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Who is the Face of the NBA? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 29, 2024 5:05 pm

Who is the Face of the NBA? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 29, 2024 5:05 pm

Who Is Dov Kleiman? I Re-evaluating the Face of the NBA I Bronny stays in the NBA Draft I Winkler Wednesdays


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That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Courtney, Kim, Chloe, Kendall, and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

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Either way, go to slash get your own for the only trip to Texas that matters. Yours. And away we go. Our number two of our radio program.

We will reevaluate the future face of the NBA in just a second, but real quickly. It's a kill two birds with one stone type of story. So dove climate, who's that NFL aggregator. He had a tweet over the weekend and let me see doves account. It's just 290,000 followers and all dove does.

And right. We've been featured on this account before is when shows or reporters or people do interviews or they have NFL news. He aggregates those quotes and he posts them and he recycles the information. Now, like some people get all like bent out of shape, like, Oh, he steals my information.

And if that's the case, okay, that stinks. But I usually look at accounts like that as a positive. You know, I think that a show that we do Monday through Friday, we have created a lot of news ever since I got here at CBS Sports Radio, now the Infinity Sports Network, where we have people come on, they say things or I get told things I put it out there. And I think as long as my name and the network's name is getting credited, I'm fine if other people take the video or share the information like, yes, in a selfish world, we'd rather have the views going to my personal account or the network's account.

Right. But if you're just getting the name of the network and my name out there with stuff that we do, I don't view that as a negative like some other people do. Now, if I was like an Ian Rapoport, maybe you won't like it as much because you want all the traction going to your account. But Dov Kleiman has been a very controversial, mysterious person, because for a while, this guy just has an avatar of like a generic human being. And no one even knew if he was actually real. They didn't know how many people were behind the account. And someone did, I think it was Ryan Glass, Spiegel did a feature on him and they were able to track him down that it's actually a guy that lives in Israel, which with the time difference and how much he posts, it's like, when does this guy ever sleep?

So anyway, long story short, and this is talking about killing two birds with one stone. Dov Kleiman the other day tweets out, congratulations to Mark Davis and Hayden Hopkins as they're expecting a child. Now, I think a lot of people looked at that and go, that's a weird congratulatory message because Mark Davis is 69 or 70 years old. And I think Hayden Hopkins is like in her 20s. I don't know much about her, but they were once pictured together at, it was either a football game or a basketball game. Most people just assume the Raiders, but I think Mark Davis also owns the aces.

So I don't know where they exactly were. And there's been rumors for years that they were dating. Now, Hayden Hopkins, I don't think she's like tweeted in like three years or something, or it's been like a long time.

And she went out on social media and she said, I just want to clear something up. I did not sleep with Mark Davis. We are just friends and no, he is not going to be the father of my future child. So in the last day, there's been a lot with this story and a lot of people have been attacking Dov Kleiman for sharing this false information. Now we found out that the child, when it gets born, the father is actually Joey Gallo, which who would have thought that, the baseball player.

The baseball player. So Joey Gallo, I guess is the father of this child, but it is once again reignited the deep dive on Dov Kleiman. And there are a few reports out there that Dov Kleiman whose account is still up there.

You'd have no clue cause it's basically an anonymous person for the most part running. It was actually sold, reportedly sold at some point during this football season. So someone has still done the work of Dov Kleiman. They now have his account. Now you could monetize your account on Twitter.

Like I get paid every month from Twitter based off how many views and clicks and things like that that you generate. So someone must've thought that Dov and obviously he gets a ton of traction, that it was worth the investment either personally where you want to be controlling an account like that or financially you'll get paid a good amount of money. And I don't know if that's a good investment or not, but there's a report from front office sports that Dov Kleiman was seeking X amount of dollars for his X account in December. Now I don't know if it's sold for this and there has been reports of his account being sold, but if you had to take a guess Stu and Santer, how much do you think Dov Kleiman was seeking for someone to take over his X account and to have him sell his X account? What do you think the dollar number is? For 300,000 followers, I'm going to say he was looking for 1.5 million.

