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Adam Silver Needs to Suspend Patrick Beverley (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 3, 2024 5:02 pm

Adam Silver Needs to Suspend Patrick Beverley (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 3, 2024 5:02 pm

Dolphins Sign OBJ I Jalen Brunson Best Free Agent Signing? I Pat Beverley Antics


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Beer imported by Crown Import, Chicago, Illinois. All righty, away we go. Hour number two of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. Miami Dolphins, Odell Beckham Jr.

I won't be like Zach. He's taking his talents to South Beach. It's up to you to decide what those talents are, but OBJ to MIA. He's going Miami and he's going to be a part of the Miami Dolphins and this is an added luxury move.

Like this doesn't move the needle for me. I don't sit there and say, oh wow, Odell Beckham Jr. is going to be the stud this year, but it's a nice little boost for a Dolphins offense that quite frankly, from a skill position standpoint, didn't need a boost. But when you have Tyree Kill, you have Jalen Waddle, you add in an Odell Beckham Jr. and he's a number three receiver on this team because the pecking order is clearly Tyree Kill one and Jalen Waddle two. And then Odell is your number three. Man, that's a pretty great trio at wide receiver. Now, I understand I can't have any great expectations for Odell Beckham Jr. because we haven't seen great Odell Beckham Jr. from like what, since 2016, 2017, something like that. And there's been a lot of injuries.

But if you ask him to do a little bit and not be the focal point, that could go a long way. Like when he got brought into the Ravens last year, you know, I know that he wasn't their number one wide receiver. They drafted, say, Flowers. They had other pieces on that team, but there was no, without a doubt, number one wide receiver. So people were going to be asking a lot out of Odell Beckham Jr. And quite frankly, that's not who he is at this stage of his career.

But can he still be productive? Yeah, he could still be productive in a role that the Dolphins are going to feature him on. Because the attention, like when you think of the Dolphins, what's the first name? Who is the first person that you think of? It's Tyreek Hill. You know, there's not many offenses in the NFL where you think of a non-quarterback. For the Dolphins, the first person you think of is Tyreek Hill. So you have Tyreek Hill, and then you take a glance. You have Jalen Waddle on offense.

What's their name? Mostert, who had an incredible season two. This is a team that they have all the pieces on offense to be a contender this year. Now, I don't personally look at the Dolphins as a contender because I don't believe that the quarterback is going to be great, but you don't need a great quarterback to get to the Super Bowl. I'm not taking anything away from Brock Purdy, but look at what the 49ers have.

Christian McCaffrey, Devo Samuel, Brandon Iuch, George Kittle. Great offensive line, and I said this last year. I'll say it again. The Dolphins are the San Francisco 49ers light. That's what they are. That's who they're trying to be.

That's the model that they're following. Now, they've been able to make this be a very talented roster on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively, they still got a lot of work to do. And unfortunately, what this defense could be has been derailed by injuries. And you saw, which was just a terrible injury last year to Jalen Phillips. And then now you have Christian Wilkins no longer there. He's off to Stu's Raiders. It was just an unfortunate end of the season with some of the injuries that they did suffer.

And now it's at a point where what's your defense going to be? But I look at Miami and I see the Dolphins. Ultimately, I do believe the quarterback is just not ready.

He's not ready to be great. And it's a shame because Tua had a good statistical season last year. If you just follow the stats, yeah, people will say to a tongue of I lo statistically had like a top five quarterback season last year. But does anyone actually believe that to a tongue of I lo is a top five quarterback in the NFL?

I don't. And that's why Belichick has said this before. And I agree with him. And I know people go, oh, that's just what you say when you're about to lose an argument. That's that's are for losers.

You could have really good stats really good stats and not be as great as what your stats indicate. And the Dolphins, they beat up on a lot of bad teams. They had a big lead. They choked that lead down the stretch.

Heck, even in the game that they lost the final the final game of the season, which cost them the division, like Buffalo was practically begging for them to win that game. And Tua and the Dolphins offense just made mistake after mistake. But you look at the numbers to was first and passing yards this past year, he was tied for fifth and passing touchdowns. And he was top ten in QBR. You would say, Zach, that's top five quarterback.

