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Russell Wilson Regret? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 7, 2022 8:02 pm

Russell Wilson Regret? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 7, 2022 8:02 pm

Is Russell Wilson regretting going to Denver? l News Brief l Who has the advantage on Sunday night: Bengals or Ravens?


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Yo, yo, this is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage could help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life well, Rocket can. We will get back into the Russell Wilson conversation in just a moment. But Hickey, it's a Friday. I'm in a good mood. Broncos, horrible last night.

Cults, they win a game. That's kind of good for me because it distanced themselves from a better draft pick, which I'm all game for that the Colts just continue to get in their own way and ruin the future of their franchise and continue to not have a franchise quarterback. So that's A-OK with me. But I think you could use a little pick-me-up today because you are a Colts fan, but you're down in the dumps. You're miserable.

You're in a bad mood today. I know ultimately what will pull you out of this funk is hopefully a big Mets win tonight and we could rally together. Let's go Mets.

Beat the San Diego Padres. Come on, Mad Max. Let's do it. But I think you do enjoy a good old fashioned little Twitter brouhaha, a little Twitter kerfuffle, right? You like the Twitter fight, little Twitter spat.

I love drama. Oh, yeah. LaShawn McCoy against Robert Griffin, the third. Did you ever think on a football Friday we'd be talking about LaShawn McCoy and Robert Griffin, the third going at it? If we're like in 2011, yes. 2022?

No, absolutely not. Now, LaShawn McCoy works for Fox. I think he also does some radio for Sirius XM and he's a podcast too. And then RG3, who is a friend of the show, big fans of RG3. We're hanging out with him at the Super Bowl, partying with him, all that stuff.

Great dude. And he's come on multiple times before. RG3 now works with ESPN.

And I will say this. I think RG3 is phenomenal on television. His college football broadcast, you know, broadcasting in the booth, I really think he's a compelling listen. And even with the NFL stuff, I think he's wonderful as well. And we know RG3 was a Heisman Trophy winner at Baylor. And then got to the NFL and unfortunately, injuries did derail his career. LaShawn McCoy had a really good, and some may even say Hall of Fame.

I don't think he's a Hall of Famer, but he has some really damn good numbers. LaShawn McCoy had an exceptional, though, NFL career. Last night, RG3 put out this photo that has gone viral of Melvin Gordon looking at Russell Wilson, like Russell Wilson has 9,000 heads and that there's something wrong with him. All RG3 tweeted out was caption this. LaShawn McCoy tweeted back, Damn bro, take it easy on him lol. You experienced this moment a lot more than Russ.

So that's where it started. Is LaShawn McCoy out of bounds for that one? Like RG3 is just trying to tease now in the media, just trying to take advantage of the moment. You got a picture of Melvin Gordon and Russell Wilson looking at one another.

And all RG3 wrote, he didn't say anything malicious. He wasn't like, ah, Russ sucks. Melvin Gordon looks like he wants to kill Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson looks lost.

All he said was caption this. A little peculiar for LaShawn McCoy to use those Twitter fingers, right? And start going back and forth with Robert Griffin, no? I don't know why he's so sensitive. Yeah, that's a bad job by Shady McCoy.

So it continues. Now, I'm surprised that RG3 didn't take the high road here. And RG3, well, if I was in that spot, you may say you would ignore it. But I think it's different when it's inside the NFL fraternity. Like if that was some egg face 24678921 on Twitter, you ignore it.

But when that's LaShawn McCoy, and I don't know their history. It is a tough spot for RG3 to ignore it, right? And just not respond. Yeah, I guess you're right.

When it's like kind of coming after you almost like if you let it sit there, it's almost like you're allowing him to kind of, you know, dominate. And not only that, not that we should live in a world of you need validation via likes. The tweet that LaShawn McCoy put out got sixty six thousand plus likes. So you know that the notifications are coming in. RG3 is seeing it. This is not just one of the egg face tweets that gets lost in the shuffle because when you're verified on Twitter, there's a verified tab. So you will then see directly if you're in the verified portion, the LaShawn McCoy post.

