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Burrow is that Guy! (Hour 2)

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January 2, 2023 8:55 pm

Burrow is that Guy! (Hour 2)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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January 2, 2023 8:55 pm

No Huddle Offense | The Future is bright in Detroit | The AFC QB Picture


This is the Zach Yelp Show on CBS Sports Radio. Our 17th NFL Sunday is in the books and now it's time to get to the No Huddle Offense. Touchdowns, sacks, upsets, and last minute heroics. Another NFL Sunday is in the books and we've got you covered with the biggest plays and sound bites from another wild week in the National Football League.

It's time for No Huddle Offense on the Zach Gelb Show. Saturday night in Atlanta, there was a game a lot of people cared about. That was Georgia and Ohio State.

Sunday in Atlanta, there was a game that basically no one cared about between the Falcons and the Cardinals. The Falcons win on a game-winning field goal by Yung-Wei Ku. It was a 21-yard attempt and here how it sounded by Wes Durham on Falcons Radio. It is a 21-yard field goal for Yung-Wei Ku to give Atlanta its sixth win of the year.

There is a right to left angle for Yung-Wei Ku. Liam McCullough will snap, opinion spot, the kick is from Ku and it is good and Atlanta wins. Desmond Ritter in the game 19 to 26 for 169 yards. Still in search of his first touchdown.

He does not have one in his first three starts of his NFL career. Tyler Algier 20 carries for 83 yards and a score and you got that Yung-Wei Ku game-winning 21-yard field goal for the Atlanta Falcons as they do improve to 6 and 10 on the season in the Arizona Cardinals. 4 and 12 and only one more game for the Cardinals this season before this miserable season comes to a close. Next stop, we go to Detroit. The Detroit Lions had an embarrassing performance last week up against the Carolina Panthers.

They not only bounced back but they bounced back in a big way. They were playing some angry football. Lions win 41 to 10 dominant on the ground and a big reason because of that was DeAndre Swift and Jamal Williams as they got touchdowns in this one.

Let's hear that sounded on Lions Radio. From the Bears 17 with a first down. Golf up under center, single back behind him. DeAndre Swift takes the pitch left side, gets a block to the 10, cuts back at the 5, to the end zone, touchdown Detroit Lions.

Oh baby what a run that time. Second and goal from the two for the Lions. Golf up under center, single back Jamal Williams. Golf takes the snap, turns, gives to Jamal, bounces left, to the one, to the end zone, touchdown Detroit Lions.

So there you go for Detroit. 39 rushing attempts, 265 yards, two rushing touchdowns, 144 rushing yards and that rushing score for Jamal Williams. 78 rushing yards and 11 carries for DeAndre Swift with the one rushing touch on that you heard and DeAndre Swift also found the end zone. Four catches, 39 yards and a receiving touchdown. Jared Goff continues to play stellar football 21 of 29 for 255 yards and not one not two but three passing touchdowns. Justin Fields on the other hand 10 carries 132 yards.

In the passing department though 7 to 21 for 75 yards a touchdown and a pick. The Lions have won seven of their last nine to improve to eight and eight. They can clinch a playoff berth next week.

Here's what's going to need to happen. They play on Sunday night. They may not have a chance on Sunday night because they could get eliminated because if Seattle beats the Rams then they're out.

So what the Lions need is for Seattle to lose their tie to the Rams and they need to beat Green Bay as well. Next stop will go to Kansas City as the Chiefs to go up against the Broncos. Isaiah Pacheco a five-yard touchdown run.

This is Mitch Holtus on the Chiefs radio network. The home's under center with Pacheco the running back. A trio of eligible receivers start left but Pacheco gets it behind right guard pushes in near the one now grinding driving driving Pacheco touchdown Kansas City. Chiefs to improve to 13 and 3. They could lock up the number one seed next week if Buffalo does lose tonight to Cincinnati. If Buffalo does not lose tonight to Cincinnati the Chiefs will have to win next week and have Buffalo go down to go get that number one seed.

Buffalo next week does play the Patriots but tonight they do play the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs beat the Broncos for the 15th straight time. Kadarius Toney in the game. Four receptions for 71 yards. You heard the rushing touchdown by Isaiah Pacheco. He had nine carries for 31 yards. Patrick Mahomes 29 of 42 for 328 yards. Three touchdowns and a pick and Patrick Mahomes joins Tom Brady and Drew Brees as the only quarterbacks of multiple 5,000 yard passing seasons.