When you look at the stats, I don't think so. I don't even think Tua is a top ten quarterback in the NFL right now. Like he's close, but I'd rather have Josh Allen rather than Aaron Rodgers rather than Lamar Jackson rather of Joe Burrow rather have C.J.

Stroud. That's already five that Mahomes, obviously, that's six. You go around Jalen Hurts, that's seven. You go through it, Matthew Stafford, eight, I'd rather Brock Purdy, that's nine. And then there's some that you could discuss like Justin Herbert, which is a fair conversation to have. So like he's close to the top ten.

You know, he's probably at best ten and at worst, like twelve or thirteen. You know, it's kind of similar like Dak Prescott. The way that I talk about Dak mirrors the way that I do discuss a quarterback like Tua Tonga, where he's good. You could do a lot worse. But do I think you'll ever have an elite quarterback there?

No, I don't. And unfortunately, fair or not, the moments for me that stand out with Tua last year, who I could we could all agree had a successful season. It was a solid season for Tua Tonga by Loa. But I look back at Tua and the moments that stand out to me was where the two games against Kansas City. And I it's not just that he lost to Kansas City. It's that he played them twice. And okay, the second time you want to tell me it was frigid temperatures.

Come on. It's the NFL. Even though those were like terribly inhumane, frigid temperatures, your offense can't put up seven points when you have that much talent.

And then the first matchup in Germany, he had the the bad throw and he also fumbled the snap too. So like the best moment for Tua this past year was beating the Cowboys who were like notorious chokers. There's a Dolphins team that they're good. But there's a big difference in the NFL from just being good and then being great. And this turns into a major year for the Miami Dolphins.

This turns into a year for the Miami Dolphins, where I asked two questions. Number one, will Tua have a contract done by the end of the before the start of the season? Because that is something that I think is going to be a major year and that is something that makes me think the answer to that question shows that this is a make or break season for Tua Tunga by low or not. Because if Tua doesn't get the contract before the start of the season, there's still ways that you could keep them without giving him the extension. But Tua has now been in league for five, this is fifth year option.

So you can in essence tag him twice, right? Like just if Tua doesn't have a successful season, does it mean you're getting rid of it when you say make or break? But you don't give him a long term deal before the start of this season. He's playing for a contract this year. Now, I would think that would be a mistake if they give him the contract before the start of the season. Because what happens if he gets hurt? What happens if he regresses this year? Then you already paid this guy. And it's going to be very tough to get out of it in the initial year or two that that extension does kick in.

So that's the first part. Will Tua get a deal done before the start of the season? And then two, what are the Dolphins capable of? Like this is a tough AFC. Heck, not even just in the AFC.

How about their division? Like I can make a case and I picked the Dolphins last year to win the AFC East before the year. I was wrong. Thought I was going to be right for most of the year.

I ended up being wrong. But I can make a case of the Dolphins win this division. You know, the only team you can't make a case for to win this division is New England. But the Bills are going to be right there. The Jets are going to be right there. And you could easily say the Dolphins win the division. And I could also tell you that the Dolphins missed the playoffs. Because you got Buffalo, you got the Jets, you got obviously Miami just in that division.

All four teams in the AFC North capable of winning in the division. Indianapolis was right there last year without their quarterback. You have the Jaguars. Maybe they'll bounce back this year. The Texans aren't going anywhere. The Chiefs are the Chiefs. We'll see what the year run impact is of the Chargers. So I wonder what people's expectations are for the Dolphins.

And I'll say it's two things. Miami has to do one of these two things this year. They either have to win the division or they have to win a playoff game. But they just make the playoffs again.

And they lose in the wild card round. Are we going to look at Miami and say, man, the Dolphins are really close to contending? Because people could say they're a Super Bowl contender. People could say, oh, the Dolphins are one of the better teams in the AFC.

That's fine. I don't look at that team and feel like they're a Super Bowl contender. I don't think that's a team that is going to a Super Bowl or even let alone an AFC championship game. Like at best, I could see the Dolphins because of their offense. Even though I don't love the quarterback, but just the skill position players they have from most dirt, from now Odell.