Wow. Could you imagine selling your Twitter? It's not a right number, but could you imagine someone coming to you for a social media account?

That is pretty much anonymous. You could do what you want once you get it, but if you just follow Dov, which I do, you cannot tell a difference assuming this account was sold from then. I get maybe you get some financial gain from this, but you give it up. Are you really going to make $1.5 million back and then some off this account? That's tough for me to believe, but it's not $1.5 million. So Stu, what do you think the number is if you had to take a guess? It's lower obviously than $1.5 million. Yeah. I'll say $600,000. Not even close.

$75,000. What? Wow.

Think about that. Well, this just goes to my point. A lot of times people, they look at someone with 200,000 followers and they're like, oh, that person's probably making a killing. They're probably making so much money. The amount of followers that you have does not always equate, and in most times it does not equate to how fat your paycheck is. Like I'm not, this is going to sound like a douchey thing because I am not an ATM whatsoever. But I know that there are people with a lot more followers than me that don't make more money than me.

I just know that. But people look at followers now in this society and they equate that to financial gain. And if like, I say if only, Dov Kleiman is looking for $75,000 for an account that has nearly 300,000 followers and is all over the place, it tells me two things. One, what people think is very lucrative with this Twitter account is not as lucrative as you would anticipate. And also, we are so involved in a sports bubble.

We're like in our sports world, right? Stu, you know who Dov Kleiman is, right? The account.

Of course. Santa knows who it is. I know who it is.

Everyone in this building knows who it is. But when you escape the sports world, how many people actually know who the heck Dov Kleiman is? Like there are people that I will sit here and I follow that had nothing to do with sports and aren't mega, mega stars, obviously. I'm not saying Dov Kleiman is a mega, mega star. But I'm like, all right, you at least know who that person is. Or you at least know who that account is.

But someone like Dov Kleiman and that account, if you ask someone that isn't a football fan, they probably have not a damn clue what you're talking about. And say $75,000 is not just like, well, money, like that's a good amount of money. But when the guess was 1.5 million and what you say Stu, 500,000? I said 600,000. 600,000?

We were all off the mark here. But yeah, Dov Kleiman, according to front office sports, was seeking $75,000 for his ex-account. When I first read that, at first I thought, oh, it was 750,000 and maybe my eyes were just playing a trick on me. But 75,000 for his ex-account.

I don't blame him. And a Bitcoin account linked to the NFL aggregator shows nearly 21,000 worth of crypto was deposited on February 19th, eight days after the Super Bowl of this past year. So what a wild story. Dov Kleiman, misreporting who the father was going to be for Hayden Hopkins' baby, ended up having people once again doing a deep dive on Dov Kleiman. And then you, I think I saw it on Barstool first, where someone reported that Dov Kleiman, who we thought he was, Dov Kleiman was who we thought he was, wasn't actually Dov Kleiman anymore and he sold his account. Now, you know what the most bizarre part of this story is? That gets more bizarre? Well, no, I told the whole story.

OK. But the most bizarre part of the story to me is, like, if you're taking over that account and you're paying $75,000, why are you keeping the account basically the same thing? Like, wouldn't someone take over that account for $75,000 and A, make it known that they're the one running the account? But you can't be making enough money. And maybe I'm just wrong on this, but you can't be making enough money to do the same thing Dov was doing.

And I don't know if he got the $75,000. That's just what he was seeking. But if you were seeking that, you got to be somewhere in the ballpark range, right?

You got to be somewhere close. Like, I would think within $10,000. But wouldn't you try to do something different? But just to keep it like status quo on this account, that's just an aggregating account, kind of doesn't make any sense to me. And I know you can't just take over the account if it's not football and try to pump up your business or something, but I would start to do more content that would feature the person that did take over the account. The aggregating business is very... It's just something I don't understand it.

