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Wolves Howling? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 22, 2024 6:05 pm

Wolves Howling? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 22, 2024 6:05 pm

Sirius XM NBA Host Antonio Daniels joins the show. What's next for the New York Knicks. Your News Brief. 


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That's right. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. Antonio Daniels. And I'm not just saying this because he's joining us. He's one of the best basketball analysts in the country.

Quite frankly, he should be in the booth with Mike Breen doing these games on ESPN. And he's kind enough to join us right now on the show as a recap. The Celtics and the Pacers game, one of the Eastern Conference finals from last night and get you set for the Western Conference final that does commence this evening with the Dallas Mavericks.

Obviously, with Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic going up against the Minnesota Timberwolves. So the sensation that is Anthony Edwards. Antonio Daniels, my friend. How you been? I'm blessed, Zach. How you doing, brother?

Appreciate your kind words, man. Well, it's just true. Like, I don't know how much you want to talk about this. And I love Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson.

They were together. Nothing against you all. I have a little bit against J. J. Reddick, but I can't say nothing against J. J. Reddick. And then you have Doris Burke. Breen's great. It just doesn't feel like a crew. That should be calling the Easter Conference final.

It just didn't have a big time feel last night is what I thought. Oh, well, well, for me, I mean, I think Doris Burke's great. I think J. J. Reddick is great. And I have all the love in the world for Mike Breen.

I don't have an issue with it. I know when you have when you're accustomed to a booth with Mark Jackson and Van Gundy and Mike Breen. And that's no longer there. It's hard to replace. You know, we keep hearing. On TNT, this is the last year for inside the NBA, you know, and if that's the case, can anything replace that?

You know, it's very, very tough to replace something that you're accustomed to. And we were accustomed to hearing the booth with Breen and Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. But I mean, you know, Doris Burke and J. J. Reddick and Mike Breen, you know, I think it just especially for Doris Burke and J. J. Reddick, Mike brings a fixture.

It just takes time to develop that symmetry that those guys took time to develop that we got accustomed to. Do you think, by the way, because we already saw Doc leave that booth. It kind of feels like J. J. Reddick is going to be the next coach of the Lakers.

Like that's just how I feel. What's going to play on out? Who do you think will be coaching the Lakers next year? I don't I don't know. I mean, for me, it's it comes down to what are the Lakers looking for? For me, what are they looking for? I honestly, I don't think anyone has a day. I don't think anyone has a damn clue. But for me, Zach, and we've discussed this on on our Sirius XM show. Is it a good idea to hire a rookie head coach into a championship or bus scenario?

Is that a good idea? Bringing Adrian Griffin into Milwaukee was unfair to Adrian Griffin, right? Bringing Darvin Ham into the Lakers was unfair to Darvin Ham, because no matter what the expectation is, they can't meet it. Because they're it there's an amount of grace that's given to coaches with the championship resume example. Adrian Griffin was 70% of his games and got fired. But Doc Rivers comes in with the championship pedigree, because he won a championship with the Celtics. Now is view different, even though he did not have the same success that Adrian Griffin experience.

It's just seen as different for whatever reason. Um, I don't know what the Lakers are looking for. So the question I would ask you that is, what is their identity? Offensive defense?

It's a great question. I think their identity is outside of the coaching search. Whatever LeBron wants this offseason, because I think Ron's coming back.

Davis is going to be there. They'll try to go get Donovan Mitchell. I don't think the Cavs are going to trade him to to the Lakers, but I think that they're tied to LeBron still as long as he still wants to be there. So whatever LeBron wants to do, but then it doesn't make sense why LeBron's not picking the coach supposedly.

Okay, so if that's the case, right? If their identity is what LeBron wants their identity to be, then how can they make the correct hire? Right? James Borrego, who was in New Orleans this past year, is a great offensive mind. A great offensive mind, very knowledge. You saw what he did in Charlotte with this time in Charlotte, improving that team every year that he was there. Coming to New Orleans this year being the associate head coach behind Willie Green.

You see what he did with the offense this year? If you're not looking for an offensive coach and you're not looking for a defensive coach and you don't have an identity, what exactly are you looking for? Or who should I say are you looking for to become the next leader of the Los Angeles Lakers? And the other thing that I'll say, and I know it can't with the CBA and I'll get a bunch of people that will always tweet me this. It's almost like LeBron should just be the player coach and coach the team.

