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10 NFL Questions Heading Into 2022 (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 7, 2022 9:19 pm

10 NFL Questions Heading Into 2022 (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 7, 2022 9:19 pm

10 NFL questions heading into Week 1 l Chris Doering, SEC analyst l Is Brian Kelly a fit at LSU?

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Out number three of our radio program and this is that Gilp Show on CBS Sports Radio and we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home-owned solutions that fit your life.

Well, Rocket can. We are almost there to the start of the football season. This time tomorrow we'll be getting ready to kick off Buffalo Bills at the LA Rams and all throughout the season. We'll have you covered here on CBS Sports Radio because I work six days a week in football season. The Monday through Friday show right here, 6 to 10 p.m. Eastern, 3 to 7 p.m. Pacific and then on Sunday, for regular season Sundays only, you will get me for eight hours, 12 to 8 p.m. Eastern for ION football. If you never tuned into ION football, it's basically red zone on the radio. We have reporters in every stadium. We will do some gambling. We will talk fantasy. We'll obviously update you on the games and then we'll take you out to the stadiums after the game, post-game audio, player interviews, coaches interviews, all that jazz and that kicks off this Sunday on CBS Sports Radio. Many of the same CBS Sports Radio affiliates and also as always on that free Odyssey app.

You could always give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram for all the behind the scenes actions of that show and all the behind the scene action on our show at Zach Gelb, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B on Twitter and Instagram. Alrighty hot take hickey, cue the music. You have 10 NFL questions for me before we start this season. Let's get to them. I know we're not big on math on this show but let's start with number one being a math question. Jerry Jones earlier this week said one plus one equals three.

Okay fine. I'm not a fine math student but there is no way one plus one equals three. Dr. Raymond Coughlin who was my professor for the one math class I take at Temple University which I got a C and let me tell you folks in my field C's get degrees. He would be proud that I just said on national radio one plus one does not equal three. It equals two.

That is right. One plus one does equal two. In Jerry's world one plus one equals three. Does 2022 equal Mike McCarthy's last year as Cowboys head coach?

Well it depends who you're asking on the math. If you're asking Jerry he may tell you two plus two equals seven next. I'm going to say yes.