I really don't. So some of the things that I had read is that whoever is taking over the account is going to try to start selling ads on there. That's where you can make a lot of money, not just the money that you get from Twitter for your views, but if you start utilizing that 300,000 followers and selling ads, then companies are going to start paying you X amount of money. And if you can continue doing what makes Dove's account popular and you can sell ads, that's why I was shocked that it's only $75,000. You could probably make $75,000 in a year selling advertisements. Yeah, that's a good point. It's kind of like someone like, for example, Kaitlin Clark, she's making most of her money in endorsements. You get that account, you could do more advertisement work, and then that's a way that you could, I don't want to say quickly get back to $75,000, but put you in the ballpark or a quicker road to get back to the ballpark and making back that $75,000 and then some.

That's a good point. How many advertisements? Maybe ticket giveaways or things?

I don't know what it is. No, just like any company. It could be a rental car company or an insurance company, and you just do a post. And at the end, you write hashtag ad.

Brought to you by Riley or someone. And most people ignore it or pass by it and look at your other 97 things, but you still get money. That's how you get $5,000 or $200 or however many views that that tweet gets or that ex-post gets, whatever you want to call it these days. You get that kind of money and you get a lot of backend based off of the views.

So that's what a lot of celebrities do with their huge following. Should we all have made a deposit, put together our resources and the three of us should we have chipped in $75,000 to go get the Dove Climate account? We could have made bank. We could have influenced the election. We could have started a whole new controversy in sports. Could you imagine someone takes over that football account and just starts posting politics? People follow that account to find out who's their left tackle or which player on their team is saying something controversial.

Imagine you start going up there and you start tweeting out things about Trump and Biden. Oh, geez, Louise. That would be brutal. We'll take a break. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. A week ago, if I would have asked this question, everyone would have said Anthony Edwards, Anthony Edwards, Anthony Edwards. Now Anthony Edwards is down 3-1 in the conference finals. Do we need to reevaluate the future face of the NBA?

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It's a convenient way to run your household, customized to your family's needs, and the easy way to raise financially smart kids. Get started with Greenlight today and get your first month free at The wait is over. That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all-new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu. Call from mom. Answer it.

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Minimum $10 per order. Additional terms apply. All right. It is the infinity sports network. And yes, that's right.

It is the Zach Gelb show. Last week, if we did this conversation and I argued anybody else, I would be called a lot of not so nice names, but Anthony Edwards was the guy that was about to become the future face of the NBA. And people thought once he beat Denver, he was going to take care of business up against the Mavs and he would be in the NBA finals in all likelihood up against the Boston Celtics. Yes, the Minnesota Timberwolves last night finally got on the board in this series, but before that they lost three games. They're still down three, one. I do believe Minnesota will recreate some excitement in this series by taking care of business in game five. I do not think though Dallas is going to lose this series.

I still think Dallas is going to win this series in six games, even though they did drop one last night. But with Anthony Edwards in all likelihood, not ending this season with the championship, we're not even getting to an NBA finals. I wonder how the narrative will shift on him in regards to who the future face of the NBA is. Cause for so many years it was LeBron and for a while, right? You had KD, you had Steph Curry, but all those guys now are getting up there in age and in all likelihood, LeBron's not winning the championship again, Kevin Durant's not winning a championship again, and probably Steph Curry is not winning a championship again.

So we are in a road now and a path now where the post season has been so fun cause you've had so many younger players going on their runs and now you have in all likelihood, Luka Doncic going to the NBA finals and we'll see if this could be the year for someone like Jason Tatum who's still very young, but has been around for a good chunk of time now and has been close yet so far, if he could get over the mountain top and could find a way to raise banner number 18 in Boston. But I look for three things when we're talking about a future face of the league. These are the three things I think you need to have. Gotta be elite number one. If you're not an elite player, then you can't be a face of the league.

