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NBA Team with Most Pressure (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 18, 2024 5:04 pm

NBA Team with Most Pressure (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 18, 2024 5:04 pm

Eric Eager, VP of Sumer Sports I Celtics Pressure I News Brief


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Price and coverage match limited by state law. Alrighty, a week away from the NFL Draft. It is almost here. That's right, it is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. So a week out from the draft, we're going to bring on our pal Eric Eager. He's the VP of Sumer Sports. Make sure you give him a listen as he's the co-host of the Sumer Sports Draft Show on Sirius XM. And we got to do a little Zach Gelb show with Eric Eager.

Top 10 Mock Draft. Eric, as always, thanks so much for the time. How you been, my man? Zach, I'm doing great. It's fun to be on with you. This is my favorite time of the football year. Hope springs eternal for all 32 teams. Well, until your team messes something up on draft night and then you have a fan base that's angry and then everyone thinks their franchise is over. Like, I'm very concerned. We'll talk about what my team's going to do at three. I am used to being in the penthouse and now my football fandom is in the outhouse. I know no one has sympathy for me with six Super Bowl rings, but I am in just like a mental kind of pretzel in these like newfound emotions on just what the heck my team is going to do with the third overall pick.

But that's a me problem, not a you problem. We'll go through this exercise and we'll see how this does play on out. Number one pick. Eric Eager has the Chicago Bears. You'll take the odds. I'll take the evens.

Let me see what you're going to do here. It's Caleb Williams. I think it will be Caleb Williams. It should be Caleb Williams. Now, here's the thing that I'll just say, because I remember you were on and you said with us that if you were kind of running the war room, you would maybe trade back to to get a bunch of picks and then draft the quarterback at two, because you don't think there's a difference, a great difference between Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels.

Now, I think that when you said that it was like, I don't know, a month and a half ago. Do you still feel that way as we gear up for the NFL draft next week? Well, I actually I think there's if I had to do that, I would do it for Drake May. But like my issue is that I think Drake May is actually the third preferred guy. And I kind of respect the market, if that makes sense.

You know, so, you know, I think that the draft sequence has signal in it. And if they're telling me that Jayden Daniels is the second best guy and if I'm trading back to two for the third best guy, then maybe I'm and maybe I'm just not convicted enough anymore. But I would do I would consider it like if a team, you know, like the commanders gave me a godfather offer for the first pick and I got Drake May instead. And I'm Chicago like I would certainly consider it. I just think given all that Chicago has done since the last time we talked, right. They got Keenan Allen into the fold.

They they've been able to kind of you know, they got that ninth pick, which looks like it's going to be a premium player as well as we'll talk about later in this one. I just think Caleb Williams here is probably fine. And and I'm not going to sort of like get cute with it and try to get back to two and take May and build a bigger war chest. Do you have Daniels as your as your third rated quarterback? Then if you're going Williams one and you have Drake May two is Daniels then three. He is I think McCarthy's a ways away from the top three, even though I think McCarthy's the first round pick. I don't think he's a top three pick. Gotcha. Eric Eager here with us.

Then let me just one more follow up before I get to my pick with the commanders and we're going to disagree. But I'm just curious, why do you like Drake May over Jayden Daniels? What's the differentiating factors here for you? I think that also Daniels has like that high pressure to sack ratio that everybody's been talking about. And I think you can win with it, obviously, and Randall Cunningham won with a high taking a lot of sacks. But there was always like something missing from his offenses. And back then, people didn't really appreciate how much those negative plays hurt offenses.

And now we kind of do. And, you know, Justin Fields came out of Ohio State and was like a really accurate passer coming out. But he had those issues hanging on the ball a long time and taking a lot of sacks. And so when I think about Daniels versus May, I think about the pressure to sack ratio. He's not going to be quite as athletic relative to NFL players as he was a college player.

So he's not going to be able to escape as well. And when I think about quarterbacks being hurt and how many quarterbacks had to start last year. I need I'm just going to gravitate more towards the physically imposing players at the position now. So when I look at Herbert spending a whole year with with broken ribs and still being able to make the playoffs two years ago, I look at Josh Allen and how much he's banged up. And then I look at like what the fall off is when a guy like Joe Burrows hurt. And I'm like, Joe Burrows, a top five guy. But what differentiates him for me from a guy like Josh Allen is that physical imposing this of his body. And I think Drake May of those two guys is the most physically imposing prototypical quarterback in this draft.

