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Jake Asman, The Wheelhouse Host on ESPN 97.5

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December 23, 2022 7:31 pm

Jake Asman, The Wheelhouse Host on ESPN 97.5

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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December 23, 2022 7:31 pm

Jake Asman joined Zach to discuss who will be the Jets quarterback in 2023 and preview the College Football Playoff. 

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I'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop. And then I go to the experts to learn how to overcome them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app, or wherever you get your podcasts from. So now joining us in studio, a good friend of mine in the radio world. He is a radio star in Houston doing local radio. And that, of course, is Jake Asman, who is a long-suffering Jets fan, who for some reason made the trip back to the East Coast from Houston for this wonderful weather. And he went to go watch the Jets last night, and your football team was a disaster.

Yes. Well, let's start with the quarterback. The quarterback was a disaster.

I'd like to separate that from the rest of the team. The rest of the team wasn't good either, but the quarterback was a disaster. And I guess I like watching just awful things, because I sat in the rain last night, and if you were at this game last night, I meant like you're a diehard Jets fan. There's not casual fans going to this game when it's 30 degrees and it's raining and it's cold and it's nasty. I think I got pneumonia from sitting there. It certainly was not worth it.

Stay away from me. It certainly was not worth it based on the product we watched on the field last night. That was an absolute utter disaster. So here's where I struggle with the Jets, because I look at this roster, and you see a roster that is good, and Joe Douglas has done a good job as the general manager. But they have swung and missed now twice when drafting the quarterback. So it just makes me wonder, when you look at Joe Douglas, who I think is a really good GM, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he should get fired or anything like that, but you being a Jets fan, do you still have confidence, even though Joe's been able to address everyone else on the roster, and they probably won't draft a quarterback this year, but he's not going to be bad enough record-rise, barring if they trade up, but if he's in that position again, to have a top-five pick or maybe trade up and be in a top-five pick, then he could evaluate a proper quarterback.

You're certainly concerned. I'll say this, Darnold wasn't him, that was Mike McKaggen. So this was his first big move, swing and miss. He got it wrong with Zach Wilson. He wouldn't be the first general manager to miss on a quarterback and be able to recover from it, and you brought up the rest of the roster. This is a playoff roster. If they had competent quarterback play, I think they're a 10-11 win team, let's say. Mike White doesn't go down, I think this team is actually in the playoffs. That's how confident I am. Do they win last night if Mike White's playing? They either win last night or they win the Lions game, and they win at least one of the Patriot games, which were under disasters by Zach Wilson. That's fair. No, I can't disagree with that. So that's 10 wins right there.

They're not that far away. The thing with Douglas that he has to be able to now do is admit you made the mistake, just like Howie Roseman, his idol in Philly, did with Carson Wentz. Just like Les Snead did with Jared Goff in LA. Admit you made the mistake, the rest of the team's ready to win, and find that veteran quarterback, whether it's Jimmy G, Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, whatever name you want to throw out there. Find that guy and figure out the quarterback spot, unless you think it's Mike White, but I have a hard time believing, Zach, that the Jets are going to go into a do-or-die year with a GM in his fifth year, a head coach in his third year, and they're just going to name Mike White the starter and say, you're the guy. I think it's Mike White back if the contract's right with a veteran brought in and a true competition, or if it's Garoppolo, he's going to win the job, and he's always hurt, so you need a good backup.

Alright, who's your official prediction? 2023, week one next year, Jake Aspen, let's say it's a home game, is at the game at that dump of a stadium, MetLife Stadium, that has no personality, it's one of the worst stadiums in the league. It's a giant AC unit. They built the world's giant AC unit for a team that, for a stadium that has two NFL teams in the New York area that share it.

The only stadium that is worse is FedEx Field. Other than FedEx Field, MetLife Stadium is just an absolute dump, but when you're at that dump of a stadium, who's starting for the Jets next year, week one? I will say Jimmy Garoppolo for this reason. He is the only one that we can guarantee will be available. Derek Carr, you've got to trade for him. Are we convinced Josh McDaniels and the Raiders are going to blow it up a year after they brought in Devontae Adams? I think they'll try for Brady or Rodgers, and if they don't get either, then they'll go back with him. So there's a chance that Carr is back there, right?

