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Eagles Flying High (Hour 2)

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January 30, 2023 8:06 pm

Eagles Flying High (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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January 30, 2023 8:06 pm

News Brief l Lane Johnson shows his toughness on Sunday l Mike Pereira, former NFL VP of Officiating  

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, Your Weirdest Fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch.

He is bad vibes. We talk to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man. I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split.

I have one tattoo that covers my entire body. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, Your Weirdest Fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch. He is bad vibes. We talk to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man.

I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split. I have one tattoo that covers my entire body. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. Let the real money.

Let the real money. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports, and reconnaissance from the day in sports. A lot of talking coming from the Bengals before that AFC title game. After the game did conclude and the Chiefs are going to yet another Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes says the Cincinnati trash talk helped motivate the Chiefs this week. Yeah, I think guys were probably the most pumped up I've seen them going into a football game. A lot of trash talk coming from a lot of different places.

I think you got Burrowhead. There was a lot of stuff. I mean, the mayor came at me, man. I mean, I understand he's the mayor of Cincinnati, so he has to think about something, but I mean, it's something that you just got to play the football game and then let your play do the talking. And the mayor of Cincinnati, if I remember that correctly last week, Hickey, it was the paternity test line that Joe Burrow has to take a paternity test because he's Patrick Mahomes' father.

It came back that he is Patrick Mahomes' father. Tough. Like, don't get me wrong, do I think that really impacts the game? No, but if you're the mayor of Cincinnati, you should shut up when you say something like that. You shouldn't say something like that.

Your thoughts on that, going back to last week. Yeah, any time politicians want to get involved in sports, it's a no-go because it's, you know they don't watch, which is fine. Do your job, but don't pretend like you're a big Bengals fan.

Don't put the hex out. It's one thing for Joe Burrow, Eli Apple to talk smack and make all these proclamations, but for a mayor, like, you're not playing in the game. So it's like, the guys on the field want to do it because they're the ones that have to kind of live up to it.

Okay, fine, no problem. For you to get involved and, again, go over the top and try to feel like you have to now make yourself part of the story, which is what politicians do in every single event possible. If I was a Bengals player, even before the game on Sunday, I would've been pissed with him just getting involved for no reason. Wow, I don't think the players for the Bengals could get annoyed at the mayor because they did more smack talk.

But they're the ones that are playing the game. Sure, I get that, but the real motivation I don't really think came from the mayor. I just think that's Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes having fun with it after the line because of how absurd it got, but the trash talk started with Mike Hilton saying, Burrowhead.

That's where it all started. When you're calling Arrowhead, Burrowhead, that's the real motivation. It's not because some dopey mayor said that Burrow took a paternity test and it came back positive that he was Mahomes' father.

The real smack talk that gets you annoyed and riled up is when it comes from your companions on the other team and it comes from your adversaries on the other team. I will say though, I remember it's the late mayor of Boston, Tom Menino. Did you ever see some of his old clips when he used to talk about the Boston sports teams? No, he would he would never get the players names right. Like I think he used to call Gronk like Honk or something and he would never get Vince Wolfork's name correct either. And it was always funny because he would make these bets and he's like yeah I think we have a good team with like Honk at tight end. You know what I was actually gonna get on it but I respect if you don't pretend like you know just say the wrong name then you're fine.

Then at least you're authentic. Travis Kelce delivers a special message to the mayor of Cincinnati. This means CBS after the game. I got some wise words for that Cincinnati mayor.

Know your role and shut your mouth you jabroni. He'll be a WWE superstar after his playing days if he if he wants to go down that road there Hickey. Yeah absolutely him and Gronk were the two tight ends that fit the WWE personality the best? Actually you would you're probably right on Gronk. Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce I don't know who'd be the better WWE superstar they could be tag team champions potentially.

Maybe you know what if go out after this year both go out on top well I guess one can go on top but retire and go to a new venture. All right let's go to Travis Kelce uses arrowhead is Mahomes house once again CBS. Is that Ric Flair is that Travis Kelce?

