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Would Ravens Trade Lamar? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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January 19, 2023 9:09 pm

Would Ravens Trade Lamar? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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January 19, 2023 9:09 pm

Do the Ravens care about the QB position? l Ian Williams, former 49ers defensive lineman l What are the odds Jeff Saturday is hired by the Colts?

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
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I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, Your Weirdest Fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch. He is bad vibes. We talk to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man. I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split.

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That's better H-E-L-P dot com slash positive. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. So Moist Pork tweeted me on Twitter.

And he is a loyal D-alien. And now I guess he's become a fan of mine as well with some of the pics that I've done on the DA show throughout the year. Can't be a fan of mine through actually the results based off the pics. Just the script writing because my NFL pics. I was red hot last year. I was 12 games over 500. This year I'm an absolute just moron when it comes to picking games. But I guess Moist Pork isn't a moron because he's a fan of DA's.

Now he's a fan of mine. And he tweeted a great question based off the conversation that we were having on Lamar Jackson. Which is do the Ravens think they could just get rid of him and bring in someone that could be on level as Lamar. Better than Lamar. Or someone that you could just say is a system quarterback.

That they think their system is so great that you could plug someone in and they could find a way to continue the ship from sinking. Like we go through available options this offseason. Is there a name out there that the Ravens could say. Okay we're going to trade Lamar. We'll franchise tag him. We'll trade him. We're not going to pay him the 230 something million dollars guarantee. We're not going to be able to get a deal done. We're not confident that we'll ever be able to get a deal done. So we're going to go on out there and just trade in this offseason. Even though we don't want to trade him.

We think that this ship has sailed in getting a deal done. And I'm going division by division right now. There's no one in the AFC East right that is going to be available or that you look at it you say. Wow I got to get like if the Ravens plan is to go get Zach Wilson. Yeah. Good luck.

Have fun. The AFC West. Is it Derek Carr.

Would that be a landing spot. Now he's not better than Lamar Jackson. We all know that he's not on par with Lamar Jackson.

But that would be a competent replacement with that being said though. He would be my biggest fear about Derek Carr with the Ravens. How many years did Raiders fans say.

He doesn't have the weapons around him. I know last year he made the playoffs and he was admirable. But this year and I know Josh McDaniel's is like a curse word to a lot of people. But he had Devante Adams this year. And there were times where we looked at that Raiders offense or more than just times.

A lot of times we said what the heck is going on with the Raiders offense. So if you put Derek Carr in Baltimore where Derek Carr isn't the most mobile quarterback in the world. Where Derek Carr doesn't have a legit number one wide receiver and just has Mark Andrews. And J.K. Dobbins like you regressed in the running back spot. Josh Josh Jacobs even though I like J.K. Dobbins is better than J.K. And from a tight end standpoint I like Mark Andrews a lot but it's not like Mark Andrews is that much better than Darren Waller. So we say Hickey like Derek Carr if Lamar Jackson let's say gets traded this offseason maybe go into the Ravens.

Do I think that's going to work. I don't because Derek Carr with the offense of pieces that are there in Baltimore. I don't think you get the best version of Derek Carr. Here's one area though that Lamar cannot say he's better than Derek Carr. And I think would would tickle the Ravens fancy availability.

You want to say your best ability is availability. Derek Carr has been someone who outside of the broken ankle was at 2016. I believe it was has played like basically every game outside of me.

If we're not going to count the benching because he got benched not for his health because of his contract. I just I that is the Ravens. I think they look at the last two years how it ended and said we need a quarterback who's out there. Fair point. But if you're not that good and you're available what good does availability mean. I don't get me wrong. Derek Carr is not a scrub. Derek Carr is not a bad quarterback in this league. He ain't a top 10 quarterback in this league because everyone for the last five years that is telling me that he's a top 10 quarterback. They keep on getting proven wrong besides last year. But then this year it was not able to be sustainable.

So you could be available. Would you rather run the risk of Lamar Jackson getting hurt at the end of the year or have Derek Carr just because he's available? I'd much rather have Lamar Jackson. Well if you're the Ravens you look at the way you're going to run your offense of hey we play good defense and we're going to run the ball a lot. When you see the guy make third down throws and kind of like again be like what Jimmy G was in San Francisco. I could see the Ravens saying that's what we're going to be. That's the kind of quarterback we need. And that's why Derek Carr theoretically could be our guy.

You know what wouldn't surprise me. Now I don't think this would be smart but you just look at the offense that they're trying to run. Like doesn't that scream Jacoby Brissett.