I know it can't happen, but that's just the way that I kind of feel this should all play out. Yeah, I mean, but that's the you could say that for a lot of things. You could say that for a lot of things, sons, you know, like, this is a star driven league, and I don't mean this in disrespect to coaches because I feel like a lot of coaches, regardless of the situation, they're swimming upstream.

Right? When Adrian Griffin got fired for me, that's on Damian Lillard, and that's on Jonathan DeCumple. Agreed. You know, when those guys get fired, when Darvin Ham gets fired, that's on LeBron James, and that's on Anthony Davis. This is a player power league does bring Vogel get fired if Devin Booker and Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal really want him there. Does that happen? Absolutely.

I'm not right. So they players have to have some accountability in this whole thing. But on the other side, how much do players actually want to be held accountable? They don't.

And that's the biggest problem. It's like Kevin Durant. We know him and Booker are the reason why Vogel's no longer the coach. You know, even Darvin Ham with the Lakers. It's LeBron didn't want him anymore. Anthony Davis didn't want him anymore.

And you never hear that side. It's like, I don't make the decision when we know down deep, LeBron pretty much runs the Lakers and Kevin Durant runs the Suns. Right. So for me, if I'm interviewing to be a coach, if I'm interviewing to be a head coach, I need to know that I have the backing of the front office.

Right? Organizational chemistry is so incredibly important. Well, that's why you take a five year contract, Antonio. I also need to know that if my star player wants to challenge a call, and I don't agree with him that I'm not going to get fired because I chose that challenge. I need to know that the front office has my back, right? As a coach, I'm going to have the back of my players, but that doesn't mean I'm going to acquiesce to everything that the players want because then I can't do my job to the best of my ability. My job is to coach.

My job is to put you in a position to be successful. That doesn't mean that Frank Vogel, that doesn't mean that Darvin Ham, that doesn't mean that Adrian Griffith is going to do everything that appeases star players. And let's not confuse it here, Zach, because this is a star player conversation. Role players need not apply.

Right? We're not talking like if Malik Beasley goes to the front office and says, look, I don't want Adrian Griffin here. Like, yeah, that's not how it works.

That's not how this whole thing works. Jared Vanderbilt, if he goes and says, I don't want Darvin Ham, that's not how this whole thing works. These are star player conversations. Well, I'll tell you who the perfect coach would have been. And it was funny because this was the one pushback they kind of gave a LeBron guy. It would have been Ty Lue because, and it all goes back to that contract a few years ago. I think they only wanted to give him a three year deal and he wanted a four year deal. He would still be the coach there if that was the case. No question. And for me, that's a different, that's a different case because there's a difference between organizational chemistry and organizational arrogance.

Right? And I think what the Lakers practice there was organizational arrogant, almost saying like, you know, you're better. We don't need you if we don't need you.

Like, no, yes you do. Because Ty Lue is that good of a coach. And what you chose to do was not give him what he deserved. It's almost like three agent situations with players. You know, with, with Dallas, what they did with, with Jalen Brunson, right? Now he leaves, he goes somewhere else and he blows up knowing that he was the perfect fit right in there with Luca in the first place. So now you spent the last two years trying to replace Jalen Brunson with Kyrie Irving.

There's a difference to me between organizational arrogance and organizational chemistry. And I felt that the Lakers have an organizational arrogance that's tough for any coach to come in and meet or exceed the expectation that is there. Talking Antonio Daniels, let's get to the game last night. I was disappointed in the fourth quarter because I thought Indiana just gagged away that game. And I know Tatum had a great overtime and they'll get to the finals. The Celtics, they will definitely be in the finals. He's going to have to play a lot better than what he did. I know he redeemed himself in overtime, but he's got to play a lot better in the fourth quarter. If that's a team that wants to beat whoever comes out of the Western Conference in a few weeks. Yeah.

It's tough man. It's a watching that game yesterday. It felt like Boston was going to pull away.

And then Indiana does what Indiana does. They show grit, they show fight, and they work themselves back in the game. And they did everything they possibly could to get that game away Zach. Everything that they possibly could to give that game away. They gave Jason Tatum an opportunity to receive himself because like you said in the fourth quarter, he wasn't there without that overtime period.

We are having a completely different conversation today about the boss itself, but there are a couple things that continue to happen. My thought first thought was Rick Carlisle has been put in this position a couple of times in the postseason right up three with you, you can do the clock. 15 seconds left 18 seconds left 20 seconds left and certain coaches stand by this certain coaches will say look, we're gonna go ahead and play this out. We're gonna play it out at the coaches today we are going to foul, and it's come back to bite the Indiana Pacers, a couple times it's postseason already and choosing not to foul, as opposed to allowing it to play itself out. And again, last night, obviously along with some, a couple of inexperienced toner turnovers that proved to be the difference in game one. And I tell you what Zach, it is so hard like it's amazing to me how much one game can make. How much of a difference one game can make, because I feel like this is going to be very very difficult for Indiana to recover from.

