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Best & Worst From Wild Card Weekend (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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January 16, 2023 10:07 pm

Best & Worst From Wild Card Weekend (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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January 16, 2023 10:07 pm

News Brief l 3 best & worst things from Wild Card Weekend l Closing Bell


Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports.

Pretty awesome. That is what Brock Purdy is. He's rocking out with his Brock out and Brock Purdy as he gets his first postseason win in his first postseason start and had four total touchdowns.

And if he was nervous before his first playoff game against the Seahawks? There was some emotion going into the game. You just feel it in the environment with the fans and our teammates. Like, man, this is win or go home. And so you did feel that pregame and whatnot. But once the game started, it was all, hey, it's 11 on 11. I got to do my job.

I got to get it to the guys when they're in space and go from there. Really, Hickster, the first two drives for him, I thought you saw a little bit of nerves. It looked like there was like a little timing issue in the football when he was throwing a little bit behind wide receivers.

But other than that, for a guy that was literally Mr. Irrelevant in the draft this year, to be able to have that type of performance in his first playoff game, when it got close at halftime and they were down by one going into half, I know he has a loaded team, but that guy keeps on impressing week in and week out. And he just keeps on developing more and more confidence with Brock Purdy. Even early on, I think it was like the second or third drive when he threw deep to Brandon Iukin, like almost got it picked and he missed a wide open Deebo.

Samuel, like shrugs it off, comes back. I think they scored on that driver. If not, they obviously scored later on in the game. It's just like I said, he just does not succumb to the pressure of the moment and just truly just is next man up next playoff. It just continues just amazed at this point. Kyle Shanahan says Brock Purdy executed the game plan to perfection. We didn't have the luxury to sit there and worry about stuff the way the game was going. We just had to call plays to try to win the game and he did such a hell of a job and he's done it every time since. So we got a lot of confidence in him and he gives us more and more confidence each week.

We go to the other side of this. I thought Geno Smith played a good game up until that fumble. Once that fumble did occur by Geno Smith, it kind of just opened up the floodgates.

Geno Smith says he likes the direction of the Seahawks moving forward. You know what I see for this team is a team with a bright future. You know, a lot of guys, a lot of young guys on this team got a lot of experience.

First playoff games, my first playoff start. So we've got a long ways to go. I'm excited about the future. I know we can be a lot better and it's just going to take a lot of commitment. And so, you know, I'm in it for the long haul.

I'm ready to go. Hickey, I would be really surprised if he's not back next year. It just comes down to what that deal is going to look like. And from some of the reporting over this weekend, it doesn't look as if he's necessarily going to try to get the most money in free agency. And he's realized the situation at Seattle is a favorable one for him, one that's working. And it seems like they both want to tango here and get this deal done. Sometimes less money to stay, you know, in a place you know, in a place you like is worth it. Yeah. I would just take the most money possible because this was a, this was really a season that no one could have predicted for Geno Smith.

And I would just parlay this maybe not into the most opportunity moving forward, but where I could get the most money. But Geno looked good in that place. He looked good all year, but he made some big time throws and it was just a shame that once that fumble happened, Ryan, that it really just kind of flipped the momentum of the game and made what looked like was going to be this improbable upset victory. Just totally changed like that. And then from there it was a pretty much game over.

They could never capitalize or, or get back into form for where they were. What credit to Geno played? Well, I would say more of a credit to the 49ers defense of just kind of forcing the mistakes, which again, considering what we thought of Genesis going to the year, the fact you could say played well in a playoff team at 50 yard bomb is amazing.

Well, first off, just getting to the playoffs. That's true. Yeah. Oh yeah. Doug Peterson, who won a super bowl before as a head coach says this victory coming back from down 27 nothing against the chargers was one of the greatest wins of his career. My hat's off to our guys, our team told them after the game that, you know, other than obviously winning the super bowl a few years ago, greatest coaching victory as a team, this one, this one's right up there with it.

Yeah. It's nice that he said other than the super bowl cause defeating Bill Belichick in the super bowl is definitely his biggest career accomplishment. But remember for whatever the reasons were things ended poorly in Philadelphia.