Doesn't it. Screams Jimmy G, Jacoby Brissett. Like none of these guys that you want to have. But if the Ravens are this pretentious where they think they could just plug anyone in and they'll be able to win games like 17 14 20 to 17.

You look at a guy with no ego. You look at a guy that's been he's more of a backup. But he's been given opportunities to start like I'm just throwing out there like Jacoby Brissett. That would not surprise me if that's what the Ravens end up doing. Be dumb but it wouldn't shock me if we're talking like how you're talking that they could plug anyone in there and think that they'll be OK. Now I know the concussions are an issue.

I go back to Tua somewhere you know. But why would the Dolphins. It seems like they put it this way. If the Dolphins are looking to explore elsewhere. That's one thing. But I think the Dolphins are still at Mike McDaniel and Chris Greer. They I think they're still believing in Tua. But yeah. One hit away and Tua could never play football again.

Sure. So just style of court I guess more thing for the Ravens. OK. Because I'm saying if if Tua doesn't work in Miami. I don't know how many other opportunities he's going to get elsewhere because I think Tua not working in Miami is going to be directly related to health and concussions. That's why I think Tua would not work in Miami. Or even Baltimore again. His ability or availability is still in question. So it's healthy in a perfect world. Concussion was an issue. Sure.

I could see me in the range. Oh you know put two in there will be fine. No problem. Keep it running. Yeah. But the only reason they'd be available is because unfortunately he suffers another concussion or two and then the Dolphins say we need to go get someone that is going to actually be on the field. Anyone else that stands out like they go bring in Ryan Tannehill. Like imagine if that's what you're selling your fan base we're going to trade Lamar Jackson and bring in Ryan Tannehill who's competent in this league. But you know is never winning a Super Bowl. You know the upside isn't there like I would be vomiting if I'm a Ravens fan.

Here's one for you. OK. Kirk Cousins. I see the Ravens liking that.

That seems like a Baltimore Ravens kind of quarterback. But Kirk Cousins doesn't have Justin Jefferson in Baltimore. Kirk Cousins doesn't have Adam Thielen in Baltimore. Like what are you going to expect out of Kirk Cousins?

Like don't get me wrong. He's a he's a good quarterback Kirk Cousins. But if you're getting rid of Lamar Jackson that does not excite me whatsoever bringing in Kirk Cousins. Oh I'm not saying I mean none of these options by the way am I making the case for them to be exciting for their if you're a Ravens fan whatsoever. I think if you trade Lamar there's honestly unless it's like there's no realistic option that you could trade Lamar for and then say oh I'm going to get excited for X court I come back. There's not. But if you're Kirk it's like I mean he played well in in in Washington without really many like he has put up numbers ever everywhere he's gone.

Plus a different question and if you actually trust me different question. But I don't think that he would fall off a cliff in Baltimore. I'll give you two here. Oh if this happens this offseason give you two names.

Let's hear him. Let's just say they can't get a deal done. They put a deadline out there. We can't get a deal done with Lamar Jackson. We got to know before the start of free agency so that way we could pounce and go get someone else.

So let's say it. We're at the Super Bowl and I don't think it's going to materialize this quickly if it happens but just for the sake of this argument and for the sake of this being sports talk radio. Let's say Super Bowl we find out Lamar Jackson gets traded to give me a team here. Just just give me a team any team.

Does it matter. I'll just say the Vikings commanders. Yeah go commanders commanders Lamar Jackson.

Boom breaking news trades the commanders traded to the commanders. And let's say the Ravens preference with the draft picks they get in return is not to go move up in the draft and get a quarterback. OK so sit where they are free agents this year.

Chino Smith Daniel Jones. Let's say Seattle and the Giants both let them get to the open market. Don't slap the franchise tag on him. Got to think the Ravens will go make a run at Daniel Jones. You got to think the Ravens will go make a run at Chino Smith and for both those players even though I think it better suits them to stay in their current organization especially Chino Smith. And Daniel Jones I think will stay with the Giants and I think him having Brian Day ball is enormous for his career. But if you're one of those players and let's say the Ravens make you on a short term because neither of those players are getting like I would think a five or a six year deal like what Lamar is looking for. They call you up and give you a three year deal and it's more money than what you're getting in New York or it's more money and you're getting in Seattle.