Imagine the conversation we're having today. If Indiana leads that series one Oh, as opposed to being down one Oh, the way they are. So, when Carlisle talks to the media last night, because I think he said he instructed see outcome to foul or the team to foul, but then because of the positioning see outcome, he thought that elected not to do so, do you believe with what you were just saying Carlisle actually saying he told these guys to foul. Yes, because Carlisle is not the type to throw his guys under the bus.

That's not that's not his nature. That's not what Rick Carlisle does. If he comes on a post game presser and says you know what I told guys to foul, but because of the positioning when Jalen Brown caught that ball Pascal Seattle didn't think that he could actually foul. Then Rick Carlisle told his guys to foul.

He did. I don't have a problem with that we've we've seen Rick Carlisle not throw his guys under the bus, but publicly challenges guys challenges guys, and there's a difference between challenging guys and calling out guys public Rick Carlisle does a fantastic job at challenging these guys. When you looked at game five against the game six excuse me against the New York Knicks, when he was asked what they needed to do to win. He said you know what we have to play harder like the Knicks are doing, and we have to rebound the basketball. That's a way of not calling your team out, but publicly challenging your guys to play harder and be better, and they responded in game six and also in game seven.

So if Rick Carlisle told his guys to foul I, I believe that he told his guys to foul because that's not in his nature. What do you think happens in game two because you were kind of alluding to it, I kind of think in the Celtics have struggled in the postseason in game twos their own two so far. I think since they got away with one last night you're going to see a different Celtics team in game two and they'll go back to Indiana up to oh, I agree, but I tell you what, I there's something that's not there with Boston right now.

And it's not it has. I've been saying this all playoffs, you can look at the fact that they they ran through the Miami Heat first round, right they ran through the Cleveland Cavaliers second round. And yesterday they had a rough game one and still found a way to win. There is something to be said about this team.

Execution wise, that's missing. There's a lot of individual, there's a lot of one on one, you know, let's go one on one. It's a your turn my turn scenario between Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and that gets them into trouble. Their offense looks so difficult.

Sometimes I do agree with you though. I think when it when you look at the way that game one went down, I have a hard time seeing Indiana respond and think that they can play any better than what they did last night in Boston and then win game two. I'm with you. I think it's 2-0 going back to Indiana. Antonio Daniels a great job Sirius XM NBA radio. So take the teammates out of this just dynamic duos. You have Tatum and Brown.

You have Halliburton and Siakam. You have Luca and Kyrie and you have Anthony Edwards and Carl Anthony towns. Who's the best remaining dynamic duo in the NBA playoffs? I know what's between for me is between the two out of the Western Conference for me. I felt like Luca and Kyrie were the most dangerous coming in. Like I felt like Dallas was the most dangerous team coming into the playoffs. Especially in the West Anthony Edwards has obviously taken another step and Carl, you know for me. Okay, I will say this.

I'll say this at all of them. I'm going with Kyrie. I'm going with Kyrie and Luca. I agree with Kyrie Luca because here's the thing Luca I think is the best player pound for pound remaining in the postseason. So when you do it with the ones that's how I go there and then for the twos Kyrie. The problem is will he just be locked in and he's locked in now. So he's a top 10 player when he's locked in. Yeah, I just it's man.

That's a toughie because I remain locked in for three four minutes. It's not generally about Kyrie because I agree with you to a certain. Here's the question. I would ask you that you said Luca's the best player has Luca been the best player this postseason. No, it's been Anthony Edwards, right? And that's it.

Now. We're not talking about going all the way back to the first week of October second week of October and try to get because all that really matters is from the second week of the playoffs on the second week of the season the postseason off, you know that that's really all their max, you know, it's because that is a great question because here's why like no offense to Halliburton and Siakam their fourth you could tell me out of the other three you could order them any way you want one two and three and I'm not going to argue it. I put yesterday when we did this question Luke and Kyrie one and then I went cat and and Edwards to that's what I would say to him and brown three agreed agree because for me, it's the second week. Man, we stopped you.

