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NFL Over/Unders (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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August 31, 2022 8:23 pm

NFL Over/Unders (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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August 31, 2022 8:23 pm

Over/under NFL win projections l Which top dog in college football will miss the College Football Playoff?

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And we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Well, Rocket can. Coming up hour 20 from now, we have an interview for you as I got a chance earlier today to chat with Aaron Donald. So we'll play that for you at 8 20 p.m. Eastern, 5 20 p.m. Pacific. But first up, let me get a little NFL music and we'll go a little higher or lower here. This list.

The athletic released. What is it? Win simulation. Is that what it is? Basically, yeah. Took the odds probability to schedule and mapped it out and repeated it. I think 100,000 times.

Wow. So the most common outcome for a team's win total on a team's record for this season. That's why you'll get numbers like, for example, the first one here, the Packers 11.4.

That's obviously not a record. It's gonna be attainable because 11.4 wins impossible. You can't get.4 of a win. Can you win one quarter? Is that how it works? We've seen teams do that. If that was the standard in Detroit or in Houston, those teams would take that in a second. That's true. You win for three quarters.

You win the game. I guess there we go. The Falcons would like to eliminate that fourth quarter in that Super Bowl. They would be champions holding a banner.

Yeah, there's a lot of games in NFL history where if you didn't have a bad first quarter or if you just found a way to finish in the fourth quarter, man, the history of the league would be a lot different. That is for sure. So they have 100,000 simulations to get the most accurate prediction for each team's win total this season. Can you imagine having to be the person that's in charge of this now?

I'm sure it's multiple people with that. However, they do their simulations and you got to go through this. What? You said 100,000 times. 100,000 times. Just sit there with Madden and just simulate the season. But what's the actual?

I have no idea. I'm computers are advanced. I'm hoping by this point they could say simulate how many times you say 100,000 and they say, OK, we'll get back to you in two seconds. See what happened on the 93rd try and what the record of the Vikings was on the 93rd spin on this simulation.

I got to see that that's important to break this stuff down. Maybe all offseason. They're just playing like the 2014 college football game with updated rosters. This is how or I guess.

No, but not college football. Be an imagine this how it's going to work out. EA Sports.

It's in the game. That'd be a fun job. What's your offseason project? You're going to play Madden for each team 100,000 times. That could get a little annoying. You know in fever pitch when Jimmy Fallon goes down that depression kind of road when it comes to the Boston Red Sox and he's just sitting in the chair and he's watching the Bill Buckner play over and over and over and over again. If you actually had to simulate this 100,000 times, it was one person in charge of that.

That person would look like Jimmy Fallon and fever pitch in that bad, bad scene where then his buddies have to go get and they have to give him a shower, throw water on his face and give him a ton of coffee. But anyway, give me the numbers here. Let's go. Alright, so let's start with the highest win total. That is projected to be the Buffalo Bills at 11.6 wins.

If you want to round up 12 and 5. I think they'll get to 13 wins. So I'm going to go higher.

Slightly higher. I think the Bills are the best team in the NFL. That's going to be a fun matchup to open up the year. Bills up against the Rams. The Bills, they're the best team in football. And in the AFC, that division, I think people are going to say the AFC East is good because of how dominant Buffalo is. The Pats and Dolphins are fringe playoff teams. I think both the Pats and Dolphins are going to miss the playoffs. Forget about the Jets.

They're still years away. So I think Buffalo is going to take advantage of that AFC East. And that team is just so well-rounded and so talented. And they bring in the Super Bowl experience of Von Miller. They have one of the better quarterbacks in the game in Josh Allen. Stephon Diggs, Gabe Davis love that duo at wide receiver. Who knows who else they're going to add. Maybe they go add Odell Beckham Jr. as a wide receiver number 3. But I think they'll get higher than 11.6 wins.

No Devontae Adams. No problem according to the computers for the Packers who are the second highest win total projected at 11.4. I placed a little wager over the weekend.

And Arielle Epstein was sitting here and she threw out the number. 10.5 was the win total on the Packers. And I said I'll take the over. They're definitely going to get to 11.

So I'm very confident that wager is going to hit. Now you're saying 11.4. So if I want to take the higher route here, they got to get to a bare minimum of 12 wins.

Yes, sir. Yeah, they're going to get to 12 wins. That division, Lions stink.

I'm not buying hype into them. The Bears are even worse. They're going to finish in dead last. The Vikings, if everything goes right, they'll be a 9-8 playoff team I would say in the NFC.

