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A Look at the Greens (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 15, 2024 6:05 pm

A Look at the Greens (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 15, 2024 6:05 pm

Your Newsbrief. Alex Myers from Golf Digest joins Zach. What team does Kirk Cousins yearn to be on after the Michael Penix Jr. news.

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The all-new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. Yo, yo, it is the Zach Gelb show right here on the Infinity Sports Network. Fun show so far. Appreciate Bart Winkler joining us as he does each and every Wednesday for some Winkler Wednesdays. In the last segment, we heard from Stephon Marbury an hour ago. I thought his analogy was very interesting, how the Patriots players trusted Bill Belichick for all those years. He thinks it's very similar to how the Knicks players are trusting Tom Thibodeau. And obviously, it is paying off as the Knicks have taken a 3-2 series lead up against the Pacers.

And Justin Termini, he joined us from Sirius XMBA radio in the first hour. And he said that in his lifetime, he's never seen a better offensive player in the NBA than Nikolay Jokic, who was just ridiculous last night. And that series did go from 0-2 in favor of Minnesota to now 3-2 in favor of Denver is just absolutely bonkers.

By the way, you want to know something that's crazy still? So I always, when I'm on the air, right, to pull up stats and stuff, I have up ESPN. So on the top part of the ESPN page, the sports that they have right now, NFL, NHL, tennis, men's basketball, women's tennis, and MLB. I have to go to the more category to get the NBA. When you log on to ESPN, is that the same for you? You're talking about like the black bar?

Yes. So I have NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, golf. I wonder why. That's weird.

I have to go into the more category for NBA. Let me see. Oh, I know why.

I know why. Let's just say I have a friend that works for Disney and I have his account logged into my computer because that means I get all the hockey games throughout the year. And I get anything that's on, like he has an unrestricted account. So no blackouts.

And I probably shouldn't be saying this on the radio. And also I get all the UFC fights too. And let's just say my friend is not an NBA fan. So maybe, you know, he's not an NBA fan. So maybe because he deleted it out of it. No, no, you could eventually get it, but maybe because he's not a big NBA fan, his preferences, that kind of like throws an algorithm on my computer, but it's through his account. But this person doesn't like tennis.

And this person is barely a baseball fan. So maybe that's it. Maybe it's not.

Maybe it's just the algorithm from, from this person's account. But anyway, I don't want to lose access to my accounts. I'm going to just shut up right now. And we're going to get to some of the biggest stories of the world of sports with some audio.

Let's get to a news brief time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports nuggets. Take a three, two series lead last night up against the timber walls.

They have won three straight. We know Nicole Jokic three time MVP at 40 points, 13 assists and seven rebounds. Let's hear from Anthony Edwards of the timber walls. He was amazed by how good Nicole Jokic was. I just laugh.

That's all I can do. I mean, I can't, I can't be mad because he's just, he's good, man. I think I said that after game one, when we won in game two, like you didn't repeat the best player. He showed it the last three games tonight. I mean, I don't know.

I don't know what we're supposed to do. He was, he was that guy tonight. Yeah. I kind of respect it. I know some timber walls fans, maybe you want to hear like a better answer, but if you watch that game, like what else can you say? That's the ultimate sign of respect, especially in the NBA when there's like a lot of excuses and people don't like to give other players flowers.

And this is why Anthony Edwards is so likable. All you could do is basically just laugh and throw your hands up in the air and just say, okay, this is an all time great player. There was nothing we can do tonight. The stunning part was just how bad Rudy Gobert was defensively in that game. And maybe it's not how bad Rudy Gobert was.

It's just, that's how great Nicole Jokic is where you have the defensive player of the, of the year up against Nicole Jokic and Rudy Gobert actually had a good offensive game last night, but there was nothing he could do defensively to just contain or slow down for a few minutes, Nicole Jokic. Let's go to Draymond Green. He was on Inside the NBA last night. So I guess you had Shaq and Charles Barkley. They were at some events in New York, I guess, trying to save the NBA on TNT because that deal looks like it's going to go to NBC and then the NBA on TNT is going to be no more. So last night you had Ernie, Kenny, the jet Smith, Vince Carter, and then Draymond Green. Here is Draymond Green on Inside the NBA last night, ripping Rudy Gobert. I got two things of why this series ain't coming back to Minnesota.

