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Cowboys Impress? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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January 17, 2023 10:04 pm

Cowboys Impress? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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January 17, 2023 10:04 pm

News Brief l Is Mike McCarthy back without a doubt as Cowboys head coach next season? l Calls on the Cowboys


Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Tommy Brady got absolutely destroyed last night by the Dallas Cowboys. So I can't call the drama Dallas Choking Cowboys today because other than Brett Maher, there's really no drama in that game last night and they were dominant and I got to tip my cap to Dallas on the performance they gave last night.

But here is Tommy Brady giving what appears to be a farewell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers media that's covered him for the last few years after the game. I want to say thank you guys for everything this year. I really appreciate all your effort and I know it's hard for you guys too. It's hard for us players to make it through and you guys got a tough job and I appreciate all that you guys do to cover us and everyone who watches and a big fan of the sport. We're very grateful for everyone's support and hopefully I love this organization. It's a great place to be and thank you everybody for welcoming me. All you regulars and just very grateful for the respect and I hope I gave the same thing back to you guys. So thank you very much.

Appreciate it. So Hickey, I was at the final game of Tom Brady's obviously legendary run in Foxborough and I wasn't in the media room but I was in the stands and I told this story before my seats were right where the players walk out and right where they walk into the locker room and they go down that staircase and I was chanting Brady Brady Brady even though I didn't think that was going to be it. But you heard so many reports that that was it and some some fan turned around and said to me Why are you cheering they lost like the greatest quarterback of all time and that could be his last game. But then I walked out of stadium and I didn't know if he was going to be back or not. I was living more so that he would be back.

And then I was listening to the postgame press conference. I didn't sound like a guy that was leaving a place that he was there for 20 years. Ultimately he did leave last night. That sounds like a guy that is gone from Tampa Bay and that's been the vibe Hickey before the season during the season and now you could say after the season I get that's a vibe. I mean that's because as big of a thank you and goodbye see you later.

You can give without saying it. I think what I don't understand is why I see rush out the door. It's like Tampa is that broken in the sense that you know maybe looks at that roster and the roster that won a Super Bowl a few years ago but he sees it getting a little bit older and kind of breaking down right in front of his eyes. That's what I would say now. Is there a way that he could go back there. Yeah I think there's a miniscule chance is that a negotiation tactic last night.

I would say no but is it a possibility. Yeah maybe he wants a new head coach again. We know that there's gonna be no offensive coordinator if Brady is there or not. You need some changes on the offensive line. That defense solid but not as dominant as it once was. But I think he's going elsewhere.

I really do. Brady's asked on when he'll decide on his plans for the future. I'm gonna go home and get a good night's sleep as good as I can tonight. This has been a lot of focus on you know this game so yeah. It's just be one day at a time. You think this announcement will come quick? No. I think he made that mistake last year. Jumping the gun too early on retirement then realized I don't want to do it. But the announcement last year was he was retiring and then came back.

Yes. I don't think he's actually gonna retire. So the reason why I don't think there will ever really be an announcement because it will just be okay when free agency begins Brady's going X Y and Z and he's gonna take this free agency tour people gonna come to him and make their pitches and kind of state their case.

That's what I think it's gonna go down. What do you think he has to think about if he wants to play or not? I don't think that's a decision that you're gonna make and say tomorrow wake up I'm definitely playing I think he'll take his time. Sure I think though down DP knows he's leaning towards playing next year. I would agree but I get after last year when you kind of jumped the gun whether again whether it's Giselle whatever the reason was that he says retiring then 39 days later said actually I'm not.

You just can't have that happen again. I'm with you I think he's playing. Gotcha. You just have to know a million percent I'm all in or all out before you make any announcement. But if he does go through with playing for next year I don't think there will be an announcement from Tom unless it occurs on that show he does the Let's Go podcast which I guess is a possibility but if he is going to play I don't think he's gonna come out and say I'm definitely playing football next year. I think that will just be evident by when he starts his free agency tour if that happens. What did you have to make some sort of announcement though because it's up in the air like I we agree to say probably the overall senses he is back. I don't think he has to do anything but it's like it's a slam dunk where it's like oh he's definitely back maybe just you know do the Michael Jordan quote I'm back. What is the announcement the announcement is you're playing football duh.