This is it. It's inevitable because Jerry is not happy with the state of his team. Jerry has not won a Super Bowl since 1995. Jerry's trying to be overprotective of Mike McCarthy and usually when you get overprotective about a situation when it's obvious to everyone else that means even you have your doubts and we're starting to hear the doubts of one Jerry Jones before the start of the season because the only logical explanation I could draw from one plus one equals three and I have to then embrace that is yeah when I do the math for my team this year it doesn't add up to where I think they should be so I'm just going to tell you they're a great team when they're actually not a great team McCarthy will make the playoffs I don't think the Cowboys are going to win the division that's going to go to Philadelphia but it's what do you do from there and I think for McCarthy to be back he's going to have to go reach an NFC championship game this year and I do not envision even in a week NFC the drama Dallas choking Cowboys making it to the NFC title game so yes this does equal the final year in Dallas for one Mike McCarthy as the HC. Your guy Mitch Trubisky will be starting week one for the Steelers Mitch Trubisky who Mitch true bust ski never heard of the first guy you mentioned no Mitch Trubisky I've heard okay now Brian McFadden he has been chirping all offseason I made a bet with him at the draft and then we changed it for this football season very simply this he thinks doesn't matter who the quarterback was the Steelers are going to Steelers are going to be making the playoffs this year and I will give you my answer on that in just a second because I think that's going to be the question here right will the Steelers make the playoffs yeah no I don't think they will because starting Mitch Trubisky which is a big week two matchup I'm going to get chirped a lot if my Patriots who are not good this year lose to Mitch Trubisky I just think it's inevitable that they're going to go to Kenny Pickett now I don't hate the Steelers team defensively great offensive line still a question mark I like the weapons they have at the receiving position with Deonte Johnson I like don't love Chase Claypool he's got to grow up a little bit Pickens looks like he's going to be really good and Ozzie Harris is a phenomenal running back so you got some pieces there I think there's going to be some changing at the quarterback position and that gets tricky you're in a loaded AFC I think they'll be on the outside looking to comply off time and I'll then be winning a free steak dinner from Brian McFadden has left to show up with his two Super Bowl rings but most importantly I have to reach into that wallet of his and lay out the money once I run up a bill and run up a big tab booze steak lobster mac cream spinach all the sides in the world when he's going to be all me dinner and I told him today when he commented on my Instagram post congratulating me for hosting another year of ION football and he said the Steelers are going to be rolling this year I say keep that same energy big fella keep that same energy big fella when the Steelers miss the playoffs this year speaking of the Steelers we'll stay in the AFC north Deshaun Watson out for the first 11 games of the season for the Browns in the interim can Jacoby Brissett weather the storm here we go Brownies here we go uh no no he can't weather the storm now first two games aren't impossible I don't think they win week one going up against Baker Mayfield after that you play the Jets he should be one and one then you have Pittsburgh probably leaning towards Pittsburgh on that one and then you get Atlanta so the first four weeks not bad but then after that LA New England Baltimore Cincinnati Miami Buffalo Tampa that stretch from the Chargers to Tampa is what's going to put the Cleveland Browns unfortunately in their grave this year Jacoby Brissett's not going to be weathering the storm up against those teams so I think the Browns will be on the outside looking in come playoff time question number four of 10 for the NFL season heading to 2022 what will Trey Lance do he's going to show me some signs that he could be a franchise quarterback there will still be some doubters I'm still leaning that they're not going to make the playoffs then make the playoffs I give the edge there it's not impossible it's not inconceivable for them to make the postseason they have a really good roster I think there'll be some good I think there will be some bad I think there will be more good than bad and you will see some signs of okay next year let's really see how this thing does take off who wins the AFC West Goal. Chargers.

Go. Herbert. Eckler. Keenan Allen. Mike Williams. Jacey Jackson in a few weeks. Joey Bosa. Derwin James.