So RG3 responded back. Dang, you still mad at me for out rushing you in a game? Or was it that I had more rushing touchdowns than you had rushing and receiving yards that year?

Or for knocking you all out of playoff contention in 2014? You had a great career without injuries. I would have had a better one.

Now, two things. I like the direct shot by RG3 about the stats. The last line I would have left out without injuries, I would have had a better one. That's you could feel that way.

I don't know if you, though, tweet that publicly. You want to clown him because I guess there was a game where he had more rushing touchdowns than he had rushing and receiving yards that year. Or no, he had rushing touchdowns. That was the rookie of the year. And he then he said, OK, I had more rushing rushing.

What was it? Rushing touchdowns that year than he had rushing and receiving that year. So you want to go after him for that and the playoff jab? I think that's all good. But once you say without injuries, I would have had a better one.

You didn't, though. And unfortunately for RG3, you did get hurt. I think the first few sentences were fine. That last sentence without injuries, I would have had a better one. Yeah. Don't like that response from RG3 on the back end.

Yeah. Kind of those woulda, coulda, shoulda, you know, almost like not like you're going back to it because obviously they're very, you know, established parathletes. I'm just kind of like, oh, back in my day, I played high school football flying, you know, blow my knee.

I would have went to college. But it's great starts. You just can't rewrite history. Pretend, oh, a big reason for why his career shaped out the way it was. It didn't happen.

Can't do it. So then this continues. LaShawn McCoy then sent a tweet back with RG3's career stats and he goes, but that's the the career you did have. And then he he made some like joke of, I think he wrote, let RG3 cook or something like that.

That's a good response by LaShawn McCoy. Now, you want to know who put an end to this beef? Was it someone outside of just these two?

Was that a third party coming in? Wow. So the exact tweet, by the way, LaShawn McCoy, I lost it for a second.

Would have, could have. But these are your numbers. Let RG3 cook is what he wrote to RG3. You said RG3 opened the door for that one. Oh. Pretty big name. Stepped into this conversation to put an end to it on Twitter. Guy has been on this show.

And love the way that I introduced him. It's a rejoined in our system. You got nothing. Deion Sanders? Yes.

Wait, really? Deion Sanders is the one who comes in here and is the world peacemaker? Everyone in the media. Deion Sanders wants them to call him Coach Prime, Coach Sanders, Coach Deion Sanders. I said, Deion Sanders, what's happening? How you been, man? Zach, I love you. You're my guy.

Yes. My friend Deion Sanders put an end to this. He quote tweeted RG3's, one of RG3's tweets and wrote, OK, fellas, that's enough. We love both of y'all and both of y'all were truly dominant. Let's show love and not display hate. That little sparring match was funny, though, but enough.

So RG3 put out a tweet when Prime steps in. He's a legend. I'll stop.

Sean McCoy? On the other hand. Yeah, I'll wave the white flag, but then take another shot at RG3. Wow.

Prime dominant with a bunch of eye emojis. Oh, gee, you know, RG3 was trash. He got like five K yards. If he played in your division, they would have gave you a diamond jacket. So that is what LaShawn McCoy responded back to Coach Prime.

Friend of show. Our guy, Deion Sanders. Who wins? And I mean, in the RG3 shady McCoy debate here, I don't think it's even close. That's like what you score a round three knockout TKO. OK.

If you're a 12 round fight, that's a three round knockout. I just don't get why I had to get so personal. Well, I mean, you know, it's Twitter. That's everything.

As soon as anyone goes back and I don't want to add a personal shot this. So I'll yeah, I'll probably say that shady wins. But like, I don't think shady looks good here. I think at the end that you're getting into a fight with RG3. Over who had like the better NFL career, my he shouldn't.

Like, I don't agree with the principle of of basically what LaShawn McCoy sang in. Hey, since RG3, you, other than winning a rookie of the year, did nothing in the NFL, that you can't have an opinion or just ask someone to caption a photo of Russell Wilson looks kind of hopeless. I don't agree that what LaShawn's basically saying is that RG3 can't have any fun in this moment or just ask to simply caption it. But on the other hand, I do think RG3 looks bad when he says, oh, I was healthy.