That's a highly respected organization in Baltimore. And if you're Chino Smith sure you don't have DK Metcalf you don't have Tyler Lockett. If you're Daniel Jones outside of Saquon it's not like your weapons are are great in New York. Like that's the type of quarterback that yes not better than Lamar. But if this happened this offseason this materialized this offseason which I don't know if it is or not I've been saying this for the better part of now four months. I think Lamar's time is coming to an end in Baltimore. I don't know if it happens this offseason. They may say go play another year in the franchise tag. Let's see how far we could take this and then a year from now if we can't get a deal done which they won't if they don't get one done this offseason.

Maybe then they say we got to trade and then because we can't run them going for a compensatory third round pick you got to get a king's ransom back for unanimous MVP. What do you think about Gino. What do you think about Daniel Jones. I think Daniel Jones would be fascinating. Daniel Jones is interesting because it's similar style of play where he especially this year you see him running a lot on his own reads which again the Ravens ran a ton. Now we'll see what you know what they do offense coordinator wise maybe if they try to go for more pro style and offense I'm not really sure exactly but he does fit the bill like obviously Gino is more pocket guy but Daniel Jones would kind of slide right in.

We want to keep everything kind of similar. What as the world we live as Lamar Jackson that we just went through this and we were going for like the lowest of lows when it comes to some of these names and the name that we're both like would make sense for the Ravens is Daniel Jones. Look how crazy 2022 was and what 2023 can be when for the last three years everyone's saying Daniel Jones is trash. Daniel Jones is bad. He's ass.

He's no good. And now people are like oh Daniel Jones look what he's doing with the Giants look at Brian tables do with Daniel Jones with basically other than say Quan nothing around him and Jones continues to impress and you look at the style that not that I'm saying Daniel Jones is better than Lamar Jackson I wouldn't argue that obviously but if the Ravens philosophy is we could we could we could find a way to be good and win with whoever is that quarterback. And if you're looking to just cycle guys in and you're not willing to pay a guy like Lamar Jackson, whatever it would be, they could look at Daniel Jones as Okay, we'll go pay you for three years we got no problem with that will give you a three year deal.

And then, if it doesn't work after two years we get rid of you or after three years if you think if you play well and you go get a better deal somewhere else. We'll go cycle someone else in Jones actually is a name that I don't ultimately think he will be available because two things have to happen. One, he has to leave the Giants, which I don't think is happening. And then two, they have to trade Lamar Jackson before the start of free agency. So it's unlikely but if there was a name out there this year that the Ravens would look at and be like, okay, we're going to trade Lamar and where do we go from there. And like, who's the guy that would maybe be available, maybe. And who's the guy that could be available via trade or via free agency like maybe it is Lamar. Now here's, I mean, maybe it is Daniel Jones.

I'll give you two more. What about Brady. What about Rogers. Like, could both of those older quarterbacks. Look at even though you have to change the offense significantly like JK Dobbins once all the carries in the world like I don't think there's enough there to just rely on JK Dobbins again to go get another weapon in the passing game.

And I think this defense is really good. I don't think it's as great though as you're going to win every game 17 to 14 but if it is that kind of philosophy with later in their career with a Rogers or would a Brady be interested in just something to wonder about. I would say Aaron Rogers no shot in hell with the receivers to I don't think John Harbaugh would those two big oil and water. Yeah, the press conference would be electric. I agree with you on Rogers Brady I think has shown that he'll do anything where he thinks he could win if he thinks he could win there I go there.

I agree. And that philosophy if he's upset with Byron left which in the Buccaneers for now running the ball more and throwing the ball 66 times in a playoff game, you go to Baltimore you'll be running the ball 66 times in a playoff game. You know what I actually would like to see Brady in Baltimore. Here's why really here's why first off it would make me sick.

But here's why I would like to see as you go and make you sick. But here's why I like to see Bart Scott would lose his mind. Bart Scott.

When I was I think I was in high school. He was at a GNC in Paramus New Jersey. It was like some appearance and I went there and he found that I was a Patriot fan and Bart Scott when I was in high school said your quarterbacks a douche. That's what Bart Scott said. He hates and he's so jealous Bart Scott who eventually became a colleague here. He is so jealous of Brady and he loves the Ravens. He would then have to root for Brady. I'm all in.

I'm all in just for that reason and that reason only. I hate to say it. I think you'd come around very fast. I think he'd be a big Brady supporter then all of a sudden I think you get sick of then Bart Scott's love for Tom Brady as a Raven and then you're like.

I think. Yeah that's it would kind of be allowing that be no good for you when you when you're together with someone and all your friends are saying oh like this girl you're with this horrible horrible horrible then she becomes a free agent because you dump her. And then one of your buddies like swoops in and then your buddy starts dating her and then you got to hear how how how great your exes and all that stuff.