I decided to play in 2023 that's all. But then all the questions is where are you playing football why not Tampa are you considering going back to Tampa how about this place how about that place. Now if he does it on his podcast you know Jim Gray is gonna say Tom whatever questions you want me to ask I'll ask you Tom.

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy. That's why I don't think an announcement's gonna come because you get asked questions on a podcast podcast with Jim Gray. But is that even in the off season I don't think so. No but I'm saying that's the only way if you're going to announce that you're going to play next year that's probably the avenue that you do it. We did it on social media last year so why don't you just put out a tweet.

But that was to retire. Why don't you put out a tweet saying I'm playing in 2023 I'm gonna you know think about my options. I don't think he's announcing the teams I don't the only announcement I think you're gonna get is either he retires I don't think it's gonna happen or then the announcement of you know he's going to play is gonna be done basically when the free agency process does occur. Or maybe he breaks he gives it to a reporter like Schefter or he gives it to to you and Rappaport sources say that Brady's going to play I don't think if it's just in the next few weeks I don't think there's gonna be announcement from Brady I'm playing football next year because you don't know where he's going to play yet.

He doesn't have a home it's not like he's under contract. Well you can just say I'm playing I'm gonna figure it out during free agency but I don't think that's gonna come in the big grand poster or that's gonna come in some interview or something like that once again unless it's on the let's go podcast. Tom Brady is asked if he thought he had a good season. You know we lost tonight is it's a team sport so never considered any individual things like that and obviously we came up short as a team and that's really all that matters it's all I've really cared about was team success and you know how what we did as a team and how well we performed under pressure and tonight was obviously not one of our best nights. That's the generic Tom Brady response when he wins he never takes the personal praise it's always about the team the team the team the team. Let's hear Todd Bowles on his thoughts on Tom Brady's future.

Well man we'll sit down and have a conversation and we'll talk about it at that time so you know it's not anything publicly that needs to be said at this time. Tom Brady says this season was a disappointment. Obviously not good enough because it's not where we want to be you know we fell short two years in a row.

You like the courage you like the fight but we got to get better in a lot of areas and you know we'll get to work on that. Obviously that was Todd Bowles speaking I said Tom Brady I apologize for that. Todd Bowles has asked if this team needs to enter a rebuild. You never rebuild you always reload you know you feel you got a chance to win every year you just got to tweak some things from a schematic standpoint all the way around offense defense and special teams and obviously no one ever comes back with every player on the team so we'll have some new faces in here that's just part of the game. Well the biggest question is will Tom Brady be back and I still think Brady has some good football left in him I still think he plays an elite level. I know people are going to say well he finally fell off the cliff.

Father time finally caught up to him. I'm not believing in that from what I saw last year. I know that there were times he made some bad throws he had a connection issue with Mike Evans. I think a lot of it goes back to the fact that he was rattled mainly because of the offense lie.

I'm not going to end the personalized stuff and all that. You know we could talk about that we talked about that but I think the main reason was the offensive line was not good there was no stability on that offensive line and that's when you see see Brady play his worst football feels a lot like twenty nineteen with what happened towards the end in New England. Let's go to Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones is proud of how Dak Prescott played to win last night. I told him right before the game we were talking don't you don't you be anything but aggressive.

No conservative. Be aggressive. Not that that made any difference at all but boy he was and it made the difference out there tonight.

It lifted not only on the plays he made but it lifted the spirit of the team and it's got us lifted now in a position to go play a really great team and a really outstanding team. I want to use that word G word. They're not saying. Could you imagine any other owner in the NFL that has like a pep talk with this player like a pump up talk with this player before the game.

Have you ever heard someone contract themselves in the span of three seconds to go ahead. He goes oh you know I told me aggressive not that that made the difference but they made all the difference in the world. What do you what. Well that's Jerry trying to take all the credit for the.

Well you're right. His word was was his words were so gospel and so important that they motivated Dak to play to win because Dak usually plays to lose right. Imagine 2014 there's Robert Krasin and Tom Brady's locker reflect the Seahawks game or the twenty to three comeback he's sitting there at halftime. Tom I want you to go out there and play aggressive. Now I'm not saying like other owners don't go up to their place for the game and go like all right go get him sport like go get him kick ass let's win. You see that owners on the field before the game is doing that but to have the talk of Jerry Jones made it seem as if it was like a forty five minute talk before the game is as Dak is doing those hit warm ups and all those exercises that he does. He's got Jerry Jones in an earpiece to have it some sort of conversation.

