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Best Dynamic Duo ( Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 23, 2024 6:01 pm

Best Dynamic Duo ( Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 23, 2024 6:01 pm

Does Dallas have the best dynamic duo in the four teams left? Hour 1

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
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And continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television. The all new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu. Live from the play show yet not overly ostentatious studios of the Infinity Sports Network. This is a Thursday edition of the Zach Gelb show as we broadcast to you live from our 345 Hudson Street studios sitting on top of the 10th floor. You could always listen to us via one of our Infinity Sports Network affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, the free Odyssey app, and of course streaming live on YouTube. 8552124227 is the number to jump on in.

8552124227. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter X at Zach Gelb. Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Got Colton, got Stuart Kovacs, rocking and rolling with me. We go all the way up until 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific today. The Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis is going to make a stop. The bus will stop right here on the Zach Gelb show at 4.20 p.m. Eastern time, 1.20 p.m. Pacific day. We are scheduled, like we were last week, we'll see what happens this week, to be joined by Brandon Cooks, Cowboys wide receiver.

That will come your way at 5 p.m. Eastern, hopefully 2 p.m. Pacific. Let's start with the hoops from last night. You know, we had a conversation earlier in the week, and it even continued yesterday with Antonio Daniels. And the conversation was, who's the best dynamic duo remaining in the NBA postseason? The Pacers have Tyrese Halliburton and Pascal Siakam. You can forget about that.

That's clearly fourth. You have Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown of the Boston Celtics. You have the Minnesota Timberwolves and Anthony Edwards and Carl Anthony Towns. And then you had my choice, which was the preeminent dynamic duo in Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving of the Dallas Mavericks.

And I think it's a good question. It's a good thinking point on who is the best dynamic duo and the order I gave it to you, because you start with the Batmans first, then you go to the Robins. So the Batmans out of the group, I thought Luka Doncic is the best player remaining in the postseason when you look at the Batmans, which feature Anthony Edwards, you have Jason Tatum, and then on the Pacers duo, it's Tyrese Halliburton. So Luka Doncic to me is the best player remaining in the postseason.

Then you look at the Robins, Jalen Brown did bail out Jason Tatum the other night. Carl Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards both didn't play their best in Game 1, but look at what Kyrie Irving did. And here's the frustrating part with Kyrie. We all know how special of a talent and how great of a player Kyrie Irving is. A lot of us loved Kyrie Irving when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. A lot of us loved that moment in the 3-1 comeback where he had a great Game 6 with LeBron, and then in Game 7 LeBron gets the block, and we know Kyrie Irving had that massive 3-point shot. That was a fun moment, but ever since that moment did happen, Kyrie changed.

Kyrie got caught up in his own mind for some of it, and other things Kyrie Irving is the only one to blame, and he could only blame himself. But you look at Kyrie, who wanted to leave Cleveland because he didn't want a situation where LeBron was going to leave again, and he was going to be left at the altar. He didn't want that situation to happen, and he thought that he could go somewhere and be the lead dog on a championship team, and he didn't want to be in the spotlight of LeBron James anymore. So he goes to Boston, and I don't know if it was jealousy, because remember when he was there and he was hurt, and that young core of Tatum and Brown went to the conference finals and they lost to the Cavs in seven games, and Tatum had that thunderous slam right in LeBron's face in Game 7? I don't know, because Kyrie wasn't a part of it because he was hurt, if that was maybe some jealousy and that created friction in that locker room, but then when Kyrie got back on the court, there was always a disconnect with Kyrie and the Boston Celtics. And we all remember when he takes the microphone and he talks to the crowd and he says, I'll be here as long as you guys want to have me here, which made it seem as if as long as the Celtics pay you, you were going to remain a Boston Celtic. But then we know that Kyrie did everything in his power to eventually leave the Boston Celtics, and it got very nasty with Kyrie Irving up against the Celtics fan base, which I think Kyrie was for the most part in the wrong. So Kyrie then became a villain, and then he goes to Brooklyn, and he became a malcontent, where there was already signs of him being a malcontent, but sometimes it's a one off one situation, and then you go somewhere else, and then you totally change your career.

