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Is Bama Most Feared Team? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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December 6, 2023 5:08 pm

Is Bama Most Feared Team? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 6, 2023 5:08 pm

Buying Stocks In These NFL Teams I Ross Tucker, Host of the Ross Tucker Podcast I Zach Wilson Starting Again


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That's right. It is the Zach Gelb show. Coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio.

Ross Tucker going to stop by 20 minutes from now. And then in an hour 20 from now, we'll go around the college football landscape, delve into the transfer portal. A lot of big quarterbacks names are already in the portal with Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports college football analyst.

Alrighty. Let me start with three NFL teams that I'm buying stock for the rest of the season on. And then we'll get into a little Alabama being potentially the most feared team in the college football playoff. Number one will be the Miami Dolphins.

Now, people may say, Zach, a real big bold of you. The Miami Dolphins, they are the number one seed in the AFC right now. And you look at Miami, they already have nine wins.

You're buying stock now? Well, I bought stock in them for most of the season. I picked them to win the AFC East before the year did start.

But as of late, and this narrative may be out there because of me and others, and it's just the factual part of this conversation. You look at the Dolphins and they are a team that has defeated a lot of bad teams, but then we're going up against good teams or teams that we thought were going to be good, like Buffalo. You have Kansas City clearly in the mix there.

The Eagles clearly in the mix there. They're 0-3 against those teams. Well, down the stretch, Miami plays Tennessee on Monday, they'll kill them. They play the Jets on the 17th, they'll kill them.

Bad teams. But then they end the season with the Cowboys, the Ravens, and then the Buffalo Bills. I think the Dolphins are going to go 4-1 down the stretch. I think they beat Tennessee, I think they beat the Jets, and then they take 2 out of 3 with the Cowboys, the Ravens, and the Buffalo Bills. And by the end of the season, we will look at Miami, where right now, even though my Take 5 rankings may not suggest this, but I'm saying what a lot of people will say, that the two teams that they feel most confident in to get to the Super Bowl right now would be the Chiefs and the Ravens and the AFC. And I have a feeling when the postseason starts, because of the fear that that offense has with their high octane offense, we'll be looking at the Miami Dolphins as a force to be reckoned with for the playoffs.

Number two. Go Pack Go! The Green Bay Packers were a team, or I'm just going to be honest with people, I didn't have the Cajones before the start of the season to pick them to make the playoffs. When I talked about the Packers, I said it wouldn't surprise me if that's a team that makes the playoffs, and I was on the verge of picking them.

But then, when push came to shove, I didn't put them as one of my seven teams in the playoffs. But now Green Bay is on a three-game winning streak, not just winning back-to-back games, now on a three-game win streak, taking down the Chargers, the Lions, and the Kansas City Chiefs. And that game against Kansas City was enormous for them.

And now they have a little fun kind of aura to them. They'll play the Giants coming up on Monday, they'll crush the Giants, then you play Tampa Bay, should be a win, you play Carolina, should be a win, and then you wrap up the season with the Minnesota Vikings and the Bears. There's not a game on their schedule. I'm not saying at 6-6 they're going to win all these games, but there's not a game on their schedule for the Green Bay Packers that they can't win.

And it always doesn't work out that way, especially even though Love is in his first year in the league, it's his first two years as a starting quarterback. Like they may lose a game where Jordan Love doesn't play great that they were expected to win, but I got a feeling that this team is going to get three more wins, bare minimum, with their remaining schedule. And they get three more wins, they're going to be a playoff team. Because you get to nine wins on the season, you will make the postseason this year in the NFC.

You get to ten, you'll be a lock. So I like the Packers now with a solid defense, and we saw that defense set up against Mahomes and company, and we'll see where the health is with Christian Watson. You're going to hopefully get Aaron Jones back, and Love is starting to play some of his better football. Like the Packers, I'm not saying it's going to get to this level of being elite the next year, but the Packers right now are reminding me of who the Lions were at the end of last season. Where they got off to a slow start, they were rocky out of the gate, but then after November and after Thanksgiving, they start to take off and they end the season on a really positive note. Now for the Lions, they beat the Packers last year, Aaron Rodgers' final game at Lambeau Field, and even with that victory, it wasn't enough to get into the postseason. I think there's going to be three or four more wins, bare minimum, on their five games remaining on their schedule, and they will find a way into the postseason this year, so I like where the Packers are going. And then finally, the last team that I'll buy stock on, it's the Houston Texans, and I alluded to this yesterday, and now I will just go out and fully say it. The Houston Texans are going to have 12 wins. The Texans are going to end the season on a six-game winning streak. The Texans are going to win the AFC South. CJ Stroud's going to be the offensive rookie of the year.

D'Amico Ryans is going to be the coach of the year. And CJ Stroud, I don't think he'll win the MVP. I think it should go to Tyreek Hill.

I don't know if it will go to Tyreek Hill, but there's going to be a big MVP push for CJ Stroud. Because you look at their remaining games, and sure, same thing can be said for Jordan Love, and I think CJ Stroud has a higher ceiling than Jordan Love, but maybe when you're a young quarterback, you lose a game when you're a young team that you're not expected to lose the end up happening. But down the stretch, the Texans' schedule, they play the Jets, they stink, they play Tennessee, they play Cleveland, they play Tennessee, and they play Indianapolis. Like maybe you lose a game to Tennessee, because sometimes you just split divisional games. And the Colts have been a heck of a story with Gardner Minshew, and now without Jonathan Taylor as well. Maybe Jonathan Taylor's back for that final game of the season.