And so if I have to break a tie between two players, I'm going to look towards that kind of player. Eric Eager here with us. So he takes to no surprise with the Bears. Caleb Williams going one for the commanders at two. Even though I respect Eric Eager's opinion and all of his rankings and his analysis, I just feel like it's going to be Jayden Daniels. And personally, I think Jayden Daniels is the better quarterback.

The thing that concerns you with May is everyone selling me on the potential. And a lot of people think he's gonna have to sit your one. I understand what you just said about Daniels, but I think that dual threat ability and the 1100 rushing yards with the 40 passing touchdowns. I just think there's a higher ceiling for Jayden Daniels than Drake May. So two picks in the books. Bears take Caleb Williams, commanders.

I have them going with Jayden Daniels. Then we put my team, the Patriots, on the clock. Eric Eager, who do you have the Patriots taking here and why?

And I think I know where you're going to go. Actually, so here's a question I have for you, Zach, because obviously you're very sharp and you understand your favorite team better than anybody I would imagine. Bill Belichick still had it, didn't he? From a defensive standpoint, correct? Yes, he still had it from a defensive standpoint offensively. A disaster.

A disaster. The day he said Matt Patricia and Joe Judge are basically going to be running the offense two years ago, I'm like, this offense sucks. So one thing, the canary in the coal mine for me was when Josh Ushi got like no money in free agency. And I thought to myself, Belichick was coaching a top five defense last year without really any premium players. You know, you have Duggar's a good player.

Judon's a good player. Barmore is a good player, but like there aren't premium players on this defense and he's more than the sum of the parts. I think that this team roster-wise is worse than their record was last year, ironically for a third pick.

You're not wrong. So they can't take a quarterback here. They have to trade this pick to Minnesota or Denver or LA, LV or whatever. So I'm going to trade the third pick to the Vikings for picks 11, 23 and next year's first rounder for the Vikings. So you're going to get a first rounder next year, which it could be a really good pick because the Vikings are going to be starting a rookie quarterback. And I'm going to get 11 and 23. So the Patriots are out of this content and the Vikings are going to take Drake May.

You got it. So I'll put Drake May in there and I'm also going to write down 11 and 23 because I may use those picks to maybe move up later and maybe have the Patriots take a quarterback, depending how the rest of this goes. Okay, so quarterback, quarterback, quarterback.

There is a chance we see four quarterbacks go in the first four picks, i.e. we just had the trade with the Vikings. McCarthy still available. Michael Penick Jr. still available. I believe in this scenario, the Cardinals stay home. They already paid Kyler Murray.

I know Monty Austin for it. I know Jonathan Gannon weren't the ones behind that, but I think that they honestly want to give Kyler Murray a fair opportunity at this. And I also believe that Marvin Harrison Jr. is the best player in the draft. I'm having the Cardinals go with Marvin Harrison Jr. in at four. And now the Chargers, Eric Eager on the clock with the fifth pick.

Yeah, that's a that's a good pick. I think the best pick in the first round will be Harrison at four. Yeah, this one, I think the Chargers will want to trade back.

One of my friends, Corey Krawick, is the new director of player personnel, former analytics guy for the Ravens, a team that traded back a lot. The problem is, is at five, you're basically hoping the Giants trade back or trade up with you to go get J.J. McCarthy. I don't I think the Giants play chicken here and hold steady. The Chargers are in the same division with the Raiders and the Broncos, so I don't think that they're going to allow those guys to trade up.

So I think they stay pad here. I think they take Malik Nabors, who I think many people believe has a similar draft grade to Marvin Harrison. So I think Malik Nabors goes five to I win your division before I change to San Diego at five here. Gotcha.

Let me ask you this, Eric. We talked about Marvin Harrison Jr. We've talked about Malik Nabors. I'm not saying that Roma Dunze has been disrespected in this process, but it seems like it's Marvin Harrison Jr. It's Malik Nabors and then it's Roma Dunze. And some people believe Nabors is better than Marvin Harrison Jr. I don't. How far is it from whoever you make one between Marvin Harrison Jr. neighbors and then a Dunze when you just look at what their careers could project to be?

I think both. So in our summer sports draft guide, which you can get at summer sports dot com, we have Harrison projected at 1000 yards near one. We have we have neighbors around eight, eight fifty.

And I think it dunes that we have like around seven seven hundred seven fifty. Don't quote me on that. Like it's it's a drop off, but it's not significant.