Yeah, I would have had a better career. Also, I don't get why shame a quiz being so sensitive, like I get there's like you talk about the NFL fraternity. They get there's like a need if you're running back to defend other running backs, if they're getting, let's say, unfairly dragged. RG3, if anything, is dragging Russell Wilson and Shane McCoy, same guy who called Kyler Murray trash. Remember, we played that audio last week, two weeks ago. Oh, great point.

That was him. So you would think he's on a streak where he loves calling quarterbacks trash. We've seen the way Russell Wilson has played through five weeks. That's the best point you've made today. How is he not agreeing or just not even agreeing? It's not even a question.

It's just RG3 threw through a joke. Hey, caption this. Go drag Russ. This is what LaShawn McCoy would say. Russ is established. Russ is a Super Bowl champion. Russ already got the contract. I know Kyler Murray also got the contract. But clearly, LaShawn McCoy doesn't think Kyler Murray's deserving of that deal. He thinks Kyler Murray still needs to prove something where Russell Wilson has already proved a lot.

But there's still a level to this where Russell Wilson has to prove more because Russell Wilson. He wanted to be the guy. He was so caught up in his feelings when we won the Super Bowl. Everyone was praising the LOB. Everyone was praising Marshawn.

Everyone was praising Pete Carroll. No one was saying, Russ, you the man. And then Russ got so caught up off the field in being the star and being the legend. Now this is my franchise. Pete Carroll picked me over the LOB, got rid of the LOB, even though I threw a pick at the, you know, in the Super Bowl to Malcolm Butler.

Thank you very much. And the last few years, it's become all about Russ. Russ this, Russ that. And Russ felt as if Pete Carroll was holding him back.

Now not for nothing. And I know a season isn't over after five weeks. And a trade isn't over after five weeks. But four weeks in for the Seahawks, they look better.

And I never thought I would say this. They look better right now with Geno Smith. And it's not like they are this great team.

Let's not get carried away. But Geno Smith leads the league in passing completion and completion percentage. Russell Wilson right now, we thought Geno was going to be the bottom five quarterback. Russell Wilson's looking like the bottom five quarterback.

So this is just one of those things where you got to be careful what you wish for. Russ wanted life without Pete. Pete Carroll's the top 10 coach in this league.

And I think there was a reason why the guy that always had your back started to push back a little bit and not just give you the full keys to the Ferrari. And I said this in the time Pete wasn't wrong when he said we can't let Russ cook because, yes, he's throwing all those touchdowns, but there's a lot of interceptions. And Russ needed to find him. We said this right to his personal quarterback, Coach Jake Heaps, when he joined us. I said, you guys got to find that middle ground because Russ should want more responsibility. But Pete also shouldn't want to give him all the power because then there's going to be too many interceptions. And they posed and were fake last year.

Oh, yeah, everything's great. And no one believed it for a second. Other than the Seattle media, which I still don't get. Everyone we had on from Seattle, Russ is going no, Russ is going no.

I'm like, what are you guys talking about? His agent leaked out multiple teams. The writing is on the wall. But so far, Ryan. The Seahawks are doing better than with life without Russ, then Russ is doing life without the Seahawks. And that's wild. I don't know if that's going to last long term, because then you're going to have to get a better quarterback than Geno Smith. But right now, Pete Carroll advantage him in this trade so far through the first month.

Absolutely. He's celebrating. He's going wild. We joke that it was a Super Bowl in week one when they played each other. And the first month he's still sipping the bubbly because it's looking good right now. Blake said long term probably won't work out, but at least right now you can enjoy the laughs.

And each week it seemingly somehow gets worse and worse. Well, if you let's just say with the two first round picks that you have, if you go get a quarterback this year and you find your next guy. It could work out better. I don't know if Russell Wilson can be an elite quarterback again. I don't. I'm not saying he can't. I just don't know if it can happen.