And you get back moving in the right direction. But in Brooklyn, he was single handedly the biggest reason why the Nets Big Three failed, because Kyrie Irving, when James Harden was playing nice, Kyrie Irving wasn't playing nice and reciprocating that with James Harden. Remember, when James Harden got there, he was like, oh, you want me to play point? I'll play point, and I'll facilitate the basketball.

No problem. You know, there was a stretch where there was multiple takes on this network. I remember it.

I got the receipts. I don't forget those takes, where people were talking about James Harden as a potential MVP candidate when he got traded to Brooklyn because of the way that he was playing a certain role. But Kyrie, with the team that he helped form, for whatever the reasons were, was not happy in Brooklyn. And we know there was a lot of jackassery and stupid things coming out of the mouth or on his social media feed that was very offensive from Kyrie Irving. So Kyrie eventually lands in Dallas, and I'll be the first one to say it. I had no expectation for Kyrie Irving in Dallas. I expected Kyrie in Dallas to end up in an ugly way, because you would have been a fool not to. Because Kyrie wasn't all locked in on basketball. Kyrie did not care that his actions were being detrimental to his brand. They were being detrimental to his teammates and also his success on the basketball court. But in the last few months, really the last two, three months, Kyrie Irving has been all locked in on the Dallas Mavericks.

And look at what is transpiring now. They have the best one-two punch remaining in the postseason, because when Kyrie is all locked in, he's a top 10 player in the league. And I don't know if it was that crazy, magical shot in the regular season, that game-winning bucket that turned everything around. But something changed with Kyrie where I'm not saying I trust Kyrie.

I'm not saying I expect this to be a long marriage. He has one year left in the contract and a player option. Eventually, if the Mavericks don't want to pay him or if they have some skepticism or if, because you know Kyrie wants a max contract, like I'm not even saying you could fully trust Kyrie to give him another max deal.

Someone will. I'm not saying I could trust him yet. But if there is one domino that falls that's not in the direction of Kyrie Irving and doesn't go in his way, as cool as this run has been, as good as it is to see the old Kyrie back, you will see moments of Kyrie Irving that will pop up that go, oh, that's Boston Kyrie. Oh, that's Brooklyn Kyrie.

So this could be borrowed time. But right now, it's safe to say nothing's going to change with Kyrie in a negative way from today to the rest of the postseason. And that brings me to my next point where we get into the conversation of how special Luca and Kyrie are. And Kyrie last night had 24 points in the first half, finished the game with 30 points. You see how they complimented one another, Luca and Kyrie. Luca was sensational in the second half.

He finished the game with 33 points and the Mavericks take a 1-0 lead on the road in Minnesota last night for game one of the Western Conference Finals. So earlier in the week, we had this conversation, as we've been discussing the last 10 minutes, on who's the best dynamic duo. And as I told you, right, it was Luca, Kyrie 1 for me, Anthony Edwards, Carl Anthony, Towns 2, Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown, 3. And then 4 was Therese Halliburton and Pascal Siaka.

And I thought 2 and 3 are splitting hairs. Quite frankly, after game one, you could make the case that you would flop Tatum and Brown to 2 and you put Edwards and Towns in at 3. Because, yes, Jason Tatum did not play well in the fourth quarter, only had 4 points in game one, but Jalen Brown bailed him out with the great 3-pointer. And then in overtime, Jason Tatum returned the favor by scoring 10 points in the extra session.