I think Roma Dunze is a very good kind of like it. I would say if you're thinking about like draft prospects, think about AJ Green, Julio Jones, and then think about like Mike Evans. Right. Like Mike Evans, a phenomenal NFL wide receiver. But from a peak perspective, Julio Jones, AJ Green, better players. Right. And that's I think how you can see this where the team that drafts the dunes is going to be as happy as Tampa Bay was when they drafted Mike Evans. But from a from a like, is this guy a blue chip number one premium position wide receiver type player? I think it dunes is going to be like just a smidge below those two.

Gotcha. Eric Eager here with us. Once again, he's the VP of summer sports.

You could check him out as the co-host of the summer sports draft show on Sirius XM. So in this scenario with Williams to the Bears, Daniels to the commanders, Vikings trade up, they snag Drake May, Cardinals go Marvin Harrison Jr. Chargers go Malik neighbors. The board plays where the Giants are at six. They didn't have to trade up to get that quarterback. If four quarterbacks go in front of the Giants, I think then they would take a wide receiver. But in this scenario, it's three quarterbacks. It's two wide receivers. I'll have the Giants selecting JJ McCarthy with the six overall pick and then Eric is back on the clock with the seventh pick. And let's see what Tennessee will do.

Yeah, this one's I think probably the first post quarterback straightforward one. It's Joe all tackle Notre Dame, Brian Callahan, new head coach, son of Bill Callahan, offensive line, you know, kind of legend coach there. I think that they'll go. They got wide receiver. They got corner in this in free agency. They still need offensive line where they've struggled for years.

I think he's a cornerstone guy. They go with Skowronski last year. They go with all this year. Titans are going to be frisky this year.

Yeah. And I look at this draft like if you had me make one prediction and you say, OK, you can't have Williams going one. I would then say I best feel that Joel is going to be the pick at seven.

I think every mock draft has Joel going seven to the Tennessee Titans. OK, let me put Atlanta now on the clock. I think what they could do here is they could take a doomsday or they could go defense with the Jared verse or maybe even a Dallas turn. I know people a lot of people have Turner in front of verse. I'm going to say Atlanta keeps this train going on the offensive side of the ball. You got Bijan Robinson.

You take a look at the rest of the weapons. They have Drake London. They have Kyle Pitts. I think they're going to go add Roma dunes a here for Kirk Cousins.

And they continue to just make sure that this offense is in more than just a stable form in the year of twenty twenty four. So I will go with our third wide receiver with Roma dunes a in at eight and then the Bears are sitting at nine for Eric Eager. Wow, that's a that's a very that's an awesome because I think Dallas Turner at eight is like the second one that I would consider to be somewhat a straightforward one.

But that's that's very interesting. OK, so Chicago at nine. I do think they need some pass rush. Turner doesn't fit what they want to do all that well. I'm actually going to surprise some people here and go off the board a little bit. I'm going to go with UCLA defensive lineman lie to law to. Wow. So now I think I I think he's better than both of those players and fits what they want from a physical, like UCLA, all at Chip Kelly's warts. UCLA produced physical like I think about, you know, Maddie Berfluse Indianapolis thinking DeForest Buckner. Think about a big a bit like you. I went to I used to live in Cincinnati.

I went to a lot of the Colts games like two hours away. You stand next to I'm six three, like 230. Right. I stand next to DeForest Buckner.

I feel like less of a man. Right. Like he's just a big physical human being. And like I think of light to law to is that kind of player. Jared versus awesome. Turner, awesome in his own way. Turner fits more what the Falcons want to do.

I think versus maybe a little bit more stiff. I think light to law to is going to be drafted higher than what people think. If you had control of all 10 of these picks, how many defensive players will you mock in the first 10? Turner. Just one. Just one.

OK. Yeah. Like if if because I would go Turner to Turner eight and then I go to dunes and nine. Like if you didn't take a dunes a year, I go Turner and then a dunes into the Bears. And then, you know, you'd have picked 10. But like, you know, pick 10 would probably be a Jets taking an offensive player to try to help Aaron Rodgers.

Gotcha. And then finally at 10, man, I like I'm tempted here with just how this this exercise plays out. I know the Jets don't really need help in the defense side of the ball, but you get verse or you could get Dallas Turner at 10. It's like, OK, they just get more, you know, just get a bit richer on the defense side of the ball. I'm going to go Brock Bowers that like I look for the sexy storylines. You have Aaron Rodgers on offense. You got obviously Garrett Wilson. They could use Brock Bowers there as as someone to be just the dominant tight end that people think he could be. So we will wrap this up with the Jets taking Brock Bowers.

Fun exercise. Appreciate Eric Eager, the V.P. of Sumer Sports, for helping us out once again.

