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Davante Adams Deal A Mistake? (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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September 27, 2022 10:07 pm

Davante Adams Deal A Mistake? (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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September 27, 2022 10:07 pm

The Packers & Raiders need to undo the Davante Adams trade l When could Dak Prescott actually return? l Closing Bell

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Looking for stories about the black community, and you don't want to wait until out. I don't know February, then check out Leon Black history month. The podcast that tells inclusive stories and year-round like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis will still be in charge for water that we can use listen and subscribe to be on Black history month on the Odyssey or whatever you get your podcast from looking for stories about the black community, and you don't want to wait until out. I don't know February, then check out Leon Black history month. The podcast that tells inclusive stories and year-round like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis will still be in charge for water that we can use listen and subscribe to be on Black history month on the Odyssey app or whatever you get your podcast problem or radio program. It is these that don't show on CBS sports radio out of the wireless at our number two of our radio program, which no fence.

I would love to be here talking sports for a long long period of time, but Chris Haller number two and we've already done three hours an hour onto the fourth and it was still just our number two I feel good be lost in a maze, so you may feel like you lost the basals into his program right now but anyway were coming to you live from the rocket mortgage Studios. What are you looking to purchase a new home refunded zeros rocket mortgage can help you get there from one solutions a figure life will rock you can take. You looked at me like our number two I'm sick and tired it wasn't you, I'm ready to go home to go to sleep probably eat some peanut butter tonight. I would imagine how to kick. He is well here lately peanut butter guy could see the late-night peanut butter got no not really having for breakfast and lunch.

So I usually maxed out by dinner at some a scoop of peanut butter at night. I don't is why just a scoop well that's madness, you try with one scoop of peanut butter and then you sit back down the couch to get back up another scoop of peanut butter go back down to the couch, get back up receipt are all like scoop in in your mouth.

Hold on. This is a family-friendly show you what you're talking about.

Yeah, take a little spoon would be the butter eat butter always have interesting read cereal a banana would be the right right but I don't think I agree. I did though. Today when I made my smoothie. I had a frozen banana in this movie frozen strawberries regular blueberry spinach and that I put a scoop of peanut butter powder. I ordered a tub of peanut butter powder, but I don't like the regular peanut butter and then after had the peanut butter powder. I sat down had a little rice pudding and took a scoop of of the actual good stuff in the why just go regular. My wife, you're the powder. I think it's healthier.

The powder for this movie. Well yes so very to Skippy or Jeff yes they're both the praise came back. Yes, they were down to nothing other up six to the Mets are down 63 so the Mets by the end of the night or to be taught in the salaries. Nine scoops of peanut butter tonight. That's what's happening. Nikki Jimmy Fallon right and fever pitch.

They sit there watching the Bill Buckner highlight like a bowl of cereal and milk that seven days old that's can be me tonight so now this Annalise is good be tied after this evening and I'm just to be eating peanut butter left and right. This is this is not good.

It's the Marlins for crying out loud, their managers quit at the end of the year and you can't beat this team. You know them onto the Mets and here it's never a good combo on Nazi going off of John made and get his ass on the mound. The guy I meant she's 100 games this year and the and they may not even when the Annalise that's it's frustrating like last year, the Dodgers and the Giants a day were the two. Yeah, the two most wins in the NL hundred and 700 and they don't mind, I am more than that on the Giants were the odd man out. Yeah that's it just day with her to be the postseason. We know that not give you collapse or go to the outside looking in, like what happened in 07 and to wait but without well they played throughout the year.

I would be disappointed if they don't win the Annalise because I don't even with how great their pitching is if you try to win the World Series this year with the way the new format is you gotta be at you for such an advantage, even though momentous, is a big you basically such an advantage.

If you have the top two seeds in the in the NL of the ale because you don't have to than playing the whole wild-card round, which now become series and and all that, compared to just one game in urine ended yeah I made the metrics would save them greatly.

107106 last year. Crazy. That's what transpired and you soon. Whether the Giants now just like Dr. stage during second. Now I ask you the same thing that would tell playoffs and the Dodgers Dodgers the Giants and the baby, my own. I know because the Braves got to the World Series was raised as a World Series. They played the Dodgers in the NL's yes that's what was the brazen Giants and had to meet in the NL DS Dodgers one that's what it was so very good.

That's what you probably thought the Dodge division because ended up venting for the boss.

Anyway, enough of the baseball back to the NFL.