Give me a break. So Brett Maher probably only negative Cowboys story from last night missed four extra points and Jerry Jones was asked if they're going to work out a kicker this week. No we won't. We just he's he's done enough good ones.

OK Jerry Jones says Mike McCarthy is his head coach moving forward. Don't go there. Let's don't go there.

But let's don't let me because I said don't go there imply that I'm leaving it. Exactly. OK.

I'm real. I'm being tongue in tongue real hard. I haven't quit equivocated since last night saying that Mike McCarthy I'm satisfied with. OK.

Nothing of the last 12 hours has changed my mind. Whoever the reporter is there I guess there's like a nervous laugh when you're interviewing Jerry Jones because what he's saying is so ridiculous that you want to laugh but you don't want to be disrespectful. I sensed a lot of like nervous laughing from the reporter like what the bleep are you saying.

But whatever you're saying is going to turn into audio gold. He said he's very excited for Mike McCarthy. He just picked that one up. Wants to equivocate.

He's hard. What's the exact quote. Go wait. What was that. Did you not hear that. Play it again imply that I'm leaving it.

Exactly. I'm real. I'm being tongue in real hard.

I haven't. Oh he's excited. He is fired up for that one. Let me tell you get the bag. That's 30 years of road loss in the playoffs are waiting. I don't need the Viagra tonight.

I'm really excited. What McCarthy did. We said it had that slob Chris Christie in the press box last night with that ugly orange sweater jumping up and down. Basically kissing Jerry Jones. He'll be there in San Francisco without a doubt. I was going to say something that I could not say.

That's why I pause and I was like well where do you want to pivot to. Can't say that either. Can't say that that either.

So thank you so much for for filling in the gaps. Maybe not next year but you know if it's Cowboys Eagles Cowboys Giants. I hate to say it. He'll be there.

Yeah probably be there next weekend. I don't know though. There's Chris Christie. I'll probably get a private plane out there but I was going to say he could afford first class.

So those seats aren't that comfortable on the on the airlines for a large man like Chris Christie. Anyway let's hear from Mike McCarthy. He says the team had a swagger and ring the game to a man everybody was a great confidence and what we needed to do tonight. I thought you know offensive defense played you know at a very high level this evening. Let's go to Dak Prescott. I was really impressed with Dak. How bad he was against the commanders. How up and down he's been this year.

Also has been injured. Missed five games still led the league in interceptions but he was flawless last night. Dak on how he was able to bounce back after a bad week 18 game. I got away from the way that I play this game. Got greedy. Tried to try to just force some throws. Tried to take the big ones and that's not who I've been throughout my career. Obviously just taking what got taken what they give me waiting on the big shot and I think it was uncharacteristic. So yeah sure it was it was a way for me to just dial back in.

But at the sense I mean I wiped that clean and just I knew what this game meant. Now I have not heard this audio clip yet and they won so it's different when it when it occurs in a loss. Remember Justin Pugh earlier this season who when his kicker missed that I think it was game winning kick or game tying kick whatever it was. He absolutely went berserk and even Pugh last night tweeted out is there a kicker to be defended?

You know I'll be there which is a very good tweet by Justin Pugh. So I have not heard how over the top at over the top at all Dak Prescott was. I'm going to assume since it came in a win it was more relaxed and mellow but here's Dak Prescott saying he has Brett Maher's back. Yeah I mean I talked to him individually told him just told him after the game hey let that go we're gonna need it.

I just played like a week ago so I mean that happens. But when you believe in each other and you believe in what we're capable of doing and knowing what that guy's done with resiliency he's shown throughout his career no doubt that he'll come back next week and be perfect. Yeah it was on the Justin Pugh scale. I actually like that better than what Pugh did because Pugh was like talking down to the media how dare anyone criticize anyone in this room like you know other things happen we win or lose as a team.