Because so far we're seeing right now and I was pessimistic about this Broncos team, but I didn't think it could be this bad. Down deep, if Russ is sitting next to us and it's just me, you, Russ, we're going out tonight and before we go, we're like Russ, we've got to shoot you up with some truth serum. But we need you to be honest with us and not be this poser, not be this phony, not be this fraud, not try to be someone else. We want the true Russell Wilson. And let's say we shoot him up with a little true serum and I ask him the simple question. Hey, Russ, do you regret leaving the Seahawks?

Do you regret how this went down? How do you think Russell Wilson answers that? I think right now his answer is still no. Oh, that's a bad answer.

I'm not I'm not saying that you're wrong. But was the situation in Seattle really that bad? Pete Carroll's top 10 coach. You got DK Metcalf.

You have Tyler Lockett. Yes, offensive line questionable, but a lot of people thought you were holding on to the ball too long. Defense was getting younger, starting to establish themselves again, still got some work to do. Was that a situation in where you were the face of the franchise now, you were the guy that you had to run away from? I don't think so.

But ego played a huge role in that. And he thought he was going to somewhere that was better. And so far, it ain't better. It is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio update on the biggest stories in the world of sports next.

If you want to jump on an 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. Do you think Russell Wilson is regretting his decision to force his way out of Seattle now be a part of the Denver Broncos? Hey, and let's be clear. He's not exonerated blame here last night that games on him. I know hack.

It's a joke. I know that line is banged up. Javante Williams out for the year. He doesn't trust receivers. Receivers don't trust him. That's on Russell Wilson last night at the end of regulation. He should have ran the football could add maybe a touchdown. Definitely would add a first down games over no timeouts and then it over time. Oh, he missed the wide open cage of him.

Didn't even see him. News Brief next that helps us to be a sports radio. Jump back to their awesome rewind feature. The Odyssey app is NFL football live and on demand wherever you are whenever you want.

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You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports.

You can get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Let's hear from Russell Wilson. He says he needs to play better.

No crap. I got to be better. I got to play better. This team, you know, his defense played their butts off tonight. We had some key good drives removing the ball. You know, in the red zone, we just didn't get to capitalize on some of them, you know, and there's some plays there here and there that we can we can capitalize on Russell Wilson on what he was seeing on the final play of the game where KJ handler is wide open and even look at him. We had a good play call on. He went to courtland there, made a guy made a good play, you know, you know, we read I was ready to move around if I needed to, you know, we came up with a big fourth and two earlier and, you know, the drive before the two drives before, you know, so we went for it. We didn't want to end in a tie, you know, we wanted to try to win the game, you know, and that was our mentality. I don't think it was I think coach made a good call.

I think we got to find, you know, I got to find a way to make a play. Now I know that's in the moment. But there is a buffer from when the game ends to will he walks to the podium. I know he did not look at KJ Hamlin did not look at the right side of the field. So maybe since you're not looking at it know he was that open, but he has to know before he gets to the podium right. That KJ Hamlin was wide open, especially when KJ Hamlin was so visibly upset.

Once that pass did fall incomplete. Who I guess my only question is who would let him know a PR person. Hey, that's your job. Russ, you. Well, let me ask you this. Heads up. You missed a wide open play. You screwed up.

No, that's the job of a PR person. You got to prepare for those. I'm asking. I don't know.

And not only that, I'm just thinking naturally. If I'm the leader of this team and I am a competitor like Russell Wilson is how many times you see a quarterback right after a play doesn't go their way. They go right back to the sideline. They look at it on the tablet. You don't look at that.

You don't look at a tablet before they he goes to the podium there. You don't you don't review that play. It's the last play of the game.

I have no idea. Maybe just run off the field. You're embarrassed and booed. You want to just go hide your face because you didn't score a touchdown on national TV. That's your leader, dude. He sounds lost. He didn't even look at KJ Hamlin.

He's wide open. That's horrible. One thing that's worse is this Let's Ride thing at the end. I'm grateful for them battling for every moment, every play, and they kept believing to the last play. That belief is a is a powerful thing. And that's what I'm going to keep believing in. Thank you guys.