Two WWE stars in in two different bites impressive he knows his history. That was awesome. Did you see the video of Mahomes his dad?

Lighting up a cigar with with matches? Well that was the funniest thing so I know that burrows dad and Jamar Chase's dad they they brought cigars right they would smoke them all last year after their sons would win playoff games so I like that from Mahomes his father former pitcher where he brings a cigar it took him forever to light the thing and you pointed it out I didn't even realize it at first I go what the heck is up with this lighter you know maybe there's wind in their luxury box they have the windows open and all that but it took him forever to light it it was a great idea terrible execution by Pat Mahomes father God know where you are man know the elements it's gonna be windy you'll be outside get a torch get a torch lighter all right now that was it and he can afford it too that wasn't the most cringe-worthy part of that video though the screaming in the background and and I was gonna say until I saw the video of Mahomes his dad smoking a cigar I heard nothing from Jackson Mahomes yesterday I heard nothing from Brittany Mahomes yesterday I'm like oh you know maybe Patrick Mahomes actually got annoyed at his brother and his wife and was like hey you guys got to tone it down a little bit the screaming in the background of that video you don't even see them and Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes but you just hear the screaming and those voices may be the two most obnoxious voices I've ever heard or at least just the most obnoxious screamers I've ever heard. I don't know if it was Patrick, I don't know if it was the Chiefs they kind of put a kibosh or trying to put a lead on this year and you're right we have not heard much. Well last week she was screaming.

I'm very afraid for these next two weeks now the cat's out of the bag and they're back. I got one wish here we go. Philadelphia! Nick Sirianni!

Stoner Sirianni! You could eat whatever Domino's Pizza Hut, Little Caesars you want just please come up with a game plan for the EA GLES Eagles to win the Super Bowl so we don't have to hear the screaming and elation and the celebration from Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes please I can't take it if I have to see that all over tik-tok. Are you sitting below the luxury boxes because if I was you I'd bring a poncho for the game because you could be sprayed with champagne if that goes the Chiefs way now I'm going to the game of it I'm in the well there's no cheap seat at the Super Bowl but I'm in the cheap seats I'm all the way up top.

Smart be above you can't get hit by any any champagne you can't you hopefully will won't be within earshot of them either. That would be like going to hell if I showed up to that game and Brittany Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes are right in front of me and I love Patrick Mahomes he's great but his wife and brother rough and when the father's lighting the cigar which was awesome yesterday and you don't even have to see them you just hear oh my god my goodness gracious just please I lose lose Eagles go Eagles fly Eagles fly because I cannot take a happy Jackson and Brittany Mahomes coming up on into Sunday sickie. You know me not the biggest Philadelphia fan if if if this is gonna be a bad offseason I'm with you I'll do it the Empire State Building did I'll put some green on I'll say it let's go Eagles because I cannot live with another three months of them just being obnoxious. Chris Jones with the message to the rest of the NFL the NFL Network and I'm looking at camera when I said this disrespect arrowhead I don't care how many times you gonna beat us that's one of those moments where like you have Jordan remember the documentary where he's looking at at the the iPad he's like yeah I took that personally and Chris Jones he took it personally last week when they were calling it burrowhead and my oh my was he a force to be reckoned with the most dominant player on the field between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow says the team will learn from this.

That's the great thing about the NFL it's not it's not college we only got four years we've got as many years as you want to hopefully so we'll come back have a great offseason and get better as a team get better individually and come back next year ready to go. You know what I would have done if I was Joe Burrow I would have said and I think we all learned a lesson I could do the smack talking but then when scrubs like Eli Apple start to do this the smack talk and that's when it gets totally out of proportion because Burrow's smack talk isn't obnoxious he just has like cool confidence and like it sometimes comes off a little cocky but I don't think he ever says anything that is disrespectful about a team leading up to a game but Eli Apple man with all the tweeting he was doing after the Bills game and then going into this one it was just too much for me it really was. That's the thing about Joe Burrow it's funny he never like he only makes subtle digs after they win like I'll get the refunds ready or like you saw your Tracey Wilson after the game last week about the Bills Chiefs AFC title game but it's never like yeah he's never doing it before the game it's he's not the one calling a burrow head he's not the one like Apple firing off tweets left and right. If I was Joe Burrow I would say if anyone's allowed to do any smack talk in this organization it's me no one else that's what I would have done because you are right he doesn't usually do the smack talking before the game it just happens after the game where he has these nice little subtle digs that we all enjoy. Joseph Asah who was the player that hit Mahomes when Mahomes going out of bound that moved the ball up 15 yards on what was going through his head when he did have that late hit on Mahomes.

