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Most Overrated and Underrated College Football Coaches (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 30, 2024 12:44 pm

Most Overrated and Underrated College Football Coaches (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 30, 2024 12:44 pm

Top 10 College Football Coaches I News Brief I Lakers, Sixers, and Suns Urgency


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It is the Zach Gelb show. Timberwolves get on the board. Last night, series still 3-1 in favor of Dallas. I like Dallas to win this series in six. Rangers lose in overtime. Third straight game of overtime.

Now it's Rangers and Panthers all tied up at two apiece. I will be at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night for game five. Going to the game with former CBS Sports Radio personality in Sean Morash. You know him as Morazz.

Now he's down the hall, so I'm sure Morazz will make me do a bunch of social media content with him coming up tomorrow night. And tonight you got Oilers and Stars and Dallas is up 2-1. Dallas is in a similar spot the Rangers were in up until last night where it was 2-1 and they took game three on the road to go up 2-1. And we'll see if Dallas can do what the Rangers failed to do last night which was take a 3-1 lead and the Oilers need to on their home ice get a victory tonight after the ups and downs that we did see in game three which was a truly crazy game.

With the hot start that the Oilers got off to in game one in game three in the first period and then they for a while fell apart in the second but then got that late goal and then in the third period just had a no show as the Stars did take a 2-1 series lead. I want to get to this list from CBS Sports. So they came out with their top 25 power four college football coaches entering the 2024 season. It is weird still when you see now power four after all those years with the power five with the Pac-12 being no more. But they ranked their top 25 power four college football coaches entering the 2024 season. Tom for Nelly did the list.

So I'll quickly run through it will really go off the top 10 but I'll give you all 25. Matt Campbell Iowa State in a 25. Marcus Freeman of Notre Dame in a 24. Josh Heiple of Tennessee in a 23. Sonny Dykes who was in the national championship two years ago of TCU in a 22. Eli Drinkowitz from Missouri in a 21.

You had Mark Stoops of Kentucky in a 20 but A&M fans didn't want Mark Stoops. Louisville Jeff Brom in at 19. Kirk Ferentz of Iowa in at 8. Luke Fickel who had Cincinnati national champ are in a college football playoff and now just completed his first year at Wisconsin in at 17. Dave Dorn of NC State in at 16. Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State I'm a man I'm 40 in at number 15. Lane Kiffin at 14 of Ole Miss. Chris Kleiman in at 13 of Kansas State won the Big 12 two years ago.

Lance Leipold is in a great job for Kansas standards in a Kansas at 12. James I can't win a big game Franklin in at number 11 out of the Penn State Nittany Lions. Now for the top 10 that they did Lincoln Riley of USC right the Wiz kid he's in at number 10. Dan Lanning of the Ducks of Oregon in at 9. Mike Norvell of Florida State in at 8. Kalen DeBoer formerly of Washington now of Alabama in at 7. Kyle Winningham in at 6 of the Utah Utes. Steve Sarkisian in at 5. Brian Kelly of LSU at 4. Dabo I don't want to find a way to utilize the transfer portal Sweeney of Clemson in at 3. And here's the one that's the most egregious.

Cryin' Day. Ryan Day of the Ohio State in at 2 and then Kirby Smart in at 1. Now when I go through the list I have my top 10. When I saw their list first just the headline top 25 coaches of the power four schools I immediately created my top 10 list. I have the same top 10 in terms of the coaches in the top 10 but a different order. Coaches that weren't in the top 10.

I actually think Lane Kiffin to me was one that I was like okay you got to make a case take someone out put someone in maybe it's Lane Kiffin. He was on 14 in that list. He would be my number 11. But when I go through my top 10 I'll do this from 10 to 1. Or actually I'm going to do this 1 to 10.

Because it's going to show you after the first name how difficult this is. Because remember no more Jim Harbaugh. No more Nick Saban. So those were two coaches entering last season where it's Saban a smart one to pick your poison and Jim Harbaugh was in the top five after two big 10 championships and two appearances in the college football playoff. But with Harbaugh now off to the NFL with the Chargers and Saban off to the college game day desk.

