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Russell Wilson Homecoming? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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December 28, 2023 6:10 pm

Russell Wilson Homecoming? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 28, 2023 6:10 pm

The odds on Russell Wilson & Seattle reunion I Deebo Samuel gets pranked I Zach Gelb Show PSA


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Offer valid for a limited time, $10 minimum per order, additional term supply. Alrighty, away we go, our number three of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. You can listen to us across all of your great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, the free Odyssey app, and of course streaming on YouTube, slash CBS Sports Radio. Make sure if you don't follow me on Instagram and Twitter, we give you a lot of content during the show, before the show, after the show as well.

Sports things, non-sports things, radio things, real life things. Make sure you give me a follow right now at Zach Gelb. That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Alrighty, I'm going to get to a potential reunion with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, but I just want to see if the two of you guys in Moist Mike and Carlos Ortiz can guess who the top five highest odds are to get Russell Wilson, who's expected at the end of the year to just be outright released, and then he'll be on the market to go sign with the new team. So it's not the Seahawks. The Seahawks right now are 33 to 1. But who do you think the top five highest odds are for Russell Wilson's next team to be by week one of the 2024 season? This is the BetOnline.

Take some guesses. Alright, let's go with the Commanders. They are in at number three.

The Commanders are at three at seven to one. How about the Atlanta Falcons? They are outside of the top five.

Wow, shocking. Well actually, they're tied for fifth. Okay. They are tied for fifth.

So technically, you did get one right there. Okay. How about the New York Football Giants? They are tied for fifth as well. Okay. With the Bears. The Pittsburgh Steelers. They are tied for fifth as well. Okay. You have one, two, three, four, five teams that are at eight to one.

Wow. You figure they would give like a little bit of an edge to one team over the other. How about in division, the Las Vegas Raiders? Yes, the Raiders are in at four at seven to one.

So the same odds as the Commanders. So you're missing the top two here. Alright, I'm going to look AFC South. Either the Colts or the Titans.

Or either of them. Well remember, the Colts are getting back Anthony Richardson. Okay, so not the Colts. Let's go with the Titans.

No, they are not in the top five because you're going to think they're going to continue to rock and roll with Will Levitz. You have an AFC and an NFC. One is five to one, the other is six to one. Alright, I'm going to go with your team if they can't draft a quarterback to New England Patriots.

That would be correct in at number two at six to one. And let me be clear about this. I just defended Russ for about 20 minutes. I will be ill. I would projectile vomit live on the radio if I get an alert that Russell Wilson is the next quarterback of the Patriots. Because you are in a spot, New England, where there is no more just be seven, eight, nine wins. You know, maybe here and there get to the playoffs.

I either want you to be great or I want you to be horrible. And let's say Bill Belichick is still there. They could be serviceable with Bill Belichick and Russell Wilson. They would need to add some talent because the Patriots. I don't even think anyone can name the wide receivers that they have, even Steve Smith.

I saw this on the NFL Network before their game on Christmas going up against the Broncos. He was like, oh yeah, Kendrick Bourne is going to make a big play for them while he's out for the year with an injury. And then he brought up Juju Smith-Schuster who is also injured as well. So you can't even name the Patriots wide receivers. But I would not want Russell Wilson because it's a stopgap guy. Like my team is not good enough because they stink to have a stopgap guy. Like there are teams that I've advocated for that a stopgap guy could be the difference of you missing the playoffs and making the playoffs. My team stinks and Russell Wilson is a stopgap guy. So Bill Belichick, whoever the new coach is going to be, if you bring in Russell Wilson. I was about to say something that I wouldn't believe.

I was about to say I would have to reevaluate my fandom, but I could never stop rooting for my football team. I mean, it can't happen. It's very easy.

Yeah, and you're a fraud. I will ask you this one question though. Let's say Russ is an option there. Would you rather him there with or without Bill Belichick? It would have to be with Bill Belichick.

See, I agree. With all the rumors of Belichick being gone, if you pair Belichick and Russ, I do think there would be some sort of combination there. Like if you get rid of Belichick, you are fully committing to the rebuild. You keep Belichick, I think you're trying to expedite the rebuild and it's very tough to expedite a rebuild. And as much as I love Bill and these players still play for Bill, you've seen that up against the Steelers. You've seen that up against the Broncos. Like I know the Patriots aren't good, but they have not quit on Bill Belichick yet. Like a lot of the media, a lot of the fans, a lot of the analysts have quit and said he's done at the end of the year.

