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Justin Fields Market Dwindles (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 14, 2024 5:15 pm

Justin Fields Market Dwindles (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 14, 2024 5:15 pm

Seth Payne, Co-host of Payne and Pendergast on SportsRadio 610 in Houston I Sam Howell traded to Seahawks I News Brief


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Call 562-314-4603 for details. And away we go. Hour number two of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb Show, Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. Let's welcome in former NFL defense of Lyman. Now you can listen to him for a while on Sports Radio 610 in Houston, along with our friend Sean Pendergast. And that, of course, is Seth Payne, kind enough to join us once again on the show. Seth, appreciate it as always. How you been, my man?

I'm good. It's been, it's been kind of crazy around here. There's the Texans free agency period started very, very, very slow. There was one, there was one signing while all the big names were going off the board.

Lonnie, Lonnie Johnston came back to the Texans and nobody knew what to make of it. And then all of a sudden day two, it was just an absolute flurry. So it's been exciting. It's been exciting, a little bit weird, but also exciting.

Yeah. So it's always funny. Whenever we bring you on, there was a two or three year stretch where every time we brought you on, it was just so negative. It was so ugly. It was so nasty with the Texans. And then that one draft last year changed the entire perception of the franchise, getting CJ shroud, getting will Anderson Jr. And the Texans had a marvelous season this past year. And now there's like actually legitimate buzz and respect for what the Texans have been able to do.

Yeah. And I think that, you know, it's, it's always hard to say how much that's going to matter when it comes to free agency. Cause for the most part, the, the big name guys go where the money is. The first hint that we saw that things might be a lot different now in terms of recruiting players is that Danielle Hunter is from the Houston area. He's from Katie, Texas, went to high school here and was home during the Texans playoff game versus the Browns. And then he talked about it in the press conference today.

He kind of felt the energy and excitement. And as a guy that grew up in Houston and knows and has heard about D'Amico Ryan's and obviously CJ Stroud, I think that the Texans were perhaps able to get him on a deal that maybe he wouldn't have done for somebody else. It's a two year deal. I mean, it's, it's a boatload of guaranteed money.

48 million of the 49 million is guaranteed. However, I do feel like that, that glow between D'Amico Ryan, CJ Stroud and everything else probably had a little something to do with, with the Neil Hunter being available. It's weird to say it because he's been in the league since 2015 and he has 87 and a half career sacks, but for some reason, the name Danielle Hunter just doesn't resonate nationally. When we know how great of a player he is, it feels like this is the most underrated signing so far of the off season period, even though like anyone that actually watches football knows the impact of a Danielle Hunter.

Right. And you know, the, the, the Vikings took on Jonathan Grinnard and I like Jonathan Grinnard. Grinnard came from the Texans up there and it almost ended up being like a, a swap of pass rushers.

Jonathan Grinnard has youth on his side and I think he's got a whole lot of upside, but if you look at Danielle Hunter and where he is now and what he's done, you know, each of his last four seasons, when healthy, he's been pretty much like twice as effective as Jonathan Grinnard in terms of QB pressures, sacks, everything else. He's just, he's that established and he looks like he's still very much in his prime. That's where the, the two year contract was really intriguing to me. Cause I think Casario, you know, you talk about taking advantage of the, of that window where you have your rookie quarterback on his rookie contract, your quarterback on his rookie contract, the Texans have spent at least as of this morning, about the seventh, most money in the NFL, but they're right up in the top two or three, when it comes to money paid in the first couple of years. So they're just, they've, they've got these two and three year contracts.

They're paying a lot of money upfront and without hopefully having the risk on the backside of some of these guys that are in their thirties, you're taking advantage of this window where CJ Stroud is so cheap. We know the player, Danielle Hunter is we also know what will Anderson can be. And he started to show that towards the end of the season, bringing in a Danielle Hunter does what for the impact with will Anderson? I think, you know, in terms of maturity or anything else like that, will Anderson is there.

He doesn't need like some older guy to put his arm around him. Right. Yeah.

Yeah. Not to say, so there is a lot for will Anderson to learn. But he's certainly not one of these guys that needs to grow up a little or something like Danielle Hunter's probably, he might get annoyed with will Anderson and how much like will Anderson asks questions of him and everything like will Anderson is just, he's a sponge.