Khalil Mack. I love this Chargers team. I'm not saying they're gonna be the San Diego Superchargers because they're no longer playing in San Diego they're gonna have maybe a super season I'm not saying it's gonna be in the Super Bowl but I do think they're the best team in the AFC West I give them the edge even though it's always tough to doubt Kansas City Kansas City will still make the playoffs but I like the Chargers to win the AFC West question number six what will this Patriots offense look like Mack Jones being held back I think Mack Jones is very good I'm a little bit more optimistic about the offensive line than some others I think Cole strange will turn out to be a good draft because Belichick doesn't know how to draft offensive lineman even though I had no clue who that guy was before he got drafted receiving wise it's not awful but you don't really have a dominant number one you don't have a dominant number one wide receiver at best you have a bunch of number two wide receivers I like the run game with Damien Harris and Ramondre Stevenson but if Matt Patricia or Joe Judge are calling the plays my posture on NFL Sunday Matt Patricia's the big posture guy is gonna be sulky or maybe Joe Judge is gonna call a kneel down inside his own five-yard line like he did twice with the New York Giants I think the lack of coaching which is bizarre to say in a Belichick in a Belichick organization but I think the lack of offensive coaching is going to cost Mack Jones and the Patriots the season I think Mack Jones is being held back this year 10 head coaches in new places this year who was the most success Todd balls because of his quarterback Tom Brady Tampa's a top two team in the NFC I do like the Raiders to make the playoffs with Josh McDaniel's and Kevin O'Connell will lead the Vikings to a 9 and 8 season they just have too much talent the offensive side of the ball still concerns defensively and the NFC is weak I think three new coaches do make the playoffs Bulls McDaniel's and Kevin O'Connell so no Nathaniel Hackett there with the Broncos no the coach of the year well possible coach according to you candidate you don't even actually believe that but you said that last week well I'll admit I will say this call myself on the carpet I forgot that it's a regular season award so I have to amend that a little bit okay all right skip ales but moving ahead now number eight we know Lamar Jackson has set a deadline for a new deal to be done between him and the Ravens Friday how will Lamar Jackson view the Ravens after this season it could be murky now that's a team and you'll learn more about this tomorrow that is a team that could win the Super Bowl this year that's how good I think that Ravens team can be but with that being said if things don't go your way to a Super Bowl if you continue to play well which he will and you don't get that contract done and he's given off this vibe this off-season that he's not happy with the organization a lot of tweets it could be murky but I think he has all the leverage if you don't want to pay me what I want if you don't want to pay me the guaranteed money someone else will and someone else will load up the Brinks truck for a guy that won unanimous MVP a few seasons ago we've asked this question probably at least nine years ago nine years in a row now so let's see if 10 times the charm Zach is this it after this season for your guy Tom Brady unlike Rob Parker unlike Max Kellerman when I speak about Tom Brady I usually get it right this is it for TB12 this will be his final season in the NFL and then he'll be sitting next to Kevin Burkhardt on NFL Sundays for the NFL on Fox for the feature game of the week if he does play football next year he may have a divorce but I do think he wants to keep that marriage in good standing I think he's going to give it a go for one more year for years Brady said he wants to play till he's 45 everyone thought he was crazy 10 years ago Rob Parker even more than 10 years ago said he would never get to a Super Bowl again Max Kellerman said about five six years ago he's about to fall off the cliff wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong I think I'll be right this is Brady's final year and he'll still play at a great level father time will never defeat him I've asked you nine questions we have 10 scheduled so the 10th and final question heading to the 2022 NFL season it's been a very busy offseason quarterback movement wide receivers have moved they gotten paid which offseason move Zach will pay off the most this year tough to evaluate Deshaun Watson because he's going to be out the first 11 games Russell Wilson and a new home in Denver I still think they're a year away I love the move of Devante Adams going to the Raiders not good for Green Bay and we love the Packers but for the Raiders that's a heck of a move I think they'll make the playoffs this year you go around some other moves Tyree Killam faceted to see he's a great player if Tua is not as good as he thinks he is then that could be a bad situation now he did get paid so I don't know how much he'll actually care those are some of the big moves this offseason but I'm gonna go with two that one was a few moves that flew under the radar just because of the state of the position the other it's about the experience I think the two moves that will pay off the most this year from this past NFL offseason Von Miller going to Buffalo gives them legit Super Bowl experience guys won two rings and won an MVP if Von Miller was on the field last year and in Buffalo last year I don't think they choke in the final 13 seconds because he would bring a sense of calmness to that defense that they wouldn't be running around like chickens with their heads cut off and the other and this could be the best move of the NFL offseason it's three moves fixing the offensive line in Cincinnati Lael Collins Alex Kappa Ted Karras Joe Burrow was thrown around like a rag doll last year and they