Make sure you listen to him as he's the co-host of the Sumer Sports draft show on Sirius XM. Eric, thank you. Appreciate it.

Zach, you're the best. Have a good one and enjoy the draft next week. You got it. We'll do. There he is. Eric Eager joining us on the show. OK, we'll take a break.

Let's go to the hardwood next. We'll talk about the Boston Celtics. There was already a ton of pressure on them. Now there is even more pressure on them. We'll explain why when we return in five minutes.

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Hyundai. There's joy in every journey. I don't know if this story is true. I think it's so random that it has to be true. And I did some checking on the good old Google, and it did say that Monty Osenfort was a pretty damn good tennis player in high school.

So Daly, who is in the YouTube chat, who listens to our show daily. That was a crappy pun that I just tried there. He just, when I mentioned the name Monty Osenfort, said I lost to Monty Osenfort in the Minnesota State Tennis tournament. And I was heated.

And I'm like, wait, wait, wait. You were going up against the now general manager of the Arizona Cardinals in a tennis tournament in high school? I go, I need to hear this story. He goes, short story. Osenfort beat me in tennis. I freaked out and some local journalists wrote a story about my antics.

So it was like Daly, just McEnroe without the success on the tennis court, just throwing the racket, yelling at the at the judge and just freaking out on Monty Osenfort. I'm really compelled. Samter, maybe we could do this.

I'm going to give you a little bit of a challenge here. I'm going to get more of these details from Daly. I'm going to attempt to get these details from Daly. I'm going to effort to get these details from Daly, which could be very tough, very tough to do so. I want to reach out to the Cardinals and get Monty Osenfort on the show after the draft. Like all these, a lot of these GMs, they do after draft availability. Like we get Brandon Bean on a ton.

We get Joe Shane on. I want to, I want to find out this story. And if the story is good enough, find out more about Monty Osenfort's tennis career and also see if he remembers Daly. We'll get Daly's actual name freaking out on the tennis court.

It's something that you learn each and every day. I don't think that this is a prank on me. If it is a prank on me, I'm OK with getting got here and having like Ashton Kutcher or somebody run out.

There's one prank that happened on me. I don't know if you remember this, Stu, but. But when Tom DiBenedetto, who is Rome's producer now, he was my board up.

And Mike Basaglia was the producer of the show when the Zach Gelb show officially launched in the six to 10 p.m. Eastern Time time slot. We had Ben Barch on. I don't know if you remember that. He played at a smaller school and he ended up getting drafted. We had him on in the pre draft process. I want to say it was maybe Colleen Wolf was doing an interview with him and it was some bizarre smoothie. I could be combining another player, but I think it was him. And he just had a ridiculous smoothie at the combine.

And he got a lot of like fame for it. So we had Ben Barch on. We do a conversation with Ben Barch like a month before the draft. It was right after the combine. And then like you had a month still in between the draft.

Then the week of the draft. And this was when it's when Covid was happening. So I was home for this. And we got a call on the hotline from someone saying it was Ben Barch. And he was like, oh, I listened to the show ever since they came on and I'm working out.

And I heard you guys were talking about the smoothies again. I want to come back on. So Deben gets in my ear and he goes, hey, Zach, Ben Barch is on the line. He wants to talk to you. I'm like, Ben Barch is on the line. Ben, how are you? And it was a five minute conversation that we had with Ben.

And 30 seconds into the phone call. I kind of sensed it wasn't Ben Barch. And I'm sitting there and I'm like, how do I know this is you?

Like, I don't really think this is Ben Barch. And since he wasn't like immediately getting offended by me saying that, my antenna just kept on like going up and up and up saying that this definitely isn't him. And then he was talking about the college that he went to.

It was St. John's in Minnesota. And when he's talking about the college, he said something and I was like, hmm, this isn't you. We got to go. And we hung up on him after five minutes of talking to him and we got got. So I knew who Ben Barch's agent was and I texted the agent and I said, hey, I just want to make you aware. I don't think this was Ben that ended up calling back to the show a month later. But someone called our hotline pretending to be Ben Barch.

The agent's response was, oh, no, not again. There was someone that was pranking local radio shows and they pranked like two or three of them before they got to us, pretending to be Ben Barch. And then they eventually got to us. And then I got on the air and I said, see, I knew it wasn't Ben Barch. And I guess since I was talking about whoever that person was, he kind of panicked and he stopped pranking radio shows. Basaglia, who was the producer at the time, I'll give him credit.