There was one this off-season and on off-season that had so many moves and we were wondering how we were going to feel about it and after three weeks I really wish that move didn't happen. Devante Adams left money on the table in Green Bay to leave the Packers and go to the Raiders now. Maybe the Packers would've addressed his contract situation earlier like two years ago and got a deal done.

Maybe that were not in the spot. But to be three games in the Raiders are: three Green Bay is chewing wine but they still haven't even played the best game of football yet that some marriage that it got counseling.

They got divorce. Adams wanted to go home.

He wanted to go to play for the Raiders. He wanted to reconnect with Deborah Carr but you can't tell me. After three games that the bond they Adams is an frustrated, he has to be frustrated and if you're Rogers and Rogers as a bunch of wacky things the media I can't even keep up with him anymore, but Aaron Rodgers you have to be missing Devante Adams that Roger never wanted ads leave in the first place by that's a dual that should still be together and see that is not great. The Packers last three years 31 3113 Wednesday never got to the Super Bowl by about the Adams that Teresa saw any of the problems because now we were called to the Packers run the football more because you have two known commodities, even without great Rogers is NAG Dylan Aaron Jones of water seeping want you to be healthy we can we get out your produce is been the best wide receiver which is been crazy so you're basically having the bot that is being wasted and in Las Vegas and yet the Packers that don't have a number one wide receiver that's a relationship that should've never been broken up, the only way about the Adam should've left Green Bay is what our Rogers retires it just stinks like you have your Raiders fan email your own for your thrill that you still had bought the Adams on the football team is performing well and if you're a Packer fan.

You gotta be missing the monthly Adams right now and in the long run, which Rogers probably plays another year.

After the show I would say yes. The next two years I but to the Packers. Take care better than the writers but will the Packers win a Super Bowl and then do the last three years. Without the month, but what about Adams was that likely that the do so this year they got shot because to get there because the conference is so weak but if Rogers finally builds chemistry with these guys down the stretch and then plays one more year next and then walks away.

It feels like the last two years of his career can be waste a little bit now so that's on Rogers because Rogers played better public in San Francisco last year and the plants could've played better up against the Buccaneers in the NFC title game when they had the whole NFC title game, making excuses around Rogers because eventually is take some of the blame here, why not been able to get to a second Super Bowl or when the second party trophy, but that's one or like you look at the chiefs of the dolphins diary kills them wonderful dolphins and the chief served to them. One without Ty recalled that Patrick Holmes you see that move go at the Mont the Adams.


It has really worked out well for either party to Packers are good to go when double-digit gains this year because they have Rogers and that NFC is in deep for the Raiders to give up significant draft capital but you only think twice about doing so. But you know in three so it hasn't worked out for either party's. Yes, the Packers beat the Buccaneers last week that to have it Buccaneers about three wide receivers. Brady was. They can also get a good bag. Overshot government is back to 06 with Rishi Caldwell and and Doug Gabriel Brady Packers didn't win that game would've been embarrassing in the game only set the game but over time, Brian. That's the one I keep on circling back to where we could have one.

Do over in this off-season I if I can be like the genie that comes flying in on the magic carpet I would say my wish well selfishly I would wish that the patriots get offense of coordinator and a number one weapon. But if I take my personal bias out of it. I would say about they Adams Unger Sabia go back to Green Bay you in our Rogers perfect together and not had that relationship ruined and have them on dad is back in Green Bay that would be my one moved by the power to reverse one thing in the off-season, that's what I would usually ironic is if the Raiders continued their slide and valor pick number seven array in the Packers able draft like a wide receiver in the first round for the first time in a long time. It's like the next divide Adams intersect explodes on the first round pick for this year's draft was in those this year and next year.

No. Was it Amanda. I may screw that up. You may be right. I just Raiders up up up up above will look at the details of the trade. I don't remember if it was to first round picks of her was just one.