Number one, the big Frenchman is sitting on that podium speaking his native language. We, we, we need to do this. You, you, you need to get a stop. It ain't we. Karl Anthony Townsend is actually doing a pretty good job when he's no joker. It's you, my man, that's getting cooked.

So it's no we. Now, yes, you do need help from other guys, but on some of those, help can't help you. Like you just got to get a stop. So that's number one. Number two, when you're in these playoff series for, for me, I'm always looking for the smallest ounce of weakness that I can find. And the way Karl Anthony Townsend walked off that floor with the lip after he played the rest of that game, totally fine. And then he could barely walk leaving the court. They don't believe anymore.

And when you lose belief that the defendant champions you play is when you lose the belief it's over and they don't believe they can win anymore. I hate to say Draymond is right. Also, he's not wrong in what he said about Rudy Gobert, but can we also acknowledge with a little bit of the past history that he's just dumping a little bit more salt in the wound of Rudy Gobert last night, but his analysis isn't wrong. I thought the backend, like the front end of that comments, what made headlines.

I let the backend stood out more to me cause Stu, we looked at that team up two oh, what did we all rave about? It was the mentality of Anthony Edwards. It was the mentality of this team, even without Gobert to go open up a can of whoop ass against the Denver Nuggets. And now you just heard from Anthony Edwards that we played for you earlier in this segment.

They got no answers anymore. And they had their opportunity. They smelt blood.

The body was basically in the casket and you were ready to hammer that, that coffin shut. And not only has Denver found a way to get out of sports hospice, as I like to say, that heart is now beaten lively and it looks like their quest to go back to back and win championships and back to back years is right back on. And they are right back in the top dog spot. Let's go to Stan Van Gundy. You know, I thought Stan Van Gundy last night was so obnoxious. He kind of had a little Tony Romo syndrome where I understand, trust me, I talk for a living, but when you're doing TV, you got to let the game breathe a little bit. Stan Van Gundy, I thought they would have to put an oxygen mask on him. He didn't let the game breathe at all last night.

It was crazy. But then Stan Van Gundy basically had me liking him after I could not stand him because he was defending Tom Thibodeau last night. This was on the game, NBA on TNT. Everybody, every year, the best players play big minutes in the playoffs.

For some reason, people want to jump on Tom Thibodeau. Look, the Dallas Mavericks are playing an injured Luka Doncic 41 minutes a night, Kyrie Irving 41 minutes a night, and they're at full health. The Knicks are missing three starters and another rotation player in Bogdanovic. This has been the most ridiculous talk of the playoffs. You saw the Knicks tonight. Does this look like a team that is worn out, that is finished, that has nothing else to give?

Not even close. He's 100% right, and it shows you how loud that building was last night as you start hearing those audible Nixon 6 chants when the microphone is literally right in front of the fat mouth of one Stan Van Gundy. But man, he's 1,000% spot on. It's crazy to me that narratives people come up with.

I get it. There's a lot of NBA players that they want to rest, you know, 20, 25 games, and you actually have a coach that's demanding and holds his players accountable. And you need to do that to get the most out of this team that doesn't have the most talent. And then after game four with all the injuries that they had, and that this series was two people like, oh, Tom Thibodeau wasn't the right coach. Like, did you not watch his team this year? He absolutely is the right coach. He's the perfect coach for this team. And now they're up 3-2, and everyone's praising Tom Thibodeau today. So just remember that the next time you're ready to rip him, and I'm not saying you can't criticize him, right?

Everyone's open to criticism. But this idea that his style and his coaching style has prevented this team from accomplishing, like, give me a break. The team's a two-seed. The team's one minute away from winning the Easter Conference Finals. If I came down to you before the year started and said, hey, you know, Jeannie Gelb here, you know, I'm a carpet flying in. I'm going to tell you the future. And the Knicks are going to be in the second round of the playoffs.

They're going to be the two-seater, one minute away from the Conference Finals. You signed for that in a second. Absolutely. Here's Dante DiVincenzo, the big ragoo. He ripped the pacers for trying to be tough guys last night. They're trying to be tough guys. You know, that's not their identity.

And there was nothing known to that. I just don't, you know, I don't agree with trying to walk up on somebody that you know when he's going to fight down here. So take the foul, keep moving.

