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Figuring Out Kevin Durant’s Legacy (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 29, 2024 4:03 pm

Figuring Out Kevin Durant’s Legacy (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 29, 2024 4:03 pm

Kevin Durant’s Legacy and Suns Future I Bears Playoff Chances Year 1 of Caleb Williams I Onsides/Offsides

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

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Price and coverage match limited by state law. Live from the play show yet not overly ostentatious, studios of the Infinity Sports Network. This is a Monday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all the great local Infinity Sports Network affiliate Sirius XM channel 158, the free Odyssey app and of course streaming live on YouTube. 855-212-4227 is the number to jump on in and you can always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb. That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-P. Got Stuart Kovacs, got Moist Mike. Rocking wrong with me as we are here all the way up until 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific today. We'll do a ton of NFL draft recap.

Charles Davis, the excellent CBS Sports NFL analyst, he's going to stop by at 5 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Pacific. But we have to start off with the association as you look at the last four years of Phoenix Suns basketball and I know there's been a bunch of different players. I know that they've been having a bunch of different lineups on the court. But the last four years after getting to the NBA Finals and then they're in the NBA Finals up against the Bucks, they have a 2-0 lead and then they blow it and they lose four games in a row.

Where it was Bucks in six, Bucks in six. So you saw that team lose in the Finals and then after that you saw a lethargic performance at home in an elimination game up against the Dallas Mavericks where they got run out of their own building. Then last year after getting Kevin Durant in an elimination game and I get it's going up against Denver and we know what Denver turned out to be, they allowed Denver to score 81 points in the first half.

Which is crazy. And the game was over at halftime and last night there wasn't an embarrassing individual moment. Like it wasn't as bad when you look at the massacre that did occur in the elimination games up against the Mavericks, up against the Denver Nuggets. But when you're going up against the Minnesota Timberwolves team, who is better than you?

That is clear. They are the three seed, you are the six seed. You can't win one lousy game.

You get swept. So the last four years, really three ever since getting into the NBA Finals and blowing a 2-0 lead, this team has just been a disaster. And they have went out there and gone out there and they've made moves and last year they acquired the services of Kevin Durant. We know that they just recently brought in Bradley Beal and they tried to tell you that this was a big three.

We know this isn't a big three. There's not a big three right now in the association that can rival what Golden State was doing, what Miami was doing, what Boston was doing. This is a league now of dynamic duos. And Kevin Durant and Devin Booker should be good enough to be a great dynamic duo. Bradley Beal, I feel like with Bradley Beal, we keep on getting told what he is and he's so far removed from being that. And unfortunately, just injuries, it feels like has derailed his career and he was in Washington for so long and it took him so long to get out of Washington. But I want to keep this focus on Kevin Durant and also the Suns organization, who I will just say the players in that organization have made it a gutless organization. Because it's one thing to have a disagreement with the coach. It's one thing to say a year in that you're not a fan of the coach and maybe the coach isn't connecting with the locker room. It's one thing to think that. But within moments, and this isn't hyperbole, this is just facts. Within moments of them getting eliminated, you have a Shams Sharania deep dive piece into how Frank Vogel has lost his team and his future is uncertain. Think about that.

Literally within five minutes after the game ended, you knew Shams had it in his drafts and he pressed publish. So what does that say about the players in the locker room? They just make excuses.

They're not tough enough. And I'll use LeBron James here. LeBron James has blamed coaches before. I have always had this stance with LeBron James. When you are the king, when you are considered one of the greatest players of all time, when you know the clout that LeBron James has had in every organization that he's been on and he's been with, I will never blame the coach as reason number one why you didn't win.

And guess what? When you do win, I won't say reason number one was because of the coach. Kevin Durant and the teams that he has been on ever since trying to become the villain and then not embracing the villain role. I don't think you could blame Steve Kerr.

I don't think you could blame Kenny Atkinson, Jock Vaughn. I don't think you could blame Frank Vogel as number one reason why those teams weren't able to win when the years that they didn't win. And that to me is so weak when you have detailed reporting within minutes after the game ending about how Frank Vogel was very vocal in the last few days and he was losing his mind because he was trying to rally the team and the team didn't take him seriously. Or this nonsense and this absolute hogwash that, oh, Kevin Durant, he didn't feel comfortable in his role.

And you know what? I saw the article and it's not just coming from KD and his camp. It's coming from Bradley Beal.