Obviously it starts with Tyreek and you got Jalen Waddle. You know, win one playoff game. So let me ask you guys, Stu and Samter, the Dolphins this year, what are your expectations for them? What do you believe the Miami Dolphins can do when the season is all said and done?

Go ahead, guys. I think they are a playoff team that can maybe if all things go right, win one game. I don't think they can reach the conference championship. I think their ceiling is getting to the playoffs as a wild card and winning one game.

Yeah, man, that's depressing. Samter, your expectations for Miami is what? Expectation is probably wild card or maybe winning a wild card game. But I think if Tua can kind of exercise those demons of coming short in clutch situations, which you either have that gene or have that gene or you don't. But he did it in college and he came in at halftime and took Alabama to a title.

So, you know, he has the clutch gene. He just hasn't showed it for the Dolphins yet. If he can re-exercise that and he can have that again with that offense and some of the players they have on that defense, the only team I think that they won't be able to beat is the Chiefs. Now, do I think that that's what's going to happen?

Not necessarily. It all depends on Tua, but if Tua can show that he belongs in those big moments, then they're as good as any team in the AFC other than the Chiefs. So I want to be careful here because the year before that, they did beat the Buffalo Bills and then they lost to them twice. But one of the times they lost to them was with Skyler Thompson or Skyler Thomas, whatever the guy's name was, who was in quarterback for that game. This past year, they lost to Buffalo 48 to 20. And then they lost to Buffalo when Buffalo is a turnover machine in the final game of the season at Miami 21 to 14. Like Buffalo was extremely vulnerable last year and the Jets are without Rogers.

The Patriots stunk and they weren't able to capitalize. So you say the only team you think they can't beat is Kansas City. I don't think they could beat the Bills when it matters, even with losing Staphon Diggs. And I don't think they could beat the Cincinnati Bengals when it matters just for starters.

And I'll take it a step further. They go up against the Houston Texans. I'm not picking the Miami Dolphins to win that game because I believe in C.J. Shroud.

I know it's not just quarterback, but I believe in C.J. Shroud a whole lot more than to a tongue of I love the Dolphins. They're heading towards a a trajectory of just being a good team. You see, they were trying to be the Niners.

It's a good thought, right? You should try to be like the San Francisco, even though that's a team that hasn't won a Super Bowl. They have been to two. They have one of, if not the best rosters in the NFL, right? That's a good team to try to model your formula after. But in all reality, the Dolphins I think they're close to the Cowboys, where you have a quarterback who's good, not great. You know, Tyree Kill as great as he is on the field, he does a lot of stupid stuff off the field. Stephen Ross is always bringing drama to the organization as well. You know, you have a coach who is a good coach, but he's quirky. He's a little bit of a strange dude, but that doesn't mean that he's not a good coach.

He is a good coach. And you have a team that I know the Cowboys defense is now good, but for a while that defense was up and down until Dan Quinn got there. So I look at this Dolphins team.

You asked me who their comparison is, who their comp is. It's the Cowboys. The Cowboys like a little less drama. That's what I would say, because no one has more drama than the drama stinking, choking Cowboys, right? No one has more, more drama than the drama Dallas choking Cowboys. So that's how I kind of just view Miami. Like you could tell me they win the division this year, Dallas won the division, but big game playoff spot. Do I think they're going to find a way to get the job done?

No, I don't. And, and almost still at best one playoff game like that. Oh, Dallas, that one year, eight and nine Tampa Bay.

All right. They took advantage of it. Then the 49ers were begging them to go into their own house and beat them. And Dak Prescott was a turnover machine thrown an interception and then fumbled in the football. It is the Zach Gelb show on the infinity sports network. Charles Barkley says one MBA free agent signing is maybe the best free agent signing ever.

Who is your favorite free agent signing ever? I will give you mine. When we come on back, Santa will give you his and still we'll give you his as well. Take a time out on a Friday.

