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College Football Needs A New System (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 9, 2024 4:03 pm

College Football Needs A New System (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 9, 2024 4:03 pm

College Football Haves vs Have Not's I Rick Carlisle and Pacers Complain I News Brief

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

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The free Odyssey app and of course streaming live on YouTube 855-212-4227 is the number to jump on in 855-212-4227. You can always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb that's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Got Stuart Kovacs, got Moist Mike rocking and rolling with me all the way up until 6 p.m Eastern, 3 p.m Pacific today. Former Knicks guard Chris Childs is going to join us coming up at 5 20 p.m Eastern, 2 20 p.m Pacific today. I was in the building last night for Knicks and Pacers.

What an exciting game. I was very impressed with the Pacers in the second quarter and then the third quarter even when the Pacers had a big lead you saw the triumphant return of Jalen Brunson who left the game and I thought at first it was either a hand or a groin injury then it turns out to be a foot injury there was some uncertainty if he was going to come back OGN and OB then leaves the game with the hamstring injury and that's something to monitor because where I was sitting last night I was able to hear a lot of what was going on on the bench and when OGN and OB left to go into the locker room he was screaming oh bleep oh bleep oh bleep and I can't say the bleep part on the radio because then Stu or I one of us would probably get fired so that's something to monitor there with OGN and OB with the hamstring injury but the Knicks come on back led by Jalen Brunson led by Dante DiVincenzo and now they have a 2-0 series lead and we'll get to the bitching and complaining by Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle coming up a few moments from now but let me start with that little college football tonight because I was reading something and it was via the Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. TCU head coach Sonny Dykes who is a football lifer and we know two years ago he was in the national championship game his first year as the head honcho at TCU where they got obliterated by Georgia but he was talking to the magazine and he said there's got to be a split between the power four and the group of five eventually there is just such a big difference right now between the haves and the have-nots and I think we'll eventually split into two separate divisions Alabama and Louisiana Tech aren't playing the same sport so you may hear that you may go man why is Sonny Dykes just throwing a stray and a big elbow to Louisiana Tech he did coach there so I think that was just okay with his background and now he's in a half school and he's been in a have not school before that that's why he threw out Louisiana Tech he also said those jobs when talking about the group of five jobs are even harder now because if one of your players has a great season he's probably getting plucked away he explained your only chance to build a great culture and hope that keeps most of your roster intact so I think through time developing and being open-minded and sometimes even changing your thought process isn't the worst thing in the world when you see business structures when you see systems play on out and you could have a thought earlier in life and then it changes when you get a little bit older like when I was at Temple University and that's when Temple football was a solid program right they beat Penn State for the first time in 74 years they went to two American Athletic Conference championship games they won the conference one time they had college game day embark on the streets of Philadelphia and it was Temple Notre Dame where that game did go down to the wire and Temple almost won the football game before you had a wide receiver it was Will Fuller catch the ball in the back right of the end zone and then Kavar I think his name was Kavari Russell as PJ Walker was driving intercepted PJ Walker and the owls did go down like to see the rise of Temple football at that time and I was a student it was really damn cool and you felt like there was a place for the little guy in college football and right that's just my experience like there's been so many more little guy schools that had a bigger impact like how about Boise State and we all remember that iconic Fiesta Bowl which if memory serves me right I think santa revealed this like a month ago santa left that game early which I can't believe like that's just one of those moments you leave early and you're like oh my god you probably just hate life um there's other smaller moments in college football obviously you had UCF claiming a national championship when they were undefeated but it kind of showed that they had no chance of getting into the college football playoff and then years later you saw Luke Fickle with Cincinnati lead Cincinnati to the college football playoff so there's been a lot of evidence where there's a place for the smaller guy in college football but now with NIL and the transfer portal it's very tough for the smaller guy to succeed it just is like I've seen what Temple football has become it looks not even in the same zip code as what it was back in 2015 2016 2017 even and the program now just can't get off the ground anymore and can't have success because they continuously put people in the NFL but it's not people that stayed through Temple like you have people go to Temple and they have