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Super Bowl Vision (Hour 4)

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October 26, 2022 10:06 pm

Super Bowl Vision (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 26, 2022 10:06 pm

Leger Douzable, former Jets defensive lineman l How many QBs can you see winning the Super Bowl this season? l Closing Bell

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We continue. This is at Yelp show, coast to coast on CBS sports radio.

Let's head out to the guest line right now. Welcome in a man that played the national football league for 10 seasons. You can catch him on mad dog sports radio right now.

Also CBS sports HQ. And that is liege, do the ball, liege. Appreciate the time. As always, how you been? I'm good. Thanks for having me on again. I got to give you credit because we talked to you. I just wanted to make sure that you remember I was not going to let you forget. I'm actually surprised that you remembered because there's so many things that I say that I don't even remember.

But for people that have no clue what we're talking about, we may need to ask liege, do the ball for the lottery numbers tonight. Because before the year started, you were the only person in America that check America, the world that said don't be surprised at the Jets finish in second place in the AFC. So I got to tip my cap to you, my friend. I appreciate that. You know, it takes a big man to admit when you know, you know, you were kind of trying to play me a little bit because you got, are you serious? The second or third place, I was like, do not be surprised.

I just knew everything that just added the culture they were building. And I've been trying to tell everybody, nobody's afraid of the Patriots anymore. Like nobody, like Tom Brady is gone.

Like the big bad wolf is gone. He's in Tampa now and they're even struggling there right now. So I really felt like it was going to be a push between them and the Miami Dolphins. They've had some injury issues. We've had some, but we've been over to overcome those injuries.

Yeah. The Patriots stink. And I said before the start of the season that they weren't going to make the playoffs, but I didn't think that they'd be sitting in the bottom of this AFC. I mean, the Chicago Bears ran through them. That's literally all you need to know. What did you make of the whole Belichick situation and handling the quarterbacks?

Because that was one of the more bizarre things I've ever seen. The Patriots are smug. They've always been smug.

They really think they're just smarter than everybody. I mean, it goes back to the off season. And you mentioned it, you know, I hope the five day a week show on Sirius XM, Mad Dog Sports Radio, called I Am Happy Tonight.

And I remember I think in late July or even early when they decided to, you know, make Matt Patricia and Joe Judge and put them on offensive side of the ball, I said, this is going to hurt Mac Jones with development. Yeah. Think about it. He had a really bright offensive minded guy, Josh McDaniels, who is a bit of a job to leave him in and going for the Las Vegas Raiders. Right.

Congratulations. That's just supposed to do. He's supposed to elevate yourself. But the smugness and Bill Belichick to think that he can hire a guy just because he has a high IQ and he's been on the defensive side of the ball his whole career and think he's going to be a good officer coordinator. It's just like the pages really just think they can outsmart everybody.

And then I just hate how they operate and do things like, like reporters are asking you direct questions. If Matt Jones is healthy, does he retain his job? What if a hypothetical question? That's a clear cut question. If the kid is healthy, does he go back to being a starter?

And he just try to outsmart everybody. The crazy thing is that it's like, it's not like him and Bailey's aptly are two different athletic quarterbacks. Like you're simply going to be preparing the same way we played the New England Patriots. So you doing that is not really changing how the defense of the coordinator is planning to play you that week. And we saw it versus Chicago Bears. I think it matters when most of your offensive starters don't even know who's going to start in the game.

Like a lot of them came out and said it. Jacoby Meyers or Maundrey Stevens and Hunter Henry. They all came out like we didn't know that Bailey's happy was going to play this game. I think they all assumed that Matt Jones was going to be the starter again.

And then he gets pulled after pretty serious. And Bailey's happy stays in and he throws two interceptions in the second half. Now they come out today and say, Matt Jones is going to be the starter. Well, actually, Bill Belichick still hasn't formally said that right.

Supposedly, Meg Jones took 90% of the snaps and the resources, I always throw quotation marks up with that. He will start this week, which I think is the right thing. He took a guy in the first round. He just don't give up on him that early because Bailey's happy had one decent game. And I love Bailey's happy.

I think he can spend it with some of the best of them. But if I get it twisted, that Cleveland Browns defense is horrible. And a lot of those passes down the field were busted coverages and guys were wide open. So I mean, Matt Jones was a guy that everybody was saying, you know, for me, we could be the next Tom Brady. And now all of a sudden, he's not going to have to be the starter anymore. I really do like Bailey's happy because I think he gives you that element as far as throwing the ball down the field. Mike Jones is more methodical. He's going to methodically move the ball down the field.