The number when you call pops up in the system. Basaglia called the number. And when he confronted the person pretending to be Ben Barch, the guy was like, man, I don't know what you're talking about, and hung up the phone on Basaglia. So that's when we definitely got more of the confirmation that it wasn't Ben Barch. But I think that's my most bizarre draft story. Actually having Ben Barch on the show and then someone calling up pretending to be Ben Barch, and then there was a Ben Barch impersonator leading up to the NFL draft. Ben Barch is on the Niners now.

He got drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Anywho, I want to get to the NBA postseason. And when we get to the NBA postseason, a few days ago, if I said, who are the teams with the most pressure on them?

I would say it's the Boston Celtics and it's Milwaukee Bucks. And I know some are going to say, oh, what about the Denver Nuggets? The Nuggets are expected to win a title again. And I would be surprised if they don't win a title again. But when you just win a championship, I do feel as if the pressure is off of you a little bit to win the championship again, even though your team, in my opinion, is the favorite and the best team in the NBA. Now, the Giannis injury and the ambiguity around the Giannis injury. I just like he's going to return at some point, you would think in the first round. But if they go up to against the Pacers, can you win the series without him?

I guess you can. But the other part about the Giannis injury is I remember when he really got hurt in the conference finals, when they won the championship and they still found a way to get to the NBA finals. And when he got hurt in the conference finals, up until that game, one of the NBA finals, no one thought he was going to play.

And he ended up playing and didn't miss a game in the NBA final. So I don't know if this is a little gamesmanship. I think when it comes to the first round up against the Indiana Pacers, you don't need that gamesmanship. But all we know is that Giannis Antonecumpo has a calf stream.

But you look at the Easter conference. I know the Heat aren't in because they lost last night to the Sixers. But if the Heat beat our guy Kobe White on Friday night who had a masterful performance.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. That's crazy, bro. That Miami would be in the postseason. But Jimmy Butler had an MCL injury last night.

So you look in the Eastern Conference. Giannis Antonecumpo has a calf stream. Jimmy Butler injured his MCL. It's clear last night, Joel Embiid is not 100 percent.

And he even admitted it when he came back that he wasn't 100 percent. And don't forget, I know the Knicks are having a successful season, but Julius Randle is out for the season. So we already knew heading into this postseason that from a record standpoint, the Celtics are by far and away the best team in the Eastern Conference because they were up 14 games on the Knicks who were the two seed. But the Celtics enter the postseason assuming the Heat end up getting in with Jimmy Butler out with an MCL injury. Who could be the Celtics first round opponent? You have Giannis Antonecumpo out for now with the calf strain.

And B, it is not a full go. And Julius Randle is out for the year. Celtics, if they don't reach the NBA Finals, I know it's championship or bus. But if they don't reach the NBA Finals, it is just a disaster.

It is pathetic. And it's really laughable with all these injuries that have been going down as of late in the Eastern Conference. Pat Boyle is here. And I know Pat Boyle is a big Knicks honk. I woke up this morning and I saw a tweet of Pat Boyle attacking now our former boss in Spike Eskin.

Eskin down the turnpike in Philadelphia. Boyle says, bam, on Twitter to the old boss. Boyle is Team Ryan Hurley.

He was like, screw Spike walking around the office. Well, so the Knicks and the Sixers analysis from Pat Boyle, I know you are very confident in your team. I don't think with any team you root for, I don't mean this in like a negative way, but I don't ever recall you rooting for a team when they're in the playoffs. You do this like hickey thing where it's like, here they come, they're going to win.

They're going to dominate Canyon of Heroes. Here comes the parade. You know, go, New York, go, New York, go. That's what we usually get from Pat Boyle. He has the pom poms out. Like he's probably going to pick the Islanders to win the Stanley Cup.

No, no, no, no. I think the Islanders get swept in the first round. I have zero confidence. Zero confidence with them. The Cohones have finally dropped from Pat Boyle.

Mazel tov. I was shocked. Usually every year you're picking your team.

No, no, no. I'm very fair. Slobbering over your team. I am a very fair fan. I am not as pompous, overconfident, arrogant fan.

But when I think my team's going to do well, I get behind them like any fan would. I was listening to someone last year. Didn't you pick the Knicks to go to the NBA Finals last year?

I did. Last year. Oh, but he doesn't get overconfident with his teams. And the eighth seed, the eighth seed in the East, the Miami Heat went to the Conference Finals. So I believe that the Knicks very well could have as well.