Even though at that point you would alienate the friends in that situation. I think that was like a comparison that someone made sense when I was thinking about that. If you got my line of thinking I could see Debbie Bart Scott being all Mr. Tom Brady you know buying a Ravens jersey never going to ESPN and number 12 Ravens Brady jersey decline a Super Bowl. He would.

I think you'd be sick by his love for that if that was to happen. All right. Ian Williams former 49ers defense along we're going to join us on the other side. It is Zach help show on CBS Sports Radio the NFL playoffs live on Odyssey touchdown as time expires unbelievable turn of events nonstop coverage from the biggest sports radio stations in the country podcasts dedicated to each NFL team and postseason games streaming live for free. Your playoffs your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. NFL playoffs live on Odyssey touchdown as time expires unbelievable turn of events nonstop coverage from the biggest sports radio stations in the country podcasts dedicated to each NFL team and postseason games streaming live for free.

Your playoffs your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. I'm Larry Mullins host of the podcast your weirdest fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch.

He is bad vibe. We talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man. I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split.

I have one tattoo that covers my entire body. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. We move closer and closer to the divisional round in the NFL and coming up this Sunday to conclude the division around the Dallas Cowboys go to Santa Clara to do battle with the San Francisco 49ers now joining us is a former 49ers defensive lineman, of course is a great job as analyst now for CBS in Orlando and that's our pal Ian Williams and how you been that now I'm doing well I'm doing well hanging in there. So I know we talked about a month or so ago right when like Sprock Purdy run was really getting started now it's gone to a completely different level just how do you react to the way that Brock is not only playing but just the way he's been so cool and calm about it.

Well, I told you this was going to happen right. I came on, and I gave praise to this team I gave praise the cow and I gave praise to the young man Brock Perry for going out there and playing so well obviously, and being able to have people single out there and George Kittle and be able to have so much talent around him helps for him to be able to go out there and succeed and him also making plays and then just feel uncomfortable. And then also having a defense to be able to get from the ball back and know that he can go out there and make mistakes. And it's not going to truly hurt the team because Fred Warner Eric arm segment boasting that defense is so good so it's really an explosion of all this talent that you're seeing right now for the 49ers and then with Brock pretty be able to come in and be a young man coming into a system and being able to get this team in and out of every down make plays, make the right decision and this is why we're talking about them in a divisional round and possibly a Super Bowl football team is because this young man and also everybody else buying in to this guy being the leader of the team. Are you ready to say that Brock Purdy is going to be the starting quarterback for the Niners game one next year. Let's see how he finishes out I can't say that he's going to be the starter because I can believe this. Kyle Shanahan I've seen enough from this young man to be able to give him a chance, and his contract is very cheap. So having him Jimmy Garoppolo possibly under contract, and then you have Trey Lance under a rookie contract. It's a pretty good situation for this team to go into next year. Maybe Brock does when the starting job but I think at the end of the day he gives Trey Lance coming back from his injury and Brock, a chance and training camp to be able to win that starting job and we'll see who comes out in August, the winner of that job but it's really too early to tell but I can tell you one thing if this young man goes out there he wins the Super Bowl.

It's going to be very hard to put him on the bench, starting next season. It kind of shows you with how great their system has been that the Trey Lance move with all the draft picks that they gave, they gave up seems a little unnecessary at this point. I mean, it led to all this so you know you can kind of say things are unnecessary you know the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo wouldn't have led to Nick Bosa, you know, being a part of their, their, their defense because without that injury this team is deeper in the playoffs and they don't draft Nick Bosa so you know certain things happened where you know Trey Lance was out there, and he had his injury but now because of having a young quarterback, and they felt that they had watched enough film on this young man at Iowa State that he was going to be able to come in and make the right kind of play so they got a steal in the draft the last last pick in the draft and then for him to be able to come in and pretty much just wow literally just be like a 10 year veteran out there and he just looks so calm and poised that tells you this how Cal has done a great job at making the offense, understandable for a rookie to be able to come in and implement his game, but also stay within the confines of the offense and be able to make the right checks at the line of scrimmage and still be in plus territory.