He just wants to take it all in. And the one big thing that will figure it out about midway through the season was how to finish on sacks because he was he was winning pass rushes. You know, he was getting double teamed a lot. He was getting pressures, but he wasn't getting the quarterback on the ground. And he really started to figure out exactly how to finish. If you look at Danielle Hunter, like Danielle Hunter is really the opposite in a lot of ways of a guy that was here, Genevieve and clowny because clowny would win a lot of pass rushes, but he just he has a hard time in those last two steps getting the quarterback on the ground. He's just just kind of stiff when he gets there.

Danielle Hunter's the opposite. Like he's Gumby when he gets to the quarterback and you know, he can go like be blocking the pass lane with his right hand while like wrapping the quarterback with his left hand. And I think that's the kind of thing that will Anderson really needs to focus on because he's such an excitable guy. Like he's so hyper in a good way, but man, when you get excited about sacking the quarterback, it's sometimes the worst thing in the world because you get there and like I missed a sack on Brett Farve once that it still haunts me to this to this very day because I got so excited and I just tried to gun at him as hard as I could. And he took a little sidestep and had like a 30 yard completion.

Like Will's had a couple like that. And I think being around Danielle Hunter is going to help him a lot. Talking to Seth Payne right now, when we get to CJ Stroud, I think already he's the fifth best quarterback in football. I look at the Texans going into the season as a Super Bowl contender.

How far are you willing to go with CJ and this group heading into this season? This this really all hinges on the running game to me. And yeah, I know in the modern NFL, it shouldn't matter that much, except that in this offense, they've been so effective with the play action. And and you know, you don't have to run the ball effectively to set up the play action. You know, like people, linebackers are still bite as long as you're committed to the run. And that's what the Texans did last year.

They're committed to the run. And because of that, they got people to bite on the play action. But the problem was that too many times they were getting stuffed on first and 10 and second and 10.

So yeah, the play action was working, except they were having to they're having to cover way too much ground to make up for the bad rushing attack. Joe Mixon hopefully should make a difference. You know, Devin Singletary did a great job in the second half of last season. But it was also the first season in which Devin Singletary had ever had more than 200 carries. And you know, I don't I don't think you can run Devin Singletary like that for an entire season, whereas Joe Mixon is built for that, you know, when he's been healthy, he's getting 200 plus carries in a season. And, and I think also as D'Amico starts to spread the ball maybe to the running backs more mixing just I think any more reliable three down back than Singletary was but Singletary did do a great job for us.

Talking to Seth Payne. So CJ shroud it's it's weird for a talk show host to usually say that someone had a flawless season. Because we always usually find like a thing or two that people could really chew on and criticize but he was just so sensational.

Using your defensive brain here. Is there anything you see that maybe teams will catch up on with CJ shroud that they could I don't want to say expose him but maybe slow him down or have a sophomore slump in your way? You know, it's a it's a really good question because you follow the rookie quarterbacks or young quarterbacks through all of that and you kind of each step along the way figure out okay, what are what are teams throwing at him?

And when is he going to overcome this? You know, Deshaun Watson was he was here the safety and corner blitzes were an issue for the first couple years. Some of the disguise blitzes were an issue. And CJ saw that really around like the Jaguars game or maybe like week three or four of the season this year. He saw defenses start to try to really bait him as a rookie and show some of the disguise looks.

And they realized that they couldn't just be vanilla versus them. And any kind of just figured it out over the course of a few games, you know, early on, early on, he was not throwing any interceptions whatsoever. And really, he had a long stretch of not taking sacks either. And it got to the point almost where he was so good at being careful and getting rid of the ball quickly, that he self adjusted and realized he had to be a little bit riskier. Sometimes, you know, he had to take chances with the football, he had to hold on to the ball a little bit longer, he started taking a few more sacks.

But all of that's been really good. The ugliest performance of the season, you know, after he came back from his injury was the Baltimore Ravens game. And going back and watching that game, it really was all about interior pressure from the defensive line from the Ravens. And there wasn't really a lot he could do standing in the pocket.

So I think for him, a lot of the rudimentary stuff, or at least the base level stuff he's figured out, I think the next step for him is now that he's established himself, becoming that true taskmaster as a quarterback, you know, whether it's whether it's Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, I don't know if you're Tyreek Hill telling the story about Pat Mahomes, cussing out the whole team a few years ago. I think that's like, I hate to I hate to say that, like, I hate to say that a quarterback has to cuss out his team ever, because I don't think you have to. It's part of it, though. But yeah, yeah. There's always a moment where you guys got to say, guys, let's get our bleep together.