It seems like you want to say Minnesota. No, no, but but for me, it's the second week of April on when you start looking at it because in realistically speaking, Luca has not been that great in the postseason. He hasn't been that great in the postseason. He's had some good games here and there. He's been kind of up and down. When he leaves the officials alone completely different basketball player, but in the postseason that starts the second week of April, up to now the best player has been at me. It has been at me.

I was I know for me. I have a different love for Kyrie Irving's game. He's one of the only guys in this league that if I wasn't blessed to do what I do now that I would actually pay my hard-earned money to watch play and him and Luca figure some things out, you know last year when Kyrie got traded there in February. It was a struggle to the point where people were questioning. Oh, you know what this can't work and all these other kind of things then they signed him resigned him in the summer contracts bring confidence.

Now you have Kyrie Irving coming back into a situation with Luca. They don't figure some things out, you know, whether they're on the floor together or staggered they figured something out. I'm still going to go with those two. I think that's the most skilled backward history. I'm comfortable saying that if I can say on one hand.

That's the most skilled backward history. I can definitely say their first on that list once and for Antonio Daniels last thing I'll ask you, you know, obviously you're very optimistic about the Mavs. I can't crush you for that whatsoever. But when you look at this series Mavs and Timberwolves and the way that you've been hyping it up. Who you going?

I'm going Minnesota. So I'm not as optimistic as you think I'm optimistic on those to that on that back court. But when I look at the way that the Minnesota Timberwolves are built, not just the size across the front line. The thing I feel like is so underrated about the Minnesota Timberwolves. I don't a lot of credit goes to Rudy go bare for being defensive player of the year and being the anchor of the number one defensive ready team.

But the fact of the matter is, and we saw this when Rudy go bare was absent from the birth of his child. They have excellent point of attack perimeter defenders. Nas reads great. Well, Anthony Edwards, it's a great defender, right? Nikhil Alexander Walker is a great defender. Jada McDaniel is a great defender when you have excellent point of attack perimeter defenders. And again, I don't mean to discredit Rudy go bare.

It makes this job a little bit easy. If you have guys that are quote unquote traffic cones on the perimeter and makes your job a lot to tell because now you constantly have to rim protect. Rudy go bare doesn't have to rim protect like that, like he has in years past because of the guys that he has on the perimeter.

That was the difference. Jamal Murray struggled, right? Jamal Murray struggled against his Minnesota Timberwolves team.

Why? Because they have excellent point of attack defenders. They're long, there's lengthy, they're athletic, and they have excellent defensive IQ. Kevin Durant and Devin Booker and Bradley Beal. They struggled against his Minnesota Timberwolves team. It wasn't because of Rudy go bare is because they have excellent point of attack perimeter defenders. And now we're going on to carry Irving and Luca. I'm interested to see the way this game is. This series is officiated, but I am going with the Minnesota Timberwolves for that reason. We can look at their their Rudy go bare defensive player of the year.

But for me, it's about their point of attack perimeter defense that sets him apart along with Rudy go bare. He is the sensational Antonio Daniels. Make sure you listen to him weekdays on Sirius XM NBA radio. Thanks so much, my friend. Always great to talk to you. For sure, Zach. Appreciate your brother. You got it. There he is.

Antonio Daniels. I could listen to him talk basketball all day. But if we kept on going, I think my bosses would have said, wow, you're way, way, way, way, way late for a break.

So we don't need to upset the bosses. We'll come on back. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show.

Yo, yo, Zach Gelb show right here. Infinity Sports Network getting set hoops tonight. We also obviously got pucks as well. I'll be at the Rangers and Florida Panthers game at the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. And we also have the Western Conference final getting underway as well.

Manny Rodriguez is going to give us a sports update in a bit. My condolences, my dear friend about your New York Knicks. Yeah. Yeah, it still hurts. Wounds are still fresh. Yeah, but I've got no reason to live. Give me a reason to live.

I'll give you a reason to step back from that ledge, my friend. I don't have the guitar in hand to start to serenade you, but I know you don't want to hear this because of the fact I would respond the same way that if someone told me this, I'd still rather lose in the next round. Jalen Brunson's not playing in that series with that fractured hand. Bogdanovich already out. Randall already out. Mitch Robinson already out. Hardin Stein with the shoulder. Yeah. OGN and Obi look like he was holding a number two when they, when they ran him on the court in that game seven. You would have got annihilated by Boston.

Yeah, I understand. I know that they would have been annihilated by Boston. They probably would have been swept by Boston considering all the injuries that were there. Five games if the Knicks were healthy.

But again, if big ol' if. Yeah. You know, they probably would have taken the Celtics to seven. I thought that the Knicks ceiling would be the Eastern Conference final. I thought that.