So, the next question I'll ask is this. Out of the four teams remaining, which team needs to win the most? Like, which team needs to win now? Number one, it's still the Boston Celtics, because they've been so close, but yet so far. And you look at the three remaining teams, if you would have told Boston back in February or January that you would be in the conference finals, your opponent would be the Pacers, and on the West, it would be Minnesota and Dallas, they would have signed for that 10 times out of 10. Because that means you would have avoided Denver, you would have avoided or already defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, the Miami Heat, and so on and so on. So, Boston, they don't win the championship this year, it's an epic failure, even though the winner of the West Series can't beat Boston. After that, I think it's Dallas, because it goes off my point. Luca Doncic right now, even though he's banged up, he's playing at an extremely high level.

The question with Luca always was, in Dallas, would he have the right running mate? The last time they got to the conference finals, you started to see the emergence of Jalen Brunson. But then the Mavericks got cute with the finances, Jalen Brunson was available to leave, he elected to leave because of how close his family is with the Roses, and also, Leon Rose gave him a bargain of a deal now, but at the time it was a rich contract of over $100 million. Now you fast forward a few years later, you have Kyrie there, Kyrie playing at a top 10 level, but there's always that fear in the back of your mind that Kyrie Irving is going to explode, Kyrie Irving is going to do something in a negative way. So since Kyrie is operating on good behavior right now, you got to bottle this up, and you got to make sure it takes you to the finals, and you win the finals. Because as easy as it is to believe in Kyrie and appreciate what he's doing this year, and say, man, how great is it when Kyrie's locked in on basketball, and isn't, you know, making antisemitic posts, and also just acting like a jackass, that could change in a snap of a finger.

I still don't trust Kyrie, I know how great of a player Kyrie is, and that talent, it's never questioned if he has the talent, it's if up here he's going to be locked in so you see his talent not get derailed in the basketball court because of other things. So since he is in right now, you got to take that to seven more wins, and go win a championship. And then after that, you know, Minnesota, I think this is the start of something new. But I don't think Minnesota fans want to hear that. Because like how many times in sports does a team, and I don't want to say Minnesota came out of nowhere, they had 56 wins in the regular season.

But how many times does a team go further than expected, become that team, then they don't get the job done, and then you never see them get back to that spot. So that's how I would rank it, and the Pacers are in at fourth. And I know you could then equally use the same argument for the Pacers. Does anyone think the Pacers are beating the Celtics?

I don't. And if somehow the Pacers beat the Celtics, you know, I'm not saying that we don't take them seriously, I just don't take them seriously enough to win a championship. Like I respect the Pacers, I like what they do, they play a fun offense, Halliburton's been a pretty damn special, Siakam, right, they got a good team. But they're just not to me a championship team. Like you could get to a conference finals and not be looked at as a championship team. And even if somehow, and it's like a waste of time because they're not going to beat the Celtics four times, but even if they get to the finals, I just don't see how you would pick against the winner of the Mavericks-Timberwool series. So I do believe the Celtics are the team that needs to win now the most, but right after that it's the Dallas Mavericks, and they are right on the heels of the Boston Celtics for taking the number one spot in this conversation.

Because when you look at these four remaining teams, Dallas has the best dynamic duo, Dallas has the best Batman, Dallas has the best Robin. And you just wonder how much longer Kyrie after this year is going to play nice, is going to do the right thing to continue the success of the Dallas Mavericks. That we've seen this team get hot recently, we've seen this team play very well in the postseason, and now after last night, they're three wins away from getting to the NBA finals. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network, we will take a timeout when we come on back. Dak Prescott said something in the last 24 hours, and it is at 1000% on the BS meter. We'll tell you what Dak Prescott said when we return, and I'll tell you why it's a bunch of bold bleep when we come on back on the Zach Gelb show. Call from Mom. Answer it.

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It is the Zach Gelb show. Do we have this Dak Prescott audio, Stu, where he was talking to the media yesterday? We don't have it? Oh, we do?

Okay, perfect. Let's listen up to Dak Prescott on what his motivations are as you get set for the season and obviously the contract has been a big topic of conversation. I don't play for money. Never have, never cared for it, to be honest with you. Yeah, we give it up just to play this game, so I allow that to the business people to say what it's worth, what they're supposed to give a quarterback of my play, a person of my play, leader of my play, I guess you could say, and for me it's about, as I said, control.