Let's go. Right, right, right. No matter how you go about it. I think he was very, very careful about being deferential to veteran players last year. And you know, he never lacked for confidence or anything.

But he also knew that he had to earn people's respect. Now he knows he's the man, right? That's his franchise. Now. It's him on the offense side of the ball.

We'll enter some defensive side of the ball. Right? Yeah. And I think that when it comes to like taking real, like, not just ownership, I think he takes ownership of it already. But yeah, understanding that, you know, Tom Brady, honestly, I think one of the best things Tom Brady did as a quarterback, because I've watched him, I got to watch him in practice a few times.

He might have been the best receivers coach in the NFL. And, you know, demanding so much attention to detail from those guys. And knowing that they're going to adjust to passes and coverages and everything else the way he wants them to. I mean, that was half of the secret with him.

The other stuff's the pre snap recognition. So like, and I think the biggest obstacle that CJ's overcome that some rookie, rookie quarterback stone is like, he knows that there's things that he doesn't know. And he's wide open to learning them. And and that's the that's the fun part about watching him.

He just he, there's stuff placed in front of him, and he figures it out. I don't know if Will Leviss as we're talking to Seth Payne is going to be a successful starting quarterback. But I like what Tennessee has done the last two offseasons getting DeAndre Hopkins, even if you're overpaying for Calvin Ridley, you bring in Tony Pollard, they're putting enough around him to get a fair evaluation. How did you process the deal yesterday Calvin Ridley 92 million over four years 50 million guaranteed winded up in Tennessee?

I feel like you know, that's kind of a that's kind of a proven strategy at this point, isn't it at the very least, if you want to find out if a guy is viable, then give him give him a really good weapon. Now Calvin Ridley is not AJ Brown. Ironically enough, he could have been thrown to AJ Brown. He's not Tyree kill. Rabel still cursing out john robinson over that one.

You got it. You've got to have you've got to have some semblance of talent to throw to to really figure out what you have in a guy. I think I'll say about watching Will Levis is that kids like he might be too gutsy for his own good man. Like he's, he took some hits, playing the Texans that I got to hand it to him for getting up and keeping going. He got the first time they played this year. I think he got sacked seven times.

So like, he's tough. And I think he shows a lot of courage standing in and making some of the throws he does. For him, a lot of it is going to be getting on the same page with Calvin Ridley. And I'm fascinated to watch that because in Jacksonville, you know, you'd hear from different people that either, either Trevor Lawrence wasn't picking up things and he was a first read quarterback or that part of the problem was that Calvin Ridley and some of the other receivers weren't where they were supposed to be and they weren't on the same page.

So I think you can you can almost start to figure out all right, was it was it a Trevor Lawrence problem? Or was it a Calvin Ridley problem? And not that he was awful in Jacksonville or anything, but he'll he'll be working with another young quarterback now and see if he can be more of a bomb for him than he was for Trevor Lawrence. Do you think the concerns last year with Jacksonville them regressing will carry over into this year? Do you see them turning around to get it back to where they were in the first year of Doug Harrison being their head coach? The thing that I'm trying to figure out there's two things one is, all right, I don't I don't know if Gabe Davis is the guy that's the guy I think he would have been a nice compliment to Calvin Ridley.

So we'll see exactly how Gabe Davis is incorporated into it. And then the other side of it was Trevor Lawrence was, I mean, he was just banged up, like the entire season, even when, when the Jaguars caught him the second time around, he he looked like he was healthy for the first time he was moving around a lot more, and it was a much more effective Trevor Lawrence. And then he had like two more big injuries after that. So I think with some of the setback there, it might be as simple as Trevor Lawrence was banged up. And you know, obviously, quarterbacks can't be using that as an excuse, always and forever.

But it might have been a valid excuse last year. If you had the first pick tomorrow in the draft, let's just say and the two options were CJ Stroud or Trevor Lawrence, which one would you take? Oh, well, CJ Stroud.

I'm biased, but that's also kind of easy right now. I the thing I wonder about with Trevor Lawrence is, you know, he doesn't it everything looks like a little bit like methodical, almost too methodical, sometimes because he's a long limbed guy. And I think sometimes for somebody like that, where you can't quite just snap it at will, that you got to really be nails with everything else, because he's going to have to be predetermined a little bit and make his decisions that much faster.

