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Belichick & Cousins duo in Atlanta? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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January 19, 2024 6:34 pm

Belichick & Cousins duo in Atlanta? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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January 19, 2024 6:34 pm

Raiders QB Options I Ryan Horvat, BET QL I Belichick & Cousins teaming up?

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That's Code Program. All righty, rocking and rolling it is the Zach Gelb Show, coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio, divisional round style, football Friday. Eight teams remain after this weekend. We'll be down to four.

Texans and Ravens, Packers and 49ers, Bucks and Lions, Chiefs and Bills. We'll make our picks coming up 20 minutes from now with Ryan Horvat from BetMGM tonight via BeckQL. The other big news of the day is that Antonio Pierce is now the guy with the Las Vegas Raiders. They're finalizing that deal.

So Jerrod Mayo promoted within in New England. Antonio Pierce takes over midway through the season with the Raiders, ends up getting that job. And I think it's the right move by the Raiders. They could have gone elsewhere. I don't think there were many options that they could have gone that would have justified not hiring Antonio Pierce. Jim Harbaugh would have been one of them. I think Harbaugh has a better option in the Chargers. And you look at Mike Vrabel, that would have been a good hire that you could not say, oh man, they got it wrong. But this shows a lot of growth from Mark Davis where two years ago he had an obvious decision. Rich Pasaccia guided that team through a lot of bad times and they made the playoffs.

They almost defeated the Bengals in that playoff game. But Derek Carr has his limitations. And now you take a glance at the Raiders two years later, McDaniels was a failure. And then boom, now you are sitting there with an improved football team, a football team that still doesn't have an answer at the quarterback because it's not Aiden O'Connell.

It is not Jimmy Garoppolo, even though you still owe him money and all likelihood will be on this roster next year. But you needed to find a way to make Max Crosby happy. You needed to find a way to also make Devante Adams happy.

And this hire has to do that because those are really the two guys. And I'm never saying Max Crosby was upset, but Max Crosby was someone that was really pushing and even said he would request a trade if Antonio Pierce didn't get the job. So on the other hand, it was kind of like, all right, Devante Adams is going to request a trade. You would think as well, but you really saw it with Devante Adams with the way that he carried himself in the sideline. The moment McDaniels got let go, got fired. It was just an instant attitude change from Devante Adams. And I don't blame Devante Adams because Josh McDaniels, the head coach, is just an unmitigated disaster. And that's me putting it as politely as I can on a football Friday. And I think it was Adams who was the one that was handing out the victory cigars as well.

So that gets him all fired up. Stu, let me ask you this because you're the Raider fan on the show. What do you think this means for Josh Jacobs, who is a free agent? And they just franchise, right? They franchise tagged him last year.

They had the whole franchise tag situation. But I remember it was, I forget which game it was. I think it was a nationally televised game where they were talking about, maybe it's against the Jets. I think it was the Jets where they were asking, was that a Thursday night game? That was a Sunday or Monday night game.

Okay. But it was nationally televised. It was a prime time spot. And I remember they were talking to Antonio Pierce who was at the time, he was the interim head coach. And they said, what do you want the Denver football team to be? And he talked about, we want to run the football with Josh Jacobs. And then the first person that he mentioned on the defensive side of the ball wasn't actually Max Crosby, it was Robert Spillane. So with the comment that he gave Josh Jacobs, and also the Raiders right now don't have a general manager, because that was the other thing, David Zeigler, he got let go when McDaniels got fired because they were a duo together. And then Zeigler, Zeigler, however you say his name, he then basically went to every media member and was like, I didn't want to bring in Jimmy Garoppolo.

Nope. I tried to talk Josh out of that, try to clear his name and get him a next front office job. But with what he said about Josh Jacobs, and now Antonio Pierce getting hired first, and now they're going to find the GM that's going to work with him. And that kind of makes me a little bit more optimistic than I was entering the season or towards the end of the season about the future of Josh Jacobs with the Silver and Black. Yeah, with a whole new regime, I think it changes because with that old regime with McDaniels and Zeigler, I think they were clearly not keeping him. He was going to be gone after either this coming year or franchise tag him one more year and then gone. Because they didn't prioritize running backs because McDaniel's got to remember where he comes from, New England, you know, from Antoine Smith to Kevin Faulk to Corey Dillon, right? You go through all the runners, Lawrence Maroney, Steven Ridley, Shane Vereen, like you could just go down the line of all the running backs that they've had. And I'm probably missing about 15 others as well.

LeGarrott Blunt, you know? Yeah, I think this, I think Jacobs has a much better chance of staying long term. I think I wouldn't put it like at like 100 percent, but I'd say maybe it went from like 5 percent to now 70, 75 percent. That's a pretty big jump. Yeah, I think there's more of a chance he stays long term. So let's say you're able to keep now, but you know Crosby's a Raider.