a good year or two and then a bigger school comes calling and I'm not going to fault write the system I'm not going to fault the player for doing that because if I could get more money at another school and play in a bigger program I would be stupid to say that players shouldn't do that so what Sonny Dykes is saying I probably would have vehemently disagreed with in 2015 2016 I probably would have also vehemently disagreed with it even in 2020 but now with NIL and the transfer portal really defining this era of college football he's 110 percent right it's the haves and it's the have-nots and there needs to be a new system created that separates the haves and the have-nots and I understand if let's say you're established smaller program like a Boise State right and you say nope I want to compete in this 12 team college football playoff where the the 5-7 format where 12 teams get in the five conference champions are guaranteed a spot the the it's the five highest ranked conference champions you know if the Pac-12 was still there well the group of five would probably get screwed over a lot of years but now with the Pac-12 pretty much being dead you have the core four the power four whatever you want to call them and then one other spot guaranteed for a conference champion so if you want to say like the Boise State fan or you know the smaller school that's not in the core four I'll take my chances of just being damn good and then get in the the playoff the 12 team playoff the one year the two years whatever it is that I'm really damn good and I'm the best of the smaller schools I can understand that argument but I think it's more so the developmental part and the lack of separation right now that makes it just so tough for the little program to succeed and you may as well just compete against all the other little programs because I'm not a dummy here where I understand where you could have this separation and then someone could go to a smaller school and they could still have success and then a big school could still poach them but if you give that smaller school more of an incentive and you create kind of a format around them I don't know how lucrative it will be but the smaller school right now in one game could be on the same playing field as a big school but in the way that college football is structured it's not sustainable it just isn't and I did read via Dennis Dodd that former Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley is pitching a group of five playoff that would be financially backed by private equity sources tell CBS Sports the concept would address if not be motivated by disappointment felt by the group of five conferences the MAC, the Mountain West, the Sunbelt, the American and Conference USA over revenue distribution shares on the new college football playoff media rights agreement the average program in those conferences will receive 1.8 million per year in college football playoff revenue beginning in 2026 under the new deal up from the current 1.5 million dollar payout. I'll read you one more line here the group of five splits nine percent of the annual 1.3 billion deal with ESPN while the payout marks an increase in raw numbers it is a percentage decrease considering the group of five received 22 percent of the pot in the prior deal from 20 2014 to 2023. So if you want to tell me that the the four major conferences break off and then everyone else forms in and you create a playoff for those schools I would be fine with it because like if you're a fan of one of those smaller schools do you really have a shot like do you really have a shot to win even if you get into the college football playoff are you really going to win the college football playoff no so compete against the people that are on the same playing field as you and then there's some there's some chance that you could have some sustained success and once again as I said there is still a great chance that if you are in a smaller program that you still get your kids plucked but at least you could compete for something and at least you could motivate your players and have something that's actually attainable to reach your goals if they do go to your university so I'm I'm with this I don't know if it's going to happen I feel like we've done these shows at least 15 to 20 times in 20 times in the last three years what's the future of college football and I've said for a while that eventually these conferences are going to merge together I didn't know that the PAC-12 is going to go away this quickly I think a misnomer here or misconception here is that a lot of people think that the SEC and the Big Ten which are even in the core four they're the halves right that they're more those two conferences are more powerful than the Big 12 and the ACC but I don't think the SEC and also the Big Ten are really going to be motivated to go on out there and add a lot more schools than what people think because eventually the TV company is just going to say hey we're not giving you any more money you just got to divide this up and figure out how you're going to divide up what we're going to give you with the amount of schools that you're going to bring in so I don't know how many more brands are that are really attractive you know obviously there's a few that ring a bell clearly starting with Notre Dame and a few others but I don't know how many I don't think it's a a huge number and a big number when it comes to schools that will be desired and hunted to join the SEC and then also join the Big Ten so I'm okay in seeing this separation and seeing separation and just drawing the line in the sand of this is the state of the sport right now if you're not in the