But the players have not quit on him. But yeah, if you're bringing in Russ, which once again, first off, that's funny on many accounts. Russ would be joining the team that the biggest mistake of his career was made up against that team, Seahawks and Patriots at the Malcolm Butler interception.

And then also, it would just be like, what's the point? Like how do you, you sell me on this, how do you sell me on believing that Russell Wilson would be good for the Patriots? I feel like Bill Belichick has been humbled enough, and so has Russ, to a point where they're both legends, or not legends, they're both greats. Yeah, Bill's a great, Russ is very good. I mean, he's a borderline Hall of Famer, that's great. He's the GOAT, or right up there with the GOAT, and he's a borderline Hall of Famer. They've both been a little bit humbled, but they both know how to win.

They both, I feel like they would have similar kind of outlooks. Like Belichick is no nonsense, he's just like, go out there and play and win. And Russ, while he's cheesy, he just like, he just wants to play football. Like I know he has like all the stuff that he- Does he though? No, but like- He cares more about his icon and like being like this brand than I think being a football player anymore. But do we, outside of the Subway commercials, do we really see him like building that brand? Do you see those TikTok dances that he's done? I mean, does he do them that often anymore?

I haven't really seen them in a while. But he thought like Russell Wilson was this entity, and like was this LLC, where he just walked into Denver, and it's like, oh, you guys are the team, and I'm a part of the team, but I'm different than everybody else. And I'm not saying your quarterback can't have an ego, because all quarterbacks have ego, but eventually an ego becomes insufferable. Like have we heard any player, and I know it's because why number one it won't happen is because you're not going to speak against a move that Sean Payton made if you want to still be a part of the Broncos, but has anyone really rushed to the defense of Russell Wilson? Like there's not a lot of powerful voices in that locker room.

Who? Garrett Bowles, Patrick Sertan, and Justin Simmons? Like it took until the coach getting fired, and the final two weeks of the season last year, for that team to dress up that they actually cared about Russ. And that's like, even though I think Sean handled this more poorly than Russ did this year, I don't know how Russ connects to a locker room, and I don't believe that Russ connects well with a locker room. Because no one's really defending him in Denver, and the guys that he won with, guys that he won a Super Bowl with, they all celebrated and threw a fiesta at the downfall of Russell Wilson last year. And I think with Bill, I understand what you're saying, Samta, to some point, that Russ and Bill, like Bill's a legend, Russ is a really good player.

Like you said, borderline hall of famer. That there's a respect that you have for one another, but just that respect isn't enough for me. Like you need to, with a situation that's not good, have more than just the respect for your coach, you need to lead that locker room. And I don't trust Russell Wilson to lead a locker room.

I don't right now. Alrighty, so you got the Patriots, who do you think the highest odds are? I mean, I'm looking at the teams that are left. You guessed a lot of teams. It's an NFC team. I'm looking at the Vikings, the Bears, the Saints. You said one of the teams. Vikings.

Yeah, five to one. I don't get that. If I'm the Vikings, why am I trading Kirk Cousins for Russell Wilson? So I would rather have Kirk Cousins. I guess the theory would be you have to pay Justin Jefferson this offseason, kind of what you were saying earlier in the show, where quarterbacks should take less money so you could spread out the dollars amongst the rest of the teams so you could go win. You still got to pay Justin Jefferson. I would, don't get me wrong, I'd rather have Kirk Cousins than Russell Wilson.

I'm just trying to justify why the odds would be this high. And you would have Russ in a dome with significant better talent than he has in Denver. You would have Russ with Justin Jefferson, Addison, a good number three wide receiver, and KJ Osborne, Hockinson coming off an injury.

Like, I could see. I don't think it would be the right move for Minnesota because I think you'd be downgrading, but I could see Russ having success in Minnesota. Like, I could see them being a playoff team next year if he goes to Minnesota.

Sure, but I could see them also being a playoff team with Kirk Cousins. Yeah, we'll be for a cheaper deal, that's why. Is Russell Wilson really going to be that much cheaper?