Oh, that's fair. After the realistic, I thought, yeah, no, yeah. After the team went 14 and two in the month of January, I figured to myself, oh wow, this team actually has a legitimate chance to go to the Eastern Conference finals. Unfortunately, they came up short of that. They came up a win short of that.

But you know what? I just, I just can't get it out of my head that the Knicks ended up in the same position as they were last year. Eastern Conference, Eastern Conference semi-finals out. All they did was just play one more game on the season, more or less. Yeah, but this is a better season this year than the year before. Yeah, and that's why they should have made the Eastern Conference finals. This is a better team than it was last year, but you know what? But you have hope and optimism and consistency, which you have never had in your lifetime. And you are one player away from being a title contender. A star player. I wouldn't hate running it back with this team though. Milwaukee's going to be better next year if they're healthy.

Miami, if they're healthy, if they have Jimmy Butler, which I don't know if they will, they may trade him, you would think they would be better. You still need another star. I know that, right? The grittiness of this team is fun and Knicks fans are a little delirious over it. It's a very good team.

I'm not taking anything away from what they accomplished. You need another star. You could argue Julius Randle. That's what I'm saying.

25-10 every night. I think Julius Randle even expects that he's going to get traded this offseason. I think so too. Given what the Knicks have in regards to first round draft picks and contracts that are tradable from Bojan Bogdanovic's contract, Deuce McBride's contract is very tradable as well.

You're going to have to take some to give some, right? Who's the player? Who's the player you want? If I could say you could get, realistically, someone via trade, who is that player?

Right now. Damn, that's a good question because I would like... You want me to give you the options? I would like Giannis Antetokounmpo, however... And I want to go sleep with Margot Robbie. You told me anybody.

No, no. I said realistically. Anybody realistically. You saying Giannis Antetokounmpo isn't realistic. Well, if Giannis isn't happy in Milwaukee, you know that.

Stop. He just signed an extension. Do you want to give Bart Winkler, who does the evening show here, a heart attack right now? You will be Bart's least favorite person if you start suggesting Giannis. Realistic options.

Here we go. Donovan Mitchell. We already have a ball dominant guard continue. Devin Booker? Yeah, that was my answer about six months ago, but I don't know now. Why not now?

Because, again, he needs the ball in his hand constantly. As is Jalen Brunson. I mean, that was the name that I've been floating around since basically last offseason.

Obviously, I didn't have the platform that I do now, but... Paul George? I'm good. Oh, yeah. Okay.

I'm good. I mean, really, it was Devin Booker. Had you asked me this question six months ago, I would have said Devin Booker hands down. But, I mean, you take a look at what has developed in regards to Jalen Brunson becoming a 1A, Becky Hammond. Dante DiVincenzo playing well and with a great contract as well. You know the NBA now, you could have multiple good guards. You know that, right?

Well... Why not you go get Devin Booker and you have a backcourt of Booker, DiVincenzo and Brunson? I mean... You create depth, too? Someone gets hurt? Yeah, but what happens down low? What happens down low? That's my main concern in regards to that.

What happens down low? Who's getting the rebounds, offensive chances? Aside from Isaiah Hartenstein, you might have to trade away Mitchell Robinson as well if you want to... Oh, he gets injured every year. Well, but you know what? It's still a pretty tradable contract and he becomes expendable with the explosion of Isaiah Hartenstein.

Now, of course, the Knicks will have to re-sign... You love saying Hartenstein by Hartenstein. That's how you pronounce it. I don't know. What do you want me to tell you? I don't know. You just have a good enunciation with it.

Or pronunciation. They're going to have to re-sign Hartenstein. I fell in love with him last season even though he played 30, 40-something games last season. He's a free agent, right? Yes, that's correct. You're probably going to get priced out of it. Yeah, that's the issue.

I mean, the Knicks can only offer, I think, maybe $15 million, but if a team comes up and offers him $18 million per year, why wouldn't I take that? Okay, here's the white whale name. Here's the name that I think will throw you into a mental pretzel.

I think that's the expression. Kevin Durant. How do you like them apples? Why not? Katie, don't you regret not coming to the Knicks? I'm sure he does now, but you know what? I don't think the Knicks want Kevin Durant now. I know the name that you want.

What's the name that I want? McHale. Go Nova Knicks. I mean, he'd be great for the team in a role player type of position. He's not a role player.

In regards to what everything else is around with the Knicks, I don't think he would make much of a dent. What are you talking about? Hold on.