So sometimes with somebody like that, the learning curve is also going to be a little bit longer. It's not that he's not smart or anything. But he also like he came out of a Clemson offense that's incredibly simplistic compared to like an Ohio State offense. So what CJ Stroud or Bryce young or a lot of these other guys have done in college, it's just way more advanced than what what you saw with Trevor Lawrence. And then Trevor Lawrence, basically, you know, didn't get any advancement or any real tutelage in his rookie year either. So he's I feel like he's a little bit behind the curve for reasons that aren't necessarily his own fault.

But I've just also, I've seen too much of the really good Trevor Lawrence to think that somehow he's, there's there's not that potential in him to be an upper echelon guy. Last thing I'll ask you, I kind of unintentionally went viral yesterday. Oh, did you? Yeah, it regards the Texans too. Oh, that's right. No, I know this.

Yeah, you do. Tell me. So I was sitting here and I'm like, it's weird that Justin Jefferson doesn't have the contract. It's either because they're not seeing eye to eye with the contract and what he's worth, or he's waiting to see what the quarterback is.

And I said, I would set a deadline if I'm Justin Jefferson. And if you don't get the deal done, then I would request a trade to the Houston Texans. I didn't think it was polarizing, but from a lot of Texans fans, it's been split where some say, yeah, you got to do it. Others say, oh no, you can't give up all those draft capital, then give them a contract like that. I was surprised on the back end of that from Texans fans that, um, okay. I mean, the idea is so enticing to be just like super loaded when you have, uh, you've got both, uh, you'd have a tank Dell, you'd have Nico Collins. And then, oh yeah, Justin, Jeff, you guys went from the outhouse to the penthouse now, like I'm saying Justin Jefferson should go to the Texans. It shows you how good of a spot they're in moving forward.

I think, okay. So for one, you'd change as a team, you'd end up being like a three wide receiver team all the time. Some of the rushing issues and concerns wouldn't be as much of a concern as they were this year.

Cause you could just run from spread all the time. So I'm intrigued by that. I do think that one thing about last season is that I I've really had to fight from getting ahead of myself and thinking like the same, the same mistake that I think a lot of us made with the Jaguars last year. I was like, wow, look at the Jaguars made this push at the end of the season, make the playoffs.

Yeah. Just extrapolate it right up into super bowl contender. And then they ended up taking a step back. Like the Texans still have holes at spots and they still have to fix this running game. And I just, there's too many, like, this is not a situation yet where I think you can just trade for a cherry on top to really push you through to becoming a super bowl contender.

I think it's very much still a work in progress and they've got a tougher schedule this year. So, and then the other part is, you know, obviously Justin Jefferson doesn't have total control and who he gets traded to, but with a guy like that, usually teams don't want to trade for him unless he wants to come here. I don't know if Justin Jefferson, even though he might get the huge contract and everything, like does any receiver really want to go to a place where there's already an established one and two and potentially take away targets from you?

Cause like, yeah, he had Adam feeling opposite of him, but it wasn't Adam feeling in his prime. Like what KJ Osborne was like the third option at receiver a couple of years ago when he was so, when he was so prolific. So I don't, I just wonder if, well, how high are people on Nico Collins? Cause I've always been a fan of Nico Collins took a big step this year, but if you get Justin Jefferson, clearly Jefferson still the one and Nico Collins is the two and it's a strong two. Yeah. And Nico Collins also, you know, he'd be coming up on the last year of his contract too. So if you got Justin Jefferson, yeah, Justin Jefferson can stick around. Collins could go get paid elsewhere. Right.

I mean, there's just so few people that are, Oh no, I can't. I can't look, look, their big splurge was Will Anderson. The Will Anderson trade was like, like a gutsy ballsy, like they spent way too much for willing and it worked and it worked out. Yeah. Like I take that, take your money, just take your $500,000 on who wants to be a millionaire and call it a day. Like you just, that's, that's good enough. We don't need to double down on like another extreme risk.

Well also, cause you got to remember too, the Texans had a surplus of, of draft fixed because of the Deshaun Watson trade where now we're sitting with like, like, like normal people with a normal amount of draft picks. So I got to, the price is too steep conceivably for me. Wow. How about that? He is Seth Payne.

You can listen to mornings on sports radio, six 10 in Houston, along with Sean Pendergast Seth. Appreciate the time as always. Yeah. I just turned my nose up to Justin Jefferson. I got to go think about this. I'm gonna go drink. Go take a bath.