It's coming from other members in the organization. It's coming from Devin Booker. I'm not naive and I'm going to be fair to Kevin Durant and I'm not going to say that this is all coming from Kevin Durant. But we know Kevin Durant's voice is the most imperative in this, whether it's actually things that he said in the article or things that he told his team to relay via sources to Sham Sharani. So I wanted to hear Kevin Durant's full postgame press conference and I went back after the game yesterday and I watched nine, ten minutes that he was made available and he gave the same answer over and over and over again. Whenever he was offered an opportunity to blame someone or make an excuse, and remember, this comes moments after getting eliminated. He had some time to cool down.

Sham Sharani didn't cool down. Everyone knew about this article when Kevin Durant got to the podium. And all Kevin Durant said was there's context to everything. You know, I would like to give context, but anytime I give context, it would be viewed as an excuse.

That tells me all I need to know about Kevin Durant. He didn't even have the cojones to say what he was actually feeling and he used it as, oh, well, he'll be made out to look like the bad guy. Can't we just be honest?

Aren't we men? You don't like the coach? Say you don't like the coach. You don't think the coach's offense is being officially orchestrated? Then say it.

Don't just run to your team or don't just run to Sham Sharania and hide behind that. And I'm not even saying I'm the biggest Frank Vogel fan in the world, but he's not reason number one why the Suns didn't succeed this year. He's not reason number one why the Suns got their ass kicked by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

You watch those games? Minnesota wanted it more. Minnesota has a leader in Anthony Edwards and they follow everything he does and they'll kill you from behind the arc.

He'll throw thunderous jams in your face and he doesn't give a rat's ass. Like, I don't know what Minnesota is going to do. I know that Denver will probably say goodbye to the Lakers tonight and eliminate them.

Sorry, Stu. But Minnesota has a chance to beat Denver and I've sat here the entire year and I've said I will not pick against Denver in these playoffs and I won't. I'm not going to pick against Denver. But Minnesota isn't going to lose this series to Denver because, oh, the moment was too big for them. And they were all too premature to the stage.

No, no, no, no. Anthony Edwards isn't playing around and Anthony Edwards is turning into one of the biggest stars in the NBA and that's a guy that won MVP one day. But I look at Kevin Durant and whether it's fair or not to put this on him or make him the talking point today, I'm thoroughly disappointed with KD. And this is not someone that was a Kevin Durant hater all the time. I'll tell you now, I don't like Kevin Durant anymore. I just think he's phony.

I think he's disingenuous. And he was someone that tried to make a move that I didn't even really have a problem with when everyone else shredded him when he went to Golden State. But he wanted to be the villain by making that move. And then he didn't go through with it because what would have been best for Kevin Durant's career would have just been to stay in Golden State. And then this conversation of, oh, will you take the easy way out to the championship and an easy way out to win finals championship trophies and finals MVPs.

Well, if you win four or five of them, you can give the middle finger to everybody. But KD was too concerned about what Draymond was saying. He was too concerned what social media was saying. And he elected to go to Brooklyn. And Brooklyn was a disaster. And that was his ship that he was running. And he couldn't have the honest, transparent conversation with Kyrie Irving. And that is what derailed that situation in Brooklyn. So what does he do? He bails, he goes to Phoenix.

All right. And now two years in at Phoenix, they had a terrible showing last year. And then this year, they never got things going. And I look at the legacy of Kevin Durant, and I don't think he'll win another championship again. But the legacy of Kevin Durant is going to be one where you're going to say all-time great player, but we're going to talk about his championships a lot differently than we do with other players. And I look at the time he was in Golden State, and if he would have just stayed there and won four or five, I would have held it against him. But the fact that he left and basically wanted it to be known that he could go win with him driving the bus?

Well, not only has he not been able to drive the bus, he keeps on driving the bus off the road in Brooklyn and now in Phoenix. And that's just the reality of the situation. Like when I think of Kevin Durant's legacy, he's a top 20 player of all time. He is not a top 10 player of all time. Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Tim Duncan, the late great Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Larry Bird, Will Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Kareem, all those guys have to be in front of Kevin Durant.

Now there's a next grouping, and KD is anywhere between like, you could say 12 to like 17 or 18. He's top 20, he's probably top 15, but he's not top 10. And people, even Kevin Durant asked before the season, you know, why isn't he considered in these GOAT debates? He's not even close. He is not in the top 10, let alone the top 5. Because when we talk about top 5, that's when you really get into the GOAT conversation.

