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Top 3 Teams in AFC & NFC (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 24, 2022 10:06 pm

Top 3 Teams in AFC & NFC (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 24, 2022 10:06 pm

Onsides/Offsides l 3 bizarre QB situations that we did not see developing the way they have l Top 3 teams in the AFC & NFC


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You guys need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family. Rocket can. If you want to make Patriot fans happy, you may need to play zappy. Mac Jones just throws an interception on his third drive of the game. Three and out, three and out. They finally start to move the ball and he throws a pick. So now the Bears get the ball back and they already are supporting a 10-0 lead. Five questions, five answers.

We do this every Monday and Friday. Let's get to a little Onsides Offside. Hot take hickey? Let's not even waste five more seconds.

Hit it! Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? Offside defense number 69. It's Onsides Offsides with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio.

Alright HTH, what do you got for me? Well Zach, it was another rough Sunday for two of the best quarterbacks of all time as both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady lost as steep favorites, the Packers. They scored just 14 offensive points against the commanders while Rodgers held just 194 passing yards. Green Bay in the game did not convert a third down for the first time since 1999. That's like impossible.

That is literally does feel like it's impossible. Like if you would have told me that the commanders would have beat the Packers, I wouldn't have believed you. But if you would have told me that the Packers wouldn't convert a third down against the commanders, my probably response would have been oh they never even got to third down. Or maybe they only got to like two third down situations in the game because they were kicking the commanders ass that badly. That wasn't the case. They got their ass kicked.

That they did. That's just a statistical anomaly for sure. On the other side of the Bucks were held just three points against the Panthers. As now you look up through seven games, Tampa they are 25th in the NFL in terms of points per game averaging just 17.7. Yeah their offense has been horrible.

Oofah you said it sir. So onsides or offsides Zach? The Packers they are more likely to turn their offensive woes around compared to the Buccaneers. I'm going offsides. Offsides!

And here's why. I think the Bucks just have more talent on the offensive side of the ball where the Packers may need to go get a wide receiver. Whether that's Jerry Judy who's overrated who could be available. Can they get Odell Beckham they tried last year. The Bucks have the pieces. Their line hasn't been great. I don't think Brady is playing as bad as what people think. But their receivers have been banged up.

Mike Evans dropped the football yesterday. I'm not giving Brady a free pass here. But I also factor in the division.

Bucks are still going to win that division. Packers are playing from behind because the Vikings are 5-1. So I'll give the edge more to Brady than I will Rogers and also the situation that is around Brady I think on the offensive side of the ball is better even though it's not great but you're comparing it to what the situation is at Lambeau Field with the Green Bay Packers. This NFL season so far has been filled with a ton of surprises. The Seahawks who would have thought they are right now in first place in the NFC West. Take that Russ!

After they are just total drubbing off the charges. Seahawks are cooking baby without you. 4-3 watch out Geno Smith for MVP. Let me ask you this. If Russell Wilson could do it over.

Think he stays in Seattle now? So that's okay Pete. I'll see your vision in a little bit. I don't. Oh come on. You're playing with Nathaniel Hackett who's a bozo.

I don't think so. That roster offensively is not as good as what he thought it was. Russell Wilson is a fool if he wouldn't be going crawling back to Pete Cowell and the Seahawks right now. He may regret and maybe if he could do it over again and switch the team he would choose. I just feel like him and Pete Cowell would just add in ends where he just had to get out. Yeah well that's a bad look on Russell Wilson.

And you're not wrong it's looking worse and worse by the day. Where else would he have gone to? I mean realistically you could look at a team like Carolina who needed a quarterback. You could have looked at a team.

I'm trying to think off the top of my head. I mean the Colts were on the Kordak market. You could look for a team. I mean I don't know if Miami would have pulled the trigger but I mean also Miami was kind of flirting with others before you know. I don't want to say settling for Tua but they were always peeking around. Eagles? Russell Wilson's stock was very high. I know it's hard to think now.

His stock was very high in the offseason. I think there would have been at least 10 teams. Well I don't know about 10. We just listed 4 or 5 right there. But you got to remember his ego was so big he was only willing to go to a certain amount of teams. Well the teams he would be interested in a different story.

Right. Like in terms of calling the Seahawks. He's really become unlikable. Which is crazy because I never had a gripe ever with Russell Wilson.

He has become unlikable now. By the way. That's who's getting Bailey Zappi coming on in. And it looks like there's a lot of cheering.