Let's go to Foxborough Patriots and Dolphins Kyle Duggar. He's the Patriots best source of offense. He plays on the defense. Here's his third touchdown of the year. This is a picked six and he went to the house 39 yards out.

Here's Bob Socey and the sounds of Scott Zolack on the Patriots radio network. On a third and 15th snap they rush four. Bridgewater is back to fire it. Left to the 30, outside to the 20, to the 15, to the 10, Duggar to the 5, Duggar to the end zone.

He took it to the house again. The Patriots take the lead. Patriots snap a four game losing streak and they can clinch a playoff berth with the victory in Buffalo next week.

Miami clinches though a playoff spot with the win versus the Jets and they need a Patriots loss. Taequann Thornton three receptions for 60 yards. The rookie wide receiver did have a touchdown as well and Mac Jones 20 of 33 for 203 yards and two touchdowns. Our next stop we go to the swamps of Jersey where all the New York football giants had to do was get a win and they'd be in the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Well they did that. They crushed the Indianapolis Colts 38 to 10 and Daniel Jones who is starting to look like he may be the guy in New York. Remember he has Richie James and Isaiah Hodgins as his wide receivers and he keeps on finding a way. Jones had two passing touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns. He'll be back next year with the Giants. They're gonna have to pay him. Let's hear the two rushing scores for Daniel Jones one of 18 and then another from 10 yards out.

Here's Bob Papa on the Giants radio network as Big Blue is going to the playoffs. Jones takes the snap. He's gonna keep it and run around the left side.

He's got a lead block. Jones to the 10. Jones to the 5. Shoulder did he get in? Yes touchdown Daniel Jones.

18 yards. Play fake to Barkley. Jones rolls to his left gets a block from Thomas.

He's to the 5. Jones races in touchdown Giants. Second rushing touchdown for Daniel Jones and let the party begin at MetLife Stadium.

The party did indeed begin right after that as the Giants are off to the playoffs for the first time since 2016. Daniel Jones 19 to 24, 177 yards. Two passing touchdowns and had 91 yards rushing on 11 carries in the two rushing scores that you just heard. Giants as a team ran for 217 yards and how about Richie James and Isaiah Hodgins? They've had big weeks. Richie James solid again. Seven for 76 and a score Isaiah Hodgins. Four for 42 and a touchdown.

Let's go to Philadelphia. Eagles have now lost back-to-back games. They've had opportunities to clinch the NFC East and lock up the number one seed.

No Jalen Hurts and it's been a problem for them. Let's hear a Marshawn Lattimore 12 yard pick six to clinch the game. This is Mike Haas on the Saints Radio Network. Two yards on that second and eight.

Empty back field now for Minshew. Takes the snap. Throws a quick one and that's picked off by Marshawn Lattimore. Pick six. Welcome back Marshawn.

That's how you do it. Happy new year baby. Andy Dalton in the game 18 to 22 for 204 yards. Did have an interception. No passing touchdowns. Taysom Hill had a rushing touchdown. 14 carries. 446 yards. Also completed two passes for 24 yards as well. Gardner Minshew 18 to 32 for 274 yards. A touchdown and a pick.

Next stop we go to Tampa. Mike Evans did not score a touchdown this year since the first week of October. He had not won not two but three as Tampa Bay comes on back and they had another epic fourth quarter comeback. This time they win the NFC South as they take care of the Carolina Panthers by a final score of 30 to 24. Tom Brady in the game 34-45 for 432 yards and three touchdowns. Mike Evans of the NFC South clinching performance 10 for 207 and three receiving touchdowns. We'll play you the three receiving touchdowns right now from 63 yards out, 57 yards out and 30 yards out.

Hire the cannons. Here's Gene Decker off on the Bucks. Brady goes that deep path toward Evans near sideline. He makes the catch in the 10. 5, 3, 2, 1. Touchdown Tampa Bay.

No. Mike Evans on full stride and Brady with a rainbow throw. Fire the cannons. Brady kicks the shoulder looks downfield throws the ball down the right. He's got Evans. Evans makes the catch in the 20. To the 10.

To the 5. Touchdown Tampa Bay. Mike Evans has two today. Is it Mike Evans time Dave from the Carolina 30. First down 10. Brady.

Takes the snap and looks toward his way. Those toward Evans toward the end zone. Evans. Touchdown Tampa Bay. Evans has three. Fire the cannons.