He's at a seat of the all time greats, like he's in that fraternity, but he's not at the elite table of the all time great table. That's just the reality of the situation. And unfortunately for him, when he made that move to go to Brooklyn, and now has made that move to go to Phoenix, people are going to judge him, and they're going to say, yeah he won two championships, yeah he won two finals MVPs, but a lot of people thought he took the easy road out, and then when he tried to prove he'd go do it on his own with him driving the bus, it's been a disaster. So these last few years, I've been very disappointed with KD, with all the excuses that were made in Brooklyn, and now all the excuses that are being made in Phoenix, you're in charge of this.

You've got to take this, you know, really by the reigns, and you've got to put this on you. Instead, all I heard last night was, eh, there's context to everything. I can't get into the context, because then excuses would be made. When we know what the context was, you don't believe in the coach. And you think the coach is the reason why you guys were held back this year, and I'm not even a Vogel fan, I'm not even saying Vogel's this great coach, but come on, what are we doing here?

He's not reason number one why you guys didn't win Jack this year. So yeah, I do think Kevin Durant, ever since leaving Golden State, has done damage to his legacy. Where when it's all said and done, we all know he's going to be a Hall of Famer, we all know he's going to be a top 20 player of all time, but he's not cracking the top 10. And the only way he'll do so is if he wins a championship in Phoenix or whatever is the next stop that he goes to ride out the rest of his career.

And I just thought of someone today. And you look at who's the better player. Kevin Durant is the better player than Dirk Nowitzki. But I was thinking about this, and I even texted Samter, and I'd rather have the career of Dirk Nowitzki than Kevin Durant. That's how much damage Kevin Durant has done as of late. Where, hey, if it's a conversation of would you rather have Kevin Durant or Dirk Nowitzki, it's a pretty damn good conversation.

Like I will acknowledge that. This is not just let's, you know, destroy Kevin Durant today. But Dirk has an MVP. Kevin Durant has an MVP. I get Kevin Durant has won two championships. Dirk Nowitzki also won one championship. Kind of Dirk's one championship means more than Kevin Durant's two championships. I'm more impressed by what Dirk was able to do in one spot than where Kevin Durant's been able to when he's jumping around.

And let me say it once again. Durant is the better all-around player. But you asked me whose career I'd rather have. I'd rather have Dirk's career than Kevin Durant's career.

855212, 4227, 855212, 4227. This is at the Yelp show on the Infinity Sports Network. How do you view the legacy of Kevin Durant? Because recently I think his legacy has taken a hit where he was well on his way to being a top 10 player of all time. Now I don't think he'll ever be a top 10 player of all time. He's still in the top 20.

And you know what? You look at a guy like Nikolaj Jokic, he's already won one. And he has two NBA MVPs. When it's all said and done, I think Nikolaj Jokic is going to go down as one of the greatest players ever. And I think Nikolaj Jokic will be viewed as a much better player than Kevin Durant. So what say you about the legacy of KD 855212, 4227? The draft is over. The team that started the draft were the Chicago Bears.

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See Hey, Rob Bradford here. I have set out on a mission with my good friends at FanDuel to prove what I have known for some time. Baseball isn't boring. Now I have a daily podcast to prove it with some of the most notable people in the baseball world screaming, baseball isn't boring for the mountaintops or at least agreeing to come on our show. Players, managers, GMs and yes, even the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred. It has been a constant wave of baseball's both powerful voices. So join the revolution. Subscribe and soak in. Baseball has been boring. Listen on your Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts.

You'll be glad you did. And this is Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network. The NSC North isn't the best division in football, but it's turning into one of the more intriguing divisions in football. And all four teams enter this NFL season with expectations that they can make the playoffs. Like the Lions at Super Bowl or bust this year. The Green Bay Packers, they were in the second round of the playoffs a year ago.

They should be in the playoffs once again. And for teams like Minnesota and Chicago, they needed to figure out their quarterback position in this draft. And I am optimistic about both quarterback situations. Like the Vikings, maybe outside of the Bears. And you could even argue, even included the Bears, but the Vikings were a great destination for these quarterback needy teams. The Vikings are a better destination than New England. The Vikings are a better destination than the Broncos. The Vikings are a better destination than Atlanta.

They're a better destination than the commanders. Because you have Justin Jefferson. You have Jordan Addison. You have T.J. Hopkinson.