All right. Clean yourself off after that ridiculous take there. He is Seth Payne joining us on CBS sports radio.

Always love when he joins us. It's amazing how many people in H town have been kind of pushing back at my take. I'm trying to give you a Justin Jefferson. I don't think they're even that they're in a good position. I don't think you're in a position of you're a Texans fan to say no to that. It's almost like Texans fans are afraid to really be going all in. Are you all in or you skip bail is all in comma my ass.

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No long-term commitments or contracts that code program. We have breaking news on the Zach Gelb show and this portion of the show is sponsored by the new Hyundai Tucson available with complimentary class leading blue link plus now it's easy to use your phone to control your Tucson. All righty Adam Schefter another quarterback trade. The Washington commanders are sending last year's starter Sam Howell to the Seattle Seahawks in a pick swap per sources. The Seahawks will receive Howell and a fourth round pick 102 overall and a six round pick 179 overall and the commanders receive a third round pick a number 78 overall and a fifth round pick of 152 overall. So there is the breaking news.

I have two reactions to this. Another one bites the dust for Justin Fields because I threw out there yesterday maybe a dark horse candidate for Justin Fields would be the Seattle Seahawks. You have DK Metcalf, you have Jackson Smith and Jigba, you have Tyler Lockett on a renegotiated deal and you still have Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet. If Geno Smith isn't the guy or if he shows this season that there's a downward stretch or downward run or even if he gets hurt, now that's a prime opportunity for one Justin Field to step in and take over. But now you could cross them off because even though you're swapping a third and a fourth and a fifth and a sixth that's still pretty sizable in the like nerdy NFL draft world for the Seahawks to be parting ways with a third and a fifth even though they're getting back a fourth and a sixth it's still somewhat sizable for just a backup quarterback. So what the Seahawks are telling you is that we'd rather go out there and trade for Sam Howell than trade for Justin Fields to be that maybe next guy or be the QB two behind Geno Smith for the insurance if it doesn't work out. So you could cross the Seahawks off the board for Justin Fields. And I think now what it comes down to is that it's really the Raiders are bust for Justin Fields. Like if we're looking for a road to potentially start or even potentially play this year, the Raiders are really only the last team standing. And you go to the Raiders.

All right, you're a shoe in to be the starting quarterback next year. Like Gardner Minshew isn't starting over Justin Fields. Aidan O'Connell isn't starting over Justin Fields. Now you have that whole relationship and the uncertainty of where that relationship is with Luke Getze and Justin Fields. I still think it's the best course of action though for the Raiders to give what like if Sam Howell's going for a three and a five and the Seahawks ended up getting a four and a six with that for having to give up a third and a five plus Howell. Justin Fields ain't going for two. The only way Justin Fields is going for a second round pick and maybe this behooves the Bears to approach it this way. You hold on to him and you wait for the summer for someone to go down like what happened with Teddy Bridgewater all those years ago, where then the Vikings ended up giving a first round pick for Sam Bradford, which is a wild statement to say, or you wait until the season happens.

And look how many look at the litany of injuries that we had last year. There were so many quarterbacks that were injured last year and the price could go up for Fields because it's right now in the toilet. It feels like the price could go up for Fields.

You get something of value back for him when there is more of a demand that need for him. Sam, it's kind of funny now looking back at it, because there was a big push in like November and I was a part of it where it was like, OK, maybe it does make sense to keep Justin Fields and you trade the number one pick. And even last week, RG3 was on this show and he was saying the Bears should keep Fields and trade the number one pick.

You know, Eric Eager, he was on this show, said that two weeks ago, like that's been a popular take still from a lot of people. But maybe how we evaluate Justin Fields and his potential, it's not maybe it's definitely different than how the NFL evaluates him because we really are only what? Let's say two or three days into this offseason free agency trade cycle where things really do pick up with Monday with the legal tampering window that does open and now Wednesday with the new league year starts. And look how many teams have already made moves for potentially being their starter that were in play for Justin Fields or even the backup option now. This is a scenario like Indy was thrown out there maybe for Justin Fields to be a backup, but Anthony Richardson uncertainty, Joe Flacco signs there. So this is now a scenario and a situation like the Cardinals, if maybe they were in play to be a backup for Justin Fields, they made a move today to trade for Desmond Ritter. All these other teams are making moves not only to solidify their number one quarterback position, but there's only a handful of teams that may have been interested in fields for number one, but even now they're number two. And like, you look at the commanders, they're going to draft the quarterback second overall. They brought in Marcus Mariota like Fields isn't even going to couldn't even be the backup right now for the commanders.