And then the last two years and the last two off seasons, even though they fired him kind of late, people were doubting Doug Peterson and people were not really willing to take a chance on Doug Peterson. And he goes to Jacksonville and you're number one there in the divisional round. Now it's going to be fourth and goal at the one real quickly Cowboys up six up against the bucks. Zeke is the back and Oh wow. What a play call there and perfectly executed by Dak Prescott. Now I have to respond after the play to tell you what happened.

So I'm doing that as the Cowboys take a 12 nothing lead. They had Zeke and Tony Pollard on the field. They sent Pollard in motion and it looked like they're going to hand the ball up the middle to Ezekiel Elliott. If they did Zeke would have lost three yards on the play and everyone on Tampa Bay fell for the fake. Dak rolls out to the left, rushing touchdown, Cowboys up 12 nothing. They missed the extra point earlier and they missed the extra point again.

12 nothing right now between the Cowboys and the Buccaneers, Cowboys up top, up on top 12 nothing. Let's go back to this Jacksonville game where they come back from down 27 nothing against the Chargers to secure a victory. Trevor Lawrence had four interceptions in the first half, then four touchdowns the rest of the game. Trevor Lawrence on why the team never gave up. That's the thing, just the belief in this team. It's really cool to see what can happen when everybody believes and I wouldn't have been able to do what I did today and what the offense was able to do in the second half to bounce back. Also the defense if we didn't believe in one another. Let's hear from Brandon Staley who I think should be fired but won't be fired.

They should go get Sean Payton but they won't. Here's Brandon Staley and what went wrong in the second half. We didn't play clean enough football in the second half in all three phases. We didn't score the ball or possess it well enough on defense. We had far too many penalties in the second half that really hurt us and didn't play well enough in the red area. Just didn't play a good second half of football as a team. I know people inside their locker room have really talked glowingly about Brandon Staley and even the aftermath of this game have come out and supported him.

Here's the real question Ryan. How genuine is that? Because if you're a player and you blow a game like that you don't believe in the coach. How many players are actually on the record going to say I think the coach stinks.

I think it's time to move on and then when they don't move on you have to go back into that locker room and hope that guy allows you to continue to have a job. I just wonder where the genuine belief is out of Brandon Staley because all offseason and all year and we've had a lot of Chargers players on from Austin Eckler to Drew Tranquil, Zion Johnson the rookie. They all speak glowingly of Brandon Staley. I just don't know how genuine that belief is and how much is it just players speak.

I hate to say it. I think we might find out next year but it's gonna be a long time but if they if this team you could tell that platform is still hanging over them. They don't believe in the coach or he's not done a good enough job to move on from it or if they come out firing and truly learn from it.

I think you could say that those words actually do have some meaning. So here's then the next question does Sean Payton want the Chargers job so badly that he'll wait and say I'm not going Arizona I'm not going to Houston I'm not going to Carolina or Denver and I'm gonna bank on Brandon Staley failing and not getting that team to where they should be. I'll go back to Fox be comfy only really work one day a week and then a year from now wait to pounce on that Chargers job when Brandon Staley fails because there's no way in my opinion that Dean Spanos is now going to fire Brandon Staley. He should right now but I think he's going in a weird way need another embarrassing moment and have that be three years in a row for him to say okay this isn't working and I'm ready to write the check to just get him to go away because Sean wants that job right now and they're not going to fire Staley right now because they're believing in his potential they're just being cheap or they're trying to say oh he made the playoffs so we'll keep him around.

That's a good question. Would Sean which is tough to rely on others and also maybe the Chargers bounce back and have a great season next year would he wait a full year when the jobs aren't great right now to see where the market plays out and if you go get that Chargers job next season. And on top of that do you have a belief that Dean Spanos would do the right thing a year from that right paying the money he wants and also give the draft conversation about I don't know I don't have confidence in it.

I don't know what the Brandon Staley contract is but usually for a first-time head coach it's five years so at the end of next year will be three years in that means you'll have to pay two years off on the deal maybe that makes it easier for Brandon Staley that's assuming he has a five-year deal maybe as for I don't know what the contract is for Staley. Alright let's go to Josh Allen they're up 17-0 then some turnovers bit them in the you-know-what they end up winning the game by three points up against the Dolphins. Josh Allen as they're getting set for the Bengals now says it was an up-and-down game up against Miami.