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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. Alright, it is the Infinity Sports Network. It is the Zach Gelb show. We're going to see what happens with the future of the greatest television sports studio show that I've ever seen on TNT with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal with Inside the NBA as there's some right steals that we may get some answers with with the NBA that could break up that studio show. And if Turner loses the NBA, I did see that Ernie Johnson yesterday I think was on the Dan Patrick is where I saw it where Ernie Johnson said, even if Turner loses the NBA, I'm going to stay with Turner Sports. Now Charles Barkley knows Charles who said this and then Ernie said it on TNT.

But Charles said it with Dan Patrick that if that happens, he has an opt out in his contract and he would probably leave that would stink. Because it's like, I know our pals Boomer Sison and Phil Simms are not being brought back on the NFL on CBS the studio show. I could get through an NFL Sunday without watching any of the pregame shows any of the post like any of the studio shows, because the games are the event. You know, college football game day still big. I give a lot of credit to a big noon kickoff on Fox.

They have done a tremendous job at closing the gap. We'll see what Saban does and how much of a boost that gives college game that I think it's gonna have a tremendous boost. And he was phenomenal on the draft stuff. But the Fox show has been great.

Even they lost Reggie Bush. Mark Ingram has been really damn good on TV. So the in college football like the studio shows are very important, but they don't overtake the games. But for the NBA, the regular season product is so vanilla, and so boring and so blind so pedestrian at times that that studio show, even in the postseason, and we've had some great games so far in the postseason.

But when it's a TNT night, you stay up after the games to see what the reaction is going to be. And sometimes and this is what makes a great radio program or TV program. Sometimes not even the stuff about the NBA. It's like all the other crap that Charles Barkley just talks about, too, which is always fun. But when Charles and Shaq go after someone, I find it very, very, very entertaining. But last night, Charles Barkley on TNT, he did a law, the Jalen Brunson free agent signing, and he took it in a big, big, big direction. Listen up.

We are watching something. You know, when I said it, y'all told me I was crazy. Brunson, one of the best free the silence of all time. And you guys, I said, he's not LeBron. He's not Kobe. Kevin Durant.

Those are all timers. But for signing a guy that nobody, this guy, he shocked there. I guarantee the Knicks didn't think he was going to be this good when they gave him that contract. He'd been amazing. He's been good as Bernard King. He's got my vote.

So one of the best free agent signings ever. So here's what I'll say. And you know what? Maybe it's in the moment. And remember how bad the Knicks were. So sometimes you forget about the good days because you just focus on how bad the Knicks were. Like last night, I was kind of surprised how much I heard on FAN down the hall when I was driving back how, how much different Brunson is and how much better Brunson is than Patrick Ewing.

Like that was a conversation. You know, don't get me wrong. Two totally different players, but people are saying they're more impressed with what Brunson did them with what Ewing did. Like Brunson with Leon Rose and the team that they've constructed have brought the Knicks back, but can they get to a conference finals first? Can they get to an NBA finals first before we say move over Patrick Ewing, forget about you.

And this is coming from someone, even though I'm wearing a temple shirt today that loves Jalen Brunson has watched more Jalen Brunson than anybody. And it's amazing how like last night, people that I'm listening are like, yeah, move over Patrick Ewing. Like maybe it's just a society we live in now. And I hate this part of society where everything is turned into a goat debate. It's like so stupid. I think it's some of the most lame, lazy, boring radio that we do when we get into like the serious goat debate. Like whenever a show does LeBron versus Michael, I turn it off.

It drives me bonkers. You know, I will say this, there's going to be one goat debate to be had. And the end like Mahomes goes wins three or four more Super Bowls. That's going to be a fun debate. Now, Mahomes lost the Brady and AFC championship game, lost the Brady to the Super Bowl. Just want to point that out through some preliminary arguing on that front.

I think you guys know where I'm going to fall. But these goat debates are really insufferable. But I think it's now turned into a part of society where whenever someone has a great moment, we go, oh, are they on their way to being the greatest all time, whether it's in the sport or in this case for the organization. So you could acknowledge what Jalen Brunson has done is so special and so important. And the Knicks are now back. And you don't immediately have to get on the air and say, you know, Patrick Ewing, who pretty much like Patrick, who is wild to me.

But anyway, let's do this as a topic since Charles set it up. Who is your favorite free agent signing ever? Who is the best free agent signing ever?