Maybe it's 30 million versus 25 million. It's not going to be a significant difference. It's going to be a difference, but not significant.

It's going to be significant. All I will say is, and let me just re-read something that was sent to me yesterday by someone in the know. Yeah, this was, it was talking about how the person I was talking to, who knows what he's talking about in this situation.

That's as far as I could go. He made it clear to me that Russ will be a bargain next year with the deal that he's going to get because of how much money Denver owes him and how this is going to be like a setup kind of situation to get one more big deal or potentially somewhat big deal out of Russell Wilson. I think it would be a significant difference from what Kirk Cousins is going to get to what Russell Wilson is.

Because remember, Russ' stock, it's very low. Like, it's very, you had a dispute with Pete Carroll. Pete took Geno Smith to the playoffs, potentially in back-to-back years as Seahawks thought to make the playoffs this year. He goes to Denver.

He didn't even get to the actual extension. And they already have given up on him. And say what you want about Sean Payton, him just being a pretentious human being in Denver this year. He still has respect in the NFL.

And now it's like you're getting cut. And there's a lot of fan base that are going to be like, oh, we don't want Russ. And not only is it fans, you had former players that were celebrating in the demise of Russell Wilson.

So I guess that would be the only way for Minnesota to justify it is the cost difference. And who knows, like, what happens. I know Brock Purdy is playing great ball this year. And the 49ers love Brock Purdy. What happens you get to the playoffs and Brock Purdy is just terrible.

And I mean terrible. And you know that Shanahan for years has tried to get Kirk Cousins to the 49ers. Like, if I'm Kirk Cousins in the 49ers, and I do think Brock's going to be there. But just for the sake of it. If Kyle called me, I'm like, thank you, Minnesota.

Love you. But I'm going to San Francisco. Because Kirk Cousins could win a Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers. He ain't going to win a Super Bowl with the Minnesota Vikings. And then you're in Minnesota, you're scrambling, because if you don't get someone that's competent, and Russ is still competent, he's not good, he's not great, but he's competent.

If you don't get someone that's competent in the interim, then you run the risk of Justin Jefferson getting PO'd with your organization and then wanting out as well. So I guess that would be, like, I don't anticipate him to be the Vikings quarterback. Because I do think it's going to be Kirk Cousins next year.

But I guess I could see a path or a road where it could be an option, but the number one option, I'm surprised. Like, the fact that the Vikings and the Patriots are the betting favorites right now is crazy to me. I would think it would have been more so the Commanders, the Raiders, the Falcons, and the Steelers as well. And Russ may have to wait a little bit. And the fact that your Dark Horse team is not even on that list.

Oh, yeah, that is true. Let's bring them up. I saw Mike Florio wrote about this. I know a lot of people are bashing Florio these days.

I will not. I like Mike Florio. I'm a fan of Mike Florio.

Mike Florio just threw it out there. What about a return for Russell Wilson to Seattle? And I did see today, Russell Wilson to Seattle, 33-1 odds.

It's a long shot. I would love to see that happen. Like, we talked about it yesterday, what would be the most intriguing destination. We're like, oh, go to the Raiders.

You get to go up against the Broncos twice a year, oh, that's going to be fun. It would be going back to Seattle. Now Russ, you'd really have to have your ego take a hit.

You'd really have to swallow your pride and check that ego at the door. But if you're telling me what's in the best interest of Russell Wilson's career, it's going back to Seattle. And it would be listening more to Pete Carroll. And oh yeah, by the way, you have a guy by the name of DK Metcalf, also Tyler Lockett.

Oh, and yeah, Jackson Smith and Jigba is going to be a really damn good player in this league. Short deal, yeah, you basically have to say, Schneider, you were right, Carroll, you were right. We're not going to let Russ cook.

We're going to go back to doing things your way. I would like to see that reunion and maybe that reunion can start to, and it would be tough because those former Seahawks players, they danced on the grave of Russell Wilson, but restore the relationships if Russ goes back and treats Pete Carroll the right way. I would want to see that happen.

I think that would actually be good. And I know Seahawks fans will say, well, what about Geno Smith? Geno's fine.

He's good. I don't think Pete Carroll would do it. And probably, well, actually I think Pete Carroll would do it because that's like the ultimate ego play for Pete. I just don't think Russ would do that.