You have Aaron Jones. And you have an offensive-minded head coach. From an offensive perspective and an offensive insight, Minnesota is a heck of a destination for J.J. McCarthy. And whoever was going to be the guy that landed in Minnesota in some of these potential guys that were going to go there, like a Drake May, like a Michael Penix Jr., a Bo Nix, whoever the quarterback that was going to fall, was going to be put in a great position to succeed. Because sometimes it's not always about your individual talent.

It's about where you go and where you land. Like, don't get me wrong. Brock Purdy had a really good season last year. Give Brock Purdy credit.

But if Brock Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant in New England or was Mr. Irrelevant two years ago in Chicago, or Mr. Irrelevant in Carolina, or Mr.

Irrelevant in Arizona, Brock Purdy is not the Brock Purdy the way that we view him today. So J.J. McCarthy, as long as they can figure out their defense, J.J. McCarthy can lead the Minnesota Vikings or be a part of an offense this year that gets the Minnesota Vikings to the playoffs. But then you look at Chicago. I actually, so last year, and really last two years, everyone fell in love with the Lions. Like, if your football team stinks, if your football team was out of it, if you just didn't have a dog in the fight, I think all of us were pulling for the Detroit Lions in some capacity. Like, if you're a Packer fan, a Viking fan, a Bear fan, I get it why you don't want to see the Detroit Lions do well. I'm saying fans in the NFC East, you know, fans in the NFC West, AFC East, AFC North, AFC, like, whatever.

You get what I'm saying? The teams that had no direct tie-in with the Lions, rivalries or whatnot, people were pulling for Detroit last year. People wanted to see Detroit beat San Francisco in the NFC title game. People, when you got to the Final Four and you had the Ravens and you had the Chiefs and you had the Lions and you had San Francisco, people wanted Detroit to go win. Because Detroit, for all those years, have just been losers. You know, you look at the Lions, for the most part, it's who's the quarterback every three, four years? You know, who's the coach? Who's the GM? Every three, four years. And Detroit, even though it was a different path, even though at times people are like, what the heck is this Dan Campbell?

Like, I love him, but what the heck is this guy talking about? Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes have put this team at an opportunity to be a title contender for the next two to three years. They have a chance in the next two to three years to go win a Super Bowl. You look at a team like Chicago, I think around the league now with a lot of these bad teams. And remember, Chicago wasn't the number one overall pick because they're the worst in the league.

They were 7-10. They made that deal a year ago in the Bryce Young trade where Carolina gave them their number one overall pick. But Chicago hasn't had a QB in forever. And how many times does a QB go there, there's optimism, and then the GM sucks, the coach sucks, and they have no weapons to throw the ball to. Caleb Williams walks in to Chicago in year one with Roma Dunze after the draft. You have DJ Moore, you have Keenan Allen, you got DeAndre Swift, you got Cole Kemet. Look at the pieces on the offensive side of the ball with a defensive mind to head coach too.

So Matt Eberflus, he's got to get that defense in a very good spot. But I look at Chicago, if Caleb Williams is as good as advertised, why can't they make the playoffs in year one? Like CJ Shroud just made the playoffs in year one, took the Texans to the divisional round where they ended up losing to the Ravens in a conference in the AFC that's a whole lot tougher than the NFC. And let me remind you, CJ Shroud wasn't walking into Roma Dunze and DJ Moore and Keenan Allen.

No, he didn't have that. His best wide receiver, and no disrespect to him, he's been on the show before I like him, is Nico Collins. And look at what the Texans were able to do in year one. Last year showed us that things could change very quickly in the NFL, as long as you have the right coach and you have the right quarterback. And also with the Texans, let's not undermine this point, they also drafted the right defensive player in Will Anderson. It doesn't take much in the NFL to turn the direction of a franchise around.

It does not. Houston displayed that last year, and Chicago is in a much better state than Houston was a year ago. So I look at Caleb Williams in an inferior NFC compared to the AFC, and I say, why can't they be the second best team in the NFC North this year?

Like everyone's going to give the benefit of the doubt, deservedly so, to Detroit to win that division. But Green Bay, even though Jordan Love had a really good year last year, and there's a lot of promise in Green Bay, we've seen guys have really good first years, and then in year two as a starting quarterback, you take a step back. Minnesota, we know, has a lot of names on offense. I'm a believer in McCarthy and Minnesota, but we'll come together rather quickly in year one, and there's questions on that defense, even though Brian Flores improved that defense immensely last year in year one, as their defensive coordinator. But you look at the talent on the offensive side of the ball with Caleb Williams and what he is supposed to be, why not the Bears make the playoffs this year? I think the Bears, like you're a Chicago fan, it's not, oh, it's year one, there's growing pains, there are ups and downs. No, no, no, no. Year one, you have suffered long enough.