SEC if you're not in the Big Ten if you're not in the ACC if you're not in the Big 12 do you really have a chance to compete for a championship do you really feel like you could have sustained success and build a consistent winner year in and year out and the answer to that for more most schools is no rather than yes and I know there's some small examples and some of those examples have been some of the better stories we've seen in college football but with NIL and the transfer portal it makes it the hardest it's ever been for the little guy to keep kicking and the little guy to keep turning and producing a sustainable a sustainable program so I think we just need to all acknowledge that how we acknowledge there's a difference with FBS schools right and FCS schools and you have that FCS playoff which a lot of people I don't care for it but a lot of people talk about that playoff whenever we talk about the possibility of playoff expansion and all this is just keep on kicking the can down the road I get that and the financial part of it is more complicated and I don't have a great understanding of it but just from a competition standpoint and someone that is an alum of a smaller school that participates in big boy college football you're not really participating in big boy college football it's just the reality of the situation and I'm okay with what Sonny Dykes said of make this the haves and the have-nots and you break away it's not the first time this has been talked about but to hear it from a core four coach one of the coaches in a one of the four major conferences it is something that it makes you take it a little bit more seriously so you could call in and you could figure out at 855 212 42 27 what's the best for the future of college football but I really do believe the four power conferences operating under one umbrella and then everybody else operating under another umbrella and having two different college playoff kind of formats one for the core four and one for the smaller schools is something that would be good for the smaller schools could you actually have something to play for because as much as we talk about those smaller school coaches of smaller school programs getting players plucked away there's a lot that stay through and there's a lot that their playing abilities only allows them to to to play at that level and play at that program like some will go on and transfer some will go on to bigger and better things but at least give those kids that stay something to actually play for rather than just putting this dream out there that oh you'll get into the college football playoff where it's such a minuscule chance even with the guaranteed spot that the program with these smaller schools are actually going to go in that these kids do commit to what do you think the future of college football should look like i think it's going to turn into the haves and the have-nots it's not a matter of if it's just a matter of when it's going to happen whole lot to do today on the zach yelp show on the infinity sports network we will take a time out rick carlisle quit your bitch and we'll get into why he needs to stop complaining when we return call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game you have 47 new voicemails download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten 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three for more details hunday there's joy in every journey yo yo that's right it is the infinity sports network and it is the zach yelp show on this thursday we will chat it up with former nicks guard chris childs coming up in about two hours from now but first we have to hear from the head coach of the indiana pacers in rick carlisle as the pacers lost game two last night they're down oh two as the series heads back to indiana and rick carlisle came off last night after the game as a baby there's no other way to say it when he's bitching about the officials where there are times you should be able to and you can complain about the officials but last night wasn't one of them so let's hear from the head coach the indiana pacers who called out the zebras after game two you know one guy just said he didn't double dribble but it looked to me like tips went out there and argued and they changed it that's what it looked like i can only go by what i see what i what i saw yeah that's that's that's small beans compared to everything else you know small market teams deserve an equal shot they deserve they deserve a fair shot no matter where no matter where they're playing anybody else yeah let me tell you something rick carlisle shut up put the binky in your mouth and stop complaining after game one you had every right to complain about the officials the officials in game one were below average but in game two last night you did not lose that game because of the officiating so you said nothing after game one but here you are after game two crying like a baby that's absolutely ridiculous don't tell me that you're getting screwed by the officials because you play in a small market and that the nicks play in a big bad market and that's why they're getting the calls doesn't impact minnesota they're up 2-0 against denver you know it doesn't impact oklahoma city right a small market team they've had a great season so don't give me this nonsense that the league is looking to screw over the pacers because they play in a small market that's a bunch of hogwash that's a bunch of bologna and it's a bunch of bs how about you'd be better as a coach because as a coach last night you didn't play tj mcconnell enough when he was having a really good game and also your team choked the lead in the third quarter and the