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ESPN’s Hockey Coverage Stinks! (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 8, 2024 5:19 pm

ESPN’s Hockey Coverage Stinks! (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 8, 2024 5:19 pm

College Football Fix: Deone Walker, Kentucky Defensive Lineman I ESPN Botches Rangers vs. Hurricanes Game I Rick Kamla, SiriusXM NBA Host

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Minimum $10 per order, additional term supply. We miss college football. He throws into the end zone. It's caught by Isaiah Bond in the corner of the end zone. Touchdown, Alabama.

We can't wait for the 2024 season. Hands it off to Edwards who will bounce it outside. Donovan 40, Donovan 30, Donovan Edwards is in the clear. His second touchdown run of the ballgame.

This time for 46 yards and Michigan has taken a 13 to 3 lead on the second touchdown of the night from the man who was not tripping. And we're counting down the days to kick off. Are we there yet? No. Are we there yet? I said no. Are we there yet?

What's wrong with your ears? Here is your college football fix only on the Zach Gelb show. We are 115 days away until Kentucky football kicks off its season against Southern Miss. And now joining us is their star defensive lineman and Deon Walker. And I see this guy's name rising up the early 2025 mock NFL drafts. Like I'm a nerd when it comes to football mock drafts. I've already peeked those out.

And I saw NBC had him as a top 15 pick next year. Deon, appreciate the time. Thanks so much for doing this. And how you been? I've been good, man. Thank you for having me.

Well, thanks so much for coming on. So in your sophomore season, you had a big jump from your freshman year. How do you look back at last season individually for you? I feel like it was a great season. You know, I still left a lot of plays out on the field. And, you know, I'm just not too happy about how our season ended. What kind of jump are you looking to make in year three? I know you guys started off strong down the stretch.

It didn't go your way. We talked about the big jump that you had individually as a player in some of the national recognition you receive. But as a program and then also for you individually, what kind of like leap do you think you guys could take this year? As a team, you know, we got a lot of leaders. You know, we lost some key components, but we brought in a lot of guys from our transfer portal. You know, we got to all of our guys got a lot of experience. We got experience at every position group. And I just feel like we have a bunch of leaders.

There aren't any just one set lead set of leaders. We like if somebody has something to say, they're going to step up and say it. And I feel like that's going to like make our biggest jump for this next season. Let me get to the quarterback position. We know you can hit the quarterback now. You don't hit your own quarterback in practice because then Coach Stoops will probably throw you out of the practice facility. But Brock Vandergriff, what do you think he could bring to this football team this year? Brock, you know, he's a gunslinger. He's he's very, you know, hoist in the pocket.

That's one thing I do like. You know, he's always happy. He's going to uplift you no matter what.

You could be having a bad day. He's going to come over to you. You're going to be all right.

We don't you have a bad practice. He's going to try and make you laugh, try and make you get over it, you know. And that's some great things that we need out of our quarterback.

Because as long as he's happy, if he's making everybody else happy around us, our team is going our team morale is going to stay up always. Talking to Deon Walker right now, everyone notices your size. I don't think you get enough praise, though, for your quickness. Do you feel like your quickness is an underrated part of your game?

Because when I was watching a lot of the tape last night, that's what jumps out to me. How damn quick you are getting to the quarterback. Yeah, you know, not so many people can. My size can move like me, you know, so it'll just sneak up on people, you know, and that's one. That's one reason I feel like I did so good my sophomore season because nobody was really expecting me to be as quick as I am, be as fast as I am and be as active with my hands as I am. So, yeah, I say sneak up on people a lot. Let's say someone has never seen Deon Walker play football.

How would you describe what that looks like? Yeah, I'll say, you know, he's an active wrecking ball. I like that controlled chaos.

Also Brandon Braden Fisk of Florida State. He said that when he was in studio with us, controlled chaos. And I see a lot of that in him and I see a lot of that in you as well.

Yes, sir. Talking to Deon Walker. So how do you deal with this extra attention when we brought you in? I discussed how already you're starting to see your name fly up the mock drafts in the first round. That means you're doing a heck of a job.

But how do you kind of deal with all that extra praise and spotlight kind of getting shifted your way? I don't really look into that. You know, I just want to play football. You know, I haven't really been even looking at all of the mock drafts or anything.

