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Heisman Finalists (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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December 8, 2023 6:10 pm

Heisman Finalists (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 8, 2023 6:10 pm

Onsides or Offsides I Ryan Horvat, BetMGM Tonight on BetQL I Who wins the Heisman tomorrow?


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Tell them big Snoop Dogg sent you. All right, and away we go. Our number three of our radio program on this Football Friday. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Ryan Horvat from BetMGM tonight.

Gonna stop by 20 minutes from now. We'll do a little head-to-head NFL picks. Three games in the NFL this weekend, three spreads. We got you covered. But first up, we do this segment every Monday and Friday on the show. Onside, offside. Samson's got a few questions for me.

I got a few answers for me. And Carlos with the K. My main man, Carlos Ortiz. Hit it! Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? It's Onsides, Offsides with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio. What do we got cooking today?

Sampter? All right, well right now nobody knows who's starting for either the Jags or the Browns in their key AFC matchup on Sunday. Jacksonville hopes Trevor Lawrence can go while the Browns are deciding between Joe Flacco and Dorian Thompson Robinson. Onside, offside.

The Jags need this win more than the Browns. Now I did see some video today and Trevor Lawrence is questionable for Sunday's game but with a high ankle sprain. He is on the practice field and he's dropping back. He's bouncing around, kind of throwing that football. So maybe ends up playing this week.

But to answer your question, I am going to go offside here. When you say the Jags need this win more than the Browns because it's like yes the Jaguars they have a one game cushion right now because they have eight wins and the teams behind them have seven wins inside the division and after this weekend the Colts may have eight and the Texans may have eight. But you get all even after this weekend and then Trevor comes back fully healthy you could still win that division. The Browns lose this game this weekend especially after the Steelers losing. Like you have some separation for that second spot in the AFC North and you don't have an automatic spot in with the division because the Ravens are going to win the division and on Browns lose this game they go to seven and six. Kind of feel the way that you do about the Steelers today where it's like uh-oh you have this great defense but you got nothing on offense and you're probably trending towards not making the playoffs. So when you ask me the Jags need this win more than the Browns I will go offside.

Now the six and six Broncos take on the five and seven Chargers in LA on Sunday with Denver just a half game back of the final playoff spot in the AFC. This is going to be a sloppy game like this is going to be a game I feel good about saying that this is going to be a good game in terms of the final score will be close and competitive but I do feel as if you're going to walk away from this game kind of how a five-year-old may feel walking away from the dinner table after having to eat like asparagus and brussel sprouts. Like there's going to be a fight it's going to be ugly there's going to be a lot of crying and they'll walk away because they got like a good dessert at the end or something but it's not going to be a pretty scene is what I'm saying. Okay that makes sense a little bit of a food fight with a delicious dessert so you walk away with a smile on your face but you're like man that wasn't worth the squeeze. Like your baby girl is what turning one soon right?

One on Tuesday. I feel like babies eat everything right? Yes and no she's picky but like you know babies love what they love and then you know they'll just kind of put whatever they can in their mouth and then if they really don't like it they'll spit it out. But she's not at like the age where she'll be like bleep you or something like that when she doesn't like something or like shut up which like a six or seven year old may say or throw a temper tantrum if you try to serve them like brussel sprouts or asparagus. Yeah this person doesn't like something she says mama dad dad baba.