One week season man it's that's it gotta take it 1-0 one game at a time. Thought we did some good things today I did some bad things today you know some stuff to clean up some some things to learn from but we'll grow from it it's all all that matters is surviving and advancing doesn't matter how we win it's if we win and proud of our guys for playing the way they did. Let's go to Mike McDaniel and if he wants Tua Tungovailoa back next season.

Of course you guys know how I feel about Tua and that that hasn't changed at all and you know that I see I think we all see him as the leader of this team and well if you know when it's appropriate for him to lead the team and I will jump on that opportunity that's a he's a great player with only the only improvement in front of him as well you know we're talking about a 24 year old quarterback that you know I think when I signed up for this job I spent six months trying to convince people that he was good. Chris Greer also said that without a doubt he is the Dolphins quarterback moving forward the general manager of the Miami Dolphins I think that's a mistake Kiki in terms of now I get why they're saying that today but if they go through this offseason and just bare minimum don't drastically improve the backup quarterback position I think you're playing with fire here because this is not an ACL this is not a hip injury like injuries of the past a wrist injury a thumb injury we're talking about your cabeza and he suffered from what we know probably more to concussions this year that were documented and he was not able to return the last few weeks ever since suffering that concussion with the Packers was it able to clear concussion protocol you may be talking about one more head injury and his career could be over where doctors say it's not safe for you to play football moving forward I think you got to be realistic like if Derek Carr wants to go to Miami this year is that enough to say goodbye to Tua I don't know Jimmy G I know his relationship there with Mike McDaniel I don't know but if Brady wants to go back to Miami where he was rumored to last offseason with the whole tampering and all that with Sean Payton if you're the Dolphins and you think you go win with Brady right now for the next two years you go to Tom Brady that's what they're gonna have to figure out if there's a better alternative than what they have with Tua right now where they say okay we can make that guy our guy moving forward with Tua we like to we believe in Tua but we just don't know if he's gonna be able to stay on the field Mike McDaniel what caused a delay of game on fourth and one when the play clock did run out and it moved it back to fourth and six within they weren't able to convert there was some communication that we'd gotten the first down so then we were deploying a group of players for the first and ten call and then it was it was articulated that no it was fourth down I had just had gotten convicted information that it was a first down probably the first time all year that that has happened yeah you watch that hickey it does look like it was a first down when I was watching it live and then I guess that's what caused them to hesitate but still I guess if he's saying he got told it was a first down when did you get told it wasn't a first down like on the field they didn't rule it a first down from everything that we could see if this was a one-time thing in the game maybe it's a little more understandable but they were slow all throughout that's the thing this has been a constant theme for this offense the entire game so I can't either sit here say oh that's fine like it's all good or it's that you're not at fault now but also like let's say if you're told hey we got the first down do you not use your eyes if they mark the ball there and you look at the down and distance marker you got to have a play ready to go there so that I don't know how much I believe that I really don't Kirk Cousins only threw two yards on fourth and eight with the season on the line I thought Kirk played really well up until that moment Kirk and why he threw it short on fourth and eight. Tried to work Justin didn't feel good about putting up to Justin and then when I went to progress I just felt like I was about to get sacked and I felt like I got to put the ball in play and if I take you know I can't go down with a sack so I just thought I'd kick it out to TJ and I had thrown short of the sticks on a few occasions in the game and even going back a few weeks and just felt like you know just throwing short of the sticks isn't the end of the world it's just you know it's obviously tight coverage so didn't have the chance to pull away but I just felt like I was going to go down and take a sack if I didn't put it out. I know through all the league this weekend every over hit and this is a league of offense offense offense even in those games where it's back and forth a lot of offense defensive plays usually win the games and if Dexter Lawrence isn't there and he could go through his progressions he had KJ Osborne open or enough of a window to get him the ball and it would have been way past the sticks for a first down but instead you feel like you're going to get sacked even though it's not ideal to go short of the sticks you just throw that ball up to Hockinson way short and it does not work. Daniel Jones though played a heck of a game yesterday. Brian Dable the coach of the Giants first year in the divisional round now gonna play the Eagles coming up Saturday night assesses his quarterback's play. You seem to be understating how well he played in this situation.