I'll start and then I'll go around the room. My favorite one is Drew Brees signing with the Saints, right? Hurt was a pro bowler briefly with the Chargers. People forget about that. But it's not only what Drew Brees did for the city of New Orleans and Drew Brees ended up doing in the NFL.

But you look at the domino effect of that, right? Drew Brees was supposed to go to Miami, then couldn't clear a physical. Remember who was the coach there at Miami at the time, Nick Saban. So think about if Drew Brees ended up going to Miami, we may not even be talking about Sean Payton today with the Saints.

Number one. Number two, Nick Saban, if he could have got the same thing that Sean got out of Drew Brees, could have been a great coach with the Miami Dolphins. That means he never goes to Alabama. And not only that, it would have gave a serious contender or at least someone with the pulse in the AFC East when you had that run of dominance going on by the Patriots, where in most years, the Jets, the Bills and the Dolphins all threw up on each other. So think about the Drew Brees signing where he went from being an OK quarterback with the Chargers guy made Pro Bowl before, then turning into a top 10, top 15 guy, you know, great statistically, all the records and all that wins a Super Bowl in New Orleans post. Katrina, Sean Payton, his coach, but then everything else that spirals because of Drew Brees ending up with the Saints, where Saban leaves the Dolphins, the Dolphins still don't have a franchise quarterback because I don't think it is to and you just go on and on and on and seeing what could have been if Drew Brees would have signed with the Dolphins and said he signs with the Saints and goes on to have an all-time great career. So my favorite free agent signing ever is Drew Brees. Stu, I am going to be shocked if Stu doesn't say one name. You only got to say this guy's last name, but let's hear your name. If you thought it was Garoppolo with the Raiders, you are correct.

No, it is. It is Shaq. It is Shaq with the Lakers.

They signed him. They won three championships. He won an MVP, three finals MVPs. They got to a fourth championship. Just an amazing duo he created with Kobe. And then even I disagree with trading him, but in trading him it laid the foundation for them to build on the next dynasty, which was trading for Lamar Odom, get into pieces to get Pau Gasol.

So it kind of brought them five championships in a way. It's got to be Shaq though for me. Yeah, 100%.

When I typed this question in our Slack group, I was going to say five seconds. I already knew. I already know who yours is going to be. I said, mine is Drew Brees. I won't take Shaq because that could be the creme de la creme one. But also, just to follow up what you said, you didn't think they should have traded him. You thought they should have found a way to make it work between Shaq and Kobe because at that time it was you pick Shaq or Kobe. You had to pick Kobe in that moment.

You had to pick Kobe. It would have been nice to try to see if they could have won one or two more. I think they could have but we'll never know.

But again, it wound up working out because they got a few more titles afterwards. Absolutely. So if you didn't say Shaq, I respected the Garoppolo line, but if you did not say Shaq, I would have walked out of the studio and started my weekend a little bit early because I would have been absolutely stunned. Santa, I have no clue where you're going to go because Santa's brain, it's a peculiar brain, where for sports fandom, I know how much you love Arizona. Arizona State, that is.

Let me be correct. I then know as a football fan, you pretend to be a Chiefs fan, but down deep, you're a Jeff fan. You're a big Yankee fan. NBA, I don't know if you have an NBA team and hockey. I don't know how passionate you are about hockey, but then there are like some things because of all the professional experience that you had where I was on the Cardinals sideline.

And you know, I was a big wig out in Arizona and then, oh, I did work as a vendor, you know, selling things at Yankee Stadium. So Santa has a very deep and diverse background when it comes to sports. And then Santa's also a historical guy where he could put away that fandom and just say, hey, this is just what the best free agency signing is. So with Shaq off the table with Drew Brees off the table, give me one.

So, so I misunderstood the assignment. I thought it was just what I thought the best free signing was not necessarily my favorite, but so best. I look in the NFL, Reggie White to the Packers, Peyton Manning to the Broncos.

Those are two big ones. You look at baseball, Barry Bonds to the Giants, Greg Maddux going from the Cubs after winning that Cy Young to the Braves and the dominance that pitching staff had in the NBA. I'm sorry, Shaq to the Lakers was big, but LeBron to the Heat. It was the biggest free agent move in the history of sports.