This is where you're going to get screwed. You're going to hate this because now I'm going to start sounding like Draymond. The Knicks had a very good season. You guys are a very good team. You still need one more star.

No, and I understand. McHale Bridges is not a star, dude. But he would be your second best player. If Randall's not in that team, he's your second best player. If Randall's not on the team with McHale Bridges, you're not having Randall.

And think about from a chemistry standpoint, you basically put Nova back on the court. Tom Thibodeau deserves to keep his job. What's McHale Bridges' contract? It's like two more years and he's getting paid like $25 million. It's like a steal. That's a pretty good contract. McHale Bridges is a good player.

See, this is what you realize. We're all listening. The Knick fan now, after being in the gutter, in the basement, in the dumpster for all those years, they now think they're above adding other quality players. You're now out on Devin Booker. You're out on Devin Booker, you just said it.

You were in and now you're out. How are you out on Devin Booker? I wouldn't be upset if they traded for Devin Booker.

However, I just think maybe it would become too much of a guard situation. Too many ball dominant dudes trying to put the ball in the basket. Take a look at the Cleveland Cavaliers with Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland, two ball dominant guards. Yeah, the Cavs are a perennial playoff team, but what do they do after that? No, come on, the Cavs aren't at the same level as the Knicks. But we're still talking about two ball dominant guards, same type of play style.

But you could still win that way. And also, you know Jalen Brunson sacrifices. He'll do whatever is in the best interest of the team. And Devin Booker is a better shooter than Jalen Brunson, shooting-wise. Just from a shooting perspective, he's a better shooter. Jalen Brunson, Donte DiVincenzo, Devin Booker. Who are you going to have at the four if Julius Randle isn't going to be around?

You see what you did to my brain? The answer is Paul George. Paul George fits everything. I'm not even a Knicks fan.

I'm just a Nets fan. They need Paul George. He's size, catch and shoot, defense, one healthy. Well, he was pretty healthy this year.

It could have been a lot worse. He fits what they need. And he's an upgrade over Randle, 100% in the playoffs.

Paul George lately has become a better postseason player. There was a while where there may have been a talk show host here on the network that called him playoff Pinocchio. I forget who that was.

I think his name is Atch Felb or something like that. I heard that guy's a hack. I heard he's a loser.

Hot take artist, dope loser, moron. Alrighty, so I'll ask you this. Did you watch the Celtics game last night? I was watching more of the Yankee game last night, but I did too.

I was flipping channels, yes. Celtics are going to win that series, we know that. How many games are they going to win that series in? Because the Pacers fumbled the bag as the kids liked it.

They did, they did in fact fumble it, but you know what? It's going five. Yeah, gentlemen's sweep, I still think it's going to be Celtics in five.

And how about the other series? Oh god, please give me seven games of that. I would love seven games of that. Okay, but who do you think is going to win? Timberwolves and Mavs?

Everyone wants seven games of this. I will go, I think the T-Wolves lack of experience will eventually catch up to them, and I think Kyrie and Luka will be able to propel the Mavs into the NBA finals. And let me tell you something, Kyrie against Boston, that'd be nice.

What experience, like Luka Doncic has that much more experience? Well, I mean he's led, he's got Kyrie Irving. Does he go to a conference final with Bronson?

Is that what you're saying? And I mean, I do believe he also won a title in 2018 when Kyrie was second fiddle to some guy named LeBron James. Oh, well no, Kyrie does. Kyrie's always just been mental when he actually wants to be on the court.

We know he's one of the best players in the league. I think, hey, the Mavs, I said going into playoffs, they have a great dynamic duo. And they have a chance to go on a run. They've really started to gel in the back half of the season too. I think the want to from the Timberwolves is more there. And I think their defense is what's going to separate them from the Mavericks.

They're so good. Rudy Gobert didn't play game two of these. They had one of the best defensive formats they've ever seen up against the Nuggets. So I'm going to go, especially with Edwards not playing great offensively in game seven and they still won, I just think they're the better team. So I'm going to go with the better team here. I'm going to take Minnesota in six games.

Alrighty. Six? Yeah, six. Six. Can't choose seven.

I can't choose seven. It's a show rule now. Oh, really? One listener is very annoyed anytime we pick a series in seven games. Think it's a cop out.

Well, it's a sell two. Okay, so we can't. I digress. I'm taking Rangers in seven, by the way, in hockey.

So also, I can't go Rangers in seven. I'm just saying that's just what I'm doing. Some people think it's a cop out. Why are you throwing your thumb down?