I think I've seen one from my best because my dad sent it to me and had me at like number three. But I really just been focused on my studies. You know, we just have finals.

So just finishing up. When did you start to realize, though, in your journey that we call life that, OK, you know, football is something not that you only just enjoy. But man, now Deon Walker, I'm pretty damn good at it.

And maybe I could do this one day for a living. It was really a high school because I was at a point in my life before one of my. You know, I call him my uncle, but he's really just one of my old coaches, high school coaches. Before he passed. Like three months before he passed, we had a big sit down because I wasn't right mentally. And he and I just like didn't want to play football right now, like it was just over. And he literally came to my house. He made me have a three hour sit down cover with him. He's like, if you want to change your family's life. This is your chance to do it. And that really shifted my thinking as to.

And I'm just doing this before it's like I really got a shot. Sorry to hear about your loss, just reflecting on that relationship with your coach and uncle. Just how much do you still carry his memory with you to this day?

All the time. You know, I have a tattoo of his name on me. Like he's really shaped me to the man that I am today. Talking to Deon Walker with us right now as we get set for Kentucky's football season, 115 days away until the Wildcats are back on the field going up against Southern Miss. Do you approach this season thinking it's going to be your last season at Kentucky or you just day by day in your approach? Yeah, I want to approach it as you know. I'm trying to leave this year because that's going to have me leave it all out there no matter what. That's going to have me, you know, just going 110 percent every every play. So I feel like I'm going to always look at it as this is my last year.

No, that's OK. We got two more, you know, just dilly dally. Who's your favorite player, by the way, in the NFL? Like growing up, who was someone that you? I don't know if you modeled your game after them, but you really paid attention to and you became a fan of those players growing up.

Love that. So Clay's Campbell, right? Yes, sir. Man, have you ever met him? Have you ever had any conversations with him? Just wondering?

No, I want to go. Well, we all know he's a big dude that can move quickly and he's going to the Hall of Fame one day. So I know it speaks for itself, but just having your defensive line kind of mindset, what are the things that you really enjoy about his game? Well, his game, he just knows the game of football. Well, like so well, he knows what run blocks he's getting. He knows what runs run scheme he's getting.

He knows the tendencies of whichever online he's going against. You know, he's just a film warrior. Wrapping up with Deon Walker joins us right now. Your football coach, Mark Stoops, I think he's one of the more underappreciated coaches in the country. What he's done at Kentucky has been absolutely phenomenal. A few 10 win seasons. How do you kind of describe your relationship with coach and just what he means to you after being with him for two years?

Coach Stoops, that's family. You know, that's my dog. You know, we always just talk about or, you know, I could call him whenever something going on with me. Or if I just want to talk, if I just want to, you know, just chop it up on him. He's very open to that. He doesn't care. He wants to build a relationship with you as a as a person, not just a player.

And that's one thing I love so much about. You know, change is part of football, right? We see players leave. We see coaches leave. When there was all that speculation that he was going to be the next coach of A&M. And you knew you were coming back or maybe you're going to hit the transfer portal.

Just how did you kind of process that? And when you found out that Coach Stoops was staying at Kentucky, just what kind of emotion did it bring? That's another part into saying like the relationship, because when I seen all that, as soon as I seen, I just caught him up and like asked him, like, are you leaving? He's like, I said that I was going to go on a visit. I never agreed to anything. And he was like, he kept it real me. He like, I don't know if I'm going to agree to it or not.

But like that, that's all that I ask is just for him to be honest. Why did you elect to stay at Kentucky? Because you could have gone into the transfer portal.

I'm sure you could have got a crazy NIL deal somewhere else. But what made you say, OK, I want to continue to be a Wildcat? Just because I'm loyal to who's loyal to me. And Coach Stoops, all in all, not leaving and choosing to stay at Kentucky really showed his loyalty to the team, to the organization, to the school. Wrap it up with Dion Walker, a few more minutes on the Zach Gelb show as we get you set for Kentucky's football season, 115 days away and a little college football fix. What do you hope to prove this season?

Just wondering. That. I just want us to get over that hump. You know, I want teams to know, I want people to know that Kentucky is a team to be reckoned with. Do you feel like this is a team that doesn't get a lot of respect? Because I think people know you're you're a good team, but they think there's limitations on how good Kentucky could be. Yeah. And, you know, I hate the back talk. Oh, yeah. Kentucky just can't never get over that 10 win season.