still almost won the Super Bowl now he actually has legit protection up front those to me will be the two moves that will pay off the most from this past NFL offseason the offensive line getting improved and enhanced significantly in Cincinnati then Von Miller going to Bill's Mafia this is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we'll take a time out we come on back how great can Anthony Richardson be Harry Douglas showed this yesterday he thinks he is mechanically and also more athletically better than can Newton that is what Harry Douglas said we'll tap into Gators country and we'll talk to Chris Doering next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show a lot of people are just now getting on the Anthony Richardson train I was on the train early last year when I said Dan Mullen should not have been playing Emery Jones and he should have been playing Anthony Richardson the young man 6-4 230 between 230 and 235 reminds me of a guy named Cam Newton I think he is more athletic than Cam Newton I think mechanically he's a little bit better than Cam Newton as well but when you have a guy who's running that spread option Billy Napier I think it's the perfect marriage between him and Anthony Richardson this photo team can surprise a lot of people they have a game coming up this weekend against Kentucky and we all remember what happened last year up in Lexington when the Kentucky Wildcats went crazy Florida didn't remember that game you know who else didn't remember didn't uh did remember that game I met is Anthony Richardson the quarterback he's looking forward to this game this weekend at the swamp two ranked opponents SEC East Showdown I can't wait to see it Anthony Richardson will be a top 10 pick in next year's NFL draft mark my words that was Harry Douglas with us yesterday let's continue the Florida conversation we'll go into swamp territory and bring in a former Gator wide receiver now does a great job SEC network you'd also catch him in the mornings on Sirius XM and that's Chris Doran Chris appreciate the time as always are you buying all the hype into Anthony Richardson as well well I just want to I'm going to self-promote real quick I was probably leading the charge for Anthony Richardson I think in the last year you know there were you go back and remember there were some that were putting together mock drafts that had Emery Jones as a top selection obviously a part notification that didn't come to fruition but I was saying that I thought last year in the preseason that it might actually be Anthony Richardson and not Emery Jones and part of that has to do I'm a Gainesville boy Anthony Richardson went to high school he's a Gainesville boy somebody that's born raised and these parts so I was well aware of what his athleticism was like what his size was like and I would agree with Harry man he's perfect for the style of offenses that are being run now I think what you saw last year was some hesitancy to have him in the lineup because he wasn't necessarily that familiar with the offense that Dan Mullen was running there were times that I think he was you know behind in terms of understanding what the reads were and and but I think the biggest thing that he does is is athleticism he plays a lot it negates pass rush it turns negative plays into positive ones puts incredible amount of pressure on defenses and you know that that equaling up of the number count the box is tough to account for especially when when one of the guys number 15 is playing at one and a half times the speed that everybody else on the field is playing he was dominant running the football last week we know Mark Stoops is a really good coach they're going to try to take that away it's easier said than done if he has to throw that football like 30 something times this upcoming weekend where do you think his arm is at I don't think that's a recipe for success I don't think that's the way that Florida wants to play necessarily I think you go back and you look at the the MO of this Florida offense and that game is what you're going to see for the rest of the season and that's a ball controlled offense I think the defense while better than what they were times last year is still a little bit of a liability particularly on the defensive line where I think Florida is not that deep with talent they're certainly not you know to the level of the elite teams in this conference so what you're going to see is Florida trying to stay ahead of the chain much like the NFL where you're gaining you know three yards on first down pick up four on second down and let's leave ourselves in third manageable and if you don't have a third down you know we can always go forward on fourth down because you got a guy in Anthony Richardson that can make things happen as he did last week I mean while it was four four I believe on fourth down so you're going to take a couple shots a game but largely it's going to be you know running running the football a lot of read option stuff you'll throw some some over routes which I thought that Anthony Richardson did a nice job of but largely it's not an erred out offense it's one that even at Louisiana Billy Napier revolved around the run game and I think you have a perfect quarterback to kind of run this style of offense that is again going to be heavy on the on the run game and including with the quarterback. Talking to Chris Doran right now I just can't wait for this game up against Kentucky Mark Stoops has done a really good job Billy Napier started the year off with the bang in his first game at Florida taking down the seventh team in the country in Utah. Will Levis is a good quarterback as well and we know for Florida is a little bit revenge because last year they go to Lexington and they lost there for the first time since 1986. I think this is maybe the game this weekend I know Alabama plays Texas that I'm most intrigued by Chris. Yeah that Alabama-Texas spread like three touchdowns.