That's not changing. Maybe now you get Jacobs back. I would tend to agree with you.

I think the number is a lot higher today. I still wonder how Devante Adams approaches this. I don't think that's a guarantee that he's back. I still think they could trade him.

Because of one destination. Yes. Mr. Rogers may be making a little push for his buddy, but you don't have to trade him. He can make a push. You don't have to trade him. And he can't say that he's ready to move on now from the Raiders because the guy that he wanted to be the head coach ended up getting the head coaching job.

Like he could request it. But if you say to him, we're not trading you, does that mean that Devante Adams becomes a malcontent? You know, I don't think he's willing to do that with Antonio Pierce.

I think that would be a bad look in public, in the court of public perception for Devante Adams if he becomes an issue in that locker room when you have Antonio Pierce. But ultimately, that's not the biggest question for the Raiders. You have your coach.

Let's see if it can continue. Albert Breer, by the way, is reporting that Tom Coughlin and Marvin Lewis could be a part of this staff. One thing I've heard with pivotal to new Raiders coach Antonio Pierce's candidacy, he was clear that he knows what he doesn't know and plans to bring on top football people to cover his blind spots. According to Albert Breer, names like Marvin Lewis and Tom Coughlin were raised to cover the experience gap. So, you know, Coughlin is an interesting name because when he was in Jacksonville, he did not adapt to the times in terms of the my way or the highway stuff is very tough to do now with an athlete. Now in the year of 2024 and Marvin Lewis, right, Antonio Pierce, right, played for Tom Coughlin with the Giants.

Marvin Lewis, they worked together at Samter-Wineau, Arizona State when Herm Edwards was coaching the Sun Devils. Samter is doing the Sun Devils sign, so that's why I called Herm Edwards, Herm Devils there for a second. So, I think this is a good day for the Raiders. Put it this way, Stu, let me see if we could think the same way here. What's the one word how you describe this day for the Raiders? Because I have one word that comes to mind right away.

Relief. Okay, I would say encouraging. This is like the first time in a while where I could be encouraged about what the Raiders are doing. Now, ultimately, they got to hit in the draft and they got to hit the quarterback.

That's the big thing. Do you think they have to take a quarterback this year? Because that's the other part of Devante Adams' conversation. You just didn't have a quarterback for him this year after moving on from his BFF in Derek Carr, and it was time to move on from Derek Carr.

You just didn't have a great plan in place after that. I didn't think they should have brought in Jimmy G. And ain't it, O'Connell, you can't tell me he's a franchise QB in the NFL. I think they almost now are pressured to go, maybe move up in the draft and go get a quarterback.

Like, they're in at 13. We've seen teams move from outside the top 10 into the top 10 to go get that quarterback. And you're gonna have three big names right at the top in Williams in May and in Michael, not Michael Penix Jr., Jayden Daniels. Those are gonna be the first three quarterbacks off the board. Yeah, I think they have to take one or get one, whether it's a Justin Fields or Cousins or something. Those probably aren't as likely than drafting one, but I definitely think they need to draft one.

Even if it's like a Michael Penix in the late first or early second or something like that. But I think they have to come in with a different quarterback because O'Connell and Garoppolo, that combination is gonna get it done. Will Jimmy G be on the roster next year? I'm looking at the dead cap number. I know you could move around the dead cap number now and it's not as concrete and set in stone as we once thought it was. But there's still two years on that, three years on that contract.

No, no, two. 2024, 2025, he's a free agent in 2026. And the dead cap next year is 28 million. Is Jimmy G on this roster next year? Because if you say he is, you can't get Kirk Cousins. Right.

That's no, there's no way. Maybe Russell Wilson, but do you want to go with the uncertainty of Russell Wilson? He takes a cheap deal and stays in the division and sticks it, tries to stick it to the Broncos and Sean Payton, but they just paid him a ton of cash. So maybe you're going to get Russell Wilson on a cheap deal. I think it's tough to bring in a free agent or someone that's, and Russell has to be made available, but we all expect that.

I think it's tough to go that way. But then if you trade for a Justin Fields, you could kind of get the best of both worlds where Justin Fields, let's just say, still has his rookie deal and you could wait to extend him and then have the Jimmy G thing play on out. Now, the other part of it, listen, the Raiders have the 13th pick. So the odds of them being able to move up far enough to get this guy is pretty slim. But you forget that Antonio Pierce was at ASU when Jayden Daniels was there.