This top 10 is very difficult. And there's a lot of good coaches in here that aren't great and don't have championships. So Kirby smart is the standard right now for college football coaches. He's in at number one. After that, I think Dabo needs to be in the top five, but I don't have to put him to.

I put Dabo Sweeney in at three. The coach that I put in the middle of Kirby smart and Dabo Sweeney is Kalen DeBoer. And part of that is based off what he has done and what he projects to do in the future because like Dabo I think can make the college football playoff again with the 12 team playoff. And I don't believe Dabo is ever going to have Clemson being elite again where they're winning national a national championship or national championships. But when you factor in previous success, that's got to get Dabo up the list here on some of these tiebreakers. So I have Kalen DeBoer in the middle there taking Washington to a national championship game and now getting the Alabama job with more resources.

And that's a creme de la creme job. And that's been the standard for the most part of college football for the last decade. Plus, I do believe Kalen DeBoer is going to win one national title bare minimum at Alabama. So Kirby smarts won for my top 10 college football coaches of just the power for schools.

Kalen DeBoer is 2, Dabo Sweeney is an F3. In the fourth spot, I think this guy is still the most underrated coach in college football. For the last two, three years, all we did was talk about Caleb Williams, Caleb Williams. And I know for one of those years, Caleb Williams is at Oklahoma. But Caleb Williams' first year at USC, Kyle Winningham won a Pac-12 championship. And he's won back to back Pac-12 championships. He did not win it this past year.

But last year, his team was still good, solid without their starting quarterback Cam Rising. Kyle Winningham has been at this for a long time. If he wanted a bigger job, because Utah's not a big job.

It's a good job, but it's not a big job. If he wanted a big, big, big job, he could have got it by now. But he's never going to leave Utah. So I have Kyle Winningham in at 4. In at 5, this is where it's difficult.

Because I think a lot of recency bias will occur. And this dude, so many people are up and down on him. But I did put Brian Kelly of the LSU Tiger family in at number 5. When Brian Kelly got the job at LSU right away because of the dancing and him coming up with the fake southern accent.

When he kept on saying, family, family, family. A lot of people are out on Brian Kelly. Then in year 1, after losing that game to Florida State to open up the season. Brian Kelly ends up getting LSU to the SEC title game where they lose it.

And then last year, their defense was horrible. But Jayden Daniels did win the Heisman Trophy. Brian Kelly got Notre Dame to the college football playoffs. He had Notre Dame in a national championship game with Manti Teo being a Heisman finalist even though they got smothered in that game by Alabama. That was in the old BCS system. But Kelly with what he did, restoring Notre Dame and now being good at LSU.

Not great, right? The standard there is win a national championship. And they've had three coaches since 2000 win a national championship. Sabin, Les Miles, and then obviously, Go Tigers in Ed Orgeron.

But Kelly's been good enough at LSU. So I put him in there at top 5 in at number 5 when you were factoring in past success and how you project him to be in the future. So Kirby smarts 1, Kaitlyn DeBoer's 2 for me, Dabo Sweeney's 3, Kyle Whittingham's 4, and Brian Kelly's in at 5. 6 through 10.

If you thought the top 5 was difficult, 6 through 10 is even tougher. I have called this coach overrated for years. And I think when I call this coach overrated, people go, Oh, you're bashing him. You're saying he's bad.

No, no, no, no. People just have not listened to what I've said. I said for years, Lincoln Riley is a very, very, very good coach. But I can't call him great because Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma had a countless amount of Heisman Trophy winners and got to the college football playoff a bunch, but never got a college football playoff win. And when he got the job at USC, everyone's like home run higher, sensational higher.

And it's a very good hire. But this dude just had the best player you could argue in college football for the last two years in Caleb Williams. And he couldn't figure out what to do with his defense and his stubbornness heading into last year to Alex Grinch cost them big time.

Think about it. USC in year one, right? Williams wins the Heisman Trophy. He gets hurt in the Pac-12 championship game and he doesn't win. OK, still a successful season. But then the following season, you can't even sniff a college football playoff appearance. You can't even sniff the Pac-12 title game.

Because your defense. But Lincoln Riley has still produced a bunch of Heisman Trophy winners. And he's usually in the college football playoff conversation.