Yeah. Florida and Kentucky you go back to the history of this rivalry you know I was a part of those Florida years of dominance. Florida won 31 years in a row before Kentucky was able to break that streak four years ago but in the last four games you know Kentucky's two and two including a win in the swamp a few years back. So this is not a Kentucky team that's going to be intimidated by Florida it's not a Kentucky team that's going to be intimidated walking into the swamp and like you mentioned I think Mark Stoops is one of the best coaches in the country I don't think he gets the credit that he deserves.

He's a guy that's had to do more with less. He and his staff are tremendous when it comes to developing talent now they're starting to get some better talent because of the the visibility that they've gained the last few years including 10 wins last season but unfortunately for them I was a little surprised at least for one night on on Saturday last week the offensive line was not what we expected remember that that that group has been nicknamed the big blue wall they were not all of that they didn't live up to that reputation on Saturday. Levis was on the run a lot he was sacked four times they had a hard time you know picking up the twist they didn't communicate and pass things off very well and they didn't run the ball and that's the thing that concerns me the most obviously Chris Rodriguez without last week you expect him to be out this week on another game suspension.

He had a couple other injuries in that running back room but this Ritz-Gangarillo offense revolves around running the football and then having success off of the run with the play-action pass if you can't run the football this is going to be a long night for Kentucky so I think I'm intrigued by that battle within the battle on Saturday. I know it's year one for Billy Napier at Florida but how good do you think year one can be especially what they showed on Saturday? You know I was of the opinion that you needed to be patient particularly with the schedule that Florida played in the preseason you start with with Utah you got to come right back with another physical game against Kentucky your west opponents were A&M and LSU obviously LSU is not looking as daunting as it was prior to Sunday. Florida State's going to be better at the end of the year so I honestly believe in the preseason that an eight to four record would have been a really good accomplishment. After what I've seen at least in one week with Florida being a little more surprising to me and how good they were I thought in addition to Richardson the offensive line was really good they got a nice push up front the trio of running backs ran hard and were very physical so I think Florida feeling maybe a little higher now you know I think if they can win nine games that would probably be a really successful season but the future is bright for the Gators they got the right guy in Billy Napier he's already doing a great job on the recruiting trail you look at where they focused primarily recently on the defensive line that's one of the spots they need to upgrade the most but I've got a number of commitments over the last month and I think people are really excited about where the trajectory of this program is under his guidance.

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if there's seven and oh going into that Georgia game we know Alabama and Georgia are the two best teams in college football they're the two best teams in the SEC can Florida be that third best team in the SEC this year? Yeah I mean I think that third best team question was one that we talked an awful lot about at media days about a month and a half ago or so it's wide open behind those two teams I thought Georgia you know I thought it was Alabama and then a little bit of a gap and then Georgia but with their performance on Saturday with the defense like picking up right where they left off not missing a beat despite losing all that talent with Seth and Bennett looking like he was in full control over an offense that looks to open it up a little bit I think those two teams are neck and neck but I do think it's wide open I think Florida's in that consideration they got a tough game at the end of this month heading to Knoxville against another team that I think could be the third best team and let's not overlook this Kentucky team this weekend in the preseason I thought Kentucky was the third best team in the country or excuse me in the conference and you know they have a chance to assert themselves on Saturday night if they're able to come to the swamp and knock the gators off. Now I'm also intrigued this weekend Tennessee at Pitt. Pitt a great way to start off the year at the backyard brawl like Keaton Slovis and Hendon Hooker has done a nice job so far at Tennessee how do you give me a little preview of that matchup?