When you're trying to move the ball up and down the field so this guy this young man has done a great job so far. I just wonder how Trey Lance is handling this Ian Williams because not what you know when the players hurt you obviously don't get to hear much from him but I saw that post on Instagram the other day when Rand Carthon got the job with Tennessee to be their next general manager and Rand was in the Niners organization since 2017. You did have a little fingers crossed emoji getting put up there by the 49ers one of their quarterbacks and Trey Lance and it makes you wonder is Trey Lance for some reason get a little frustrated with the team. I don't think he's frustrated I think obviously you know he wants to be out there playing right now. And you know, guys are going to get promoted and this is obviously what happens when you make great draft takes and you have a last pick in the NFL draft and you turn out to be able to get your team through two injuries at quarterback and still be able to get to the postseason and talk Super Bowl winning team. Also drafting a tight end in the fifth round and then drafting Deebo Samuel and then Nick Bosa and then finding a steal in Fred Warner.

I mean these guys are going to get promoted and be general managers for other teams because they did a great job at weeding through and finding the diamonds in the rough. So I don't think he's he's frustrated obviously he's just you know, talking about or tweeting you know certain things that he has going on with himself, but I don't think he's frustrated. I think he's excited about the team winning right now. Obviously it hurts to see another guy go out there and do it how you should be doing it and people questioning are you going to be the quarterback of the 49ers the next year. That's very difficult for a young man, but I think he's handled it pretty well.

Obviously, they're going to try to tell him to stay off of Twitter sort of we're not over talking about it. But I think he's done a great job with how the season has gone and his injury Ian Williams here with us McCaffrey all he needed to be was healthy. We know a great of player he is but with Shanahan that seems like a match made in heaven.

It really does. Oh, yeah. It was it was right there and it was friction between those two because one Kyle Shanahan doesn't want to give the defense a tell on what he's trying to do if he's going to outside zone inside don't worry. He wants to flex out that running back to be able to put a stress on the defense and also show a tell if a linebacker walks out there or safety walks over there to come cover that running back. But if you have a running back that has receiver type skills, which is why you have people Samuel at running back.

He's interchangeable certain guys out there. But having a guy like Christian McCaffrey really puts that scheme into effect because now a defense can't really understand who's the running back in this form or in this situation or in this scheme. So it puts a lot of pressure on the defense having a running back who can do pretty much everything. He's all-purpose. He's not just power.

He's not receiving. He's not just an elusive back. He kind of does everything very very well. So, you know, Kyle Shanahan was obviously very excited. It was a great trade one of the best trades in NFL history if we talk about this team going to the Super Bowl and possibly winning have to go down as one of the best trade and this is why you have certain personnel in the GM in the in the front office getting promotions and also going to other teams so that they can implement.

Their style of play. So, you know, hats off to Kyle Shanahan getting this guy in house and then Chris McCaffrey also staying healthy, you know, he's done a great job, you know, getting to the ground making this place get out of bounds. And then also that off the line trick Williams Mike McGlinchey that off the line in the interior the two young guys Brunskill has done a great job having this guy come in mid-season and be able to mesh so well, especially in the scheme and George Kittle getting out there blocking.

It's been a great sight to see for a former player like myself Ian Williams. What concerns you the most about the Cowboys when you look at this matchup? Oh my God that defense so Michael Parsons.

Okay. All right, you know, he hasn't had a great past few games, but he's still capable to do what he's done all season long and which is why he's in the argument of defense the player of the year because of what he's shown in the past. So anytime he's out there lined up across from you. He's a threat and I think that defense has gotten a lot better especially up front Carlos Watkins has done a great job, you know, that's making that interior more stout. This is what they struggle with the past few years not being able to stop the run. So having those guys in there having Leighton Vander Esch back and that secondary looking really really good J Ron curse. It's more that defense that scares me. I think offensively that Prescott, you know, if you can force him to have to nickel and dine you down the field, he's going to make a mistake. But I think another thing that not a lot of people haven't paid attention to was the switch from Tyron Smith to the left side to the right side. And I think having those two paths of impossibly Jason Peters being out there and playing, you know, he kind of had his injury situation this past week.

So I don't know how much he's going to play this upcoming week, but having two tackles like that that can block Nick Nick Bosa and Charles on the outside and having Zach Martin on the inside to be able to black block Eric arm set. That's what gives me worries with all the depth chart with the Dallas Cowboys, but I think at the end of the day, the Niners weather the storm there at home and I think they end up winning the football game. Does it at all surprise you that this team is one? I know how great of talent that they have, but 11 in a row like that. This is starting to get absurd. That's how they built the team.

Come on now, but 11 in a row with three different quarterbacks. It's crazy. I know. I know you're like, Oh, no big deal.

That's a big deal. I can tell you one thing. When I played with these guys earlier last decade, there were certain games, certain seasons, like I just felt so confident going into games, knowing I had Justin Smith and Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis. I had the confidence that we were just going to win every game.