Yeah and santor goes oh cute kid whatever the kid says. Now denver just snapped their five-game win streak with a loss last week against the chargers or the texans I'm sorry well the chargers broke their three-game losing streak with a win. Now on side off side you have more faith in the broncos over the next two years than the chargers. Now I know a lot has to do with the chargers next head coach because it won't be brennan's daily we don't think but just roster development and what this team is and what you think they can be more faith in the broncos moving forward in the chargers. A lot of people in denver they don't like when I say this but I do have more faith in the chargers because I'm still trying to figure out can Sean and Russell Wilson together be great they've displayed they can be good and I still think that roster has a long ways to go where I love the secondary and the secondary pieces for the denver broncos but I still think they have a lot of development and they need to bring in new players to put around Russell Wilson where the chargers I think it's as simple as you get a new competent coach in there and I think that will be an attractive job like Sean Payton wanted to go there and the chargers just wouldn't want to get rid of Brandon Staley he was on Fox all the time last year praising the chargers left and right you don't need to put two and two together to kind of figure out where he wanted to go last year but I love Herbert I love the talent around Herbert on both sides of the ball I really do believe everyone did not believe in Brandon Staley they tried to put up that front publicly that they did and this season you're kind of seeing the players realize that we're checking out because this coach just doesn't know what he's doing so I will still go with the more talented roster and that's the chargers even though the broncos have the stability right now with the head coach of a Sean Payton so when you ask me you have more faith in the broncos over the the chargers the next two years I will say offside offside now the Rams head to Baltimore to face the AFC's number one seed in the Ravens but Sean McVay's squad is riding a three-game win streak the Rams have the second youngest roster in the NFL which is surprising when I look that up because you think of all the old heads that are there despite the vets like you know Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford, Cooper Cupp and they really had no draft picks throughout the years yeah but they have a young roster my boy Puka Nakua now he's your boy he's my boy we go way back man me and Puka Puka Nakua yeah I remember we used to be on the slide together and like on the swing set yeah playing freeze tag in the yard your baby may take a Puka Nakua here and there and you got to change the diaper but come on Santa has gone from a jet fan to a chief fan to then also being boys of Puka Nakua I could be a chief fan and a Puka Nakua fan I just like the name and I like his style my father and my dad's best friend who I basically call my uncle uh Uncle Neil they they loved uh Deuce Staley when he played for the Eagles and uh my uh my my uncle uh Nate uh Neil would always be like I have to go drop a Deuce Staley that's where I kind of had the Puka Nakua reference as well uh so on side off side the Rams still can build a championship quality roster around Matthew Stafford at quarterback playoff team yes championship roster no um and that's why I go off side because I don't know how much longer Stafford's going to play with all these injuries and Aaron Donald right even though he's embracing playing longer now two years before that one foot in one foot out when it comes to retirement I like Puka Nakua a lot um and we'll see like I like Cooper Cup as well but it's like I don't know the rest of the team I think that team won a Super Bowl and now it's okay can you be sustainable moving forward but I don't think it's going to get back to championship form and also the coach I know he's there now but when is he going off to TV before he wants an easier lifestyle and then return in like six or seven years later so when you say the Rams can still build a championship roster around Matthew Stafford I will go offside offside now despite the drama around Sean McDermott and his ridiculous comments from 2019 the man oh he'll get booed the bills have a huge game in KC against the Chiefs by the way it's kind of tough for Sean McDermott now how do you give a speech ever again to the team like I know that this happened in 2019 and he's given a lot of speeches since then but now since everyone knows you're the guy that used 9-11 as a part of your speech and the terrorists in 9-11 and their communication skills and that's how you tried to motivate your team I almost feel as if you're banned from giving speeches ever again and that's tough to not give a speech ever again like you may need to get a speech coach like you know you have a hold me back coach for some of the crazy coaches you may need to get a motivational coach I don't want to go with that creep jack easterby who was like the uh the character coach in new england and then winds up running the uh the houston texans but you may need someone like that that is a motivational speaker and McDermott just says this is what I want to say and then there's a checks and balances in case if he starts like going through other terrible moments in history that he wants to use his motivation to get his team fired up and you have that person in the checks and balance world deliver the speech as well that'd be my advice to Sean McDermott unsolicited and listen after five more weeks it might not matter anyway with him and Buffalo I think he's back he should be fired but they love him there because Ty Dunn