I think Bailey, that gives you a different, you know, envelope when it comes to a guy that can really test you down the field. But the Patriots offense has always been deconvolved and based off the run game. So I think Matt Jones deserves the right to get back in the starting rotation.

I don't think it's going to matter though, Zach, because they set this kid up to fill. But what they did this all season with his coaches. And it's not just the coaching because I'm in full agreement with you on the coaching. Patricia and Joe Judge coaching this kid up makes zero sense to me. Look at the teams that are starting to get some good play out of their young quarterbacks like a Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia, also a Tuatunga Vailoa in Miami. They're getting legit weapons around him for years because you had Tom Brady. You could afford to lose a Randy Moss. You could afford to lose a Wes Welker.

And there was always that next guy up. You don't have Tom Brady anymore. So they got to go get legit number one wide receivers. And don't get me wrong, Jacobi Myers, nice player in this league, but he's their best receiver. He's not a number one wide receiver.

Yeah. And the crazy thing is that they've actually got good contributions from Devontae Parker. This is a guy that's been hurt his whole career. This is how I want to say low in the Miami Dolphins think of him, but they trade them within the vision that says something.

Well, you're not worried about playing against the guy. Now, again, he's played actually really well. He's not a guy that really separates from defenders, but he's a guy that can go over and get the ball, you know, 50, 50 balls and one-on-one coverage. And he's actually done that pretty well this year, really gave him the spark the last few weeks and doing that with Bailey Zappi.

We'll see if he can continue to stay healthy because that's always been his biggest issue. But like you said, as far as it's like the playmakers around him, like some of the guys that they paid a lot of money to handle, like Jonathan Smith is a good player for some reason. They don't even run plays for him.

I don't, I don't understand it. You can see the elation and him last week when Bailey Zappi came in, he had a big explosive run at catch and even in the Cleveland game, like they don't use them. He usually gives like one targeted game, which is absurd because he literally, I think got paid more than Hunter Henry in the beginning of last year. They used them more than how Henry started being the guy in the red zone. And I don't even use Jonathan Smith except for a glorified offensive tackle.

So like I, I just don't understand the game plan. Again, Tom Brady, when he was there and even now, but he's always been a quick dink and dunk guy, get the ball out of his hand, know exactly where to go with the football. And Mack Jones has kind of been that way as well. But that was with Josh McDangle last year. It just seems like the kid has lost, you know, this year has six interceptions and only three and a quarter games.

Like that's absurd. And I think it's because of the coaching and supposedly there was a rip up there. He was, he was no question in New England about why they hired these two guys to coach him. And then also an issue about his ankle injury, how he was supposed to handle it. They want him to get surgery.

He refused to do it. So we'll see how this plays out for the New England Patriots going forward throughout the rest of the year. Lije Duceval here with Dust. So the Jets, as we were talking about, to open things up or five and two to start off the season, unfortunate injury news with Breece Hall and Elijah Vera Tucker going down for the season. But I like in a moment like that, where you wonder, okay, where are the Jets going to go from here after losing two of their better offensive players, they go out and acquire James Robinson. It just shows you for the first time in a long time, the Jets have a competent coach and they also have a GM that knows what he's doing.

And it's funny that we're talking about this, because I literally think yesterday, about four or five hours before the trade happened, I literally tweeted free James Robinson and it had nothing to do with my Jets, right? I would have loved that. And there's a couple of people were like, I would love to get them. People were like, we should get them.

I was like, I would love to get them. I didn't think it was going to happen because I thought Jackson will be stupid as hell to trade them over there. But they've disrespected him for two years. Urban Meyer, for whatever reason, didn't care about him. And because Urban drafted ATM in the first round, you kind of have to use now ATM, but Robins is a heck of a player.

No, it's Trent Bokeh. It goes down to him. Like, again, when you draft a guy in the first round and you have a running back going into a second year that had a thousand yards, I want to say over 13, 1400 all-purpose yards. Like, you don't draft the running back in the first round when you have that.

And you have it for cheap. Zach, he was an undrafted free agent. There was no reason for Travis ATM to get drafted in the first round. He goes down and James Robinson does what he always does.

He plays extremely well. Now going into this year, it was supposed to be 50-50 flow. And if you look at the first three weeks of the season, even though James Robinson came off the Achilles, he was playing really well the first three weeks.

The last three weeks, I don't know what Trent Bokeh got in Doug Peterson's head and was like, hey, we got to really start featuring this kid more than I took him in the first round. But that's dumb. That was the dumbest thing they could have ever done, right? They should have kept it at 50-50. And if you heard James Robinson speak today to reporters up in New York, that's literally what he thought. He was like, I thought it was going to be 50-50.