We weren't going to lose a game. So now looking at this football team, Devo Samuel, George Kittle, Trent Williams, Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, you know, all these guys out here on offense and defense. Brock Purdy going to step in that situation, be like, man, I can make this thing go to all I need to do is be a conductor and get the ball out to the receivers and not make mistakes to hurt my defense.

And that's pretty much what he's done. And then he also made a couple of plays, which is surprising people because the plays that he's making is what you draft the first round first overall pick for scramble out the pocket, scrambling to the right and getting the ball to Brandon. Are you who's supposed to catch the football to make the great play really, really happen.

But, you know, you're like, wow, you're watching a master at work and a young man looks so confident. So this is why this team is 11 wins in and pretty much in the argument for the best team in the NFL right now. So that's off the couch in the hand is offense and the defense that had really bought in. Are you surprised hardball is staying at Michigan and not coming back to the NFL. How much is his contract he's not he's not going anywhere until somebody breaks and pays him more of what Michigan is paying. I was, uh, I was talking to him a little bit when we had the alumni game will be when the 49ers played the cheese earlier this season they had a lot of the guys back from 2012 championship game so I had a couple of moments with him stuff like that.

And I could tell you one thing. He's excited to be in college and be able to coastal young guys and be able to get them to the next step, which is what he did so well, you know, planet Indianapolis. So I think he's excited being with within the college program and, you know, he had a bad loss. But, you know, I think he's done a lot of good things with the Michigan program, which is, you know, really down and not before he got there.

So here's the thing. Um, his contract at Michigan. It's like he took the pay cut, then got a little bit of an increase because they started to win more. The NFL teams, they could top that contract in a second, and it's only $3 million to get him away from Michigan.

What the buyout would be. I'm just starting to wonder, and he was great in the NFL. Four years as a coach, you know, three NFC title games got to a Super Bowl. Last year, Minnesota didn't want him.

And then this year, you know, I don't know what happened with Denver. I guess some of the reports say that Carolina, he wanted Carolina, but Carolina didn't want him back. I just don't know what it is why there aren't teams that are offering him a head coaching job with the last two years. It seems like he wants to go back to the NFL. Well, I mean, if he wanted to go back to the NFL, he would have gone back to the NFL. I think right now he's in a great situation, his alma mater. He's building a program back, and then he also has all hands on deck at Michigan. When he comes to an NFL team, he's not going to have control over the whole franchise and what he wants to do. Michigan, it is what John or Jim Harbaugh wants to do. What's Coach Harbaugh want to do? What are we doing here, Coach Harbaugh?

It's all that. You come to the NFL franchise, and now you have an owner. Now you have a GM. Now you have all these other things at play, which is why there was such a demise from 2014 and 2013 and so forth, because we lost and we had everybody trying to have their hands in where Coach Harbaugh wanted to just have his hands on the football program with us. So I think he has that with Michigan, and I don't see him coming back unless somebody really throws in the cash like that.

I really feel like he likes the hands on effect when he's 18 to 22 years old. Alright, last thing I'll ask you, Ian Williams. The game this weekend, I know you're picking the Niners, but tell me how this game plays out and how close of a game it is. Give me a score. I'm not going to give you a score, but I am going to tell you the Niners are going to pull this one out. It's going to be a close one in the first half, because both of these teams are very, very good, and I feel like they're both going to be able to get after the quarterback, even if the offensive lines are really good for both teams. But I think both teams score over 20 points, and I think the Niners win 31, 32 to maybe 24.

I think it's going to be a close game within 10 points. Alright, you got it. Thanks so much, Ian Williams.

Appreciate it. Oh yeah. Nine again. Let's go. There you go.

Ian Williams here with us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio. Picky, I need you to clarify something for me real quickly. Cause I was a little bit confused by the final answer. Said he wasn't going to give me a score then does give me a score. Was that him saying 31 24 is the game? 31 24. Gotcha. At first I'm like, is he saying the Niners are going to win by 31 or by 24? I know he's a big Niner guy playing for them, but I didn't think he was that big of a guy saying they would win by 31 or 24. I'm not going to give you the score then. Okay. He does give us a score. So how about that? First I'm like, why wouldn't he give us a score?

What's the big deal? All right. Zach Gelb show, CBS sports radio.

That's better. H e l slash positive. I'm Larry Mullins, hosts of the podcast, your weirdest fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch. He is bad vibes. We talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man. I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split.

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Zach Gelb shows CBS sports radio. So. Gallop maintenance done today. Went to the barber, got a shave. Also got a little trim on the cabeza.