Can't never get over the hump. We're going to try our hardest to show this year. And last thing I'll ask you on a fun note, because, right, you're a big guy. I'm a big guy.

We all know big guys. We like to eat. Let's say you're not in training, right? You're not counting the calories. You're having a cheat meal. What is the Dion Walker cheat meal?

Just wondering. I say some lamb chops, macaroni. It'll be a whole feast. How many lamb chops can can you take down?

Can I take now? I'd say about. I'm somewhere in the double digits, for sure. But it'd be about three or four lamb chops, some mac and cheese, some greens, some baked beans, some ham, you know, just a little bit of everything. And this has been a running question on the show.

This is like the biggest character evaluation I have in a human being. When you're eating wings, do you go ranch or blue cheese? Ranch.

Really? Oh, my. This is now three straight football players, Joe Alt, Brayden Fisk, and now you that say that they prefer ranch over blue cheese. What is it with ranch? Because I'm a blue cheese guy. Oh, this is just so good. Blue cheese tastes like spoiled milk.

And my dad's a blue cheese guy and I look at him every time he eats it and I'm like, that tastes good to you? That's amazing. Well, I really enjoyed our conversation today. Good luck this upcoming season, all your future goals. Thanks so much for doing this, Dion.

Thank you. There he is, Dion Walker. That's why he's going to be a bust in the NFL. Because he likes ranch over blue cheese. I think that's how I'm going to start to evaluate youngsters that and it's weird me calling someone a youngster.

Man, I sound really old there and I'm kidding, obviously, when I say this. But that is a big character evaluation for me. Ranch or blue cheese when you eat wings. And usually I have most people say it's blue cheese.

But the analytics the last three times out are not in my favor. Brayden Fisk, ranch. Joe Walt, ranch. Smart. Dion Walker, ranch.

Smart. So before I get your opinion on this, Sam, let's just get everyone on the record here. Stu, so we could do this once and for all. Obviously, I am team blue cheese with wings. Let's just go around the room and make sure that we're all on the same page here. Stu, ranch or blue cheese?

Ranch. Really? Yep. Now, Santa. So Stu just gave me the answer that his answer, not my answer, but the answer.

I feel like there are some times where Santa will egg me on a little bit and will try to take the knife and slowly twist it in my back to elicit a response. Are you genuinely like this isn't like your skip bailish stick that you sometimes pull? Like, are you genuinely a ranch over blue cheese guy? When I was younger, it was all about blue cheese. That's because the place I went to didn't offer ranch. They only had blue cheese.

This is what I kind of grew up with. And then when I was in college, I tried ranch with my wings and I've just never gone back. Every now and again, I'll have a craving for some blue cheese, but I always have ranch as a backup just in case. A really good homemade blue cheese like that a restaurant makes there like that day and like it's fresh and delicious.

That can be kind of a game changer. But for the most part, no, no, I legit prefer ranch. Man, I can't believe I'm on a on an island on this one. That's now Joe Alt, Braden Fisk, Dion Walker, Stu and Santa that are team ranch over blue cheese. I think from now on, every guest and every caller that comes on this show has to answer ranch or blue cheese before they get any other questions. Could you imagine? We welcome in Andy Reid after winning a Super Bowl for the third straight year.

Hey, big fella. Coach Red Rancher blue cheese. What do you put on your ring?

Your wings? I mean, for Andy Reid, he's going to be above everything. All right. We welcome in the new coach of the Dallas Cowboys of twenty twenty five. Bill Belichick. Bill, your ranch or blue cheese?

I haven't really thought about that much. We're on to just the football season. We're not on the food. OK.

But if I had to make a case, I would go blue cheese. Hey, this is a new Belichick non coach. Belichick is jovial, fun, goofy. Yeah. Joking. Maybe at the crack in a smile there. He said, hey, smile. Here's his answer. What is rubber craft like? Blue cheese.

Also, good answer on Dion Walker. Cheat food meal. Lamb chops. If you do Australian lamb chops, I could put down like. Oh, man.

You give Zach a little substance like some of the people in the YouTube chat use. I could definitely do double digits on the lamb chops. What are you talking about? What? Lamb chops?

No. What kind of stuff are you talking about? I know. I know what you're referring. Oh, OK. Yeah.