I know there is no more Devontae Adams. He got a top five quarterback in the sport. He still has a top three team in the NFC in the Packers. So yeah, the Packers will get to 12 wins. The offseason, darling.

And I guess now the computer, darling. The Dallas Cowboys alongside the Chiefs will start with Dallas first. Both have the third highest win totals at 10.6. They're saying the Cowboys have a higher win total than the Rams in this simulation? That's right. Do you know what the Rams were by any shot?

I can get it. I think it's like 10.4, but I'll double check. Okay, so that makes no sense to me. What's going on with these computers, Haute Kiki? Rams are behind the Cowboys, the drama Dallas Chokin' Cowboys in this simulation that you said occurred over 100,000 times? Ooh, that's a rough simulation.

That's rough. I'll take the lower part on the Cowboys. I think they'll 10.6. I think they'll be a 10-win team. I think they'll be like 10-7. And they could get 11, but I'll go 10-7. That will fit into them not winning the NFC East and them being a wildcard team this year in the NFL.

Offensive line issues, no more Maury Cooper. I'll say that they're a 10-7 football team this year. How about the Chiefs? Are they a 10.6 too?

Same thing? Higher. Chiefs will get to 11. I know they lost Tyreek Hill. You still have Mahomes.

He's the human eraser. You got Travis Kelce. Defense questionable, especially now without Tyron Matthew, the Honey Badger. They'll be fine because they have Mahomes.

They'll get to 11 ones. Bucks, 10.5. Rams, 10.1 to answer your... The Cowboys schedule is softer than those two. I don't care. I don't care what the schedule is. Are you going to say the Cowboys are the second best team in the NFC?

Hickey? Absolutely not. But win total also doesn't reflect the best team sometimes. I'm saying if you have an easier schedule, you're going to win more games, aren't you not? First place schedule is obviously tougher. The Cowboys, don't they have a first place schedule in the NFCs? They won the division last year. That's true.

So I just look at it. The Cowboys are... There's no way that I think I'm going to ever look at the Cowboys this year and say they're going to be a Super Bowl team.

I don't think I'm going to look at the Eagles this year. And I think the Eagles are going to be in the NFCs and say they're a Super Bowl team. I could only see three teams from the NFC getting to the Super Bowl. Tampa, the Rams, and the Packers.

And I think that's a huge storyline entering this year. Who's going to be that fourth team? Is it the 49ers? Is it the Cardinals? Is it the Vikings? Is it the Eagles? Is it the Cowboys? Who's going to be that fourth team? That's going to be a big question mark this year in the NFC. Okay, next team.

An interesting team. The Vikings projected at 9.7, which I think would be enough to get in the playoffs, but higher or lower? I hate 9.7 because that's like right on the money.

Because they're an in-betweener. If everything goes right 9 and 10, I'll say they go 9 and 8 and make the postseason. So I will go lower and they will make the playoffs with 9 wins because the NFC is just not a well-rounded conference. The computers are the latest to be continuing to disrespect the Bengals. They have their win total projected to be 9.5. It's weird to say this, but now our program does not take any Cincinnati Bengals disrespect.

Last year, if you would have said you were on the Bengals bandwagon, I would say, what the heck are you talking about? Going into the season? Come on, they're going to finish in fourth? If everything goes right, maybe they finish in third. They almost won the Super Bowl. If they could just erase that fourth quarter, they would have won the Super Bowl.

They were the better team after three quarters. And now they have an offensive line. I know I've been banged up a little bit, but you get Lael Collins, you have Alex Capa. I like Ted Karras a lot. I think he's a very underrated offensive lineman, interior offensive lineman in this league. And yeah, this is going to be a team that they'll get higher than 9.5 wins.

They will be a double-digit win team this year. And their quarterback's great in Joe Burrow, and you got to, got to, got to love Jamar Chasen. How about T. Higgins too? Dave Lofton said the other day, you put T. Higgins on some other teams. He's a number one wide receiver, just because they have Jamar Chase, so he's not. That's a deadly one-two punch. The computers are right on this team.

It's going to be hotter inside the building than it is going to be outside in the desert. And that's the Cardinals. Everyone has contract extensions. That true, but if Climb, Cliff, Murray, they all got paid. I mean, if they're saying 8.7 wins and you're sitting at an, looking around at 8 and 9, 9 and 18. It's got to factor in Hopkins being out a lot for the first six games.