You have waited for this day long enough. Year one, when you had a team that was seven and ten last year, seven and ten, and you improved that team in many big areas this offseason, ten and seven makes the playoffs in the NFC, nine and eight makes the playoffs, usually, in the NFC. Why can't Chicago go nine and eight and make the playoffs?

I don't think that's inconceivable whatsoever. Like, you look around, all right, San Francisco, the Rams, obviously better than Chicago. There's not a team like in the NFC South that you feel all that confident in that's definitely better than Chicago. You know, I would say probably the Falcons would be the team I give the edge to because of Kirk Cousins.

So even if you want to give Atlanta, that's three, and one of those teams have to win their division. Detroit, better than Chicago. Eagles, better than Chicago. You know, Dallas, I'm kind of down on Dallas. I don't like what Dallas has done this offseason.

I get it. Dallas on paper is a better team right now than Chicago. But there's only five teams, maybe four, that are without a doubt definitely better than Chicago entering this season in just the NFC. And once again, those teams are the Eagles. You know, okay, I'll say Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco and the Rams. That's five teams right there. And if even you want to throw Atlanta because they got to win the division, that's six. Why can't Chicago in year one compete for a wildcard spot?

I don't think that's crazy whatsoever. So I look at the Bears and I look around these divisions in football right now. Like the AFC East, there's intrigue with three teams.

I guess the Pats now have intrigue because of Drake May, but I don't know if Drake May is going to play in year one. You look at the AFC North, that's the best division from top to bottom in football. The AFC South improving in a big time way.

It's well-rounded now. The AFC West, it's the Chiefs and everybody else. I like Carbaugh, obviously, listening to this show. I like Herbert, but they got a lot of stuff to do in L.A. before they get moving in the right direction. NFC East, I think the Giants are going to be terrible.

The Commanders, okay, there's intrigue with Jayden Daniels, but I think that team has a long ways to go. Eagles and Cowboys both have intrigue. Both should make the playoffs, but if you tell me Dallas missed the playoffs this year, I would not be surprised at all the drama that's brewing in Jerry's world. We talked about the North, the NFC South, it's like who's going to win the division?

It should be Atlanta. And then the NFC West, I like San Francisco, I like the Rams. But after that, like okay, the Cardinals, Kyler Murray, Marvin Harrison, they should be able to be an improved team. That was a gritty team last year with not a lot, but that roster is a long ways to go. And Seattle, does anyone truly believe that Geno Smith is going to be firing all cylinders once again this year?

I don't. I think that roster is good. I think that they have a lot of talent, they need another quarterback, but who knows what that transition is going to be like going from Pete Carroll to Mike McDonald. So this Bears team, and they're not your traditional number one overall pick because they traded into that spot a year prior. They were 7-10, you get a wide receiver who I think is a lock to be a stud in Roma Dunze, you added Keenan Allen, you got DJ Moore already there, you drafted the quarterback which was enormous. That team, it's not asking much to get two more wins. That's all I'm asking for. In year one, can Kyler Williams get you two more wins than the previous regime?

Go from 7-9. I don't see why he can't. And you see what Anthony Edwards is doing with the Minnesota Timberwolves, there's a certain mentality that a star has.

I know that some people get caught up in Kyler Williams crying after a game or a pain in his nails, bleep Utah. But when he gets on the field, that dude has displayed a killer mentality. And he even said, his mentality is always to start, to be the best, and to win. And he plans on being the best in the NFL. Heck, a few years ago when he was at the Heisman Trophy, there was a few people comparing it to Patrick Mahomes. He's like, there's nothing that Patrick Mahomes does on the field that I can't do.

Now he has to prove that, but we know that he has the confidence and he has that mentality, that dog mentality. So in year one, they should be a 9 or a 10 win team. And I know some people say, slow down, oh you're hyping up the Bears too.

Why not? They have built this the right way. They have built putting the quarterback in a position to succeed and building the roster before getting the quarterback. And they've done that through trades, they've done that in free agency, and they've set themselves up rather nicely for Kyler Williams to hit the ground running in year one. Who are some other rookie quarterbacks, by the way, that could make the playoffs in year one?