I think it was just a first and a second if memory serves me right, and I would've been in this past draft is then they use that 22nd overall pick, or 20 something to drop one. Yes, you're right. I apologize it was the first round and second round of last year's draft. Unlike those two for something that never my everyday. I just take that pendency, that's fine because it did trigger another thought. The thought that it did trigger when you talk about graphics that's totally different. This totally goes away from the conversation that we been talking about the Eagles have been maybe the best during football so far this season top three-story in football if you dolphins, Eagles, and whomever the third story what will actually put in the packet to look at the draft because Watson was a second topic he was in first round picks a grandpa get seal of the Packers talk with the dry forget of top my head. I'm pretty sure is quiet Walker out all you Georgia yes yes okay 22 but you look it up anyway, getting back into graphics, the Eagles, who been one of the best stories in league say traffic this year the Saints first round draft pick this year from all the wheeling and dealing that Howie Roseman is done so the Eagles there is the thought that maybe that these that pick on a quarterback. Now that's not to be the case could jail more hurtful to he's a really good quarterback. So you could you have many potential possibilities for the Eagles were they could use them aligned to get younger they could go get another stolid edge rusher or something like that would guys like Brandon Graham getting older. Even though he just had to knapsacks its wild how those trades work and then the Daltons of your call. They got one of their first round picks taken away because all the tapering stuff but yeah if I can go back to reverse course of action somewhere on this NFL off-season, but one move that I would reverse would be divide the atoms getting traded from the Packers to the Raiders because it does feel like both those players that team in the Packers and in the plans about the Adams they could use one another again. That's a marriage that's a relationship that should have never ended, and unfortunately it did is that guilt show on CBS sports radio. What's one move this off-season that you wish didn't happen for maintenance about the atoms getting traded from the Packers to the Raiders.

855-2124 CBS 852-1242 27 we come back when will DAC Prescott return and I saw theory today by Pro football talk about DAC Prescott and maybe the conversation about DAC through Jerry Jones.

There could be a method to the madness of one Jerry Jones get to that. On the other side looking for stories about the black community, and you don't want to wait until out. I don't know February, then check out Leon Black history month. The podcast that tells inclusive stories year round like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis. We still didn't show much for water that we can use listen and subscribe to be on Black history month on the Odyssey app or whatever you get your podcast problem listening to the second building show it is that guilt show on CBS sports radio before we get into this Dallas Cowboys conversationally took a phone call Harry 552124 CBS 855-212-4227 right before we hit the break I was saying if I could reverse one decision from this past NFL off-season.

I would want the bond tabs back in Green Bay and I would think that both parties would be fine with that. Right now Rogers doesn't have a number one wide receiver and not only that the Raiders right now her own three. It's not looking all that optimistic for Las Vegas Raiders in your number one of the font. They Adams and Josh McDaniels in sin city's go to Dawn in Wisconsin.

Next up on the guilt show Don hello okay I okay I'm at work right now.

Sorry number one: anyone or everyone will want to leave here yet and Graham getting on their coming here and then number two I think grandpa isn't going to be a lot better looking truck for number 17 looking all around, looking Romeo that we spent five back in Iraq and provide IR now things on and appreciate the phone call I don't buy that notion that there could be better without the font they Adams like I look at the Packers beat you and you're not wrong in terms of that logic. It's so locked in on Savant. The atoms that I was towards wide open. The 49ers game of the playoffs and he is in Golden you not wrong on that, but you can't tell me that this team could be better without thought they Adams, who was never really a distraction was not a me me me guy the way that I view them so I look at that situation you're at a point where it's not about development anymore.

It's not about progress like Rogers window is not that much wide open is used to be Rogers that 2930 31. This is our Rogers Glavine damn clue what planet he's on. At times be how much he loves football and he wants to play and we discussed this before rhyme about a Packers fan and not be a good team this year and they can't be good team but if I'm a Packers fan and you have fear is my biggest fear or be Rogers retires after this year because that would screw over the Packers are immensely you that Jordan love, who I'm just getting on a limb is not to be successful quarterback in this league, but the dead For next year 2023 is nearly 100 million hundred million like Rogers would be the biggest jerk in the NFL.

If he says peace this off-season and leaves that the Packers on the debt capital for $99 million, 20, 24, it goes down to 24 million which like three or four years ago is that while it's a mega number. While it's a big deal but at the scene. The wind strayed the golf trade and a bunch of others we've kind of been accustomed now 13 just thrown away. They select $30 million on a quarterback, but 99,000,080 that would be my biggest fear and I wonder if these receivers never develop. I know Rogers has a great relationship of those are, but I was working at serious and no one knew Lazard was Rogers would always talk him up, but my biggest fear would be from a Packers fan.

The Rogers get so annoyed at the end of this year or he wants to go on some project karma cleanser, the entire NFL season that he walks away after the season because that would screw the Packers over for years and years to come. Almost half the calf enough by one guys on the roster docket.

Not good whatsoever to go on a limb and say that Hunter militarists. Is there any way to say that the Packers would be better this year. Without the Montanans like Kansas City people made an argument that the cheese to be better without tiring kilts I did not make that argument.

Isolate the cheese could be dominant without tiring to but I don't think they're better because it was a nightmare matchup, Tyree Kell and Travis Kelsey you want to go try to slow down. Tyree killed and Travis.

