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Damon Huard, Former Washington Huskies QB

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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December 27, 2023 6:01 pm

Damon Huard, Former Washington Huskies QB

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 27, 2023 6:01 pm

Damon joins Zach to talk about Washington’s chances vs Texas

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

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Offer valid for a limited time, $10 minimum per order, additional term supply. Alrighty, we continue this exact Yelp show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio, inching closer and closer to the college football playoff semifinal games. We'll see who advances to the national championship game between Alabama and Michigan and also Washington and Texas.

Can't wait for New Year's Day. And let's go out to the guest line right now, welcoming former NFL quarterback, played with the Pats, the Chiefs, a few other spots, and obviously started his career as a college quarterback with the Washington Huskies. And that's Damon Heward, kind enough to join us right now. Damon, I know it's been a while.

Appreciate the time as always. How you been? I'm great, Zach. Are you kidding me? It's Christmas time, New Year's Eve, and the dogs are in the college football playoff. Life is good, man.

Let me start you off actually with the NFL, and then we'll get to your college squad. We were just talking about it right before we brought you in. The big news today is that Russell Wilson got benched. It looks like they're going to move on from him after the end of the season.

What was your reaction when you saw that news today? Yeah, it's pretty crazy. You know, obviously, he did so many amazing things here in Seattle for the Seahawks for so long. You know, a heck of a player. But boy, this transition to Denver just has been horrible.

I mean, it just hasn't worked. And I think for guys later in their career, I mean, I know these guys play forever now, but he's in his mid-30s and, you know, maybe not quite as dynamic athletically as he was, you know, 12 years ago or so. But, you know, still all that money Denver gave him, all the first round picks the Seahawks got in return, looks like a pretty good move the Hawks made. And for Denver, I mean, this is going to put them behind the eight ball, you know, probably for another year, especially if they got to eat $37 million if they let him go.

And that, boy, it's going to be tough sledding. But you know what, maybe this is one of these things where, let's see how, you know, Sean Payton's old school, you know, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, maybe it's one of these things. Oh, let's see how Russell reacts to maybe me putting them on the bench here and see what I got in Trevor Simeon. And, you know, you know, who knows, maybe he's back out there next week. I mean, I've seen stranger things in this league.

So, you know, we're probably not putting the cart before the horse here because odds are the writing on the wall, like he's probably gone, but who knows again with these old school coaches. Yeah. And we could only observe right with what we see. And sometimes what we see, if it looks like it's bad, it's usually worse behind the scenes. I equated this to a couple that just got married and already they're in couples therapy.

And when you're three, four months into a marriage and you're already in couples therapy, it feels like the divorce is inevitable. And that pretty much is what is what played out today, I would say. Yeah. You know, something just, you know, Russ's numbers are pretty good.

I mean, I don't have them in front of me or whatnot, but he's played better this year, Damon. There's no question about it. The bottom line though, is just, it's always about wins and losses. And, you know, if Sean feels he can't do, you know, what he wants to do schematically with a quarterback with Russell Wilson style, you know, it just to your point that divorce is probably not far down the road.

All right. Are you around Bill Belichick for a long time? Can you envision the Patriots without Bill Belichick? Cause that's also another thing that a lot of people have been floating out this year, potential divorce with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. Yeah, man, I just gosh darn I, you know, there's only a few of these guys left from my playing days 15 years ago. Obviously, you know, it's been a rough stretch for me watching pro football without Tom Brady this season and to imagine the National Football League without the greatest coach of all time, potentially next year in Bill Belichick.

Boy, the times they are a changing. But yeah, that doesn't look like it's probably going to end well either this season. Just kind of two back to back tough seasons in this league. Usually, you know, owners front offices make changes. That's a tough one to make because, you know, he's been the greatest of all time. And it's going to be super strange if he's not roaming those New England sidelines with his cut off hoodie and all the fun stuff that he's brought to the National Football League for, you know, what now, at least almost two decades. Yeah, but, you know, maybe built surfaces somewhere else, which, you know, I certainly hope would happen should he leave New England, but but who knows what that one but Bill was awesome to play for arguably his record is accolades speak for themselves and like the NFL will will lose a big character should be this be the end of Bill Belichick.