Because it's funny. You can't go seven now and you're going seven. Come on, come on. It's usually checks and balances here.

Sometimes it's dictatorship. That was one of those moments. And I'll take the stars. Stars in six. Over the Oilers.

I mean, yeah, I mean, they're more well-rounded team. I know that you have McDavid and Leon Drysidel. Some stars on that Oilers team. Yeah. Well, I said that to Johnny Lazar, Susan, or he's like, oh, that's confusing when they go up against the stars.

I was like, you know, I think a lot of people put doors because they have the stars and he's like, wait, they're going up against the stars. I'm like, oh, that was all messed up. All right. Anyway, we will come on back with some of the biggest stories of World of Sports with Somati.

We call that the news brief update time first. Here is the still torture. Yeah. Your mustache, by the way, is getting long.

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Oh, really? Very like when Boyle started with the blonde patch in his head, started getting more shifts. I think if you curl up that mustache, people want to hear more of you. It'll be handlebars.

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They're really good at numbers. Auto Trader. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. It's time to answer our Ask the Pros question of the day. It's brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts. Adam in Des Moines, Iowa, says, Zach, who do you like tonight in the Mavericks-Timberwolves game?

You can submit a question by tweeting at infsportsnet or at Zach Gelb's and hashtag Ask the Pros. Think O'Reilly Auto Parts where all your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. O-O-O-O'Reilly Auto Parts. I like the Timberwolves tonight. I think Timberwolves win the series in six. I like the Timberwolves tonight. Fred's four and a half.

I'd lay the four and a half with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Let's go to Rick Carlisle if there was instruction to foul before Jalen Brown hit that miraculous three-pointer in the final ten seconds of regulation last season. Yes, but he caught the ball and he was faced up, so Pascal decided to lay off, which was, you know, I understand, you know, that's probably the right decision. You don't want to give up a four-point play. So, you know, look, a lot of things had to go wrong for us and right for them.

They did. And so, you know, we got to own it and we got to get ready for Thursday. And then Rick Carlisle continues to talk about why they lost, and he didn't pitch a complaint about the officiating this time. He said, this loss is on me. This loss is totally on me. With ten seconds of regulation, we should have just taken the time out, advanced the ball, and found a way to get it in and made a free throw or two and ended the game. It didn't happen, and we made some other mistakes, but our guys just need to concentrate on fighting the way they fought in this game from start to finish, and we'll be back Thursday.

I don't know about you guys, Osbotcher and Stu. He sounds defeated. And that's a demoralizing loss. You had the game one in regulation and you couldn't get the ball inbounds, and then you allow a three and you couldn't make a shot on the other end. He seems like he's just absolutely demoralized and defeated after that game. That does not, and I like Rick Carlisle for the most part, that does not speak like a coach who's right now very confident that his team's going to find a way to come on back in the series. It's only one game.

He knows it's a missed opportunity. The way Tatum played that game, he's probably not going to play it that way again, and the at-boss, yeah, it's tough. They probably needed to win that game. They had to. To be fair, he does sound tired 95% of the time. That's a good point. He always sounds like he's running a marathon after every game.

Puffin and puffin. I bet you Shep would beat him in a marathon time, I'll tell you that. And then Host. Yes. No, he produced that day.

He produced Ion Football. I was hosting. Close. I was like, ugh, Shep stinks. And he's like, you know I ran the New York City Marathon. I was like, wait, what? And then you ran to the show? And he goes, yeah, I beat Tiki Barber or something. I'm like, that's pretty badass, Shep. Good for you. Let's hear from Therese Halliburton.

I wonder if he went to two tones here with the voice. He still believes it will be a long series. We know we can play with these guys. I mean, that's for y'all to say that we don't, you know, there's a lot of people out here saying we don't belong here. We don't really care.

We know we belong. I think it's discouraging just because of the plays that happened down the stretch. We feel like we were in a position to win the game and just didn't win the game. You can't drop that game.

You've got to steal one of the first two. I've got to think the Celtics would be a lot better in game two. And that was the game to win.

And you failed to do so. I think the series will be over rather quickly once again. I've been saying Celtics in five. So let's hear from Jalen Brown. What was different from regulation to overtime, where you saw the Celtics just be the better team? What was the difference in overtime? I think we just made some momentum plays. JT finally woke up, made some baskets, and we was able to make some plays towards the end. But we've got to be better, to be honest. But I'll take the win tonight.