OK. Let me just ask you this. I want the Spike Eskin, Pat Boyle, like, argument here. Why are you so confident that the Knicks will beat the Philadelphia 76ers in how many games did you say? Five.

Five games. Why do you believe it will be five games, that it will be a gentlemen's sweep for your New York Knicks? Because Embiid's not 100 percent. And that's clear.

And that's clear. And even if he was 100 percent, the Knicks probably win it in six. The Knicks are going to beat him into submission.

Because they have not just one good, strong, defensive center. You know, this guy hunted lions growing up as a kid. He can hunt armadillos, he can hunt giraffes, whatever the hell animal he wants on. He hasn't hunted an Isaiah Hartenstein, and a Mitchell Robinson with a one-two punch. Mitchell Robinson, last year, if the Knicks play the Sixers, Mitchell Robinson probably gets in foul trouble every single game. Embiid gets to the free throw lines to, you know, to get his 14 out of 35 points per game in the cheap, you know, Embiid way that he always gets his points. Not happening this year where the whistles are down, and this has been a trend for the last three, four weeks.

The whistles have been down. Embiid, I know, only came back, you know, with six games left to play. But the Knicks now have Isaiah Hartenstein, who has stepped into a major role this year offensively and defensively. So they can kind of, even if, you know, you want to say Embiid's getting calls on a given night, the Knicks now have two bigs that they can split fouls between. Embiid's not 100%. The Knicks, who are one of the best interior defensive teams, they are going to make life a living hell for him.

And you saw, down the stretch, he had to start shooting threes in order to score, because he couldn't get anything inside, and that's on bam out of bio in the heat. So right then and there, the Knicks take away the number one weapon, healthy or not, and he's not healthy. And I don't, you know, you watch the game, anybody that watches the game, he's not 100%.

And this time of the year, he's never 100%. As great as Embiid is, this time of the year, he's never 100%, and he's, like, out of shape come the playoffs, as the series do go on. And who have we seen the Philadelphia 76ers lose to in the playoffs the last couple of years? Inferior teams, like the Atlanta Hawks. But, so, here's the thing. Not that the Knicks are inferior, but the Sixers are not built to go to a, you know, the conference finals.

They're not built to win in the playoffs, because Embiid's never healthy. Now Tyrese Maxey stepped up. He's great. Shut up for a second. Just shut up for a second.

I didn't need, like, a five-minute rant here. I am personally conflicted on this series. And it's because of both fan bases. Like, personally, right, I know Leon Rose, like, since I was, like, two or three. So I want to see Leon Rose. I love when you post him with the Statue of Liberty.

Yeah, I want to see Leon Rose go as far as possible. But, both fan bases make me want to root against both these teams. Here's why. You have made me now want to root against the Knicks. And Santa knows my friend who works in radio. Because we had, remember my friend that we had a stake with, Santa?

At the Super Bowl two years ago that was talking your ear off about Ben Simmons? And Santa was like, this guy smells. He won't shut up. Get him away from me. I was doing my charity act of the year, all right, Santa?

I was trying to be a nice guy. Last night, because this guy, he's a Cherry Hill guy, where Leon Rose still lives, or has a house. He texts me, he goes, and I'm not a Knicks fan. I grew up as a Nets fan because I love Jason Kidd, but I don't really have an NBA team. And that kid, the moment, the Sixers won last night, goes, Sixers are coming for your Knicks. I'm like, my Knicks?

And I understand it was done in like a jovial way. But I'm like, I said to him, how could you be so confident? The Sixers always disappoint in the postseason. And he's like, how could you be confident in the Knicks? So there I was like, okay, I'm rooting for the Knicks.

But then to see you like straddle around the office like a peacock, it's kind of crazy. Because I'm confident in my, what do you want me to do? You know, Zach, maybe the Knicks can win a game or two.

I'm just hoping for the best. No, they're the two seed in the East. They are the two seed in the East. And they've been playing without Julius Randle for the last, what, 25, 30 games. They played a giant portion of the schedule without O.G. J. LeBrunsen's played like an MVP this year.

Yeah, excellent trade. And I saw what they did in the month of January when they were the closest thing to fully healthy that they'll be in the playoffs. They decimated teams left and right. They were winning by an average margin of victory of 18 points in the month of January.

They were nearly unstoppable. And I know that with Ananobi on the floor, Randle, of course, he's not going to be there. That's, you know, that's a blow. That's a reason why, you know, again, Knicks go up against the Celtics in the conference finals. Knicks in the second round against the Pacers or the Bucks. Yeah, it's going to be tough.