I know what you're referring to. We're coming up on four twenty, by the way. So that's like perfectly time for. Are we or do we already owe you the time? Yes.

The actual time was a couple of weeks ago. Mm hmm. So on one of the bachelor parties I went to, we hired a chef and they made lamb chops and they put pesto on the lamb chops. But I don't need anything on the lamb chops. I've seen people put gray cheese before on lamb chops. I thought was like crazy, but it tasted good. The pesto was a phenomenal touch. Lamb chops.

Very good one. I think I could eat with Dion Walker unless if it's just not wings and ranch. You know, wings and blue cheese. Fine. But he was saying Mac and cheese and lamb chops.

And he was throwing out like nine thousand things. That's how it's it's kind of pathetic. But that's how I evaluate if I like someone or not. How they eat. How they eat. And what kind of conversations they have. If you eat well and you could have a decent conversation.

That means I usually like you. All right. It is that guilt show on the Infinity Sports Network. There was a horrific incident last night during the Ranger game, which we have to relive. And also we got to see the Thunder and Celtics get off to good starts. We're talking some pucks.

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Minimum ten dollars per order. Additional terms apply. I think if you're a sports fan, you know about the Heidi game, or at least you have some idea what it is. Jets, Raiders back in 68, 69, 68, 69, something like that.

Late 60s. And the Jets are up. You think the game's over. NBC switches away from their coverage of Jets and Raiders and they put on Heidi and the Raiders scored two touchdowns in like the final minute ish of the game. And they end up winning the game. And most people did not see the epic comeback that has been told.

That story has been told for many years, like I wasn't even a thought back on November 17th, 1968. And that's something that just being a sports fan, you get told about over and over and over again. Like nowadays, Stu, there's no way you would cut away from an NFL game and go to like a TV show or go to a film. It would be to cut away to go to another game like that's happened before. If you're an out of market game is on, it's a blow out. You'll have someone from the studio say, oh, we're going to now take you to another stadium to give you a little bit more of a compelling game. Just as long as there's no restrictions locally. But last night, I'm watching the Rangers game and I'm going berserk, right?

Right now. And like the Rangers are so special to me because it's the one sport my father and I both share the same team. And I just in my lifetime, I just want to see the Rangers win the cup while my father is alive. Like he's already seen them win the cup back in 94 from sports.

That's his favorite sport. That was the one team he made sure I rooted for as a kid were the Rangers. And like this, my uncle, crazy Ranger fan, my father, crazy Ranger fan. We have a family group chat just dedicated to the Rangers. And like, I'm not kidding how crazy that like in the preseason, my uncle Kenny will be texting us about the preseason games and how he's already fed up with the team. Like that's how nuts we are about the Rangers. So last night, I'm watching the game with a buddy of mine. And let's just say this buddy of mine likes to partake in some festivities that may have occurred five minutes ago daily for some people.

That's all I'm going to say. And for whatever the reason is, even though he was in my apartment last night, I was allowing that person control the remote. So I have two TVs. The Rangers are on the main TV. And then we had on the Mets, we had on the NBA games like the NHL. We were rotating on that other TV.

Now, this was a dumb decision by me. My apartment, I should be the one controlling the remotes. But I said, you could control the remote for the other TV, and it was adjacent to the main remote for the other TV. So there's a few seconds left, for 50 seconds left, a minute left in the Rangers-Hurricane's game in regulation. And it's tied. The Rangers go on a power play. And out of nowhere, we'll play the audio in just a second. They shift, and I didn't know that this at the time, they shifted.

It was an error by the production people to the Stars Avalanche game. And I don't usually lose my cool when I'm hanging out with my friends. But I turned to my buddy and I'm like, how much of this did you smoke that you're now sitting on the remote and ruining this game? Like, get the channel back on. And he's like, I don't have the remote. I'm not sitting on the remote.

The remote was actually on the table in front of us. So I'm like, what is ESPN doing? And I just had this fear that they were going to flashback or turn back to the game and the Rangers were going to lose even though they were going to the power play. Which the crazy thing is, the Rangers almost lost in regulation because the Hurricanes had two short-handed opportunities. So let's listen up and hear how this sounded on ESPN last night. As the Rangers are going on a power play with under a minute to go and some bozo working at ESPN pressed something or it was a hard out. Like, I don't know what was going on.