Kelsey told that you want to go double-team Travis Kelsey or Chip, but the line and put someone else on them. Then Tyree killed one on one on one down the field wide open for the Packers like you have another good option since the Montanans at the door. You have a Travis Kelsey.

There it does is been good so far.

Lazard solid Watkins is hurt.

Watson dropped the football up against the Vikings not you have this other ridiculous option at their best options is the one game I like about the dispense we get there only loves a nice job as best we can all give him credit, but I think the Packers approach. In the interim. And it's weird taking the ball out your best players hand if you gotta feed Jones. You gotta feed Dylan to back such as one reconsider running one back into the ground. Those two backs up the car the baton until they figured out a wide receiver.

That's the way I look at Orion, allocated your Hunter right that's that's kinda what the sign-up form used when triggering event Adams you kind of committing to the run game and like you said, they're not better off look at his first three games the night I can move the ball been on the overall total One Touch I get the Vikings sure to touch on hit the box and was a 24.27 point consider the Bears whatever limits the parasite of the Bears or to anyone but Rogers that taxes and Rogers beating the Bears is not a very dominant perform your thoughts and me you and it's crazy that teams to what you could put me you at and Shep at wide receiver. Rogers going up and we have Rogers going up against the Bears.

Rogers even said last year he I own you while you as he was chanted that the Bears friends vacuums at Lambertville and the Packers were coming off a loss because a lot of the football season. The Packers were to beat the Bears but for now run the damn ball. That's what I would do and also it kinda preserves your quarterback for later on the year like this we can they play the patriots the patriots are to be starting either wholly or the destroyer and I don't mean that in a good way because he could destroy your bike team Bailey SAPI did set a record-breaking cut galaxies miser must ask of this NCAA so that you know come right and maybe just pick up where he left off last year does not go to Bailey SAPI.

I'll be very shocked. He started crying and holier yacht whose basic efforts corner anyway so they also listen I of the play call in the field stop.

How old is primarily 45 no, he is been I like he's in a mortal man. No, I provide to guess it's a 3635 would be my guess. He feels like I can honestly each other and now he's on the 06 patriots team. I know he wasn't. But if you tell me he was ugly. I widening the virtue in one round 2012, maybe was his first year in Foxborough Valley right leg. It's it's definitely he is late at 76 he turns 37 in October.

So happy birthday Brian Horwood distraction, but happy birthday. We will start on his birthday. By the way you birth it is today. No wow disrespectful birthday Marco, not Satan's birthday. We meet even out.

It is his birthday and chatted alike about how I personally wouldn't tell anyone you know how I know I saw the Facebook is a marker of our fish like I like but I don't even all-conference a mark on Facebook, I saw I don't have yeah not shock so someone posted about.

I think Marlowe from CBS posted that it was your birthday tonight. Marlowe is the only reason anybody ever does is my birthday and she said that you were going on measures yeah and you seem like the biggest part that got in the world and I mean yeah that's that's a big deal. I don't care.

When did you get into work tonight been our goal over did you have another job that I know okay is your only job correct the time being. Yes I release just one now.

I don't know if you get a second right now I'm working on one job program to be like the Joe McEwing where you play, every citizen the first time I have one job I don't know 15 to 20 years so you make sense that your kids go to school today with a off my son was off my daughter's school. You what were the good that they get to a birthday present little cake you have a formal time. No cake located in your birthday for the kids, are you my wife brought home a cakes Sunday is over and we can. They sang happy birthday to me Sunday night. Oh then they would open this morning my son drew a picture card will hold onto your son has a budget state creative imagination I and your son, that tells it like it is from some of the stories was the kind to you on the photo drawing yeah yeah I had dinner at my hero. I gotbirthday dinosaur and follow up.

You know like I was the know before that your son is that something Siri has a complete looking kinda grin on his face that you're like he's a complete and total wisest yeah medevac when I came home Sunday.

I saw him and I was like are you serious.

He was in his Halloween costume is the Grim Reaper. I was like what he's got to got the black I was like seriously, just like the only thing I okay now I don't be a jackass but can you can wear that the school like when I went to when I was growing up. They like wooden which wears a mask some time out of Massey last year. He was like it was cortical to mommy.