is right the Pegula family operates in fear of what the Bills used to be and I know like since they took over they've been very successful but I think they are fine with just being good and some people are fine with just being good and they're afraid to make the changes to to try to become great in the NFL well so the Bills obviously we know they're having a down year at six and six but their offense is fourth in the NFL in yards fifth in points while the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are eighth and eleventh in those same categories so onside offside you have more faith in Josh Allen and the Bills offense right now than Mahomes and the Chiefs offense you mean just for this Sunday no for this season right now like we're just talking about for this season Mahomes and the troubles they're having at wide receiver and all the other smaller issues are running back and that the offense is not really clicking yeah you have more faith in the Bills offense than the Chiefs offense it's weird I still could see the Chiefs being in the Super Bowl I don't even think the Bills are going to make the playoffs but when you talk about just the offense yeah I have more confidence on sides in the Bills offense than Mahomes and the Chiefs offense I'm not saying Allen's better than Mahomes but Allen is still a damn good quarterback and now he's getting back Dawson Knox he has Dalton Kincaid we know he has Stefan Diggs a top 5-10 receiver in the sport you got Gabe Davis as well and on Kansas City you got Travis Kelce who's not even having his best season but then all right Isaiah Pacheco's out this weekend and then after that it's like I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna that's what it is with the Chiefs so yeah I do trust the Bills offense more than Mahomes and the Chiefs offense right now on sides good question I know uh I wrote it the 75 cold see that's typical sample Carlos let me let me just try something with you Carlos you're doing a great job today great question that you just asked me what would your response be thanks there we go you know I don't I don't I need to hyperextend my arm you know pat myself on the back I don't have to pat myself in the back he patted it for me I'm just kind of we'll give Sampdier a belly rub who's a good boy who's good I'm a very good boy scratching my head we'll give you some of those uh spicy nuts that are in the newsroom those are my those are my spicy nuts the 75 Colts had to sense you to take on the six and six bangles and back with quarterback Jake Browning who's coming off a 354 yard two touchdown day in their win over Jacksonville onside offside the bangles can still make the playoffs with Jake Browning under center on sides and here's why I'm not saying Jake Browning is the guy or the dude but you have a great receiver in Jamar Chase and other good receivers when healthy in T. Higgins and Tyler Boyd you have a team that has a lot of you know I haven't won a championship but they know what it's like to play in the big games conference championship games and then also a Super Bowl and you have maybe the most underrated part of that team the defense continuing to be a strength the last three years where yeah we all talk about burrow and chase but that defense has been phenomenal the last two to three years under Luanna Rumo so in a year where okay you're six and six you go get three to four more wins that puts you in the can possibility of if you can make the playoffs now real quickly let me just pull up the bangle schedule here so we can look at the entirety of the schedule the uh the rest of the way they play the Colts this weekend 50-50 game Minnesota 50-50 game you know they can be Pittsburgh tough game against Kansas City and then you play Cleveland like there's not a game on the schedule outside of Kansas City because you know you don't have burrow that they can't win like they could win those I'm not saying they're win all those games but they could win Indianapolis Minnesota Pittsburgh and also Cleveland all right we got a couple more and the Steelers lost last night on Thursday Night Football we touched on this briefly throughout the show whiteout George Pickens was seen was seen pouting on the bench getting pissed off in the end zone and taking a playoff on a run that he was actually called out by Herb Street and Al Michaels now onside offside the Steelers should bench Pickens until he changes his attitude no I wouldn't because you have such a problem on offense even though he is annoyed right now and I don't know if his passion is even in the right place because it does seem like it's all about him him him him like if this was just done in a loss okay I get it but he has done this in a win as well which bothered me um a few weeks back and we talked about this but I wouldn't bench him because you need him as much as it sucks you need him because he's a heck of a player you got to use him more and your quarterbacks have been that bad so and and let's be real Mike Tomlin has also dealt with a lot worse he dealt with Antonio Brown I know Antonio Brown's a great player uh Chase Claypool you know was also more of a pain than George Pickens as well um and Tomlin usually finds a way to deal with that stuff and eventually you got to move on from a player and something like that and then you get more of the truth that does come out so when you say the Steelers should bench Pickens until he changes attitude I would go offside all right last one we talked about him as well Shohei Ohtani expected to make his decision maybe today maybe this weekend and finalists include the Dodgers, Angels, Giants, Cubs and Blue Jays where apparently he's headed to visit today maybe to sign a contract maybe to have a final meeting who knows the final deal is