It's a big, big loss. Now I will say, even though I don't think he's the same quality of quarterback, but with his contract, I don't want to hear any excuses. You got enough talent to go make the playoffs this year in a bad NFC. No one's going to be making excuses for Aaron Rodgers, who doesn't have Devante Adams anymore. No one's going to be making excuses for Patrick Mahomes, who doesn't have Tyreek Hill anymore, or you shouldn't be. And the good thing for Kyler Murray, at least you get DeAndre Hopkins back. For Mahomes, you don't get back Tyreek Hill. For Rodgers, you don't get back Devante Adams. For Kyler Murray, after the first six games of the season, you will get back DeAndre Hopkins. Eight though.

And we've gone through that schedule two through the first six weeks on this show before. I'll go higher. They got to be higher, right? They got to get to nine, nine, just nine. Look at what we're doing. We're begging the Cardinals just to finish above 500.

Boy. Without DeAndre Hopkins, this throw you off a little bit. And also the uncertainty of the health of Kyler Murray too.

Well, when you pay him, don't you? I agree. I agree. I will kill him on the air if they don't make the playoffs this year. That will be a total, total disaster. How about the Titans?

8.6 is their average for the computers. I don't think they're making the playoffs this year. No A.J. Brown. No Ryan. You have Ryan Tannehill.

You wish you didn't have Ryan Tannehill. Traylon Burks. I don't know what he's going to be.

I like Robert Woods. They're looking around Josh Gordon. Derek Henry's the star. OK, but what is Josh Gordon at this point?

Be on the team for five weeks, then be cut, unfortunately. Defense is good. I like Rabel.

I think Rabel's a phenomenal coach. But man, there's going to be a lot of teams that are nine and eight, ten and seven. I think in the AFC that are just going to miss out, I'll give the slight edge on the higher side here of 8.6 and think they'll be one of those nine or ten win teams that are going to miss the playoffs this year.

And there's always another reason why I go higher. I'm picking the Colts to win the AFC South this year, which I hate to do. If the Colts do what the Colts do best, and that's disappoint, then someone's going to have to benefit inside that division.

And I can guarantee you this. It's not going to be the Texans. It's not going to be the Jaguars. So I'll go higher on 8.6 for Tennessee. Same number, 8.6 for your beloved Patriots. I think the Pats this year are going to be either eight and nine, nine and eight.

I don't know. Have you looked at the Patriots schedule yet? No, I have not.

Okay. I have because obviously I'm a Patriot fan. And the first like 10 or 11 weeks, they're going to have to come out really strong. Because down the stretch, that schedule gets ugly. You play Miami, who's on an even level with you. You play Pittsburgh, who if Mitch Trubusky beats my football team, man that's going to be a rough September 19th show for Zach Geld. Then you get Baltimore. Good team, but usually play Baltimore well. Then you get Green Bay, tough team.

Then you get Detroit, should be a win. Browns with Brissett, should be a win. Bears, should be a win. Jets, should be a win.

Colts, close game. Bi-week, Jets, and that's the first 11 weeks of the season. First 11 weeks, not a tough schedule. Other than Green Bay and Baltimore, there's really no one that makes you shake in your boots, even though I just said Indy's going to go win the AFC South. Then after week 11, you play Minnesota, Buffalo, Arizona, Raiders, Bengals, and you end the year with the Dolphins and the Bills. They got to come out firing the first 9, 10, 11 weeks of the season. I think the Pats will be 9 and 8, so I will slightly go higher on the 8.6.

Slightly, slightly. A team you have been very high on. A team that people have been talking about a lot this year. The Las Vegas Raiders. You know what the computers are saying? 8.3. Tell those computers I'm going to say something that Baker Mayfield may have said this week. I'm going to F them up. Give me the over on the Raiders.

9 wins, bare minimum, on 8.3? Yeah, easily higher. Higher, higher, higher. The roof is the ceiling. Higher, higher, higher.

You're going high on Las Vegas. Are you high on Carolina? What's the number? 7 and a half with Baker Mayfield.

More importantly, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, a healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy run CMC. That's a son of a bitch number. Because I don't think they're going to make the playoffs. I can see them being an 8 win team, though. You know what?

I'll say 7 and 10. Lower. Wow. Yeah, I don't like that.

Wow. You know what? I'm doing that intentionally. I want to mush myself.

What do we say? No, no, no. The intentional mush doesn't work. That's for you, not me. You can't.

Especially now you've spoken into existence. I don't think Corso style. F it. Give me the higher number there.