Then number two, you gotta have a championship. And number three, and I actually think it's the most important one, you either have to have a personality or there has to be something about you that's polarizing. And like, for example, Nicole Jokic right now out of all the future faces of the NBA is the most accomplished out of the future faces, has three NBA MVPs, has a championship and has a finals MVP. But Nicole Jokic is a zero when it comes to personality. And Nicole Jokic isn't polarizing. Like no one walked away from that second round series and said, oh, I hate Nicole Jokic.

There's something about Nicole Jokic that drives me crazy. Now people walked away saying Mike Malone acted like a baby after losing game seven and Jamal Murray acted like a child as well in game two, throwing the heating pad in the towel. So even though Nicole Jokic can continue to be the NBA's biggest problem, I don't think he's a face of the league because he doesn't have much personality.

He's not polarizing. You know, similar things can be said for Giannis on to the Kumpa. Giannis has two MVPs. Giannis has a NBA finals MVP. Giannis has a championship. But do people really like does the overwhelming majority people really hate Giannis on to the Kumpa?

He has a little bit of a personality, but not a face of the league personality. And I don't think he's polarizing. You know, polarizing person is someone where like 60 percent of the people love you and 40 percent hate you. And you could flip flop that number. I would say 80, 85 percent of the people love Giannis on to the Kumpa.

I would say 80, 85 percent of the people love, if not more than that, Nicole Jokic. So I take those two guys out of the conversation. They're going to be they're going to continue to be great players. They're going to be all time great players. But I can't call them the future face of the league. So there's four guys that I have identified for future faces of the league.

Now, one is super duper, way premature. And I can't go there yet. But Victor Wambunyama. You know, what Victor Wambunyama did in year one was pretty damn impressive. But I'm not going to call him an elite player yet.

It's one year in. He doesn't have a championship. And I still feel as if there's a lot about Victor Wambunyama that we don't know. And personality and polarizing, it's still a big incomplete there.

So push aside Wambunyama. But then you get to these next three names. And I think there's a case to be made for all three for the future face of the NBA. Like if Luka Doncic wins a championship this year. We know he's elite.

We know he has a championship. And I do think Luka is polarizing enough. You know, I don't think it's 50-50 in terms of love hate. But with how much bitching Luka Doncic does throughout a game and how much complaining he does to officials, I do think there's a good amount of people that can't stand Luka Doncic.

I'm not one of them. But if that's my one critique of Luka Doncic, it's man, this guy goes after the officials every single moment of the game. So Luka's in that conversation. Anthony Edwards is not out of the conversation. You know, I do believe Anthony Edwards is going to continue to be elite.

I do believe one day he's got a chance to continue to win a championship. Personality, it's as good as it comes. Like he's not hated. I don't think he's polarizing Anthony Edwards.

That's why I said it's either personality or being polarizing. Anthony Edwards has one of the best personalities, not only in NBA, but all sports. And you saw the acting that he did in the Sandler movie. He is sensational on and off the court.

But then here's the one that I don't think a lot of people talk about. And it's Jason Tatum. Like Jason Tatum has consistently been in the Eastern Conference finals throughout his career. Jason Tatum has already been to one NBA finals. Jason Tatum is a top 10 player in the league. So you could check off enough to make the case in the elite conversation for Jason Tatum. He gets a championship, four more wins. You could check off the championship box for Jason Tatum.

And then you get to the final box, which is the championship box. And then you get to the final box, which is either being polarizing or having a great personality. I don't think Tatum has the greatest personality in the world.

I do think it's very neat, his relationship with the Sun Deuce and how that gets highlighted. But I'm not going to say that Jason Tatum has this great personality, but because of the team that Jason Tatum plays for, is polarizing. Whether it's unintentional or intentional, but Tatum is polarizing because he plays for the Celtics. And we know the rich tradition and how many people hate the Boston Celtics too. And if Tatum gets a championship this year, we start to talk about him as a guy that is viewed as a top 10 player to them being in that future face of the NBA conversation. Because he's been a top 10 player now for the last few years, he's missing a championship. And because of the team he plays for in the Celtics, that's enough to give a check that Jason Tatum can be polarizing, even though I don't think people hate him. I think a lot of people hate the team that he plays for.