It started off that way. And then, you know, they tried to use my knee soreness as an issue. He was like, I've always had knee soreness, like, you know, playing running back, you're going to get beat up.

So I'm going to be a little sore. But he was like, I was healthy enough to play. I mean, I played 12 snaps and he didn't give me one carry last week.

So I was just glad that he got released and was free, not released, but released as far as being on, you know, being in jail in Jacksonville and them not using them and disrespecting them for the last two years. Now he goes to a team. Again, he's not Bree Saul. This guy is perfectly fit for this offense as far as a one cut get downhill runner. That's what he does.

Now, Bree Saul is a different element because of how explosive it is. He can take one 50-60 yards. With James Robinson, even though he had one of those runs this year already versus Chargers, he's going to get you some tough four or five runs that turn into 20 yards.

He's a hard guy to bring down. I think the most important thing, I think that Michael Ford really loves is his pass protection ability in the back, in the backfield. That's going to help that Wilson feel comfortable in the pocket where he can throw the ball down the field and not have to evade the finish and try to leave the pocket too early because he has a running back that will stand up in there and block for him.

Lije Duzeball here with us. All right, Mr. Clair Voin, after your big Jets prediction before the start of the year, how are we talking about Zach Wilson at the end of the season? It's to be determined, to be honest, Zach, you got to think this guy missed seven weeks because of the knee injury that he sustained in the first preseason game, right? So essentially the last four games have been the preseason for Zach Wilson.

Right now, I think more is going to be asked of him now with the loss of Elijah Verituker and also the loss of Bree Hall. But this, like, don't get it twisted. This, this offense is based off the run game. The Shanahan tree, if you look at it, right? Everything is based off the run game. They're going to run the football. Now I do. I think they go on the uptick of Zach potentially throwing 25 times a game instead of just 18 or 20.

Yes. I think he ends up throwing, you know, a little bit more as the season goes on. We know the issue with Elijah Moore asking for a trade. He was back at practice. I'm not saying all is well with that because I think he's going to have to earn some of the respect back from his teammates. I think they started trying to get him and Garrett Wilson going more this week.

And again, everything is going to be based off the run game. And as that gets more comfortable, I think Michael Furrow put more on his plate. When it comes to Russell Wilson, it seems like he's just trying too hard to be a star and he's losing focus on football. If I was a teammate of his, I would, I know you can't pull him aside because he's the quarterback.

They just gave him all that money. I'd be like, dude, just stop. Like you're so cringe worthy. That guy's got to be laughing at him right now. Right? Man, I've been like, what, like, what can you say?

Like you said, in the reasons gave him 160 plus guaranteed. So it's like, we go to him like, yo, ref, I know you've been doing this for 10 years, but come on bro. Like, like you're doing, you're just doing a little bit too much. Like what player on that team is comfortable to do that?

You know what I'm saying? But it's like, it's like, you damn if you do, you damn if you don't, you don't say anything to him. It's like he continues to do it and he might do it anyway, whether you say something to him or not. And then it's like, who's comfortable enough to go out there and say that?

I think literally the only person on that team that has that type of dues right now is Patrick Surtray in the second. Like he's a young guy, so he's not going to go say anything to, uh, to Ruffin-Wolfin. I think, I think, I think he's just living and really leaning into it now at this point because there's no way as much as he is on social media. He doesn't see what everybody's saying, you know? So I think he's literally just leaning into it now because that's literally what it is as far as, you know, people are calling him corny or as you said, cringe worthy. I think he just is going with the flow because at this point he's like, I mean, what else can, you know, what else can go wrong?

Like I've played worse than I've ever played in my career. You know, the subway commercial comes out, that's a little corny, but it's kind of right up his alley and it's good marketing for him. How about today the high knees on the airplane going out to London? Like, come on, that's a bunch of bull crap.

It's almost like he's just trying to be seen now, you know? Far away as possible from that guy. If I was on that flight, that's a guy that doesn't shut up during a flight. Eight hours. This is my thing.

I put it this side. Like I was like, so you're telling me you did a workout for four hours. You were on that plane, funky for four hours because it's four more hours after that. So you were sitting on that plane. I don't know who he was sitting next to. He's probably in first class. I flew out to London.

Most of the starters sit in first class or the veteran guys sit in first class. Whoever you was next to you was probably like, bro, you just don't sweat on this flight before we got four more hours on here. Did you at least get a shower pill? You know what I'm saying? Like the little wipes, the shower fill wipes and wipe yourself off. Like, dude, what are you doing? We got four miles on this plane.