He's in at six. The one thing, though, that really annoys me with Lincoln Riley and Samter sent me this story. So forgive me, I forget where where it was. If we could just credit it properly, Samter, just let me know where this story was. But there was a report that Lincoln Riley did everything in his power to try to get out of the opening game of this season for them, which is an isolated spot on Sunday night, September 1st on ABC at 730 p.m. Eastern Time against LSU.

He tried to do everything in his power. Do you have where where the report was? Coming from Matt Hayes of Saturday Down South.

OK, so credit to Matt. I think some people will raise an eyebrow to that report. I think it's true, though, because if you go back to when Lincoln Riley took the job at USC and then it came out that Oklahoma.

Right. Was going to the SEC. Some people are like, oh, maybe that's him trying to duck the SEC. And then little did we know, eventually USC ends up going to the Big Ten, which is the top two conference in college football.

But it wouldn't surprise me. If that story is true, that Lincoln Riley was trying to bail out of having to play LSU in the opening game of the season. Because you look at the rest of his schedule, Utah State, Michigan without Harbaugh, now Wisconsin, Minnesota, Penn State, Maryland, Rutgers, Washington, Nebraska, UCLA, Notre Dame, like. For the first year in your Big Ten. And we'll see what happens with USC this year.

But there's no one on your schedule that really intimidates you. And I know it's a 12 team playoff, so you would think USC should be the playoff mix. But opening up that season where people trying to turn on you and LSU. Right. You know, they're going to give you everything they can with Brian Kelly.

It would not shock me if he was trying to get out of that Big Ten SEC type of matchup. But it's just a report that's out there. But right now, I have Lincoln Riley. Long story short. In at number six, seven, it's Steve Sarkeesian.

I am really impressed. With the Texas program that SARC took over how quickly we could finally put to bed the Sam Ellinger. We're back because that was used to really torture Texas fans.

He was able to get arch man. We haven't even seen Arch Manning yet outside of spring game. And Quinn, you were the last two years has been successful.

And you had Texas in a 14th college football playoff last year. So what SARC has done at Texas is very impressive on his last opportunity. Now, when I put SARC in at seven and I don't have Ryan Day in there, people are going to say, Zach, why don't you have Ryan Day in front of SARC? Just for starters, I'm more impressed with SARC has done than what Ryan Day has done.

Like Ryan Day took over a machine. They were humming under Urban Meyer. Michigan had no chance to take down Ohio State.

And I get it. Ryan Day only has eight losses in his career as the Ohio State football coach, only eight, which started in 2019. But the standard there is to beat Michigan and win a national championship.

Yes, he's got to a national championship game. But when you allowed Michigan to overtake you and not only defeat you once, but beat you three times and Michigan won a national championship. Ryan Day, you're a top 10 coach. But this program has regressed and I have to hold you accountable to that. So your record suggests that you should be in the top three, top five.

But you have to have context to that. So Ryan Day's in at eight. Number nine, I got to give this guy a lot of credit. And he probably would have been higher up on the list. And I've been a fan of his for a long time going back to Memphis. But it's really nothing more that he could have done this year, like his team went undefeated. And the last two years, he has brought Florida State back, which is very impressive, just like West Sark has brought Texas back. But because he lost his quarterback because of injury, he didn't make college football playoff.

Could have done anything more. But I got to have you in a college football playoff appearance. You know, it's, you know, outside of winning him.

And I think it's just more of a standard on, you know, how many packed all championships have you won? But a guy like Mike Norvell, I think he's going to continue to climb up that list. He's in at number nine. And if you read that story in ESPN, there's a reason why DeBoer and Norvell were at the top of the list for Alabama to go replace Nick Saban. And in number 10, it's Dan Lanning.

I love the energy. I think Dan Lanning, I mean this in a good way, is a football psycho. I told him that on the air.

When he gets on the sideline, that's like his sanctuary and he's locked in and he just goes to like a different place. The one thing that I have to say about Dan Lanning, who has done a great job in Eugene and a really good job in Eugene, and you saw what he did last year. But even with all that he's done with Bo Nix and that team and what they've been able to do, last year you had two opportunities to beat Washington.