You're not a tough guy, just keep moving. I love that confidence. Pacers, you guys think you're those dudes. You ain't those dudes. Good stuff from Dante DiVincenzo.

Here is Brian Winhorse. Donovan Mitchell not expected to play tonight for the Cavs. This could be his last game in a Cavs uniform and already two teams are ready to make an offer via trade for Donovan Mitchell. This was on Get Up on ESPN.

I'm trying to walk the line because I don't want anybody to freak out in my hometown of Cleveland. But there are a number of teams that have their offers ready. Are the Lakers one of them?

They're ready. Of course. The Lakers?

Absolutely. The Knicks? I don't think, the Knicks are trying to win this Eastern Conference.

Understood. Certainly across the river there in Brooklyn. I'd be surprised if it's the Knicks. At this point, I know they ran on him a few years ago and he wants to go there.

Brooklyn definitely seems right. And the Lakers, obviously they would love to go get him. Talking about the Lakers, LeBron James' son, Bronny James, he was asked on the possibility of playing with his dad on the Lakers. Bronny, what would it mean if you did end up on the Lakers or wherever your dad ends up playing, what would that mean to you if you two ended up being on the same team?

Obviously it's been talked about for a long time. You know, it's, I don't think I would just like, when I get there, I don't think it would just be me and my dad. I would be happy about getting to the league instead of me thinking about playing with my dad. But that's not my mindset right now at all.

I'm just trying to put in the work and see where it takes me from there. So not as intent right now? I don't think that's his main focus. His main focus is just getting drafted and all that speculation, depending on what team he goes to, will come down to and happen on if LeBron's going to join that team or not. I think LeBron stays in LA.

Here is Sir Charles. Charles Barkley is an ESPN 1000 Chicago. If he's worried about the inside the NBA future with all these reports that the NBA is about to move off of TNT and go back to NBC for some of their packaging.

Am I concerned? 100%. What can you tell us about the future of inside the NBA and what direction you think it's all headed? We have zero idea what's going to happen.

We might lose it. I feel so bad for the people I work with. I mean, it is brutal. I mean, it is flat out brutal. Everybody's scared to death.

But just the first time doing the exclusive window, we did not resign in advance. So I will tell you this. It's very stressful for the people I work with. And I wish I could give you an answer. We might lose it.

I don't know. It's 50 50 that we lose our part to NBC. I am I concern 100%. Because as much as we have been partners with the NBA for I think 40 years, you would think if it was close and a bidding war, we would get the benefit of the doubt. But clearly that's not happening. So to answer your question, they're scared to death over here right now.

I feel so bad for the people I work with. Yeah, I haven't followed it like the ins and outs that closely. But it seems like it's not 5050. It seems like it's now unlikely that the NBA is gonna be back on TNT for this next deal. That's just by the way that you hear Jack and Charles talk about it and then other speculation and Bill Simmons as well.

All right, let me get two more in here quickly. Tom Brady has regrets about the roast. This was on the pivot podcast. I loved when the jokes were about me. I thought they were so fun. I didn't like the way that affected my kids. So it's the hardest part about like the bittersweet aspect of when you do something that you think is one way and then all of a sudden you realize I wouldn't do that again because of the way that affected actually the people that I care about the most in the world.

So like it's it makes you in some ways a better parent going through it because again, you don't sometimes you're naive. You don't know. It's a roast.

I love break. But you didn't think like no one went after his kids in the rose. Right? Like, did I miss something butcher? One of the ladies that was doing the roast.

I remember her name. She had a joke cut out about making out with her sons. But did that air on the broadcast? No, I don't think it was. Okay, so that gets reported.

Someone reads that fine. I think that's more so the kids were upset because their mom was upset. Right, Giselle. But you knew those jokes about Giselle with whatever happened with that jichu jiujitsu matcher master was going to come out anyway. So like, man, it's a roast. But yeah, young kids are going to react that way. And then it probably created issues for Brady. Seems like Giselle hated it.

So now it's becoming a big deal for for TB 12. Finally, here is Caitlin Clark. Last they made a regular season debut. She had four fouls, 10 turnovers and 20 points. Her team did lose to Connecticut 92 to 71. Here is Caitlin Clark on our first impressions of WNBA program.

I thought it was physical. I don't know, obviously, it wasn't like the best start in the first half for myself, getting into foul trouble. And then you got to sit on the bench and try to come back to the end of the game and get into a little bit of a flow. But obviously, too many turnovers.