You know what it would be? You're in a long relationship, like seven, eight years, and then something went wrong and you just can't recover from it. And sometimes people get back together with people after a divorce or a breakup.

It happens in this world. But I think what happened between Russ and Pete was so bad and so ugly that I don't think Russ could go back into that home and be like, oh, I'm back and everything's back to normal. Here I am. I've returned with my luggage. Let me get my bed back.

Let me get, you know, my spot on the sofa back. I just don't think Russ could do that because Russ lost. Russ was the one that got humiliated. It would almost be like, Samter, I know you and your wife are happily married, but I'm just going to use it as a sample. It would almost be as if your wife cheated on you and your wife was in the wrong. And then she showed up one day and was like, I want to get back together. And two, three years happened and like you since moved on. I think it's very tough. And I'll use Russ as the one like who kind of cheated here in this extent in the argument.

I think it's very tough to accept the cheater back or even had the cheater walk back into that home and had the guts to say, hey, I want I want to get back together with you. So now I don't want to put any bad thoughts out there with you and your your your your missus. All right.

Yeah, I'll plead the fifth. But I will just say I honestly don't think that Russell, I don't know if Russell Wilson is a significant upgrade over Geno Smith or even upgrade at all. It's fair.

It's so interesting to me. It would be funny to see it back together. But if I'm the if I'm the Seahawks, I probably want to stick with with Regina Regina. Well, it'd be one thing if Russ just if Gina was just horrible. But Geno's like if we're talking about Russ being a stopgap guy, Geno's a good enough stopgap guy. But Pete wanted Russ to change towards the end. Russ didn't change.

Now if he does change, like does that recreate a like a little magic, right, because. I'm not comparing these two guys directly, but look where Kyrie's wanted to go back to for so many years. He wanted to go back to playing with LeBron.

And it just has never happened. Is this like Russ's way of saying, OK, I got to go back where I wanted like Kyrie wanted to be the number one on a team. He wanted to be the guy.

And then he realized, oh, man, I had a pretty damn good. Is that Russ moment going to create a little fountain of youth for him if he did go back to the Seattle Seahawks? I'd be curious, I don't have the answer to it, but I would be curious about it. Would you want to see a Russell Wilson reunion with the Seattle Seahawks?

I don't think it's going to happen, but I would love to see an eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. All right. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. My man, Deebo Samuel is having some phone issues. I know what it's like to have some phone issues with Deebo Samuel.

We'll get into this Deebo versus Cam next when we return. OK, what's the number one reason you should try Instacart shopping over one point five million unique products from over one thousand retailers and get everything delivered right to your door and as fast as one hour all in one app so you can spend more time with the ones who matter most. Visit Instacart dot com to get free delivery on your first three orders offer valid for a limited time. Ten dollar minimum per order.

Additional terms apply. You can trim the NFL. Westwood One for free sponsored by AutoZone all season long you can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or the Odyssey app.

Get in the zone AutoZone AutoZone free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone. Get in the zone AutoZone restrictions apply. So Bengals and Chiefs. We kind of thought that would actually like have juice right before the start of the season. Duh.

All right. We've been in the AFC Championship game twice. Those games are always good games. The Chiefs have been the one team that right. They've always been the team that everyone's hunting and the Bengals have been there. That one team that has been a pain in the rear end and has been their kryptonite and Kansas City.

I know they won the AFC Championship game last year but that one point they're on a three game losing streak to to Cincinnati. So there wasn't a lot of juice heading into this one because like the Chiefs are are fine but they can't catch the football and Cincinnati's without Joe Burrow and we didn't know if Jamar Chase is going to play in this game or not. I saw the other day he did not practice on the first Bengals and Chiefs injury report but Jamar Chase was speaking at his locker I guess like 30 minutes ago and he said if I'm being honest nothing. It's not really like they got a Jalen Ramsey on their squad when he was asked to to discuss what stands out with the the Chiefs defense.

So I got to hear the entire thing and it just it just was going viral right now during the last break. So if he's talking about the secondary OK like if that's what you want to say that's fine like there's no great players in their secondary. But if it's the entire defense what about that guy Chris Jones. He's one of the better defensive lineman in the league. Not just like the best defensive by the Chiefs one of the best defensive lineman in the league.