Fire them. Evans with a remarkable catch. Two notes from the gambling world in this one. Heck of a job by Nick Costos yesterday from Beck QL. He said before the game take Mike Evans. Two touchdowns or more in the game. He gets three so a great job to Nick Costos and also if you had the Panthers plus three and a half yesterday when this is 21 to 10 in the fourth quarter you think you are definitely winning that game and not even you think the Panthers are winning but you think you bare minimum are good at cover and Tampa Bay ends up winning 30 to 24 as you could throw that plus three and a half point ticket in the Basura.

Alright next up Brown's and commanders. Shame on me. I've been the biggest Carson Wentz critic. I have not believed in him for four years and I thought Ron Rivera should have stayed with Taylor Ham Heineke but when he went back to Carson Wentz I said he's going up against the Browns whose defense stinks and they've really done nothing on offense since Deshaun Watson came back and then the next week he could have at the time be going up against the Cowboys and the Cowboys maybe depending on what happened yesterday had nothing to play for now it's different with how it played out.

The fact that I out of all people who have been so critical of Carson Wentz gave him the benefit of the doubt shame on me. The commanders not only lose yesterday and I like Brown Rivera but he didn't even know he could get eliminated from the playoffs as he did have Green Bay beat the Vikings but he did not know that in his postgame presser. They not only lost yesterday they're not out of playoff contention and Deshaun Watson just had a nice second half but really the story was Carson Wentz who had three interceptions in the game but Deshaun Watson did have three passing touchdowns 169 yards Nick Chubb 14 carries 104 yards Omari Cooper three for a buck oh five and two scores and there were commanders fans early chanting for Taylor Heineke in this game but they never got him. Let's hear Omari Cooper get that touchdown catch from Deshaun Watson 33 yards out here's Jim Donovan on the Browns radio network as the Browns defeat the commanders 24 to 10.

Michael Woods and Omari Cooper near side to the right one receiver out wide to the left in the shotgun it is Watson with Chubb in his right hip from the commander 33 with the play action fake. Watson up in the pocket looking Cooper's wide open caught it 10 he's at the five he cuts to the pylon. Touchdown Omari Cooper his second of the day.

Next up we go to Houston final home game for the Texans and thank god you don't have to watch this football team really anymore after next week. Jaguars beat the Texans 31 to 3 Travis ATN had a 62 yard rushing touchdown this is Frank Frangi on the Jaguars radio network. Jags start from the 38 they go left to right here inside handoff Travis ATN.