You couldn't beat them. So I can't really put you higher than where you were when you look at tiebreakers with the other coaches. So those are my top 10 coaches in college football entering this season.

Based off of the past that I project them to be in the future to a mixture of it. Kirby Smart won, Kalen DeBoer 2, Dabo Sweeney 3, Kyle Whittingham 4, Brian Kelly 5, Lincoln Riley 6, Steve Sarkisian 7, Ryan Day 8, Mike Norvell 9, Dan Lanning in at number 10. It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. We'll come on back with a news brief. Time for your Daily News Brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Alrighty, news brief time on the Zach Gelb Show. Let's start off with Brandon Bean, the general manager of the Buffalo Bills.

He was on the Athletic NFL podcast and was asked why they traded Stefan Diggs when they did. Listen up. A player of his caliber, you weigh a lot of things on the situation. But, you know, ultimately, I don't need to go through all the reasons why we decided to go ahead and do that. I would say from a cap standpoint, we decided just to go ahead and eat it now and we think we can compete and do what we need to do by eating it now. And then not walk into next year and go, all right, because if we didn't, if we tried to come up with some way and split it up too many different ways, then now it's just like that albatross. You're just hanging on your neck all year. You look at your cap and you're going, oh, man, look at how much money we still have dead.

I'm going to be ripping myself the minute we have to walk into a year and I feel like we got to play with one arm tie behind our back because the cap is what it is. That's such a bullcrap answer. And I like Brandon Bean a lot.

He has come on the show a ton. But I would almost just respect the Bills more if they just simply said, guys, you know why we got rid of him? We got rid of him because him and Josh Allen didn't get along anymore. They will never say that. So if you don't want to say that, then just blame it all on step and just be like, he wasn't fully committed as he once was to this team.

Because that's the truth of the situation. Something happened between Josh Allen and Safon Diggs. And Sean McDermott was involved, too, when they had him leave, right, that OTA training camp, whatever it was, I forget. And then he was like, yeah, it's alarming. Yeah, it's concerning. Something happened with those four people, Bean, Allen, McDermott, and Diggs. And it obviously got to a point where they looked at Safon Diggs and they said the juice isn't worth the squeeze anymore.

Don't tell me about the salary cap and the numbers. That's a bunch of baloney. It really is. I almost, by the way, just said bull bleep on the air. And I caught myself and said baloney. It was very close to saying bull bleep on the air.

But it is. You got rid of him because your quarterback, your receiver, your coach, and your GM, the four of them wasn't on the same page. Coach wasn't going to go. GM wasn't going to go. So our quarterback's not going to go. So who was good to go?

The wide receiver. Here is Stetson Bennett on his absence from the Rams during his rookie season a year ago. I was home. And, you know, as far as what led to that, what transpired and all that, you know, I think we're going to keep that in house. But, you know, it was good, you know, going back home.

And, you know, thank goodness that Les and Coach McVeigh and everybody involved, you know, allowed me to do that. And I was reading that there was, it was mental health related. That's why he was not around the team. There's obviously more to this story that we have not been told.

Everyone has privacy to some extent. You know, I know when you're in the spotlight and you're a two-time national championship winning quarterback. And for Stetson Bennett, you were away and people want to know the answers. There's only so much privacy you could give, but you do get some privacy, especially when the reality of the situation is, as great as he was in college, no one expects anything out of him in the pros. So I hope whatever he's going through, he's been able to put himself in a better situation this year and we could see a better version of Stetson Bennett.

I wish him nothing but the best. Here is Elliott Wolf, the new GM or whatever, the president of football operations, what do they call him now? Patriots.

He was on up and Adams with Kay Adams and he was discussing the Patriots offseason. I'm really excited for what the future holds. My one regret so far from this offseason, particularly with the draft is, you know, we only, we had eight draft picks. We only drafted one defensive player. And so I've apologized to Coach Covington about that.

But, you know, obviously he wanted what's best for the team too. So that really, that's one regret that I've had so far, but we'll see how it goes. We feel good about the guys we do have in here. Well, here's the one thing, Elliot, your biggest regret should not should be not getting a number one wide receiver this offseason because it's a disservice to your own quarterback and Drake May, who some people say is not NFL ready. I would wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, because that receiving core is still not good enough. Maybe with the second round selection of Polk and the kid out of UCF, Baker, that they could be better than what people think. And maybe you had a gem.