That's not going to get the job done. But I think just a lot of things to learn from I didn't think we played well, and we had cut it to six in the third quarter. So I think that's a positive you look at like, we really did not play a good game, but we were right there at moments and then it kind of got away from us at the end of the third and fourth quarter. Didn't have the greatest start. So I think just a lot to learn from, you know, it's the first one, there's gonna be good ones, there's gonna be bad ones.

And you know, like we said in the locker room, like we play on Thursday, you got to learn from it and move on and be ready to go. There you go. All right, that's Caitlin Clark. That's the news brief. It is Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We preview the PGA Championship next with Alex Meyer. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. All right, it is the Infinity Sports Network.

It is the Zach Gelb show. You know, before each and every major, we have to talk to Alex Meyers, senior writer for Golf Digest, who's kind enough to join us right now, as we get set for the PGA Championship that gets underway tomorrow. Alex, thanks so much. Appreciate the time.

You got it. I'm riding high after that Knicks win. So I'm feeling pretty good today. Yeah, that was a tough gritty performance by Jalen Brunson. And time to put some respect on Tom Thibodeau's name because it's just ridiculous after game four, where this team is overachieved all throughout the year. And this coach has got so much out of them that people are ready to say, oh, this is why the Knicks are hurt. It's because of Thibodeau's coaching side.

I look tired last night, Alex. I'll tell you that. Yeah, exactly. And you know what? I'd like to see any other team take out four of their top eight rotational players and see how they do. I mean, this is absolutely amazing that they're even to make making this competitive. And yeah, I think the Thibodeau stuff is overblown.

Of course. I mean, some of these some of these injuries were fluke plays. I mean, Randall got like pulled down on a fast break. I mean, oh, gee, I guess you could say the hammy was tired out or something.

But most of these injuries are very fluke ish. So I don't buy into all that. I love tips. By the way, I did not have in my bingo card today. Alex Meyer started us off with basketball and step on Marbury when he joined us earlier, started us off with the Rangers and and hockey. I would have never predicted those two things with the two great guests that we've had on a bunch of others today.

All right, let me start you off. Obviously, every golf conversation has to start with Tiger Woods. What's the feel around Tiger? What could we expect this week from Tiger Woods?

I gotta say this is about the least excited. It seems that anyone has ever been for a Tiger Woods performance. I you know, it which is sad in a way and you know, someone asked me the other day if I thought he would make the cut or not. And I I said, I don't think he's gonna make the cut.

I mean, I hate to say it, you know, this is, you know, of course he won here in 2000, but that's a, you know, another lifetime ago. And at the Masters, he, you know, he has all that course knowledge. And let's be honest, it's easier to make the cut at the Masters. It's a top 50 out of about 90 players.

And you have the amateurs and some older guys in there. So, and he has that course knowledge and he had that motivation, the extra motivation to break that cut streak record at the Masters. He doesn't have that here at the PGA. I just don't know, you know, if he's not in, if he doesn't have a great start and isn't in contention, I just don't see even as much of a fighter as we know Tiger is. I just don't see him having quite the same motivation there. And, and, you know, there's a guy who's only finished a handful of events in the last couple of years.

So the odds are he's, even if he makes the cut, he's not even going to finish the four rounds. So for those, for all those reasons, I guess I'm kind of lumped me in with the group that it just doesn't seem like many people are talking about in this week. You know, it's kind of crazy. It's not just Tiger. It's the entire event. You know, I've never gone into a major where we feel like no one even cares about this. You know, golf I know was humming during COVID. It, it was booming because of COVID and it gave us something to watch. And a lot of people are playing, you walk into this PGA championship.

If I didn't do this for a living, I'd have no clue that it was even going on this week. Yeah. I mean, it certainly doesn't get the, you know, the rollup, the rollout that you get for the masters. I think overall the move to May for the PGA has been a positive because it does, it is kind of enclosed within the other four.

Whereas we all know it's the fourth major, but when it was the fourth on the calendar as well, out in August, it was kind of on an Island by itself. So at least now it's in the mix here. I do think they get a little extra buzz by you know, the winner of the masters. You can always say, Oh, so-and-so's going for the grand slam. And even though that person has no chance this year, that there actually might be a chance because Scotty Scheffler is so freaking good.