He did it in the open field 40, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, touchdown Travis ETN. Game meant nothing for Jacksonville regardless if they won or lost but they do win 31 to 3. Jaguars this week they do go up against Tennessee that game is on Sunday winner will clinch the AFC south Travis ATN in the game nine carries 108 yards and a touchdown Trevor Lawrence 17 to 21 152 yards in the game. Next stop 49ers and Raiders who would have ever thought this would be a game that would be going into overtime when Jared Stidham was starting but Jared Stidham was awesome in the game 23 of 34 for 365 yards did have two interceptions but did have three passing touchdowns and also added in 34 yards on the ground Brock Purdy rock out with your Brock out baby 22 of 35 for 285 yards two touchdowns and a pick Christian McCaffrey runs CMC we all know is healthy 19 of a 19 carries 121 yards and a score and you got to give it up to Brandon Iuch who had nine receptions in the game 101 yards and a touchdown let's hear Robbie Gold who almost won the game before overtime he finds a way to get the job done in OT as the 49ers win 37 to 34 in overtime here's Robbie Gold the game-winning field goal Greg Papa on the 49ers radio network for Robbie right in the middle of the hashes Tabor Pepper to Mitch Wisnowski Robbie to win the game in overtime he has it there and it is good the 49ers have beaten the Raiders in overtime 37 to 34 next up we go to Seattle as I guess this was a revenge game for Geno Smith but not really because he got punched in the mouth by his own teammate when he was the jet starting quarterback over something with the charity event and then he forgot the time zones as well when he was a quarterback and was late so I guess you could say a revenge game but the Seahawks beat the Jets 23 to 6 Geno Smith 19 to 21 for 183 yards and two touchdowns Kenneth Walker welcome back off the ankle injury 23 carries 133 yards Seattle snaps a three-game losing streak they can clinch a playoff berth of the win versus the Rams next week and they're also gonna need the Packers to lose to the Lions but let's hear Colby Parkinson have a 12-yard touchdown catch from Geno Smith this is Steve Rabel on the Seahawks radio network second down and nine empty backfield for Geno four receivers across the board Geno has time he's gonna throw in the back corner caught touchdown Seahawks what a start Colby Parkinson from 12 yards out runs a little bender into the back corner and Geno lays it up perfectly let's go to legendary Lambeau field if you went to this game and you're a Packers fan you were screaming Dana go pack go all throughout the game Packers defeat the Vikings they just annihilated them 41 to 17 Green Bay now eight and eight Minnesota falls to 12 and four and if Green Bay wins next week against Detroit they are in the postseason that will be on Sunday Night Football on NBC Allen Lazard five receptions for 59 yards Aaron Jones 14 carries for 111 yards Aaron Rogers in the contest 15 to 24 for 159 yards and a passing touchdown special teams got a kickoff return Darnell Savage of the defense of the Green Bay Packers had a 75-yard pick six let's listen up to the Packers radio network so the Vikings go for it on fourth downs Minnesota eight of 17 this season 47 percent 21st in the league on fourth down three receivers left one to the right now Jefferson in motion to the right out of the shotgun or the setback to his right here's the snap to Kirk Cousins he fires it over the middle and it's broken up incomplete intercepted on the deflection picked off by Darnell Savage down the left side of the 40 he's got an escort to the 20 15 10 5 touchdown Green Bay Packers my goodness let's go out to LA it's the battle of LA between the Chargers and the Rams where was there any local fan support at this one for either team but Austin Eckler was on the Zach Gelb show last week and now he was off to the races running for a 72-yard touchdown here is Matt Money Smith on the Chargers radio network handoff to Eckler Eckler hits the hole and he's through to the 40 to the 50 to the 40 it's a foot race 30 20 10 Austin Eckler touchdown Chargers 72 yards a new career-long Austin Eckler just needed one more reception in this game to get to 100 on the season well he got four four for 39 out of the backfield catching the football and then he had 10 carries for 122 yards and two rushing touchdowns Mike Williams made a spectacular one-handed catch in this game seven receptions for 94 yards he led the Chargers in receiving and Justin Herbert a very efficient day at the office 21 to 28 for 212 yards and two passing touchdowns Baker Mayfield 11 19 for 132 yards Cam Akers did get 19 carries for 123 yards Rams on the ground 26 carries for a buck 66 and a touchdown Malcolm Brown had one carry for 23 yards and a score and finally Steelers Ravens on Sunday Night Football Kenny Pickett does it again and the Steelers now can make the playoffs with a win against the Browns next week they'll need Miami to lose to the Jets and the Patriots to lose to the Buffalo Bills but let's hear that game-winning touchdown pass from Kenny Pickett to Najee Harris 10-yard strike here's Bill Hilgrove on the Steelers radio network pick it in the gun empties the set third eight at the 10 gets the snap he looks chased out of the pocket steps out of a tackle throws it for the goal line touchdown Najee Harris Najee from 10 yards out and Pickett did a Houdini to make that play possible and the Steelers jump ahead of Baltimore Steelers still alive for the playoffs as we just told you also Mike Tomlin has never had a season below 500 as a coach now they are eight and eight so win next week continues to keep that streak alive which is remarkable because it wasn't that long ago November 20th to be exact against the Cincinnati Bengals where the Steelers did lose 37 to 30 where this football team was three and seven and that is your week 17 no huddle offense