The only guarantee we can make is that Jimmy G is a free agent. He can't be franchised, and we know the Niners have Purdy, they have Trey Lance, maybe they want to try and bring in Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. It seems like Jimmy Garoppolo is the guy that you know is available, he knows the system, he knows Robert Salah, he knows Mike LaFleur, the offensive coordinator. It seems like it's the obvious, plug and play, you bring him in, you've got your competent quarterback, now it's playoffs are bust. Here's the other question too, if we get a little bit crazy here, when we talk about the Jets quarterback. We hear the talks about maybe Brady, Brady's not coming to the Jets.

Rodgers, I think he's staying in Green Bay for at least one more season, especially with how the contract is. What about Lamar? You as a Jets fan, have you started to envision or have gone to the fantasy world where Lamar's may be done with the Ravens and they can still franchise tag him, we know up to two times, and maybe they find a way to trade and go all in for Lamar this season? I can't even fathom it because the Ravens are not stupid.

And that's what it ultimately comes down to. Why wouldn't they pay this guy? And if they don't pay him, you're talking about using the franchise tag on him maybe twice? Look what happened with Kirk Cousins years ago, look what happened with Dak a couple years ago with the Cowboys. They'd be silly to not pay him. If he's somehow available in a trade, you obviously make the call and you try and see if you can make it happen. I'm not banking on that Zach, so I think it's way more realistic that it's Carr, maybe it's Gardner Minshew, maybe the Lions want to take a quarterback with the Rams pick and Jared Goff could be available. I just don't find Lamar to be very realistic.

I find a hard time to think Aaron Rodgers is that realistic, given his contract and how difficult it'd be from a dead cap standpoint to move him in Green Bay. Honestly, you might laugh and you brought up Brady. Why wouldn't he at least consider the Jets if he considered the Miami Dolphins? Because he hates the Jets. But why does he hate them?

He has no relationship with them other than he would always beat them. No, he hates the Jets. But who does he hate on the Jets? Rex Ryan?

He hasn't been the coach in eight years. The whole organization. For what? He just hates the organization.

For what? He went to them. It's Brady and Belichick. They hate the Jets. They always love beating up with the Jets. Brady makes fun of the Jets still even to this day. Yeah, so wouldn't it be great if he went there and then stuck it to Belichick, who he doesn't like, and beats him down twice?

That's a little bit overblown. They made nice after Brady found the way to beat Belichick. Hear me out.

I don't think it's going to happen. No one had Brady going to the Bucks. Are you ready to win a Super Bowl now with Brady?

That's the question. If you get still a very good Tom Brady, of course. Zach, this is a team that has the offensive and defensive rookie of the year on it, and they're going to miss the playoffs. Quinnen Williams is a first team All-Pro.

Oh, I love Quinnen Williams. D.J. Reid is a Pro Bowler. Garrett Wilson's a stun. Bryce Hall would have won rookie of the year if he didn't get hurt.

So you bring him back and ABT. The Jets remind me a lot of the Bucks in 2020 and the Rams last year. They are a quarterback away from being able to take the next step. They are an elite quarterback away from being a legit championship contender. The only thing when you look inside that division, you have the Bills who are dominant. You have the Dolphins who are starting to get in the right direction. We'll see if they make the playoffs.

I think they will. Patriots are not good, but as long as Belichick's there, they're always like this year with the bottom five roster, be able to win seven, eight games. I wonder if Brady looks at that division and says, yeah, I could go elsewhere. Now, the NFC West isn't as strong.

If the 49ers want him, he will go to the 49ers. Maybe the AFC South. You look at the AFC South with Tennessee. I know the Jaguars right now are looking pretty damn good. I think they're going to win that division, but him and Vrabel, very close and they're going to need more weapons there. But you know, when you bring in Brady, a lot of people are going to want to join.

Excellent point. The only thing I would say is we all said the AFC West is the greatest division we have ever seen. And then look what happens. So the NFL is so year to year, there's so much inconsistency. But the AFC East is proven with the Bills.

Everyone else who knows. For sure. But the idea that year to year a division can't flip, we see it all the time. Now, we're accustomed to the New England always winning the AFC East when Brady and Belichick were there for 20 years. I feel like the NFL is a lot different now. So look, I don't think it's going to happen.

But I don't think it's the craziest idea in the world that he would at least consider the idea of going there. And part of me just wants to puke just the thought of Tom Brady wearing a Jets green. I just can't envision it. I think I would maybe retire if that ends up happening.

Not seriously retire because I need to still make a living and still pay bills and things like that. Hey, look at you. You got your own show here.