I was just in full chase mode and I was trying to push him to maybe get him going backwards because I knew he was going for that sideline I was trying to make him go backwards get that clock running but I didn't know I haven't seen it yet I didn't know how far out of bounds we were. And then you had Jermaine Pratt of the Bengals voices the displeasure with Joseph Asah heading into locker room. Yeah that's a bad look like I'll give Jermaine a pass because it's in the frustration of the loss but that's that's tough hickey when that's your teammate and there's one thing to think it there's another thing to say it right in front of the reporters when you're when you're walking to the locker room.

It took me like five times watching it to realize what he was saying people like oh this is a big deal like what is he I couldn't understand and then it's like oh yeah why would you touch oh yeah not good not good. Now Jermaine Pratt did say he regret blaming Joseph Asah for the loss this was from today. I was emotional I was in the moment I was wrong I would say I was wrong as a man you can look at yourself in the mirror and say I was wrong I wasn't a great teammate at that moment. All right let's go to Jalen Hurts he's proud of the way that this team has stuck together all season long as the Eagles are off to the Super Bowl. How good this team has been to playing together being together challenging one another when we when we experienced some painful times and some some tough time we always found a way to overcome so you know you you want to be going into it in a situation like this and you know got a chance to go out there and win it all so we want to prepare to go do that.

You know when people say that they got Popovich or they got Saban have you ever heard that expression before Hickey? When you ask a good question and get nothing back? I got hurt yesterday in the press conference. Yeah what was the question what was the answer? First question I had the first question when Hurts gets to the podium.

A lot of pressure. I go Jalen when you hear Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl how do you process it? And he looked at me he goes that we're going to the Super Bowl that we're going to the Super Bowl and that was it. It felt like I was talking to Belichick or Saban or Greg Popovich and then the next part is I go how does it feel and he gave like a 30-second response like what? So maybe I go Dr. Phil next time. Jalen how does it feel emotionally?

Well like pretty much when you say how do you process that's basically your how does it feel question but I just hate saying how do you how does it feel? I saw someone ask Kittel after the game how does it feel? Losing the NFC title game with a four-string quarterback and he was like yeah pretty bleepy. Do we have that?

Oh play that then I didn't know we had that. How's that feel losing the NFC champion game cuz I don't have a quarterback? Pretty bleepy to be honest.

Yeah that's about it. That's rough cuz the reporter or the TV person they were clearly looking for sound on losing the four-string quarterback but what do you expect the player to say in that spot there Hickey? That's also a very fair question like I couldn't imagine like you get that far you're 16 minutes in the Super Bowl and now you look it up and it's the fourth-brand quarterbacks heard in the third-string quarterbacks coming back and we can't throw the ball? I guess I guess what you could say is does it like soften the blow of losing because your quarterback literally could not throw the football.

It makes it worse no? If that was your team and that was a Patriots and that's how their season ended with a third-string quarterback getting hurt a fourth-string quarterback getting hurt and the third-string coming back and he can't throw the ball and it's just like one of those like it's over like I feel I think I would be more frustrated. So if the game was close yes but since the game was a blowout pretty much the entire second half yet you started the grieving process. Right but it happened on the sixth play of the game so it's not like you could say like oh I got they weren't winning either way but we'll disagree on that I know you thought the nineties are gonna win but I didn't think they were gonna win either way because of the clear advances the Eagles had at the quarterback position.