I can control and handle that part and the rest will take care of itself. I don't know about you guys. When you heard the first part of that answer, where he's like, it's not about money for me, I've never played the game for money, but then at the end he is talking about money and he's talking about his value and getting what a person that plays his position is worth. So, once again, I want to play that sound one more time, but when you listen to that sound, it's BS for a lot of reasons.

But he even contradicts himself from what he said in the beginning to then what he alludes to at the end. One more time. I don't play for money. Never have, never cared for it, to be honest with you. Yeah, I would give it up just to play this game. So, I allow that to the business people to say what it's worth, what they're supposed to give a quarterback of my play, a person of my play, leader of my play, I guess you could say, and for me it's about, as I said, control.

I can control and handle that part and the rest will take care of itself. So, whenever a player says they don't play the game for the money, it's bullcrap. Like, I'm not saying that players originally didn't love the game and then you turn out to be so successful and then you become such a lucrative option and you make so many dollars doing this. But Dak's saying he'll let the business people figure things out what he's worth and then also saying you don't care about the money and you only can control what you can control. Well, Dak, you could control what you get paid.

Like, you could go to your finance people, your agents, right, and say, guys, you may not like what I'm about to say. I know I could go get way north of 50-something million dollars, you know, maybe even 60 million dollars. I could be the highest paid quarterback in the league because, fair or not, Dak Prescott has been good.

He has not been great. But when you are a good quarterback in the NFL, you get great money and you reset the market. So right now, the highest average annual value salary at the quarterback position is Joe Burrow at 55 million. Jared Goff just got 53 million a year and Jared Goff's a good quarterback, not a great quarterback. So if you're Dak Prescott and you can control what you can control and if that's a factual statement, which it's not, that you don't care about the money, you don't play the game for the money, well, I'll urge Dak Prescott to do this.

I'll call his bluff. Why don't you take significantly less? I'm not saying take 25 million dollars a year. I'm not saying take a 30 million dollar a year deal. Why don't you, Dak Prescott, take a 40 million dollar a year contract, like what Matthew Stafford has, and it would make you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, it would make you the 11th highest paid quarterback per year in football. I'll give you 41. 41 million dollars a year, I'll put you right past Stafford. 41 million dollars a year.

Why don't you do that? Take less, since it's not about the money and it's about your enjoyment to play and your enjoyment to go try to win, and they could easily take care of CeeDee Lamb, they could easily take care of Michael Parsons, and also fill out the rest of the roster, and put a really damn good team together, because you look at quarterbacks for years, and right, I know Samter's been on like the longest time away that I think any producer's ever been away for in the history of radio, you know, to be fair, he got COVID a week ago, now he's moving this week, we just found out that Samter, we're all out on Memorial Day, but he's not even back Tuesday, Samter's not even making his triumphant return until Wednesday. And quite frankly, I will believe Samter's going to be back on Wednesday when I see Samter in this studio still, and the reason why I say that, think about it still, he had the COVID for the week, and he was out. Now this is moving week, which I never knew you needed an entire week to move, but Samter's moving, he has the time off, he's allowed to take the time off, I'm not mad whatsoever, but can't you see Samter on Wednesday still going, guys, I had a complication, the internet guy, you know, got pushed back a few days, there's a problem with the plumbing, there's a problem with the electric, like if I'm putting odds down right now that Samter is showing up to work on Wednesday after being out for what's going to be over two weeks, being sick, and then also with the move, I'm going to say Samter's showing up to work, if he shows up to work, I'm going to say it's at like plus 180. I don't think it's likely he's coming to work on Wednesday.