So you never know. I mean, obviously they had a good enough relationship that Jayden Daniels chose to go to ASU with Herm and Marvin and Antonio. And then once they were gone, he decides to leave to go to LSU. So, I mean, that could be a thought as well, if you're thinking about the quarterback there in Vegas. But you're going to have to like, for example, so Daniel Jeremiah just put out his first mock draft and the first three picks were quarterbacks. It had the, like, it had the Bears taking Caleb Williams. And I think that's what's going to happen.

Then the commanders take Drake May and the Patriots take Jayden Daniels. So I, I'm not saying just because Daniel Jeremiah says it, it's set in stone. We know what Gerard Mayo basically said yesterday. It was that the Patriots are taking a quarterback. He basically said it without saying it.

He just like gave you a hint, hint, wink, wink. We're going to take a player at a very important position that's talked about a lot, the quarterback. So you're going to need either the Bears to say, we're not taking a quarterback, which I don't think is likely. The commanders who just brought in a new owner, they're going to have an, they just brought in a new GM, Adam Peters, and they're going to have a new head coach. They're going to take a quarterback as well. And they're going to look to make that splash in the draft. And I don't think the Patriots are going to trade off of it. And I think the Patriots going to take Jayden Daniels.

Now, is there another name that could emerge that people fall in love with? Like, I don't think Michael Penick Jr is going to the top three. I don't think Bo Nix is going to the top three. I don't think JJ McCarthy is going to the top three.

So you're going to have to get into the top three, I think to get Jayden Daniels. Now, can I just throw you a little crazy? I could do idea here. And I don't think this is actually going to happen. Let me hear it. Davante Adams wants to play with Aaron Rogers, right? Hey, Aaron, we'll give you the 13th pick to the Jets. Rogers to the Raiders.

How fun would that be? Oh, you, I thought you were saying Jets give up their 10th pick for Adams. You're talking about the other way around.

No, I'm saying the other way around. Salah, goodbye. Douglas, goodbye. Go get like a Jim Harbaugh and start all over. Yeah. I, if I have to go through another off-season of Aaron Rogers, where will he go drama?

No, thank you. I thought he was about, no, not as a Jets fan as a football fan. There's another off season of Aaron Rogers. Will he stay? Will he go? Will he retire? Will he come back? Will he play for the Jets? Will he play for the Raiders?

No, thank you. And it has nothing to do with being a jet fan or being a former jet fan. That's just, I'm just so tired of Rogers. But if you look at the, you look at the top of the draft, the Giants at six, the Titans at seven, the Falcons at eight, right? If the Bears are convinced that they want to go with Fields and they think that they can trade back and still get assets.

Which I don't believe they will. Yeah, but so you think the commanders and Patriots, no matter what, are going quarterback? Yes, I think the first three picks are all going quarterback. And listen, is it possible the Patriots are like, we really love Caleb Williams. We want to trade up and give a bunch of assets and the Bears are like, you know what?

We're fine with Fields. We can trade back. We can trade back, get Harrison at three and get a bunch of assets, depending on what the Patriots are willing to give up. Could they move back even farther to six, seven, eight with the Giants, Falcons or Titans? Sure. If they really believe that Justin Fields is their guy, the amount of assets that they can add to that team and give Justin Fields offensive line help, right?

Six, seven, eight. There's good offensive lineman in this draft. There's a bunch of good receivers.

You and I were talking about it with the Dunesday and neighbors. Yeah. There's guys they can get the best one, Marvin Harrison Jr. Yeah. And you know, they'd miss out on that. But like we said, like there's a drop off from Marvin Harrison to the other guys, but there's still enough talent that they can get a couple of really good players in that top 10 if they needed to. The only thing is, I think the Bears, they didn't say it, but like how Mayo basically said something without saying it, that's kind of the same vibe I got. No, Mayo said it. He didn't say it without saying it.

He said it. No, he didn't physically say we are taking a quarterback, but he basically wrote the script and said, okay, somebody else read what I'm trying to write. I think Ryan Polls did something very similar when it came to talking about Justin Fields. See, I think that you read it much differently than I do. When I heard Ryan Polls, I heard him. And I don't have great reading comprehension.

I was terrible reading it verbally, hearing it differently. When Ryan Polls said what he said, that we're in an interesting position, I took that as a smart GM who has all the chips and he knows that guys are going to want to move up. This is a year where you have a quarterback that guys are going to want. This isn't a year where there's a quarterback that could be this guy, could be this guy, really don't care. This is a year where guys really either want Drake May, Caleb Williams, or Jayden Daniels. Teams are going to give up a king's ransom to get them. This isn't moving up a spot to get Mitch Trubisky like the Bears did a few years ago.