They got in the third quarter and it's 28-7 okay the game likes it it's over just to have that almost sucked away like basically when they from the jump that's gotta be very just so crushing well you couldn't even really you couldn't even play the game really of could we have won. And also in the moment I was surprised when Purdie didn't come back out because you saw Hassan Reddick come off the edge and force the fumble but then it was like oh he no one knew he got hurt right away no one did. I think you were there so you could tell me I think on the TV they made it seem like he was jogging out to the huddle when the 49ers got the ball back and then did he leave the huddle to go back and that's when Josh Johnson came back in do I have that correct? That I don't know all I know is the first King Cade said to me goes I think his wife was watching the game it was his daughter I forget who said it was either his wife or daughter said to him like did Purdie get hurt and we were all like what so like just watching it it was not clear to us. It looked bad but he did like he got up it's like he just like was down was rolling around grabbing the elbow we just kind of like shook it off and then at the time they ruled it incomplete so he's like still maybe that's one thing of it still in the huddle waiting for a possible next play and then obviously with the fumble they come then Josh Johnson returns.

He was on the sideline the entire time but like you saw him throwing a little bit but there was one report from one of the national reporters I forget who that he went into the locker room I never saw him go to locker room like the entire time Bob Rookover who covered Philadelphia sports for a long time now covers the Giants for NJ media he had like his binoculars and he saw Purdie the entire time on the sidelines I don't think he ever went to the locker room into halftime. Anyway that's your news brief it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today. The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today I'm Larry Mullins host of the podcast your weirdest fears the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop I am so scared of the Grinch he is bad vibes we talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split I have one tattoo that covers my entire body listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from you're listening to the Zach Gelb show it is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio this NFL postseason every west of one NFL broadcast streams live for free all on the road to Super Bowl 57 catch all the action on the Odyssey app of muscle and sports comm via west of one station streams are by asking Alexa to open west of one sports it's all sponsored by AutoZone free battery testing free battery charging replacement batteries that fit your needs that is what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination get in the zone AutoZone so real quickly here when you give your first thought on Super Bowl 57 hickey I think right now I am leaning on the Philadelphia Eagles to win this game I look at the matchups I love the Eagles offensive line and I know that the Chiefs have a good pass rush but not as good as the Philadelphia Eagles yes the time does help my homes because it gives them an extra week to heal but I think the Eagles are gonna get pressure on my homes in this game I could I could see this being a close game like I don't think it's gonna be a blowout like what we saw yesterday in the NFC title game and Mahal and the Eagles offense has to play a cleaner game than what they did yesterday up against the 49ers but I think a lot of people when they look at Philadelphia and I think sometimes it's better to lose a game or two late in the season now you didn't want to see it happen the circumstances that unfolded in Philadelphia with your quarterback getting hurt I do think a lot of people though when Hertz got hurt and missed those two games and then he came back and he didn't look great they let that overtake their analysis on what the Eagles have been all throughout the year and I and I do think we live in a society that were very stubborn and since a lot of people before the start of the year said okay Eagles could win the NFC East but probably nothing much more than that you know maybe a playoff game I do believe that it took a lot of people to come late to the party to realize how great this Eagles roster is and I'll give credit to Brandon Graham who's gonna join us tomorrow and it's slated to join us tomorrow back in September late September he came on this show remember Brandon Graham biggest play in that Super Bowl up against the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 he forced the fumble the strip sack on Brady he said that team that won a championship and was loaded a loaded roster remember all the injuries that occurred you lost Jason Peters you lost Jordan Hicks you lost Carson Wentz so you lost your quarterback you left tackle you lost your star linebacker and you lost one of your best special teams players in Chris Maragos and they still won a Super Bowl overcoming all those injuries so that was a deep roster Brandon Graham back in September said this Eagles team this year's team is more talented and better than the one that won in 2017 and that was evident to Brandon Graham in September and hickey that always did stick with me in the early going to the season because you usually don't hear play especially like a well-respected veteran like Brandon Graham was leader of the team say that this team is better and more talented than a team that won a Super Bowl when he said it early