Don't get me wrong. I'd rather fields than Mariota, but they've already made the move to bring in Marcus Mariota. So the longer this goes on and it hasn't even been open for that long of a time, the NFL is telling you the potential that a lot of us are selling you on what Justin Fields can be. A lot of the talent evaluators don't see the potential and the upside that most of us do see.

It's kind of a wild scenario here. And for the bearish standpoint, I wonder if we've talked about potentially keeping fields versus Caleb. I wonder if it's more about Caleb Williams being that enticing or them just giving up on fields.

I'm assuming after the reaction we're seeing around the league from all these teams that it's probably more of the latter that yes, it's probably excitement about Caleb Williams, but it seems like nobody is sold on Justin Field. Maybe the asking price is too high, right? If you can get Sam Howell for a fourth or fifth round pick, Desmond Ritter went to the Cardinals and the Cardinals sent over Rondell Moore, who was a second round draft pick a couple of years ago as well.

So it seems like maybe the asking price is too high. The commanders just got rid of Sam Howell and the Seahawks ended up getting Sam Howell, a fourth round pick and a sixth round pick. The commanders got back a third and a fifth. So, like, just a two straight up by that isn't going to be for Justin Fields. Like the Seahawks could have used Justin Fields and they just said, OK, we'd rather have Howell get a fourth and a sixth and give up a third and a fifth. So right now, I would say. If like the Bears are asking for a second for fields, I don't think you're getting a second.

I think right now you start with it being a three and maybe there's some conditions on it. But right now, Justin Fields is not getting traded where we currently sit. For anything better than a third round pick and still then right now, that may be too rich, because, like, let's say the Raiders want him and the Raiders say, OK, we're going to be fine giving you a third round pick. Who else is interested right now? Like maybe you could get him for a fourth round pick.

And then that conversation turns into. Is it better to just keep them on the roster and storm on the roster and be your backup? In case Williams gets hurt or somebody else gets hurt, where then there's more of a demand because there's not a demand right now for Justin Fields to be a starting quarterback in this league. And the only team that I could see, maybe there's a demand is for the Raiders. But outside of that, like who else is bringing them in to start?

Like I'll go through all the teams right now. Bills aren't. Dolphins aren't. The Jets aren't. Maybe the Patriots, but I got to think they're drafting a quarterback at three, so you probably eliminate that.

And they just brought in Jacoby Brissett, so I don't think they're in for Justin Fields now. Ravens know. Browns know. Steelers know. Bengals know. Texans, Jaguars, Colts.

No, no, no. Tennessee's going with Levis. Kansas City, obviously no. Raiders potentially. Broncos, maybe in play.

The Broncos right now, they don't really have a quarterback. Chargers know. Cowboys know. Eagles know.

Giants, I guess, potentially. But I think they're going to get a quarterback in the draft. And they just signed Drew Locke the other day. Commanders know. Lions know. Green Bay know.

Minnesota, still an option. But they just brought in Sam Darnell. I think they're going to make a move in the draft. Tampa know. Saints know. Falcons know. Panthers know. And the NFC West, it's a no, no, no, no.

Like, you go through this right now. If you want to do, like, even being generous to Fields, teams that we could see in play to maybe start for this upcoming season, it's Minnesota if they can't get a quarterback. The Giants if they can't get a quarterback in the draft. The Raiders if they can't get a quarterback in the draft. The Patriots if they don't take a quarterback in the draft. And even then, so I still think they're starting Jacoby Versette. Those are four teams.

And I had to stretch to get to four teams. This really feels like it's the Raiders or it's QB two somewhere else or you're staying in Chicago until somebody gets hurt. And it's stunning how active of a conversation that's been and how the NFL teams don't want to jump and bite at the opportunity to go try to save Justin Fields career.

He's not getting the earliest he will get traders after the first round to see how those dominoes fall. And I don't know how many teams are going to be active in this market. It is dead. It is. It is silent right now. And we're trying to reach we have to reach to try to make a market for Justin Fields.

855-212-4CBS, 855-212-4227. This is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll take a break. We'll date some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio when we return with the news brief.

But first up with the latest CBS Sports Radio update, here's the Ackman, Rich Ackerman. Old man winter here. If I had it my way, it would stay winter all year long. Winter all year long, short days, wind chill, black ice and a good polar vortex.