nicks took over that game in the third quarter where jaylen brunson didn't play in the second quarter and then ogn and ob got hurt and missed the second half you had every opportunity to win that game the officials did not cost you that game last night and quite frankly for him to just say oh well the league basically just screws over these small market teams is ridiculous the last few years the milwaukee bucks just recently won a championship a few years ago they're a small market team we've seen small market teams having a lot of success and it's not because they overcame crappy officiating that's a loser mentality from rick carlisle when there is no evidence when it's not a game where you actually got screwed over by the zebras he said that if he would have said that after game one i would not agree with that the officials are trying to screw over small market team but he had every right to vent bitch and complain after game one he didn't do so so after game two when there is no impact none whatsoever by the officials in that game that cost you the game and that impacted the outcome of the game don't be sitting there crying like a baby the small market teams get screwed oh it's the big bad market new york next way like are we serious what are we doing here that to me is pretty much a coach just trying to ensure you know that he's gonna get calls in his home building for games three and games four i guess or maybe he's trying to motivate his team and use that as a kind of a rallying call rallying cry for his team but i don't know if it's working because you know let's hear from a player terese halliburton you know sometimes right a coach will say something and the coach will take the fine and the coach will take it on the chin to speak for his locker room but we know the mba is the league that's driven by the players and mba players aren't afraid to speak their minds so here's terese halliburton on the game two loss to the new york next at the end of the day we got outplayed we were right there to win the game um but i like consistency more consistency yeah but let's not pretend like that's the only reason we lost we just didn't play good enough um you know but at the end of the day it's 2-0 we're going back to we're going back to indy and uh you know i like us in any matchup so i'm not i'm not i'm not worried we like consistency just you know the i don't think he double dribbled but if you can overturn that call why can't you overturn the kickball um i don't really understand that but like i said they they outplayed us so let's not pretend like the refs are the reason we lost we just got to be better good on terese halliburton and let's be clear what they are bitching about did not cost them the game but even i will admit i'll be fair all the time i will admit when they called the double dribble it was not a double dribble but then to say it was an inadvertent whistle i don't think anyone actually believed that was an inadvertent whistle because if you didn't mean to blow your whistle you would have said so right away in the moment not at the the officials huddle up and then say that but once again that did not cost them the game what cost them the game was when you enter the third quarter you had the nicks on the ropes to tie this series up at one apiece you had brunson out of the game he comes back in for the start of the third quarter ogn and obi gets hurt leaves the game you know they basically played a half without ogn and obi and a quarter without jaylen brunson and the pacers couldn't hold on to their lead and the nicks beat them up pretty damn good doubled them up in the third quarter and then show but they were the better team in the fourth quarter you know tell you guys to hustle more how many rebounds is josh hark gonna get just because he's hustling now in two series don't even genzo hit shots jaylen brunson is one of the toughest sobs in the league yeah he's unbelievable what he does guy missed a quarter last thing what he finished with 30 points that's crazy so rick carlisle i i think this is him just being frustrated you can't actually be though this stupid and this dense i'm just gonna say it as nicely as i can to actually think that the league is sitting there and adam silver who's in the building is sitting there and saying hey pacers are a small market let's screw over the pacers league you know let's get tim donaghy back on the court league let's screw over the pacers and allow the nicks to win it's it's just foolish it's just jackassery and it's just stupidity by rick carlisle and he's a baby and he's crying and his feelings are hurt because his team's down 0-2 i don't even have a dog in the fight like i don't i know i was at the game last night i'm behind the bench i was cheering for the nicks all right because it was a fun atmosphere it's a fun building i get that i get that so i'm sure some some dope could go oh well you're behind the bench last night cheering for the next that's a great atmosphere i'm an mba team you know i watch the rangers fully in hockey i watch the patriots fully in football i watch michigan football fully in college football baseball i'll be rocking and rolling with my mets but when you watch the mba that game last night and you're in that building with that atmosphere i'm just watching the moment it was pretty damn cool but never did i think in game one i did think it was the case that they got screwed by the officials the kickball was a disgrace and the offensive foul call is stupid that gripe is deserving in game one but in game two outside of the double dribble that was overturned where you're not winning the game anyway at that point what are your legitimate complaints like