Is it good a good adjective to use? I'm not a writer I'm just a coach so look Daniels I've said it all year he's been good for us and continues to be good for us and he played a good game and I think there's a lot of other people that play good games too to help him play a good game he'll be the first to admit it but as the leader of our football team you know I'm proud of him. So Dable spends a lot of time at Belichick and Saban he has some Belichick and Saban in him and you hear it the most when talking to the media but then Hickey after the game you see him dancing in the locker room and he's like oh well Nick Saban and Belichick would never do something like that. You look at some victory stogies outside too after the game yes that is true as well did you see by the way and we'll get to some of this Bengals Ravens stuff in a second Zach Taylor I guess it started last year anytime they win in the playoffs he goes out into the Cincinnati area whenever they have a home playoff win and he gives out a game ball to the fans I guess that happened with the Raiders game last year last night he's at some bar where they have a DJ he walks in gives out a game ball to a fan in the bar that's awesome that's a badass tradition I like that it's good for you he knows that's a guy who imagine if you were so drunk bozo at a bar you probably think you're so drunk I got a game ball you never probably think that's actually the coach it is you wake up the next morning with a ball in your arms where the hell did this thing come from some people want to go home with someone from the bar now you went home with the game ball let's listen up to John Harbaugh the game change right on the just crazy fumble recovery by Sam Hubbard and then when 98 yards the longest fumble return for a touchdown in postseason history and it was it was a quarterback sneak from two yards out and Tyler Huntley tried to go over the top which just you're asking for disaster there I get if you're like half yard away but not two full yards away John Harbaugh what happened on Tyler Huntley's fumble on the goal line you decide whether you're gonna hand it off take it off the line hand it back in the backfield or whether you want a quarterback sneaker we felt we had a good call to push sneak play you know it wasn't executed just so quite way I mean Tyler went over the top that's a brutal play he's got to go low on that that's the way the plays design so coach putting all the blame on the quarterback said yep he has an option he took it and you can't go over the top there JK Dobbins last one here discussed his frustration with how he is used in the offense why am I not out there all the time I should be the guy I'm tired of holding that back tired of that I'm tired of holding it back let's go win the game I'm tired of holding back on that I'm tired of it I'm tired I'm tired of it I'm tired of it like I'm tired of it safe to say he's tired and I know he's been hurt the last two years but he's a heck of a running back and you just continue the frustration and all the drama with the Baltimore Ravens you know what they are in the last like 20 years just this year they're like the Dallas Cowboys except they got the championships right now cuz there's so much drama with that team this year by the way Dallas is up 12-0 they're trying to go get another score against Brady and the Bucks still in the first half the offense for Tampa Bay the only time they had a chance to do something Brady threw an interception in the end zone but 12 nothing right now Dallas is on top of Tampa you're listening to the Zach Gelb show I gotta give credit to Dak Prescott this game is far from over but right now it's Dallas 12 Tampa nothing that first touchdown pass beautiful job getting the ball to Dalton Schultz the second touchdown he gets everyone to fake he kept he takes the ball himself and gets the one yard touchdown run off the left side and on third and six as Tampa is trying to get the ball back right before the end of half he takes off and runs he's about a yard short of the sticks and he just dives forward and takes contact on while doing so to go get the first down so Dak looking good for the Dallas Cowboys after what was a horrible and I mean horrible game up against the commanders last week Hickey real quickly let's just go back and forth there then we'll get to Jane Alaska 855-2124 CBS 855-212-4227 three best things three worst things that we saw for the weekend in the NFL I'll start off with the best thing we'll go the three best first and three worst I'll go Daniel Jones it is so tough in New York when you fail earlier you're doubted early to have a good ending and Daniel Jones has played himself into getting a multi-year extension and he's looking as if he is the franchise quarterback of the Giants and he's looking like a top 10 top 15 quarterback in this league the way that he could kill you with his legs and then you just saw how perfect the ball placement was I know everyone talks about the Isaiah Hodgins catch that was a great mobile play and then a perfect ball that was thrown to give a chance for Isaiah Hodgins to make the play and he did that so Daniel Jones gets a best moment for me over the weekend I would say a great goal give credit to Mike McDaniel I know at the end of the game you can get on him for rightfully so for his clock management especially getting the plays in on time but the fact is with a third string