I'm taking the higher number. He fools the fans. He puts the opposing headgear on, sits there, sits there. And now I'm waving as the show ends. Throws it away. Gives the double bird. F it. We're going to home team.

Crowd erupts. Finally, the lowest projected win total of any team is the New York Jets at 4.7. And they won't be the worst team in the NFL. That is what the model is saying, that they'll be the worst team in the NFL.

If I take higher here, I got to find five wins is what you're saying? Yes, with Joe Flacco starting at least week one. Ravens loss week one.

Joe Flacco revenge game. Probably loss week two. Bengals loss week three. Pittsburgh week four.

The debut of Kenny Pickin, in my opinion. And loss. Dolphins loss. They got to start the yard 0-5. Packers loss 0-6. Broncos. They could start the year 0-8, 0-9.

Probably well. They have the Pats. They get the Bills. They'll get one or two wins in the first nine weeks, maybe. So one.

It's a race of five. We got one win through the first nine weeks. Didn't some analysts say that in the offseason? They were going through the Jets schedule. They're like, yeah, their season's going to be over in the first nine weeks.

I remember seeing that and Jets fans were going nuts. So one win in the first nine weeks. They'll lose week 11. Maybe they'll win one game. They'll win one game against the Pats this year. Okay.

Okay. So two wins. Bears.

We find three more. They can beat the Bears. They are better than the Bears. Vikings know.

Bills know. Lions. They can beat the Lions. Toss-up game. They can beat the Jaguars.

Okay. They can beat Seattle. Two out of three? Could we say two out of three?

Yeah, they could. There's four. We're at four. Could we find one more? Yeah, they're probably not going to take all three between the Lions, Jaguars, and Seahawks.

Probably not, right? So up until that week 15 stretch, I have the Bears. One win before week nine. They beat the Pats one time. So let's say week 11. So that's three. And they take two out of three from Detroit, Jacksonville, and Seattle. That's five wins right there. Okay. We found five. Yeah. That last week of the season, Dolphins.

Yeah, five. I would not go to Vegas with that, but I'll take the higher end on the Jets. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. College football is back, baby. And right now, in the AP poll to start the season, Bama won, Ohio State 2, Georgia 3, and Clemson 4. The rest of the top 10, Notre Dame 5, Texas A&M 6, Utah 7, Michigan 8, Oklahoma 9, Baylor 10. Just teams that we're considering, without saying yet who we're going to move out to get in the college football playoff.

Hickey, yes or no. Notre Dame. I don't think Notre Dame is going to be in the college football playoff.

I do believe Ohio State will win the game this week, and I don't think it's going to be by 17 and a half points like Vegas says. I think Notre Dame will be good. I just don't think they're going to be top four worthy. They're not under consideration for me. Texas A&M, because of their quarterback situation, I don't think they're ready to jump into the top four.

I know they beat Alabama last year on that game-winning kick. Alabama, Georgia are just better teams. I'm not buying A&M for the top four this year.

Too inconsistent, I'm with you. Utah, I know you're buying them. I will definitely give some consideration to Utah with Kyle Whittingham and Cam Rising.

I know they lost some of the defense, but they still are going to have very good defense this year. So, let's get to Michigan. I'll say Michigan has a shot to get back to the college football playoff. I think it's going to be Ohio State out of the Big Ten, but if it's not Ohio State, then it's going to be Michigan. So, since Michigan is going to be the second best team in the Big Ten, even though they're in the same division as Ohio State, I'll give consideration to Michigan. I'm curious to see how their quarterback situation plays out. Ultimately, I do think it's going to be JJ McCarthy. Once the season really gets underway, they're not just playing cupcake team after cupcake team.

I am out on Michigan. I don't think they'll be in the conversation this year. Oklahoma, I think they're definitely in the conversation. They could definitely get in the top four in a Big Twelve that's really Oklahoma and Baylor, in my estimation. And Oklahoma, you have Dylan Gabriel as your quarterback. I like Brent Venables. I'll put consideration for Oklahoma.

Agreed, absolutely. Baylor, I'll have consideration for them. Now their quarterback gets a full season.

I like Dave Veranda a lot. You know they're going to play some good defense. I will have consideration for Baylor.

And as well. Anyone else you give consideration to? USC being the second best team in the Pac-12? I don't think USC is going to make the top four, but if it's not Utah, don't you have to give consideration to USC?