That would be wonderful. But you should have got a number one wide receiver this offseason. Here is Kendrick Perkins on the ESPN, and he went off today on Rudy Gobert. I have the biggest regret in my media career.

And Molly, I'm retired. You did Shannon from voting for individual awards, regular season awards, because I have done a disservice in my use of my voting rights. Me voting this season for Rudy Gobert, OK, is an embarrassment for me for defensive player of the year. He's the first player that we see every single time in the postseason that becomes a defensive liability.

Don't come give me these analytics. Don't come give me these plus minus stats, because that's the most overrated stat in the NBA. When I look at Rudy, he has tarnished the defensive player of the year award.

He has. He's not respected by his peers. Unacceptable to say he's a four time defensive player of the year.

Here's where Perk is wrong. If you want to tell me you have regret because of what you've seen in the postseason, that's not why you're voting on the award. And that annoys the crap out of me with these awards. Anytime someone wins an MVP, a defensive player of the year, a rookie of the year, sixth man of the year, and then they don't have a good postseason, people go up, they shouldn't have won the award. The award is a regular season award. So if you want to say, hey, looking back at the regular season, X, Y and Z is why I should not have voted for him.

Fair. But you can't use the postseason as part of your reasoning why this guy shouldn't have won the award, because it's a regular season award. Here is Sham Sharania running back on FanDuelTV on Bronny James' workouts. Bronny James going to stay in the NBA draft.

He is not going back to college. Bronny James has over 10 workout invites during the pre-draft process, but I'm told he's only going to visit a couple of those, and that's going to include the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns, the Suns are the number 22 overall pick in the draft. He's under consideration there among obviously a lot of players at 22, but it's going to come down to the development plan, it's going to come down to guaranteed money, whether it's late in the first round, in the second round, but the fact that there's only going to be a couple teams, two, three teams that Bronny James visits, and the Lakers and Suns, interestingly, are among the two teams.

See, if this was Marvin Harrison Jr., remember when Marvin Harrison Jr. got some flack for the way he went about his draft process? I would get it because he was a top five pick. Bronny James, based off skill, shouldn't be a lottery pick. I don't know if he will be. I still think he'll be outside the lottery. But to be so selective and say you're only going to work out for these teams and not those teams, I don't think that benefits you. I ultimately think LeBron's trying to get his son drafted by the Lakers.

That's what it is. And I wonder if you shot Bronny James up a true serum. And I know he kind of gave an answer a few weeks ago, but I want the actual truth. Do you want to play with your dad in the NBA?

I really wonder what the true response would be on that. Here is Anthony Edwards. Micah Parsons was at the Mavericks-Timberwolves game last night. He had a message to Micah Parsons. What am I supposed to say? I'm supposed to say we're going to lose Game 5? No, I'm not going to ever say that.

Micah Parsons, you know, he was rocking the 81s and I told him he wears size 14. I bring back some nice shoes for Game 6. That's what I told him. This is where it's so stupid with the mic'd up conversations. Anthony Edwards is 100%, so I guess a microphone or some conversation got caught where he's telling them all, bring you back a pair for Game 6. And people are like, oh, is that a guarantee? Is that a guarantee that you're going to win Game 5? Like, it's so stupid at this point.

What is he supposed to say? Yeah, we're not going to win Game 5. We're going to lose Game 5. We suck. We're terrible.

And this series is over in five games. Come on. Here is Fred Tucker from Tucker and Hardy in 98.5, the sports hub. He made fun of Bill Walton yesterday.

The day after Bill Walton passed away, let's listen up to the Boston Sports Radio personality. I think we address it, but I don't know that today's the day to play it. Well, I don't know.

I mean, why not? It happened. He called in and he was acting the fool about his son on the Lakers and they said, oh, you know, first of all, you gotta buy a Jeep Wrangler.

I'm looking over these mountains, majesty. I remember that. Yeah, but he was like, but while he was selling cars, like, make up your mind, you phony hippie.

Like, are you, are you really, are you really selling cars or are you all about peace and love? I am not sure if it's the day. I think, Hardy, you might be onto something.