quarterback and with three outfits alignment either out or playing out of position they were they lost hanging by three on the road to Buffalo they were in the game I gave a lot of credit sure but without having even with having a third string quarterback in the game why does that then cause a coach to use all the timeouts and not even able to get a play call in to get the ball off on fourth and one we had to settle for fourth and six I don't disagree it was it's inexcusable you can't have that happen but the reality is also to his credit at least that yes well his own fault you could argue that they didn't win the game also he got them to the point where they were driving to potentially take the lead and win the game yeah I can't praise mediocrity there Sam Hubbard gets the best moment for me you have Tyler Huntley two yards out trying to go air Jordan on everyone airborne Bengals forced the ball out and then Sam Hubbard takes it ninety eight yards to the house with that being said you probably should have had an illegal block in the back I don't know why to begin with the Bengals weren't blocking properly as Mark Andrews was just running down the field but heck of a job by Sam Hubbard going ninety eight yards to the house Brock Purdy first playoff start no big deal four total touchdowns first rookie quarterback to ever do that in a playoff game he was looked unflappable he just looked calm cool collected there's a lot of thoughts of oh the playoffs gonna rattle Brock Purdy guy looks fine alrighty let's go to another best moment for me Doug Peterson down twenty seven to nothing they come back they win the game Trevor Lawrence goes from four interceptions to four touchdowns just absolutely crazy stuff and Doug Peterson was someone that all he did was win in Philadelphia then he got fired then had to sit out a year and didn't get a ton of interviews when ten jobs are open up this past year in the NFL and your number one is off to the divisional round up against his mentor in Andy Reid speaker of the game let's go Trevor Lawrence four picks in your first ever playoffs start in the first half usually most people melt and just kind of get afraid to throw the ball off to that he just kept going four touch on passes great job in the second half leading that comeback a lot of credit Trevor Lawrence okay let's go to three worse my first worst moment oh my god he missed that again Marco he missed two to the right this one pulled so he overcompensated he pulled it so for people have no clue we're talking about the Cowboys just took an 18-nothing lead Dak Prescott playing really well just had his second passing touchdowns at Dalton Schultz also as a rushing touchdown Dak Prescott Brett Maher yeah wow the first two were to the right the third one wide to the left so that is 18 to nothing now and I don't think Tampa Bay and I know the Cowboys always choke Brady always has these great comebacks this offense this team has no life in them tonight but it toes three points come back to haunt them geez like against Brady it just makes you say they're playing as good as they can the Cowboys but you just say oh we really wish we had those it's almost cowboy like that there's something I mean same thing we were watching the Chargers right I mean anybody at 27-7 I think we all looked around it was like you know wouldn't this be the charge so you don't know it was like okay I could see it probably what happened but I could see it yeah I mean there's certain teams that have struggles and the Cowboys are one of them yeah three worst moments from the weekend hickey one of your best moments one of my worst moment Mike McDaniel I get it you have Skyler Thompson a third string quarterback you're on the road in Buffalo but to waste all your timeouts to not be able to dial up a play call and fourth and once you don't get a delay a game that's the worst moment for me out of Mike McDaniel Josh Allen's ball security awful one of the reasons why the dolphins able to get back in this game three turnovers led to 17 points for Miami we talked about it in the preview on Friday yeah one thing you can't do turn the ball over did it three times now I'm just wondering if let's say that was a Colts quarterback and the Colts won a playoff game would you still give it a worst moment because I think you're right in your analysis but you do have a little hatred towards the Buffalo Bills from what I've gathered no I'm just I'm I think I'm being fair number one and also too I'm not trying to repeat any of yours so it's like you know some of the ones you have I'm just trying to be different and that's one of the ones that was a negative even in a win it's still a negative you got it Vikings defense horrible I'm not taking anything away from Saquon Barkley Isaiah Hodgins Daniel Jones they were great that's why I gave Daniel Jones the best moment but that Vikings defense Patrick Peterson got burnt Zadarius Smith more worried about complaining to the officials than trying to go make a tackle that defense I didn't even think Kirk Cousins yeah I thought he put a good game up until the end but that defense cost them and cost them big and that's why I'm moving on to the second round that defense was horrible Chargers play calling on the hands of offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi like you're 27 nothing you cannot or any circumstance run the ball eight times in the span of the entire second half when