You're going to be breathing hard and sweating and stank. If you'd take a guess, we're Sean Payton coaching next year. Everything in my heart tells me Dallas, right? And the only way Dallas, Mike McCart that I think stays in Dallas is if they go to the NFC Championship, like that's the floor for them because everybody knows the relationship that Jerry Jones and Sean Payton has. And they're just ashamed because he's actually done a good job this year since that's gone down.

Yeah, he has. So I think some respect needs to be paid to him. I just think Jerry loves Sean Payton.

Right. And again, if they agree, energy championship, I think it's, they'll be hard pressed, but you can't really fire coach to get to the industry championship. And if they get bounced first round again, guarantee Sean Payton is going to Dallas. I would want the Chargers job. I'd be rooting for Brandon Staley to keep up with my God. What he could do with J Herbo, man, that is a mess made. And I would love for him to go to talk to the way Brandon Staley coaching. Yeah, he might be about it after this year. You know what job I wouldn't want. I would not want the Broncos job. I'll tell you that.

Yeah, that's tough. And honestly, there's rumors that they don't beat the Jaguars, which again, if you look at the history, the Jaguars are on fire in London, right? They're doing the London team. So it kind of sucks from the Daniel Hackett cause he's actually going into a bud song.

It's definitely usually doesn't lose up there in London. So there's rumors that if he loses this week, he could potentially be out of there after this week. Last thing that I'll just float out to you, Liget, do the ball. It's always great when he joins us on the Zach Gelb show, LeFlore 13 and three is first three years in the league. Rogers last week saying they need to simplify the offense this week. He's saying guys to keep on making mistakes. It's time to cut those reps. Is there a chance this off season with that dead cap number so large of Aaron Rogers were to retire that Roger Rogers tries to force out Matt LeFlore? I mean, I think you try to do it his first year, right? And supposedly Brian Goudekes said, don't make trouble, you know, for the head coach, but I go to this, right before came into a ready-made situation, right? I know Mike McCarthy got fired, but like you still had one of the greatest quarterbacks we ever seen. They revamped the whole defense that all season. They got guys like Preston Smith, Zadarius Smith as well. They were Sean Gary got drafted. Like he came into a great situation.

Let's not get it twisted. When he was with the Tennessee Titans as all of the corner, he was middle of the pack. Like people tend to forget that because of all their wins they've had the first three years. Now again, Aaron Rogers didn't play extremely great the first year and it's hard for any quarterback in this system to play extremely great in the very first year to difficult system. It's the Shanahan tree, but let's not forget, you know, larger sense back-to-back MVP.

Like it's had MVPs before Matt LeFlore was there. So like this team was a made ready team. It'll be interesting if they say they don't make the playoffs. Do they potentially? I mean, can you fire coach who's had so much success, even though it's practically based off of what the quarterback has done.

It'd be something interesting to look at in this long season. Exactly. Lije Dusubal, always great to catch up with you. Thanks so much. I'm sure we'll get you on again soon and we'll make fun of something I got wrong and that you got right.

I appreciate you. There you go. Lije Dusubal joining us on the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio, where we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage could help you get there for all the solutions that fit your life. Rocket can.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. You can think of running out of parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts. I have a few football questions right here. Hickey, I'll give my thoughts.

I'll get your thoughts on them as well. Next year is Matt Ryan on NFL roster. Will Matt Ryan be on the NFL roster next season? I start the season to start the season. I'll say no, I think he's going to retire after this year.

Cause we went through it earlier. Where is he going? Like the commanders can't get rid of Wentz and then bring him Matt Ryan. I don't think he's going to the saints. It's like, where is he going? What about this? You have a destination?

No, I don't. What if he gets traded this year? You think he's going to get traded from now until, until next week, early next week in the deadline? Those three teams, we brought up the commanders, the Panthers, the sinks. If I'm the commanders, I hate to say this because Matt Ryan's a good guy and was a really good quarterback of this league. I'd rather just knock him up any capital for a no- You don't want to trade with the Colts again?

No. Well, first off, you can't have out the Colts, but what's the point of bringing in Matt Ryan? I think Taylor Heinecky honestly may give you a better chance to win. It seems like it's just more life in that arm right now. You watch Matt Ryan more than us, more than anyone.

I know the line stinks in Indianapolis. Another Michael Pittman, you don't really have great weapons, but it seems like that arm is dead and he's just shot. There's so many turnovers. The turnovers are very scary. I mean, that's the thing with Taylor Heinecky is that he's also putting the ball in harm's way.

The hell is this? If Matt Ryan was on the commanders last week, do they beat the Packers? I would say so.

Really? I can't say that. Not that Taylor Heinecky played great, but- Well, that's the thing. He did not play good. Still in the game.