I have no factual evidence of that, but him coming to work at plus 180, you would think that would be minus on the odds, not plus on the odds. I guess I'll talk to you Tuesday night about guests and topics for Wednesday. See, I'm not annoyed, I don't know, I could just go off sensing there, I sense Stu being a little bit annoyed. We're happy. Oh yeah, you're happy, you're good? I'm good, I like working with you. Other hosts, I don't know if it would be that case, but with you I'm happy. Oh, you want to name names? If we designated Stu for assignment to another show. Oh no, that sounds horrible. Oh jeez, I won't put Stu in that position, but work with me either way.

You just move over one spot and it's a little bit different in what you do. We're just having a little bit of fun. To the point being, Samter would always freak out about contracts. I'm not usually a big money guy, it doesn't excite me to talk about money when it comes to players and the whole financing side. But it's a conversation in sports radio, Dak Prescott when he gets paid will impact the rest of the team. And usually I'm never someone that says, oh quarterback should take less. But when the quarterback says it's not about the money, and you don't care what the money is, if it's truly about the love of the game and trying to win, wouldn't that behoove you to take less?

It absolutely would. And Samter would make this case all the time that these quarterbacks should take less. And these quarterbacks should kind of do what Brady did and not be the highest paid quarterback in the league because it would put their team in a better position to win. But I never actually expected it to happen. I think Maggie and Perloff had this debate when it came to Joe Burrow. And I forget who said what, but whoever said that Joe Burrow was going to take significantly less, I vehemently disagreed. Because I never expected him to take less. He was going to go and reset the market because he's a guy that it's a rarity where he's great.

Because a lot of these guys that are good, they get paid great money, but he's a great quarterback and obviously he got the great money. But that's what I think Dak should do. Like if Dak is serious about his comments, and it won't happen, but if Dak is serious about his comments and Dak says he can only control what he can control, well you're in the power. Like if you go tell your agents, I want to take a deal that's $42, $41 million a year, they may try to talk you out of it, but ultimately the agents work for you. And the agents do, at the end of the day, what you want. So if your agent won't listen to you, you get rid of your agent. It wouldn't be the first time a player fired an agent. But for Dak Prescott, for him to say, never cared about the money, doesn't play for the money, it's a load of crap.

We all know that. But then go take less. Take significantly less and think about what it would do for your career if you're Dak Prescott. Right now, Dak Prescott is viewed as the good quarterback that's the quarterback of the Cowboys, but he never gets the job done in the big game.

No one thinks the Cowboys are anywhere close, even though they've been in the second round a bunch, for getting to their first NFC title game since the 1995 season and winning their first Super Bowl since the 1995 season. So, you don't care about the money? I would just simply say, as I've said now, about six or seven times in the last eight minutes, Stu, go take significantly less if you don't care about the money. Because then it makes Micah Parsons happy, it makes C.D. Lamb happy, it will expedite their contracts, and it can get you other, better players too. And if this was going to happen, it should have happened right before the offseason started, because then Stu the Cowboys actually could have been all in like how Jerry Jones did claim.

Yeah, it's put a percent of time for him. I mean, he says this, let's see if he does it, and just imagine if he takes less money, they can re-sign the guys they need to sign, maybe get a couple other pieces, and they win a Super Bowl, the first one in, you know, 25 years. Yeah, and also, we know Jerry Jones has all the power in the organization. It allows Dak Prescott to take the power, because Dak could go to Jerry and say, hey, I did you a favor.

I did the rarity. I took only 40 million dollars a year where I could have been a pain in the ass and got at least 55, 56 million dollars a year, so now you have to use that money in a salary cap league that you saved by not having to pay me to go get other people. Or, and if he can't get that guarantee from Jerry, then he walks. That's the other thing, too. Dak has all the power here. Dak has all the control. Dak has a no-tag clause.

So, the other way to look at this, Stu, is what he just said, is that a front? Is that a front for him just kicking the can down the road, and maybe setting up this offseason where it will be all about the money, and Dak will just go to the highest bidder, because maybe he's fed up with all the drama that is happening with the drama Dallas Chokin' Cowboys, though. I feel like that's the more likely option. Ahead of him taking less money to stay with the Cowboys, I think there's a better chance he's on another team.