Yeah I think it's all about revenge I mean that was a game that Tennessee let get away last year at home obviously this year they're having to travel to Pittsburgh to play there in their home field but I really like this Tennessee team the offense is really difficult to stop they play at such a high breakneck speed that it's tough for defenses to get aligned and even if they're aligned they really can't disguise much because for fear of getting caught out of position. Hendon Hooker has been executing that offense really well I think they scored points on six of their first seven possessions on last Thursday night's game and threw it to eight different receivers so they're spreading the ball around they're very difficult to stop and I think the defense has gotten a little bit better from last year so I really think that's a team you need to keep an eye on this year and I wouldn't be surprised to see Hendon Hooker in the Heisman conversation as we get into November. Talking to Chris Doering right now how about South Carolina Arkansas this weekend? Yeah I called the South Carolina game last week and everybody around these parts was excited about the debut of Spencer Rattler and the SEC the problem is is that Spencer Rattler can't beat Spencer Rattler if he doesn't have time to throw the football the offensive line was really one of the main disappointments that I saw in that game on Saturday the defense was lights out special teams was the difference with two block kicks they were able to scoop and score a couple 50 yards plus field goals a 73-yard punt so that that beamer ball runs in the family for sure but the offense is going to be limited until they can shore things up on the offensive line uh Spencer was on on the run the entire night even some of the the big passing plays they hit came off of scramble so I am not I'm worried about that that match up with Arkansas with as disciplined and physical as Barry Odom's defenses typically are it could be a long afternoon for for Spencer Rattler if they don't shore things up on the o-line. I also have been impressed with the hire of Sam Pittman and what he's been able to do because when that hire was made a lot of people made fun of it and I like the way that he's been coaching. I think you know you're looking at two coaches that are very similar with two athletic directors that made hires not because they had great resumes but because they knew they were great fits for those individual cultures these guys are ceos these guys you know Shane Beamer had never been a head coach or a coordinator for that matter before being hired but he was on those Steve Spurrier staff that went you know 11 when seasons back to back to back understood the culture of that part of the country and I think the same could be said for Sam Pittman. The turnaround in Fayetteville has been remarkable and Hunter Yuracek just in general as the athletic director has put together a tremendous group of coaches that you feel the synergy there they've had such success with with Muff on the basketball court with Dave Van Horn on the on the on the diamond you look at Courtney Dyfel on the softball diamond I mean they just are so well connected there you can't say enough about what a great job Hunter Yuracek's done and what a great fit that Sam Pittman is for that culture there. Chris Doring what do you expect out of Texas A&M this year? You know I wasn't buying the A&M hype as much as a lot of people were trying to sell in the off season I certainly have to respect the recruiting job that Jimbo Fisher has done they stacked some really good recruiting classes including the number one class in the country last year but let's not forget I mean this is a league that has some some really experienced players in it particularly in the western division and you know I think I think A&M's here maybe next year and beyond but I don't I don't buy the hype that they're you know a number six team in the country right now I think the defense was looking really good on Saturday they got a lot of young players that have filled some spots of need but I you know A&M's king was not all that impressive the offensive line of line banged up a little bit didn't necessarily allow the running game to do what they typically would have done and you know jury's still out on the wide receivers too so I think A&M's on the right track but to think they're a college football playoff this year is a little bit overly optimistic in my opinion. When we get to LSU I know it's one game but that's a devastating way to lose a ball game up against Florida State where your team goes down the field 99 yards and then you get an extra point blocked for Brian Kelly we know he's a really good football coach a damn good football coach but the fit to me Chris is bizarre at LSU how about yourself? Yeah I think on the surface level it is bizarre I respect Brian Kelly for for wanting to come into the SEC and test his wares in the most difficult division of all of college football other coaches you know kind of went the the other direction but he wanted to be a part of the SEC and I respect that I'm a little surprised though to be honest with you because I really thought that LSU would be better than what they looked on on Saturday obviously the offensive line is an absolute mess and probably the reason why Jayden Daniels won that starting job at least for the first game of the season but the thing that surprised me I thought I thought Brian Kelly would come in I thought he would unify that locker room they got a bunch of talent on the roster that he inherited and I thought they would play with great discipline but it was quite the opposite it was very sloppy you know you had a couple muffs on special teams you get a couple block kicks with your field