That's one of those games where a quarterback doesn't matter too much in that specific game. I'd still probably take a younger Taylor Heinecky, but it's a whole. It's a question.

It's a whole. You need some consistency. I know that we've seen him make that throw. Who was it? The Pierce two weeks back against a- Yes, against the Jaguars.

Not Tennessee, against the Jaguars. 32 yarder. Is Ryan in that spot making the throw that Heinecky made? To Maclaurin? To Maclaurin? I think so. I don't know about that. I really don't. Now you also, you were a Matt Ryan stand before the season started.

It also caused the ceiling. Again, he's ball security is his biggest issue, but when he's had time, he hasn't been horrible. The only issue he doesn't have any time. Baker Mayfield. Where's he next year? He's not in Carolina again next year. He's a free agent.

He'll be somewhere. He'll be on a team, but here's the biggest part with Baker competing. And this actually may help him because the way it's working out this week is this is a little bit of reality check. Cause Baker's back.

Like he's ready to go. Sam isn't right now. At least what I heard from Steve Wilkes earlier today, they're going to be, we know they're going to PJ Walker. So how Baker handles until he gets another opportunity is going to determine how many teams are going to be interested in next year. Because if Baker is the guy that you bring in to compete for a job and there's a chance he doesn't win it, and then he's your backup, like Baker Mayfield would be a good backup. And I still think there's a chance for him to start somewhere in the league. But am I looking at him as a guy that I can really expect much if he starts, I think he started to show that he was more 2021 Baker than 2020 Baker with some of the early things that you saw in Carolina this year.

Yeah. I'd be surprised if he's on a team or he is like right away from signing the number one guy. I'm trying to figure out where the destination is next year. Like Seattle, I feel like is it would, you would think logically, but I think they'd probably bring back Gino Smith. And they had an opportunity to go trade for Baker Mayfield in, and it would cost nothing pretty much.

Like, and they looked it out to do that. The saints you figure you try to get some sort of long-term quarterback. You know what? The saints may not be a bad one, but then it's your two of Dennis Allen.

You just hit your wagon to Jamis Winston and Andy Dalton. So nothing would surprise me. Right. I think Jamis is a two year deal. So we'll be back next year. But that's, I mean, you compete for it, but like, I don't, especially for a destination where he's starting day one, I don't like there is one.

I could see one destination. Colts. They're drafted a quarterback. They're going to be drafting a quarterback.

It doesn't mean they're going to be playing that. Does, does not mean they're going to be draft playing that quarterback right away. I would say the Colts, the commanders and the Seahawks, but actually I'd take Seattle out of it. I would say the Colts, the commanders and the saints are probably the first three destinations.

I think of Baker Mayfield. If Chris, if Chris Ballard is there next year for the Colts, which he may not be, may not be. This seems like we're trending in the direction of house cleaning at the end of this year for the Colts. Frank, Frank's not going to be back. I think Ballard who was well-respected around the league and maybe that image saves him, but you just saw Jim Erce with a guy that's well-respected around the league and Matt Ryan say, yeah, go grab some bench in week seven. I think this is a full house cleaning.

Let's restart this entire thing. We're bringing a new quarterback. We're going to bring in a new coach. We're gonna bring in a new GM. I think Ballard will stay for now.

He's definitely the hottie. If he stays, he also had no interest in Baker Mayfield. No one wants to ever. I wanted Baker.

I was pushing, making the push to not work. He wasn't listening to me. Where's Carson Wentz next year?

Oh, Mike. He can't be back with the commanders, right? You can't be back with the commanders next year. No, I guess my only hesitation is injury. If he doesn't return, Heineck, he keeps the job long enough. Like, do you just say, Hey, we didn't see enough?

No, I would agree. But then I honestly, I don't, I can't tell you right now where he would be. I have no idea. Now he's still under contract, but it costs him nothing to get out of it at the end of the season. There's no dead cap attachment for 2023. I have zero clue where he could, like, is there any team that jumps out to you? I hate to say it. He should retire. Carson Wentz should retire. What is he, 27 years old? I don't care. He has enough money.

What do we, as Mark Aboletti would say in the weekend overnight days, what are we doing here? It's now third team. The guy isn't a good teammate. You know, he can't handle the role of being a backup. And is another team really going to bring this guy in to be a starter?

They be idiots. All I'd say is this. Josh Rosen has gotten like, what, eight opportunities?