But when you look at this conversation, it feels like, Sam, and tell me if you think I'm right or wrong. But when we look at future faces of the NBA, I think the three guys you start with. And I'm going to exclude when be just because it's one year, but with what weapon Yama could do on the court in the potential, he could get there. But I feel like Luca Anthony Edwards and Tatum, one of those three guys is going to be the future face of the NBA. It probably should be a Giannis.

It probably should be Nicole Jokic. But I just don't think those guys in the category of personality are polarizing. I could check off the box that Giannis or Jokic either have great personality or are polarizing. Obviously they have the championship and obviously they are elite players, both of them. I think they're one and two with Nicole Jokic being one and then Giannis Antetokounmpo being two as the two best players currently on the NBA. I agree with you a hundred percent about Luca and Anthony Edwards, but Jason Tatum has been in the league for two, four, seven years. And we know nothing about the guy.

That's not true. We know very little about the guy and no one pays any attention to him. Like he's good. And he's always, the Celtics are always good, but like after seven years of doing what he's been doing, if he hasn't made a statement of being the face of the NBA by now, it's not going to happen when LeBron and KD and all those guys. Well, if he wins a championship this year, because this is what we do in our society. Whoever wins the championship the next day after they win the championship, if they're young and Jason Tatum is still young being 26 years old, people go, Oh, that's the guy.

That's the future. It just happened recently. Nicole Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, even to some extent, Steph Curry. Like now let's give Steph, Steph Curry finally got the finals MVP. We didn't really put more respect on his name, but you will get what Steph did. There was comparisons, you know, who had the better individual careers at LeBron or Steph Curry.

People had those conversations, but it's such a stupid thing. I guarantee you that if you turned on first take what's on Fox, it's what's the show now with Skip Bayless. What's the name of that show? Undisputed.

Undisputed. Thank you. Are you on the air or off the air on that comment? So I can never tell when you get in my, okay. I thought you were in my ear. I don't do that.

Okay, good, good, good, good, good, good. Cause that drives me bonkers. When like people just, you know, go, I asked a question and it's like, okay, just have the person whisper the answer in your ear to make the host look more intelligent that he actually is. But that show Undisputed, I don't even know last time I turned that on. Like I watch first take. I think Stephen A. Smith is very entertaining. Christopher Mad Dog Russo, Kendrick Perkins. I don't like when they put JJ Riddick on, but I still watch it.

Molly Karam. Like I enjoy first take for a sports show. I ever since Shannon Sharpe left, I have not willingly turned on Undisputed. It's just been social media clips that I've seen, but I can guarantee you this with Tatum already being a five-time All-Star, already being a three-time NBA first team All-Pro, if he gets a championship and he's still 26, you know, just turned 26 in March, people are going to talk about him as a future face of the NBA because he's elite. He would then have that championship.

And because he plays for the Celtics, I do believe that he is polarizing enough. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will take a time out. When we come on back, when we come on back, we'll do a little Winkler Wednesdays with Bart Winkler. You could always catch right here on the Infinity Sports Network, Monday through Fridays on the Bart Winkler show, which airs weeknights 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern time. Let's get the latest Infinity Sports Network update with the Ackman. Rich Ackerman.

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That's code smooth. Enjoy. It's an epic battle for the infinity sports network. Sac, lethargic, putrid, pathetic, quitters, they're quitters. What a joke, Bart. Something fun to talk about. That's what we do here. It's like, Hey guys, it's like, we're just hanging out at a bar talking sports. It's time for Winkler Wednesday only on the Zach Geld show.

Alrighty. Rock and roll on the Zach Geld show. Bart Winkler's just heard joins us right now as he does each and every Wednesday, you can listen to Bart, the host of the Bart Winkler show right here on the infinity sports network weeknights from 10 PM to 2 AM Eastern time on many of these same infinity sports network affiliates. You could always check it out.

Sirius XM channel 1 58 and the always free Odyssey app. Bart, how are you doing today? My friend?

