Talking to Joe DiCamera when you go into this game coming up next week the Andy Reid feel in Philadelphia I know he hasn't coached share since 2012 but you know the importance that he had in Philadelphia sports just what's kind of been the conversation from this past week as you start to think about the game and obviously the storyline that no one can get past is the Andy Reid one. Yeah I mean it's complicated and it's something that I would tell you Zach I think people are very entrenched in what they feel and what I mean by that is you really have three categories. You have love Andy Reid you have like Andy Reid and you have can't stand Andy Reid. Can't stand Andy Reid is probably about 15% based on conversations from past years maybe 20%. He certainly had his faults as a coach that that tripped Eagles up in some big spots but there is for the most part tremendous appreciation for what Andy Reid brought to Philly and there are a number of Eagles fans that do love them and it's created an odd dynamic entering this game because while you do get some people to say man I can't wait to beat Andy Reid I think there's a lot of people that feel I don't want to feel uncomfortable about the Eagles playing Andy Reid I'll just say this they do there's a lot of people that I don't believe will derive joy out of seeing Andy Reid lose and that's obviously the objective for Eagles fans is to see the Eagles win and Andy Reid lose but there's a lot of people that won't get pleasure out of that the way people enjoy seeing Phil Belichick lose in 2017. Here's the thing with Andy I also think you'll get some people that will say oh well he never won the Super Bowl in Philadelphia but then I think a lot of those people get quiet if that's their take because the Eagles eventually won one like if the Eagles did not win Super Bowl 52 I think there would be a little bit more animosity Joe De Camera leading up to this one because if they would lose to him it was like well he never brought a championship here and then he robbed us of winning a first title. Well I agree with that and I also think by the way Andy Reid having won one in Kansas City also mutes the conversation to a large extent when people say you know he's just not that good a coach anybody that says that is an idiot and there are people that still say that so there are idiots in the world I mean the guys get the fifth most wins in the history of the National Football League he's gonna finish third or fourth all-time you know he's been to a bazillion conference title games in both conferences I think it's like eight or something so he's an amazing football coach and he's also a good guy I mean most people around here know he's a good guy so yes I agree with your assessment though the Eagles winning certainly took some of the edge off of it in that regard. And I also will say this too Joe De Camera Howie Roseman how many times has that guy pretty much been fired by the fan base and whenever people start to doubt him and they had many reasons to doubt him he finds a way to prevail?

Well he does but let me circle back to Andy for one more thing and then I'll address how he works specifically. You know there's an interesting time between Howie and Andy that most people around here know which is that Howie came up through Andy through Joe Banner who used to be the team president at a time when the Eagles said they have a lot of success even though it wasn't a championship success and in many ways Andy built the blueprint for the modern day Eagles which is heavy investment in the offensive and defensive line through the draft and through at times free agency and that's how the Eagles won in 2017 that's how they won that's how they're going to win next week and so there's an appreciation there. Look Howie is a remarkable GM I think he has a chance to find his way in the future to the steps of Canton, Ohio I really believe that now obviously he's got to win another title for that to happen maybe he's got to win two more titles for that to happen but I think the Eagles have been incredibly fortunate to have him he's a great GM you're gonna have your dips and 2020 was a was a big dip I mean the Eagles stunk and Howie was very culpable not the most culpable Carson was the most culpable by far but Howie had a bad couple years there and it led to a really bad 2020 but the reality is Howie Roseman is an exceptional general manager. I never thought about it until you just said it because we usually just think of coaches and and players right for the Hall of Fame but if Howie Roseman wins this Super Bowl you could make a case that maybe he's already Hall of Famer but he's a lock to get in the Hall of Fame if you bring two Super Bowl championships to Philly? Look I don't think lock I don't because I'd have to look at the history to see how many I you know I don't know if the Broncos DM from the late 90s got it I don't even remember who it was obviously Shanahan was the coach so I don't know about that what makes this one pretty unique though Zach really unique if the Eagles win this will be the closest for an organization to have two titles with a