Thank you guys. Broncos country. Hey, Russ, real quickly, Zach Gelt from the Mile High Observer should be the name of a newspaper. I don't know if it isn't isn't out there. Who actually is believing in you right now?

Does that sound like a good idea? I don't see it. I don't hear it.

Not at all. It's kind of crazy how Russell Wilson's got a punch line to every joke right now. That line he had was the highlight of my night last night. I'm not getting Broncos country.

That's right. Bill Belichick here. I've taken over the soul of Russell Wilson.

And, you know, you sound like me when he talks to reporters, Broncos country. Let's ride. Let's ride into the ground, like riding.

Why would you even say it if you're not even like meaning it? It would actually be worse if last night if he's walking off Broncos country. Let's ride. True. They just leave that all together on the cutting room floor. Just shut up, Ross. All right. You lost. Stop with the shtick. Stop with the gimmick. There's no reason to say Broncos country.

Let's ride. And no reason last night he got embarrassed. And he doesn't. He's not even cognizant of the fact that he looks like a buffoon and he sounds like a moron last night.

Holy smokes. And this used to be a guy that a lot of people used to like. He's been so unlikable recently trying to say, I don't have a problem with Pete. I love Pete Carroll. And you get to Denver. It doesn't bother me.

The Seattle fans boo me. And he's turned into like a totally different person. He's trying to be this God. But here's the thing in the career that you pick. If you don't play like a God, you don't get treated like a God.

No matter what you think of yourself. He's become unlikable, which is I would have never thought I would have said this three years ago. But Russell Wilson is now unlikable. Do you disagree with that? As someone who has defended Russ?

No, I cannot. And he has no self-awareness. He's creeping me out now. And it makes him saying Broncos country.

Let's ride after a debilitating loss now makes sense. If you remember, go back to week one after the loss of the Seahawks when he wore that, he still wore the mint suit and the bow tie. He looked like a clown answering questions about that loss of that offense in week one. And now kind of. But he thinks he looks cool. Yeah.

No, he thinks he's the man. Make sense. You wear that suit. You say Broncos country.

Let's ride. It's brutal. Sort of our clown suit to the press conference last night. Nathaniel Hackett says the offense isn't making plays. I think we had a lot of opportunities. Again, those things continually show up and we're not capitalizing on them, whether it's a drop, a missed throw, just too many things that, you know, aren't coming together. And I think that, you know, for us, the offense is going through some adversity. And I believe that they're going to get through this and they're going to learn from it. And we're going to grow from it. That we have to. Ask a simple question again.

Why? And I know what else are you going to say? But why should I believe that this offense is going to look better?

Like even if Russ starts to play better, you're lying. Your best offensive lineman now Garrett Bowles out. Done. Javonte Williams.

Done. Melvin Gordon. Fumbling problem. KJ Hamler hates the quarterback now.

Even if Russ plays better, this team's not going to get drastically better. And that's a problem with Denver right now. Nathaniel Hackett.

This is what Marco was talking about earlier. And this is not what you want to hear from a head coach. Nathaniel Hackett and why he chose to pass on third and four just before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. In that situation, obviously we don't want to turn over.

We want to come away with the points. That would have helped us. And we were really working Jerry across the middle.

And I don't think he was open. And then, you know, we just slowly progressed. And Russell thought he had a chance at it and ended up being a pick. And then let's hear Nathaniel Hackett and why he went for it on fourth and won in overtime. We wanted to win the game. We hadn't moved the ball very well the whole night. And I thought we had a spectacular drive to get all the way down there. It ended up being fourth and one and got the go to go for it and thought that was a good decision. Wanted to put the ball in Russell's hands and called a play that we know that he really likes. And it didn't work out. It was one of those things.

The time out before it was to kind of get a feel for what they were doing. So the run didn't look as good as we had hoped it would have. And gave us a chance with Russell. And that's all you can ask for in that situation to win the game. He got the go to go for it.

Hickey, can you correct me if I'm wrong here? I know they hired this guy to help them out with decisions. But this guy's still calling the plays at Daniel Hackett. He's been adamant about not giving up the play calls and the play calling duties.