Is there any other school that you could consider? No. I like Tennessee a lot. I think they'll be a lot better than people think, but you play Alabama and Georgia on your schedule.

Even if you split. You're asking a lot. You said Tennessee? Yes.

Wow. I think they're going to put up a lot of points this year. I like the quarterback. That's a tough schedule where you play Alabama and Georgia and probably one of them again.

I don't see that happening. Pitt, ACC, Keaton Slovis, who just said Bleep West Virginia? Not in on Pitt. Miami, year one, Mario Cristobal?

Intrigued. I like their quarterback in Tyler Van Dyke and the ACC is open. They have an NC State in the mix. NC State's a team I should include, yes.

Also there as well. They beat Clemson last year. Dorn's a good coach. Good coach, good program.

Could be a little bit more personable in interviews. Well, he is strictly business. I forget what big win he had last year. Was it Clemson?

Clemson, we had him on. And you would think as if his dog just died or something. He was at a funeral, I think, for whatever reason.

He was at a morgue. He was not happy. He just beat Clemson. Miserable.

I'll throw one more. I'm not a believer in this team. I do, though, think they'll be the Big Ten championship game. What about Wisconsin?

No. I just don't love the coach and I don't trust a quarterback. And the way they're built, it's always good enough to be around 9-10 wins. Never good enough to be the elite teams. Can't win them with defense anymore. Not that their defense is going to be better than what Georgia's was last year.

That would be Jack Assery. But earlier in the season, remember, Georgia played Clemson and Georgia's offense really didn't do anything in that game. And eventually throughout the year, that offense took off and Stetson Bennett proved out to be a pretty damn good quarterback. So we gave teams that were considering for the college football playoff. If you had to take one out between Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia and Clemson, I'm going to remove Clemson if I had to take one out. I do think I hate to go chalk. It's boring.

No one likes going chalk. But if I had to take a guess, it's probably Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson. If I had to take one out, I would probably put in Oklahoma right now would be my read.

But I would say if I had to remove one from the top four in the AP right now to not make the college football playoff would be Clemson. Just because even the last year everyone thought D.G.U. N'Gilla-Laye was going to be unbelievable.

We had Roddy Jones on. He thinks D.G.U. N'Gilla-Laye is not even going to make it the entire season. He just changed offensive and defensive coordinators.

Offensive line is still a question mark. I would say Clemson is the one team, even though they play in the easiest conference compared to the three other teams that are in this conversation, I would say Clemson is the team that I would remove. I'm with you. I'd also remove Georgia.

Oh, you're moving too? Yes. I just think they lost too much. So your top four is Bama, Ohio State, Utah, Oklahoma. Is that your top four?

Yes, sir. I think it's going to be the top four in the playoff. I think that would actually be good for college football. I'd agree.

Get a little juice. If we could get two teams that we didn't probably say, okay, they're going to get in before the start of the season, not you, me, and I think a lot of people nationally. Now, it's not inconceivable for Utah to get in. It's not inconceivable for Oklahoma to get in. I just talked about if it's not one of those four schools I would consider Oklahoma, but I think that would be good for college football. And also, even though the semifinal games may suck, that sounds to me like it has all the makings of Alabama, Ohio State, then in the national championship game. And that's my one wish for this upcoming college football season other than Penn State just to...

I don't even want to go there. You can't even have all these... I just saw one wish and then there's four for the NFL, the Colts. There's another three for Penn State losing in heartbreaking fashion. Well, the NFL was a little tongue-in-cheek. I said I wanted to see the Pats beat the Dolphins. I said I wanted the Colts to lose to Carson Wentz. That would be fun this year.

I had one other good revenge one. Oh, Baker to beat the Browns. So, I had a few wishes in the NFL. But when it comes to college football this year, other than my Temple Owls to just have a pulse this year and hopefully clear the two-and-a-half wins that they're predicting them to get in Stan Drayden's first year, Mike Elko, you better watch out with Duke.

Let's go. Big one. Remember when he invited me to the game in the interview? He goes, oh, we're going to have to get you down here for the first game of the season.

Funny, coach never called me back and said, Zach, you're going to get onto the field and you're going to come to the game and they were going to try to convert me to be a Duke fan. I mean, you are working early on Friday. Is it a Friday night game or Saturday?

That I don't know. I think they actually, I think it's tomorrow. Oh, wow. It was originally that weekend. It was either Saturday or Friday. And they bumped it up.

Oh, no, no. It was originally Saturday moved to Friday. It's a Friday game.