And all of us got stars and avalanche for 15 seconds, but it felt like it was four hours. Listen up. This is the scene and we are ready to go for a high-powered series in the Western Conference in the second round. With that, we say hello and thanks for joining us.

Alongside AJ Molesco, I'm Mike Monaco, Leah Hextall joins us. I couldn't believe that when I was watching that. And you don't even get a second to process what was going on because there was just like fireworks going off in your brain. But in that moment, when it's followed up by you get to see two short-handed opportunities by the Hurricanes, I'm like, if they lose this game in regulation, I'm blaming ESPN. And I said this for the last two years, last two, three years, however long it's been since ESPN got hockey back. Their coverage of hockey is disgraceful.

The studio show stinks. Steve Levy, terrible. John Butchigross, who a lot of people like, the way that he was doing the draft lottery, terrible.

It was cringe-worthy. And play-by-play, I like Sean McDonough. I like him for football. Hockey, he's improved. But Bob Washusen is by far and away the best play-by-play guy for hockey that they have.

He should be their number one, except it's McDonough. And the camera angles are disgraceful. Stop with this behind-the-net camera. Like, I'm watching the SportsNet feed after the game. They have better angles. They have better announcers. It's like ESPN is trying to cover hockey, but they do it in a half-assed way.

Kevin Weeks is good. I'll give Kevin Weeks credit, but TNT, they run circles, studio show, in-game broadcasts, camera angles around ESPN. But how ESPN can't even properly broadcast the game, and I don't know how that was messed up, but how they cut away from a Rangers game with 15 seconds left when it's tied in regulation and the Rangers are going on the power play, I was down the bottle of tequila in the moment because I was that stressed out. Like, there is no sport, at least in my lifetime, that is more nerve-wracking to watch than playoff hockey.

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, whatever sport you want to say, nothing is more nerve-wracking than playoff hockey. Ack, let me ask you this, because you're probably someone that big. You were working. Were you still? No, you were home at that point. I was home last night when the game ended. When regulation in the final minute and ESPN botched up the broadcast, Ack is a pretty strict person here. Take me inside the Ackerman palatial state.

I was splitting infinitives and dangling modifiers. Vince Scully won't say. Well, it's a two-fold, because you're seeing Colorado-Dallas starting on ESPNU. And so there's no warning, and all of a sudden, it's Colorado-Dallas. And now, I've got to go find ESPNU, and quick, I hit the guide, and I'm like... And it's not apparent right off the bat, which is ESPNU. And it obviously doesn't say... It didn't even say Stars Avalanche on there, because that obviously was not supposed to be there. So I'm looking, and thankfully, I have the guide, and it still has the screen in the top corner. But I'm looking, and I'm like, you have no idea what's happening.

And then finally, it came back as I found ESPNU. You know, a lot of people, and I understand why they're calling it the Heidi game, right? But it reminds me more like the ending of The Sopranos. I said that before, too. When they fade to black, I thought my cable box went out, and last night, I'm screaming at my buddy. I thought he was sitting on the remote, and he was just changing the channel unintentionally.

My dad, he's walking around going crazy during these games, and he thought he stepped on the remote and changed the channel. And everyone had that moment, and there was another part. I don't know if you realize this, and I didn't realize it in the moment. When the Hurricanes are on one of their power plays in overtime... Hurricanes win? Yeah, it said Hurricanes win flashed up on the board. Yeah, I didn't know that either. I didn't see that.

I don't know if you want to comment on this. I was so locked in. But I said this now for three years. ESPN does a terrible job producing hockey. I've said this before, and it's amazing because it's not like they haven't been in TV, and it's not like they haven't been in TV with hockey before. TNT is so much better. So I don't understand why they can't seem to get it right.

The angles. I've seen some of the highlights from Sportsnet today. Ten times better than what ESPN has. They're in the same damn building. And ESPN has a better set-up, I would guarantee you that. Probably so. I don't understand why. How do you think that happened last night?

Like, Samter, Stu, you guys understand more of the production side of it? Is that like... Did someone just schedule... Like, we have a hard out here at the top of the hour. Did someone just schedule that internally? I think there's a switcher, and I think somebody made the wrong button.

Could you imagine being that poor guy or gal? Can I press that? You'd probably get fired today, right? No, I think it's an oops, but you know.