expected to be upwards of 600 million dollars for the two-way two-time MVP you know numbers could be closer to 500 million but who knows it's going to be monstrous onside offside the Cubs would be the best choice for Shohei Ohtani did Carlos uh write this question because he's a big Cubs fan he did not but you know we've been talking about the Dodgers and the West Coast and the Angels and the Giants for like you know as long as he's been in the league for now I kind of want something different send him somewhere else besides that West Coast I want to see him in a different program now in terms of him joining it joining a historical franchise absolutely it'd be cool to see him in the outfield of uh Wrigley Field and all that even though he probably won't be throwing anywhere this year and it'll just be a DH and all that stuff um and see and see him warm it up and stuff like that and have catch in the outfield of Wrigley Field but um no it wouldn't it wouldn't be the best choice like it pains me to say this but the Dodgers would be they're such a great team and they're in on it with Shohei Ohtani the Giants need a superstar as well and they've been a good team the last few years up and down I know they just got rid of their manager uh in Gabe Capler and the Blue Jays they have so many talented players too like that would even though a lot of people because we live in America be like oh he's going to Toronto oh my god why did he pick a team in America blah blah blah uh the Blue Jays would be a phenomenal choice as well so I think there's other options out there I would go uh offsides when you say the Cubs would be the best choice all righty this is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we got some picks to get to next on a football Friday Ryan Horvat from BetMGM tonight he will join us as we will continue our picks competition nobody wants a surprise in their jelly donut it's toothpaste that's because the middle is the most important part at Graybar we're at the middle of electrical and datacom jobs across the country connecting installers 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want to compete and he didn't want to do his job and go head to head with yours truly Ryan Horvat what's happened to my man it was like uh Lincoln Riley a couple weeks ago remember he missed a couple days of practice yeah things were really going south for usc no man um this is like I love my son I have a 10 year old son and I love him to death but unfortunately you know he goes to school with a bunch of other children and the germs anytime he gets sick I get sick and this time it was the big c which was fine it was like three days I had this bad head cold but then I lost my voice so it was championship week final college football show of the week or the season I should say couldn't even do it it was brutal but it's good to be back it's good to see your beautiful face Zach I gotta admit though man I'm a little depressed today I'm a Chicago Cubs fan and I uh I thought we actually I'm a we guy I thought they had a shot at uh Shohei Otani and it looks like he's gonna um end up being a Toronto Blue Jays so good for the fine folks out in Toronto good for the Blue Jay fans but uh life just not very fun yeah so one quick thing before we get to our NFL picks and we'll key up the music in just a second from the betting side of things like where has some of the most money been placed like what have been some of the real teams of interest just covering it from the gambling side that you see kind of behind the scenes that were picking up steam before you find out today that he's flying to Toronto and and the Blue Jays may actually be that destination yeah the two top teams pretty much you know all off season have been the Dodgers and then the Chicago Cubs and then all of a sudden here comes the Toronto Blue Jays and what was really telling was this morning when the Blue Jays were the co-favorites you know as far as the betting odds to win the World Series and I was like all right somebody has some information somebody knows something so you know those were the three teams um but you know everybody thought he was going to end up being a Dodger you know maybe the Cubs maybe the San Francisco Giants guys are the Giants yeah you know just because they threw all that money at Aaron Judge uh and missed out on Judge I thought maybe they would make a similar deal you know a bigger deal for Otani but yeah I don't think a lot of people expected this and then Seattle was the other team you know especially after All-Star Weekend when he said that he spent the last two off seasons in Seattle obviously they're building a nice ball club there but uh yeah I was actually shocked I have some breaking news for you I have breaking news on Otani right now now consider the source so I'm gonna say consider the source and the person it's coming from because this person is wrong a lot so John Marosi not the person I'm talking about he's saying the one that Otani's going to Toronto where he's flying there Bob Nightingale is now reporting Shohei Otani is not and not in all capital letters in Toronto Otani is not on a flight to Toronto Otani is home in Southern California so we got a reporter feud right now between John Marosi and Bob Nightingale and if I could play some odds here uh Ryan Horvat right now I put my money on John yeah yeah I uh I'm gonna go with John as well what we need is like Otani watch we need a camera following him until he makes this decision when's the last time I mean man it's been a couple of years as a Bulls fan you know I thought that um you go back to that free agent period where it was Dwayne Wade it was Chris Bosh and it was LeBron James everybody was waiting to see obviously it was LeBron James the decision