It looks like there's a lot of cheering right now in the crowd. Wow. That was quick. That was a quick hook. 3 series.

Now it was ugly. But 3 series? Why even start Mac Jones if you're going to go to Bailey Zappi after 3 series.

And I guarantee you this. Because they're starting off. I think this is right at the 45. You know he's putting this ball in the end zone. The Patriots will get points. They will get a touchdown on this drive.

That's a quick hook. Now Adam Shafter did tweet before the game that there's a chance I guess both quarterbacks could play. Let me say this.

I love Shafter. No one knows anything when it comes to Bill Belichick. I would agree.

So I just I throw that out there by saying obviously I don't have the sound on here. I don't think this was planned like they planned to play both quarterbacks. But with that said I mean either Mac is clearly not healthy enough which you mentioned before he's limping around. He does not look like he's 100%. And they kind of rushed him back and maybe that's just Mac getting nervous about his job security and wanting to be back.

But he did not look healthy enough to be out there fully. And I don't know if Belichick agreed. Belichick is a man that always adjusts. He looked at what happened with Clemson and he's saying oh D.G. Uncle Le got pulled. That's my Mac Jones. D.G.

Uncle Le. They put in Cade Klubnick. Somewhat worked. We have Bailey Zappi. And then after the game I could just go. Yeah Mac's still going to play a lot of good football for us. But we just felt like it was time for a change. Maybe Belichick's just trying to adjust from what he sees in the college game. If that's the case I cannot wait for those postgame questions. And by the way the Patriots off a screen pass to Armandre Stevenson already out to the Bears 30. But for a young quarterback and Mac is a confident kid and they keep on showing him on the sideline. Someone on the Patriots sideline now needs to go over to him. Like you have to have a teammate or two like go over and try to keep Mac's spirits up here because there's no way you could be happy after getting benched three three drives into the game. First drive back from injury. I wonder if we've already seen the last of Mac Jones in a Pats uniform. And you're at home and the fans are going to be going nuts here when Zappi puts the ball in the end zone.

This could really mentally screw with the youngster. And back to drop is Bailey Zappi. And he has a good throw down to the two they say he's in for a touchdown. Jacoby Myers we're happy for Zappi. How about that. A 30 yard touchdown.

Zappi hour as they show on the screen. I don't want to run in the parade. This is Bailey Zappi Steve. Not the best throw in the world. Just saying. Let me tell you something.

He was wide open. I don't give a rat's ass about any of your opinions moving forward when it comes to the quarterbacks because all your quarterbacks are used for suck. But I'm just saying. If we're you know in the quarterback evaluation.

It's life. Who cares. Well what do you know you're a Colts fan. What do you know about good quarterback play.

I'll tell you what I know. You bad quarterback play is going to be good. But I know bad quarterback play that's for sure. I've seen a lot of it. You think Bailey Zappi has been a bad quarterback.

Look pretty good against the Lions and the Browns. What are you doing by the way. What are you doing.

I'm just being happy. You are a Mac Jones defender. You have talked about how this is Mac Jones this job. And now I hear the goodness in your voice. I hear the excitement when they when you said wow they're bringing in Bailey Zappi.

Yeah you could hear a little extra juice. I like Mac Joe compared to when Mac Jones was in. I'm a fan of Mac Jones said this forever. I think Mac Jones could be good if they actually put the right pieces around him.

I don't think he's great but I do like Mac Jones. We shared a very nice breakfast together. We have a little bit of a texting relationship. But the bottom line is I know what it's now like to be a regular football fan. You know for the last 20 years I was living in the penthouse. It was awesome.

I had no concerns. My biggest concern was were we going to lose in the AFC Championship game or the Super Bowl. We're going to win the Super Bowl.

Those are the three possibilities for the last 20 years of my life. Now it's been a tough time. You know we went 10 and 7 last year and lost lost in the playoffs in the first round. Now this Bailey Zappi kid comes in. He's played well for three games. So I'll be like every other NFL fan and start to just be delirious and go nuts and root for whatever chaos goes down that hopefully benefits my football team.

Alrighty well back to the question. We did get a little derailed there by Zappi Hour coming in and throwing a nice touchdown pass. Let me tell you I'm drinking these crazy tanks right now.

I'm like you. That was surprising. The Seahawks sitting in first place in the NFC West is surprising. The Giants sitting at 6 and 1 after the last second win over the Jaguars. That's surprising. The Jets they won their fourth game in a row on Sunday.