So there's a little there. There's, you know, you got the Rory stuff and all the weird stuff going on with him. And you got Scotty with the baby. You got, you, you do have arguably the three best players all coming off a win, which is kind of unprecedented because obviously Scotty missed last week because of the baby. Rory won, Scotty won a couple of starts before that. And then Brooks Koepka plays on the live tour and he won his last start. And he's the defending champ here and Rory is the defending PGA champ. So in terms of heavyweights coming in with, you know, believing that they can win, it's about as good as you can get, but, but yeah, it's clearly the major that we kind of, you know, we, we forget about a little, unfortunately.

All right. So Alex Meyers here with us, let me start you off then out of the guys that you just mentioned with Rory McIlroy. For people that don't know, he won last week, like Alex said, obviously divorces don't happen overnight. So that must've been on his mind and he was able to still win. But he, you know, came out publicly that he filed for divorce this week from his wife. Do you think that has a mental impact on such a mental game that we call golf as you go into the PGA championship where Rory hasn't won a major since what, like 2014 or whatever it is? Yeah, 2014 at Valhalla. So it's so weird because on the one hand, he's got all the momentum.

He's got the history of Valhalla and okay, I'm going to break this 10 year drought here. And then you have this divorce stuff come out to your point for sure. This has obviously been going on for a while and all of a sudden he's flipped the switch recently and played great. So part of me says, Hey, this might be a, you know, a weight off his shoulders and, and now he's freed up to play. That being said, you just never know how someone's going to react once it actually goes public. And once you see the headlines and, you know, you're beaten over the head with it and people start asking you questions about it and, you know, it's a little different once it's in the public versus when it's in the private and you're controlling it and you know, what's going on. So I think, you know, the jury's out there, we got to wait and see how, how he reacts to it. But I think overall, there's a lot more pros to like Rory this week.

I don't like the plus 700 number or whatever ridiculous number it is. But other than that, there's a lot more pros in his corner this week, heading, heading into this term. All right, let's go to Brooks. We know for so many years, right with Tiger, you walked into a tournament and who was like, who's going to, who else is going to urinate down their leg just by seeing Tiger Woods? Is there at all that effect for just this tournament, the PGA championship with Brooks Koepka, the fact that he's won the PGA championship three times since 2018 and the most recent one last year, he won it and put his stamp like right back on the sport.

Yeah, I think there has to be for sure. And again, you know, he, you know, we always say, Oh, we don't know how these guys are playing on the lift. Well, we know how he's playing. He just won his last start. You know, he didn't have the masters that he wanted, of course, but as a defending champ, as a three-time winner of this event, he's won this event when it's a shootout. Where was that?

In St. Louis at Bell Reeve. He's won it when it was not a shootout. It was a more grind it out affair at Bethpage for whatever reason, he just loves the PGA setup. And it's usually a big brawny course with thick rough, but he's, he drives it obviously very long, but relatively straight compared to some of the longer hitters.

And when he does go into the rough, obviously he has the strength to, to get out of it. And we all know he focuses the most on these weeks. So no, I think he's got an aura around him, obviously at any of the majors, but, but certainly this week. And if he wins this week, a fourth PGA would match how many Tiger has won in his entire career. And it would be Brooks doing it in a seven year span. So yeah, I mean, it's historic stuff.

I don't, I don't know how you couldn't look at him and at least, you know, be a little intimidated by him. Let's get to the best golfer on the planet right now, Scotty Scheffler. So we know what happened odds on favorite to win the masters.

He does that. You talked about earlier, maybe he goes for the grand slam this year. And that storyline, how many majors do you, he already has one, you got three more majors, including this week. How many more majors you think he wins this calendar year? I mean, it would kind of be stunning if he didn't win another one.

Let's just say that. I don't, I don't think you can ever count on more than two. I mean, two is at any, anytime someone wins two in a season, it's instantly a historic campaign.

Right. And I think last year it was incredible that he didn't win one. So it's almost like he's owed at least, you know, another, like, you know, you can't, if you looked at these two years, you'd be like, well, he had to win at least two. And so he didn't win one last year. So it's almost like he's got to win two this year. I'm not sure this is the best spot for him, but he still has to be, you know, considered the favorite. If you took, if you took away odds, took away everything else, the fact that he not only never has a bad week, he never has a bad day. It's just, it's just hard to imagine him not being in contention at least. And yeah, there's the whole baby thing and, oh, is he tired and sleep? I mean, come on, let's, let's get out of here.