This is like potential franchise caliber players here. Ryan Polls is saying things they might not know what they want to do yet, but at the very least they know that they have so many options at their disposal. I don't think that they've played their hand yet. I think the Bears don't know what they're going to do yet. And they realize that whatever's best for our team is if the best thing for our team is keeping Fields and getting a ton of other draft picks and getting all these other great first round picks in, then so be it. If the best thing for our team is getting Caleb Williams, then so be it. We also have the ninth pick. Now I say this as someone that's been pro keeping Justin Fields for the Bears. I think it's an 80% chance, maybe even an 85% chance that the Bears are taking Caleb Williams. How much do you think the reports and rumors about what Caleb Williams is going to demand and ask for? We know that he can't get ownership stake.

It's illegal in the NFL bylaws. So that's out off the table, but just all the other kinds of demands and all the other kinds of things. The way he's going to play hard ball, maybe pulling John away. I think Caleb Williams likes the drama and he likes the attention. I think that's why he waited until the last possible second to declare for the draft.

But there's a difference in having that drama, having that attention and actually going through with it. I don't think that's going to impact the Bears decision. I do think Caleb Williams is going to wind up with the Chicago Bears just real quickly to give you like just how crazy this Jeremiah mock draft is.

I say this in a good way. Crazy Bears, one Williams commanders to May three Patriots, Jayden Daniels, four Cardinals, Marvin Harrison Junior, five Chargers Roma dunes, a the wide receiver out of Washington, six Giants Malik neighbors out of LSU, Joe Alt, the offensive lineman at a Notre Dame. And at number seven, you have Dallas Turner at eight to the Falcons. That's the edge rusher out of Alabama. Jared verse, who's a great edge rusher out of Florida state to the Bears at nine. And then you have an offensive lineman out of Oregon state going to the jets in at number 10. How do you say that name?

Till to lease FUAGA? Yes. Yeah, you have no idea. But yeah, I've read a lot of mock drafts. I haven't heard that name.

I've heard the guy from Penn State. Well, that early. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I haven't heard him that early. Top 10.

Yeah. I can't pronounce the guy in Penn State either, but the offensive tackle from Penn State I've heard there. There's a few other offensive tackles I've seen in that top 10, not FUAGA. But what I will say is I think it's very telling about the direction the league is going in. Now, just because Daniel Jeremiah predicts it doesn't mean it's going to happen, but you have three quarterbacks go one, two, three, not surprising, but then three wide receivers go four, five, six back to back to back. And we've seen receivers go back to back to back before, but it's kind of been like that 10, 11, 12 range two years ago.

And then last year we saw four go, but that was in the 20s, you know, late, late teens, early, early 20s. But it just shows you now with the way that we talk about things, it's quarterback tackles are always there. But after those two positions, wide receiver, especially with the money that you owe these wide receivers now, it's become a big, big, big, big, big point of emphasis as well. You have three great wide receivers early in this draft that will definitely go in the top 15. Maybe all three will go in the top 10. All right, we'll take a break. Ryan Horvat from BetMGM tonight will join us the other side.

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That's code podcast. All right, it is a football Friday divisional round weekend getting ready for the games coming up tomorrow. We got the Texans, Ravens, Packers, 49ers.

And then on Sunday, Bucks and Lions and the Chiefs and the Bills. Last weekend Horvat went three and three. I went three and three on wild card weekend. So fine results. Someone DMed me and said, your picks suck ass. And I respond to that person on DM and I said, it's not even the right term.

They were actually pretty average last week when you go three and three. I also got a late night tweet about Ryan Horvat at like one in the morning. And I forget who it was. Some listener, they tweeted me saying, Ryan, you need to correct Gelb on how he says Horvat's last name. And I've known Ryan now for like four or five years. And we've done countless hits on radio shows when he co-hosted with Bart Winkler, you know, here on CBS Sports Radio.

And on the weekends for eye on football. And I always thought it was saying your name correctly. So have I been saying your last name Horvat incorrectly? You have, but you know, I don't want to come on your show and correct you. I'll have some guts. So, well, here's how it goes though. All right. So we pronounce it Horvat, but even back home, even back home in Chicago, see like half of my family, Slovenian, half of my family, Croatian.

So actually the Croatian side, there are Horvats. So growing up, so your whole family doesn't even know how to say your last name. It's a tough name, man. So even like, so growing up, I heard it so many different ways that I just stopped correcting people. And if like anybody's in the same ballpark, even I just give them credit, man. And I just, I just move on. So I respect what people want their name to be pronounced. You're saying it's one more time.

How, how should I pronounce this correctly? Well, see, I kind of like the way that you say it though. So you like Corvette. Yeah. Let's just stick with it.