They're 5 and 2. That's surprising. Onsides are offsides Zach. The Seahawks right now are the biggest positive surprise through seven weeks. Bailey Zappi just threw a touchdown. He's clearly the biggest surprise of the NFL season so far. All kidding aside, Seahawks have been a great surprise. I would have never thought they'd be 4 and 3 through the first seven weeks of the season. But I'm going offsides here and something against the Seahawks. I didn't even know if the Giants were going to have six wins before the season started.

They have six wins through seven weeks and they're locked to make the playoffs. The Giants are clearly the biggest surprise in a positive way of the NFL season so far. Clemson maybe Syracuse on Saturday but it was not easy and it was without controversy. Or it wasn't without controversy I should say because they were down 21-10 in the third quarter. Dabo Swinney decided to pull DJ Uwe Ungolay. But at that point had three turnovers and they did instead put in true freshman sensation Cade Klubnick. Now the former five star recruit completed just two passes but did lead the Tigers to 17 points in the fourth quarter as Clemson won 27-21. And after the game, despite making the move in game, Dabo Swinney did say that DJ was still the starter moving forward. Onsides are offsides Zach. Dabo is right in making or I should say keeping DJ as the starter.

This is maybe the toughest question you've ever asked me. Cause DJ Ungolay has played solid football this year. He's played more than solid football. He's played really good this year. But last week he went back to 2021 DJ Uwe Ungolay.

And the coach said we gotta get him out of the game. Since they have a bye week and since Cade Klubnick did not dominate, I think it's the right call to go with DJ Ungolay against Notre Dame. But it will also be the right call if he pulls him again if DJ is not playing well. And maybe if Cade dominates like what Caleb Williams did last year replacing Spencer Rattler that changes the conversation.

So I could go both ways on this. But I'll say for now with the bye week the way that DJ has played for the majority of the season I think it's the right call keeping him as the starter. I'll go onsides. Oregon, they took number 9 UCLA to the absolute woodshed. Beat them 45 I should say 30 in a game that really scores not even as close or indicates the game is as close as it really was. He was absolutely sensational going 22 of 28 for 283 yards and 5 touchdowns as the Ducks gained 545 yards of total offense.

They were unstoppable. Now since that week 1 just blowout loss to Georgia which they lost 49-3. The Ducks have gone 6-0. They're averaging 49 points per game in that span and Bo Nix has combined rushing and passing for 25 touchdowns to 1 interception. Onsides are offsides Zach. Oregon is a legitimate college football playoff contender. Onsides.

They are. Now they have to win out win the Pac-12. But if you get Clemson to suffer a loss that opens up the field.

See that's the tough part. Like they're a contending team in Oregon to get to the college football playoff. I just don't know if there's going to be a spot available because two SEC teams will get in. Either Michigan or Ohio State will get in. And then if you have Clemson that's undefeated Clemson is going to get in. But the Pac-12 could be the second best conference this year in college football either them or the Big 12. And the Ducks led by Bo Nix who has been so up and down so hot and cold in his career has been flawless ever since that Georgia game. So I'll put the Ducks with Dan Lanning as a college football playoff contender. They got a shot to get in but they're going to need some help.

But they can only control what's in front of them for now. And then you're going to need Clemson to lose. And finally the Chiefs. They led up one of the best defenses in the NFL on Sunday hanging a 44 spot on the 49ers.

Patrick Holmes in that game he was surgical. Through for 423 yards and 3 touchdowns. Now for the season Kansas City is first in the NFL in points per game averaging 31.9. The Chiefs as a team have the highest passer rating obviously most of that is all of it really is Patrick Holmes. And the Chiefs are second to the Bills in total offense. They're averaging 403 yards per game. Onsides or offsides Zach? The Chiefs have right now have the best offense in the NFL.

Offsides. Buffalo Bills. Would you agree with that?

I feel like this is a trick question. I mean I think they're neck and neck. I would probably give the very very very slight edge to the Bills but I mean. Bills just beat the Chiefs. Okay they did. Justin Fields interception. Oh my God this is setting up for a zappy hour tomorrow. Zappy mania.