I'm doing okay. I was just putting together a show rundown and it is very blank. I don't know what we're talking about tonight.

Want to give me some ideas? Yeah. Well, you're always well prepared, you know, so by the time 10 PM Eastern time comes around, Bart Winkler will have a loaded four hour show for you where it'll be topic after topic after topic. It will be sensational. We opened up the show today talking about the Timberwolves, right? They win last night. They get on the board in this series.

Everyone in the media today will have this fake excitement. Oh, here comes Minnesota. They're going to get back in it. How far are you willing to go with this Mavs-Timberwold series with it being 3-1 now going back to Minnesota? What do you think this series will end in?

How many games and who wins it? Well, remember I did feel like the Mavs could take this one. This is a good Mavericks team and they're playing well with the Timberwolves because I've got my future bet on them. The odds were before last night plus 8,000. So I was going to go and put 20 to win the finals. You're saying? Yeah.

Oh wow. I was going to put 20 on that plus 4,000. So I put 20 on it to win 800. But I can't in Wisconsin do it on my phone.

I'd have to go to the sports book. And then I thought, well, by the time I go there, it's attached to a casino. So I won't just spend 20. I'll probably lose another 20. And then I can't walk. I don't know how to walk out ahead of the casino. So I didn't put it on. So I tell you this because now it's down to plus 1,500. I don't know. Three games.

That's a gross over reaction. I will forget about the casino comment that you just made. And I should probably be a good friend and try to figure out why you can't just walk in and out of a casino. But to go from plus 4,000 to plus 1,500. You can always win more. You can always win more.

Yes. I think we'd have a good time at a roulette table. But for it to go off one win from plus 4,000 to plus 1,500 to win the championship, it's crazy to me. I look at this series. Minnesota probably wins game five. The likelihood of them losing three games on their home court and be 0-3 on their home court, I just don't feel like that's going to happen. This is going to be Dallas in six. Dallas doesn't win this series in six games. They could win it in five. But if they don't win it in six and if we have actual game seven for this series, I'd be very surprised. Well, if you came into the series, if anybody came into the series thinking that Minnesota could take the first three, then why can't they take these three? I think we're going to see a team come back from 3-0 at some point.

We almost saw it last year. And then the Celtics just couldn't get the job done in game seven. But they were down 3-0. And then in game seven, they lost to the Miami Heat.

Here's why. It's Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. They're the best one-two punch right now that are remaining in the postseason, going into the conference finals. Luka's a top five player. When Kyrie is locked in, which he is now, he's a top 10 player in the league. And look, Kyrie had an off night last night, only getting 16 points.

And Minnesota barely won the game. I got to think one more time in this series that you will have Luka and Kyrie both firing on all cylinders. And I just don't think they're going to both no-show together in games five, six, and even if it got to seven, potentially seven. I mean, you're probably right.

This is a big hill to climb. So you're probably right. I think any of the fake excitement that we might have a real series is actually real excitement that we might have more than seven days without basketball, which sucks.

But I don't know that they do it. Again, this is a very hard challenge to come back from even 3-1. But they can, if you just look at the series. I think that while both series, Eastern and Western, have been close, I think that the games have felt different or been different. The Minnesota series, they are losing these games on one play and then it kind of turns. That could have gone the other way. Anthony Edwards, a late turnover in game two, he could have tried to keep the ball and got fouled.

That's a very correctable mistake. Karl-Anthony Towns, that goaltending in game one, that's a very fluky thing that can happen. So I think the margins between these teams are pretty small. I think if you look at the other series that is now wrapped with Indiana and Boston, you had an Indiana team that those games ended up being relatively close after Indiana blew three.

They essentially, like in another world, they're up 3-1 in the series. You know who Indiana, Indiana was the Mavericks a few years ago when they went up against Golden State without Luka Doncic. They got swept out of that round.

They had some leads in those games. Oh no, maybe it was Portland. It was Portland. Portland when they went up against Golden State. They were Portland without Damian Lillard. They got swept in that series.