It's going to be a battle. Yeah, I have a lot of connections on the Knicks. I'm rooting for the Knicks. Julius Randle, by the way, lives in the same building as my cousin. My cousin's son, kid refers to me as the uncle, but I'm not technically the uncle.

It's just the closest of the family. Hey, Uncle Zachy. He plays basketball. He's like two years old with Julius Randle's youngest son. Wow.

So you know what? So you have every reason to root for the Knicks. Go, New York! Go, New York! Go, New York! Go, New York! Go!

And because I'm a fan and I'm confident in my team, you want to root against the Knicks because of that. But if there are any program directors listed in Philadelphia, one, two, three, four, five, sixers. Ten, nine, eight, seventy, sixers. You don't even know the words. That song sucks, by the way. Clap your hands, everybody. Yeah, that song sucks.

For Philadelphia, seventy-sixers. Just wait tomorrow. I'll be working on the Maggie and Perloff show right here on this great network. Oh, yeah? Oh, you're going after Perloff?

I'm going right after Perloff. Oh, you're taking... wait, hold on. You're the fill-in guy. Behind the... you're doing updates or you're... I'm producing.

I'm filling and producing the program tomorrow. Oh, you're producing. Where's EJ? I don't know, he's off. Knicks are about to start a playoff run. EJ's the Knicks guy. Against... that's the show bit.

And they have you now in? So now you're going to outshine EJ and then you're... As a fill-in producer, I know you, though. You're going to be obnoxious, you're going to be arrogant, you're going to be loud, and you're going to fight Perloff. And Perloff's like a pacifist. So you're going to fight a pacifist.

Perloff's going to be spitting his biblicisms about the Sixers and now this is the year and he's going to be doing his raunchy Perloff stuff and I'm going to have to put him in his place. Okay. Hey, Stu, you've been around this business a long time.

Yes. And the fill-in producer says he's going to put the host in his place. How does that usually turn out? That usually doesn't go well for some of the shows I've worked on now. No, no, no. That's not a good idea. Pat Boyle's going to be begging Spike. Hey, I know I just trashed you on Twitter.

Need a job in Philly. I'm not just a fill-in producer, Zach. Come on. No, no, no.

Don't live in me. Don't knock me down like that. I don't mean it that way. You know, I have immense respect for you and I'm a big fan of your work, but in that role tomorrow, you are the fill-in producer. Correct. That doesn't mean that you don't also host and that you're not an on-air personality. I know you do play-by-play too for the Big Ten Network. All right. I'm well-versed in the Pat Boyle career, but I'm just saying the role you are playing tomorrow is the fill-in producer. Yeah. But so again, what do you want me to do when Perloff's going to get there and he's going to start talking about the Sixers don't need Embiid and he's going to say Maxie's going to destroy the Knicks and Nick Patum's going to hit 8-3.

Stab him in the back, obviously. I'm just saying it's not the best thing to do from a career standpoint. I would advise it, but I don't know, maybe our new boss or Mayor Nick who got a nice little promotion and maybe they won't advise going after The Morning Show host.

The Morning Show co-host, right? Well, I see it this way. Unless Perloff's going to start flashing some courtside seats my way, if those aren't in my future, then anything is game. You know what?

That's a good point. I'm going to text Perloff. Hey, you want to go to Nick's success playoffs game lobby?

I'll get you popcorn, about 20 bucks at MSG. Here's bad boy with the latest Infinity Sports Network update almost called it the old name that almost called it the company name. We're adjusting. Be patient. This episode is brought to you by Progressive Insurance.

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Download the app or visit today. Let's hear from Elliot Wolpe, who is basically running the draft process for the Patriots on the number three pick. Yeah, so ongoing. We're open to anything. Moving up, moving down. We're open for business in the first round and in every round. We have some holes we feel like we need to fill in the draft. And we're a draft and develop team.

The more picks we have, the better. If there's an opportunity to move up and strike, if the board kind of recommends it, then we won't be afraid to pull the trigger on that either. That ended up being a nothing burger quote because everyone took that quote. Part of that quote was like, oh, the Patriots say they're open for business. Yeah, they also said they're open to do anything. That's just such a waste of a quote.

It really is. But it's amazing that every one of these aggregators would be like, oh, Patriots open for business, Patriots open for business. Said they're open to move up, move down, stay put.

You know, do ten push-ups on the floor, go get a steak dinner. He said everything. Here is Jason Kelce on his podcast, the New Heights Podcast. He lost his Super Bowl ring in a Skyline Chili pool bath.