A nice, cushy studio. You can't get that away. It's nice. Don't get me wrong. But out of 100 percent, Brady next year to the Jets, where do you put that number?

Five percent. But at least it's a conversation you have. And you would want that as a Jets fan? I want to win, Zach.

All right? I want to win. I do not care how they win, who the quarterback is. Just win.

You know, I had people calling my YouTube post-game show last night. Well, if they brought in Brady or Rogers, it'd be all about them winning if the Jets won a Super Bowl with them. Who cares if you win? Who cares? You think a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan cares that it was all about Brady winning after he left the patch?

Who cares? I want to win. All I know is losing football. I just want to see this team win. That's what makes this year so frustrating because it's not the same old Jets, the same old quarterback.

But you have a good team that came up short because of the ineptitude of one guy on the roster. Brandon Tierney, who you know does local radio, used to do national radio here, now does local radio and the fan. He suggested today that they have to call Sean Payton and see if they can get Sean here. Now, he says he likes Salah, but if you could get Sean, people are hoping Salah turns out to be a good coach. He's been solid this year. They've taken a big step this year. Many people didn't think they would. But do you think the Jets make that phone call this offseason for Sean?

No, and I'll tell you why. Robert Salah is not at fault for Zach Wilson being God awful. I think it was up to him. Mike White would be playing right now and it's unfortunate. Do you like Leflore as an offensive coordinator? I don't despise him like some Jets fans do. Because a lot of Jets fans before the year were like, Leflore is the greatest innovative offensive mind. He's going to be wonderful. And now everyone's killing the guy when the quarterback's just been brutal.

I mean, it's no secret. Anytime a quarterback not named Zach Wilson runs this offense, they move the ball. Let me tell you how bad it was last night, Zach. At this game, Chris Strebler made a pass to C.J. Uzama. That should have been a walk-in touchdown. He short-armed it. Uzama had to come back for the ball. So it's a big completion, not a touchdown. And they gave him a standing ovation. It was a horrific pass that you could have made for a touchdown.

C.J. was, you could have made this pass. And that's the bar that the quarterback play was at. They gave him a standing ovation because of how inept Zach Wilson was. So I don't care who the quarterback is. They have to just bring someone in that is competent. And I just don't put it on Salah.

And I don't put it on the floor. Are they responsible for some of it? Yes. But ultimately, in Zach Wilson's four losses this year, guess the amount of touchdowns the Jets defense has allowed. In the four games they've lost. Well, I know up against the Patriots. That game, oh, and they lost. In the four that they lost. He's five and four as a starter.

In the four games they lost. I'm going to say three. Three.

Think about it. That's not even a touchdown. Is that the number? That's the number.

Three. Not even a touchdown per game in their losses. So it is tough to blame anyone on this team besides the second overall pick in the draft who has regressed. Last year, worst completion percentage, worst passer rating in the NFL. This year, worst completion percentage, worst passer rating in the NFL. And I like Zach personally.

He seems like a nice kid. He's just not the guy. And they've got to find a real quarterback if they want to get anywhere.

You know, Marco and I were talking about this before the start of the show. Where you go back to that draft class and everyone knew it was Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, Trevor Lawrence. You were tanking for Trevor Lawrence and all of that. So Trevor Lawrence goes one.

Everyone wasn't surprised by it. But when you go back to that draft process, how quickly people just anointed Zach Wilson, who I watch play at BYU. We had Kalani Satake on. We had Zach on. I remember watching him stop and fire a dart 30 yards down the field and hit Dax Milne fading right out of bounds. So I remember watching him play in college. Now I can't tell you I watch each and every game of Zach Wilson. But I watched some of him. But it was wild with what we saw from Mac Jones, what you saw from Justin Fields. Then obviously not a lot of people watched Trey Lance. How just quickly people said it's Zach Wilson's the second overall pick.

And you were doing shows then and you still are now. We were sitting there for a better part of like a month or two debating who was going to be the third overall pick. Because it was Lawrence and Wilson and there was just not even a thought of anyone other than Zach Wilson being that second overall pick.

And you know what's amazing? If other teams were in the same spot as the Jets, they would have done the same thing. The Niners tried to come up to number two to take reportedly Zach Wilson.

They couldn't. So they went up to number three with the Dolphins instead and they ended up taking Trey Lance. So look, it's a terrible look for Joe Douglas as we talked about at the beginning of this segment. But ultimately he would not be the first GM to overcome missing on a quarterback. Howie Roseman missed on Wentz. Here's Jalen Hurts.