You go out to the guys that are in the first round. Kyler Williams, we just laid that out, absolutely. Jayden Daniels, I can't see the commanders making the playoffs this year. The Patriots offensive roster is not good, Drake May's not making the playoffs, and they're in the AFC.

Bo Nix and Denver Police. When James Palmer said the other day that offensive coordinators have told him he's a more athletic version of Derek Carr, I'm like, oh, they're basically doing what the Raiders did all these years ago. And what that made the playoffs like one or two times with Derek Carr.

Give me a break. So you go around, like McCarthy can't make the playoffs, and the Michael Penix Jr., the only way he's making the playoffs is as the backup or if Kirk Cousins gets hurt and he has to take over right away. So there's two quarterbacks that I go into that are going to be starters in year one that I could see making the playoffs out of the six that we're taking in the first 12 picks of the draft.

And that's Kyler Williams and J.J. McCarthy. We'll take a timeout on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. It is a Monday. We've got to do a little onside offside when we return.

Update time first. Here's the act man, Rich Ackerman. Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? Offside, defense number 69.

It's onsides offsides with Zach Gelb. And it's time to ask the pros where you, the listener, get to ask us a question. It's brought to you by our friends at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Simply tweet your question at infsportsnet or at Zach Gelb using the hashtag askthepros. Be listening later in the show where we might answer your question. You can think O'Reilly Auto Parts where your car care needs can guarantee low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts.

O'Reilly Auto Parts. Alrighty, Sam, what do we got cooking today my man? Well six quarterbacks went in the first 12 picks on Thursday, but we didn't see another QB go off the board until the fifth round when Spencer Rattler went to the Saints 150th overall. Now according to Ian Rappaport, Rattler fell for a very interesting reason in part because of how he behaved in a Netflix documentary. This is kind of weird to say honestly. Spencer Rattler did a reality show in high school.

It's called QB1 Beyond the Lights. It did not make him look great. And it is unbelievable how many different teams mentioned to me the image of him in that show and how they can't get it out of their heads, which I think would be a public service announcement to all 17 year olds. It is fascinating as teams weigh whether or not to draft him. So onside offside, it is okay to judge Rattler based on his behavior from five years ago when he was 17.

Offside and here's why. Like you look back at all of us in high school, I don't think anyone was their best version of themselves then, but that doesn't mean that you can't do something that will damage a way that a job or an employer may look at you. But if you're an executive or you're a scout, you don't need this documentary that happened in high school as to why you shouldn't draft Spencer Rattler in the second or third round. He got benched at Oklahoma. And don't get me wrong, at South Carolina, in the two years there, at the end of the first season there, he had two good games, but it wasn't like he was sensational. I've never watched Spencer Rattler and said to myself, this is a guy that I need to draft in the first three rounds.

I haven't. And I heard Schefter on with McAfee earlier this AM, and he was saying that two teams that really did like Spencer Rattler were the Falcons and the Broncos. The Falcons took a quarterback at 8 and Michael Penix Jr., and the Broncos took Bo Nix at 12, so that took them out of the Spencer Rattler running. I would have said before the draft, Spencer Rattler at earliest, probably a fourth round pick.

That's what I felt. I know some people started talking about the second round, some people talking about the third. I think what Jalen Hurts did recently, and also Dak Prescott, where Jalen Hurts was 2 and Dak Prescott was 4, they tried to find someone in those two, three, fourth rounds, but just because it's happened in previous years doesn't mean it's going to happen in future years. So, long answer, and I'll cut it short here, it's okay to just draft based on his behavior from five years ago. No, it's not. But that's not the reason why he had to wait so long to get drafted.

So, offside. Man, could you imagine if the Falcons took them in the fourth or fifth rounds also? I don't know, the commanders or your Patriots taking two quarterbacks in the same draft. I did see a tweet, and it was something over the weekend, I forget who said it, Spencer Rattler is going to be a second round pick at the Atlanta Falcons. I thought that was a very well worded and funny tweet. The best tweet was the image of, from any given Sunday, of Kirk Cousins, Dennis Quaid and Jamie Foxx, Willie Beaman and the aging quarterback. That was the best image I saw of the whole thing.