It's a big oopsie. If the winning goal happened while they switched away, then maybe that would have happened. But since it was kind of like five, seven seconds and no whatever... Like, I've worked on boards before live game broadcasts. Have you ever done that? Were you working last night for ESPN? No.

More on the radio side than the TV side. But yes, I've accidentally gone to commercial. You hit a button by mistake or came back from commercial too early or whatever. It happens, right? Human error happens. It's possible they scheduled it and they forgot to take it off. It's possible that he just hit the wrong button.

Something. But it was a quick, easy thing as a Rangers fan. It was not quick. 15 seconds felt like nine hours. I think it was less than 15 seconds and it certainly probably felt like that.

But nothing crazy happened in that time period. Had the winning goal happened. Different story. But you're also in the middle of the height of intensity in the game. And you're so locked in.

You just get a power play too? And you're sitting there because you don't know. You have so many emotions that's going through your head. First of all, A. I'm in the game. B. Something can happen.

C. Where the heck do I find the game? But in fairness, there's a lot that goes on in those control rooms. And maybe it was just very hectic and somebody got the wrong signal. I'm not an in fairness guy with this one. I'm just trying to be an in fairness guy. Or somebody just heard it wrong.

No, we're going there. But that's pretty bad though. That's very bad.

Very, very bad. All I can hear is Christopher, Matt, Doug, Russo. Remember when he asked Al Dukes, the legendary producer for Boomer and Cardin, Boomer and Geo, Do you even like sports?

I feel like whoever's running that... Do you even like sports? You can get that too. It is possible. Someone just had to say, Oh guys, we're supposed to switch. The game's starting. Not realizing that we're in about the game that's going to eventually go to one overtime, let alone two. So there you go.

Or not. We'll talk some hoops. Yeah.

There's some short-handed opportunities at the end. We'll clean that up. Anyway, we will get to the NBA next. Rick Kamlo, Series XM MBA Radio will join us.

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Just you wait. Auto Trader. Alright, it is the Infinity Sports Network. It is the Zach Gelb show. We should be joined in a few moments by Rick Hamlet.

He does a great job for Sirius XM MBA Radio as you can listen to him throughout the week. As man, last night in the association, you had the Oklahoma City Thunder and you had the Boston Celtics. Both get victories and both go up 1-0. And there's now a concern about the health of Luca Doncic to be dealing with that knee sprain. And you can just see with the Boston Celtics that they're just a better team than the Cavs. And this series, at most, should only go five games. And when you take a glance at the postseason so far, Boston, I don't think anyone's going to be able to defeat them in the East. Pacers, we'll see if they can draw even with the Knicks tonight or now are going to be without Mitchell Robinson. But in the West, man, the surprise.

And you knew that team was going to be able to compete and make it a good series, but I didn't think they'd be up 2-0 as Minnesota taking a 2-0 series lead up against defending champion Denver Nuggets. Someone that covers all things NBA is Rick Hammel. Always love talking to him.

You can listen to him weekdays on Sirius XM MBA Radio. And he's kind enough to join us right now on the Zach Gelb show. Rick, appreciate the time. As always, how you been, my friend? Hey Zach, what's up, man? Happy playoffs.

Yeah, thanks so much for joining us today. You know, we opened up the show with this today. Just in the postseason, who have you been more impressed by? Is it Jalen Brunson or is it Anthony Edwards?

It's a great question. Me and Antonio Daniels on Give and Go on NBA Radio, I may get us into a Brunson v. Edwards thing tomorrow because we were talking about, you know, guys that have enhanced their narrative and reputation in the playoffs. And I brought up Jalen Williams off the game he had last night, the fourth quarter he had last night, should I say. The body of work this season, one of the most improved players, all that kind of stuff.

I mentioned distantly, Paulo Bancaro, you know, obviously showing well in that first round loss. And I did mention Ant-Man and Brunson. And we went down that road and AD was like, yo, it is definitive that these two guys have done more. So it was a really fun conversation for us to have.

And I definitely see it the same way. These are the two it guys in these playoffs. So the conversation maybe tomorrow on Give and Go will be, you know, who has done more. Okay, we agree, Brunson and Edwards. But which of these guys has done more to enhance their narrative and their reputation?