Coming up tomorrow. Nah yeah I think the Bills. Here's the difference. Josh Allen, Patrick Holmes are splitting hairs. I do think Buffalo has a better offensive line than Kansas City. But when it comes to reliable wide receivers. Diggs would be the best wide receiver on Kansas City. Gabe Davis would be the best wide receiver on Kansas City. Now Travis Kelce's Travis Kelce has a great tight end in this league. But I just think there are more reliable weapons to throw the ball to on Buffalo than Kansas City.

And that's the tiebreaker for me. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. When we come on back we'll give you my top three teams in the AFC, my top three teams in the NFC. And also we got a whole lot of quarterback conversation to talk about. Bailey Zappi dominating. Matt Ryan bench. P.J. Walker now QB one in Carolina. Taylor Heineke just told Carson Wentz to shut his mouth.

This is just mayhem when it comes to quarterback play in the NFL. What makes your skin crawl? No matter how absurd.

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Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from. You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. I cannot wait until after this game, hot take hickey. Patriots are now 14 to 10. Bailey Zappi's come in and they've had two touchdown drives. Belichick postgame is going to be phenomenal because you know what the only thing they're going to ask him about? Is it Bailey Zappi or Mac Jones next week?

Is it Bailey Zappi or Mac Jones? And Belichick is not going to give you any indication postgame. He's going to say it will go through the evaluation process and, you know, we'll play whoever gives us the best chance to win. We'll play whoever is going to give us the best chance to win. We'll play whoever gives us the best chance to win.

That's what you know is going to happen after this game tonight, hot take hickey. Assuming the Patriots win. You know, game's far from over.

It's 14 to 10. Let's not get crazy here. It's also the Bears, so you should win this game. Bailey Zappi looked good. Bailey Zappi's only played against really the Lions and the Browns, you know, came in the second half against the Packers.

Not like he's playing these great teams. No, you're right. And I'm not telling you that he's the guy. You know, I still think they believe in Mac and I'd like to see him actually get a number one wide receiver for Mac Jones.

But this is going to be a controversy. You have fans chanting Zappi. They wanted to see Bailey Zappi and now the guy comes in, the offense had no life through the first three drives, and boom, you get two touchdown drives.

I see you now. Why, in the past, Bill Belichick has deflected on naming Mac Jones a starter full time. He's added to the pot. Well, that's the weird part. He started Mac. So clearly he thought Mac gave them the best chance to win. But then you pull Mac after three drives?

Now, it's worked. But that's a bizarre part to me that if you're going to say that this guy they drafted in the first round, 15th overall a year ago, and helped you win 10 games last year is going to start when they probably could have rested him another week. You then pull him that quickly? Like, that's what doesn't make sense to me.

I would agree. Like, I don't know why you even start him or why you bring him back. The one thing I do wonder, then, is if Mac Jones rushed himself back because he kind of felt the pressure and maybe felt his job slipping. So it's just, screw it, I got to get back out there because the more bail he plays, maybe the harder for me it is going to be to get my job back once I do return. And I mean, like you mentioned, he did not look healthy.

And now it's not really helping his cause whatsoever. Yeah, early on when they threw a penalty flag and he got up after taking a hit and he looked like he was limping. He didn't look like he was fully healthy. And if that's the case, then why are you even playing him?

Now, maybe that's just me speculating. I could just tell you what I'm seeing with no sound on, just watching this game as I'm trying to host a national radio program. But I can't imagine that Mac Jones is 100% healthy. But this wasn't, oh, coach, my ankle's hurting, pull me.

They pulled him because they thought Bailey Zappi was better in the moment than Mac Jones right now. And that pick was very un-Mac Jones-like, kind of rolling out and kind of just threw it up for grabs. That's like he's always been someone who's been a very smart quarterback, always knows where to go with the football and didn't take many risks. And then here you are just kind of lobbing one up out of nowhere. And either you didn't see the safety or you didn't care.

You said, I'll just chuck it anyway, screw it. And then either way, it ended up getting picked. This NFL season's drunk when it comes to quarterback play. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are stinking up the joint. Taylor Heineke yesterday out-dueled Aaron Rodgers.

P.J. Walker out-dueled Tom Brady. Bailey Zappi, for now this game you would think, has replaced Mac Jones in New England.

And oh yeah, by the way, the Colts have now benched Matt Ryan through seven games and are going to Sam Ellinger. Where do you want to start, hot take, Hickey? Which one do we want to delve through?

We've already done enough. Mac Jones, Bailey Zappi, I'm sure it will dominate the conversation tomorrow. You want to start with Taylor Heineke.