Yeah, I would think even if they move on, he winds up somewhere else. I was talking about maybe the Chargers because he needs more talent and they have a ton of talent with that young quarterback in Justin Herbert. Damon Heward here with us before we talk about Washington and their big college football playoff game against Texas. I just want to wrap up the NFL part of this chat talking about the Kansas City Chiefs. We all know Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league, but he doesn't really have a lot of weapons to throw the football through this year.

And even when he places the ball perfectly nine times out of 10, it feels like they drop him. I know that when you look at Kansas City, there's always that fear of them because of Andy Reid and because of Patrick Mahomes and because of Travis Kelsey, but it looks like this team is going to come up short this year from from what I've seen through the first 15 16 weeks of the season. Yeah, I mean, you kind of are what you are, you know, by this time of year, although there have been those teams that just, you know, once they get to the playoffs, they're peaking at the at the right point and they kind of take their game to the next level and make a deep playoff run or win a Super Bowl like the 2001 Patriots did. But yeah, what you see the eye test right now certainly isn't great for the Chiefs, but, you know, I promise you everybody else in the AFC should they have to meet them in the playoffs. You know, if they are a lower seed, it's the last team they're going to want to play with all that playoff experience and Super Bowl runs and and just Patrick Mahomes. But yeah, maybe the Taylor Swift distraction is real obviously here to the enemy, you know, moving on, you know, maybe there's something something there.

But yeah, certainly you kind of hit the nail on the head with just kind of those pieces on offense those weapons. They just don't seem to be making the same place for Mahomes and company that they have in years past but certainly will be an interesting story to follow here down the stretch of the season and into the playoffs. Damon Heward here with us. Alrighty, let's get to Washington. I love Kalen DeBoer. He's one of my favorite coaches in the country. The guy barely loses from all the stops that he makes what this is second year with Washington. He's only had two losses less than eight points in both of those losses, but it still feels like Washington doesn't get the respect that they deserve like going up against Oregon Damon. They were a nine and a half point underdog and now there are four or five point underdog against Texas. I guess this is where Washington loves to have them but it's amazing how everyone else hasn't given them the respect and what's been a sensational season. Yeah, you know, I think it starts with the PAC 12 conference and what once was the PAC 12 conference, you know, just not quite the same respect for West Coast football in recent years.

Certainly being up here in South Alaska and Seattle. We are a long ways away from the East Coast and the SEC and the Big Ten. But yeah, this team has had a historic run since Kalen DeBoer has taken over 24 and two.

Are you kidding me? And you know, certainly going into this Sugar Bowl here on New Year's Day and five short days, you know, to be underdogs. You know against I think pretty good Texas team, but you know, this this Husky team handled them a year ago in the Alamo Bowl and I know there's a few men were they had a few missing players that day. Notably, you know Robinson, they're running back but you know, this team just finds a way to win and you know, the PAC 12 championship game if you saw it, you know, they really were at full strength. You know, both of our safeties were back to Lee our defensive lineman had been battling a knee all year was at full strength finally, and then the addition of Jayla McMillan who's really missed the last, you know, 678 games, you know, he's that speed receiver over the top. You saw make some big plays. So I think you know, they're healthy. They're peaking at the right time. They did have a stretch where the offense had some struggles, but I think what really gives this team a chance to win it all is the evolution of the running game that has come down the stretch here with Dylan Johnson are running back, you know, I think people around the country think of Michael Pennix and the fireworks and throwing for 400 yards game.

He did lead the league or lead the nation in passing around 340 yards game of season. But now with the run game and having that balance. I think you need to have as you get into the CFP, you know, these guys do have a legitimate chance to win this whole thing. And so it's going to be an awesome matchup down there in Texas. A lot of great storylines with Sarkeesian or old coach coaching the Longhorns and peak Wieckowski their D coordinator here who was our D coordinator during the peak Chris Peterson era. So a lot of fun storylines these teams know each other.