There's no question about it. The show and what it meant at the time. But it wasn't as successful as Shaq. And what it meant to basketball, the start of the of the super teams, the big threes, the start of player empowerment.

It was everything and how he did it and the move and how he said it. And the whole thing was the biggest moment in free agent sports. But it wasn't it wasn't more effective as the Shaq like Shaq won three championships. LeBron was two championships in four years.

Sure, sure. And Shaq left and Kobe won two more. You know, it was pretty big. And the Lakers went to four, right? They went to four in a row and they lost the Pistons in that fourth one. No. Oh, you're saying the Lakers.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I thought you meant the Miami Heat because I was gonna say they lost to the Mavericks, which was LeBron's worst moment of his career. Then they beat the Thundercats in the first half of the season. Then they beat the Thunder, which is like an underappreciated championship. Then they split with the Spurs. Right. When Ray Allen basically said, yeah, I'll bail everybody out.

And Pop didn't have Duncan on the court and all that stuff. But, you know, I'll just piggyback off one thing you said before. Did we get your answer? Because you threw like ten thousand out there.

I don't think we even got those are the best if we're going with favorite. So time out for a second. The the big three.

And you talked about because you are right in what you said. Like we view the start of the big three era in the NBA with with LeBron going to Miami Bosch there going there. Dwayne Wade already there. But it is funny to me because the first time I really heard the term big three was really with the Boston Celtics in my lifetime, at least when it was Kevin Garnett, when it was Ray Allen and it was Paul Pierce. Now, Paul Pierce was already there. Garnett got traded there and I think Allen got traded there, too. So a little bit different. But that was the first time I heard the term big three. And then LeBron put big three on steroids when they did the whole show. And then they did not one, not two, not three, seven, eight, nine, forty seven championship. So give me your answer now.

Sorry about that. So favorite is just if we're looking at it from a fan standpoint, Curtis Martin to the Jets. That was the first time the Jets signed a big time free agent in a long time.

And they haven't signed a lot of big time free agents since then. So I got to go Curtis Martin. All right. Let's go to our man of just history. And that is the great Rich Ackerman. Slightly better than mediocre. No, you know what? You take your talents to South Beach, Jack.

There's a lot of talents to go around with whatever operates inside that cabeza of yours. Who is the best free agent signing of all time? Who's your favorite?

Just wondering. I don't know if I have a favorite. Reggie White is certainly there. Samter said that. I'll say Reggie Jackson, even if he did not always make friends, he certainly put the Yankees on another level when he when he arrived, because they were in years of mediocrity. And although they had ascended and made the World Series before he got there, he he did help them get over the top.

I just I had I had a thought in my mind that I just lost it. Oh, Moses Malone with the 76ers made them a championship team after after they couldn't get over the top. So those are among the best. And there are so many bad ones. But we could do a whole show on bad free agent signings. Jason Bay. You know, I have a a 44 Jason Bay. When I was a kid, I bought every Matt jersey.

There you go. Kaz Matsui, Jason Bay. Some bad, bad, bad jerseys. I'll give you I'll give you one that you can't necessarily call it a bust, but it's so disappointing. And then you almost you could see it. You could see it about to happen, but there was no avoiding it was the Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving show in Brooklyn that resulted in 74 games between the two.

74 games in three years. By the way, I know you walked in late, so you didn't hear what what Mime was. Mime was Drew Brees. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's I mean, he he he was responsible for revitalizing a franchise.

And not only that, it's the greatest what one of the greatest what ifs in sports. Yeah. Oh, absolutely.

And, you know, what if he had gone to Nick Saban might not have gone to Alabama. And not only that, the Patriots could have fewer championships. Yeah.

Because that was the Dolphins would have been a legit threat. Absolutely. In the AFC East one.

These AFC Easts were just terrible. Absolutely. That's a great one. Alrighty. This is Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network. Just real quickly, I was driving back last night and I feel like you're the perfect person to throw this to because you are like a sports historian. People that are already saying they're more impressed with Jalen Brunson than Patrick Ewing. See, that's, you know, well it's tough because they're they're different players in different times. Yeah. Patrick Ewing was a franchise player and that's not to say that Jalen Brunson won't be. He's the Knicks best player right now and he's a star. And saved the franchise.