you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb here with you on CBS Sports Radio so they have finalized this week 18 schedule in the NFL give it to you real quickly on Saturday you have a double header Chiefs and Raiders number one seed implications could be on the line for Kansas City and then on Saturday night at 8 15 p.m eastern you do have Tennessee and Jacksonville winner of that game goes into the postseason as AFC South champs 1 p.m eastern on Sunday Bucks and Falcons means nothing Texans and Colts only mean something for draft positioning Patriots bills will mean something to the Patriots when they're in for Buffalo depending on what happens tonight if they do win then next week if they get a victory they control their own destiny for the number one overall seed in the AFC Jets and Dolphins game means nothing for the Jets but it means something for Miami because if the Patriots lose to Buffalo that game's also at 1 p.m eastern and the Dolphins win then the Dolphins will get into the postseason Minnesota Chicago means nothing but that's at 1 p.m eastern will proceeding I guess in the NFC Panthers and Saints that game now literally means nothing because the NFC South is wrapped up so that's at 1 p.m eastern Steelers still have a chance to make the playoffs they have to get a win up against the Browns and other things to go their way but that game's at 1 p.m eastern Ravens and Bengals will be either at 1 or 425 p.m eastern I'm imagining this is just going to be my guess that if Buffalo defeats Cincinnati tonight then that Baltimore Cincinnati game is going to be at 425 but if Cincinnati defeats Buffalo these in Cincinnati would win the north and that game is going to be at 1 p.m so that's the scheduling there Eagles and Giants are at 425 Eagles win they're the number one overall seed and they win the NFC East Chargers and Broncos at 425 p.m as well you have the Cowboys and commanders at 425 p.m Rams and Seahawks at 425 p.m and you have the Cardinals and the 49ers at 425 McKeon the Sunday night game is Lions and Packers now I was talking about this an eye on football yesterday without fully knowing all the scenarios and Jody right away said well if it's a win in your end game for Green Bay then that's going to be the Sunday night game just because it's Green Bay and it's Lambeau Field and it's the Packers if the if the Seahawks win at 425 then the Lions are out so do you find that risky for the NFL now will still mean something for Green Bay either way but you get into one of those scenarios where maybe the line sits some people but I got to imagine in that spot you're the Lions you are a team that's been bad you've been having a good year even if you're eliminated from the postseason sure does it take the air out of the balloon absolutely but I think the NFL is banking that Dan Campbell bite off everyone's kneecap and drink 9,000 cups of coffee that he's not going to do with Doug Peterson actually let me change that what Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman did a few years ago where the Eagles sat their starters in the second half and put Nate Suddfeld in the game when they were going up against the commanders and gave the commanders a berth into the postseason. If Seattle loses that game does that automatically give Green Bay a clinch does Green Bay automatically clinch no so Green so um no because because yes if Seattle loses then the winner of the Lions then it's just winner of Lions Packers at that point so that that's the scenario they're hoping for the NFL that's what they're hoping for Seattle to lose but Seattle plays the Rams who stink the Rams have the most losses by a team after winning a Super Bowl so I get it means something I guess for Baker Mayfield. What's the game you'd put in otherwise though if it's not if it's not Packers would it be Tennessee Jacksonville that's the either one and you're in but you're right it does have a stench on that game and they probably made the right call they probably made it Lambeau primetime Aaron Rodgers that that's the that's the move I'm kind of hoping for snow in that game right that'll be awesome I like that kind of feel snow Lambeau field I said this to you prior to the big spot earlier on uh today is this the first Lions game like late in the season that you remember having any importance to it well I had a few of those teams with Calvin Johnson but a few of those years they backed their way into the postseason one of those years when they were uh nine and seven I think that another year when they were 11 something wins but it was never like this no like there's an importance like a prime time spot for the Lions and uh it's crazy I mean I say what you want that that Ram trade everyone looked at it with Stafford and Goff and and how the Rams Rams won a Super Bowl they won the trade for sure but the Lions might have backed themselves into a franchise quarterback with that move too so Goff this year is playing exceptional football if you're sitting there early in the draft because of how bad the Rams are and you're Detroit I don't think so what happens if Bryce Young or CJ Stroud are still available I that's but they're not gonna be that far down in the draft anyway those guys are gonna be gone by that point no not necessarily well hold on if you're in because they all get the Rams pick yes and and and also if you're in right now that pick is at six so right now that may be a little far away but you can feasibly trade up we've seen teams with better record or better positioning because it's it's weird because it's not like the Lions have are there because of bad records because the Rams trade we've seen teams like Kansas City and Buffalo shoot up the draft board especially with their guy with this year to you the Bears the Bears are picking second who are like fields yeah so if I'm Chicago where let's just play the scenario out Houston let's assume they hold on for the number one overall pick they're taking a quarterback even