But you want Horvat. Well, that's, that's the, that's the proper pronunciation. Yeah. But depending on which side of the family you ask. Yeah. And I guess you told me you like one side of your family more than the other is what you just told me.

Yeah. I like my dad's side a little bit better. I have more money.

Christmas has always been better over at my dad's side. Ryan Horvat Ryan Horvat here with us on CBS sports radio. I'll probably mess it up and get neither.

Right. Let's get the NFL music underway. I'll start things off with the Texans and the Ravens.

I'll have you go first, actually. I just saw a lot of snow in Baltimore and the Texans are coming off a nice, a very nice playoff beatdown of the Cleveland Browns. I didn't see that game going the way that it did. I thought it was going to be a close game, but the Ravens are now a nine and a half point favorite. Looks like they'll have Dalvin Cook for this one.

Looks like they won't have Mark Andrews. Do you lay the number with the Ravens? So I do like the Ravens to win the game, but current number I'm considering Houston, man. If we get back to 10, I'm probably going to take Houston for show purpose. I'm going to give out Houston.

That's going to be my pick, but here's what concerns me a little bit. Like the Texans last week looked great at home, but you look at the Browns home road splits with that defense. They were a much better defense at home than they were on the road. What surprised me is they played the highest rate of man coverage and CJ Strauss actually struggled against man.

He's been much better against cover two and zone defenses, but he absolutely torched that secondary. But now we're asking him to go on the road. I'm about 25 minutes from the stadium.

We're actually doing the show remote tonight from home. So we've got hit with some snow. I worry a little bit more about the wind because the Texans just really haven't been able to get the ground game going this season. So if it's CJ Stroud and he has to drop back 40 plus times against that Ravens defense, it could be a long day. But you know, the way that they're playing right now and with the weather, it's a low total down to 43 and a half.

I think nine and a half. I think that's too many points, man. So I'll take the Texans, but I do think Baltimore wins the game with the weather and Lamar gets a second playoff win. So whatever you said, I was just going to fade here and it's not because of your pick, but this game all week, all week long, I'm like Texans plus the points, Texans plus the points, Texans plus the points. And I woke up this morning and sometimes you just change on a, on a football Friday when you have to make the pick. And I could just see this being like 27, 17 where a field goal or a late touchdown at the end gets the cover for the Ravens. So I will lay the nine and a half points with the Baltimore Ravens, but I really don't like the game either way.

I think it could go either way, Horvat or Horvat. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's just, it's a tough matchup for CJ Stroud, man. This Ravens defense is so good. And I know they're going to be without Marlon Humphrey, but you know, with Mike McDonald have an extra time to prepare as well. He knows CJ Stroud really well.

I just, I think they're going to throw some different things at him. The thing about Stroud though, he doesn't turn the ball over. It's kind of surprising to see over a bet MGM right now, he's minus one 75 to throw an interception.

I think he plays a clean game, but they're going to have to get some sort of a run game going, especially if we have the windy conditions that we expect here. I could guarantee you this since I just flipped the pick, then the next game, I'm not going to flip my pick. Cause I was just as equally as conflicted with these two games on this Friday. I'm going to plus the points with the Packers. I'll take them plus nine and a half up against the 49ers.

So I probably know how this is going to work. The Texans will find a way to plus the points and cover and the 49ers will end up covering the spread. But I'm going to take green Bay here.

Plus nine and a half yourself. My heart in this game will be with green Bay. I hope they win it outright. I hope Jordan love does what Aaron Rogers was never able to do. And that's go into San Francisco and beat the turning on Rogers. Now you were turning on Rogers. Now you were the biggest Rogers fan.

And now you're talking about Jordan love doing something Rogers never been able to do after you've been defending Rogers for years. I like this. I like this Horvat. I like it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm like the meme, right?

Where are the guys with his wife or with his girlfriend, but he's looking at the other girl. That's kind of how I feel. I mean, he has one turnover the second half of the season, right? I mean, and it's kind of crazy because Matt Leflore is finally allowing Jordan love to play the quarterback position and he's going through all of his progressions. Also the Packers, offensive line and pass protection, especially has been really good.

Number two in the league. That's why I liked them against Dallas, Dallas, you know, that secondary, the past defense, they couldn't stop the run. They were, they were fraudulent, man. The only thing that they had going that Dan Quinn had going for that defense was they could get after the quarterback number one and pass rush win rate. But we, even without David back, the Ari green Bay's just been so good. They matched up pretty well, but I think the biggest mismatch this weekend is Joe Berry against Kyle Shanahan.

And I don't know how there's good performance last week. Yeah. Down to the DC.