different coach and a different quarterback now since the Raiders of 77 became the Raiders of 80 with a different coach and a different quarterback this this is rare and this will be the only time in the history of the salary cap era that that will have happened. You look at Sirianni I remember last year Joe DiCamera when he had that flower analogy I go ah he's toast he just doesn't get Philadelphia and now a year later I know they they improved down the stretch I don't think you have a coach that understands Philadelphia better than him he practically seems like he's from Philly what really changed with Sirianni I know it helps when you get better players but I totally disagree with what Julian Love said the other day this guy has turned into a really damn good coach. Well no question look Love's comment was preposterous I mean obviously he's you know Sirianni's propped up like by good talent but he is I believe a legitimately good coach I don't think you could have done a better job than he's done this year I mean I don't what when he wasn't a finalist for coach of the year which is just absurd you know my rhetorical question I ask people is what did he have to do better I mean if he went 14 and 3 you know he lost two games when a starting quarterback got injured and I guess you can say well Shanahan won without his starting quarterback but what people nationally I guess somehow missed the Eagles didn't have to win those games I mean they were specifically not going all out because they knew they had three games to win one game I mean they needed to win one game for home field advantage I know a lot of people don't like to hear that but it's just true so you know and I'm not saying they didn't try it with their effort but even when they you know brought Jalen back they were still careful to make sure he stayed less injured I mean they were they were careful because they knew they were gonna be playing in this thing called the Super Bowl February the Sirianni played it right the whole time they could have gone 16 and 1 and I guess you then would have been the coach of the year but Sirianni I think is a great coach I think he's got a really good staff you know what he definitely gets the players to play very hard and and one thing I think he's really good at also is scheme I mean the bottom line is let's be real coaching comes down to leading men it comes down to putting your players in the best position to succeed on both side of the ball a good scheme comes down to hiring the right coaches you know and then there's a little little bit in there that you know you hope that he messages thanks to the public well which he has improved that so I think he's a terrific coach here's also the other thing Joe to camera and you hear the way the players talk about him like in my conversations I've had with the son Riddick he raves about Sirianni but more so I know that what you could say about missing the two games without Jalen hurts they lost them both and all that who thought Jalen hurts is gonna be an MVP type of quarterback before the start of the season like you'd if you're optimistic about Jalen hurts don't thought it could be an MVP type of quarterback before the year like Sirianni has to get some credit for that well I totally agree I mean look the reality is the player gets the most credit if he's the player but the coaching staff has to get credit I mean you just do not get a leap of this magnitude without good coaching and that's a combination of Sirianni and obviously you know striking the offense coordinator and Brian Johnson the quarterbacks coach they all have a hand in it and and you know the other thing Zach is Sirianni leaned in and I'm not saying this is the most difficult decision but not every coach would have done this he leaned in to the full Jalen hurts experience he was not afraid to have his quarterback absorb a lot of hits and use his legs and threat here's the ultimate key to the Eagles offense it's not the Jalen hurts runs it's the Jalen hurts threatens to run and because he threatens to run just watch this in the Super Bowl because he is a threat for Ron because of how good he is when he runs it opens up every aspect of the Eagles offense including the running game when Jalen hurts that hands the ball to Miles Sanders because you have these guys on the outside edge outside linebackers and defensive ends they don't know am I supposed to crash down the mile Sanders and I supposed to wait am I going for Jalen hurts is he going to be a quarterback of the passer is he going to come around the edge as a runner these guys are frozen and that is that and the offensive lines greatness is that the the preeminent element of this offense that helps it go what's the latest with the shoulder just wondering with Jalen hurts I know it's been over a month ago but it's still a conversation look we saw it he was mostly out of this the danger zone because he threw well even when the shoulder wasn't great and being over a month removed it seemed like he'd be able to take hits which he did last week what was a little strange last game is he he was more inaccurate than he'd probably