Nothing crazy. Just a little clean up. And as I'm walking out of the barbershop, I call Hickey. And I just had a thought to Hickey because I saw that Jeff Saturday completed his interview now with the Indianapolis Colts, the interim head coach in Jeff Saturday. And I asked Hickey this question. Is this just a courtesy interview? And Hickey, your response was. Yes.

And you said also. No shot is getting the job. No shot in hell.

And I said to you with how unattractive this job is, and it's the least attractive job, in my opinion, on the market. The longer this goes on and as we just go day to day to day, are there better names than Jeff Saturday? Absolutely. Anyone that has experience in interviews for the job is a better name than Jeff Saturday.

But as the longer this goes on and the more and more I keep on thinking about it, it would not shock me. If crazy Jim Irsa hires Jeff Saturday on a full time basis to be the permanent head coach. Now, can I give you a little tweet from Jordan Schultz, NFL insider?

You like Jordan Schultz, right? Oh, I saw his tweet. Oh, you did? You saw this tweet?

Oh, yeah. When did you see this tweet? An hour ago, I suppose.

I just asked you during the break. Did you see that? Did you see a tweet about Jeff? I think it was Jeff Saturday's tweet like he himself. Oh, no, no, no, no. That's why I was confused.

Okay. I think Jeff Saturday was tweeting. I'm like, oh, no. What's saying good news, Colts fans soon you'll hear.

I thought that idiot was not idiot. That's why this is where Jim Irsa is putting Colts fans in a tough spot. You just called Jeff Saturday franchise legend in the Ring of Honor. But here I am cursing at Jeff Saturday because if he's the head coach, their future is in ruins.

This is wonderful. This puts you through so many hula hoops mentally because you love Jeff Saturday. But you don't want him as the head coach.

And I don't blame you. But this Jordan Schultz tweet. I'm told Colts owner Jim Irsa believes Jeff Saturday has the capabilities to be a head coach. That is why Saturday's in this position, why Indianapolis might deliberate and take their time with the decision. Saturday would pick his own staff, which he relayed in his interview. Done, done, done, done. I hope you pick his own staff. First of all, what are you taking a job when you're not going to pick your own staff? Number one.

Number two. This, you know, that sounds like that sounds like Jeff Saturday trying to put the PR word out because he realizes he has no chance. I don't think he has no chance. The fan base would revolt. Nobody likes him. But Chris Ballard hates him. Stop.

You are approaching your analysis right now. And this is what you do when you get so passionate about something and when you don't want something to happen, you say there's no chance. But there's a chance this guy's going to be your head coach next year. Because you could tell me Chris Ballard hates him and this person hates him and this person doesn't want him. He got the interim job in the first place. Like, that was stupid.

There's no, that was already courtesy enough. You don't need to interview him now. But I think Jim Irsay has such a tight bond with Jeff Saturday. I don't know if Jim could tell him no.

I really don't. And let's be real. Chris Ballard, who should be bowing down to Jim Irsay that he still has a job because Chris Ballard should be out of a job. The moment you let rid of Frank Reich and you tell Frank Reich to go take a hike and here's a pink slip. Ultimately, Jim Irsay makes this higher. Owners hire the coaches.

I know general managers, they're in the interview process, they make recommendations. Ultimately, who the owner wants as the coach will end up being the coach. And if Chris Ballard sees the name or gives a name that Jim Irsay is not like enamored with and doesn't love and even Jim Irsay can't hype up. And just maybe, just maybe Jim Irsay, who's crazy, will be crazy enough to make Jeff Saturday as the head coach. I'm not telling you it's likely. But the more and more as this goes on, I would not be shocked by it because I always expect the unexpected with crazy Jim Irsay.

Here's why it won't happen. Jim Irsay is not an owner first, a fan first. He loves this team.

He also is sensitive to public. He's an owner first. He's a fan. He's an owner though. He's a fan. He's the owner of the team. But he's a fan first. He acts like a fan. He doesn't act like an owner. He's not a businessman. He's a fan first. I'm telling you. Okay. And he made a fan move hiring Jeff Saturday.

Yes. That's a move a fan makes. So he's the owner of the team. Well, yeah, he's obviously the owner. But I'm saying he thinks with a fan first brain, not an owner first brain because he doesn't care about business.

I don't know about that. He is someone who goes with his heart and that's what led them to Jeff Saturday. That's not a business move any owner would make. And here's why I think it's not going to happen is because he sees the reaction. He knows what's going on, how the fans feel, how the media feels. He cannot justify this hire of Jeff Saturday.