though the Texans are a dumb organization they can't be dumb enough to pass up on taking a quarterback do they get the right quarterback I don't know Bryce Young the Bears spell blood in the water because the draft competition they can get back for only moving a few picks down that's exactly what I'm saying and look at the teams that are right now heading into the final week of the season right behind them Seattle isn't at three I know they like Geno Smith but doesn't mean they have to go commit four or five years to Geno Smith moving on into the future then you have Arizona they're not taking a quarterback because they just committed money to Kyler Murray even though they'll be out for most of next season you have the Colts at five that may want to jump up to that two spot you got the Lions at six who could move up if they wanted to you know Carolina's at nine they could move up that Chicago pick if you only have to go down a few slots like ideally you would want to do the the reverse of the uh the Trubusky trade when you had that little reversal where the Bears had to come up to two where you just you get Seattle to have to pay a little bit more than they probably would for only moving up one spot because other teams are interested and you fall back to three if you're Chicago you get to pick either Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr here's the problem here's the problem and I hear what you're saying but Jared Goff is only 28 years old which is in the prime of his career over the next two years his cap hit is 25 and 26 million dollars that's nothing for a starting quarterback at his age where he's proven now he can play he can play it in offense yeah but is he a franchise quarterback is he not I mean he's gonna trade he's Zach with that with the turbulence you've seen in that franchise in Detroit over the last decade plus this guy's got them in going into week 18 with the playoff position on the line I mean it's hard for me to sit here and say that Jared has not played his way into a franchise quarterback position I remember this too wait now hold on time out time out okay fair I mean how'd he play in that Super Bowl I'm not saying hold on I'm not saying Jared Goff is a trash quarterback we're kind of on the same page here where he has showed this year he can be good I just like Chino Smith who showed this year it could be good I don't know how sustainable this is so what you could do you could get the best of both worlds I know now in the year of 2023 which we now have to say you usually can't double dip when you take a quarterback that early and sit him yeah but you have Goff on a contract that you don't have to do anything it's manageable because if you do want to get rid of him the dead caps 10 million next year and then 5 million a year after that maybe you get a pick for him and you'll get your franchise quarterback in the future or you can continue to play Goff and have your young quarterback sit on the bench and learn if I'm the Lions I go for it though you have the coach you have offensive weapons the offense has been awesome this year you got Okuda on the outside on that that defense pair him up with Hutchinson and another pass rusher Hutchinson Hutchinson has been their their best uh guy to go to the interceptions you got another one yesterday but you have the elite corner and Okuda on the outside too you pair Hutchinson up with another pass rusher I don't know if Okuda's elite I okay he's having a solid season his first two years he was hurt and not so good but Hutchinson pair him up with another pass rusher at the top of that draft the Lions have an opportunity here to strike with a young quarterback they're in they're in a weird position because usually it's a veteran type quarterback that you pair up with a young guy do you want to waste that draft pick when you have a chance to actually be successful with again look at division the Bears aren't going to be great the Packers even though they had they've stormed lately they've surged lately they could be moving on from Aaron Rodgers they could be sort of entering a rebuild the Vikings are the Vikings there's a chance here for the Lions who haven't been competitive in forever with an actual company quarterback here that's a crazy debate I get where you're coming from it's a gamble but the upside is if you hit on your guy if shroud turns out to be elite or or I don't think I think Young's would be one but let's say if the Texans go with shroud after the after the performance and then Young falls and you think that Bryce Young's gonna be elite I think you have to do the move but don't you hope no I don't think Jared Goss elite I don't think his ceiling is elite his ceilings good and good may be good enough to go win to go to a Super Bowl but can I give you one more wrinkle into this yeah if we really want to get crazy you want to get crazy to start the new year of course I never thought I would say this but Detroit is now a good destination I like their roster I like their coach and I was skeptical skeptical of the coach going into this year I like Iman Ross St. Brown I like DeAndre Swift I like Jamal Williams I like Pené Sewell I love Aiden Hutchinson and the defense has gotten has improved all year how about the kid in the they got the sixth round this year who has seven and a half eight sacks as well they have some good pieces right now in Detroit you're not wrong if Lamar Jackson isn't happy in Baltimore maybe you go trade for Lamar it's not out of the realm of possibilities you're not wrong my point though with the whole goth thing is you your point is always you want to try and win with the quarterback on the cheap contract right that's why if you draft a quarterback so what do you unless you're going to dump goth and move on to shrouding year one because that's ideally when you have to win with these guys you're not going to let shroud sit for a year or two you can't do that but goth already but goth's already