They blew these big leads. Even though the games were good, you knew that Indiana, just like Portland in that series, never had a shot. So my question to you about Boston, because I don't like the Celtics. I don't think that you can watch the Western Conference Finals and be a fan of whoever your team is.

Obviously, mine's the Bucs. But if you are just watching the NBA, you can be like, I can get behind this Timberwolves team. I can get behind this Mavericks team. I think there's a lot of people that just Eastern and Western Conference can't get behind the Celtics. But I say that because I do look at them as a team that I think they broke through.

I talked to you last week about this. That way that series went, you can look at it and say, well, the Celtics, they struggled against a team without Halliburton. And still, I look at it as they were finally tested, which is probably going to be good for them. And whatever overconfidence I think Indiana had and the lack of confidence that I think Boston had, I think they transferred that energy. And Boston, if they can come in now with the confidence that they've never had before, because for whatever reason, they've just been like, oh, we're here, but we're not supposed to get to the finals.

We're not supposed to win the finals. I think with the addition of my guy Drew Holliday, I think that that has been huge for them beyond like anything else. I agree on the Drew Holliday part.

I don't think there has been enough national recognition of Drew Holliday and what he's brought to the Boston Celtics. But what I'll say about Boston so far, and this is where we differentiate and I do think Boston is going to win it all, but Boston so far, it's like when you're at a wedding and the cocktail hour is like average, like just fine. Like it was satisfactory, but you're still hungry. And it wasn't a 10 out of 10 cocktail hour where you feel like you're a fat pig walking into the wedding. It was a decent cocktail hour. And that's what the Celtics have been so far with the competition that they've gone up against, the Heat Without Jimmy Butler, the Cavs missing Donovan Mitchell for two games, the Pacers missing Halliburton for two games.

It's a fine cocktail hour, but you need an analogy, but I'm not a lush. Well, I am, but I used a sports analogy because what the Celtics have been doing is the Celtics are the varsity team at a prestigious high school. And in the first round of this tournament, they played the freshman team. And in the second round, they played the JV and in the third round or the sophomore team or whatever. And then the second round, they played the JV or they scrimmaged against their like, they even played, these are all tune-ups.

Yeah. They even played real competition yet. So I think that's why this series against Indiana, where they almost manufactured deficits to see if they could come back.

And I'm surprised they didn't just blow one of these games for that game five money, get, get back home, get some ticket revenue. And we could have a game tonight, which would be sweet, but instead I'm going to watch hockey and not like in the stars, Euler series, it's been a fantastic series. I'm loving it. It's great.

You sound like you're forced to say that for some reason, you, if you don't like it, you could just say you don't like it. I'm I've watched more hockey this year doing the show that I have combined in my life. Wasn't our mutual friends while he's, he's your friend. I've just have known him a little bit, very vaguely through our interactions, but isn't that guy, Tony from Texas, isn't he a big stars fan, right? Oh, he's a big fan of teams that are winning. That are in his area.

And Dallas is one of them. I will say about playoff hockey, like these overtime periods, I don't have a dog in this fight. It's the most nerve wracking.

My gosh. I I'm like, I'm like mortified because I'm thinking soccer where if there's a goal in overtime, like a game winner, the play develops in basketball. It's like even, you know, okay, you're bringing up the court. Hockey can just be like, we're down here office shoe.

Yeah. It's the most stressful. It's the most we were talking about this earlier. And I threw this question out there is factor fiction is playoff hockey over time. The most stressful thing when you're watching it in sports and you just made the argument perfectly. You don't even have a dog in the fight and look how stressed out or look out crazy and how many heart palpitations you're getting when you watch this stuff. I know it's very stressful to watch like some of these basketball games. I don't know what's been happening, but they're going last three minutes, like minutes at a time. No one's calling a time out.

Even they're missing shot. And I'm like, I'm like, I'm like hyperventilating there. And then I watch these hockey games and it's just like, all right, 20 minutes to chill. And then let's go back out.