You're done at six. Have Coach Elko get you a little PJ. I got plans this weekend.

It's Temple football. What do you mean you have plans? I got plans. Friday night? Friday, I'm going to the Met game Friday night.

Come on. Look, I love the Met. Saturday, I'm going to Meraz's on Saturday to watch college football. Get some station bonding around here, some station camaraderie.

And then Sunday, I got a wedding. Private jet down to Durham and back. Coach Elko goes down. If Elko calls the hotline at 855-2124 CBS. Coach, you better be listening and you better be calling. If he calls the hotline and says, Gel, we'll get you on a private jet down to Duke and Temple. I would wear my temple polo on the Duke private jet, but then they would have to try to convince me. They'd have to get a lot of liquor, get a lot of convince you.

Get your private jet to watch your own mother. Yeah, that's a nice gesture. They should. We've got to wind and dined as well. We put them on a national network. I like Mike Elko.

Nice job. Texas A&M. I thought he should have been the coach when they hired that bum Rod Carey. But yeah, it's my alma mater. You're telling me if give me a random school in the Big Ten. Like I can't go Michigan. I can't go Michigan State because I know that. Let's go Indiana. Let's go Illinois.

Yeah, let's say Brent BMO. He friend of a show calls up, goes hot take Kiki. You got to be a Fighting Illini fan. We'll even have Brad Underwood come pick you up.

Maybe Kofi Coburn too. Get a little basketball feel to it. And we'll wine and dine you. You got to be rooting for Illinois to beat Penn State. You're telling me you're becoming a Fighting Illini fan? Absolutely not. Exactly. So you're a fraud. You're a hypocrite. So stop coming after me. You made it seem like you had to be wine and dined to go to the game.

I was confused. I'm not saying root for Duke. I'm saying just go to the game.

Is the PJ not enough? No, that's fine. Okay. You made it seem like the booze and the food had to be on top of just the private jet to get you to go to the game to root for Temple.

That's why I was confused. Oh, okay. No, but if they wanted me to root for Duke and wear Duke apparel, they'd have to wine and dine me. So fair.

Okay. I don't think that's crazy of a statement right there. It's my alma mater for crying out loud. Well, you're saying there's an open.

There's an open now. Now, if I'm not on this 30 under 30 list this year from Temple and if they screw me again after someone nominated me once again, then I may never wear a Temple shirt again on the air. Except I do have two more years. 30 under the X. I'm only 28. I got two more years there. Well, isn't it one more? Don't you do under 30 like your 30 doesn't count.

I don't. I think it's 30 and under. I think it's 30 under 30. It's like 40 under 40. Yeah, you're right. It is under 30.

I think the kids right. You know what? Yeah, there you go. There's a rare time.

He got to go. You know, that's my education showing that we take one math class with Dr. Raymond Coughlin. They wanted to nominate you, but then they heard your math skills like we can't put this guy on. You know what? I only got one more year if I don't get on the list this year. What do you find out?

I don't know. So I got informed that I was nominated. I don't know when they actually reveal the list. But the last few years I got nominated, professors have nominated me and they go, yeah, you're a national talk show host.

You should get on. So you saw the list last year. You got people that do things in the medical field a little bit more. OK, how many people on that list did you see and go, all right, I should be on ahead of them. How many people were on that in a humble way? Yeah, for real. Five or six. OK. Yeah. Yeah.

Five or six. You know, I love some of the athletes that get on like I can't compare up against an NFL player. And you started with the medical field. Absolutely right. But you know, there's a couple of duds on there that do not level up.

There's a few business people. I've never heard of your product. Sorry.

It's chocolate milk for dogs. OK. And I will say. I hype up the school more than anyone nationally, but Kevin and Gandhi.

Fair. So they should show me some love. Any time they haven't even many Diaz, they said, oh, you want to put them on? Yeah, we put them on that rat.

And then he left 17 days after becoming the coach of Miami. Does Mark Zumoff have any pull with that? Oh, you know what?

Now, but I want to get it authentically like and I want to get in a genuine way how this stuff works. If I told Zumoff about this, he'd get on the phone and say, why the heck isn't on the list? I think you hit up zoo. That's one of my biggest fans. Zoom off. I love Zumoff left. Go all in. But I shouldn't have to advocate for this.

I think if you want it badly enough, you will. Do you call Brandon Bean? Cut the on Dawkins cut time out of coverage.

Nobody cares about 40 under 40. Get him like get him off the list. Good. Do you want that? Yeah. I think it should just happen.