on the season it was after the the commanders game so is that like week four or week five no no no later than that that that always did strike me because you very rarely hear a player say that this team's better than a team that won a Super Bowl that early in the season cuz right doesn't the leader try to knock every like not to try to tame expectations a little bit and not let people start thinking Super Bowl the first four or five weeks of a season credit to him he saw it early on and these three the most interest or most impressive part for this Eagles kind of run here recently as you mentioned the last kind of like the last month like the Bears game when Janet hurts got hurt they didn't really play that great it's kind of a clunky game that obviously misses the next two games and we know that week 18 game is a real struggle against the Giants backups and at least for me and like we you don't really see the NFL too much that teams able to flip a switch when you're kind of scuffling down the stretch and we've seen even go back to last year so the Cardinals I think after the hot start and they just really flamed down in the end and it carried over to one of the worst playoff games you've ever seen in the playoffs against the Rams wild card weekend you rarely see teams that are kind of entering the playoffs on a bad note just say okay guys like even with a buy we're gonna just gonna you know now go from playing some of our worst football the year to now playing our best and they have done it they have done in these you can all get these last two games against the Giants two weeks ago and yesterday against the Niners like these are the two best games they played and maybe you know two of the more complete games they played and they're doing so in the playoffs after playing for about a month or they were winning some games it was still kind of not really kind of feeling good about them going to the playoffs but also I think it just shows you how tough it is to dominate all throughout a season like there's always gonna be a moment where it looks like you're faltering when that comes when your quarterback is out I was never overly concerned about the Eagles and there was a reason I didn't pick them to lose up against John so it'd be a closer game but I didn't think they were ever gonna lose the game because that roster you got to give credit to Howie Roseman it's just loaded and if that's the biggest gripe you could add the last two three weeks of the season wasn't that clean yeah they were faltering from only having what one or two losses on the season they they never lost the number one overall seed like if they would have down the stretch lost that number one overall seed then I would have been concerned but since they still had the number one overall seed it was like okay you survived a rough patch without Jalen Hurts where we look at it in the moment and say it's rough but in a large scheme of things it's not as rough as compared to everyone else your competition and things they had to go through throughout the season right of course but it's like when you look at even a game on Christmas Eve when they don't have Jalen Hurts and you know they they allow 40 points the Cowboys like oh boy like that defense huh now I'm feeling good the next week I get it's starting to mince you but was it 20 to 10 I think it wasn't just very ugly yeah the Saints it just wasn't really you know it was very clunky unstable I said they have just to their credit defense is strapped up offenses still you know still trying to get there especially yesterday wasn't really a clean game for them but they're doing right now enough to to win the game without a doubt they're just playing again some some of their best football of the season and the biggest credit has to go to Howie Roseman because I've never seen a guy get fired by the fan base fired by people in the media like me right talk to a host like me and you had a right to say that but this is a guy that started in the Eagles organization 20-something years ago and worked his way up then Chip Kelly gets there and towards the end of Chip Kelly's tenure Chip moved his office and basically gave him zero say and zero role Howie will even tell you he never thought he was gonna get back into a legit position of power in the Eagles organization when Jeffrey Lurie realizes Chip Kelly was an absolute fraud in the NFL he gives a team back to Howie Roseman Howie then builds a Super Bowl roster but after building the Super Bowl roster you had to say goodbye to Doug Peterson I thought they should have got rid of Howie Roseman at the time because the drafting was horrible like that last year when the same last year when Doug made the playoffs wasn't like that a great roster I thought it was a good coaching job by Doug Peterson down the stretch and you look at it Howie drafting Jalen Hertz at the time as an insurance policy in case of once got injured again ended up being a complete home run yes he missed on DK Metcalf he missed on Justin Jefferson and drafted Jalen Rager and JJ Arthaga Whiteside but he ended up getting Devante Smith and then he pulled off the trade this year for AJ Brown and you would agree in the offseason the way we talked about the Eagles was that AJ Brown was their biggest offseason acquisition it was really Hassan Riddick comes in on a three-year deal now it's 19 and a half sacks and you talk about getting James Bradbury you talk about getting CJ Gardner Johnson he had a perfect offseason Howie Roseman I can't think of a move that Howie made this offseason that I go wow that was a bad job by Howie Roseman so he basically got fired by