I would agree with that. Like, next year, or excuse me, a year from now, is Dak on the Cowboys? Yes or no? I say no. You say no? Okay.

Colton, is Dak on the Cowboys a year from now? Yes. Absolutely. Yes. Act Attack, Rich Ackerman?

Yes. And it's going to be a new record-breaking contract, you're assuming? I don't know if I'd go record-breaking, but he'll get the money. At least 50 million. Yeah, he'll get the money. Okay, at least 50 million a year.

Huh. Will Dak be in Dallas next season? I want to agree with Stu. I want to say he will be elsewhere, because I think it would be better. Like, imagine if Dak was in Seattle next year, with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jackson Smith in Jigba.

That would be fun. But I don't think he's leaving the organization. Because I almost just think at this point, Dak is immune to all the craziness that we make a big deal about with the Cowboys. That Dak knows what the drama is, Dak knows what he's getting with Jerry Jones, and he's just able to have it go in one ear and out the other. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We have finally seen the video of what happened between the cop and Scottie Scheffler before the PGA Championship.

We will react to that on the other side. And last night, I was at the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, for Game 1 of the Easter Conference Final. The Rangers.

That was an ugly performance. The Panthers mulled the Rangers. We'll discuss that when we come on back, but update time first. Here he is, the act man, Rich Ackerman. So this portion of the show, Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network, is sponsored by the new Hyundai Tucson, available with complimentary class-leading Blue Link Plus.

Now it's easy to use your phone to control your Tucson. Joining us coming up at 4.20pm Eastern Time, 1.20pm Pacific today, will be the Pro Football Hall of Famer in Jerome Bettis. I'll get to the Panthers and the Rangers in just a second, but the video has now been released of Scottie Scheffler trying to enter the PGA Championship on what was early Friday morning. If you forget, there was unfortunately a death leading into that event, and it caused a road to be shut down. And I guess there's only one entry to get into the PGA Championship, even if you're a golfer. And when people were trying to enter, they were being told no.

Now I guess several golfers were told how to get in, and they would be allowed to get in. And we know what happened. Scottie Scheffler eventually got arrested. And there was a report out there, and the claim was that the police officer got dragged to the ground by Scottie Scheffler's vehicle. So the cop didn't have his body camera activated. And when I saw the video, I think it's an overreaction by the officer. Now let me be clear before I go any further. We need cops.

We do. I know a lot of times it's easy to just bash the police. There are definitely some police officers that abuse their powers and are bad cops. But that's like in any line of work. There's a lot of good people in your line of work, and there's some bad people. You rarely hear, though, about the good people.

Only the bad does get highlighted. I just want to make that abundantly clear, because I don't think it's easy to be a cop. I have a lot of respect for police officers around the country. But in this case, from what I saw, and this is the easiest way to describe it, Scheffler is slowly trying to get in. Then it looks like the cops realize he's getting past them and they're like, no, you can't get past them. And to get the attention of Scheffler, it looked like one officer just elbowed the car.

He doesn't fall to the ground, though. And the moment when Scottie Scheffler, it looks like an elbow to me, the elbow goes on the car, he stops the vehicle. So unless some other video comes out, it does not look like the officer was in any danger. It does not look like the officer was dragged to the ground. It just looks like this was an officer who told Scottie to stop. Maybe Scottie didn't hear him at first, but then the moment that officer hits the car, he stops. So I don't think Scottie Scheffler did anything that warned him to be arrested. Because let's say you're trying to drive to get to work, which Scottie Scheffler was doing, and let's say the road was blocked off and you're trying to get in, and you pull up and an officer says no, and you pass them for like a second, but it's as they're saying no, and then the officer smacks your car and you stop? Do you deserve to get arrested?