you're 27 nothing you got to be able to develop some sort of run game to to bleed the clock they could not part of reason why the Jaguars had so much time for a comeback now I did see a lot of tweets during that game pour out Michaels out Michaels can't get a big moment anymore can't get a good game anymore after all that crap on Thursday Night Football and I tweeted this I said people realize how Michaels gets paid a lot of money well maybe we wish this game would have been a bad game and not a good game because Al Michaels who was an absolute legend creme de la creme broadcaster but on NBC he had a horrible game-winning field goal call in an epic game between the Chargers and Jaguars likely on Kansas City here we go for the win got it but there's a flag down there's a flag down as everybody's running out onto the field but there's a penalty marker and they call it on the defense now I get it there's some confusion with the penalty flag so I give a pass for that but at the end oh they call on defense as if this wasn't this crazy game this has been a guy do you believe in miracles yes like this has also been a guy that was on the call for the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl pick like some of the biggest moments of the history of sports and he's always lived up to the moment but the last two years his playoff calls have sucked you heard that one and then this was from last year as we always have fun of this one this was the game-winning field goal called Rams to beat the Buccaneers on what was divisional round weekend 30 yards to win the game Matt and the Rams by the hair of their skinny teeth teeth of the hair of their skinny teeth teeth so unfortunately Michael's an absolute legend he gets a worse moment for me Al sounds like someone who hadn't charged his money line right there that's probably why he's like oh flag flag flag come on holding false start and we know he tends to gamble here or there just a little bit you just say that for sure I never even thought about it that way hecky good job out of you you know you get a best moment for me there we go all right all right love a little bonus last one I'll say the whole Lamar situation I mean not on the sidelines not tweeting during the game today he's talking about you know don't ruin a good thing reading during the game but show you're watching the like support your teammates if you're not gonna be there which I think is a big deal not being on the sidelines of a playoff game I don't know why you're not there in the first place and I saw that Torrey Smith said that he wasn't there last week either so who knows but what else do you do wasn't there yeah I know like you came to show some love to the guys you play with I think that's bad job eight five five two one two four CBS let me quickly get to Jay in Alaska Jay what's happening hey what's up man I just had to gloat in the in the because I'm petty I had to gloat in the Chargers how very Chargers of the Chargers to blow and choke that game away new coach new quarterback same old Chargers I freaking love it bro yeah but yeah that's tough to hear when you're a Raiders fan and you guys made the playoffs last year and this year you guys sucked yeah well we got hose last year against the Bengals on that on that touchdown call but anyway does is tell me to get hosed in a big moment enough of you guys win the game hey I had to ask you something though I asked Iggy earlier have you ever heard of a a team with the receiver the number one being the league leader in touchdowns and yardage and the running back being the league leader in rushing and touchdowns missed the playoffs because if that's the if that's never happened before that just adds to the ice cream sundae of McClellan boys epic fail with the with the Raiders and I couldn't agree with you more everybody I heard you say it and I've heard several other people say we should have got Brian day ball because McClellan boy can't coach and you know I I just I had to call it and talk about you talking about that you got it Jay appreciate the phone call the man that does have Brian day ball is Marco Belletti and Marco Belletti who sometimes has like a rough look to him around here like grumpy sometimes moody am I curmudgeon if new people are around here they may not want to talk to Marco until like they're here five six months because he can scare people you are smiling today I'm in a good mood that was some performance I'm in a good mood by your quarterback your running back your coach and then I thought the best performance of them all Dexter Lawrence I wish I could say I'm completely shocked I'm not I expected them to if they would have lost that game you would have seen a very pissed off already today because I expected them to go into Minnesota and win did I think it was going to be as clean offensively as it was maybe not to that extent but I thought they were the better team I thought they were better coached and I really think that the Viking defense is awful and I knew the Giants can move the football up and down the field on are you here all week yes okay I'm going to ask you this question every day this week out of a hundred percent where's your confidence today on Monday that the Giants go into Philadelphia and get a victory 65 wow I would have told you that last week you would have I look and you're not you and you've always been expecting this year for the other shooter to kind of