So I don't really love that. Well I do love it because it makes the game actually entertaining but Jamar Chase now you better play and you better light it up and we'll see what happens this week with Jake Browning and the Cincinnati Bengals going up against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. So Santer just real quickly because you're now a fugazi Chiefs fan. That game is in Kansas City. So I like these comments now even more because now you have Jamar Chase going to Arrowhead and he's going to get it from Chief's Kingdom if the Chiefs lose this weekend to the Cincinnati Bengals if are you officially out on the Kansas City Chiefs if they go to 9 and 7. Are you out on Kansas City.

No why would I be out. Because they would be nine and seven defending champions they've been to three Super Bowls or whatever in four years four years they've won two Patrick Mahomes is the ultimate equalizer. Yeah. No of course not. The teams who are nine and seven make and win Super Bowls. I'm not worried about that. Yeah but I have I listen the Dolphins look nice. I don't have faith in them. Certainly don't have faith in the bills. But why do you have faith in Kansas City outside of my home because they've done it twice in four years and they have Patrick Mahomes the greatest quarterback in the NFL right now and will go down as the goat of all time sorry Tom Brady you're an idiot.

You really are. We have conversations in 15 years where everyone's going to say Brady has the better resume. But if you had to build a team and who do you want to be your quarterback the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady it will be Patrick Mahone Brady and his resume and I'm going to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Mahomes will always lose this argument for two reasons. Number one he is not getting to seven Super Bowls. But number two AFC championship game when the Chiefs had a better team chiefs and Patriots Brady wins Super Bowl Bucks Chiefs Brady wins. So Brady beat Mahone will have more rings beat Mahomes in an AFC title game and then also Super Bowl.

Now I'm going to put this conversation not only on the back burner I'm going to like crumble it up and just throw it all the way down the hall because to have this conversation now is quite frankly just disrespectful to even say that it's going to happen right now is disrespectful to the legendary Tom Brady who had three three NFL Hall of Fame careers in one. So we're going to stop there. You really know how to just get me going and get me annoyed on a Thursday. Like I'm supposed to be in a good mood tonight. I'm going out with a few friends. We're going to a local establishment going to get some wings going to get some beer go watch some football. We're going to Cleveland Browns.

I'm going to go with a bunch of jet fans to see the Cleveland Browns just annihilate them and I'm in like a good mood today. And as Emma Smith would say you just got me hot. You just got me.

You and your friends are going to be having this conversation. Like I said there's resume and then there's talent and there's resume and then there who is the actual better quarterback. OK.

Right. Terry Bradshaw has a great resume. He's not a top 15 quarterback in the NFL history. I'll tell you this Brady eight nine and six with this chief's team eight nine and six. I've seen Tom Brady win with not a lot of great talent. I've seen Tom Brady with Doug Gabriel and reshape Caldwell get to an AFC championship game. I've seen that I've seen homes win a Super Bowl with Juju Smith Schuster and Travis Kelsey and Isaiah Pacheco a seventh round running back and Clyde Edwards Hilaire. Yeah let's go. OK that's fine.

We'll have this conversation. David Padden, David Gibbons, Troy Brown. Brady will have the better resume. Patrick will go home which is the better quarterback.

It's at the end of the day. OK. You know you're wrong on many football things it could seem to be wrong on many more football things going into the future. But anyway to your question no I'm not worried about them being nine and seven. It is amazing to me how you legitimately have no fear about Kansas City when a defense that we thought was really good is solid is fine. You know I like spags and then offensively their line has not been great. Their receivers can't catch a cold and Isaiah Pacheco is honestly outside of my homes and Kelsey their next most valuable offensive player and that dude's injured like every other week. I'm not saying that I have no concern. Of course I have concern.

You're relying on Rasheed Rice. No no I'm not saying that there's no concern for the Chiefs I certainly have concern for my boys. However if you're looking at the rest of the NFL or the AFC I'm not trusting the Jags the Colts or the Texans out of the south.

Baltimore hello. You look at the Bengals it's Jake Browning. You look at you know the Steelers I'm not trusting them. The Browns I know you love the Browns but I'm not fearing Joe Flacco. The only team I'm really worried about is Baltimore. The Dolphins I love. You know me I'm all in on Toa. I'm still not overly concerned about Toa and the Dolphins because they haven't shown it and Toa and the Dolphins have shown that they've fallen in big games outside of the Cowboys game because they went against a team that chokes worse than them.