And then games over in 15 seconds. Oh my God. I mean, I'm just getting started. I just sat back down. It's crazy.

The great Bart Winkler here with us at a Winkler Wednesday. Where are you at with Bronnie James? He's staying in the draft. I think inevitably he'll get drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers and you'll have JJ radical, Bron James, Anthony Davis, and Bronnie James on that squad next year. Do you think Bronnie's going to go to Lakers or how do you kind of think about the, I think the coverage of it is all weird because so many people just don't like Bronnie because of who his father is.

And then so many people are like, well, he probably should have go back. He should have went back another year at college and then others are building it off potential. I think the whole conversation is just very weird in regards to Bronnie James.

It's also weird because there is this young man at the core of it who is trying to build a career for himself, a career that his dad has been very successful in. And despite that, he is possibly not one of the greatest draft prospects, but the greatest draft asset that we've seen in a long time. And it's, I don't like to say it cause it's very like, it sucks that he's a real person, but he's being like, he is an asset, but, but like, do you really think LeBron, if the Lakers don't draft Bronnie is going to be going somewhere else? I would draft them to find out. I would take that risk. I mean, all these, also all these teams are just going to pass on Bronnie, but you're passing on the opportunity to at least engage in a conversation with someone who you don't think would ever come to your team.

I think it's a facade. I think LeBron's playing this perfectly. The draft will happen, right? We know he's going to opt out anyway. He'll stir up the drama.

Bronnie will probably go a little bit sooner than expected. If he goes to a team that is in LA, people be like, Oh, are they going to get LeBron James? If he does go to LA, that will just be the cherry on top of the Sunday for LeBron. I would be, he should go to the Sixers. I don't think he will, but I do believe LeBron is going to go back to LA. Like I'm at a 99% confident on that one.

I probably, I mean, probably that I feel that way too. I feel like Reddick's, I'm so annoyed. Reddick's going to be there. LeBron and Bronnie.

That's probably what's going to happen. But if I'm one of these other teams, especially teams that, you know, you've been bad for a while, or you just can't seem to ignite anything. If there's even a 1% chance that, because LeBron, there's so many teams. He's not, he's not ever thinking about Charlotte. He's not thinking about Detroit. He's not thinking about Utah, Oklahoma city.

He's not, he's not, there's no way. But if you take his kid, Indiana, you've at least got a conversation. Yeah.

You get thrown to the hospital. He wouldn't have had before. You're at least, or, and then if you don't like, then the Lakers give you something, you know, well, trade us Bronnie.

Okay. Well then we want better than what we selected him as, and we want a better pick for next year. It's like, I would draft him.

I would draft him, draft him and see what happens. He is Bart Winkler, the host of the Bart Winkler show weeknights right here on the infinity sports network. You've listened in on many of the same infinity sports network affiliates, Sirius XM channel 158 and the free Odyssey app weeknights 10 PM to 2 AM Eastern time. Bart, thank you so much, my friend. Bye Zach.

Thank you for your time. You got it. There he is. Bart Winkler. He always cracks me up. I love Bart. He is phenomenal.

We will take a time out when we come on back. Top 10 coaches in college football. CBS put out a list. I agree with every coach that they put in the top 10.

The order, that's where we differentiate. I'll give you my top 10 coaches in college football. When we come on back in about five minutes, you could always interact with the show by giving us a call at 855-212-4227. Once again, that number is 855-212-4227. If you don't follow us on social media, we are on Instagram and Twitter at Zach Gelb. That's Z-A-C-H G-E-L-B-M or even on TikTok too, I believe at the Zach Gelb show. Samtor created us a TikTok about two months ago. So if you want to see Samtor dancing and move it into his new home, I think Samtor did like a whole breakdown on the whiskey that he had or the wine that he had last night in his backyard and his backyard porch. I think you're getting an exclusive Samtor house content exclusively on a TikTok for the Zach Gelb show. Coming on back. The wait is over.

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