Well, they prepared for a month to play each other last winter and we get to do it all over again in New Orleans on January 1st going to be an awesome game. What jumps out to you with both these quarterbacks Quinn Ewers has had a really good season. His problem has been staying healthy with injuries the last two years and we know what the deal was with Michael Pennix junior at Indiana.

He just wasn't healthy. But hey, he just finished runner-up for the Heisman Trophy. So give me your quarterback eye on both these QBs that we'll see coming up on January 1st. Yeah, you know Quinn Ewers certainly a talent, you know last year really his first year playing saw him live there in the Alamo Bowl and you know, wonderful arm has some playmakers around him solid player and then, you know, you factor in Steve's our keys in one of the best game planners play callers in the country, you know, they've kind of taken it to the next level offensively this year and certainly when he's healthy, you know, they've been pretty doggone good, you know going into Tuscaloosa that win early in the season. I think you know what a statement that was for the young quarterback and and really the program. So yeah, he's better. He's going to be a solid opponent for this Husky defense for sure. But you know, obviously I'm biased if I had to choose between the two quarterbacks. I'm going to go with the six-year senior quarterback Michael Pennix who you know led the nation in passing the last two seasons and just to me his accuracy his anticipation the deep ball that he throws I he's different and he's been the catalyst here to make this thing go for this Husky offense and led him to the 24-2 record the Heisman Trophy run and all those things. So, you know Michael Pennix special player going to play on Sundays. And again, I like I like his experience his leadership and his skill set a little bit better than yours going into this game.

If I'm being honest and you know, the last thing I'll bring up with this matchup Damon Heward who joins us right now. So before the Oregon game, you just saw how jacked up that Washington team was and there's big emotions before a big packed all championship game like that and they really took it to Oregon early. I still I know that Texas played Alabama really well, but that was all the way going back to week two. I think what we saw in the pack told championship game when you don't know how a team is going to respond after a month off and with the emotions of this game. That's why I kind of believe that Washington gets off to that better start and that could end up being the difference towards the end of the game.

Yeah, I'm with you. I think the start of this game is super important as it was in the pack 12 championship, you know, the Huskies. They only got a field goal in the opening drive, but they chewed up eight minutes of the clock, you know, and then they got a quick three and out verse Oregon who hadn't been stopped in six weeks. So yeah, they kind of set the tone early in that game.

So I think the beginning of the Sugar Bowl is going to be a big determining factor and how the rest of the game goes. I also just like the experience and the age and the depth of this Washington football team, you know, we got 10 six year seniors, nine of them have actually been here all six years. They've been here all six years. Then you bring Michael Pennix, you know, as a six year guy.

So there's just all this, you know, professionalism, age, depth experience. You know, I talked about that running game, but also this Husky defense, you know, they've gotten a lot better down the stretch. They have and they've been clutch when they've had to they've gotten the tough fourth down stop and we were really struggling on offense in a game earlier in the season against Arizona State. We get the pick six, you know, to win the game. So, you know, excuse me, they're playing really, really well on defense right now. And, you know, Texas's struggles offensively on third down and in the red zone.

I think are going to be the difference in the Huskies winning this football game. Damon, you were always great to catch up with the appreciate the time. Thanks so much for doing this. Thanks for having me, Zach. Happy New Year, buddy. You got it.

You as well. There is Damon Heward, former Washington Huskies quarterback, of course, Washington going up against Texas. And right now, I know it's only Wednesday will make the official prediction on Friday. But I like Washington to beat Texas in a high scoring affair. We'll continue to preview that matchup and also Michigan and Alabama coming up throughout the week right here on CBS Sports Radio.

Alrighty, let's take a break. Jared Gordon, UFC fighter who has a crazy story to tell is going to join us at the top of the hour. Brandon Stokely will stop by at 5 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Pacific as the Denver Broncos are benching Russell Wilson, and they're probably going to move on from him at the end of the season. But first, not only do they get to a CBS Sports Radio update, but when we return, we'll do a little take five Wednesday.

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