No. And it's wild to me how at the PGA Championship, he was not 30 miles away. He wasn't an hour away. He was trying to enter the event. This is not some scrub. This is not some golfer you've never heard of.

It's the number one bleeping golfer in the world who just won the Masters. So how does it get to this point where he gets arrested? And in a weird way, I'm putting some of this on Scottie Scheffler. And the only thing I put on Scottie Scheffler, the cop overreacted. He shouldn't have got arrested. I don't think Scottie Scheffler did anything wrong.

But you see the video. It was Jeff Darlington, right? The reporter at ESPN. He looks at Jeff Darlington and he's like, help me. I know we don't want people to be that douche, right? Usually when you play the card of, do you know who I am?

You come off as a douche. But in that case, if it means going to jail or getting entry to the PGA Championship, I'm just going to go out on a limb here. I think we all would have been fine if some video got release of Scottie Scheffler saying to the officer, Hey officer, do you know who I am? I'm Scottie Scheffler. I'm trying to participate in the tournament. I just won the Masters.

I'm the number one golfer in the world. And then you would think, right? Even if the cop was mad that he didn't stop right away, where it was, don't like, I'm assuming the cop said, no, you can't go in right as he's driving, because you can't hear what's going on. I'm just looking at the video. I'm making a logical assumption.

So if I'm assuming I'm making an ass out of you and me, I'll apologize in advance. But it's not like Scottie Scheffler was told no and then drove a mile down the road. Like, Colin, he may have been told no from what we could see and then may have went seven or eight feet.

That may be benevolent. He didn't go that far, right? It's not a good look for the officer.

I don't think this is a good thing. No, exactly. And you arrest him, you can just pull up to the front. He's at the front gate. You're telling me there's no PGA people around? Golfers are all getting there that early. Hey, is this who this guy says he is?

Oh, yeah, that's Scottie Scheffler. That's a great point. I didn't understand how this even got that far.

How are these folks that run this tournament at Valhalla Golf Club, how do they allow this to happen? Because that's like a commotion. And I get it.

If the officer wants to arrest you, it doesn't matter who you are. But how did the common sense prevail here? Where, from both sides, the officer realizing that Scottie really didn't do anything wrong, and then on the other side, Scottie, how don't you say, do you know who the bleep I am?

That's wild to me. And you know what? I think Jeff Darlington should have got arrested with him. Like, if I'm Jeff Darlington, and I know he did a great job reporting, and everyone was slobbering over his reporting, because it was very good reporting, for your own personal brand and your own career, I think it actually would have benefited him more. Instead of getting on ESPN, this is what I just saw, and Scottie said, help me, and the officer had no clue who Scottie Scheffler was, right, because Darlington said that. They were like, it doesn't matter who that guy is, he's going to jail.

He tried to hurt our officer, which it doesn't look like he did. Like, I know Darlington's getting praised for doing his job, but could you imagine if Darlington stepped in, and two things would happen. One, you try to prevent the arrest from happening, and then Scottie Scheffler's like, this is Jeff Darlington, he's the guy that made it known it was me, he prevented me from going to jail.

That's option one. Or two, you step in, and you get arrested with Scottie Scheffler. Think about that exclusive interview.

You're in the slammer, right? You got Big Bob in the sellover, and you got Scottie Scheffler and Jeff Darlington. That's an exclusive interview for Jeff Darlington, and Scottie will remember you forever. I don't know if Darlington, I know he's an NFL reporter, I don't know if he's trying to make it big in the golf community. Obviously, he has to have somewhat of success covering golf.

I'm not aware of it, because he's at the PGA Championship, part of the ESPN coverage. Being a reporter, you then have a relationship with the number one golfer in the world who doesn't have much of a personality. But he'll always remember you as the guy that you went to jail with. That you got ham and cheese sandwiches with.