that's what Otani should have done here because baseball I mean I'm a big baseball fan but they need to do a better job obviously marketing their players that would have been a great idea yeah but you're wrong on this here's why I'm fine with the secrecy because let's be real you know how the sports world works as big of a star as Otani is and I love Otani it's really like the only reason why we talk baseball throughout the year on CBS sports radio yeah are we Otani's going on a tour and it's public is anyone really talking about that when you have the football season going on and you had all the conference championship games last weekend as well I think this is us in the media Horvat where we're all like talking about what we want to have happen just for more content and you get all these uh curmudgeon baseball writers that have changed the way that you're thinking where they're like oh they're not giving me the story oh I'm not able to report and use my sources and they're all crying right now that's what this is yeah it's a good point I mean we got so much going on like you said we got the college football playoff people outraged about Florida State mid-season tournament Horvat come on it's a major event we care so much about it yeah that's a sour subject I bet the Bucks last night and it was looking good for a half but uh yeah yeah there's a lot going on right now all righty let's cue up the music give me my NFL music please and we will get to picks no college obviously this week uh with the conference championship games just ended and we're awaiting uh the bowl games let's start in the NFL this is a spread that scares scares the crap out of me but I'm not going to look too much in it it makes no sense Lions on the road how they're only a three-point favorite up against the Bears I know two weeks ago these teams just played I had the Lions in Survivor and the Lions are down like 12 or two minutes to go or three minutes ago and they pulled a rabbit out of the hat and they won Lions minus three it's probably a sucker bet but I'm a sucker when it comes to gambling and that's why I lose more than I win but I don't care this is a three point spread I cannot trust the Chicago Bears uh give me the Lions laying the three oh it is my lucky day because we're going head to head right away this is where I was gonna start I'm going with the Bears now I grabbed the Bears at three and a half anything over a field goal at three here we could split but I kind of want to see the Bears win this game outright and I don't think that sounds too crazy right now like you said they were up double digits just a couple weeks ago probably should have beat Detroit in Detroit now you have Jared Goff who I love Jared Goff in Detroit we're all big Ben Johnson fans but now you get Jared Goff on the road you get Jared Goff in the conditions you're gonna have some wind maybe some some rain hopefully the weather it looked like we were going to be in the mid 30s you know with some wind the weather's looking a little bit better right now but it's still Jared Goff on the road the Lions are going to want to run the ball the problem is the Bears run defense actually top 10 something that nobody's talking about and then on the offensive side of the ball you have Justin Fields playing for his job you know you have Matt Eberflus coaching for his job I actually like Chicago at Soldier Field maybe even to win this game outright definitely plus three so we'll go head to head here all righty I like it Ryan Horvat with us from BetMGM tonight via BeckQL my next play it's also probably another one where you look at it and you go this is too good to be true and maybe I'll end up being wrong I know Zach Wilson's coming back for the Jets that's not a real positive the Texans right now are seven and five I know they just lost tank Dell for the season but you got CJ Stroud who is off to a historical start and is going to win offensive rookie of the year and he's playing some of the best rookie ball that we've ever seen from a quarterback but more importantly you got a defense now with the Texans that's starting to get good at the right time Will Anderson Jr who joined us earlier in the week had a breakout performance with two sacks stingling at the two interceptions as well last week I will trust D'Amico Ryan CJ Stroud and Will Anderson to get the job done up against Robert Sala Zach Wilson but a good Jets defense it could be close it could be sloppy but I like the Texans win by a touch I only need them to win by four points give me the Texans laying the three and a half points I'm with you I like that one as well and I kind of want the Jets to lose out and I kind of want Robert Sala in Green Bay as the defensive coordinator replacing Joe Berry you know the relationship with him and Matt LaFleur I'm just throwing that at the way now hold on you're out of your mind oh what are you doing Iowaska now all of a sudden Aaron Rodgers controls if Robert Sala comes back or not so let's just say Aaron Rodgers listens and hears everything is now hearing you talk about Robert Sala be the defensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers next year go pack go Aaron Rodgers just said oh no to that now you could lock it up Robert Sala not going anywhere as the head coach of the Jets he'll be back next season hey I'm a Rodgers guy but look what he's doing to that organization Allen Lazar to healthy scratch the last couple weeks Randall Cobb hasn't done much bad GM done much Billy Turner who knows maybe Nathaniel Hackett will take over as head coach all right I'm gonna go with a chalky favorite here okay I'll go with the Baltimore Ravens they're seven and a half point favorites I don't love the number but I love the matchup and again we're gonna have some