And then you have the Bills who if the Bills are what they're showing they have been over the past few weeks and then they're dangerous. However right now the only team I'm really worried about is the Ravens. And even with that as much as I love Lamar as much as I want Lamar to win a Super Bowl Lamar is the guy I'm rooting for the most that's the guy who I want to win most this year. And right now I trust Lamar Jackson because it only really takes 21 points to beat Kansas City. Kansas City like can't put up 21 points. I trust Lamar Jackson to get I trust actually quite a few teams even if I gave you Kansas City home field advantage and I've been critical of the Dolphins and the Dolphins lost to Kansas City in a game that should have never been played in Germany but was played in Germany Dolphins and they wouldn't have to go into Kansas City but let's just say for the sake of it. Dolphins go into Kansas City I trust the Dolphins. Bills have to go into Kansas City I trust the Bills. The Ravens have to go into Kansas City I trust the Ravens.

You know what? Because of their defense I trust the Browns too. I trust the Browns too. And that's where I would draw the line this year.

Everybody else I wouldn't really trust but those are four teams there. You're trusting Joe Flacco over Patrick Mahomes. But here's what you're missing.

Here's what you're missing. It's not that I'm trusting Joe Flacco over Patrick Mahomes. We all know Patrick Mahomes is better.

I know what it's like to be in the penthouse. I know what it's like to be in this spot where everyone's doubting you. And some years when people doubted Tom Brady it was fair. Other years it was flat out ridiculous. And this Chiefs team they are the 2019 Patriots where the record looked good. Oh Brady was going to turn it around. But when you don't have the weapons and Julian Edelman not the same player as Travis Kelce but Julian Edelman was banged up. Kelce is clearly banged up or he's declining right in front of our eyes.

When your guy isn't the guy and you have nothing else you ain't going to find the way to get to where you used to go. Now don't get me wrong I would not want to see Kansas City in the playoffs. Because it's Mahomes and it's Reed I'd rather have another option but I don't think they're getting to the Super Bowl. Alrighty real quickly let me get Deebo Samuel as I crumpled up my piece of paper and threw it across the room because I was just annoyed with what Sam was saying. Let me get Deebo Samuel on with K Adams responding to Cam Newton and also Micah Parsons I guess always talking about the 49ers. First of all Cam Newton started taking my phone bro he was a fan like two weeks ago like that's mad crazy like you wanted me on your podcast after talking about my quarterback which is funny to me. But anyway back to this Micah Parsons story like bro we beat you 42 to like whatever the score may be like a long time ago like I don't get why he's so bothered by what we got going on over here whatever the case may be. So then here is Cam responding to the claim that that from Deebo that Cam has been blowing up Deebo's phone to try to get him on Cam's podcast.

You must stop the cap bro. Now my point is this you said something like Cam stop calling my phone like I don't got your number. I love that from Cam because Deebo played the card that oh you're trying to basically be a fan boy and you're trying to suck up to me and then you're ripping my quarterback like screw you and then Cam's like who Deebo like not for nothing. I don't think Cam's a Hall of Famer but Cam was electric in a short period of time on a football field and he has done a lot more in this league than what Deebo Samuel has done. So Cam you may not agree with this opinion but he's entitled to his opinion and and he is allowed even if he did which he didn't hit up Deebo Samuel after maybe talking crap or just saying that Brock Purdy is a is a system quarterback. So Deebo then screenshots the messages from Cam.