I love that. JT woke up, and he's right, because he did not have a good game in the first four quarters and then stood up and had a big performance in overtime, getting 10 points, and saved him from a lot of criticism. They lose that game in regulation.

Everyone is slamming. Every show across the country today is slamming Jason Tatum, and he's got to be better if they want to win the NBA Finals. So a lot of people were annoyed with ESPN's coverage of Game 7 of Knicks and Pacers, because they felt like it was too pro-New York. Tim Legler, who works for ESPN, was on the Ryan Rosillo show, and he discussed this issue with ESPN's NBA coverage, and he wanted to talk more about the Pacers throughout the year. I wish I had video of all the meetings I've been in this year at ESPN when I wanted to talk more about the Indiana Pacers, particularly after they got Seattle. And it's just not sexy enough, you know?

So it's like, we kind of didn't talk about it. And I'm going, man, I watch this team every night. I'm going, gosh, that's number one fun style to play in, envy these guys for being able to play in a system like this, but just how hard it is to guard, how hard it is to prepare when you have this many guys that can make shots, and they don't waste one dribble.

There's not one wasted dribble on the part of Indiana Pacers over half court. I could hear and listen to Leggs talk about basketball all day. Tim Legler, I love him. I just hope when you're critical of the network you work on, the next time your contract's up, they don't hold that against you.

That's the only thing I fear, because I would be very disappointed if ESPN ever got rid of Tim Legler. Let's go to Aaron Rodgers and the pressure to win this season. If I don't do what I know I'm capable of doing, we're all probably going to be out of here. So I like that kind of pressure, though. I know there's, you know, it's a tough market to play in.

It's not for everybody. I relish that opportunity. As you get older in the league, if you don't perform, they're going to get rid of you or bring in the next guy to take over.

I mean, it happened in Green Bay. I'm a few years older than I was back then. I expect to play at a high level. I expect this to be productive and competitive and all that stuff to take care of itself. He's towards the end of his career. I think it's a him decision, though. The Jets are all in on Aaron Rodgers.

It's when do you want to leave? I think he's on the other hole 17 or he's teeing off on 18. Talking about golf, let me just play you this. This is Roy McElroy after he won a tournament. He was on CBS and he had a heartfelt message to his mother.

Just listen. You're wearing your Mother's Day pink. You had some beautiful words that you shared with us yesterday about your mom. Your dad is a beloved figure in the golf world and you said your mom doesn't get enough credit. So now's the time to brag about her, the impact that she's made on your career.

Yeah. My mom's amazing. I think most people know my dad, but my mom Rosie is like the rocker, the gel that holds our family together.

She always has been. I said this last night, I'm probably a lot more like my dad than I am my mom, but I wish I was a little more like my mom at times. If you're watching, Mom, happy Mother's Day. I can't wait to see you tomorrow.

I'm excited to get home and see them. So people may be saying, Zach, why are you playing audio for May 12th? Well, there's a big rumor in the golf world right now. And the New York Post has this story today. The lady who was doing the interview is Amanda Balionis.

She was Amanda Balionis and she was Amanda Renner, I think. And then I guess she's no longer married to her ex-husband, who's a former football player. And Rory McElroy just got divorce. And there's a big rumor that according to the New York Post, there's romance between the two of them.

And it's been the talk of the golf community. And you go back and it's like you hear Amanda doing this interview. And it's not really much you could draw, but then you see her looking at Rory and Rory's talking about how he needs to be more like his mom.

I'm just saying, I wonder if there's anything going on between those two. And that creates a little bit of an issue because she's covering golf. You know, Jenny Dell, who I love, she was covering the Red Sox and she ended up dating Will Middlebrooks. And she had to give up her job. She eventually forced out. Now, they ended up getting married. But Rory, freshly off his divorce, I guess, I don't know when Amanda got divorced, but she's back to using her name, Amanda Balionis.

And now there's rumors, according to the New York Post, that the two of them may be getting her on. And it's been the talk of the links. All right, that will do it today for the Zach Gelb show and the Infinity Sports Network. Big thanks to Mac Brown. Big thanks to Johnny Laszlo, Bart Winkler, Antonio Daniels, each and every one of you. Thank you for listening.

Big thanks to Bocher and Stu. We'll talk about everybody at 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific. We out. Bye bye. Go Rangers!

Peace! The all new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd, streaming on Hulu. Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today. You could spend the weekend doing the same old whatever, or you could conquer the weekend in the all new Hyundai Santa Fe. Visit for more details. Hyundai. There's joy in every journey.
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