Yes, he can. And I don't think he would be able to actually sell to a fan base that he is not going to do hire Jeff Saturday because he knows he can't sell. You're talking about a guy that he won one game Jeff Saturday, right?

One and seven. And when he won that one game, Jim Irsay threw a parade on Twitter, said all these people that question me in the media, all the people that question this hired and said it can't happen. Whatever the exact tweet was, I'm sure we could go look it up. He took shots at them. I don't think he cares what the public reception perception says about it. That's why he took the shots because he realized the beating he took. Yes, but there's a difference.

Everyone cares to some regard about what people are saying to you. But to the extent of not making a move, I don't think he's not going to make a move because he's afraid what Twitter egg phase 643 is going to say or what someone that's powerful in the media is going to say. Because he had to have known going in that he was going to get a lot of backlash for bringing in Jeff Saturday off the set of ESPN to be his interim head coach and he still did it. He thought he could win. That's why he had the victory parade after week one.

He thought he could win. And when you see how the last two months of, yes, I agree he is. The last two months have gone. That's why he can make this hire full time. Jim Irsay I think would realize he is jettisoning an entire fan base. I'm not kidding. They're still going to show up.

People are addicted to football. They will not show up. Yes they will.

I promise you they will not show up. The people that have season tickets are still going to show up. People are still going to buy jerseys. People are still going to go to games. He's still going to make a ton of money. He's going to make a ton of money, sure.

But the fan interest on the Colts will drastically go down without a doubt. You're telling me you're not watching next year of Jeff Saturday as a coach? I have to watch.

It's part of my job. Okay, let's say they don't renew your podcast next year. You're still watching? Would I watch the Colts of Jeff Saturday?

Yeah, and I'd root against them. No you won't. Yes sir, okay. I did it this year. Yeah, I had to convince you.

I had to convince you to embrace the tank and embrace going all in for Bryce Young for a while. More than you as the team. You're such full of crap. Why? You're telling me that when the Colts games come around in week one, if Jeff Saturday is the coach, you're not going to be talking up the Colts and cheering your heart out like you do each and every year?

Absolutely not. Oh come on. You're such FOS.

Do you see? Why? What does that mean? Jeff Saturday is the worst head coach in the NFL. You're a fan. When you watch games, and I've even seen you tweet about them, even when you want to lose, you get excited when they make plays. It's just a natural fan emotion. You can't rip that out of your heart regardless of what crap goes on.

Jeff Saturday, I promise you, easily has ripped it out of every Colts fan's heart. Would you pick a new team? No.

Never. Oh, but why? If you're rooting against a team, why wouldn't you just pick a new team? You're with your team. Well what fan roots against their team?

Smart fans. Realize that the coaching move or the GM move or the player move, whatever it is, isn't going to work. But if he makes that move, Jeff Saturday being a coach, what is the first year rooting against your team do? Nobody gets fired. Hopefully, Jeff, you know, Jim Irsay, again, this is hypothetical because it's not going to happen. Because there's a 0.0000% chance he's getting hired. Clip this.

But we can clip it all you want. I'm telling you right now, Jeff Saturday's not getting hired as a head coach. There's no chance. He's probably not going to get a second interview.

Oh, I guarantee you. He's not getting a second interview. I'm not saying he's getting the job, but I guarantee you he gets a second interview.

Because here's what you're missing. Jim Irsay loves this guy and looks at him like he's one of his sons. He can't say no to this guy. That's why he has the job in the first place.

Why is it getting leaked out? We hear nothing about any Colts interview outside of Raheem Morrison, which apparently went great. Colts have interviewed a ton of candidates right now. Maybe Jim's trying to justify it to the media.

Jim is trying to right now test the waters, see what people are thinking, seize the bad reaction. I'm telling you right now, no shot. No chance. I have sports gods. I have won. You've used up 500 wishes. You cannot get 500 and one. I have one wish.

And this off season, there's only five jobs available. Please, please, please, please. I want to see Hickey suffer. I want to see him cry. I want to see him root against the Colts. He will always root for the Colts.

I want Jeff Sanders, the next head coach, just to see how Hickey would squirm and justify this one. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, Your Weirdest Fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch. He is bad vibes. We talk to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man. I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split.

I have one tattoo that covers my entire body. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. The NFL playoffs live on Odyssey. Touchdown as time expires. Unbelievable turn of events. Nonstop coverage from the biggest sports radio stations in the country, podcasts dedicated to each NFL team and postseason games streaming live for free.

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