Les Snead missed on Goff. Here's ultimately Matt Stafford. So it's on Joe Douglas this offseason to rectify that mistake. And you don't anticipate this offseason that they will try to move up in the draft to go get a quarterback or along those roads. Because they're not going to have a worse enough draft pick to be picking early in the top ten.

And who even knows how good these quarterbacks are going to be. Because outside of Bryce Young, I don't really love anyone. Like I like C.J. Stroud.

I don't love C.J. Stroud. Who knows what the case is going to be with Anthony Richardson. Henson Hooker is going to fall out of the first round. Will Levis.

Whoever that guy is, you would expect the move this year to be via trade or via free agency. Has to. This team is too good. This team is ready to win. When does the jet fan get to win? They had the longest playoff drought in the NFL. When you went to those back to back AFC championships. And I'm sorry, that's 12 years ago, Zach.

It's a long time. As awesome as they were, I want to see this team win. And they have the roster to do it. They don't have the quarterback.

Real quickly before we take a break. This year, because you're as loyal of a Jets fan as there is. And one of my best friends is a Jets fan. And when they were, I think it was six and three, he was buzzing.

He was so locked in. Playoffs, they're going to make it. They're going to make it.

They're going to make it. This year, you guys have taken a step in the right direction. But the way that it's happened with how good of a record you guys had.

Where now it's obviously trending that you're not going to make the playoffs. How do you look back at this season, assuming the Jets don't find the way to somehow get in the postseason? It's painful and the only positive. I hate even using the word positive. You call it a disaster?

No, I'm not ready to go there. The only positive, and once again, using the word positive is disgusting to describe what I'm about to say. The only positive is you have an answer on Zach Wilson. It's not the answer we wanted in August.

But at least you know. You have a really good team. Find the quarterback. Find the Jimmy G, Derek Carr. I don't care who it is. Find someone that can take this team from missing the playoffs because you have bad quarterback play like the Bucks in 2019 before they got Brady.

And then find the guy that can get you over the top. But what is Jimmy G? And I think it's going to be Jimmy G week one. But what is Jimmy G or Derek Carr? Yes, it's more competent quarterback play than what you have now. But big picture in that two to three year window, because who knows how much longer those guys last. What do you think those guys could do for your football team if it's a Carr or a Jimmy G? Look, make the postseason.

And then you get in, you have a chance. But you don't think you're winning a Super Bowl when they get Derek Carr or Jimmy G? Not necessarily, but doesn't Derek Carr kind of remind you a lot of Matt Stafford? In Detroit, Matt Stafford would get killed because the record wasn't good and they would blame him ultimately when he got to a good team.

He won. I think Derek Carr is a similar type of player. My concern about Derek Carr is if he could handle New York. Because he cried at the press conference in Vegas?

No, not only that, but I think he is a good leader. Don't get me wrong. We saw his leadership last year in just circumstances no one could even imagine. But I feel like there's a lot of excuses, a lot of woe is me from Derek Carr.

Like, oh, this is the year to put up or shut up. I feel like I've been hearing that for four years from Derek Carr. That just, him and New York concerns me a little bit.

Hey, it's a massive upgrade. I just don't know if he can handle New York. How many games would the Jets win this year with this team if they had Derek Carr? If they had Derek Carr, I think they'd win two to three more games.

Ten, eleven wins? Yeah. And that's where we're starting from.

So look, you might ultimately be right. I just want to see this team in the playoffs. Would you rather have Carr or Jimmy G? I think I would rather have Derek Carr because he's more durable.

More inside? He's more durable. He's more durable.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a nice player. He's always hurt. Good you're hurt.

You're right. He's always hurt. He's never healthy.

And with my team, and I know we've got to take a break. When my team was looking for a quarterback, you know, before they drafted Mac Jones. They've got to put him in a position to succeed before we can figure out if he's the guy or not. But I said I did not want Jimmy G back. I know Jimmy G is good, but I don't look at Jimmy G as great. I don't look at Jimmy G as a franchise quarterback.

So Jake, you do local radio every day in Houston. We know the Texans are abysmal. They're just a disaster team.

Let's just tackle two things with the Texans. Lovey Smith is gone at the end of the season. They're going back to back, one and done. The only thing that could keep Lovey Smith's act is if they don't want the perception out there that they're dumpster fire for firing another minority head coach after just one year. They fired David Cully last year. They wanted to be better this year. They won four games with Cully last year. They got worse.