fall with this all year long and I've said this to you on the air off the air anybody that's listening when they started 61 a lot of it was smoke and mirrors they were winning games they should have won it was fun it was great it was I was like you know it is what it is hopefully they make the playoffs building something same thing the Washington law the tie at home annoyed the hell out of me because that was the opportunity they became a mesh unit they were lost the Eagles didn't care a lot of games it was just like whatever the game that they had a win in Washington was ugly and it was like all right it is what it is yeah the game on Christmas Eve in Minnesota changed everything for me they went to Minnesota they look like a completely different team and was the first time Brian Dable and Mike Kafka and the offense said you know what Daniel Jones go get it this this defense stinks I don't care what weapons we got we're not gonna play gimmicky we're not gonna mess around here's the ball go play they had two big turnovers they had a block punt they should have beat the Vikings on Christmas Eve it was the first time I saw them play like a collective group they came back the next week against the Colts I know it's the Colts I don't care they dominated from the opening kick to the end of the game something that hadn't done all year and in the spot where they had a clench of playoffs birth played zero no players against the Eagles none there was guy there were about three guys that even sniffed the field and they were in the game and they made them play their starters for 60 minutes and if you watch that game on the sideline it was almost like they looked around and went we can play with them yeah that's the best team in the NFC we can play with them look around I mean guys we got nobody out there we can play with them and they started to build and it started to build I expected to see a good performance I got exactly what I wanted in Minnesota from the Giants I expect them to take that confidence that they had on the Eagles sideline especially a team that's on the downtrend they are the Eagles are better than the Giants yeah this matchup and the timing of it is why I certainty of hurts which is why I think the Giants win on Saturday night wait wow how about that I was not expecting that from Marco Bolletti I do think the Eagles are gonna win but last week I'll tell you this I totally just messed up my analysis on this because on Monday and Tuesday I felt great about the Giants beating the Vikings and then I heard every other Tom Dick and Harry in America take the Giants right go I'll take Minnesota no and then look I said I think the thing what did I say exactly to you Hickey when you were asking me I think was Friday so what's the thing that you're most worried about it so the most worried about is that I'm overconfident yeah I'm like that's never a good feeling I'm never confident about anything yeah that's what I'm saying so it just didn't feel right because it was like there's everything pointing at all the matchups everything works what's gonna happen that's gonna screw this up that's what I felt like on Friday and Saturday and they pulled it off so the first number for Marco this week is 65% confidence that the Giants beat the Eagles we'll see what the number is tomorrow we got to take a break we'll do the closing bell next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show Brock Purdy rock out with your Brock out Brock Purdy looking pretty awesome first career playoff start 18 to 30 332 yards four total touchdowns he's the first QB to total four TDs in a playoff game a rookie QB to total four TDs at a playoff game and the first rookie QB to win a playoff game since Russell Wilson did so in 2012 give Brock Purdy a stock up the bounce back of Trevor Lawrence for interceptions looking like he was going to be the zero to turning into the hero for passing touchdowns finished with 288 passing yards as the Jaguars come back to stun the Chargers they were down 27 nothing they went 31 30 give a stock up to Trevor Lawrence Daniel Jones and Brian Daybal oh my Daniel Jones 24 35 301 yards two touchdowns also had 17 cash 78 yards and Jones is the first QB in postseason history with 300 plus passing yards two plus passing TDs and 70 plus rushing yards in a game give Daniel Jones and Brian Daybal as the Giants are off to the divisional round a stock up Sam Hubbard changed the game when he recovered a nine a fumble that went 98 yards to the house it's the longest fumble return in postseason history give Sam Hubbard of the Bengals a stock up for beating the Ravens 24 to 17 I got to give a stock down to the Chargers the whole team you're on 27 nothing in the playoffs and you lose my oh my ugly ugly ugly stock down to the entire Chargers team Mike McDaniel your team was in it with a third string quarterback but the play calling and clock management at the end of the game was abysmal give a stock down to Mike McDaniel the Vikings defense that was just terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible give the Vikings defense a massive stock down as they couldn't stop as Bart Scott would say a nosebleed that was brutal stock down to the Vikings defense and that is the closing bell and it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we'll be back tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific
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