I think today, maybe tomorrow. I did famously hang up on Bill Walton. Yeah. All right. Here we go. Here it is.

As requested. Because I don't say anything. Just go ahead. He's dead. It's nothing. I didn't kill him. Go ahead.

Play it. Yeah, it's kind of uncomfortable and it's, it's out of place. Like I'm not going to call for anyone to be fired. I think that's just like so stupid here.

I don't think it's as bad as what some people are making it out to be, but it's just the timing of it is not good there. And I listened to the full thing. So they had Bill Walton on and this was after, I think it was right after the Lakers beat the Celtics in the finals and he was, or it was during it. He was like, who are you rooting for? Cause he's a Celtic, right?

His son was playing for the Lakers and it was almost a Fred, and I get what Fred was trying to do. Like I would ask Bill Walton this question. He was all like, who are you rooting for? You're, you know, you are Celtic.

You didn't win a championship with the Celtic and obviously you should be rooting for your son. But Bill basically kind of sidestepped the question. And since Fred didn't get the answer that he wanted, he just hung up on it. But to bring up yesterday and call him like a phony hippie because he was promoting something and you think it violated, right?

The hippie guidelines and things like that. Like, come on, what are we doing? Just that's a, those, the Fred touch is a funny guy. Usually that's him there and his crew trying to be funny when in reality, it's just like, you didn't need that yesterday.

It was kind of stupid. Let's go to Aaron Boone talking Yanks podcast on Angel Hernandez retiring. Honestly, I think sometimes he's unfairly the poster child or the face of bad umpiring or whatever it may be. To me, there's, there's worse umpires out there. You know, I feel like there's some things that are a little unfairly attributed to him. Look, he's earned a lot of it and whatever, but at the end of the day, he's a really good dude.

He's always handled everything with a lot of grace and certainly wish him the best. I think I'm in the minority here. I'm actually going to miss Angel Hernandez. And when I say that I'm fully cognizant he was a bad umpire. But there's not a lot of good stories or story points to come out of a major league baseball season. And at least we can all agree on one thing that Angel Hernandez is a bad umpire.

And I enjoy those days when everyone piles on Angel Hernandez. I heard Will Clark tell a story. I think Will Clark has a podcast and it was one game that Angel was umpiring him and there was a strike. And Will talked about how he doesn't really like to argue with umpires, but he said to Angel, hey, you know, how much farther does he have to go in the strike zone for that to still be a strike?

And he's like, oh no, that was right in the borderline. And the guy threw the ball further outside and he called it a strike and rung him up the next pitch. And later that night, I guess Angel Hernandez and all the umpires, they went out and Will Clark was at the same bar as them and he ordered them like a round of beers. And he went up to Angel Hernandez like, hey guys, have a good night.

Angel's like, is there anything else you want to say to me? And Will Clark was just like, nope. And then the next time, anytime there was a strike zone for Will Clark, it was like razor thin when he was at the plate. And like everything that was even, even things that were in the strike zone, he would say they ended up being balls if he took the pitch. So I thought that was a pretty damn good story. Here is, I have not heard this. This is Marc Messier on the Pat McAfee show on taking psychedelics.

Is that right? Listen up. If I'm going to spend 95% working out of the gym, how can I become a better player? How can I understand the game better? How can I become a better pro? By using my mind better.

Be tougher mentally. And to your point, I think enlightenment is a good word for it. It gave me a better perspective. It gave me some humility. It just gave me a better perspective of the whole experience that I was in in the professional sports. It made me focus more. And probably more than anything, all the possibilities that were out there.

It worked for me. And it was something that I don't regret. And wow, what an experience. I'm not going to lie. I thought there was going to be something juicier about that clip.

I thought he was going to describe actually taking them. Messier, I love Marc Messier. He's boring on television. He is.

NHL on TNT, that studio show is so much better than what ESPN has. And Messier is probably the best one. I thought PK Subban was going to be a star. I just don't find PK, I feel like he's trying too hard. Steve Levy is fine. He's just there. But Messier has been the best one. He doesn't really say much.

He's boring, as great of a player he is. But you look at NHL on TNT. Liam McHugh is sensational.