And they are, with more talent on the roster, they got worse. So I think Lovey's gone unless ownership steps in and says we don't want that PR nightmare. But I'd argue keeping Lovey is a bigger PR nightmare. Will they interview McCown again? Because McCown the last two years, and I think you've tweeted about this because I agree with it when I saw it. You would think, and maybe there's more to this, that they clearly wanted to hire him, but they didn't. The Brian Flores lawsuit prevented them from hiring him, so they panicked and went to Lovey Smith. They didn't even interview Lovey Smith, and two days later after the McCown stuff comes out, Lovey Smith is your head coach.

And they were also interviewing Flores too, and then once he sued the league they couldn't hire him and whatnot. But when it comes to McCown, if this dude really wanted to be a coach, and they kind of gave him the wink-wink like, we will hire you. Why isn't he on the staff, or not even there, on another NFL staff or on a college staff?

You know what he's doing. Is he coaching high school? He's playing high school football in Rusk, Texas.

And look, I like Josh McCown. We were joking about that the other day, we were like, he's probably coaching some high school somewhere. He is, and his kid I think is at Colorado. He might have to transfer now because Deion's coming in. He's bringing his Louie Deion. He's bringing his own guys in there. But with all due respect to McCown, and I like him, if you really want to be an NFL head coach, the last two years you have not been on a coaching staff. Even as a quarterback coach. It's not a Jeff Saturday situation.

It's some semblance of experience, and thank God the Saturday debacle happened. Because I was worried from a Texan fan perspective, if it somehow worked, that would give the Texans the idea, hey, if they did it, why can't we do it? So is it Jonathan Gannon? Is it Shane Steichen? Those are some other names that you hear. Will they bring back Mufasa, D'Amico Ryans? Who's going to be the coach of the Texans next year? Well, the name the fan base wants is D'Amico.

Of course! Because he's one of the best players in the history of the franchise. Mufasa! Who would have won him? And he's a heck of a defensive coordinator. He's done a tremendous job. But the reality is, nobody knows what Nick Casario is going to do. And honestly, Zach, what has Nick Casario done to earn the opportunity to hire a third coach in three years? It doesn't happen.

It does not happen. I understand he inherited a mess with the Deshaun Watson situation. But some of the early decisions he's made, like going Derek Stingley over Saus Gardner, they look abysmal. So what has he done to earn the opportunity to now hire a third coach in three years?

Nothing. Worked for an incompetent organization, and incompetent organizations do incompetent things. And so, if I'm the Texans, what I would do- This would be the last coach he hires. For sure. But his first two hires have been unmitigated disasters.

Yeah, but you know what? They didn't want to hire either of those guys. That was placeholders to tear the house down. Why did they hire Cully, though? Jim Caldwell was available. They could have brought him in for two years. Fair.

No, fair point. So if you didn't want to hire Cully, then why did you fire him after one year? If your plan all along was basically to reset the deck, get Cav Space, get the first pick in the draft, why did you fire Cully after a 41 season last year?

Because they love bringing unwanted attention to that organization. So they bring in Lovey Smith, who they didn't even interview until the process was pointing them to the fact they couldn't hire him to count. And then here's Lovey Smith, and now poor Lovey Smith, he's not a good coach, but I mean, he's the only- I'd get paid, so. He was the only person, the Texans were the only team, I should say, that would have made Lovey Smith their head coach.

Oh, 100%. So now they're going to fire him, and Nick Cassaro's going to get to pick another coach? That doesn't sit right with me. Number one overall pick, it has to be Bryce Young. Is there a lot of conversation locally in Houston about going someone other than Bryce Young? There is, because there's a concern that Nick Cassaro being such a traits and size guy, that Bryce Young being 6 foot, 5'11. But he's a Belichick guy, Cassaro. Belichick, Cassaro, we know the whole Saban connection, too. I think that could be the exception, could be because Saban's going to say, you should draft this. My fear would be Will Levis for them. Oh, number one overall?

I like Will, he's been on this show twice. They took Derek Stingley over Sauce Gardner, they were one of the few teams that would make that decision. How am I supposed to know that Nick Cassaro wouldn't take the guy who's 6'5, looks like Josh Allen, has all the characteristics of being a good quarterback, other than the fact that he didn't play well in college this year, but no one wants to talk about that. Look, they should take Bryce Young.