chip then got brought back into power wins a Super Bowl everyone wanted him gone I remember saying you know does he have naked pictures of Jeffrey Lurie but when his back gets you know up against a wall and he gets pinned into a corner even when it looks like he's about to just get destroyed and and knocked out he finds a way to to rise up he may be the most resilient man in the NFL which is funny when you see like you look at Howie Roseman he's not intimidating when you see him he doesn't have this big presence but my oh my whenever that guy gets counted out he he rises to the occasion time in and time again even during the season when they're interior line got beat up gets Linville Joseph gets in Domic and Sue right away they both been solid contributors as well for about half the season yeah like I said it's been almost for the most part spotless so far this offseason and the guys he's acquired and brought in kind of all panning out as as arguably as best they possibly could and is there a tougher son of a bitch then then Lane Johnson that guy Glaser said before the game yesterday he retore his groin up against the Giants and what did Nick but they put Nick Bosa on him yesterday did you I didn't hear anything from Nick Bosa I heard more from Joey Bosa before the game yelling at the Eagles fans and the Eagles fans and him are going back and forth they there was some video I just saw recently where I saw the one before the game outside the stadium but in the present not the press blocks of sweep that Joey Bosa was in Joey was still chirping at those fans and some of the Eagles fans I guess were showing him photos of Trevor Lawrence did you see that Nicky no they were showing him photos of Trevor Lawrence at the game like making fun of him when he threw the helmet down and all that and Bosa just wouldn't shut his mouth so you heard more from Joey Bosa wasn't playing the game yesterday then Nick Bosa who's a phenomenal football player but Nick did not in the contest yesterday absolutely nothing and you got to give credit to Lane Johnson now people said that they they saw this while watching the game in the stadium you could see it a little bit it looked like Lane Johnson I guess was was jumping offsides almost every play did you notice that during the game yeah there's a lot of replays on Twitter him like getting a half-second head start now he's not the only one no I feel like almost every tackle mica parson says every lineman does that with their their their back leg kick I feel like at this point it's it's happened like a lot recently it's almost like you're numb to it like it's just like oh yeah like he's like yeah it does happen a lot but yes there was plenty of it as him getting at least a half-second head start until the the Z of the zebras get told by the NFL to make it a point of emphasis they're not allowed to happen I think they're gonna let that get away I think was Becca Parsons said that's just what it is they want offense they they allow those things to get away where if it was him they would definitely call it and they also have you know left tackles back in you know basically getting in their stance in the running back position I'm shocked they flag tread Williams for illegal formation he was like through you see the the tackle sometimes again I don't can't say they're wrong because if guys like Nick Bosa coming at you with all the speed and strength but you are usually backing yourself up off the line of scrimmage to give yourself a chance Trent Williams at least three yards off the ball every play so I went down into the tunnel with like five minutes to go and I was watching the last five minutes on an iPad adjacent to the Eagles locker room and we saw Trent Williams get ejected but then I turn around Trent Williams is like 20 feet behind me now obviously he is a large man but in person with the pads and everything I wouldn't want to have to be the person that had to try to calm him down after getting ejected he does seem and I love triple is but he seems like a sore loser it's not the first time that he has been a little bit violent when his team isn't it isn't winning not the first time not condoning it but I would say far far far away from him if you're on the winning team right now and things are going your way cuz that's a that's a fight that no one will ever win I'm pretty sure they lost that game remember when he slapped Richard Sherman yeah that was the come the commanders taking on the Seahawks in 20 2012 I think it was Robert I'm Larry Mullins hosts of the podcast your weirdest fears the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop I am so scared of the Grinch he is bad vibes we talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split I have one tattoo that covers my entire body listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from the listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today the listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today you're listening to the Zach guild show all right he's that guild show CBS Sports Radio the officiating is a story from yesterday's AFC title game and just have one question also about the NFC title game when it comes to New York in the way that things are called as well let's go out to the guest line you saw him yesterday as he does a great job analysts at Fox Sports he's the former vice president officiating for the NFL and that's Mike Pereira Mike appreciate the time how are you I am doing terrific I made the jump from Philadelphia to Sacramento today and still trying to digest what happened yesterday but quite the day yeah let me start you off at the AFC