Yeah. Because I don't know how you match up with San Francisco, right? Even if Jair gives it a go, he got hurt once again, even if he gives it a go, they've been switching and playing a little bit more man on third downs and Joe Berry historically plays soft zone coverage. You can't do that against the San Francisco 49ers. That's why I love George Kittle over 52 and a half receiving yards. Love George Kittle over three and a half receptions. Love George Kittle to score in anytime touchdown.

And I also like Deebo Samuel to score in anytime touchdown, because those are the zone beaters. If green Bay tries to play, man, Brandon is going to go over the top and crush them there. And I think Christian McCaffrey is going to have a pretty big game because green Bay struggles to defend the run as well. So I'm going to go with San Francisco pains me to say so, but yeah, I'll take the Niners nine and a half point favorites also like the Niners over their team total in the first half 14 and a half. I think they're going to put up some points against Joe Berry in that defense.

Alrighty. So through two games, I'm taking the Ravens laying nine and a half points. I'm taking the Packers plus nine and a half points. Horvat's doing the opposite where he takes the Texans plus nine and a half, and he lays the number of nine and a half with the San Francisco 49ers. Alrighty, let's go to Bucks and Lions Sunday, 3 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

Yeah, the moment I saw this line, I was really, I didn't even see the line. I was watching Buccaneers and Eagles. And when you didn't know who's going to win, when the ball was kicked off, I go, whoever wins this game, I'm fading the next week. And then we know that the Bucks just annihilated the Eagles because the Eagles are a bunch of quitters and they were embarrassing and they had no effort on that Monday night.

I got this number at six. We'll play it on the air now at six and a half. I like the Lions, though, by a touchdown this week. Give me Detroit laying the number six and a half.

There will be an NFC title game that the Lions will be playing in next week. You said it and Troy Aikman was trying to be nice about it, but like three different times during the broadcast, he was telling us that the Eagles had quit in that game. And then you had the weird stuff at the end of the game with Dallas, Goddard and Jalen. But you know, with Tampa man, they've been a much different team since they've gotten healthier on the defensive side of the ball. And they still have some guys from that Superbowl run and Baker Mayfield's playing great football. I mean, we saw that a couple of weeks ago when he went into Lambeau field and had a perfect quarterback rating.

Nobody had done that in Packer history other than Aaron Rogers. But the reason I'm going to take Tampa to keep the game close, I think Detroit wins the game. I think they're going to be able to run the ball a little bit here. But I think Tampa is going to be able to keep it close because I think that Baker Mayfield is actually going to have a day against that secondary. It's crazy to say because last we saw this game a couple of weeks ago and Tampa only scored 26 points in that game gave up over 20 but only scored six themselves. I just I think Mike Evans is going to have a day he's going against Cam Sutton on the outside who's only five foot 10. The tallest defensive back that Detroit has the match up with Evans is 511 and he had that drop in the end zone last week.

Usually if he has a stinker, he has a bounce back game. So I think this is going to be a higher scoring game. I like the over and I'm going to take Tampa to cover the six and a half. I just I think the numbers got out of control.

I'd make it around four and a half. But I do think Detroit wins and they'll see San Francisco in the NFC title game next week. Wow. So we have disagreed on every game in terms of the spread so far.

Ryan Horvat. Am I saying that correctly? Now that's the correct way to say it. It doesn't it doesn't feel right. Yeah, you know what I mean? Like sounds wrong. Like the other side of your family's better. On my show, they give me a hard time because I have the Midwest, the very Chicago accent that comes out like, you know, you got the you got the New York thing going on over there. And so I kind of like you saying Horvat.

It doesn't feel right when you say it the when you say it the right way. Let's go to Chiefs and Bills. Bills.

24 20. They win the game. Give me Buffalo lay in two and a half. Yeah, we're going to be on the same side finally here. See, everybody keeps saying the same thing. And I found myself saying it early on in the week. I'm like, damn, you're going to give me a full field goal with Patrick Mahomes. And the true numbers always been two and a half. But there were some threes they reduced minus 120 mean you have to lay obviously a dollar 20 to win a dollar 120 to win 100. But man, like the Bills have been in survival mode really like the last two months of the season.

And I like the way that they're trending. They move on at offensive coordinator, they fire Ken Dorsey, now they're able to run the ball. I think this is going to be a big James Cook game. I think Josh Allen is going to have to use his legs in this game. And if they don't get it done this year at home against Kansas City, I just don't know that I'm gonna do it with this unit, man.

Exactly. It just it stinks because this team should be favored by more than three points here if they're fully healthy, but you you lose Matt Milano early on in the season, you acquire Rasul Douglas, he gets hurt, you lose Trey White, who's your best cover corner. They've had a bunch of injuries, and they're still here. So I'm gonna go with the Bills. I think this is finally their year. Alrighty, fade the music, we have to have a serious conversation right now with Ryan Horvat.