As someone who follows the Texans every day and covers them locally on radio down there, I can't sit here and confidently tell you that they're going to do what Logic tells you they should do. Oh yeah, that's fair. Ugh, you're making Hickey excited. He smiled because he has this theory. And it's funny, I told him this theory, Hot Take Hickey. Two months ago, he should be leading the charge in his very popular Odyssey podcast for the Indianapolis Colts, where he covers the Colts and breaks it down like no other way Hot Take Hickey can. I said two months ago, I go, your team stinks, and he didn't want to admit that his team was awful, and he was still holding out hope that they were going to make the pass. I go, leave the charge for Bryce Young. And now, two months later, he's hoping that the Texans are going to mess things up, and they're not going to draft Bryce Young, so his team could climb up to two, or maybe they fall down because the Colts are like fifth or sixth right now or somewhere in the draft. Hot Take Hickey.

So you just gave him hope. I'm sure he's excited. Do me a favor, say Hot Take Hickey again so we can make sure we have that in our drops. Hot Take Hickey.

All right, you can make your point now. The point I was going to make is, how excited are you, Hot Take Hickey, for Week 18 of the NFL season, Texans at the Colts, these two bitter rivals tied in Week 1, and they meet again in Week 18 as seven people will tune in to watch. And Hickey will be one of them. And probably stream him on multiple devices, so you may be like four or five people.

I'll be locked in as well. It's my job, but I'm not going to like it, but I will do it. This should be the last week of the season. Take the week off. No better way to end the regular season than Colts, Texans doing over maybe the number one overall pick. That was our Indianapolis Colts talk of the day brought to you by Hot Take Hickey. Real quickly, college football playoff. Who's going to the national championship game in your opinion?

I hate picking Chalk, but these semifinals have proved out to be Chalk so many times. So I'm just going to take the two favorites. I'm going to ride Georgia. I'm going to ride Michigan. I think we get a great final. Which game will be closer? Will it be Georgia up against Ohio State, or will it be Michigan up against TCU? You know, being in Texas and watching a lot more TCU than most, I think it's going to be that game.

I really do. I think TCU, I mean, you look at their games this year, they battle every game. They find a way every game. It's not like they were blowing teams out during the season. They think of a wide receiver team. They have a couple first round picks on that team.

They're well coached, as you mentioned. I think that game's going to be really close. Everyone's talking about Georgia, Ohio State, and Ohio State's going to get redemption. Ohio State got punched in the mouth. How are they going to respond to that when they face a better defense now in Georgia?

This is a huge game, obviously, for multiple reasons for Ohio State. But no one bigger than their quarterback, C.J. Stroud.

Because if we want to have Hickey start to wishfully think that his team's going to go draft Bryce Young. If C.J. Stroud beats Georgia, the perception about C.J. Stroud, who's a good quarterback, will change, I think, overnight from that game. And there will be more talk for C.J. Stroud to be the number one overall player. Huge.

Huge storylines in that one. It is a really good college football playoff. You've got a couple new school teams in there.

You've got, obviously, the legacy schools and Georgia trying to go back to back. I am very excited to watch these playoff games. Yes or no? And I know we've got to get out of here in 30 seconds. It's happening.

We already know that. But are you a fan of expanding to 12 teams? I don't love the number. I am a fan of expanding.

What would you have done it to? Eight instead. Eight. Okay. I'm anti-expansion, but I waved the white flag and realized that money was going to win out. And I was saying, eight, you take the, we'll see what the power five ends up looking like.

But the five power five conference champions, two wildcards, and one group of five spot would have been the way that I did it for eight. How can people follow you, Jake Asman, of course? At Jake Asman is where you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well. Just Jake Asman? Just my name. Only one S. A-S-M-A-N. I'm the ass man. We're just talking about Jake Asman here.

Asman like Jasmine. Yes. I see that in your Twitter bio. Great to see you, my friend. Thank you for having me, my man. It's an honor to be back in this building. I worked here four years ago.

So first time back. Honored to be with you. So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app. Your trusted local radio stations, coverage of your favorite teams, live news from your hometown, and millions of podcasts on demand. Best of all, you can completely customize your listening experience. Follow topics you care about, like leagues and teams. Pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later. There's a lot to listen to.

So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. What's the strangest thing you're afraid of? Tails without fur on them, such as rats or possums. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, Your Weirdest Fears, where we dig into the crazy things you're afraid of. Everything from animal people hybrids. You know, people who get surgeries to look like an animal to giant statues.

If I ever saw one of those giant statues, I probably would poop my pants. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from.
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