But it was more like a zombie, you have a glottal over the white whatnot and it had like a covering of the face that you pull it down. Can you bring the sword to school. I don't know if I don't know if you bring the sword and not thick sword by the way, just declared it was Charcot can withhold what the end of it. The point yeah yeah a little concerned by sister little too much to take a ride out so yeah sure yet again why he wants to be a zombie. Last year, or Grim Reaper. I want something else would like blood and teeth to my wife put her foot down like dressing up as a pirate fleet looking to tell me when you want to put your foot getting Grim Reaper was like the UK choice of what I was going on with your son and he's got a lot of rebel side got a Y's as wise as anyway.

Brian Hoyer, he turned 37 in October. It is markable at his birthday today so I'll be kind happy birthday Marco Blankenship that I know that you really don't care. Anyone wishing you happy birthday, but I feel compelled to say it.

I Hickey Hoyer's first year in Foxborough. Want to guess 2013 2009 2000 9011 with the patriots 2012 the Steelers 2012 at the Cardinals 2013 the 2014 in Cleveland 2015 with the Texans 2016 with the Bears 2017 with the 49ers came back with the patch 27 Quinta 2018.

Remember he was in 2019 IND life that is corrective in 2020 20 2120, 22, with patriots one Super Bowl is hard to think when you are there independently since 09 in what he was there that decade. Where they don't want to Super Bowl and then he came back and he wasn't even there for the 49 of the 50 1T now is the one against the Rams youngest one and you cut them out. I discovered it was, like the bad luck charm. Yeah, I guess you could say that. Anyway, real quickly so I thought you Rappaport said that he thinks the earlier stack.

Prescott will get back is is up against the Eagles.

That would be had missing two more games Mike Florio throughout a theory because we've both been kind of stunned but mystifying spending kind of an enigma of Jerry Jones who loves the star of drama, but how much Jerry Jones in this process last two weeks has been hyping up Cooper rush Florio throughout a theory that he knows right Jerry Jones has to know that backrest gets his guy. He paid him to be the guy so maybe Jerry Jones is doing this intentionally polite, a little fire in the Tommy of one deck Prescott or the real way that Florio threw this out there to push back to get back on the field as quick as possible.

I thought that was a different theory and it wouldn't I would not put it past Jerry who seems lost.

Sometimes he speaks now, but I wouldn't put it past Jerry to distantly say yeah it's the typical drama but there's maybe a little method to the madness here because of the fact I think a lot of people now falling into the trap. Cooper rushes to know okay they want against the bangles. Now they beat the Giants. You could give back an extra week want to give back an extra week so maybe that has DAC. No pun intended.

There like forces Onan and say yeah I want to jump into the conversation. Stitches are out. I'm ready to go and I'm good to go get me back on the field is as quick as possible realize that the reader how to quickly is true genius. I don't trust Jerry Jones to that calculator comes to the roster manipulation place where like party just naturally goes I has to be just Jerry turn up the pot with the drama and all that but I like the way that Florio just just floated that idea out there. I did think about that when were going through all the options closing Bell next that your stock is booming, whose stock is due June listening to the second Guild show.

Wrapping up shop on a Tuesday. Zach Delp shows CBSSports radio let's ring that closing Bell Mildred using the taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out. So in the late closing the end of the Washington state, Oregon game which was a wild game look like working with you lose for most of the contest and Bo Nick Sabin and you had this pic six with a minute left in the fourth quarter… And up to the skull is the movies that is great but the best part of that call Hickey is what crack crack crack good to know the noise of quack quack is the statement that one anytime there's a play-by-play of an Oregon game and there's a big moan. You have to now say quack quack quack quack quack quack Mr. ductwork.

You gotta incorporate the quack quack into the call anyway stock up to the announcer on Fox board support this. The defense by the weakest bonds by the Navy Federal credit union proudly serves the Armed Forces the of the veterans and their families.

The members of the mission. Learn more. Navy, the cowboy and allies the defense line on the Monday night second Daniel Jones five times and hitting 12 times in their 23 to 2023 16.

When over Johnson Monday and yeah Tremont Diggs to record the game-winning interception while DeMarcus Lawrence notch three sacks in the victory of stock up to the Cowboys defense Cooper rush to know this year three, you know, as a starter in Dallas.

Holy smokes.

I don't think there's a quarterback competition, but Cooper rush and other reasons have salvage the cowboy season when it look like it was over after the first week of the year, back to back victories give Cooper rush a stock up so October 3 to the fifth the Braves go to Florida and will see that being the red series actually get up play with the hurricane and good luck and well wishes to everyone. First and foremost, but the way that the Marlins are promoting this fans according to S and Y met TV station that adversely purchase tickets for the morons received an email today from the team that included a message. The message was this calling all Mets fans for once cheer on the Marlins hashtag be ATL for Atlanta. Now we know there's a lot of New Yorkers that live in Florida and anytime the Mets play the Marlins in the Manzo get any fans begin with that of their own muster that Marlins man guy but there's a ton of Mets fans.