been at any point this season so the question is is that a byproduct of the shoulder or was it just you know four or five passes that for whatever reason just kind of got away from him impossible for me to know the answer I will just tell you this I don't think the Eagles should worry too much about the shoulder I don't think Eagles fans should I it's been a while I think you'll get the full Jalen hurts go all right when you get to this game I know we still have a more than a week until we get to see this game played I'm leaning Eagles right now I think they're the better team clearly my homes is always a threat I will see how much healthier is off the ankle we saw what he did on practically one ankle against the bangles but what type of game do you kind of see playing out next on the I see a game when the Eagles roster beats the the roster of the Chiefs and what I mean by that is look I think the two quarterbacks are close I think my home is better I think my home's the best player of football but I think when you take the other 52 players on both teams you have a dramatic advantage to the Eagles I'm telling you Zach I think the Eagles gonna win by 10 to 14 points I think I'm gonna win pretty pretty comfortably here's the analogy I'll give you when the when the Eagles of Patriots played in 2017 which was February 2018 for the Super Bowl I remember before the game ESPN did a a big study of the hundred and six players eligible to play in the game they literally ranked them from one to 106 they had Brady ranked one they had Rob Gronkowski ranked two and then they had a ton of Eagles I believe it was 14 out of the top 20 players were Eagles I believe this game is really similar in that regard my homes is amazing and deserves to be ranked one Kelsey's a great player for the Chiefs but the Eagles gonna have a ton of the top 20 25 players in this game the Eagles roster is gonna win the game and and I'll and I'll add this because someone asked me earlier in the week what is the biggest advantage the Eagles have the biggest advantage Eagles have is Patrick Mahomes his contract see that's that's the difference the quarterbacks are similar no more homes is better but they're you know hurts is great one guy makes it up 50 million one guy makes a million that's how you have James Bradbury that's how you have AJ Brown that's how you have Hassan Raddick the Eagles team is better than the Chiefs team because the Eagles star quarterback makes about 1 50th of what the chief star quarterback makes what do you say that that's that's why the Eagles win the football what do you say to people that still doubt how good hurts is that are maybe saying this is just a one-year run the only thing they have a chance to be right about is the jail and hurts has a style that leads to injury that leads to diminished play and that is possible in the years to come but other than that people here's what people are missing Zach I'm telling you I'm telling you I know what they're missing there are people that think what Jalen Hurst and the Eagles do is a gimmick it's college football style it's not a pro style offense what people don't realize is it's not a gimmick it's where the NFL is at for many teams right now it's where the NFL will be for the vast majority of the teams very soon and it's not going anywhere and Jalen hurts is in many ways you know the quarterback of the future if you will and I'll frame it this way Zach and I feel really confident in the statement I'm about to make nobody has ever played the style of football that Jalen hurts plays a quarterback better than Jalen hurts in the history of football and what I mean by that is I'm talking about a quarterback read option zone read right at the side whatever you want to call it RPOs all that stuff when it's that with the threat of the run by the quarterback a handoff to the running back or to keep the ball to drop back and pass see Lamar Jackson's a bad passer and there are plenty of quarterbacks that are bad runners Jalen hurts is the perfect combination of both now can he improve certainly do I think Steve Young could have done this 25 years ago if Steve Young was trained in this absolutely but what people don't recognize about hurts that we in Philly now he's been training at this for about 10 or 12 years this isn't like Jalen hurts just stumbled upon how to do this Jalen hurts did this in college Jalen hurts through this in high school so when people say well Peyton Manning's great at reading defenses and he was he was exceptional at pre snap and post snap but people don't realize when they think hurts is gimmicky hurts has been trained to read the outside edge rusher for the last 10 years he knows what that guy's gonna do and where he's gonna go he makes the decision after the snap whether it's gonna be a run or a pass based on where that guy's standing and he's become a much better thrower nobody has ever done what hurts does better than hurts Joe we appreciate the time enjoy next week thanks so much have a great night back the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today
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