Yeah, it was pretty good. Now, while Rattler did go in the fifth round, we also saw Jordan Travis go to the Jets, Joe Milton to your pets, Devin Leary to the Ravens, and Michael Pratt of Tulane go to the Packers. They all got drafted in later rounds. While undrafted QBs like Sam Hartman from Notre Dame, sorry Stu, went to the commanders, Keaton Slovis went to the Colts, and Talia Tonga-Valoa is visiting with the Seahawks. Keaton Slovis on every team in college football.

I know, and he was like a five star recruit, he was supposed to be a superstar, just could never catch on. Now onside, offside, at least one of these QBs that I mentioned will become a legitimate NFL starter. Out of all these quarterbacks you mentioned, I think Jordan Travis has the best chance, but I'm not optimistic in either of any of these guys that you mentioned. So at least one of these QBs will become a legitimate NFL, what do you mean by legitimate? Like a Gardner Minshew side, it doesn't have to be like an all-pro, but like someone who's going to start multiple games over multiple seasons.

No, offside. Now to taking an offensive tackle with the 11th pick, the Jets moved up to give Aaron Rodgers a weapon in Perloff's favorite Malachi Corley out of Western Kentucky. Perloff was all over this guy.

He was ranting and raving about this. Now after the pick, Rodgers tweeted the eyeball emoji to show approval for the pick. Oh that's big, you need the Rodgers approval. Now listen, they got the offensive tackle, they got the wide receiver, and then they drafted two running backs, which makes no sense, but anyway, onside, offside. Hey, you know what's funny, Stu? This guy knows a lot about the Jets for someone that gave up on the Jets.

He does, yeah. A lot about the Jets. I also know a lot about the Chiefs draft as well. Onside, offside, the Jets will make the playoffs this year.

They should. I'll go onsides right now, but that's subject to change. I have not gone through right now, post draft, the seven teams that I have making the playoffs in the AFC. Buffalo, I like the draft pick of Keyon Coleman. Miami, I am not the biggest fan of Tua. I think he's good.

I don't think he'll ever be a great quarterback. The Jets have a really good roster. Defensively, we know that.

Offensively, they have some names. Obviously, the line and it coming together and staying healthy still does concern me. That's why I like to tackle it at Penn State, picking him and moving back the spot to do so. So, you look at where they were seven wins from a year ago, 10 or 11 probably gets you in.

Yeah, Roger should give you that swing. Well, they should make the playoffs. So, I will go onsides, but subject to change when I do my big official reveal later in the summer on who's going to be the 14 playoff teams in the NFL. Now, last week Tom Brady joked, or maybe not, that he would consider returning to play quarterback if the red situation arose. Now, today, new patch coach Jerod May was on WEEI, the Greg Hill Show, and he was asked if they would be open to bringing Brady back.

Is the door open should the great one decide to put the cleats back on? You know, look, I love Tom and the door is always open if he wants to come in here and coach, but as far as going on the field, I don't know. But if he comes in here, once again, going back to the, hey, the best player will play.

You got to come here and compete. And then he loves competition. I doubt he's going to be walking through these doors any time soon. Yeah, I don't think he's up for training camp. Yeah, exactly.

That's right. He'll be one of those guys, like if something happens in November and we're in a good position. Hey, come in. Nah, I'm good on that. Sounds like Jerod May doesn't want the GOAT back on the pass. That's a dumb conversation. I mean, is it that dumb? Why would Tom Brady want to go to New England?

The roster sucks. And I say that as the biggest Tom Brady fan and also a huge fan of the Patriots. If he's going to play, it's going to be a place that he could actually win. You're not, you're not making, excuse me, you're not winning a Super Bowl with Tom Brady at this stage of his career. In New England. No, but if Tom Brady makes the decision like, hey, I want to return back home to my former team, how do you say no to the GOAT?

Very, very easy. Tom, I love you. We're trying to build our next great quarterback. It doesn't do you any good.

It doesn't do us any good. No. Still Tom Brady. Now onside, offside. So, well, I guess you're answering the question. The Pats would make the playoffs with Brady on the center.

That's a different conversation. Make the playoffs onsides. They could make the playoffs because...

So then why not take them back? Because you live in a world where you're a jet fan, just making the playoffs is an accomplishment. No, you're a jet fan. Just making the playoffs is an accomplishment. For my world, I lived in a world that was 20 years Super Bowl or bust.

That world's over. Yeah, I'm well aware. I'm the first one to say it. I don't just run and go jump on another team's bandwagon. And also, you're not allowed to embrace the Chiefs because you promised that you were going to get that fake tattoo and you still haven't got that tattoo. So I am banning you from being able to root for the Chiefs until we see that tattoo. I'll get Mike Pinnell on the line.