goal kicking team you get penalties down in the red zone you got mistakes down in that part of the field you're coming off the sideline out of a timeout and have to call another timeout offensively like just didn't really look like a Brian Kelly coach team in my opinion and you said they lost the close one there they were lucky to be in the ball game they were down 14 points with six point six minutes to go and thanks to Florida State trying to help them out both in terms of playing three-bit defense and fumbling the ball on the one-yard line LSU had an opportunity but I look at the deficiencies they have particularly on the offensive line and I look at that schedule they face you can't tell me now that there's a sure win on the SEC schedule for the Tigers given what we expect to be a struggle up front offensively for them the rest of the year before we let you run you know what this conversation is all about Chris Doering it's who's going to be the fourth teams in the playoff at the end of the year what's your best guess on this right now I wasn't impressed with Clemson the other night I'd say that much I mean that that was surprising to me I know they got the defense to do it but offensively you know something to be desired there and Chris is more than just a quarterback too that line stinks and the receivers they drop every pass it seems like yeah no it definitely is uh is weird to think about where Clemson is after having such dominance in recent history but uh I'm going with you know I think probably ends up being Alabama and Georgia uh the two best teams in the country Ohio State probably gets there yeah maybe maybe maybe Utah maybe they find a way to work themselves back in although the Pac-12's reputation took a big hit in week one big 12 by any chance um I don't know yeah maybe maybe one of those two I think Texas takes a beat down this week uh maybe yeah maybe Oklahoma maybe Baylor but uh that right now you know it really is about the two two biggest conferences the SEC and the Big Ten in my opinion than everybody else what do you think Quinn Ewers is going to do this year before we let you run Chris Doring I was impressed with his his uh opening week performance he's he's facing another beast this week though I mean this is a different animal between you know what uh Will Anderson will prevent uh present and Dallas Turner on the other side he's going to be under some some pressure so I'll make sure to see how he fares against this Alabama defense who I I feel like could be one of those generational type units you know we saw the Georgia defense was a generational unit last year Alabama's offense in 2020 was a generational unit uh LSU's offense in 2019 was a generational type unit I believe this Alabama defense can be right in that same uh kind of category and it'll be interesting to see how we talk about Quinn Ewers after this Saturday uh game against the Crimson Tide Chris always great to have you on Chris Doring thanks so much thank you man take care bye-bye you're listening to the Zach Gelb show oh it's time to talk about my family but first let's talk about the Zach Gelb show family and inside the Zach Gelb show family is think of Riley Auto Parts for all your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts Brian Kelly listened to this exchange yesterday we all know that he lost the first game he's coached as a member of the LSU Tiger family and they got off to a rough start then the game got close they go 99 yards down the field only to get a PAT blocked who holy goodness gracious if you thought that was the worst thing it still definitely is but listen to this exchange of the reporter from yesterday that will uh we'll open it up to this late arriving media crowd that must have enjoyed the the weekend um it's usually ten dollars um that we put in the kitty um for we'll have a big bash at the end of the year at my place I don't think it has anything to do with winning I think it has to do with being on time I don't know who the reporter was but the reporter said maybe if you win I'll be on time is this do you think that was a playful dig by the reporter was maybe the reporter annoyed about the loss that annoyed being called down because of the fact that the reporter arrived late to the press conference well I mean if we want to get technical here the reporter should not care wins or losses like they're not a fan they're there to report on the team traditional media yes we know a lot of people I don't know who the reporter is to be fair a lot of people get credentials now that are not unbiased like for example in my job I don't need to be unbiased I'm paid to give an opinion I could get a credential basically in any stadium around the country if I wanted to and if that was me at a press conference I don't know if I'm saying that but if you hear the talk if that was a talk show host let's just say saying that I think it gets perceived a little bit differently but I'm going to assume that was a report but in that setting yeah you got to kind of be very unpro or even just like just yeah you're not saying you don't have to you can be a fan but I mean Brian hey you win I'll be on time I mean after one game my goodness that's I think it was a playful dig if I'm going to be honest now I don't know who the reporter was I know nothing about the port I don't even know the name of the reporter so if there's reputation about the reporter that's something I just am not privy to when I hear that again as Brian Kelly's going out of his way maybe the reporter was in front of the camera who knows but going out of the way to call attention to that I think that was more so a dig but a playful dig by by said reporter that's just the way that I interpreted that I feel like time and place maybe after a