You want to go to P.J. Walker or Sam Ellinger. I'll let you choose which one do you want to go with first.

I feel you want to talk, Ellinger. Let's just get it out of the way. Hold on.

You actually assumed and you know what happens when you assume you make an asset at U of A. Let's get Taylor Heineke out of the way first. Let's do it. Carson Wentz isn't healthy right now. And Carson Wentz isn't good. Taylor Heineke beat Aaron Rodgers. Until Taylor Heineke gives the job back, he should be the star of the rest of the way with the commanders. Agree or disagree? Agree because Carson Wentz stinks.

Heineke at least provides you a spark. Now he, again, is a project in his own right. Rewind, last year on the Zach Gelb show. Carson Wentz is the future. Carson Wentz is the man.

I am hot take, Hickey. Carson Wentz, oh they robbed the Philadelphia Eagles. Fast forward to the year of 2022. Carson Wentz stinks.

Got to play Taylor Heineke. Look at the difference of a year. A year! Well, I believe blindly and I got burned. Instead of seen in my own eyes. Now can we get to P.J. Walker? I want to save Sam Ellinger and Matt Ryan.

I want to save what's best for last. I went to college with P.J. Walker. I interviewed P.J. Walker the day he committed to Temple University.

If you would have told me on that day that P.J. Walker would be going to the NFL, I would have never believed you. Now Temple turned out to be a back-to-back 10-win team with P.J. Walker. But there were even some moments at Temple where either him or Henry Burress are probably the two best quarterbacks to ever play at Temple.

Where P.J. Walker didn't look great. And in his last year at Temple, he found a way after losing the first game of the season to, was it Army or Navy? I think it was Army, to rebound and then go on some big-time performances.

And then we saw what happened in the XFL. Last year he played two games. I think they won both of them when he was starting at quarterback for the Panthers. But to beat Brady, I never saw that one coming.

Never in a million years. And now, how about Steve Wilks earlier today? That P.J.

Walker deserves the right to start with how he played. Sam Darnold, now back. Baker Mayfield was trending to being back.

And they just told Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold, which I get it, they're not the two greatest quarterbacks in the world. You're gonna sit on the bench until P.J. Walker gives you back the job.

That, that takes some stones. Now I know he's the interim coach, there's really nothing to lose. And P.J. Walker deserves to start next week with the way that he played.

I'm just stunned as someone that's probably seen the most P.J. Walker, not probably, I've seen the most P.J. Walker out of anyone in the media, because I've been watching him since he's at Temple, that now P.J. Walker, until he gives up the job, is the guy for the Carolina Panthers forever long that may be.

That is, I never would have thought in a million years I'd be talking about that on a national radio show. Good for P.J. Good for him and no disrespect to him, that also just goes to how bad Sam Darnold is and how bad Baker Mayfield's been, because you're right, that's the right move. And it's like, okay, they have a chance with P.J.

Walker compared to the other two who are just giving you no chance. You know what may be the most simple reasoning to this, and it's not just the 21 to 3, he got D.J. Moore involved.

Maybe D.J. Moore now says, okay, I actually am fine with staying here for the rest of the season. I'm sure you got to go eventually find a quarterback, but at least I'll get the football with P.J. Walker throwing it. Next up for the Carolina Panthers, it's the Falcons. I know the Falcons have been a gritty team, and their defense has played better than what you would have expected, and unfortunately A.J. Terrell got hurt.

I did not see an update on him to see if that's going to be a long-term issue or not, but it wouldn't shock me if P.J. Walker plays well against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have been a gritty team this year, but it's not like there's some unstoppable force where they're this great team, and they get the Falcons twice in the next three weeks. They play the Falcons this weekend, then they're in Cincinnati, then they're back against the Falcons on Thursday Night Football.

This team stinks, but one game out of first place, I wonder if they go for it. You're saying, who, the Panthers? Panthers?

That's misleading, I know, but that's very misleading. Imagine they're active at the trade deadline. Hey, can we get Christian McCaffrey back?

Actually, I second thought. You know what? We're going for it. Cam Akers, we actually want you now. Sean McVay, what is it going to cost?

Odell, come join us in Carolina. You have found the answer. P.J. Walker. Robbie, you were right.

It is a bear. We want you back now on the football team. Now, who's the quarterback that you see next in Carolina? Because you're not saying that P.J. Walker is going to start the rest of the season.

Neither am I. No. So, who's the quarterback that you see next?