So now the Marlins that they can get their own fans are basically saying Mets fans can't be Marlins fans. Let's all cheer about beating the brace on together use.

I would rip this and say it's pathetic, and the Marlins are now if you want to get fans there but you throw this game tonight jump 63 and the Mets leave Annalise about to go down to zero there to be tied with the Braves to the Braves are winning is in the top of the eighth. If you do your part allies to come back tonight that Mets fans will do their part by using it say that this is pathetic, but I kinda find this actually creative and actually funny so I'm giving it a stock up Penny Hardaway.

We thought Memphis is good to get it with the NCAA tournament band. There's good to be severe sanctions. Memphis just sentenced to three years probation public reprimand and a fine, but the not to be banned from the NCAA tournament. So give a stock up to the Memphis Tigers basketball program, I gotta give a stock up the lens like bold at Kansas and the job that he's just on any probably right. Hickey is going to be getting a bigger job after this year you would assume you would think if you're foreknow a Kansas a lot of school; you would think needs to be a Buffalo member when he was a Buffalo you look at cans for less than 10 set for wins in a season get to guess I have the year that a lease for wins in a season 2011 to 5 to go back to those 920, 21, two wins, no wins in 2023 and 2019, three in 2018, one 2017. True in 2016 wingless in 2015. Three wins in 2014. Three wins in 2013 one 2012 one 2011 three in 2010, five in 2009 wow wow Kansas proposal right from telehealth don't don't have BellSouth locale Barry stock up to Kansas football BellSouth the cellular basketball school is liable to come out and say is Mark Sue said the Cal Barry you want me to stay. You say that were football school now James Harden the other day I thought this isn't just he said just 100 pounds off season I saw that, but he's, there's no way the point with the media usually less than medial us 100 pounds to be emaciated. There's no way is the way James Harden with how much he goes her cervical philosophy was really going down the strip club. But how much are eating and just being at the strip club. The way the James Harden Georgia strip club that he was under a dozen slim but 100 pounds yet no shot so just the fact that he threw that out there. I'm just giving a stock that the underrated back with the sons they match the offer that came from Indiana. He reveals since that game seven benching one hand, and Monty Williams and added.

They haven't spoken since will set up to hear but the one thing I did hear from that Hickey was that he has not spoken to Monty Williams, the coach and Monty said I have a lot of players want to give them time to just move on and things like I got something some along those lines that this is a stock down the Monty Williams US with the underrated. It's not supplier to talk to the coach on the coach to smooth things over with the player that the Rhine is inconceivable how they haven't had a conversation and they gave him a new contract tell a lot of the sons are given the contract without first smoothing over the relationship right yeah you restart NAFTA bench and he was coming out of there.

Monty Williams and I haven't talked about you guys just want to give everybody a break that's how you respond yeah and I give him a double stock rustles to the subway commercial unfortunately 45 seconds it's cringing rustles is becoming unlikable and easy.

Such a likable guy. Everything he does on social media trying too hard to just cringe worthy stock down rustles stock down even no idea. So you are friendly with Ryan leaf used to produce form. Yes, Riley was in these videos of Maggie and Perloff and you didn't even say hello and he walked right past you. Because you don't want to bother him or you are afraid to talk to somebody used to work with ways in a rush. He seemed he was hurried. I don't slow me down pacemaker to train. I just didn't want to be there why I think you were a little softer and I saw that Ryan leaf did send you a tweet over the weekend he respond to your tweets so that means he does like your pieces out of nowhere responding to what your tweets I was directed to and you didn't even say hello when he was in studio at the bad job by you gotta say hello and you did anyway. Thank you Chris Kleiman for joining us to Jasper as well.

Each and everyone of you for calling listening and tweeting and yes we do call the show we will go to you as a funny phone call from Don.

I think he has really picked me to call you but we always appreciate the phone calls be back tomorrow on a very busy take five once again my top five teams in the NFL college football thought that the basics can be said for Pacific.

We help of Isaac looking for stories about the black community, and you don't want to wait until out. I don't know February, then check out Leon Black history month. The podcast that tells inclusive stories and year-round like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis. We still didn't show much for water that we can use listen and subscribe to be on Black history month on the Odyssey app or whatever you get your podcast problem

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