I don't care. That's never to be a, that's not a guy that has the ego that he's still going to be the starter. No, he had a big ego with the Jacuzzi and, and college and all that nonsense, but that guy doesn't go into a place thinking he's a good start. Carson Wentz still thinks he could be an MVP in this league. Well, if you want to collect a paycheck, you can go down the Josh Rosen route. He doesn't need to collect a paycheck. The guy got all of his money already. I mean, he said the four year, $128 million contract, his body is shot with unfortunately all the injuries, but the beating he took in Philadelphia without ended in Indianapolis.

And now it's going to be one and done again with the commanders. First off, why would a team bring this guy in? And number two, Carson Wentz, you would know this better than anyone. He can't handle being a backup. No, but that's a, I think he could be, I think next year, Washington, he stays in Washington.

If you're the competition is for the job. What? Then, then you know what?

Rahmah, Vera, Jason, right? All those guys should just lose their, I mean, look, Dan Snyder, one of them. And as you, as you could see, Dan Snyder does what he wants or he gets what he wants. I should say, well, he's an idiot.

Well, that goes out. Is Aaron Rodgers back in green bay next year? I would say yes. I would say so too. Now the question is Matt LaFlore back in green bay. Does Rod just try to get LaFlore fired? I think it's on the table. I'm not going to say it's likely, but I think it's on the table. And then finally, here's the multi-million dollar question. Hmm. Multi-million.

This is a big one. Tom Brady. Where is he next year? I don't think he's back in Tampa.

Before the year, I thought he was going to retire after this season, but now with it appearing that his marriage is basically Dunzo, the only one that really wanted him to stop playing football was Giselle. I know he has that deal lined up with Fox. Wouldn't shock me if Brady's playing football next year. And if he goes on one of these free agency tours once again and tries to latch on with a new team and says, thanks, Tampa, I'm going to go somewhere else. Where's Brady playing football next year there? How to take a key or is he even playing football next year? I think he is Tennessee. I think he's an option.

Rabel. Yeah. Makes sense.

Here's another option. Mm-hmm. The saints. There's rumors there before it's contingent upon again, the health of Michael Thomas, which is, is never healthy at this point. Alvin Kamara is good. It's been steady in terms of being on the field. The lava, like I said, is developing to a nice rookie receiver. They have talent on the, on the defensive line, on the offensive line, on the defense.

I think the appeal though, without Sean paid in there kind of goes out the window. You're going to, you're going to play for Dennis Allen. I know you're basically then the coach, but this year with Brady being the coach hasn't worked out that well because that was the way it was viewed when top, when Bruce Arians left and Todd Bowles replaced them. I'd also think it's safe to assume if Tom Brady wants a certain coach, that coach will be there.

Fair. That's like, you know, they're not signed with Dennis Allen over Tom Brady, even if it's just for a year. You stop gap.

I know Peter King shot this down when he was, it was on with us, but do you stop gap a year? Maybe Trey Lance complications. And he goes to finally gets to go to the 49ers with McCaffrey D Bo. You know, he wanted to go there before that's home.

That's team grew up with you have Ayuk. Do you tell Trey Lance? Yeah, go grab some bench room or your Tom will do this for one year. Let's go. I would say no. I don't think so.

I think if you're going to do that, you then use totally ditch trailer. You trade them and you go all in on Brady for a year and you hope it turns into like me. The last thing Brady won accomplish is playing for his hometown team. So maybe Brady goes into it saying, okay, I'm only going to do this for one year. So that's just some things on our table.

All right, real quickly. Here's my question. How many quarterbacks last question I have a lot of questions in this segment. How many quarterbacks can win a super bowl this year and the NFL, the NFL is more wide open than ever. Or so we think because the NFC, the only great team right now is Philadelphia and the AFC, it feels like the only two teams that get to super bowl is Buffalo and Kansas city.

Now, if one of those teams go down, can someone else emerge right now? If I had to just look at the teams and the quarterbacks that play on those teams and I could just give you quarterbacks that I could see and actually realistically envision going to a super bowl. I have my list, but I need a number, a number first Hickey, how many quarterbacks just number wise can you see going to a super bowl this year and the NFL right now, I'm going to say five, five.

Okay. My number was four and it probably should open up the door for one more because the split is three in the AFC and then only one in the NFC, my three in the AFC, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow. Is there anyone in the AFC that I'm leaving out there that we should give more consideration for this year?

We could see that team going to the super bowl. Those are my three. If you want to do the first one out, I would probably say Lamar Jackson. I would agree. And they were my pick to win the super bowl before the year, but that defense is, I know they're four and three, but that defense and their inability to close games.

That's what's concerning me. So Lamar's fair. Now in the NFC, I only gave one and I would have never said this before the start of the year. They were a lot to win the division to be before the year. I liked them to win the division. I never thought they were going to be this good right now. The only quarterback can see the NFC again in the Super Bowl is Jalen Hurts. Like that's how good I think the Eagles are. And they made another win now move today, going out there and getting Robert Quinn. Who's the other?