So now, no wonder why there's all these clock management errors still. And it's still sloppy. You have someone telling you if you should go for it or not. I get it.

Hey, there's analytical guys. It's a whole different world now. But you get the okay to go. Like, what?

If you have ten cooks in the kitchen, you don't know who's actually in control of that kitchen. And that's what it was the Broncos. Marco, that's laughable. Laughable.

We got the go to go for it. From who? That's your job.

From who? You get paid to do this job. That's your job. Not even to call the plays.

No, no, no, no. To decide the things that will decide the football game is on you. For 60 minutes, you're in charge.

I got the go. From who the hell told you? Honestly, is the GM on the phone? Maybe. Is the owner on the phone?

No one else is above you. It's crazy. And I know Denver, the fans in Denver are killing him today, I would imagine.

And Russ probably is is still getting most of the blame today. But both those guys, man, that's just that's brutal. Again, this is a mess in epic proportions. It's actually it's I don't even think it's fair to call it a mess. It's worse than a mess. It is. It's embarrassment to other messes. But again, it's the Russell Wilson part of it is possibly salvageable because he's been around so long.

And if he eventually gets back to his roots, at least he has some credit. It's possible. I hate to tell you. And I really I don't think I'm an overreaction type of guy.

You know, you're five weeks in. Nathaniel Hackett has proven to you over and over and over and over again. He is in over his head. He has no idea what he wants to do. If you need someone else to give you the OK to go for it on fourth down in overtime, quit now.

It's done. You are not the head coach. You are not the leader. You are not in charge. You're just a guy on the sideline.

Step aside because someone needs to take charge of that job. Would Sean Payton even take this job now? I threw out that name after week one. He wants a quarterback. Can he trust Russ enough? Yeah. I mean, that's that's not even a yeah. I mean, with Russell Wilson, with Sean Payne. Yeah. And the Broncos are still a good definite destination and still the owners now. Yeah.

I mean, I don't know what the ownership, you know, the whole Roger Goodall and all that. Like he would have total control. I'm sure if he wanted that job, it's just a question of does their stability. Yeah. So it's just it's does he want it? Sean Payton basically is going to get to choose where he goes next.

Yeah. And I know everybody wants to point to Dallas, which I still think that that's not exactly the perfect situation for him. Denver would be a decent spot. Now, Russell was a little old, but it's a decent spot.

Now, if the Chargers go south this year, I'd rather the Chargers sign me up in a second. I find it hard to believe with all that talent. Now, the only thing that's dangerous is that right now. Yeah. But I think if you're Sean Payton, you look at it, it's just the the instability. That entire organization has just been very unstable.

The moves and everything else. There's no real fan base. So you're walking into dangerous waters in that regard. But you know what? Give me Justin Herbert.

They could pull a dick for a meal and they could win like the greatest show on tour. Who cares? Once you leave after five years and everything crumbles. What do you care? Let's hear from Richard Sherman. This is great.

I was watching this live last night in Amazon Prime. He freaks out on the Broncos final play call. You need one yard. Run the ball. What? What? Run the ball.

That CT is triggered. All he has to do is run the football like necessary criticism. I'm not. You know, I've said enough criticism for him, but God dang run the game ball like learning from mistakes. I don't.

Can somebody tell me. That was awesome. It was almost as if while he was saying run the damn ball, it was just a flashback to Super Bowl forty nine with the whole situation. Not giving the ball to Marshawn and Russell on the pick.

That's great. The only thing I will say is they did run it on third and one and didn't get it. So it wasn't run the ball on fourth and one. This is not Marshawn Lynch.

This should have been Russell Wilson to move around and maybe run for that first down. But I get it. It's a really cool story.

Well, not only that, why I also love it, too. Sherman's not wrong. Oh, no. But he does come off as a little fraudulent when before the game, you're basically French kissing Russell Wilson on the field. You've been killing the guy all offseason long. You were actively rooting against him and and dancing on his grave when he lost to the Seahawks.

And he even caught him. He goes, I've criticized him enough. Again, there's no love lost there.