You know, I put it this way. I go to a temple football game every year and nothing and nothing comes of it. And everyone and everyone loves me in the parking lot. Kurt Warner, you know, I got Kurt Warner's kid, the temple Kurt Warner DME and ask me about Temple University.

And two days later, his kid committed. Something is missing here. There is a missing part of this story because there's no reason why you should be on that list. Maybe they listen to the show.

I could be part of it. We listen a little bit. It's not really not really my kind of guy.

It's not a fine representation of the university. I see. And now I'm going to be screwed because someone I'm very close with and I'm happy for Max McGee just became a SportsCenter anchor. So, you know, he's getting well, he may be over 30. Yeah, but that's B.S.

because it's like, oh, you know, television radiance. Like, come on. Yeah, no, but Max McGee's a great guy. I have nothing negative to say about Max McGee, but just hopefully he's a little bit older. He's 31. I think he's older. Yeah, I do think he's older. But if so, then I got another year.

Let's hope he's he's 29 or 30. All right. We'll take a time out and we come on back. We'll update you with some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio. We call that segment The News Brief.

You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Let's hear from Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, isn't concerned about fans potentially wanting Jimmy G to play if Treyland struggles. I think quarterback position is really tough.

And no matter what, if you don't win games, that stuff's going to come. And yeah, if you have a guy on the bench who's done it, yeah, that's what the narrative is going to be to put him in. If you have a rookie who hasn't done it before, the narrative is going to be to put the rookie in and see what you got. If you got a guy who's never played before, usually the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy. So like, no, I don't see a difference.

I see different stories, but I see the same results. When you don't play good in this league at quarterback, or you don't win games, something's coming. It's all pretty much at the same level.

It's just, what's the obvious thing that they're going to choose? He's so right, because when Jimmy G struggled last year, everyone was saying, oh, go put Treyland in. When Treyland struggles, I think you will have fewer, but you will have some people say, put Jimmy G in. The organization, though, unless you have an injury to Trey Lance, should start Trey Lance for all 17 games. You made this move, you made the decision to go to Trey Lance, you made the move to aggressively trade up to go get him at 3. He sat for a year. Jimmy G is good, not great.

You go on to your future, you turn the page, you hope. Maybe you make the playoffs this year. If you don't, though, the experience gets you to quickly be a great team once again the following year. Kyle Shannon on if keeping Jimmy G could hurt Trey Lance.

Not at all. That's why Trey's our starting quarterback. That's why Jimmy wasn't an option unless he came in as a backup role.

And that didn't become an option until it was clear that no one was given the exact opportunity. But yeah, this doesn't change anything, and I just feel it makes us a much better team and doesn't hurt our cap like it would have. The ultimate question, Ryan, is when do you give the hook to Trey Lance if you're Kyle Shanahan if Trey Lance does struggle? I just said he should start in all 17 games. I wonder, though, in Kyle Shanahan's mind, how long in the leash it actually is for Trey Lance this year. Maybe I'm being naive.

I'm with you. I think he plays all 17. Unless it's injury related, I don't think it's going to be for bad play.

Well, let me be clear. I think he should play all 17. I don't know if he will. I think he will. I'd hope you're right, because it would be the right decision for the 49ers.

Jerry Jones, one of his 1,000 interviews on a great station, 105.3. The fan says the Cowboys need to make a deep playoff run this season. I like that. Continually reminding that we need to not only get the playoffs, but we need to get way deep into the playoffs so we got a chance. I think this team is reflecting that. I think it is a narrative of the team. I think it reflected in our decision-making in the spring, who we kept, who we let go, and who we brought on. Isn't this just so clear that this is setting up for Mike McCarthy to get fired at the end of the year?

He'll make the playoffs this year, but he will not do enough in the postseason to justify keeping him around. And then you can enter the conversation of, is it Sean Payton? Is it Dan Quinn, who will be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys? But I don't think it will be Mike McCarthy a year from now. Jerry Jones says the Cowboys' 2022 identity will be running the ball.

Here he goes again, 105.3, the fan. With our plan and our personnel, then we hope to be able to run that football more than we ran it, let's say, in the last few years. And Zeke will be critical to that. But we'll also need to be able to run the block. We should be able to run the block. One block is more of a given than being able to protect if you're dealing with inexperienced linemen.