Do you have another? I actually have two, neither of the Eagles. Neither of the Eagles. Okay. Huh.

I'm not there yet with Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. If you give me the division, does it give it away? Yes. Okay. Is the quarterback in the NFC North? No.

Okay. Jimmy G? No. I like the 49ers, but no. Brady?

I'm going in the box. That's fair. I think they'll turn it around.

I'm not panicking after seven weeks, although it's not a good. And the other quarterback. You're not saying Stafford again, are you? Of course I am.

Why wouldn't I? That statute behind that offensive line. It's ugly through seven weeks. Don't get me wrong. But I mean, they've shown, those two courts have shown you come late in the season. They can play their best football.

I will take those January players right now and not panic over what's going on in October. Settle down before we pipe Stafford in the same conversation with Brady. I know that he beat him last year. And he, anyone that run last year, let's see what Stafford could do.

And everything's not set up for him. Cause then this year, everything's not set up for Matthew Stafford. He made the biggest throw in each game of those four games. So he did, he did not, I give him credit for what he did last year, but I can't be a big time believer that the Rams are going to be going back to the Superbowl until that offensive line shows me they can give Stafford three seconds to actually think Mark up for you. How many quarterbacks this year? Can you see getting to the Superbowl in the NFL? I mean, the guys that you mentioned, I would throw in Jimmy G. I still think the 49ers are built well for the, for the playoffs in the NFC.

I didn't say Brady. And it's just because this box team right now, it just, you can't count them out because they're going to get into the playoffs because their division stinks and they're going to get there. And if it's so open and they start to fix that offensive line, then there's a shot, but they just look lethargic right now.

They do. But again, even as, as good as the Eagles look and as good as the Eagles look, let's be fair. Again, it's early and this offense is good as it's been. And Jalen hurts has been awesome.

Second half, they haven't been great. It's very gimmicky though. Like eventually it's going to get found out. Like there's a lot, there's not a lot of just straight back, Hey, we're beating you guys straight up. It's not it's, there's a lot of gimmicky stuff that's going on there that people will figure out they're talented and the NFC is wide open, but that's part of it. They're not a juggernaut.

Yeah. If I had to give you two quarterbacks in the NFC right now, I would say it's Jalen hurts and Tom Brady. Those are the two that I could see getting the Superbowl. Now I will say about the Eagles why I liked them so much and it's not the quarterback.

I feel the strongest about with the list that I just gave. It's really because if they get home field advantage, there's no lock yet, but if they get home field advantage two games in Philadelphia to get to the Superbowl, I just don't know who's, I don't know how many quarterbacks going to be able to go in there this year with that build and jump in the way it is and take them down. No, I get it. Like I said, and that's why I throw the 49ers into it. Do I love Jimmy Garoppolo? No, do I think he's a great quarterback? No, but the Niners are a good team and he knows what he's doing and he can kind of, he can navigate the situation and he's been through everything that you could possibly go through. Could he there go into Philadelphia and just kind of just, you know, command the ship if you will, and have the rest of the team bail them out? Yeah, I could see it.

Yeah, it is a possibility, especially how low they are and they just got to get healthy. That's the biggest thing. Again, and their run game is going to be, you add McCaffrey into that. You're not a great running back.

Remember when, uh, Raheem Mostert, right? They're really, went off. Yeah. And again, they've got enough weapons that as long as Garoppolo doesn't make the critical bone crushing mistake, which he's most, for the most part has stayed away from. They can still be dangerous in a big spot. And I don't think I can envision a scenario where they don't make the playoffs because I don't believe in a lot of the teams in that division.

Yeah. I said this when they got McCaffrey, it's going to be ugly. It's going to be a roller coaster. Like there's going to be weeks last week, the Falcons game, things like that. But you got to think if it only takes nine wins, maybe only eight this year that they'll find a way to get nine. Like I said, and that's why they'll squeak into the playoffs somehow. And then all of a sudden you see them in a wild card game and you go, ah, they got to go on a road.

This is a tough matchup. And like Dallas last year. Yeah.

It's a green bag last year. Like we didn't see a lot of this, you know, and then all of a sudden you're there and you're like, yeah, title game in a lead. And as soon as they got into the title game, you're like, yeah, we should have saw coming. Right. Cause that means the team is built that way. And Garoppolo is not awful. He's just fine.