weather and we also get John Harbaugh off the bye here 12 and 3 with Baltimore off the bye Ravens man I like this Baltimore team a lot the only problem is so they lead the NFL in point differential the first three quarters of football games and then they're outside the top 20 in the fourth quarter they just have to get better closing games it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense because they have that run game they have a really strong defense but I like this matchup you know the Rams have won three straight but look who they beat a beat up Brown's team you know they beat the Seahawks and Gino got knocked out of that game they beat the Cardinals and now you have the Ravens and their defensive coordinator Mike McDonald with 14 days to prepare for this offense probably going to play a little bit more man coverage it's Stafford on the road that offensive line give me Baltimore laying the seven and a half yeah that's a savvy pick because I think a lot of people are going to look at that like Seattle or Detroit a few weeks back when they were going to Baltimore and it's like oh you have a solid team in the Rams you know six and a half seven and a half points they're begging you to take uh the Ravens plus the points and it does kind of feel like the Rams are going to lose that game by uh 10 points I like that play by Ryan Horvat all right and finally I don't like betting against this man and when I only need him to win by two points I should probably pick him but Isaiah Pacheco is now out Drew Tranquil is now out Byron Cook is now out Donovan Smith is out as well everyone's slamming the the bills this week deservedly so coming off the loss coming off the bye week you have McDermott and the dumb uh quote about 9 11 going viral from 2019 like there's a lot of distractions for the bills it doesn't make a lot of sense to pick the bills but the chief's offense has not been good this year we know the bills could put up points um and a lot of people probably going to lay the point with the chiefs at home I like the bills on the money line but in this case of what we do I will take Buffalo plus the one point but they'll win the game outright all right since I took a chalky favorite now I have to take the ugliest of all ugly dogs this weekend and I'm gonna have to go with the New York Giants I wanted a seven it's at six and a half going against Green Bay here so it's going to be one of the two primetime Monday night games I hate the two back-to-back games the doubleheader I should say uh so I want to call it a standalone game for the Giants this is pretty much their Super Bowl right like the goal for the Giants should be lose out and get your quarterback in the future because it's not Daniel Jones but Tommy DeVito right now is playing with house money Brian Dabel Mike Kafka you know we saw this matchup last year with Aaron Rodgers it was a London game October 9th and the Giants won that game outright because Brian Dabel actually out coach Matt LaFleur I think the Packers win this game but you know the look ahead line was two and a half now we're out to six and a half and I know Green Bay's look good the last couple weeks but now we're asking them to win by margin win by a full touchdown on the road I'm actually going to take the points with the Giants I mean what else do they have to play for the rest of the season after this game when it's prime time and everybody's going to watch so I'll take the points there with New York six and a half so you're all into the Tommy Cutlets that's what you're telling me oh yeah he's one of the best stories in the NFL right all righty here are the picks this week Horvat's taking the Giants plus six and a half the Ravens laying seven and a half and the Bears plus three yours truly goes with the Lions laying three the Texans laying three and a half and the Bills winning the game outright at plus one uh one more thing I'll ask you just a quick question here because you like sloppy ugly games like you just described with the Giants and the Packers what about the Panthers and the Saints this week the Saints are a six-point favorite we have no clue what the status of Derek Carr is going to be uh do you plus the points with the Panthers this week and just think this will be somehow a three-point game even though the spread is Saints minus six points all right so the Panthers right now are on my good side because they actually covered the number but they are it was not comfortable and they are not there it's not fun betting on the Panthers no it's not only that they struggle to score points get on the board on the board but they struggled across the 50-yard line like to get into the red zone so it's ugly but I would only bet Carolina in this spot right now I'm just not impressed with the Saints I actually think it might be an upgrade if Carr can't go in this game he hasn't been very good this season you know the defense is fine I like Chris Alave but they've got a huge letdown I mean they were huge favorites minus 165 minus 175 I believe to win the NFC south now they have the third best odds which is crazy to see um by the way I like what you just did there David Carr earlier this week was saying oh Jaylen Hurts should be bench for Marcus Mariota so you go after Carr's brother and we know the Carr family is very sensitive and you're like oh play Jamis Winston over Derek Carr I like that that's a savvy move by you I just you know like I love a good hot take I thought that one was a little bit too hot right Jaylen's not playing perfect football right now but he's clearly the better option than Marcus Mariota in the year 2023 Zach but uh yeah man I mean I just Carr hasn't looked very good this season um in fact it's like he's like the king of the stat padding in the fourth