Dak seemed more leveled more appropriate and honestly I thought it was more genuine than what Pugh did early in the season. I think it was against the Eagles if memory does serve me right when the Cardinals did lose. Was it Amendola who was the kicker? Matt Amendola who was signing that week too was like new to the team.

Yeah he was on a few teams this year. So Monti Asenfer talking about the Cardinals he's now their new general manager coming over from Tennessee and he says there won't be any ego within the Cardinals organization. We are going to turn over every stone to find the right players for this team. We are not just collecting talent we're going to build a team. We're going to look for the right type of players. Ego will not be tolerated in this organization.

We are going to look for focused driven and people that are willing to put the team first at every step of the way. So a lot of people are going to run and say that was a shot at Kyler Murray. I think that's just a lot of general manager speak in an introductory press conference. I could see why people are putting two and two together because people get annoyed a little bit about the ego of Kyler Murray and Kyler Murray not taking responsibility and getting into constant fights with the coaches and then getting annoyed last year how people are putting the blame on him for the loss to the Rams and how poorly he played. But the way that that's being portrayed Hickey I don't think that's a direct shot at Kyler Murray. I could see why people are lining that up. I just think that's typically what general managers say when they're laying out the foundations for their organization. So I think it's maybe the wisest move on your first day there to take a shot at the franchise court who just got paid.

He's coming nowhere. Aaron Rodgers says he still thinks he could play at an MVP level this courtesy of the Pat Mac Goofy show. Do I still think I can play of course. Can I play at a high level? Yeah. The highest.

I think I can win MVP again. Right situation. Right situation is that Green Bay or is that somewhere else?

I'm not sure. But I don't think you should shut down any opportunity. Like I said during the season it's got to be both sides actually wanting to work together moving forward. I think there's more conversation to be had. I think no player wants to be part of any type of rebuild I said that years ago. Reloads are a lot of fun because you feel like you're close you're only a couple of guys away.

Did you hear the grunt by McAfee. The moment I'm sure it was a pelvic thrust to the moment when he said the MVP part Mac was like that's what I love about Pat when he has something going viral because he's such a good relationship with the guys that he interviews and so many people enjoy going on the show and it's also being seen too like he just right away knows when the moment is going to be viral content. So that was pretty funny clip. Rogers says he's not going to play for a team in twenty twenty-three that can't win a championship. They want to go younger and think Jordan's ready to go then there then that might be the way they want to go and if that's the case I still want to play then there's only one option right that's to play somewhere else. You know if it's not they you know like no no we still want you to play and you know this and that didn't have to be you know the right situation with the roster it looks like we can win it all because there's no point coming back if you don't think you can win at all. It's kind of weird Hickey not that saying Rogers doesn't want to win but I feel like that's the most direct he's been in that quest to go get another championship like there's sometimes I just wonder if he cares it seems they're like he really does care about winning another title. So they're LeBron like when the brought to the other week I'm not going to play the NBA with you know can't win a title. What's the point.

What's the point in playing. Well LeBron breaking news you're not going to win another championship in L.A. Rogers probably not going to win a championship in Green Bay. Last time I checked LeBron's the Laker. Rogers for now still a member of the Green Bay Packers. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show.

Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. So last night Dallas just destroys absolutely destroys Tampa Bay. There's two takes from the game. Let's start the Cowboys side. Does this mean that Mike McCarthy is safe.

I think with how dominant it was. And McCarthy the last two years his first two years in Dallas has won more than 10 games. I think getting a playoff win this year and something gets lost in this. We all kind of look at Jerry Jones as someone that makes these crazy decisions and gets rid of people as long as you know as quick as possible. How many years do we sit here and say Jason Garrett should be fired but they never did get fired.

And I know right Jerry will tell you I love Jason like a son. It does seem like there is a real genuine bond between Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones. And I don't think McCarthy was looking or Jones was looking to fire McCarthy. But if back to back years you have these great regular season and these embarrassing postseason results it would open up the door for Jones to make a move especially when Sean Payton's available Dan Quinn on that staff all that stuff.