He'll teach you a lesson or two. But anyway, the Pats could make the playoffs because the Pats had a garbage offensive roster when Brady was last there with Tennessee. They lost that game in the wildcard round to Tennessee and they still made the playoffs. Or it was the wildcard round because Patrick's bumped him out of the divisional round weekend. So they could still make the playoffs, but this roster is putrid on the offensive side of the ball. But it's Brady, so yeah, they could make the playoffs onside.

Now the No. 3 seed in the West Minnesota swept the Suns while the conference's No. 1 seed OKC is one win away from sweeping the Pelicans. Obviously the Thunder boasts stars like Shea Gilger's Alexander and Chet Holmgren, while the T-Wolves have Karl Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, and Rudy Gobert. Onside, offside, OKC has a brighter future than the T-Wolves, two very young teams with a lot of stars. It's a great question.

You can go either way. I'm going to take, though, the side of the Timberwolves, and it's nothing against Shea Gilger's Alexander. I love him, but Anthony Edwards has a Jordan type of mentality.

It is scary when you watch him play that Jordan type of mentality that he has. Both teams' futures are extremely bright, but I will say that the Timberwolves have a brighter future. So OKC has a brighter future than the Timberwolves.

I will go slightly offside. Now the Bucks over in the Eastern Conference are facing elimination after going down 3-1 to the Pacers. Since Doc Rivers took over Milwaukee, the Bucks are 18-22 and could be bounced in the first round for the second consecutive year.

Onside, offside, this is a two-part question. Doc should be fired this offseason and never get another head coaching job again. He should not get fired this offseason because when you bring him in like that and you give him a four or five year deal, I'm not blaming this all on Doc Rivers, but once this does not work out in Milwaukee, yeah, he should never get another head coaching job again.

So since it's not a yes-yes, it's a no-yes, I will go offside. And here's why Doc shouldn't get fired, and trust me, I was not a fan of the hire. I did not think they should have fired Griffin when he was there. But Giannis didn't want him there, and then they hide behind a bunch of things and he acted all surprised that Adrian Griffin was fired. Giannis isn't playing in this series.

Dame is down with an injury. You got Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby Portis ejected the other day. Don't get me wrong, this is a disaster, disaster of a season. Doc should have never got the job in the first place, but you brought him in, you don't move on from after like a half season.

That's just me. I mean, I get it, but they were 30 and 13 with Adrian Griffin, and then Doc comes in and just... And they didn't like to coach. Sure, but like Doc just came in and derailed the ship. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of Doc anymore. I'm not blaming this all on Doc.

30 and 13 to 18 and 22? Giannis is in a category just like Lebron and just like Kevin Durant in this day and age of the NBA. This is a player-driven league. I don't want to hear this nonsense that the season goes from not even great at the time to catastrophe because of the coach. Giannis wanted the coach out, he got Doc in. So now you have to deal with it for at least another season.

But don't get me wrong here, it's not going to work. Everyone told you when they got hired that Doc was way past his prime as an NBA head coach. But it's amazing, the NBA and the NHL, once you get a job as a head coach and you have somewhat of success, and I know Doc won a championship at Boston, but you could stay in the league for 30, 40 years. It is crazy how much of a coaching whorehouse the NBA and the NHL becomes.

Some of these guys have like 6, 7, 8 jobs. It's wild. It is absolutely wild. You know what? If I could go back and do life over again, I would just say let me be a below average NBA coach.

Or let me be a below average hockey coach because I can make millions and have like 6, 7, or 8 jobs. It's absolutely crazy. Did you see J.J. Reddick who replaced Doc in the booth on ESPN? He's now a finalist down to 2 with the Hornets. I'm happy if J.J. Reddick gets a job on the NBA sideline because I do not like J.J. Reddick as an analyst. So pretentious. So pretentious.

And can he crack a smile maybe once in a while? So please, Charlotte, take J.J. Reddick and make him the next head coach of the Hornets. Coming on back, this is that Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network where we return three winners, three losers from the seven rounds of the NFL Draft. Minimum of four lines for $25 per line per month with auto pay discount using debit or bank account. $5 more per line without auto pay plus taxes and fees. Phone fees, 24 monthly bill credits for well qualified customers. Contact us before canceling accounts and continue bill credits or credit stop and balance on required finance agreement due.

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