when i see brian winhorse say that overnight the pacers filed 49 calls they felt were incorrect from game two to the mba office according to a league source they sent in 29 from game one they previously withheld as well for a total of 78 oh my goodness how about you study a little bit more how about you prepare more that'd be like if i failed the test in college which trust me i did that enough c's get degrees that was my motto which means you fail a few tests in order to get some c's eventually you know so you're not gonna be bad in a thousand but that would be like if i failed the test and i go up well out of the 80 questions that they they put on the test about 42 of them are unfair i'm gonna send it to the dean of the school like nothing's gonna go in your favor because maybe they eliminate like one or two questions but the officiating did not impact the game last night all righty let's go to manny rodriguez because i know manny is a nix fan and before we put manny on camera if you are watching us on youtube just be prepared to see how manny is dressed for success today and i would say he's dressed for success but then he's working at a radio station none of us dress like manny rodriguez is today what are you selling me some insurance or something like that i mean i can get you out of a timeshare if that's what you need oh yeah i can do a good read for later in the show maybe but geez you're dressed up very nice today well i had a i had a job interview or funeral a little bit of both i was i did a job job interview um here at the network and the job interview went so poorly you had to go to funeral afterwards no actually the funeral is for the indiana Pacers because of this cry baby Carlisle what a loser 78 Carlisle are you kidding me has manny been sitting next to me a little bit uh too much that sounds like something i would say i'm over here sitting next to zillionaire zach oh sitting a couple of rows from from the nick's bench i called the play last night yeah no i mean yeah did you see uh one of the fouls that Carlisle was crying about uh no i didn't and and i'm six foot four and i was standing on a platform so i could see a lot i did out the double dribble was stupid to overturn it wasn't a it was a funky looking play if anything it was a palming violation but i mean yeah i mean but that didn't impact the game that's not what they lost oh come on you know plus he's complaining about all the the fouls and whatnot i mean did you know zach that before Carlisle got hit with his first technical foul the Pacers actually had more free throw attempts than the Knicks i didn't even know that yeah they have 17 free throws that's how they had too many margaritas at the game to understand that that's a good job um and additionally is it the referee's fault that they shot what 58 59 percent from the free throw line is it the officials fault that they didn't put tj mcconnell over the last seven minutes come on Carlisle give me give me a break okay so i'm assuming you're in you're you're you're in the running for the Bart Winkler show producer is that why you're yeah a little bit a little bit this is this is hey hey stu maybe we have to add him to the coin flip when it comes to tom telesco just flipping coins to determine who's going to be the Raiders pick at 13th overall can he a dice at this point that's not a bad idea we could do roulette infinity sports network roulette we'll get all the hosts we'll put in some money we'll we'll put on certain candidates we'll have the ball go around the wheel and see what lands on that could be fun this is why you get paid a bit but big bucks man that would be fun billionaire sack billionaire zach i kind of like that i didn't pay for the tickets last night so i mean according to the internet you do have that net rating net wealth of what millions of million one to five million dollars it says that's my salary for the year i could confirm that's not even close and it's not in the better direction it's in the wrong direction not to get into your pockets but no come on if i made one to five million dollars a year i think i'd do this job for like six or seven years and then say goodbye and go off to some island and just put my feet up and relax and and hang out doesn't that sound phenomenal right now yeah that's about to be what Carlisle and you've got to be roasting today pace what is you it's so hot in this it's so hot in this building no yeah i'm wearing this suit yeah i've bad decisions you ever see wolf of wall street yeah of course you know when the uh detective the fbi agent excuse me is sit on the subway and like jordan belfort goes out of his way to say oh you're probably miserable sweating in that suit and like he's like making fun of the regular day guy that goes in the subway in the suit and the tie and everything great that's what you probably got to feel like today oh yeah it's definitely fits in your asshole it's definitely it's definitely sweaty underneath but i look good yeah you don't smell though at least that's good there's some people around here man uh they sweat they smell you're like oh get away from me no comment absolutely disgusting no comment you're looking good though thank you i appreciate how much gel you put in your hair a lot a lot i had i mean hey if i don't put any gel in this when do you usually have a mustache yeah really yeah for some reason i don't know why i've had it for about two years now you don't go goatee at all go what now goatee no no no because i have no it doesn't grow in dude doesn't grow in thank you thanks man what i'm not mr facial hair myself well i mean i still feel bad about it i feel sorry for myself whenever i look into the mirror i have a