But here's the problem. It was a prank a bunch of high school kids had Deebo's number and they even did the cam font that everyone knows what I'm talking about and they were sending text messages pretending to be Cam to Deebo and selfishly I love it because Deebo Samuel hung up on me when he was begging for Ashley his publicist oh hang up the phone hang up the phone on Zach do so he's asking me about the Eagles I don't like it well where was Ashley. Ashley needs to be with Deebo 24 7 when he's on the phone because now there's no order here Deebo you didn't have Ashley to beg for and now all of a sudden you got some high school kids pranking you pretending to be Cam. Oh Deebo oh Deebo you dropped the ball on this one and it's a little karma it's a little Zach Gelb show karma how dare you hang up the phone on me how dare you oh I love it I have a question for you what did he ask you about what did you ask him about in regards to the Eagles so made him so mad so he ended up being right where he said if Brock Purdy didn't get hurt yeah they would have blown out the Eagles okay and I just simply asked him like why do you think that because I was genuinely curious and then I followed it up with he gave me a short answer I go oh well it sounds like you still don't believe it he's like no I do and then I go what do you think's going to happen when you guys play and whatever it was week 13 week 14 over the summer and then he starts going Ashley Ashley Ashley and then this Ashley jumps on the phone and goes Deebo has to go to whatever camp he was at he has to go to some camp and he hung up the phone on me and then I may have just uh ripped him apart on the air may have may have yeah definitely did yeah this isn't a good look for Deebo it wasn't now guys like Tori Smith were like trying to tell me how to interview and and they were saying oh you had one of the best wide receivers in the league like you could have asked them different things like I have a job to do yeah and you do your job I have members of the listening audience that were curious about his comments he ran his mouth the entire offseason so what when I get him on the summer I'm not gonna ask him about that yeah it was there was a question that had to be asked yeah you know that you know what needs to happen you need he needs to come on and talk to somebody about these text messages that's what the people need you know what come and do that I may need to become best friends with a bunch of high school kids because I got a lot of numbers oh I want to talk to those kids actually that's who I want to hear I don't have Deebo's number a Deebo's number but I think I could get it if I if I end up calling up those high school kids get the number from Deebo Samuel but where is Ashley I gotta know Ashley where are you Ashley needs to be with Deebo 24 7 remember when they uh the Cowboys hired Dez uh uh babysitter to follow like Dez Bryant security guard yep they need to hire Ashley 24 7 the 49er so Deebo's not getting pranked by a bunch of high school kids you're better than that Deebo you're a great wide receiver a great player you can't be getting pranked by high school kids not a good look Deebo uh took these uh screenshots down right these went down and uh I think he did take them down because he realized he got got and then I saw some video last night of this kid who had the number called him he's like shaking he's like uh Deebo uh you know a lot of kids look up to you and Deebo's just like yeah oh Deebo they got him oh Deebo I I do kind of hope he gets the Super Bowl and then drops like a pass to to lose the game that would be fun you are all about you are all about the karma here I dropped my phone he dropped my phone call be nice if he drops a ball in the big game ah man it's like that petty that's not petty it's I'm having a little fun Deebo had fun I can't have fun you know what else needs to happen you need to see him Super Bowl week if they get the Super Bowl you need to see him so oh that would actually oh you know what that's a great idea I'm I'm going I'm here for the drama that's what I'm here yeah no I I've had Deebo on in person before yeah um and I will say going back to that incident I did have that PR person not named Ashley reach out to me afterwards and apologize because they thought Deebo was in the wrong well that's a good job they listened the entire interview and they knew like Deebo from the jump and I even tried to butter him up in the beginning there was some viral video of him in a treadmill that was pretty cool and I made like some joke like oh you know I can't run 20 miles per hour and and people were giving like crap for the video they thought he should have been running faster so stupid and like we shared a laugh and then after that anything I asked him he just wanted no part of the conversation good job by the the you know what I take that back I want Deebo to win Super Bowl MVP but Super Bowl week I want him to be there I want I want I want the meeting to go down yeah hey Deebo you remember hanging up on a talk show host this summer hey it's me how you doing buddy CBS Sports Radio host gets his credentials revoked at the Super Bowl wow you know you'll be good just the lesson out here is anybody can get catfished yeah and you know what I did interview Manti Teo once about his girlfriend who never existed there you go Linnea Kukua I believe her name is Zach Gilp show PSA coming up next update time here is Dexter Henry hey this is Howie and this is Nick and you're listening to the Zach Gilp show on CBS Sports Radio and guess what Zach is back alright he's live he's nationwide on CBS