Biz is hilarious. Hank has been very good on that show. Wayne Gretzky, you have the great one. He's been better on TV. And Anson Carter is good. That's like inside the NBA.

It really is. On the ice. Put it this way. When the Ranger game on TNT, I sit there and I watch the intermission. When it is on ESPN, I go do other things. Like last night I heard in the background, and they went to the studio and said, What do you want me to say? You're paid to give an opinion. Give an opinion.

Don't just say, What else do you want me to say? So I just think there's no rhythm or chemistry on that show. But that was Messier on the Pat McAfee show. I thought we were going to get a detailed version of him taking psychedelics. I'm just surprised that Messier took psychedelics. Did he take psychedelics before he guaranteed the Rangers Game 6 win in the 94 Eastern Conference Finals when he had a natural hat trick in the third period to help them get into the title game? Ack, do you have any relationship with Messier, just wondering? No.

None at all. I was going to wonder back in the day, maybe Ack and Messier were in the same circles. Maybe you guys were dabbling in that business. Yeah, I don't think so. Alrighty, that's the news brief.

It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will take a break. Did you guys? I'll talk about this on the other side.

Did you guys see this video of Kylie Kelsey getting into it with someone trying to get a photo of Jason and Kylie Kelsey when they were on a date? I have been to the restaurant. I'm a frequent summer visitor of the restaurant that they've been to.

And with my previous experience of the clientele that goes to this restaurant, without having all the details, I will give you my best educated guess of what did transpire when we return. Update time first. Here's the Ackman Rich Ackerman. Alrighty, it's time to answer our supposed question of the day. It's brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts. David in Arizona says, Zach, who's the NBA team this offseason that needs to display the most urgency?

You could submit a question by tweeting at INF Sports Net or at Zach Gelb using the hashtag askthepros. Thank O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs. Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts.

O'Reilly Auto Parts. The answer is the Sixers. I think a lot of people would say the Lakers. I think a lot of people would say the Suns.

Could you maybe say Milwaukee? I just think they need to be healthy. But I do believe, you know, you want to argue the thunder to take that next step.

OK, fair. But the reason why I think it's the Sixers is because Tobias Harris is coming off the books. Tyrese Maxey displayed that he is a future star in this league. Joel Embiid, even though he gets hurt a lot, is still a damn good player. And you only have so many more years of Embiid left.

You need to now go get that third piece who really needs to be that second piece like that finisher, that closer. So we'll see who they end up trying to go get. Is it a reunion with Jimmy Butler? Do they try to go get Paul George?

But you have another two year window to try to go deliver. And we'll see if they could do so. But if they don't get that other piece out, like it should be LeBron, but I don't think LeBron's going to go there. But a LeBron, a Paul George or a Butler, one of those guys, Philly's got to try to go get and actually execute the deal.

So I would say it's a Philadelphia 76ers to the tie in of Embiid. So I don't know if you guys saw this. This was going it's like an eight second clip. It went viral. Jason Kelcey and his wife, Kylie Kelcey, are walking into a restaurant down at the Jersey Shore. And from what I could gather, a fan wants a photo. And I guess Kylie Kelcey or Jason Kelcey said, we're on a date.

Rather not like as they're walking into a restaurant, like politely said it. And the fan went berserk, this woman. And at one point and Kelcey, Kylie Kelcey is a former college athlete. She's got to be like six feet tall. Like, I would not want to mess with Kylie Kelcey.

Like she could definitely throw it down. But this lady, because she was told no from a photo, was like, Oh, I don't care who you think you are. You'll never be allowed in this town again. Let me just explain the Jersey Shore to people as I'm a frequent visitor of the Jersey Shore and the shore town that they were in. It was reported as Seattle. It's actually Margate. I go to Margate at least two or three times a summer since I was like eight years or nine years old. They were at this restaurant, Steve and Cookie's. Michael Jordan's actually been to the restaurant. Steve and Cookie's a good restaurant for down at the shore. My favorite restaurant down on the shore, Chef Vola's. They have the best, the best, some of the best veal parm I've ever had. But this place, Steve and Cookie's a good restaurant. They have a good tomato salad. They have a seafood pan roast. They have some really good food. But the vibe of the restaurant, intentional or not, maybe it's the clientele because you had a lot of mainline people from Philadelphia going down, having their shore house. It could be a little snobby.