I saw the video of this, but listen up. We had a full vat of Skyline Chili. This is actually technically a three-way. It's not just Skyline Chili. Based into that chili were socks with make-believe rings. And then there's actually only one real ring in there, which was my Super Bowl ring that they had to try and find.

One in each pool. But there was an unfortunate-ness, as you guys know, this game existed because I continually lose my Super Bowl ring. And I don't even know if Travis still knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event. They could not find it. We have still yet to find it. What did you expect to happen?

I thought that we would just go in the pool and get the ring afterwards. You're such an imbecile. Greg got a metal detector. There's actually metal in Skyline Chili. There's traces of iron within the chili itself. So it's an impossible task to try and use a metal detector. That's so good. There's probably lead as well in there at some point.

It's just a hunk of metal. I'll just have another one made, I think. They can do that, right? I don't know, Jason. Probably. Guess we're going to find out.

I love Jason Kelsey. I'm kind of calling Cap on this story. So I saw the video. They have the event, right? They put the ring, I guess, in like a sock or something, and they try to have people find it, and no one could find it.

I feel like this is just a bit. I don't think he actually lost his Super Bowl ring in this entire thing, but maybe I'm wrong. Let's go to Brandon Bean, Bill's general manager. Do they need a true number one wide receiver to win?

No. I mean, listen, you'd love to have two guys out there that are number ones. You know what I mean? You're always going to try to find the best players you can. What you need are guys that, in this offense, that are smart, versatile, selfless, and can make the plays that their skill set allows them to make.

I think that's what we're looking for. If there's a one that pops up, either in free agency or draft, that makes sense for us, or a really good two, we'll do it. But I don't think not having a one, Matt, doesn't mean we can't have success on offense or as a team. Well, success is winning a Super Bowl for the Bills now. And I know Brady won without having number one wide receivers. I know Mahomes has done it.

Right? There's big quarterbacks who do it. But with the way your team is currently constructed, you need a number one wide receiver.

I'll just take a little shot there. It's Tefon Diggs. We need a selfless player.

That's because Tefon Diggs is very selfish towards the end. They're going to trade up in the draft. There's no doubt about it in my mind. They're going to trade up in the draft. They're going to take a wide receiver.

Let's go to Joe Shane on the Rich Iser report that the Giants have buyer's remorse on Daniel Jones. The expectation is for him to be our starter. Again, I don't have a crystal ball. I hope he doesn't have any setbacks.

He's working his tail off. I'm still confident in Daniel, the way he's wired, what he showed us in 2022. Again, do we have the best start to this season last year?

Absolutely not. Anything that could have went wrong, it seems like it did early on between injuries and some other things. So I've still got a lot of confidence in Daniel.

We all know how this plays out. Giants are going to take a quarterback at six if only three have gone. If four go in the top five, then they won't take a quarterback and they'll say, see, we told you, we had confidence in Daniel Jones, but I don't think they really do have confidence in Daniel Jones. Here's Coach Prime Deion Sanders in the report.

He wants six teams to only draft his son and only potentially six teams on CBS News Colorado. Who said that and did you see me say that? One thing about a lie, a lie is so fast. It can outrun the truth any day. That's a bold-faced lie.

That's a stupid lie. I have more than six owners that are friends. I have more than six GMs that are friends. I know a lot of people.

Come on. So I would never do that. If I was that stupid, I would disclose the teams I would want them to play for.

I would disclose to several that I wouldn't. Yeah, that's stupid. That's stupidity.

I would never do that. It's funny because this all started when Coach Prime said, there's only some teams that my sons could get drafted by, that I'll allow them to get drafted by, and now I guess he gets all upset when someone listed the six teams. No, I think, to his point, I think it's not necessarily teams that he wants them to play for, but there's a certain couple of teams that if they are going to draft his guys, he can say, no, we're not playing with you. It's not like, hey, I want to go to the Cowboys. It's I don't want to go to the Browns.

Okay, gotcha. Why do you throw the Browns out there? I don't know because, you know, I hate them. Why do you hate the Browns?

The Browns is the Browns? Who are you, Juju Smith-Schuster? Don't go on Snapchat if you are Juju Smith-Schuster. I don't like the Browns. I saw something on Snapchat with Juju Smith-Schuster the other day.

I don't think he meant to post what he ended up posting. It was a little R-rated. Coming on back with Avery Johnson. Here's why April chose to vaccinate her child.

I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children. Okay, picture this. It's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you.

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