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We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. This portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial. Stuck in a timeshare and want out.

Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information at Wesley financial Let's start it out with Cam Newton, who is on his own fourth and one podcast. And he commented on the Kirk Cousins lucrative contract. He only had one playoff win. I was going to ask you, what are you playing the game for?

In 12 years, he'd been breaking the bank. But it's like a safe pick. I feel like Atlanta Falcons was trying to go find a Matt Ryan. You know what I mean?

I think he's good enough to put them in position to win. So it ain't just like it's a trash acquisition. You know what I'm saying? It's just one of them situations. Now he's coming off of a Achilles. I can't make it about me, but if I were to make it about me, it's like, yo, I had a Lance Frank injury.

Not as bad as an Achilles injury, but damn, who is your agent? Here's where I struggle with Cam. I think his analysis about Kirk isn't wrong when he says it's a safe move and he's a good quarterback. But when he makes it about himself and he talks about his injuries and then how teams didn't want to give him a shot, he's basically saying, yeah, I could still be better the way that I take this than what Kirk would be in Atlanta. And weren't the Falcons the one team he threw out there where he's like, I would still want to play for them or I would still play for them a few weeks ago? So I don't think, Sam, that Cam is in a part yet where he can accept that he's not going to be playing football anymore. And I'm not saying that like, yeah, you should be overly excited about $108 million to Kirk Cousins, but I think it was the best option that was out there for the Atlanta Falcons. You pay what the market is, but I bet you if you ask Cam who gives the Falcons a better chance to win? Is it Kirk Cousins or is it Cam?

He would say that it's himself. And that to me is laughable in the year of 2024. Like if this was 2010, this was 2011, yeah, it's not even a conversation. But also, did you take that at all as like a dig at Matt Ryan when he was like, they were trying to find their next Matt Ryan?

Like, was that a slight? Because Matt Ryan won an MVP, got to a Super Bowl, lost a Super Bowl. Cam won an MVP, got to a Super Bowl, lost to a Super Bowl. So they're two totally different players, but it kind of felt like that was a little shade at Matt Ryan too. I'll be honest, I heard it.

I didn't hear shade at Matt Ryan, not to go this whatever, but Cam likes to bring out different kinds of theories. And to me, it almost sounded like it was a... Why didn't they pick me? That was the energy I felt there.

I don't want to be that guy because I'm not normally that guy. It sounded racial to me. They wanted like their safe white quarterback. It's kind of how it sounded to me. It was like, oh, I didn't think about it.

They just wanted their Matt Ryan. You know what I mean? Uh-huh. Yeah, I see what you're saying. Like they were kind of like nodding and there was something there more than just...

I don't think it had anything to do with Matt Ryan or Kirk Cousins. There was something there that he was implying and that's what I think he was implying, but there may have been something else that I'm missing. Okay. Here's the thing though. I didn't take it that way, but you're entitled to that opinion.

At the end of the day, man, like you said, forget about 2010, but even like three or four years ago, like maybe a year or two removed from the Patriots when he was like, listen, I can still play. Fine. Dude, you've been out of the league for like three or four years. Nobody wants you. You sucked when you were here. Give it up. Now it's getting sad. Before it was like, he's confident.

Good for you. He thinks he can still play. Now it's sad. Now it's pathetic. Dude, shut up. You're not getting back into the league. You're not playing. Kirk Cousins is better than you.

And it's not even a question right now. Like career-wise, you know, from an individual apex cam was better at, you know, in, in a few seasons, but his apex was much shorter. Oh yeah. And, and listen, cam had the MVP cam had the super bowl loss has done any of that stuff, but Kirk cousins over his career has been a better quarterback than cam Newton, especially right now wait over the course of his career.

So define what you mean by that. You're saying the longevity longevity and just consistently year in and year out longevity. He's been good.

He's never been great. If you were GM and you, you could choose the career of cam Newton or the career of Kirk cousins. I would probably go with the career of Kirk cousins. Cause it's longer cam. You want to know why the reason why I would go cam it's cause at least I got to a super bowl. At least I was able to be a 15 to one team and get to a super bowl.

I get what you're saying, but to wrap this up and then move on to the next one. I, I was a big fan of cam. I still am. I have a cam t-shirt like I was kind of fired up when cam joined the Patriots, but then I watched cam play cam stunk with the Patriots. He was outside of the Seattle game. He stunk with the Patriots.