Oh, boy. That's a great call. Sam or Baker? I would lean Baker. I think you may see all three. We've already seen Baker.

Now you've seen P.J. I think eventually you go back to Baker, and I do think there will be a time where they go back to Sam. I have a feeling the next one, I think, would be Sam Darnold. Just because we've seen Baker for four games? Five? When he got hurt four games? Five games? It's been all bad.

No, they missed one game. It's all been really, really, really bad. And I just wonder, all right, we've seen him for an extended amount of time. Let's see what Sam can do. And then when he stinks, I'll throw Baker back in there. Is your second favorite team the Carolina Panthers? Because you love bad quarterback, boy.

They are not. They are not my second favorite team. Well, you've got to get rid of the Colts for the rest of the year.

You've got to start rooting for someone else the rest of the year. Like another team. Like a side team. You need a side team.

That would have to be... I like the Dolphins. I'm a Friends of the Dolphins fan.

I like Tua. That's not bad enough for you? No, I thought you would go somewhere else. Wait, the commanders root for Carson Wentz once he comes back? No, no, no.

You never go back to your ex. The Seahawks? I can't do that. Broncos, I've had to abandon Chip. You know who I think you should make nice with? A team that you've been very rude towards. And you've been telling me all throughout the year you thought I was crazy for them to make the playoffs. I think you should adopt the Minnesota Vikings. I can't do that.

No? I can't hitch right away against the Kirk Cousins. Okay.

That's fine. Anyway, let's get to your Colts takes here. Matt Ryan bench, in comes Sam Ellinger, and somehow Frank Reich still has a job.

Even though his teams have been outscored in the first half this year, 98-39. What do you got to say about your Indianapolis Colts? Because two weeks ago, a very everyday talk show host, I forget his name.

He may host from 6 to 10 p.m. Eastern, 3 to 7 p.m. Pacific on CBS Sports Radio. Told you, you should want to lose as many games as possible to try to go get the best draft pick to draft your quarterback of the future. And you said, no, no, no, no, no. The Colts could still be a good team. The Colts could still win this division. And now they lost twice to the Tennessee Titans. They've split with the Jaguars and they tied with the Texans.

And now they're handing the keys over, I can't even say the Ferrari, to the run-down vehicle over to Sam Ellinger. Where's your mentality at now with the Indianapolis Colts? My biggest regret, actually not even regret because it's not even something I should have seen coming in. The Colts, I thought, were never going to be bad enough to tank. Boy, was I wrong. This offensive line stinks.

And you know what? It doesn't matter who's behind center. It doesn't matter. They can't call a five-step drop. You can't throw the ball beyond five yards a line of scrimmage. You can't really run the ball whatsoever no matter who's behind there because the offensive line, you're paying them the most. They are the highest paid offensive line in the NFL.

They can't block for you know what. So guess what? The tank is on. The tank is on.

No problem. Let's go. They lose every game the rest of the year. Can't say I'd be upset. So you mocked me two weeks ago when I told you that you should tank and then two weeks later, you're all in on the tank. Well, because I kept thinking like an idiot. All right, the offensive line eventually will come. You know, you have Quentin Nelson, who was supposed to be one of the best players in the NFL. You paid Ryan Kelly, who's supposed to be a Pro Bowl center.

You have another Pro Bowl right tackle. No one can block. No one can block.

If you can't block, you can't do anything. So it's not even Matt Ryan's fault per se. He's been terrible. He's been pretty bad. But it's not like he's the biggest reason why this team stinks, the offensive line.

And if you can't block, you don't have a chance. So now it's just embrace the suck. And if they go three, 13 and one, let's go. So you are officially saying the Colts are not a good team this year. I'll be rooting against the Colts every single game. I hate to say it. I hope they lose.

I'm not kidding. I hope they lose this weekend. I hate tanking. I do.

I don't think it works more times than not. I also think this Colts team, I've seen too many band-aids thrown on bullet holes where I am done. And I really want to start to see an actual change, an actual answer at the most important position in sports. You know, I'm kind of hoping the Colts beat the commanders this weekend. No, don't you dare. No, I knew this was going to happen.

Don't do it. I could see now Sam Ellinger getting his first pro victory up against Taylor Heineke. I could see it. I think they play your Pats next week, I think, too. Yeah, two weeks from now. That one I'll be rooting for the Pats. Be rooting for Bailey Zappi at quarterback.