You know, so that's the come. But I think in terms of who's been more impressive, I've got to say Anthony Edwards, man. Like, what he's doing is impressive, but what Ant-Man is doing, he's got the chance. On the ropes, 2-0, going back to Minnesota for 3-4. I mean, the odds are like 90-95% that Minnesota's going to win this series now. Zach, Minnesota's going to beat the champs, man. Like, this is crazy stuff, okay? Like, long series, long series, like maybe, you know, Denver wins, Minnesota wins in 7 or something like that.

Like, okay, but what we're looking at right now is they may get out the brooms on the Denver Nuggets, okay? I did not see that coming in a million years. I did not see the incredible shrinkage of Jamal Murray right now. And it's really born of the defense being played on him.

They're completely putting a blanket on him, Zach. He can't do anything. He can't make passes. He can't even get shots off.

That's how dominant the Minnesota defense is. And he lost his mind and threw the stuff on the court and got... He should have got suspended.

Yeah, he's all that, but I'd say Ant-Man. Rick, do you think he should have got suspended? I thought he should have got a game for that. Most people do. I don't disagree with you, Zach, but I was okay with the NBA going 100K. We took a ton of calls on this today, and literally every single one of them said Murray should be suspended. I get it.

It did not raise to the level of that for me. And we don't really have precedent on this. So this is kind of brand new. We've talked about loosely the Steph Curry mouthpiece incident in the 2016 Finals in Game 6.

He was fine, not suspended. You're throwing something, but this was Murray throwing two objects at the refs and or the court. Have we done this before? Have we been down this road before?

We're not sure we have, Zach, so it's uncharted territory. But ultimately, it's not Draymond Green kicking Steven Adams in the groin or stomping on DeMonte Sabonis. And I don't mean to bring him up. I'm just bringing up violent, really nefarious stuff.

He threw a couple of objects on the floor. It was stupid. It was immature.

It was dangerous. I acknowledge all of that. It just didn't raise to the level of a suspension for me.

And I believe 100K is the max fine that they can give. I was at peace with it. I know most of the basketball world is not.

Rick Kamala here with us. Just getting back to the Edwards Brunson conversation. I'm with you. It's something that Brunson hasn't done. But Edwards being up 2-0 against the Nuggets is absolutely insane. Is Denver just going to give up here? Like I said the other day, I put Minnesota winning this series in 6th.

Do you think it's over a little bit quicker than that? I mean, like, Minnesota's got a hammerlock on a series. Like I've rarely seen in my life sack.

And I can only speak for myself on that. And I know you've been a hoophead in covering basketball at a very high level for a long time. This is as shocked as I have been after two games of a playoff series in my entire life. I literally cannot believe that the Denver Nuggets... And they got humiliated. They got bossed.

They got played under their floor. I don't regret any of these things that I've said, Zach. But I've said things this year like... Nicole Jokic is the best player in the NBA. Him and Murray are the best duo in the NBA. Nicole Jokic is unstoppable. That duo, that two-man action, especially in the fourth quarter when they get their scalpels out and just go surgical on you. Okay? Unstoppable.

And then you've got the Gordon layer and the Porter layer and the KCP layer. And they've got the best starting five in ball. Even better than Boston. I don't regret any of these things that I've said, Zach Gelp. I've said that the Denver Nuggets are going to repeat as champions. Okay? And I was wrong about only one thing. Because I stand on everything I said with that against every other team but one. Minnesota.

Because of the length, the activity, the motor, the overall motivation and dedication. Like, they're just on one. Okay? Denver's running into a buzzsaw right now. They're running into a terrible matchup because they've got length to put on Jamal Murray. They've got the guys to scramble so you can actually double team Jokic and then scramble back to an open shooter. And he's really not that open.

Okay? That's how good they are at guarding jump shots in the perimeter right now. It's one of the best perimeter defenses I've ever seen in my life, Zach. This is historic stuff. The last time I got vibrations about a defense like this was the Ben Wallace no-fly zone Detroit Pistons back in 04 when they beat the Lakers 4-1.

We've got to go back 20 years for that, Zach. Talking to Rick Kamla for a few more moments on the Zach Gelp show on the Infinity Sports Network. How concerned are you with the health of Luka Doncic? That's been a big topic today.