Yeah. But but there is a difference that and Patrick had it's again it also comes down at different times. There was no adding players such as free agents or at least as much back then.

But it's a totally different time. Patrick Ewing had to go through a lot of lean years. Whereas Jalen Brunson kind of comes in and raised his game to another level. But from good to great.

Yeah. I mean, you know, look, again, this is not because what he has done is been fantastic. But if you're talking, you know, the Knicks and guys who have come in and raised raised that franchise, you also have with the trade of Dave Debusscher, number one. That that changed everything for the Knicks because it also took took away others. And they they committed to Bill Bradley by trading Cazzie Russell, but also Bernard King in the 80s. I mean, Bernard King was Bernard King was everything to that team that Jalen Brunson is to this team right now. So real quickly, because you're in a shock jock kind of mood today going after Odell Beckham Jr.

When you see labeled ones, forget it. When you see co-worker Brandon Tierney today say Jalen Brunson is the greatest Nick he's ever seen, which is I was shocked when I saw that because Santa, how many times you guys go to the radio row and BT Patrick Ewing, my favorite player, he's here with thoughts, coach of Georgetown, blah, blah, blah. Clyde, you want to take a little shot at BT? I don't agree with him. But look, Jalen Brunson is putting himself on a plateau right now that he's he's joined. He is rapidly, you know, joining that that seat at the dais with all the Nick all time greats. But right now he's he's he's at the end of that table.

Yeah, he's not he's not near the microphone for the emcees. Put it this way. They lose to the Pacers.

Yeah. Oh, people are going to say they need another star. They get to the Celtics and even they lose in five to the Celtics. They're not expect to beat the Celtics. I think people say, all right, now they got to get that next piece to push him over the hump. Well, I think I think right now the hard part is they don't have Julius Randle.

And I think when when they were struggling for points down the stretch and looking for another score, that guy's Randall. So I think, you know, it's tough to look at the next year. You kind of play that what if game just a little, but you say what they still are is pretty is pretty good. I mean, I still think, look, you know, when you have Tyrese Halliburton and some other guys on the floor that can make a difference. Pascal Seacombe has won a title with the Raptors. You know, there, you know, there are teams in the east that are still pretty good, but I think any of them are beatable, whether it's the Pacers, whether it's the Celtics, you know, the Knicks could just as easily be there.

It would be a lot better if Randall was with them, but, you know, we'll find out just how good they are right now as they are. All right. We have a new clown in the NBA, maybe the biggest clown in the NBA. Scary. So we have a new clown. No, not you. Only when you leave, we may call you a clown behind your back. But I'll tell you, the biggest clown is in the NBA right now. We return update time first.

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Denny Hamlin leads all active drivers with four victories and 13 top fives at Kansas. But first, Santa, I don't know if you saw this, but we do got some breaking major, enormous franchise changing Kansas city chiefs news. We have breaking news on the Zach Gelb show. The Kansas city chiefs.

I could hear Santa's heart racing. Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, are declining. Kadarius Tony's fifth year option. Tony's fifth year option would have been 14.4 million fully guaranteed. He is now set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2025.

I just saw this via one of the aggregators dove climb. So Santa, that's good news for you. Remember we saw him at the super bowl. He was on the field media night opening night. And then he left rather quickly after that young joker also rapper. That's his rap name. There is Tony young joker.

I like to hear Taylor Swift and young joker get a little album together, try to get his rap career off the map because the football career is one of those that what could have been. So you gotta be pumped up about this. I even forgot. He was on the team to be honest with you.

Cause unfortunately he just drops everything that comes in. He couldn't even catch a cold these days. And now he's still on the team. And I know he had the big moment in the super bowl, right?

Two years ago. But since then, man, he has really fallen out of good standing in the Kansas city chiefs organization. Eh, doesn't matter whether we have him or we don't have him to repeat it's coming. It doesn't matter who our receivers are. Do you think it matters who we have?

Rashid rice, six, six week ban, eight week ban, full year ban. Doesn't matter. We have Hollywood Brown.