It was, that was last week. He's here. He's amped up. He's ready to go. He didn't play last week. That would have taken something out of him.

So no, I, I think he's all systems go and. And also the baby thing is ridiculous because going into the masters, everyone's like, oh, his wife could give birth and he may not be able to finish. And he won the tournament. He had that stress on his mind too. Not only that, Zach, he wins the tournament and we're like, oh, well, he's got to get home to his wife.

He goes out to a dive bar and then he goes to Hilton head and he wins there. It's just incredible. Like, you know, he wasn't even like that into that tournament.

He still won. So like, he's just, he's that good. It's just amazing. Who was someone that was close at the masters that now, as we go to the second major of the year that you think they'll have another great performance and could potentially win this weekend?

I'm glad you asked. I, I really like Bryson DeChambeau this week. I, you know, he showed us something at the masters. He's been kind of under the radar since he went to live, obviously had all the injuries and then he went to live. And so you don't really hear or see him as much. He quietly was top five at the PGA last year.

That didn't really get a lot of buzz. Whereas a few years ago when he was still on tour, he was probably the most talked about guy, but doing it at the masters, I think got him a little more on the radar here. The odds makers have given him some respect. I think he's in the 25 to one range, you know, just kind of below the big hitters, not the boy, he is a big hitter, but the top favorites. I think this course, especially with all the rain it's gotten, how long it's going to play.

It just, it just feeds right into him. Augusta, I never liked him there. I know he made the par 67 comment years ago and he got burned by that. This was the first year he's ever, he's played well since then I've never liked him at Augusta. I think that place is in his head. This place is much more like a us open setup, which obviously we saw him win at wing foot. We saw him contend the next year at the open. I think this is a much better course for him.

And I think he's quietly building momentum and kind of getting back to that superstar status that we saw a few years back. So you like to Shambo give me two or three other names that you really liked that maybe you throw a few dollars on this week. Yeah. My biggest bet.

I don't know what it is, but I Wyndham Clark is calling my name here. You know, if you look at quail hollow and bow hollow, you got Rory, who's won both places. You got tiger. Who's won both places.

I think it's a very similar comp. At least the back night about how I is very similar to quail house. So Wyndham Clark began his streak, not streak, his, his, you know, vaulting into star status at the Wells Fargo last year, quail hollow when he won. And we were like, oh, that's a nice story.

Whatever. Then he wins the U S open. Then he wins another signature event. He finished runner up to Scotty Shepler twice this year already in big time events.

All he seems to do is contend in big time events. He didn't at the masters, but we all know he's a left to right player and the masters favors a right to left. So I don't know if Augusta is for him. Now he's back at another one of these big courses. He can hit that cut. He's an incredible putter.

He hits it a mile. I just think this guy, other than Scotty Shepler has proven his worth in the big events better than anybody in the past 12 months. And he's sitting there at 40 to one on Zach.

It makes absolutely no sense. We love Zander. I love Zander.

Zander shop. He's 14 to one Wyndham Clark, major champion is 40 to one. It makes absolutely no sense. So he's my favorite bet of the week. As far as flyers go, Taylor Pender. I mean, this guy just won and then finished top five at quail hollow. He's a 200 to one shot.

I don't get that one either. I mean, you know, again, betting him to win, maybe a little questionable, but, but certainly a top 20 type bet. And then Wills Alatorre, a guy we've talked about a bunch, obviously everybody expects a lot from him. He got off to a nice start to the year runner up Riviera. He has really struggled, but I think it's down now to the point where 75 to one. I mean, this guy is just a, you know, a masterclass ball striker, big hitter. At some point he's going to break through.

I think again, I think the value is just too much to overlook a 75 to one for Wills Alatorre. Uh, last thing I'll ask you as a wrap it up with Alex Meyers. It's crazy. When you go through a conversation like this and someone's name just doesn't pop up. Where are we at with John Rom?

Hmm. You know, look, I said, I said this was almost unprecedented with the top three guys all coming off wins. You know, Rom hasn't won this year, but he is second on the live standing. So he's played quietly very well. He's top 10 in every event.