I'm concerned. He looks to be about 75-80% to me. And on defense, it's a real problem. On offense, Zach, he knows where he's going, right? And he can control his movements and he can measure it and he can de-sell and go up for his shots and he can do all that stuff. It's on defense.

It's changing ends. And I'm seeing this with Donovan Mitchell as well. His knee is jacked up. He looks really good offensively because he knows where he's going. But then when you get him on skates on defense, he really doesn't want to party with that right now, Zach. And so he's dying on screens and he's not...

I don't want to say he's afraid. I just don't think he trusts the ability to open up right now and get that gate fully opened up in a full court situation. And if Donovan Mitchell doesn't have that, he's at a much diminished rate than 100%.

I'd probably put him at about 75%. It's a huge concern for the Cavaliers, who are cooked anyway. They're playing Boston, let's face it, right? Especially without Jared Allen. But the Luca thing, Zach, I thought it was game on, man. I'm disappointed. And I thought a little bit of time between the LA series and this series would have Luca looking better and feeling better.

Because you know, you watched. He was laboring and walking slowly and looking down at his knee in the first series. So I was hoping for a better look here. Frankly, he looked worse last night than he did in the Clippers series. So if you don't have Luca at full octane, you're not beating OKC, man.

Yeah, I fully agree with you on that. Disappointed where it just looked like he didn't have any leverage or jump last night left in that knee. Wrap it up with Rick Kamla. Pacers and Knicks will be in the building tonight. Mitchell Robinson now going to be out six to eight weeks.

So his season is over. What do you expect here in game number two as the officiating, unfortunately, was front and center in game one? You know, I anticipate a bounce back from Indiana.

I really do. I think they're going to punch back tonight. I think Tyree Saliburton is going to be terrific. He had a quote where he said, you know, I thought playmaking was the right way to go.

And I was wrong. So, you know, I think he's going to be much more aggressive tonight hunting three balls with the Knicks. Have to look for is the initial action.

You got the one five pick and roll with him and Turner. And right when he comes off of that, that initial screen and that initial, you know, dribble off to the right. I'm going to be ready for him to pull up at that point because he probably still doesn't want to like drive, drive, drive, drive, drive every time.

Right. So if you're hunting and exploring, it's going to be the come off the screen pull up, the one dribble pull up, the two dribble pull up. And and so I think Hallie would rather like test the three line and see if he's got it. OK, so I would really guard the three line if I were in New York tonight.

But I look for New York shooting was incredible in game one with hard with Dante with Bronson. I think that's going to come back to work a little bit once he's on a heater with four straight forties. Is that going to continue? I'm sorry.

I don't believe it will. Just the law of averages. And I'm a big Bronson guy, Zach. So I just think you've got a real bounce back factor with Indiana.

You've got a real sort of comeback to earth factor with New York. It was a very, very close game as it was in game one. I got Indy tonight.

Last thing I'll ask you. I can only got a minute left here out of 100 percent. Where's your confidence that the Boston Celtics will win the NBA championship this year? Well, it actually rose a lot, Zach, with what Minnesota is doing to Denver, because I was pretty sure that Denver was going to be Boston in seven games or six, something like that. Well, now, if it's Minnesota, Boston, I don't know. And frankly, that's advantage Boston. OK, they've been cooking everybody all year. The one team that I've perceived that they can't cook is Denver. OK. And look, Minnesota. This may be their year, Zach.

And so the percentages raises for Boston, but it's still not 100 percent. I especially with Porzingis. Right. We don't know if he's going to come back and Zach just quickly. If Porzingis can't play and if the Knicks play Boston in the East Finals, I'm probably going to be picking the Knicks. Interesting.

Why, Rick? We'll be talking to you throughout the postseason. We appreciate the time as always. Thanks so much for doing this. Have fun at the game. You got it.

Thanks so much. There he is. Thanks to us on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. Now, that's those are really the storylines right now in the NBA. It starts with Minnesota and how stunning it is that they're just dominating Denver.

And that's the story in the West. And, you know, can Denver come back? We'll see OKC in the Mavs. Whoever gets through right now, I would say it's OKC, even though I picked the Mavericks in this series.

The Luca injury and that lingering injury does concern me. OKC. Timbros could be a future kind of face of the NBA, but I wouldn't pick against Minnesota now. And then in the East, I would be surprised if Boston doesn't get to the finals. But will they find the way to get four wins in June in the NBA Finals?

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