on a manageable contract he's already for two more years and according to quarterbacks make now I'm sorry 25 million is extremely managed that's cheap especially for the numbers goth puts up and I hear what you're saying you don't watch Jared Goff and think stud you don't mention him in the top 10 in the league I could be playing like a top five quarterback this that offense has been awesome all year it has been a top quarterback oh yeah and also there's been years with L.A. I get it we always credit McVay for it there's been years in L.A. where also he looked awesome in that offense so and he know he has the arm talent we know he has the size and then you get a year like this from goth where he's essentially counting that team on offense he's bowling out all year and again it's not like we haven't seen it I know that rams team was awesome but he went to a super bowl damn it I mean it's a it's a hard argument for me where you have the opportunity of up in the draft if you're Detroit where you can get a top tier skill player or or a quarterback I think you go skill player you could always make a wrong decision clearly if the player doesn't work out everyone kills the decision ask a jet fan but I don't think Detroit with whatever they do if they take a quarterback in the first round they move up and go get their guy from from six right now if they go trade for someone or if they keep golf I can't crush them for doing either of those three things regardless have a plays out because I see the logic in all three Zach Gelb here with you on CBS Sports Radio we will get to Jay and Lee on the other side also on the other side do want to squeeze in a thought or two about the game coming up tonight between the Bills and the Bengals you're listening to the Zach Gelb show this NFL postseason every Westwood One NFL broadcast stream live for free the wildcard round the division around the AFC and NFC championship games the Pro Bowl games and Super Bowl 57 catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports it's all sponsored by AutoZone free battery testing free battery charging and replacement batteries that fit your needs that is what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination get in the zone AutoZone I cannot wait for this game tonight between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals that comes your way at 8 30 p.m eastern because I do think these are the best two teams in the AFC where I've been saying throughout the year Bills won Bengals two and then the Kansas City Chiefs in at three Bills beat the Chiefs Bengals beat the Chiefs this is a game though where for Buffalo it's massive for both sides but I would say it's bigger for Buffalo because if you win the next two you are in as the number one overall seed and that means you get to buy you win your division around game you have an AFC title game in Buffalo who know what the elements will be but that will just be a crazy scene you know what if the Bills and I'm not a Bills fan obviously I'm a Patriot fan but if the Bills are in the AFC title game in Buffalo how do you not go to that game as a sports fan now obviously if you listen to this show you know two of my good friends from college Dion Dawkins and Tyler Metikevich are on the Buffalo Bills I may have to hit them up for tickets or maybe get a credential if that's probably the better move instead of hitting them up for tickets I'll hit a Buffalo PR for a credential so I could be in a press box because that is I was at Buffalo last year for that disgusting wild card game Patriots and Bills of the Patriots got destroyed and it was like negative two degrees I feel like you want that though I feel like you want that that's the part of the experience no I want to be there better afterwards I want to be there oh come on you need them before the game after the game during the game you need wings wings wings and more wings but I think the play would be you do the tailgating before the game for sure and then during the game to the press box close those windows in the press box shove to the press box I'll liquor it up run through a table in the press box maybe maybe just maybe better actually if you need someone to join you at the game well I've done it I'm free I've done a 180 in about three seconds not just because you extended the invitation to maybe go myself or you tried to insert yourself into the conversation but AFC NFC title game if my team's you know my team's obviously not going to be in it even if they make the playoffs if my team was that's a different scenario I would go I would be there 110 I think being on my couch just doing nothing all day having a few drinks yeah pigs in the blanket get your own chicken wings you know do some cheese steaks too nachos really just have a back like this day it's going well it's a it's a new year I'm working out a ton I've been working out a ton the last three years the last three weeks I've been working out but I've been eating like an absolute pig oh from from Thanksgiving oh they're actually the last month from Thanksgiving to Christmas Hanukkah that's a tough year that's a tough stretch a brutal stretch yeah you just eat a disgusting amount of food but anyway to the point I think it's probably better to just be at home be warm and then watch those games back to back but Bill's Bengals tonight it's a little bit more important for Buffalo because Buffalo controls their own destiny now Cincinnati I know they beat the Chiefs but if the Chiefs then went out which is just one more game they would then get the number one overall seed if they just win next week which they will so really there's an outside chance the Bengals get the number one overall seed so that's why this game is more important for Buffalo but then on the other hand if Cincinnati wins I think the big take tomorrow is that a lot of people look at Cincinnati who was in the Super Bowl last year now their offensive line playing better Joe Burrows the stud