It would be nice to see a little bit more of that when you're face to face. But unfortunately, it's the world we live in. I just want to hear two more. K.J. Hamler says everyone is frustrated with how the season has started. Remember, K.J.

Hamler is the wide receiver that was wide open and Russell Wilson just didn't get in the ball. I'm frustrated. You know, I think everybody's frustrated. You know, we just we just got to stop shooting ourself in the foot.

You know, self-inflicted wounds. And, you know, you know, you see what we can do. You know, we drove down there fast.

You know, we can we can do that every time we just get up. We got to finish. We got to execute. We got to finish.

So last one here. We've been clowning Russell Wilson. We've been talking about the incompetence of Daniel Hackett.

This one's pretty bad to Marco. Here is Frank Reich saying he really loves how Matt Ryan plays in the fourth quarter. I wish you guys could have seen him up close. Like, I love this guy in the fourth quarter. His the look in his eyes.

The conversate, the short conversations that we have, the determination. I just feel like we're going to go down the field and score. I mean, I really do. He's going to make it work. So a credit to Matt. I mean, you see all these things that have been said about him. What he does in the fourth quarter is impressive. Matt Ryan's a big star, man. What did what was I not able to see on Amazon last night that Frank Reich got to see standing on the side by looking into his eyes with Matt Ryan from that game?

Yeah, the ghost of Matt Ryan. That's what it feels like we're watching. And unfortunately, we're watching him slowly deteriorate simply because he was annoyed last night. Well, I mean, furious. He I've never seen him look that dejected.

And that was the guy that I've seen blow a twenty eight to three lead in a Super Bowl. Again, he's he's getting killed back there and I think he's feeling it. So I think he's annoyed with everything else that's going on around him. Everything else is starting to collapse.

He also knows, you know, Father Time is ticking on him. And every one of these hits is taken away. It feels like another year off Matt Ryan's career.

This is hard to watch. I tweeted in a joking tone to Hickey last night when I saw Hickey was tweeting about this. I thought there was a chance during that game last night he was going to pull Avanti Davis and just walk off the field and retire. That's one of the great we were talking about. LaShawn McCoy earlier. Hickey hearing LaShawn McCoy. I forget who he was looking back over.

It was true. Davis White, true. Davis White. And they just start imitating Monty Davis. Like I'm out. I'm gone. It's a grown man's game and I just don't have it anymore when they imitate him in that high pitched voice. It's great.

Anyway, that's in his brief. Football season is here. The new Odyssey app lets you stay connected to your NFL team. Your station. Your shows. Follow your favorite stations and come back again and again. Get real time updates on everything you care about. Miss your show?

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It will help troubleshoot the likely cause of your light for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone. Coming up Sunday night, Bengals Ravens.

That's got to be a classic. After the just terrible game that we saw last night. Between the incompetent Indianapolis Colts and the even more incompetent Denver Broncos. We are do hot take Hickey for a big time primetime game where it's not only close because last night's game was clearly close. But actually entertaining. Actually good.

A reason where you want to watch the game, not basically stab your eyes out while watching the game like last night was. I'm just trying to think. I don't think we've had a really good Sunday night game, right? Yeah. The Buccaneers Cowboys, which is just an offensive slot.

Not enough. It was a defensive slugfest where Tom Brady won 19 to three, right? Yeah.

Bears, Packers. Yeah. Horrible. Week three and blank.

And last week of the cheese, blow out the box for the most part. The score is, you know, they won by 10. But the score is not indicative of how I know that game was a blow up. And I'm telling you, I'm forgetting what game week three was. Look it up real quickly.

I can't remember it either. Well, three. Oh, sure.

No. 49ers Broncos. Oh, yeah.

So you're right. That was the most forget. I thought that was the most forgettable game until I saw last night.

Broncos that hold my beer. But we have not had a good Sunday night game. No, we have not. Which is a rough start for the best part was the sliding coming back last week by Collins were so far.

That was it. We're talking about a pregame moment. You know that it's been a forgettable slate.

You're right. The Sunday night games this year have been horrendous. Been brutal.