And the rest of the theme is good enough. It is Zach Gelb show and CBS sports radio. We'll do the closing belt next week. From New York times, bestselling author Tyler Kepner comes the grandest stage, a history of the world series. Kepner dives into the history, lore and strategy of the biggest event in baseball. Why do some players crave the pressure and others cave? What's it like to manage in the world series?

What are the secrets of building a champion? Pick up your copy of the grandest stage today. It's also the perfect gift for the baseball fan in your life. Available wherever books are sold from double day. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach Gelb shows, CBS sports radio.

You can always follow along on social media at Zach Gelb, Twitter and Instagram, Z A C H G E L B. We could catch some of our interviews that we did tonight with John Coon, Steve Sparky, Pfeiffer, and also Lee J do the ball coming up tomorrow. Shelby Harris from the Seattle Seahawks is going to be stopping by. We'll talk about their surprising start to the year. And we are supposed to have former Steelers running back LaVeon Bell, as he's now a boxer going up against Uriah Hall. So we will get a few minutes, hopefully tomorrow with LaVeon Bell or so we were promised.

We'll see if it actually happens. Anyway, without further ado, it's time to get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down.

Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell. Only on the Zach Gelb show. If I could just latch on to an NBA team this year, I would latch on to the Pelicans. They're fun. They're young. They showed you a lot last year and last night without Zion Williamson, without Brandon Ingram, they're going up against the Mavs, Luca Doncet's going off with 37 points, 11 rebound, seven assists. They still find the way to edge out the Mavs 113 to one 11 without Zion and without Brandon Ingram. I love the way that this team is playing at last year. And I like what they're doing so far this year at three and one, give the Pelicans a stock up. Devin Booker, they beat the Warriors last night. Clay Thompson got ejected, but Devin Booker at 34 points and a son's one 34, one Oh five victory against the dubs.

Give Devin Booker a stock up. The redemption tour for Howie Roseman few years ago, we all thought he had naked pictures of Jeffrey Lurie. And that's the only reason why he was keeping his job. And he didn't draft Justin Jefferson. He didn't draft DK Metcalf.

Instead he went with Jalen Rager and JJ Arthaga Whiteside. And look at where the Eagles are a few years later. They drafted Devontae Smith. They traded for AJ Brown. They found a way to get Jordan Davis in the draft. They traded for Darius big play slay. They signed James Bradbury. They traded for CJ Gardner Johnson. Today they traded for Robert Quinn. They scientists on Reddick in the off season.

Oh yeah. And by the way, their quarterback Jalen hurts. Remember that controversial draft pick in the second round. He's looking like he's a franchise quarterback now. And the Eagles are a super bowl contender. Howie Roseman has done a magnificent job with the Philadelphia Eagles this year and the last few years in getting them back to where they need to be. And he dug himself into a deep hole, but whatever how he looks like he's down and out, he finds a way to magically get the job done and getting Robert Quinn today. I got 18 and a half sacks a year ago and only one of the year, but you're in Chicago's again, hold it against you. That's a good move. Low risk, high reward.

I'm sure they're going to pick up a running back as well from now until the deadline next week, but I could give a stock up to Howie Roseman. Hickey, how are your high knees? By the way, if you have to try to do some high knees right now, not great. My lower body is very tight. Really?

Yeah. Do high knees right now? I could. I am bizarrely flexible. Like I could, how tall you?

5'11". I could kick at your head. Like I can take over your head. I think I have great hamstrings. But if you were on a flight, I get like I'm going to eight hour flight to Barcelona in March for a bachelor party. I'm sure I'll get up and walk around, stretch a little bit, but I'm not doing three or four hours of stretching and high knees. You're not doing calisthenics in a row for half the flight.

I've got to go to the bathroom, stretch your legs, talk to some of my friends on plane. That's probably about it. That's what Russell Wilson did for four hours. This guy is a gift that keeps on giving and it's a gift that you want to just give back because Russell Wilson's been a disaster with the Broncos and the punch lines just keep on coming. Stock down to Russell Wilson. And finally, Matt Ryan, he got benched and now you're the third string quarterback as it's Nick Foles and Sam Langer in front of you.

And that's how your good career ended. A guy that was an MVP because I don't think he's going to be playing next year. Bench seven weeks in by the owner, Jim Erce of the Indianapolis Colts.

Give a stock down to Matt Ryan. And that's the Zach Gilb show on CBS sports radio. Appreciate you tuning in.

Make sure you follow on Instagram, Twitter at Zach Gilb Z A C H G E L B do that right now. And we'll be back tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern three Pacific across all of our great local CBS sports radio affiliate, Sirius X M channel one 58 and that free Odyssey app. Big thanks to all of you.

Big thanks to hot take Hickey. We out. Bye. Bye. Peace.
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