I know it's a lot easier to top 10 against the limited field every week and everything else that's going on on that tour, but you know, he's played well. He's a fierce competitor. Let's remember, this is a guy who said his goal is to pass tiger's record for 15 majors. And he said that once he was a few years into his career, it's not like he was off to some, you know, he's late twenties already. He thinks he's going to play for another 20 years and he's going to kind of rack up one major a year. He, he's that competitive.

So, uh, I think he turns it around. I know the masters was very disappointing for him. Uh, but you know, he was hosting the dinner and he was defending champ and all that other stuff going on. He looked like he wanted no part of that green jacket ceremony.

Agree. And that was his first chance to, you know, when he was thrown back in and he was set with how he was treated, all this. Look, you can say what you want about the guy, whether he made a mistake or whether he regrets, whatever it looked like me doing yard work, honestly, like that's how he looked miserable. Oh yeah.

You should see me. Uh, I think he'll be a little more comfortable this week. And, and, um, and I think we'll see him play better.

I can't see him having kind of two dud majors in a row. He is Alex Meyer, senior writer for golf digest. Appreciate the time as always, Alex, you got it. Go Knicks.

There we go. Big Knicks fan, Alex Meyers. I also think he went to the wake forest too.

So big demon deacon till a few years ago. I remember him talking a little bit about wake forest. All righty. Uh, we will take a break here. We'll come on back uh, when we do return, um, on the Zach Yeltsch on the infinity sports network, got to squeeze in a football point. Got two teams that I wish Kirk cousins would have been on this year outside of the Falcons. Cause clearly it is not the Falcons after them drafted Michael Pennock. Junior. We'll get to that on the other side.

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Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at whole foods market today. The wait is over. That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Courtney, Kim, Chloe, Kendall, and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamor of the most iconic family on television.

The all new season of the Kardashians premiers, May 23rd, streaming on Hulu. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. It's time to answer. Ask the pros question of the day. It's brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts.

Eddie and Atlantis says, Zach, do you think it was a mistake? Now looking back at the Falcons to sign Kirk cousins, you could submit a question by tweeting at INF sports net or at Zach Gelb using the hashtag. Ask the pros think O'Reilly auto parts for all your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts.

People at O'Reilly auto parts or O O O Riley auto parts. Uh, let's get to Kirk cousins. On if he regrets coming to the Falcons with them drafting, Michael Pennix Jr. then I'll give you my answer. I think it's similar to the call that Mark Dantonio made to me in 2000.

That would have been 2007. When he said, hey, we're gonna offer another quarterback. I know you've signed Nick Foles, you guys are gonna have to compete. And it's like, okay, let's just take the next step.

And then I was drafted right with Robert Griffin. And it's, hey, you're going there with another quarterback in the same class, okay? So this is more the norm than the exception.

And I think the response is that this is the exception when really, if you know my story, this is more the norm of the journey. And it's more of, okay, let's just start working and start building together. That's a lot, a lot of words where he's trying to make it say, yeah, no, I would still resign with them, but we all know the answers now. He left Minnesota because they told him they were gonna draft his replacement. So he could tell me about his college days at Michigan State.

Or he could tell me even when, right, it was the reverse way. When at the time the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III. And later in that draft, they took Kirk Cousins.

And eventually Kirk took over the reins there in Washington. So you could tell me whatever you want. You would not have signed there. If I told you the day that they signed you, or you're about to put pen to paper.

That in a few months, they're gonna draft Michael Penick Jr. 8th overall. You still signing that contract? You still signing $100 million guaranteed, or would you have tried to get that money somewhere else?

Of course, he would have tried to get that money somewhere else. So I think it would have been better for everyone if we would have just known that Michael Penick Jr. would have been picked there, or they were considering it. Instead of the story that they give that they fell in love, they eventually took them and they already had Kirk Cousins there in the four year contract, $100 million guaranteed. So no, I don't think the Falcons should have signed Kirk Cousins. Even though I was a big proponent and advocate for it at the time, because a few months later you're drafting his replacement. I'd rather just see Michael Penick Jr. play week one, quite frankly. Cuz this isn't a developmental project.

This is someone that's ready to go now. So then it asks the question and begs the question that needs to be asked. Where else would Kirk have signed?