title game because that's just what's been talked about more the late hit at the end you hate to see a game in that way but I thought the officials got it right yourself I can't you just can't ignore that I mean you don't want officiating to be part of the story although it is part of the story in both games yesterday but you know in that type of play if you don't call that there's gonna be more of a brouhaha than it is if you do call it because he was you know clearly the Holmes is out of bounds and and it was a shove and and it's you know you often see players kind of do the old flop they learned that in soccer or watching soccer but that was not a fault that was a clear foul and it was a difference maker in the game obviously but one is an official you know you don't want to be the story that's just the way that normally it works especially in the playoffs when you see foul numbers that are down wasn't necessarily the case yesterday but you have to in that situation especially when it's player safety you've got to make sure that you make that call even though it has a huge impact in the outcome of the game now earlier in that play a lot of bangles fans are saying that their referees missed offensive holding especially on Trey Hendrickson when you watch it back did you notice any offensive holding that should have been called I mean you know you could almost and it's it's really almost true you could you can almost call holding on every play look there's a there's a dedicated section of the rule book that says when holding is not holding and and and so even though there's a grab if it's part of a double team block it's not a whole if he can't get to the runner or the ball there's not a significant enough restriction so then it is not a whole by rule if it's clearly on the backside of the run or the scramble it's not a whole it's just it's holding to me is not necessarily the hardest one to call but it's so gray and and the book the rule book sets it up as being so gray that you know it's just impossible to be consistent I always said you know people say well can you can you call holding on every play and I say no and they say yo yes you can I said no not not on a kneel down a victory formation you can't call holding on that but other than that you can usually find something with hands outside the frame but again if it falls into that category of when holding is not holding then you don't have a foul but you know it's one of the most called penalties in the game and it's just it's a tough one to factor in all those issues Mike Pereira here with us what about on the punt return at the end for Kansas City did you think there was a block in the back I wish that I had gotten a better look at that it almost looked to me I mean you saw the player almost a guilty signal threw his hands up but to me it almost looked like contact came from the front also so it almost looked like he got blocked into it but I never saw a clear shot on replay no replay you know there was no replay that I saw that that showed it of course I was in a bar in Philadelphia I guess it better be honest but so I didn't get the very best look at it but it was not it was not enough for me to say clearly that it was a block in the back Mike Pereira here with us so I was at the the link and I was watching the AFC title game in the in the press box and we didn't have the sound on but that third and nine where they got the extra down it was so confusing and then moments later you see like minutes later you eventually get a replay where the official from the back right was running in and waving his hands because I guess there was a clock malfunction but I've never seen something like that how about yourself when the Chiefs got that extra down no and you know and and it was needless in my mind I mean you know what created this was moving the ball you know moving the ball a half a yard it looked like to me now I don't know what caused the ball to move if it did get accidentally kicked or if in fact it was the replay official that said that the ball was spotted more wrong and you needed to move it a half a yard which is kind of what I suspected which is silly because it's third and nine anyways it wasn't it wasn't like it was you know a half a yard to the line to gain and so you come in and you move it so then you have to shut down the clock and then you know chop the ready for play again and then the clock operator starts the clock when he shouldn't have and then the official down field you do see him coming in and he is blowing the whistle but you know how it is in Kansas City obviously I mean it's it's just so it's just so loud and and it's just it's just it's just nuts was that the one in Kansas City you're talking about yes it is yeah it was it was just so loud that you know nobody heard it but it's self-imposed I mean that again you know I'm a little bit worried where officiating is now just to be perfectly honest with you because there's so much technology that's involved there's so much communication that's involved with the replay official with New York making adjustments on the field after plays whether it's a yard spot on the sideline or just a spot in the middle of the field and and I worry that they're just trying to do too much that then creates a situation that that happened there now it's not a mystery because they did show it with the all 29 takes that shows all the officials and the players that one shot that they have the camera I mean he was shutting it down but you know honestly it's just like it's just like par for the course of what we saw all day we saw another we got we saw chains that