quarter the dinking and dunking yeah he's over saints they've been a huge letdown man but Carolina not a good football team but I would take the points with them anything over four and a half I do like the panthers he is Ryan Horvath from BetMGM tonight via Beck QL I may have to send you some bubble wrap or get your hazmat suit because I can't have you keep on getting sick all right I promise that's the last time no well we won't have Horvath next week that's for sure he's definitely getting sick he's playing a crazy game there there he is Ryan Horvath from BetMGM tonight uh make sure you listen to him each and every day via Beck QL alrighty we'll wrap up shop next update time first here he is the act man Rich Ackerman we'll get your ask the pros question in just a second it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven let's go to Michael in Ohio next up on CBS Sports Radio Mike my main man what's happening what's going on Zach how are you now I'm doing sensational so what you're annoyed at me what's going on here now first off uh I want to congratulate you that was a great win in the horseshoe uh you guys made the plays when you needed to make the plays didn't drop interceptions you did what you had to do first win in the horseshoe since I think 2000 that was a great a great win for them but why are you so annoyed with the end crossing out we've been doing that forever yeah but like when you lose three straight and Michigan has you know two out of those three years dominated you and uh this year with being so personal with it being on the line and then you you lose again I don't know I kind of think it's like minor league I kind of think it's a weak sauce I heard bush league I hear you but I mean from 2012 to 2019 we beat Michigan eight times in a row we still did it yeah and then in 2020 when Michigan didn't want to come to the horseshoe to play Justin Fields, CJ Stroud, Chris Alave, Garret Wilson, Jack Smith, and Jifba yeah probably would have been nine in a row but I don't know like put it this way in 2016 our governor John Kasich the uh the week of Michigan he crossed out all the M's on he's the governor now we're following politicians dude come on what are we doing Mike he's just sucking up to get your vote we know what he was doing back in the day that's whenever politicians interject themselves in sports it always uh goes the wrong way like there was a politician um he was either I forget I forget what his title was Menino uh in Boston and he would all mayor mayor of Boston he would always he would always get it wrong all the time he would like call Vince Woolfork like Vince Woolspoon or something like that the best was when he said that Veritek kicked the game winning field goal for the Patriots or he would call he would call Gronk honk gunk yeah he never got it right so come on but let me tell you you're down and out you are upset you are wounded from what Michigan has done to your program once again all I'm saying is maybe if you start showing a little bit more respect and not just calling on that team up north and not crossing out the great M you guys would have some good karma come your way in the football world but let me get your uh let me get your opinion on this what are you going to say if Cam Ward transfers to Ohio State and Marvin Harrison comes back and Emeka Ibuka comes back we have the number one player in the country are you sniffing glue are you sniffing glue again Marvin Harrison Jr ain't coming back you don't think so no zero percent chance he's the best he I love Marvin Harrison Jr I do too he may be the best player in this draft he is definitely though the best non-quarterback in this draft and and you know what I'm a fair man see like unlike you who it's just Buckeye this Buckeye that Gelb's an idiot Gelb's uh you know just slam the Buckeyes you're smart you're a very smart guy watch I'm teasing with you but I predicted the other day in a tweet that has gone viral that Cam Ward is going to the Ohio State Buckeyes I think that's I think that would be a good move for for Ryan Day and we'll see how he'll uh uh put up good stats with the quarterback and still won't be able to beat Michigan like what he did with CJ Strad CJ Strad had 40 something touchdowns twice and he couldn't beat Michigan that's on the coach that's on crying day you're exactly right all righty Michael you're exactly right well I'll see you in the horseshoe this year because we have cell phone cell phone reception in Columbus you think I'm going there oh you're not going to come down there I don't know maybe potentially I I wouldn't rule it out but I can't commit that far in advance you can sit with me oh that would be fun that would be fun let's do it yeah I got free tickets this year but uh um you know I would definitely be down to uh potentially make a trip but I have not got to uh Thanksgiving weekend yet of next year you know maybe you want to call back into the summer and get me to commit to that that could be a possibility but good job I like Mike uh Mike does a very good job whenever he calls this show and interacts on the YouTube chat uh it's time to answer ask the pros question of the day brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts we have a question from Pat Boyle's father now not actually Pat Boyle's biological father but just a Twitter account Pat Boyle's father what the heck were the Patriots thinking last night I have never been so annoyed off a win hashtag ask the pros yeah I think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts uh he's right what were the Patriots thinking I wanted to tank tank tank tank and more tank because I wanted the best draft pick possible um but with that being said it always goes to my point we may say owners are trying to tank but