Sports Radio this is the Zach Gilp show today's memorable moment is sponsored by Prevegen Prevegen is the most recommended memory support brand by pharmacist Joe Flacco is starting tonight for the Browns against the Jets but just 14 months ago Flacco was in green when the two sides last faced off tossing four touchdown passes two of which came with less than 90 seconds to go including a dramatic 15 yard score to Garrett Wilson with 22 seconds left as the Jets pulled out a stunning 31 to 30 win and as far as the game tonight I'll do a little same game parlay I'll take the Browns money line Kareem hunt anytime touchdown and then Breece Hall over three and a half receptions that is at plus 342 in the odds department but it is a Thursday let's get to a Zach Gilp show PSA it's a Thursday what do you have to say it's the weekly Zach Gilp show PSA alrighty I told you I'm meeting up with some pals tonight we're going to a good wing joint we're gonna get some wings here's my PSA if you prefer ranch over blue cheese I don't like you also if when you order wings you say I want all flats I got a big problem with that because you should rather say you would want all drumsticks the best way to eat wings drumsticks blue cheese and a ton of hot sauce that is the Zach Gilp show PSA on how to properly eat wings and if you ever use a fork and a knife and then you have ranch then you got flats with your wings that's a big time problem a huge problem and I think of I think of you in just a different way alrighty that's my PSA alright I guess I'll go next this is the bowl season in college football there are 43 total bowls we've gotten the Tony the Tigers Sun Bowl the Relia Quest Bowl there's a Pop-Tarts bowl huh there's a Pop-Tarts bowl there is there's a 68 ventures bowl what's your favorite rate bowl say again favorite Pop-Tart I don't know I haven't had a pie I haven't had Pop-Tarts in forever but I was a fat kid growing up I love me a s'mores Pop-Tart I don't think I've ever had one I might have to knock it out yeah you got to try raspberry and strawberry but you know you know what I'll buy a s'mores Pop-Tart I would have bought you dinner and a Pop-Tart you still haven't got me the dinner that you owe me in a bet your weasel eventually it's gonna happen but so my my PSA is this one hold my breath people who whine and bitch and complain about too many bowl games oh there's too many bowl games nobody cares is but you know what the fans of the teams like it the players for the most part seem to like it the ones who don't want to play in it they opt out and they sit around and they prepare for the draft no one's getting hurt there's no problems the TV's put it on its content the stadiums and the local affiliates in the local areas seem to like it what's the problem stop whining stop bitching it's college football it's fun the names are silly and gamble on I'm cool gamble on it it's something but what else are you watching right now the NBA come on may you watch the Pistons lose 400 games in a row and Kevin Durant won off on another team that's my PSA all righty Carlos with the K what do you got cooking my PSA is all to all the strap hangers out there get out of the damn way when people are getting off the train oh you don't need to rush the doors it's not the neutral zone all right you're not on a snap count get out of the way let the people get off the train so we can get on it and if you're if you're waiting for me to move out of the way so you can get on that's the wrong answer because I'm waiting for the train to clear out do you just take up too much space no I'm not that big of a guy I'm not I'm not one of the pillars that's holding up the platform you know what Carlos actually sounds like a really intelligent person there was someone with the Zach Gelb show PSA I can't remember who it was with the same PSA a few weeks ago Zach same PSA now it's not Carlos's fault he's not listening to every moment of every show you know he should be even when he's not here well two great minds think alike but Stu Kovacs no it was actually me it was you know Stu had that no Stu had something with his backpack oh mine yours mine was it annoys the crap out of me just like Carlos when the doors open you're trying to exit and all the people are trying to enter just like storm the train it's like and Carlos and I were not small people it's like hello I know you can see me I'm trying to move if I wanted to and I stick my elbow out you're gonna hit the floor so get the bleep out of the way yeah I will definitely box you out and I will stand firm so let the people out of the way that's my PSA a little Carlos boozer to you I could see that boxing out grabbing some rebound throwing some elbows that's true Carlos with the guy but he's cause of the sea right he's caused with the sea yeah every other carls is wrong well that's not true but anyway that's all the time we have today on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio like to thank Dante Moncrieffe for joining us Todd Blackledge as well we'll be back tomorrow we will recap another elite Joe Flacco victory the Cleveland Browns are gonna be getting 11 wins after tonight ends watch I'll probably jinx them if that's the case well you could tune in tomorrow we'll see how we react to it we got to do a full college football playoff preview tomorrow we got Alabama we got Michigan we got Texas we got Washington forget about all those other bowl games that Santa just told you to care about we got two that we have to preview tomorrow all right have a great night everybody we out buh-bye peace.
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