But we're getting a postseason win last night and having it in the fashion that it was a blowout even though Tampa Bay was eight and nine enter in the game to blow out Tom Brady in the Buccaneers. I think that's enough for Jerry pretty much regardless of what happens this weekend against the 49ers to say OK I'm going to bring back Mike next year and McCarthy is a guy and sometimes we we are at fault on this for what his numbers are in his career for the coach that he's been I think he gets a little unfair criticism. Now you could say it was more Rogers than McCarthy in Green Bay but Rogers even talked about how instrumental McCarthy was in the development as well of Aaron Rodgers. So I said this numerous times before players win championships but you also need the right coaching.

And at the end like any long marriage that there is some fighting you could have a lot of good moments and then at the ending it makes it looks like it's an uglier marriage than what it actually was. And that's what I think happened between Rogers and McCarthy. But you look at life since McCarthy left sure Rogers won two MVPs but we'll see how far McCarthy could take this because two years yeah you lose wildcard weekend last year Rogers lost in the divisional round to the Niners and that was coming off a bye. And then you see this year Rogers down in the postseason McCarthy is now who is better. Yeah obviously Rogers is better at what he does and McCarthy is what he does. But I think a lot of people think Mike McCarthy stinks. The guy does not stink he's a good head football coach in this league. Will he win a Super Bowl in Dallas.

Maybe not. But how far can he take this team here. We'll see because this past week on Monday you know yesterday he destroyed Tampa Bay.

Now he could go into San Francisco. I don't think the Cowboys are just some pushover with the Niners going to run right through the Niners have been run through a lot of teams. They haven't lost since they were three and four. But I think that's going to be a good close game this weekend. And if you get a good close game like there's one thing if they get just absolutely destroyed by 40 points then anyone can get fired. But I'm starting to think Kiki after what we saw last night and I know for a while we said OK he's got to get to probably an NFC title game. Maybe this is in the moment but I'm thinking McCarthy's back next year regardless of how this weekend for the most part does play out.

I would agree. I mean I guess the only thing is if you lose 41 10 in San Francisco and again the only team you beat so far in the playoffs in your two years is an eight and nine bucket near stands not very good. It's the optics of beating Brady and never beating Brady before. You know how big Jerry is on history. That's good for Jerry. You know he sounded very happy in his postgame press conference yesterday winning that game. He would even tell you.

Yes he was. So you know maybe that 30 year buildup of losing on the road in the playoffs has got to him and now anything else from here is gravy. I said that guarantees Mike McCarthy a year number three. But for me if Jerry Jones once won a Super Bowl I don't think at this point my car this coach get you there but Jerry Royce Jerry's role he's loving it. But who are you going to bring in that wants to be that it's going to be that much better. Like Sean you would say Sean Payton right. I don't know if Sean wants to be there because if control such a big thing he's not going to get the control in Dallas. So if it's not Sean is there a name out there you think it's going to be drastically better than Mike McCarthy.

I would say no. I'd be interested in a lot of these hotshot young coordinators I wouldn't but someone that's proven like a lot of these. How many times we get a hotshot young coordinator that ends up being a failure like Adam Gase. Well how many coaches don't have their teams ready for a playoff game like last year like Mike McCarthy had this team not ready to go. Sure but then this year he had his team ready to go. So that's been one win and if it's if it doesn't change in San Francisco would really just change. They got around further. I guess a bad team gets the worst team in the league.

So congrats on that I guess. So you would say you would rather like give me a name out there that that is not Sean Payton that you would rather have right now over Mike McCarthy. I don't explore options but Dan Quinn's a guy on your staff already I look into more. I was looking to hotshot coordinator Ben Johnson.

I look into Mike Kafka. I would look into Shane Steichen you again for the Cowboys being a big job. You will attract plenty of other suitors here that maybe we're not even thinking of off the bat with some of these jobs that as you've said I agree are not attractive and get a real pool of talent here around outside of just right now with what you got Mike. You know the name Dan Quinn keeps on getting thrown out there and I think McCarthy's safe. I think McCarthy's back next year after last night. The name Dan Quinn keeps on getting thrown out there. I give credit to R.J.

Choppy for saying it. What makes Dan Quinn a better football coach than Mike McCarthy. McCarthy's won a Super Bowl. I know he had Rogers but at least he won a Super Bowl. Dan Quinn got to a Super Bowl with a quarterback that was MVP and they blew a 28 to 3 lead. Like this idea that Dan Quinn is so much better than Mike McCarthy.