That's just Horvat. That's what we're doing. Doesn't feel right. So I placed the future I told you after the Kansas City game. Go into before the Dallas Cowboys game for the Bills. It was only 50 bucks, but it was at plus 1000. So it's 50 bucks that pays out 550 for the Bills to win the AFC. Right now they're offering me $145.26. I'm not cashing out for for that. Let's say Bills are playing the Ravens next week. What do you think that cash out number is going to be?

Just wondering. Next week, so probably you might get up to like 350 to 450 bucks, I would say on that. If it's 450, I'm only 100 bucks away from the grand total payout at 550, I will cash out. What do you think the low is? Oh, at 550, okay.

Yeah. I would say, yeah, I'd probably say it's probably 250. I'd say you bump up to 250, probably tops maybe.

Yeah, 250 is probably tops. Do you take that? Like on a $50 bet, am I taking 250 when they're 60 minutes away from the Super Bowl and I could have 550 in my pocket the next week? See, I wouldn't take it. But what I would do is, you know, you're going to say fade.

I don't bet enough money here to do the fate stuff. I was just gonna say with the game being in Baltimore, you could take the points, right? You could take the points with the bills, you know, even or with the Ravens, I should say, I think you just let it ride.

To be honest with you, man. Like I really like this Baltimore team. And to be honest, like I like San Francisco, but Baltimore this season, they can really be unbeaten, man. They're number one in point differential the first three quarters of these games.

They only beat themselves. But I can just see a game where Lamar has a couple turnovers. And, you know, Buffalo is able to move the ball a little bit. So I would just let it ride with the bills.

Gotcha. Yeah, I meant hedge, obviously. But yeah, it's just I don't bet enough money to hedge when we're talking about 50 bucks here.

But and I don't think the payout of 550 is enough to say, oh, we got to start hedging and doing things like that. So bottom line, here are the picks for this week. Texans and Ravens. I'm taking the Ravens lay nine and a half points. Horvat Horvat is going with the Texans plus nine and a half. Ryan is taking the Niners lay nine and a half. I'm going with the Packers plus nine and a half. I'm on the Lions lay in six and a hat. Ryan is on the Bucks plus six and a half.

And we are both on the Buffalo Bills lay in two and a half points. I think I got that all right. Correct, Amunda?

Yep, you got them all right. All right. He is Ryan Horvat. Ryan Horvat from BetMGM tonight via BeckQL. Horvat. Sounds wrong.

Sounds really, really wrong. We appreciate you doing this. Thanks so much, Ryan. Thanks, man. I'd wish you luck, but I want you to do terrible.

That's nice. Go have a great, great Friday. You know, go enjoy your show. Enough of him. Enough of him.

Get him off the air. Just makes me sick, that guy. Nice guy, but it just makes me sick. I hope he has a miserable Friday, honestly. I hope he gets a stomach bug that I just got. All right. I mean, come on. You know, I wasn't able to eat like really anything for the last two days.

I hope he goes through that after wishing me bad luck. That wasn't nice. That wasn't good gamesmanship.

It just wasn't. All right, let's get the latest CBS Sports Radio updated with the Ackman, Rich Ackerman. All righty, wrapping up shop on a Friday. This is the Zach Gelb show, Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. It's time to answer our Ask the Pros question of the day, and it's brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts. Chris in Atlanta says, Zach, what do you think about what Kirk Cousins said about potentially joining Bill Belichick?

You could submit a question by tweeting at CBS Sports Radio at Zach Gelb using the hashtag Ask the Pros. Think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs. Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts.

O'Reilly Auto Parts. It's funny. Yesterday we were just talking about Bill Belichick and how everyone is just assuming, right, with the second interview that he's going to the Atlanta Falcons. And I threw out the take yesterday. You get Kirk Cousins or Justin Fields on the Atlanta Falcons with Belichick.

I think they're going to easily win the NFC South yesterday. So little did I know Kirk Cousins was going to be on CBS Sports with Isabel Gonzalez. And this is what Kirk Cousins had to say about potentially, you know, with him being a free agent teaming up with Bill Belichick at his next stop. You always know when you play him that you're kind of looking over your shoulder wondering if what you're seeing is correct, because, you know, he usually is going to break the mold and do something different. And that's part of what has made him a great coach. Would you ever play for him if you got a chance? I'm not going to turn down an opportunity to play with, you know, future Hall of Fame coach, but we'll have to see where March leads.