patchy beard i could grow goatee i cannot grow a beard um no plus i look i look great with this mustache you do i'm gonna have to i must ask you a question yeah coming up later sure you know what just give us the sports okay okay fine well come on back uh we will update some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio that is a news brief but first up with the latest infinity sports network sports slash here is the very sharp the mr dress to impress the biggest nix homer on the planet whoa and that is manny rodriguez this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law doors take us 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experience the thrill of being a detective and unravel the mystery in june's journey download june's journey now on your android or ios device or play on pc through facebook games time for your daily news brief we get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports let's go to julian edelman and drew blezzo games with names podcast they were saying we'll be awkward between robert kraft and the hoodie bill belicheck at the tb-12 rose tension in that room though it was it was real good cut it was it was very real it was real i i was so awkward i was like i was watching coach and i tried to give coach a heads up i'm like i see craft walking i'm like yo coach you know like even some locker room like five oh five oh you know like he didn't of course he didn't see it right and he came in i was like oh this could be some fireworks i just walked away so i think a big topic the last few years was the tension between brady and belicheck i feel like whatever that tension was has now been over and done with but now you replace the tension with belicheck and brady and the tensions with belicheck and robert kraft and i think that's legitimate tension because brady and and belicheck were together for 20 something years and right they're the two names most synonymous with the dynasty and there was always that question who's more important which i absolutely hated that debate and it got bad at the end and it got petty at the end but there were so many good years and great years of them together now i know you can say the same thing with robert kraft and bill belicheck but tom brady never prevented like bill belicheck from getting a job somewhere else and reportedly robert kraft basically told arthur blank uh yeah you're never gonna have a warm fuzzy relationship with bill belicheck which is not false but you don't say that about someone that you spent 20 something years with when they're trying to get a job somewhere else and we're clearly the front runner for that job and you basically persuaded arthur blank not to hire bill belicheck so i think belicheck's actually in the right here where he has every right to be annoyed and give some icy stairs to robert kraft so in a weird way because no offense like i love robert kraft but if i had i love robert kraft but if i had to pick out of the three kraft brady and belicheck like who i want feuding i don't want brady and bill to be feuding i'd rather have bill and robert be feuding and that's what it seems like it's down to now let's go to the general manager the detroit lions brad holmes he was on the costa and jansen and w x w uh w x y t in detroit the ticket uh is an extension for jared golf coming soon first and foremost you know he's he's earned an extension and it's it's important it's it's a high priority for us and both sides are working really really hard these things just kind of take a while especially with the quarterback market uh but uh i i do have faith that it's going to get done so we're in an interesting spot we'll do more on this later but jared golf enters the last year of his contract dak prescott enters the last year of his contract and to a tongue of iloa is on his fifth year option this season all their general managers like yeah these deals take a while to get done but we believe in our guy we're going to get a deal done like that's not getting a deal done before the start of the season and tua and jared golf are ones that there's a chance it could get done i still feel like tua has more to prove but when we get to jared golf he's just coming off an nfc title game appearance the lions finally have stability for the first time in a long time i wouldn't mess around with this one but then also where is jared golf really going and you have the ability to franchise tag him i believe if you want but i'm a little bit surprised out of the three that this is the one that has not got done yet let's go to rick carlisle we talked about his bitching in the last segment about the officials in game two here is more ranting from coach carlisle equipment he said crybaby carlisle more ranting about the ref rest after game two after game one we uh we always go through the film and games where it felt like you know the whistles weren't balanced and we pull the clips there's a way you can submit them to the to the mda office and so there were 29 plays in game one that we thought were clearly called the wrong way i decided not not to submit them because i just felt like you know we get a more balanced whistle tonight it didn't feel that way a couple examples 508 to the third you know the whole world knows that haliburton's got a bad back and heart comes up and shoves him in the back it's all over twitter right now because a couple people a few people have showed it to me and jb daros is looking right at it you can see him he's got he's got vision of the play and he shoves tirade in the corner and there's no whistle right in the back that was shocking but i can promise you that we're going to submit these tonight new york and get ready they'll