That's one that I don't get. Now the other take from this game last night is the Brady angle. And I know we're in lockstep here. We both think Brady's playing football next year.

The question is just where. And you still believe that it's going to be in Tampa Bay and you think that there's going to be a trade that goes on with the Saints and the Buccaneers where Sean Payton goes to Tampa Bay and Brady stays in Tampa. Here's my question just to that based off what you said earlier because I've got a few people that tweeted me all what about Carolina for Brady and Sean since the Panthers are interviewing Sean Payton. If you are the Saints where you look at the Saints to the Bucks without Tom Brady let's just say and the Panthers right now where they're assembled like if you take Brady off the Bucks aren't pretty much the Saints the Panthers and the Buccaneers the same team when you look at them.

Yeah there's not like a huge difference. I say the Buccaneers roster the best of the three there's more super role and playoff experience on that roster. You have younger defensive talent in Carolina the Saints you have Chris Olave who's young and really good but it seems like the Saints are always banged up each and every year.

But I don't think there's that big of a difference. So my point is for like someone like you is advocating Brady and Sean to Tampa and the Panthers fan that's trying to get Sean and Brady there. If you're the Saints and if you take once again Brady off the Bucks I don't think there's that big of a difference with those three rosters. So if you're the Saints wouldn't you just say well we have the rights to Sean so Tampa Bay we're not trading him to you.