Anyway, let's move it on. Let's go to Kirk cousins on why he chose the Atlanta Falcons in Minnesota. It was trending over the last couple of seasons to be in somewhat year to year. And as we talked with Atlanta, it felt like this was a place where, you know, if I play at the level I expect to play that I can retire a Falcon. And that was something that really excited me. And that's certainly the goal.

And you got to earn the right to do that, but that's, that was exciting to feel like I could get that opportunity here. All right, let's move it to Saquon Barkley. You have the Falcons are getting investigated for tampering with Kirk cousins. The Eagles are getting investigated for tampering with Saquon Barkley. Saquon Barkley on his former college coach, James Franklin's comments that led to the whole tampering investigation. Coach Frank and I think kind of misinterpreted. It's the truth was the cell pitch to Penn State. How many Penn State fans are Philadelphia Eagles fans, but that was through my agent and my agent told me that.

So, you know, I got it happens and I'm looking for the internet. So in this stupid rules that are out there and that legal tampering period, the player, unless he represents himself, can't talk directly to the team. The agent can only talk to the executives that are pursuing the client. I don't like the rule. I have no problem with this and maybe there will be a punitive action, but I don't think there should be one. Let's go to Greg Williams, the former defensive coordinator, the Cleveland Browns, the former interim head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He was all fired up over Baker Mayfield getting his money with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was on the come get some show and Greg Williams made a big bold claim about his time in Cleveland and what would have happened if they kept Baker and him together. I'm so happy he's one of my all-time favorites. I believe with all my heart we could have won a championship with him had we stayed had I stayed at Cleveland instead of heading out and I'm so proud of how he has proven himself time after time after time from high school to college college in the NFL and now within the NFL hey come get some bake I'm very happy for him.

Does anyone believe that Baker Mayfield with Greg Williams and the Cleveland Browns could have delivered that franchise a world championship? Let's just go around the room real quickly to to kind of uh appease myself here. Stu? Uh no. Samter?

100 champions all the way raging the Lombardi trophy. All right serious Samter not trolling Samter? No come on. Listen I love Baker but he's not a Super Bowl quarterback. They could have been a consistent playoff team because in that I think it was the 2021 no 2020 season they made the playoffs and then you know Greg Williams was there and then the following year he gets hurt and it was okay how much of it was the injury how much of it was the you know Baker just not being that good then they get rid of him they bring him to Sean Watts and the rest is history.

I think if they would have kept Greg Williams as the head coach there would've been some good moments there were some bad moments you kept Baker as the quarterback would have been some good moments could have been bad moments but they could have consistently been like a 10-win team let's just say. All righty uh let's go to Eric DaCosta the GM of the Baltimore Ravens. So Jason Lock and for the longtime NFL reporter that was a talk show afternoon drive in the Baltimore area he was saying that the Ravens already had conversations with the 49ers about a potential Deebo Samuel trade most of the time with the 49ers the conversation has been maybe a Brandon Ayuk trade but here was Eric DaCosta I guess is at the Derek Henry introductory press conference getting asked about the JLC report about him reportedly having a conversation with the 49ers about a Deebo trade.

Is there anything on the receiver front I mean there's a report you may be looking for Deebo Samuel or another veteran can you comment on where you're at there? Yeah um you know I think you know that specific reports probably I read the Lorax last week at a local elementary school and I would probably put that report that similar to that. So that's a big time confirmation that it did not happen I think when if there was any truth to that I think he would just simply say I can't talk about players that are under contract with other teams but since he went to the Lorax quote that's just making fun of the report from someone that I like in Jason Lock and for what's the best childhood book by the way? Santer I know that you have a 14-month-old so what have you been reading? Well I mean if you're talking about my favorite childhood it's Green Eggs and Ham by far but if we're talking about her it's um oh man guess how much I love you which is a book about your wife probably reads that not you little nut brown hair and I love you to the moon and back and you've heard the the fur the phrase I love you to the moon and back it originated from this children's book so we've been reading reading it to her since the day she was born. When I was a baby or my mom told me when I was a youngster I always liked Goodnight Moon so I was so fired up to read Goodnight Moon to my niece and I read the book Goodnight Moon to my niece and then I quickly closed the book and said wow that book sucks it was overrated how did I enjoy that as a kid? Also if you give a mouse a cookie he wants a glass of milk is also a very good book but yeah I used to be a fan of Goodnight Moon but now I'm starting to think that Goodnight Moon is overrated.

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