And so we should be able to run block. I'm not putting down the importance of a good run game, and Dallas needs to have a good run game. But the identity of that team is going to be Dak Prescott. Zeke is no longer great. He's still good. Tony Pollard has been solid. And, yes, the offensive line is in question.

So, yeah, you would think, OK, just run, run, run, run, run. But you're going to need Dak to earn that money this year. That's what it's going to come down to. This was from the other day. Cynthia Freeland says Baker Mayfield is fired up to play the Browns in Week 1.

And this was on the Around the NFL podcast. I walked up to him like, I'm so excited to see you. Like, kick some butt, especially Week 1. I, like, cannot wait. And he uses some expletives. And I was like, I just hope you're like, he's like, I'm going to bleep them up. I'm going to f*** them up. Is that what his quote was?

Yes. So Baker Mayfield was asked to respond to that today. Let's hear what Baker Mayfield had to say. Well, first, I didn't say it.

Obviously, I mean, everybody's going to write whatever story they want. There's history that I've played over the last four years. I'm an extremely competitive person. Everybody knows that. If I wasn't wanting to win, then there would be a really big issue of me being quarterback here.

So I want to win everything I do. That'll never change. Now, that is not how I phrased it. That's not even what I said.

So I'll just leave it at that. He definitely said we're going to bleep up the Browns. And I have no problem with him saying that.

That he's going to bleep up the Browns, Ryan. It's weird that now he's walking that back. That's Baker's personality, right? Yeah. But I guess it makes sense to walk back a little bit before the game. I said it.

Tough luck. That's what I said. Come on, that's not the Baker Mayfield that I know. I don't want Baker Mayfield being scared. Baker Mayfield's the guy that grabs his junk, directs it at the other team, plants a flag in the middle of the field, says bleep you, keep on talking. That's what made Baker Mayfield so good. That's what got him to this spot.

Don't be walking this back now. Is that him maybe being a little bit afraid of the team that he's on right now, going up against his old team? I will say he's always been a guy that's responsive, not proactive. He rarely talks junk before the game.

It's always either during or after. Alright, we'll see. I think he definitely said it.

You don't? Oh, no. He definitely said it.

Okay. This is great. Joe Flacco talks about how his kids talk smack to him.

This is on one jet's drive. Some of my kids are like, Dad, you stink. Have you guys lost again? It's like, you've lost 30 to 10. I'm trying to tell myself one thing about, listen, when you hit the ball, you've got to get some load. You've got to be able to get your time right. When you hit your arm, will you stink?

It's like, you're not good. First and only time I Googled Joe Flacco. He was a Super Bowl MVP. Trophy's got to be in the house.

If I'm him, I'm bringing it to the dinner table every night. You think I suck? You think I stink because now I'm old and decrepit as a quarterback? I'm a Super Bowl MVP. Shut your mouth. I don't know how old his kids are.

They're probably like four or five. You want more food on that plate? That's a Super Bowl MVP. That's how I would operate if I was Joe Flacco.

Keaton Slovis tried to fire up the pick crowd at a pep rally today before their big game up against West Virginia. I like that. F West Virginia. Get out. Get out. Gone.

Home run. It's a Marte parte for Sterling Marte. What did you say?

You got to fight for your right to Marte. Was that you or the seven line? Where did I see that? That's definitely not me. Oh, OK. Nice home run. Is that two nothing now? Two nothing.

Good job. That's up two zip against the Dodgers. Mark Stoops says a few Kentucky players will be suspended and then said, nope, I never said that. I expect a few of them to have multiple game suspensions, but I don't know.

I really I'll address it next week. I expect maybe one of them to be back next week, but we'll see how that goes. Which players are suspended and which ones aren't on there? I didn't say suspended. You did.

They're they're unavailable to play. Now, he said suspension and then he goes, I never said that they got suspended. What? Yeah, you did, coach.

I think we've all been there where you say things and you go as someone then brings it back. I never said that. But that was the question prior. This wasn't as if it was four or five questions later in a press conference.

I like Mark Stoops. Jeez, though. That's a bad answer. And that's a news briefing. What makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination?

Because they offer free battery testing and charging and reliable replacement batteries, and they've always got your battery solution. Get in the zone. AutoZone coming up 25 minutes from now. We'll play an interview that we did earlier today with Aaron Donald.

You don't want to miss it. But on the other side, we've got to tap in to Aaron Donald's NFC West. We're all talking about the AFC West. What are the expectations for the teams inside the NFC West for this upcoming football season? Zach Gilm's show at CBS Sports right now.
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