Carolina we're not trading him to you. And if Brady really wants to go work for Sean that much and play for Sean that much don't the Saints like have leverage here. Can't the Saints if it's really between if that if that idea is so clear in Brady's mind which I'm not saying it is that Brady wants to go play for Sean Payton. If I am the Saints I'm saying well it's not happening in Carolina it's not happening in Tampa Bay you want that to happen it's happening one place one place only we have the right to Sean Payton and it's going to happen in New Orleans. Like that's why I don't think it's going to happen in Tampa Bay or it's going to happen in Carolina where you get both Brady and Sean Payton. I surely have his rights I just don't think they're in a position where they're actually going to hold Sean Payton out of a place he wants to go to or if he says I'm going to Tampa Bay that's the place I want to go to and then Tampa Bay is willing to give whatever compensation it is. I'm asking double whatever I'm asking for. New Orleans saying no we're not like we're not letting you I just don't think it's there in that situation where it's why they have the rights I don't think it's gonna be that contentious we've never seen that before where they said no you're not going here we've seen in trade but in division yeah we've seen it before seen him a few times so it's not like it's crazy to say you know coach is getting traded in division you had Belichick in division fair but no one knew what Bill Belichick was going to turn into at that time this was a this is a proven Super Bowl winning coach in this league if Brady really wants to go play for Sean Payton I'm saying you could go other destinations it's not happening in Carolina and it's not happening in Tampa unless they're going to drastically overpay well why would the Saints then approve the Panthers well it's the same thing when I'm you could you could have conversations with them but why even get if you're not going to trade them there why even let us get that point you can have conversations with them and then what's that going to do once again you could have conversations if there's interest on both sides but still you cannot negotiate a contract with them until they get the the compensation in return figured on out with Mickey Loomis and the Saints well if you're the Saints saying we're not trading division why even allow to or why even approve an interview with the Panthers well just because you're allowing someone to go talk to someone doesn't mean that you're actually going to allow them to go work there but if you weren't gonna if you're gonna say no then well again what's the point of it proving in the first like approving in the first place well is Brady gonna go there that's the question if that's what I'm saying if Brady wants to go work with Sean and we don't know if that's true or not it's just speculation and then whatever you have back in Miami if they get wind that Sean is gonna bring Brady to Carolina I think it's different than just saying Sean you go interview for the Carolina Panthers job wasn't Sean Payne going somewhere there he has quarterback or knows he can get a quarterback so you know it's Tom Brady or not and you got a thing again if Sean Payne let's say he goes to Carolina Panthers you gotta think something's up his sleeve draft pick maybe it's more through building with the draft and trading up I think that's different once again it's an unknown commodity 46 years old next year does Tom Brady even have enough in the tank to win in those people I don't know I still think so but you look last night like he was no lighting it up so if you're the Saints I don't think you're petrified of a Brady-Payton relationship or partnership for a year as you would be just Sean Payne being your division for another 10 years but once again if that's gonna happen in my division and I could have it happen on my team I'd rather have it happen on my team unless the price is so big where maybe it's two first-round picks one for Sean and basically by de facto even though Brady's a free agent you basically add another first-round pick for Tom Brady because you know Brady's gonna go there then maybe that's something that the Saints want to do maybe that that is something the Saints would want to do and say okay that's only gonna really last like a year or two with Brady playing in this league I still think Brady could play in this league I know he's horrible last night I know he's not been good this season the guy led the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns last year for me what it comes back to is that offensive line was just so dreadful so dreadful this year and you see in Brady's career whether it's the Giants whether it's the Jets whether it's the Ravens any team that has success against Brady and where he gets rattled because he's constantly under duress Marco Belletti is here and real quickly I said I was gonna ask this question to Marco each and every week every day this week you were at 65 percent last night about the Giants your Giants beating the Eagles where is that number at today holding firm still nothing's changed yet okay yet yet we'll see now when you mean yet could that be in the positive direction or the negative direction both you know as well as I do every positive I and I still am but you know as well as I do as the week goes on and any gambler knows this for sometimes you feel something and sometimes all of a sudden it doesn't feel right so I I leave it open to change my mind but right now I feel exactly as I did last night okay the other three games so you still think the Giants are beating the Eagles this week I'll disagree with you on that but the other three games right now how alive is Dallas going into San Francisco in Europe very I agree with you very Hickey said a hundred percent he believes that the Niners are going to win a hundred percent right now four and a half three and a half depending what book it is I think this could be a field goal game I plus the points yeah I again I need a little bit closer feel for right now off the bat I would say the Niners win but I do think it's gonna be a tight game yeah and I don't like the Maher situation as much as we want to joke about it and play around and it's fun or you know one when a player gets the yips it's hard to get rid of that and that could be a factor and I'd hate to see it come down to that just for Brett Maher because that's I mean you don't want to see a situation like that with an individual player so I am a little concerned for the Cowboys in a tight game that they don't have the ability to kick a lay field goal that they need in the AFC Bengals bills this weekend in Buffalo which I know they played the same amount of games and the DeMar Hamlin situation obviously something we've never seen I didn't really care what the NFL did in regards to how they schedule moving forward they had a decision to make and now we could have a neutral site AFC title game between the Chiefs and the and the bills only but it is a little bit weird now and I I didn't realize in the moment but now I see more of what the bangle fam was saying if they would have played that game the the Bengals could have won that game and then they would have had the home field advantage great the game never got played so it's like you never played each other you had one more loss what's the problem well the game never happened that argument once again