that even if they don't have the number one overall seed people will say Cincinnati is the best team in full even with the start to their year right everyone kind of wrote them off I I think at the start of the year if I would have asked you in the preseason who's the team you more likely think is going to have the Super Bowl hangover was it going to be the uh the uh Rams or the Bengals a lot of people said Bengals exactly and and Joe Burrow is proven Zach and I don't think I'm I'm stretching here at all Joe Burrow's that dude oh yeah we all know that like he just he's got a flair for the dramatic he does not care like he they've been lost since Halloween yeah and do you like are you in fearful like again to bring the gambling back into the conversation are you at all in fear if you're gonna bet again a bet on Joe Burrow going into a road stadium home stadium in Mars China wherever they're playing a game would you care at all about betting on Joe Burrow does he need home field advantage to win a game so the first time I've had one convert one conversation with Joe Burrow um well it was over two different days but when I was working for serious when he won the Heisman so that day before we got to spend like 30 minutes with him and then the night he won we got the only radio interview that night with Joe Burrow he did the press conference right to myself and Jacob Hester the former LSU uh player and he I left that day and we all knew how great of a season he was but there's just an aura around him he's he like he's not cocky the it factor but he's just so confident and he's just so cool about it he's not a jack yeah exactly he's not a jackass about it either yeah he knows he's good but he doesn't he doesn't let everyone else know that he knows he's good well put it this way you have Mahomes who's great Allen who's great Joe Burrow who's great one of those three are going to go to the Super Bowl and if the next decade maybe if it's not one of those three and they're trending in the right direction now if I had to pick another team who would your fourth team be in the AFC if you had to pick oh that I mean that's it's full of stench right I mean a couple weeks ago maybe the dolphins I think there's one clear team I know that you're gonna say same old charger same old charges charges you're getting healthier and Justin Herbert is that dude yeah and I and the on the other team that crossed my mind was if if Baltimore gets Lamar back because there's always that factor so I picked Baltimore to go to the Super Bowl before the year I just don't love that I just don't trust them now how many times we've seen this year then with the big lead and they just couldn't finish the game that's what concerns me and you're asking Lamar to come back and I love Lamar but he's been out for a while now he's got to be knocking off a lot of rust significant five two one two four CBS let's go to Lee in San Diego next up on the Zach Gelb show Lee go ahead hey Zach how you doing huh doing great what do you got for me well first of all thank you for mentioning the Chargers right there and uh thanks for playing the Mike Williams and Austin Eckler calls two of the best players of the week as far as I'm concerned hey bro I've lived in SD my whole life I know the Chargers are like the most disrespected team in the league I've been a fan since the 77-78 season and so I've been through a lot man but there's something different about this team they're getting healthy at the right time and they're poised to make a run I think I think they're one of the top teams right now I mean they're hot their defense is coming together they've been playing for the last four weeks I mean what do you think man I think this team has a chance this year I think if it's not Cincinnati yeah yeah appreciate it Lee and thanks for the phone call if it's not Cincinnati if it is not Kansas City if it's not Buffalo then yeah I would say the Chargers are the next best team in the AFC I do think in order right now it would be number one Buffalo number two Cincinnati we'll see how that changes after tonight then three Kansas City then four the Los Angeles Chargers but right now four five would be Jacksonville against the Chargers the playoffs would start tomorrow I would pick the Chargers and have the heck of a quarterback matchup between Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence and then the next week in division round if you get out of the first round which they should in a four or five matchup you then wait to see who they get um you know you probably would think that you'd go whoever the number one seed is in that scenario because uh the the Bills the the Chargers either should be the Bills the Chiefs the Bengals whoever you want to order those teams one two and three it's probably leading towards a collision course two against three and then whoever's the one seed would end up getting the Chargers and then you got to see I just think it's a tough ass with how good they are to get three wins right now in the playoffs when you're gonna have to play two out of the three to get to a Super Bowl in either Buffalo Kansas City or um the Cincinnati Bengals I just think there's too much but we've seen crazier things happen we talked about getting hot at the right time of the year the Chargers starting to get hot and they have the quarterback and now it's about working at all the other guys that they've been missing out on one thing's clear Brandon Staley will be back next year they're in the playoffs a lot of people thought Sean Paytum was gonna be the next head coach I do think Brandon Staley will be back because what he's done this year holding that team together Zach Gelb here with you on CBS Sports Radio CBS Sports Radio turns 10 today when we come on back we have a blast from the past you do not want to miss this special name that's going to be joining us coming on back next check it out you
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