broke we saw a ball maybe or maybe not hit the guide wire on a punt I mean we just had so many bizarre things that happened during the course of the game replays were it didn't get stopped because there wasn't a clear view and Philadelphia ran the line so quickly knowing that it was in question that New York couldn't stop it to try an expedited review because they didn't get an angle in time and neither did San Francisco and yet it turns out it was clearly clearly incomplete and neither did I when I was watching it with the first couple shots I said nothing shows me that it's incomplete and then you got that high end zone shot from inside and you actually see that the ball did hit the ground and come loose but it was just you know I mean it just you know I said this and I'll say it before you asked I thought the calls the calls that were made were were normal I mean I don't there were no mysteries there was one or two that I might not have called but it just felt so sloppy I mean it just felt so sloppy and I think that's the same you know in the AFC game afterwards it just it just gave all the appearances of a mess and and I think really we got if I was still running the program I would be in there today not not necessarily thinking that we had screwed up a lot of calls but just wondering why it was so sloppy and if we've gotten so involved with making you know insignificant changes through the expedited review system or video assist or whatever but that's not the way you want football to look I mean it's just not the way you want it to look during the first week of the season during week 18 or during the championships or Super Bowl it's not fun football to watch and I just hope that you know that this past Sunday was just a you know just a kind of a freak thing that we won't see anything like that hopefully in our final game but it just wasn't fun period Mike Pereira you talked about the Devante Smith where he dropped the ball and I'll say on the first angle you could not see that he dropped the ball and then the other angle it was clear that he did so the expedited review is so ambiguous to me but what does New York need to see to just call in and say guys we got to take a look at this they have to see it immediately that it is clear and obvious that it's wrong I mean they have to see without any question they can't they can't stop it because they think it might be and that's the guidelines for that they have to clearly see it and look at they got a ton of angles I mean we all have a ton of angles with this Hawkeye system and and you know it's great but you don't even have to wait for television to show you the angles you can you know I don't know how many they had in New York for that game but they probably have 25 different camera shots coming into the McNally replay center but still you have to pick your shots and and when all of a sudden the team's running up the line of scrimmage and you don't see which turns out to be that one shot that you don't get to that shot in time then you're dead and I feel bad for Kyle Shanahan because he's on the opposite side of the field and you know it looked like catch in real time and then he's kind of caught a little bit too because when does New York expedite a review and when don't they so do you hold for a second thinking that you know that they're gonna they're gonna stop it for this expedited review and then they don't and then it's too late I'm kind of in one of those and I had this discussion this morning I'm kind of feeling like it's too tough for a coach and we either got to do it one way or the other either leave it to the challenge system or you know do like the college system and to be able to stop it when it's a fourth down change of possession play that that that is that significant then maybe we should just put that in the hands of a replay official but I don't think anybody wants to go through that you know that type of a play where incomplete pass it's a turnover on downs ends up that it was incomplete you call it a catch and then you go in and score seven points and lead seven nothing that did that affect the outcome of the game I doubt it with what happened with Purdy yeah shortly after that but still it's it just doesn't leave a good taste in anybody's mouth Mike we appreciate it thanks so much for some of the clarity you got it there you go Mike Pereira joining us does a good job NFL on Fox as the rules analysts on the broadcast former director of officiating alright we will take a break we'll come on back you'll go from an official to a coach Herm Edwards will join us next I'm Larry Mullins hosts of the podcast your weirdest fears the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop I am so scared of the Grinch he is bad vibe we talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split I have one tattoo that covers my entire body listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from I'm Larry Mullins hosts of the podcast your weirdest fears the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop I am so scared of the Grinch he is bad vibe we talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split I have one tattoo that covers my entire body listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from I'm Larry Mullins hosts of the podcast your weirdest fears the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop I am so scared of the Grinch he is bad vibe we talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split I have one tattoo that covers my entire body listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from
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