see them too you know you i'm always talking to our guys about not making it about the officials but we deserve a fair shot it's just not it's just there's not there's not a consistent balance and that's disappointing give new york credit for the physicality that they're playing with but you know their their physicality is rewarded and ours is penalized just you know time after time you know it's just i'm just really disappointed just really disappointed you got to make a stand for your guys you know you got to stand up for for what's right and what's not right and that was it well then you should have said that after game one because in game one the officiating there were two moments at the end of the game the kickball and also the illegal screen that should not have been called that's when you should have complained last night there was nothing egregious that made me said oh the pacers got screwed by the officials in the game last night it impacted the game like it did in game one and santor you're more of a numbers guy than i am you went to boston university you went to be you um let me just ask you a question here numbers related if one team gets to the charity stripe 17 they get 17 free throws and let's say the other team gets 22 free throws is that a big difference just wondering from a numbers standpoint no but you have to look inside the game and see like are those 22 free throws that that first team is getting on you know 12 opportunities and is the 17 free throws happening on 30 opportunities where guys may have been fouled and they're just not getting called so no yes by numbers 22 and 17 not a big difference however it depends if the team that's getting 17 free throws is more aggressive and they're getting fouled more often but it's not getting called then yes which wasn't the case last night and the pacers had 17 fouls called against their players the nicks had 14 fouls called against their players um and you look at the free throw percentages the nicks shot 81.8 at the free throw line when the pacers got the calls at the free throw line they shot 58.8 from the charity strike so coach how about stop bitching for more foul calls and tell your players to make the free throws and then maybe one or two calls then could have decided the game it just wasn't merited it was not warranted last night to complain about the officials in game one it was i'm being fair i'm just calling it how i see it nikola jokic three-time mv mba mvp award winner after last night he did an interview with shack on inside the mba on tnt and shack went out of his way to say big fella i appreciate you but i don't think you should have won the award i want you to hear from me first i thought the sga should have been the mvp that's no disrespect to you but congratulations thank you shaq we don't judge people here you know so that's why i'm tilting and i'm joking hey we're all good i love you i love your brothers one thing we always going to do is keep it real with each other congratulations i love it i think there is a lot of people that a lot of players deserve it you know it's probably details and the kind of small small things still what do you think about that question by shack just wondering do you think he should have asked that yeah i don't mind it i i didn't have a problem with it didn't stick out it's like wow like he's out of line i think that's just how shack is shack has been very honest very with fellow big men and b dwight howard in the past i think he's just being honest sam sir any problem with that no and i i didn't listen to the whole show but i'm assuming that they probably were talking on the air about how shack thought that sg should have won the mvp and shack probably knew that charles was going to try to throw him under the bus the second that he got the opportunity so he wanted to be the first to say hey yo kitch i love you you're deserving but sga was more deserving the reason i asked you guys that question first is i'm with you but i see and i understand social media is not a true reflection of society but on social media everyone's like that's the wrong time and place and you could just tell those people have never hosted a show like could you imagine if i'm trashing someone and then you bring them on the air and you don't ask them at least about what you're trashing that person about it'd be very disingenuous it'd be very fraudulent that's how we ever have like contentious interviews or we have interviews people like oh i don't i didn't expect you to ask that question well i would look like a coward and a fraud if i didn't ask that question so if what santor's saying is true that shack made it well known that sga he thought he should run the mvp maybe could have been a little bit more kinder in the approach about it but i'm not gonna slam him for that i actually respect that shack had the cojones to say hey i don't think you should have won the mvp and you get the reaction instead of just saying like hey some people say you shouldn't have won the mvp when we all know who that some person was and it was the big fella shakil o'neill all righty that's a news brief for this is zach yelp show on the infinity sports network brian kelly has an issue with nil uh the new boise state head football coach also talked about nil as well why are some coaches not embracing nil and will it be a hindrance to their programs moving forward we'll discuss that on the other side you can always give us a call 855 212 42 27 855 212 42 27 and follow the zach yelp show on x twitter instagram at zach yelp that is zach g-e-l-b coming on back okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head 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