All right. There's some people in there that like to flash some of their wealth. So I'm just going to assume here, knowing that restaurant, which is a very good restaurant, the people that run the restaurant are hardworking people. It's a phenomenal restaurant. But you go there, it's like a scene. And you go there and you have a lot of wealthy people.

And there's like just some arrogance from those people. Doesn't mean the restaurant's bad. Like I'm going down to that restaurant this summer. It's really good. It's a good meal. It's a fun time with the group of people I go with. But you look around and it's like, oh, that person's there. This person's there. And it's there's just a certain thing when it's a lot of mainline snobs, if I'm just going to call it what it is.

And I have friends that are mainline snobs. I can say that. But I guarantee you, this lady walked up to Kylie Kelsey and probably said, like, my son or my grandson is a big Eagles fan or a Swifties or like the granddaughter, some Swiftie. Can we just get a picture? And Kylie Kelsey probably just politely said, because you only see eight seconds of the video, it's just them going at each other. Kylie Kelsey probably just said, hey, we're on a date.

This is kind of like our privacy time. We don't really want to take a photo right now because once you take one photo at a place that has a lot of people from Philadelphia there, then people are going to flock to the Kelsey's and they're not going to be able to enjoy their night. And once the lady was told no. She probably had a few drinks in her, I would guess. Just judging by the way that she was standing and trying to fight.

And once she was told no, I think you had the rich snob overtake yourself. Because could you imagine saying to the wife of Jason Kelsey, who could run for the mayor of Philadelphia and win it tomorrow. You're not going to be allowed in this this town again. Jason Kelsey could do illegal, unthinkable things. And no one in that short town would give a rat's ass because he's Jason Kelsey. The legendary speech that he gave after the Eagles won their first and only Super Bowl.

And for years, he's the most popular athlete in Philadelphia. Come on. You know, that term Karen gets used. That was a Karen.

There's no other way around it. It was a rich snob, didn't get her way. And that rich snob threw a hissy fit.

It's the only other way to say it. I guarantee you that's what happened. She was told no. She probably had a few drinks coming out of a very good restaurant where the drinks are flowing.

And she had a freak out because she was told no and she probably hasn't been told no in a very long time. And some of the stories that I'm reading is actually Jason Kelsey was in his car, which is, as we know, a Cybertruck. Oh, yeah. Very famously, he has a Cybertruck, one of the first to get it. He was in the car waiting to pull into a parking spot. But I guess sometimes you have to wait a little bit because, like you said, that place is very popular. It's not the biggest parking lot.

Right. So he was apparently sitting in his Cybertruck waiting for a parking spot. And she came up to the car and sort of banging on the window. They got out to see what the heck this lady's talking about. She asked for the picture. They said no, because, hey, you don't bang in someone's car like that. Yeah.

So apparently there's videos of that floating around that I have not seen yet. I know Jason Kelsey a little bit. Like the nicest dude. And he even knew that his wife had no problem because he saw he was like getting up into the face of the lady to try to diffuse the situation. He was like, let my wife go.

She'll take care of herself. But so that's a detail I didn't know. That this lady just like if he would have just got out of the car and you wait and say, Jason, you mind if we get one photo? I'm sure he would have said yes. The fact and even if he said no, he's allowed to say no.

You're not like some kid. That lady looks like she's a 50, 60 something year old woman, for crying out loud. But the fact that she was banging on the car to get a photo.

Give me a break. Like that's that's always weird when someone's at dinner. The only other weird spot and maybe this is a story for another day, is when you run into a celebrity in a bathroom. And I've had some encounters with celebrities in the bathroom. One of them is Dan Patrick. And that's what I was a young, aspiring broadcaster. And I did not even say hello to Dan Patrick because I thought it was the weirdest place ever.

And it was in a bathroom. And then I once had Dan Patrick on revealed and he said, if you just watch your hands, I probably would have shook your hand and talk to you. Talk to you tomorrow, everybody. We out. Bye bye. Thanks for listening. Peace. This episode is brought to you by Progressive Insurance.

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