That's a rough slate now. You knew what you're getting with Torico and Collins were so. Yeah, I don't feel bad for those guys, but geez, those games have been brutal. But this game, Lamar Jackson against Joe Burrow.

The two biggest questions in this game that I have. Well, the Bengals offensive line actually start to play the way that we thought they were going to play when they made all their moves this offseason. Getting Collins cap at Karas to revamp from that center to the to the right tackle spot. And then for the Ravens. What's going on with their defense in week two? In week two, they blew that lead 35 to 14 to the Dolphins. And then last week they blew a 20 to three lead up against the Buffalo Bills. Or they they allowed 20 unanswered points. That defense. I don't know what to expect from them.

And you have it's not as if you have. A team in the Bengals, their offense stinks. Joe Burrow is a stud. Jamar Chase is a stud. Tyler Boyd, T Higgins, assuming everyone plays. Very damn good wide receivers. You know Joe Mixon is a heck of a running back. But you have to get after the quarterback. And then if you do play from in front, Lamar continues to play like Superman. You have a lead in the fourth quarter.

Can you close it out? This is a game where both these teams are two and two. And for the Bengals, it doesn't feel like they should be two and two. It feels like they've been worse than two and two, but they've salvaged it the last two weeks. And then for the Ravens, they're two and two, but they feel like bare minimum they should be three and one.

You can make the case they should be four and oh. But the fact that they blew both those games and at home. That was mystifying.

It still is. Who do you trust more in this game, Hickey? Bengals or Ravens? I would go with the Bengals.

Wow. Why? Explain why. Because my answer, who do I trust more would be the Ravens. Because their only problem is finishing games. And we'll see if they could end up finishing games, which is a concern. But they've been the better team through the first four weeks of the season. They wouldn't be there to win the game, but I would just have more trust that they figure out these defensive issues in the fourth quarter.

Well, that's it. I mean, I'm not trusting them right now. That defense has been a sieve in the second half. They've not been very good. That's an offense in Cincinnati that got to a slow start for sure. But now we're starting to come back alive. The offensive line is starting to play better as we know the connection between Joe Berners receivers is there. Hold on.

Two things. Can you say the offensive line is playing better? Can you even I know you need to get the win, but can you even feel really good about getting that win up against the Dolphins? Tua got knocked out of the game. We only allowed one sack.

That's an improvement. Yeah, but Burrow is still running for his life. You're telling me that after that Dolphins game, you're just ready to say, OK, I'm all back in on the Bengals? Not all back in, but I think they're playing back. I see a path where they're starting to improve, like there's a little Subaru hangover to call to start the year. And you start 0-2. But now, you know, they beat the Jets. OK, congratulations to the Jets. And then you beat the Dolphins without Tua. This is their first big test.

Where we're going to see how close they are to getting back to form from last year. Because I can't put too much stock in that game up against the Jets. You want to win the game, but I can't put much stock up against the Dolphins. And I know the Dolphins have a good defense.

But this is the game. You know Lamar is going to score points. You know Lamar Jackson is going to put a decent amount of points up on the scoreboard. We're going to find out a lot about how much better that offensive line got.

And just how much, and what direction this team is going. I think this would be a one-score game. I think this would be a close game headed into fourth quarter.

I really do. I just put more trust into Lamar Jackson. Because right now, between both teams, Lamar Jackson is the best player on both teams. So I'm going to side with the best player when I think this is going to be an extremely close game. That's why I'm going with the Ravens over the Bengals this week. That's a game that has palpable buzz.

That's a game that I'm really looking forward to. And please, can we get a good Sunday night game? It's a great point by you, Hickey. The Sunday night games, woof. They've been dreadful. Hickey just did two thumbs down.

And when Hickey gives two thumbs down, that's like me giving two middle fingers to someone. Five questions, five answers next on Sides Offside when we return on the Zach Gilp Show on CBS Sports Radio in five minutes. And do we mention it's all free? Download the Odyssey app today. To get all your information you need to bet the games that you watch. It's cash to ticket on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts.
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