Now we've got patchable homes. We have Travis Kelsey. It's a three P. It doesn't matter. Who's there.

Can Darius Tony consign for 10 more years in KC or be gone tomorrow? And I don't care. It doesn't matter.

Okay. Now let's get to the new biggest clown in the NBA. Pat Bev. And I really hate this one because I used to be a Pat Bev guy, but now I can't be a Pat Bev guy. When Pat Bev was in Houston, I was there for the temple Houston American athletic conference championship game. And I got tickets to go to a Houston basketball game. It was in Houston rockets. It was Kobe Bryant's final season in the NBA.

Still you'll appreciate the story. Someone told me the game was rockets and Lakers like weeks before I was out there, you know, there's a chance. The rockets were playing Lakers. We're going to go to the game. I'm like, yeah, awesome.

Wasn't the Lakers Lakers are there like the following week. I forget who they played, but I was five rows off the court and I got to see the antics of Pat Bev. And I'm like, man, he's one of those dudes.

You love him if he's on your team, but you hate him if you have to go up against them. But I was very entertained by him. So I was always amused by Pat Bev. And I like Barstool and he does the podcast on Barstool now. So I've become a fan of Pat Bev, but the antics of Pat Bev last night, one of these antics would have been disgraceful, but he gave you two of them. So I thought this was a fake tweet.

I saw the video, which I knew was real where the game's ending. He's on the bench. He throws a basketball into the stands. It hits a lady in the face. The ball gets thrown back to him. And then he throws the ball back into the stands. This is the problem with the NBA. And I said, out of all the four major sports, the NBA does not respect their fans. They constantly spit in the faces of their fans. Like, could you imagine if a fan brought a basketball to a game and threw a ball at a player?

It'd be like the biggest deal. Every NBA player would talk about it. How many NBA players are talking about Patrick Beverly throwing a basketball at a fan? You know, I'm not condoning what that dopey fan did in Boston when he threw a bottle at Kyrie Irving, but every NBA player commented on it.

But you have this dope Patrick Beverly throwing a ball that hits a lady in the face, and no one comments on it. So according to Shams Sharania, the reason why he did that, the Bucks were reportedly breaking the huddle, and the fans yelled, Cancun on three! Cancun on three!

One, two, three, Cancun! That's pretty funny. It's a good job by those fans, and it's a pretty petulant reaction by Pat Bev. But Pat Bev wasn't done there just quite yet. Then afterwards, there is a longtime producer at ESPN, Melinda Adams, and she was just trying to get the audio. And Pat Bev goes, do you subscribe to my podcast? She goes, no. And he goes, well, then you can't sit here and get audio from me.

And then she was just standing there not trying to get into it, just holding the microphone, then shoves the microphone out of his face. He's just so low class. And you know what? You know who's on? Adam Silver. Adam Silver is a spineless commissioner. Spineless Silver has to deliver a big-time punitive action to Pat Beverly. You have to suspend him, and you have to give him a significant suspension. I did see ESPN because he's like a contributor to ESPN. They said, we are cutting ties to Pat Bev. He won't appear on any of our shows. And I know he's reached out to Melinda Adams and has since apologized.

But just because you apologize for something doesn't mean you don't have to be held accountable. You know, I understand fans across the line chanting, one, two, three, Cancun. And you throw a basketball, hits a woman in the face, and then they throw it back, and you throw the basketball back into the stands, and then you carry on with these antics afterwards. Low class, and he is just a clown. An absolute clown. Draymond move over. Your clown status has been revoked for a few days. I'm sure you'll find a way to get it back when we start the basketball season next year, and Draymond's actually on the court. But man, Pat Bev, what a disgrace.

What a clown. After the end of a good fight, you deserve an ice cold reward. Medela, the mark of a fighter. You've earned this rich golden lager with a crisp, refreshing taste. Because you know the bigger the fighter, the better the reward. You put in the hours, the energy, the tough labor. You are a fighter, and Medela is your reward. Medela, the mark of a fighter. Prick responsibly.

Beer imported by Crown Import, Chicago, Illinois. Here's why April chose to vaccinate her child. I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children.

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