would be if they did play the game great and if you would have played maybe you would have lost who the hell knows to me it's stupid one team was 13 and three one team was 12 and four like I understand that if you're talking about a half a game I get the Chiefs bills situation simply because it's one more game and Buffalo beat them so it's different that you you you please played 16 games you never played each other one had more win one more win and one had warmer so what's the problem to me it's it's asinine it's it's like little kid stuff well we could have did that well you didn't it didn't happen who do you like in that game this week bangles okay wow look at that just towards the Bengals fan base hopefully the players aren't spewing this nonsense but yeah I look I've been worried about the bills for a while and I and I know that this is something that people kind of been talking about so I don't want to sound like it's bandwagon stuff but they have turned the ball over at an alarming rate and I do still feel like and I think we've all been on this for a long time with the season they don't have a legitimate running game when they need it mine is Josh Allen so you're putting Josh Allen in harm's way constantly he's been making mistakes he's been trying to force things these are things that have been issues for a long time and I don't know if they get corrected in one shot I was very disappointed in what I saw from the bills against the Dolphins you let a team forget the third string quarterback for a second you let a team that let's be fair should not be able to sniff you in your building in the playoffs you had a 17 point lead against the team that could not move the football the week before and have really not been able to do anything and you turn the ball over constantly and you gave them a pulse that's a problem so I know we gotta we gotta get to a break and we're up against it I think the Bengals offense line I gotta see how healthy it is now Collins out for the year cap a week to week Jonah Williams week to week as well that's a concern for me but they had no offensive line last year and we're half second away from winning a Super Bowl if they could just block Aaron Donald for another half second now just give me the team name because I'm gonna hit the break I'm assuming you're in Kansas City over Jackson correct okay close game or I I don't have a great feel for life part of me thinks yeah it could be but most of me thinks I'd probably wind up laying the point yeah like the Jacksonville Super Bowl was last week yeah they start really slow and I feel like if you're gonna start slow against Kansas City you're gonna be up against that buzzsaw and once it gets going they don't stop you're listening to the Zach Gelb show the defensive player of the week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the Armed Forces DOD veterans and their families their members are the mission learn more at Navy how about Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard who saved the game for Cincinnati as he returned to fumble by Tyler Huntley 98 yards to the deciding touchdown the Bengals 24 to 17 victory the former Ohio State edge rushers fumble return was the longest in postseason history as Cincinnati advances to face Buffalo coming up on Sunday afternoon on the show on the phones 855 2124 CBS 855 212 4227 could always give us a follow on social media Instagram and Twitter at Zach Gelb ZACH GLB do that right now Jay in Dallas next up on the Zach Gelb show Jay what's shaking hey Zach how's it going just real quick I want to sound a big fan of the Backstreet Boys intro I don't think it's awesome real quick man I just wanted to get your opinion on the Dallas Cowboys game this Sunday just wanted to see who do you think which quarterback do you think has the biggest challenge is it Brock against the Dallas Cowboys defense or Dak against the 49ers defense I think it's well hmm it's a good question I would say that it is Dak against the Dallas against the 49ers defense cuz I think there's gonna be more asked of Dak Prescott then there is going to be a Brock Purdy now Brock Purdy has played really well but you look at the weapons around Brock Purdy I think they're better than the weapons around what Dak Prescott is not that Dak has these horrible weapons you go you got CeeDee Lamb you got Michael Gallup I know Schultz has turned into a solid tight end you had Pollard you got Ezekiel Elliott but I just like the weapons that Brock Purdy has around him better with Christian McCaffrey with Deebo Samuel with Brandon Iyuk and I do believe that the 49ers defense is better and has been obviously more consistent and dominant than the Cowboys defense so I think Dak is gonna have to play better than Brock because Moore's asked of Dak and I think he's going up against a better defense yeah no I totally agree and if I could throw in one more question you know the whole kicker situation was you know absolutely ridiculous crazy yesterday I just want to see what can we do I mean can we have a backup or is there even anybody out there that we could possibly get yeah well you have that anyone that's available that gets brought in for tryouts each and every week I guess in the NFL I don't think they're gonna make the change that late in the season you just hope he bounces back but you do get concerned about the yips in a spot like that where every point is going to matter I think Brett Maher is going to be the kicker for the Cowboys and I don't think you're gonna have the backup kicker you know field goal kicker on the roster let's go to Joseph in Houston next up on the Zach Geld show Joey go ahead yes sir how you doing I got a quick comment on what to make yes so we had Houston here we already interviewed Sean Payton so in my mind if Dallas moves the game this weekend I guarantee you Jerry Jones is thinking about bringing Sean Payton over there correct me if I'm wrong have a nice evening yeah thanks Joseph I don't think Jerry Jones really even thinks about the Texans that's how bad and irrelevant and how comical the Texans have been now I don't think he's concerned with Sean Payton going in state over there to Houston with that being said does Jerry want Sean I think yes to some extent but I think he's also happy with what he has now and I think with what occurred last night the only way that they would open up that door once again of McCarthy getting fired is if they get blown out and I don't think they're gonna get blown out this weekend so I know that Sean his interview with the Texans does not mean that he's gonna want the job I know he talked about on a coward doesn't mean that he's going to get the job now the Texans be stupid to not want to hire him but just because they want to hire him doesn't mean Sean's gonna take that job so I don't think Jerry should be all that worried about Sean with the Texans even if he goes there you still got to feel much better with the direction of your team compared to the direction of where the Houston Texans are because that is a long long long rebuild obviously all right big thanks to Jason lock for RJ choppy each and every one of you on the phones excellent stuff today big thanks to hot take Hickey and we'll be back tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific and it will be the yearly coaching carousel on the Zach Gilb show manata talk to you then everybody we out bye-bye peace
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