Let's go Bailey, yeah. It could be a, you know, yeah. Geez. Wow, you're defeated. Lost. Shame.

Hate to see it. It's when you lose to the Titans and get bullied and you're watching offense that, again, can't complete a pass more than 10 yards down the field. Can you also give a little credit to Tennessee because you've been so disrespectful to them the last three seasons and they've just dominated you game in and game out. They were physical. They're the better coach team.

They don't beat themselves. Oh, yeah. How about the coach? You ready to fire Frank?

He's the dead man walking, yeah. I feel like that's been evident since really the Titans' loss. Maybe since the Jaguars lost week two, but week four per se. Week one would have tied the Texans. Top big coach though last year, you said?

I was believing Frank Reich. And then he fumbled Carson Wentz or really bungled that situation and now has made everything worse with Matt Ryan. Alrighty, this is that Guilf Show on CBS Sports Radio.

Heck, he continues to be a good sport and now finally good to know that he's honest about his football team for the first time this year. Come on back. Closing bell time. I'll tell you whose stock is booming, whose stock is dooming.

I will also give you my top three teams in the AFC and the NFC. You can think of O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs. Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. One quick phone call before we get to the closing bell. 855-212-4CBS. We go to Dave in Alabama. Dave, go ahead. Hey, I just wanted to say, it's kind of pathetic, you Patriots fans out there rooting for these backup quarterbacks. It's just terrible football to me. If I'm not watching Mahomes or Josh Allen or Joe Burrow, it's just all trash to me. You Patriots fans, you had your run. You did. And congratulations, Tom Brady carried Bill Belichick, who is just a guy.

You're really an idiot, Dave. He carried Bill Belichick. Did you watch the first three Super Bowls? Oh, yeah, I watched them.

I watched them. It wasn't much. It wasn't much.

It wasn't much by whom? No, you said the first three Super Bowls. Yeah, he won the first one.

Oh, nice. Now, how about, I'm the biggest Brady fan there is, so I'm not knocking Brady here, but how about Super Bowl LIII? Was that just nothing to Bill Belichick? How come Malcolm Butler didn't play?

Can you explain that to me? Yeah, that was in the Eagles Super Bowl. I don't know. You think I'm defending Bill on that? He should have played in the game. I don't know why he didn't play.

Exactly. He's a defensive mastermind. He sabotaged. He sabotaged. What did Malcolm Butler ever do since leaving the Patriots? It doesn't matter. At the time, he was good. It doesn't matter because he did nothing. Why does it matter what he did after? Because he got out of Belichick's game like every other corner. So what's your point here?

Wait, Dave, what's your point here? I've been so complimentary to the Buffalo Bills. I have no problem with the Bills.

I think the Bills are going to win the Super Bowl. But if your take is, if you don't have Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes, you don't want to watch football. It's terrible football. It's garbage. It's boring. Then don't watch any football. So you don't watch any football unless if the Chiefs or the Bills play. No, I'm watching because I'm a junkie.

I mean, I admit I'm a junkie, but it is just garbage. The great quarterbacks own this league. It's Mahomes, it's Burrow, and it's Josh Allen. I mean, tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong. Okay, but that's your point?

What do you want me to do? You want to throw a parade because you say that great quarterbacks win football? No crap. Should we not react to the games?

No, you can react to the games all you want. I just want you to admit that the Patriots dynasty is dead, and the Patriots are in the grave, and this AFC belongs to Josh Allen. Dave, did I pick the Patriots to make the playoffs this year? Yes or no?

I don't know. No, I didn't. I don't follow you like that.

I just turn on the radio. Because you want me to admit things that you think I've said that I haven't said. I've been the most realistic person that there's been with the Patriots for the last 20 years. I told you you're going to dominate. Brady leaves, and I told you they weren't going to be that good. Okay, so how much credit?

Let's do it percentage-wise. You know, in the Patriots dynasty, which I give it, other than the Alabama dynasty, which I live in the state of Alabama, it's the second greatest dynasty of all time. How much credit does Bill Belichick get?

Because he has been out coached time and time again. You know that they were 10-7 last year and made the playoffs with a rookie quarterback, Dave. Do you watch the games? They got a little bit lucky. Oh, they got lucky?

They went to Orchard Park in a windstorm. Oh, they do? They get lucky?

They get lucky? Shut up, Dave! Shut up! Come on!