And also, I think it's pretty badass. I would love to be known as, and I don't refer to myself as a reporter, but I'm just doing it for this. Zach Geld, the reporter, who got arrested trying to prevent Scottie Scheffler from going to jail. Could be a great friendship that was just built, going to jail together. You know what? I may have to arrange getting arrested with the golfer. Patrick Cantlay follows me on Twitter. Should I DM Patrick Cantlay, hey, you want to up your brand, we'll up my brand too, we'll all get arrested at the U.S. Open this year. Make sure you got your phone recording and put it in your back pocket, because there's plenty of audio for you.

Oh my god, it's crazy. And the cop didn't have his body camera activated, eventually with the overhead video. This looks like a guy that was just trying to get to work. He was told no, he's in a car, maybe didn't hear it at first, goes about three feet, officer slams his elbow on the car. Which is a, I'll say this, a badass move by the officer.

Your elbow in a car, doesn't your elbow have to hurt? And then boom, Scottie Scheffler gets arrested. Once again, I think there's a lot of great cops in this world. I just can't defend this cop.

This cop just, from what I've seen, he just seems like he's in the wrong. Anyway, let's get to the ice. Let me play you Matthew Tkachuk on the biggest key to the Panthers securing a 1-0. Well, they won the game 3-0, but going up 1-0 in the Easter Conference Final, taking Game 1 in Madison Square Garden on the road. Getting the first goal playing with the lead is a huge thing, especially in playoffs.

And able to try to build on that lead is something we're going to have to, you know, what we were trying to work on and tried to do. But at the end of the day, we played really well defensively. And here was Carter Verhage, his goal on the Panthers radio network to give the Panthers a 2-0 lead. I guess Verhage gets credited with the goal, even though it really should be Alexi Lafreniere, because he put the puck in his own net. Down into Rangers territory, Shasturkin well out to play this one, gave it right to Verhage along the far boards. Verhage back up for a tip off a Ranger and they score! Carter Verhage centered it and went off a Ranger and the Panthers have a 2-0 lead with 3.48 to play. So, last night, I thought the Rangers were pretty flat. They came a little bit alive in the third period. Wennberg has to put that puck in, Cooley hit a post on a breakaway. You had another breakaway too earlier in the game with Schneider, he couldn't convert. You know, the Rangers, there's been so many times this year where they look like they're not going to win. And then like last night, I'm sitting there when it's 1-0 in the third period, I'm like, I just think they're going to find a way to pull this game out.

Because you've been accustomed to it. The Panthers were the more physical team, the Panthers were the better team, and you saw last night, with as good as Shasturkin is, Bob could challenge, Bobrovsky can challenge Igor. Where in a lot of other rounds, the Rangers had the clear, distinct goaltender advantage. And I know a lot of people are going to freak out and say, put Rempe in. I would have been fine with Rempe playing last night to try to match the toughness, but Truba was tough last night. You know, they did fight back at times up against the Panthers, they just didn't get the puck luck to put the puck and get the biscuit in the basket.

That's the bottom line. The Panthers, I said it before the postseason, started the best team in the league. They should go to the Stanley Cup final, but this series is far from over. I anticipate the Rangers winning tomorrow night, tying this up at 1-1, and then you go on Sunday to Florida for a game 3 at 1-1. But the Rangers don't win on Friday, then you think the series is over. Because the Panthers have been a team that have been there, they've done that in the East before. But the Rangers, any time they've been doubted this year, and there's a reason why they had the most points in the league, they have found the way to come through. But Mika Zabanejad has to be better, Artemi Panarin has to be better, and the Rangers, they were a little flat last night, no doubt about it.

They didn't get enough shots, they had to increase that offense, but ultimately, the puck just didn't bounce their way last night, and we'll see what happens in Game 2. Yes. Planning? Yep. How to build a cereal box fortress?

You have no idea. Download the Instacart app, and we'll overthink shopping for you. Okay, picture this.

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Hyundai. There's joy in every journey. The wait is over.

That's right. Season 5 of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So, get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television. The all-new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu.
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