And that's not an easy answer. So the first team that comes to mind, Stu, it's Uranus. You guys are walking into this season with Devante Adams a year away from basically asking to be traded. You have some momentum with Antonio Pierce. I guess they tried to get a quarterback in the draft, but no one would have predicted that six quarterbacks would have gone in the first 12 picks. So maybe they were thinking at 12, they tried to trade up, obviously. Antonio Pierce wanted Daniels. And he wanted him after their connection with the Arizona State. But you were never gonna get him cuz he was the second pick in the draft.

So after that, I guess they tried to move, were they in on? I think they were trying to get Drake May, right? They weren't gonna draft McCarthy or Bo Nix. I think they might have drafted Nix.

You think so? I was worried about that. They were what, the Raiders were 13, right? They were 13, right behind the Broncos were 12. You think they would have drafted Bo Nix at 13? Man, that would have been something.

Yeah, it would have been something, all right. What would have happened if they were at 13 and they were between three people? Cuz remember the Raiders, they were down to Brock Bowers, Terry on Arnold, and they flipped the coin reportedly.

And it landed on, I guess, Tails, and it ended up going to Brock. What happened to, there was three choices. There's some kind of triangle that they could like- Did we get a dice? Yeah, three-sided dice or something like that. Something like that.

Just a Siri? Pick a number between one and three. That's a good idea. But anyway, Kirk Cousins would have been a good option for the Raiders. It's not a long-term fix, but you could make the playoffs. I'm not saying they would have made the playoffs, but you could argue that you could be in the playoff mix with Kirk Cousins as your quarterback. Devante Adams as your star wide receiver. And on defense, you got Christian Wilkins and Mad Max with Max Crosby.

You could argue that. Now, here's what would have been the best destination. I would have loved for the Seahawks to find a way this past off-season to dump Geno Smith, which is complicated with the money, and sign Kirk Cousins. New coach coming in, you have three really good wide receivers. Metcalf, Jackson Smith, and Jigba, and Lockett. You put Kirk Cousins on that team, that's a 10-11 win team.

That should be. That's a damn good team, even in a loaded NFC and a loaded NFC West. That would have been a whole lot of fun. Really, I would have loved to have seen Kirk Cousins land with the Seattle Seahawks. I see my best friend large in parks as the Falcons are ready now with Cousins.

Hey, did you talk about the win now? Yeah, they could go win a division. Maybe they're ready to move on now from Kirk Cousins. The moment Kirk Cousins plays a bad game, Achilles, come back in the Achilles.

You don't think those Atlanta fans aren't gonna be clamoring to see Michael Penne. Eighth overall pick in the draft quarterback. And this is not a spring chicken who needs development, right? And you gotta wait.

This guy's ready to go now. So I look at the Falcons, I was high on the Falcons headed into the draft. Cuz I thought they were gonna use that eighth pick to either get a stud defensive player or a wide receiver. And I looked at the Falcons and I said, that could be a dark horse team. Dark horse, let me emphasize, dark horse team to get to an NFC championship game.

Easy division, you could win 10, 11 games. I know it's asking Kirk Cousins to win two playoff games, but it wasn't out of the realm of possibilities. For that team to be playing division around weekend with a chance to advance the NFC championship game. But now it's just like, you don't know how that quarterback situation's gonna play out. Where Kirk's the guy you would think for this year, but if he does not play at a great level, which is tough to do, come back from the Achilles injury. How long is the leash for Kirk Cousins in the ATL? So there's two teams that I thought of, the Raiders and then also the Seahawks. I'd much rather would see Kirk Cousins play and you get the best of both worlds. You also get to see Michael Penix Jr. play this year.

And you don't have to prop up one to tear the other down. All righty, fun show today, a lot of hoops today. Big thanks to Justin Termini for stopping by. Stefan Marbury, Bart Winkler, and Alex Myers.

Big thanks to Ryan Botcher, Stuart Kovacs, and each and every one of you. We will be back tomorrow, final show of the week for me. I'm visiting some family, so I'm off to Florida on Thursday evening. So I'll do the show tomorrow, and then I'll get on a plane at 830. And hopefully the Rangers end up winning that big game six. I do not think there will be a YouTube stream, just for a reminder, on Friday. I gotta see who's filling in, but I don't think there's a YouTube stream. But we will be back tomorrow on all the places you could consume us, right at 3 PM Eastern, noon Pacific.

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