players aren't and Belichick is still as much as people want to dance on his grave this uh season capable of winning any game in the NFL through his defense and the Steelers had no offense and they got a little jolt from Bailey Zappi and away you go uh the Patriots win the game last night but I was not a fan of that victory even though I am a Patriot fan and it's also like Samter you've probably been in this position before because you used to root for the Jets where the team has been so uh lethargic and so putrid and you know losing is better but naturally as a fan like you watch the game you still see your team during those 60 minutes you forget about the tanking but last night those were weird emotions because oh wow the Patriots offense is finally doing something and you know that it's going to end up hurting you in the long run because you want the best draft position possible yeah I find that in fantasy sports also sometimes I find myself rooting for my team or against my team when I want them to tank and or win because like I have the other guy you know at Gronk is going against the Jets yeah it's tough but listen at the end of the day you want what's best for your favorite team and if what's best for your favorite team is to lose and get a top two draft pick that's not rooting against your team you're just rooting for a different type of result so I'm okay with it and it's tough when you get caught up in the moment and you see your team scoring 21 points when you and I thought the score would be 9-3 or at least I thought the score would be 9-3 yesterday yeah but you know you find yourself in moments of weakness and you uh you uh give up on it now I'm not a great gambler but you know what I should start doing anytime Santa says no way like are you crazy are you stupid we should just go the other way because yesterday when I was like 14 to 3 and everyone in America was saying oh under under under under 30 and a half under under under under I've done gambling enough I have been able to gamble long enough in my life where I should have known that was the easiest over ever like that was definitely going to be an over and the craziest thing is I mean Vegas is always three steps ahead of us right so when they put the over under at 30 and we're like the Patriots haven't scored more than 10 points they haven't given up within 10 points in three straight games plus they're going against Trubisky plus that Steelers defense there's no way either of these teams are going to score points what we saw last night was shocking yeah shocking and they got all these suckers like me to do parlays up under and anytime defensive touchdown for the Steelers lock of the century we're all going to be rich at almost plus two thousand and wrong on both and I thought of those two things the more likely scenario was going to be the under as opposed to the anytime Steelers touchdown I'll be honest all righty this is Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio I will be at the Heisman Trophy presentation tomorrow so if you want to follow along on social media at Zach Gelb I'll get you some behind the scenes content can you interview somebody to make sure you're in the next documentary as well oh like what I did with Manti Taylor he was talking to me about his girlfriend that never actually died or existed uh yeah potentially uh but the four finalists are Michael Pennix Jr, Bo Nix, Jayden Daniels, and the Marvin Harrison Jr. we all know Marvin Harrison Jr. as long as he health is healthy he's going to be a stud in the NFL um I do not think Bo Nix is going to be a good pro quarterback I think Michael Pennix Jr. can be serviceable but the guy that I think is not getting enough love is Jayden Daniels like Jayden Daniels probably gonna win the Heisman Trophy tomorrow he's the odds-on favorite uh what he did from a passing standpoint is sensational but then he also had 1100 rushing yards and in this age of wanting to have mobility at your quarterback position plus he does have a lot of experience going back to when he was at Arizona State as well Jayden Daniels is someone that we've been caught up in Caleb Williams and Drake May and it's been Caleb Williams and Drake May Caleb Williams and Drake May it was the best quarterback in the country I agree with Kurt Curbstreet earlier today did talk about how on the Pat McAfee show how uh Jayden Daniels may be the most slept on prospect and could be the biggest steal of the draft and as like a Patriot fan I kind of looked at it as yeah if you get Caleb Williams the number one overall pick you know you're going to take him that's what you're going to do but maybe you bring back Belichick you take Marvin Harrison Jr. at two or three and then with that early second round pick maybe Jayden Daniels is still there or you use that to move back up into like the 20 or uh in the back end of the first round and you get Jayden Daniels as well uh so something I thought of but I think Jayden Daniels is gonna be a really good pro and uh excited to attend the Heisman Trophy for another year uh coming up tomorrow so uh have a great weekend everybody um appreciate you listening all throughout the week I'll be on Eye on Football on Sunday for eight hours Carlos Ortiz will be joining me as well on Eye on Football as he does each and every week producing the extravaganza starting at noon eastern 9 a.m pacific and then we'll be back on Monday to recap all the craziness from the Heisman Trophy, Army Navy, good luck to both those fine institutions and then also uh we will be back recapping another week in the National Football League with two Monday Night Football games to bring talk to you at 3 p.m eastern noon pacific on Monday everybody we out 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