Like, what's the point of the phone call? Don't get me wrong, there's not a bigger Brady fan on the planet than me. I love Tom Brady. Greatest quarterback of all time, but just to act like Belichick gets no credit, we all knew Brady was going to be great. And that's why he went in the sixth round, 199 overall. People didn't even think Brady should have made the roster.

He was like the fourth quarterback. Belichick kept him, but give him no credit? Stop, Belichick will tell you, players get all the credit. But to give Belichick no credit?

Nonsense. And if your call is, oh, well, I only like to watch great quarterbacks, I only like to watch Mahomes or Josh Allen, okay, so what, we shouldn't talk about the other 30 teams in the league? Or he said Joe burrowed too, so we shouldn't talk about the other 29 teams in the league?

Like, what the heck is that guy smoking? You want me to admit that the Patriots dynasty is dead? What, did you think I actually believed that they were going to keep on winning Super Bowls at the rate that they were with Tom Brady no longer there? No, I told you this team was going to make the playoffs before the year. So that's just you working up an image of me in your brain of things that I said, and I've never said those things. I knew they were going to take a step back, but they did make the playoffs last year, they're 10-7, to make it like Belichick's bozo is a joke.

Alrighty, we won't have time for the closing bell, we will get to it tomorrow. Just real quickly, I got to give you my three best teams in the AFC and my three best teams in the NFC because we've been teasing that throughout the duration of the show. In the AFC, Bills 1, Chiefs 2, here's the toughest one. Who's the third best team in the AFC, Ryan? I have my team, but who is the third best team in the AFC right now? Bills 1, Chiefs 2, I don't think that's debatable.

Who's then sitting in at number three? I would say the Dolphins. I know two has missed time, so it's tough.

You know, record wise, they're only four and three, but two has been out there, they've played really well, they haven't lost a game which he's played and finished. I can't go Miami. I got to go with one of the AFC North teams. Beat the Ravens? Yeah, I would go with the Ravens. Now they couldn't finish three games and I would look at the Bengals brewing.

That performance last night, I know it's tough, it's to his first game back, wasn't really inspiring by the Miami Dolphins when they were going up against an offense that's not that good in the Pittsburgh Steelers. So I would go Bills 1, Chiefs 2, Ravens 3, and then since the Ravens just beat the Bengals, the Bengals lurking there as that fourth team. In the NFC, Eagles 1.

Then after that, have had it. I have the two teams in my mind on how I'm going to go, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it first. Eagles 1, I go Cowboys 2, Vikings 3, in terms of NFC power rankings.

I'm going to go Eagles 1, Vikings 2, and I'm going to take a team in the New York Giants that are 6-1, and every week they just find a way to grind out victories. Now on paper, are the Cowboys more talented? Yes. Did the Cowboys beat the Giants this year?

Yes. But there's just something weird with the Giants in like a magical way so far, where I think they're locked to make the playoffs. They're not going to go to a Super Bowl. They're not going to win or get to the conference title game. They may not even win a playoff game. But I can only base off what I've seen so far, and the Giants have never given you an eh effort this year.

They've been in every game that they've played, and it's crazy that they are 6-1, because that roster is not all that talented. I'm so confused here by Dave in Alabama, what he was trying to get at on that phone call there, hot ticket. I didn't expect that to escalate like that. I'm assuming he's a Bills fan, and maybe now trying to puff his chest out by saying something obvious? That it's the Bills division the next 10 years? I know I'm a Patriots fan, but I've been so complimentary to the Buffalo Bills? You know? They're the best team in the NFL. It's obvious.

So where are we at? All you wanted me to do was just admit that the Patriots dynasty is dead? Boom, roasted. Oh, yeah, wow. After 20 years, you finally got me, Dave.

Moron. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Appreciate Eric McLean for joining us, Hot Take Kiki as well for producing this extravaganza. We'll be back tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. We are... Are we at halftime yet?

Sorry, I got all caught up with Dave and yelling at Dave. At halftime. So we are finally at halftime.

It is 20 to 14. The Bears are up on the Pats, and Bailey Zappi, in Mac Jones' first game back, has found a way to replace Mac Jones. My oh my. All right, should be a fun show tomorrow. We'll recap full week seven since this is the final game. And we got some college football points to get to tomorrow. You never know what else will pop up. And also, we'll talk a little baseball at some point this week.

Phillies in the World Series against the Houston Astros, just like we all predicted, right? Have a good night, everybody. Bye-bye. Peace. Where are you from?
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