heartbreaking loss when there's already kind of a lot of pressure on him anyway maybe it's not the time to be kind of paid a lot of money throwing jam he is don't get me wrong the way you lose first game maybe maybe I'd save that joke for uh like never now if I was at that press conference I would never show up late and if you're going to show up late you got to kind of sneak into the room shouldn't Brian Kelly have just passed on that though do you really need to go out the reporter who should not be showing up late for showing up late and that's how you start your press conference I believe the day after they lose in a heartbreaker to to end the game in a heartbreaker to to FSU is that to me I would not be doing that if I was Brian Kelly if I was Brian Kelly I would want everyone to be late because I don't be answering any questions after that loss so I would say thank you I'd schedule the press conference an hour later on purpose show up an hour earlier no questions okay I'll see you guys tomorrow oh you're on central time oh I was still on eastern time sorry about that I guess I'll see you later in the week also did you hear he said dollar did you hear that did you notice that in the uh in the exchange no not not too much play the full clip again listen how he says dollar maybe I'm looking too much into this but you know what he got at the the basketball stadium is like I'm blessed to be a part of your family he was trying to fake an accent from a man from Massachusetts I thought dollar was a little bit weird listen that will uh will open it up to this late arriving media crowd that must have enjoyed the the weekend um that's usually ten dollars um that we put in the kitty for we'll have a big bash at the end of the year at my place I don't think it has anything to do with winning I think it has to do with being on time did he get a little southern there in Dallas I think that's actually how he sounds I don't think so you think he actually says kitty though I think it's an older person term sure but you think that's really no no no I'm just saying oh it's just once again Brian Kelly trying to be someone that he's not I get the expression but I have a tough time that Brian Kelly I know he's 60 and he's from Massachusetts I have a tough time hey yeah you usually put that in the kitty I just have a tough time envisioning that if I envision that more than him being on TikTok and saying like you know oh you know you guys see the newest trend yeah you know that's what everyone's doing these days so why don't we do that too like that's where I'll be all right let's calm down he just does not seem like a fit at LCO I get what Chris Storing was saying and I agree with him he knew he wasn't gonna win national championship at Notre Dame you go compete in the toughest conference in college football for the next maybe 10 years of your career if you could last that long in the SEC but that would be the the vision that would be the goal or maybe you just want to coach for five more years you get to 65 and you took a stab at it and that's it you've been a very successful coach no one's taken anything away from you but right now fit matters and fits are so important you could be a really good coach you could be a bad fit like Urban Meyer you could be a jackass there's no doubt about it the guy is a heck of a football coach he wasn't a fit for the NFL Brian Kelly is a heck of a football coach I just don't think he's a fit at LSU Ryan he's it just keeps on seeming like he's trying to be someone that he's not and he's trying too hard to get the validation from the from the fan base and unless if you go win a national championship and then some you're just not going to get that credit and and respect LSU well that's the weird part he should know at this point how he is right now is how he was successful at Cincinnati at Notre Dame you don't have to change who you are or try to pretend to be the southern belle for your entire life when you grew up in Boston and you coach at Notre Dame in Cincinnati for the majority of your career I mean Urban Meyer had success in Florida and he was born in Ohio you could be a northerner and have success in the south you don't have to just transform you know your entire life overnight and I also think what Chris said about the locker room is Kate because remember I know now we view college athletes as professionals but they're still 18 to 21 year olds and when you hear the narratives on Twitter on Instagram and things that are being written and said about Brian Kelly not being a fit or Brian Kelly only one coach joining him at LSU is a special teams coach and special teams with disaster he's and you also had a former quarterback speak out about the way that that he was treated at Notre Dame and in that whole process it's just you hear all those things and you go if you're an 18 to 21 year old when is he going to show me that he's not that stuff and if this is an ugly year you could lose a lot of those players even though it's a very fluid situation now in college football and it's a situation that always changes from time to time which is why two years and if things go really south I still think it's a possibility this could be a very quick marriage I have a Chris also he thinks they may not win a game in the SEC this year I think they'll win a game in the SEC and that what we went to just at six in a row that was like murder Mississippi State Auburn Tennessee Florida Ole Miss Alabama Arkansas and um better win up against Mike Leach's squad I'll tell you that tell you that and this is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we come on back we're talking a little Lamar Jackson contract and also take five coming up next hour it's back
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