It's just a lot of unknowns right now. I think it makes the most sense for Kirk to go back to Minnesota. And I think the Vikings want him back and they realize that life is a lot better with Kirk Cousins than without Kirk Cousins. But I could also see Minnesota saying there's limitations with Kirk and we're ready to go make a move in the draft. But once again, if the three best names in the draft are Williams, May and Daniels, and they're all expected to go in the top three, it's going to be tough to have the Bears, the commanders and the Patriots move out. One of those teams move out of the top three where they currently sit.

So. I think it takes two to tango and from in all likelihood, probably Kirk Cousins will be back in Minnesota, but if they don't want him back and he is a free agent and you can't franchise tag him, you look at Atlanta and that's definitely going to be, I would think, a destination where Bill could look at it, depending on what the salary is. You know, it's a shorter investment on a two, three year deal because Kirk's not going to go get a four or five year contract from from all estimations.

I want to play this as well. This is from Jim Harbaugh. He did an interview with John Root and they asked Jim Harbaugh about the next chapter, right? All these reports, right? Harbaugh interviewing with the Chargers, interviewing with the Atlanta Falcons, like being all over the place and we're all waiting and waiting and waiting for his decision.

This was Jim Harbaugh from earlier today. First off, congrats on the Natty Championship. How does it feel and what you've been doing ever since that? Oh, it's been incredible. Just back to work, you know, getting ready for getting ready for the next season. There's there's a passing of the torch.

That's that's that's awesome. So I think some people hear that and they'll go, oh, a passing of the torch. Is he saying what we think we're what he's saying in terms of passing the torch to Sharone Moore, the offensive coordinator, and setting him up to be the next head coach of Michigan?

I didn't take it that way. I took it as there's a passing of the torch from guys like McCarthy, Blake Corum, Chris Jenkins, and many others that took Michigan to heights that they haven't seen in a long time. And now there's still other talented players that are going to be getting now more reps like Donovan Edwards. We saw us score two touchdowns in the National Championship, but he's coming back and a bunch of other players that are returning that now it's okay.

You got to get those guys ready. But just because he says that doesn't give me an indication one way or another in pertaining to Jim, that Jim is definitely going to be back at Michigan. And Jim is a wild card. Like we would have thought Belichick would have been the biggest wild card of this hiring cycle. Well, we think we know what Belichick's going to do right now, and that's go to the Atlanta Falcons because we think Arthur Blanks should have given that job. Now let's just say he doesn't get that job, Belichick. Let's say they go somewhere else and we're going to and where the heck is Bill going to go?

That's going to become a fascinating destination. I don't think Pete Carroll's coaching next year. I think Bill Belichick is with the Falcons. Mike Vrabel right now, I'll say the Seahawks, but I think there's a chance.

Rabel and Carroll both wait a year. But right now I would say Vrabel's going to the Seahawks. And I still look at Jim Harbaugh winding up with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Just when I say Chargers, who's the first name you think of right now that's also realistic. I think it's Harbaugh. A month ago I would have said Belichick. But it's clear that it appears that Belichick is already, I don't want to say in the final stages, but you're getting close to the final stages with the Atlanta Falcons. So we've seen Antonio Pierce, right, that domino fall with the Raiders. We saw before that Gerard Mayo, that domino fall with the Patriots. Who's the next one? I think it's Belichick.

I do. I think it's clarity with Belichick and the Falcons. You don't get to the second interview stage with Bill Belichick and don't have an answer shortly after that. I would say if I take a guess, Tuesday of next week, by Tuesday of next week, we find out about Bill Belichick with the Atlanta Falcons. But for Harbaugh, how much longer are you waiting to let this thing linger on out? And you know he wants to go to the NFL. He just needs it.

He just needs that job offer. Alright, it's another week of the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Fun show today. I'd like to thank Greg Williams for stopping by.

Ryan Horvat as well, even though half of his family says Horvat. Stuart Kovacs, thank you as always. Moist Mike, thank you as always as well. Moist Mike, are we going to make a bet here for this game? Do we want to have you go Andy Reid mustache if the Kansas City Chiefs lose? And I'll then buy your dinner that you owe me on Wednesday or it's a wash if the Buffalo Bills win. So hold on, wait, are you buying my dinner or am I just not buying your dinner? Oh yeah, no, it washes out because you owe me a dinner. So let's just say Buffalo goes down.

Let me read this quickly. If Buffalo goes down, then it's free of charge. We'll just go out, have a good dinner, and then we all pay for ourself. But if Kansas City goes down, you go Andy Reid mustache for a day. Got to go Frozen Boogers on there too?

Yeah, Stu's Boogers too. All right, fun times. I'm in. Big thanks to each and every one of you.

This is the Zach Gelby Show, as some outlets call us on CBS Sports Radio. We'll be back on Monday to recap all the chaos at 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific. We have a great weekend everybody. Bye-bye. Peace.
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