But I love what I'm seeing from the Texans. Will Anderson Jr., starting to play like he's a number three overall pick. He joined us yesterday.

CJ Stroud, yeah, there's going to be an adjustment after losing Tankdale, but I love just how confident and I love the leader that CJ Stroud is. And D'Amico Ryan just has a certain energy to him. And they called him Mufasa when he was a player in the NFL.

He was an extra coach on the field with the Texans or with the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm buying a lot of stock with the Houston Texans right now. I think they'll end the year on a six-game win streak, they'll have 12 wins, and they will be the AFC South champions. So those are three teams that I'm buying stock in on right now.

The Dolphins, the Packers, and the Houston Texans. Alrighty, let's get a little college football here before we go to Ross Tucker coming up in about 10, 12 minutes or so. Alabama. The Alabama conversation, moving past should they have been in the college football playoff, did Florida State get screwed, moving past all that conversation that we've had on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

I'll ask you the simple question. This is not, is Alabama the best team in college football? But is Alabama the most feared team in college football? And with the four teams remaining, I don't get how anyone can get in front of a microphone and not say that Alabama is the most feared team remaining.

Not the best, but the most feared team remaining. You have the legendary coach, the greatest college football coach of all time in Nick Saban, doing one of his best coaching jobs ever. You have a dominant defense and you have a quarterback that everyone gave up on earlier in the season. And now that quarterback, even though he's not this well-finished product, he is a good and a solid quarterback now with what he is doing.

And he could kill you in the run game as well. I don't see how anyone would say that Texas, who beat Alabama by 10 this year in Tuscaloosa, how Washington, and I have all the respect in the world for Kalen DeBoer and Michael Penix Jr. and Kalen DeBoer's lost like what, seven or eight games in his career, and his two years at Washington, he only has two losses in there by eight points or less. Even Michigan, with Jim Harbaugh and a team that has experience, a team that's been in the last two college football playoffs.

I don't see how anyone could right now make the case that Alabama out of the four teams remaining, not the best, but how they're not the most feared team in the country. Because we all thought they were dead. We all thought they were dunzo.

We all had the fat lady singing in week two. It was over. They were finished.

Their chances of getting to the playoff were shot. And even when it got glim at some times, even when you thought for a little bit that they were going to lose the game, and there was times where maybe a talk show host speaking into the microphone right now may have tweeted out that their season's on life support and their debate and pulling the plug and they're about to pull that plug. Alabama, they found a way to rise from the dead. Alabama was the undertaker in the casket to go a little WWE on you as I see the undertaker. Well, yeah, it was the undertaker. I was going to say the big show, but it wasn't the big show. It was the undertaker who was handing out that championship belt at the Big 12 championship game.

But you had the undertaker rise from the casket, rise from the coffin. And now everyone's looking at that schedule. And everyone is saying, Bama's the 14th? They put Bama in? And doesn't it kind of feel? And I'll hold off on my predictions.

I still don't know which way I'm going to go. But everyone right now, whether they want to admit it or not, is thinking, man, isn't the college football playoff committee going to be proven true? Isn't the villain of Saban and the villain of Alabama going to rise back up and snatch the throne back? Because we've seen in this Alabama dynasty, there's been some teams that have taken the cape for a little bit. Alabama's been a generous host. They've said, Clemson, you can run around with the Superman cape for a little bit. Oh, Georgia, we'll have David Pollock get up with Nick Saban on the championship game set last year and say Alabama's basically dead and now Georgia runs college football. We'll let you have your run for two years, and we'll beat you in the SEC title game. Alabama allows some teams to go a little bit of a run. And Ohio State as well. They can get beat from sometimes.

But when you stir that pasta sauce, you can have some other ingredients, but we all know what the best ingredient is that rises to the top. And in college football, even when you think they're going to the bottom, they find a way to get to the top, and that's Alabama. And they have that fear factor. And all the other three teams, Michigan will even, look at the Michigan room, when they announce, all righty, the fourth seed is going to be Alabama. It was, oh, we wanted it to be Florida State. And people could spin it. Oh, they were just shocked like everybody else because they thought Florida State was going to get in.

No. That's coming from someone who is a Michigan fan. Even the Michigan players, they could say whatever they want right now. They were hoping it was Florida State. Doesn't mean on game day that they're going to be intimidated by Alabama and they can't win the game. But they knew the easier road travel, Sam, was the Florida State Seminoles with Jordan Travis out popping up on that four spot, and they did it. And even if it was Texas, right, they would have preferred anybody else except for Georgia or Alabama. And that's what I was waiting to say as soon as you were done talking about the fear factor of Alabama. The reaction in that room was a deflated Michigan team who said we have busted our butts all year long, steamrolled everybody, beat everybody, and our prize is to play Alabama in the first round of the college football playoff. Alabama.

No, thank you. And like you said, the Jalen Milro and the Alabama team of earlier in the season that lost to Texas ain't the same. It's not the same team. Jalen Milro has figured it out, right? He's good.

He's he's solid like he still could do a lot better in the throwing department. But there is someone that there is now a confidence with Jalen Milro with the Alabama fan were earlier in the year. They were making Nick Saban against South Florida, right?

And their their backup quarterbacks were even worse. And now there's going to be a lacrosse player now back in Notre Dame. I read they got Tyler Buckner at the end of the day, Jalen Milro. I think he's a little bit better than serviceable. I think he's. Oh, yeah, sure. I think he's a potential.

Yeah. I mean, if he stays around for another year or two, he could be in the house. Be back next year. He'll be back next year. Now, I could see him in the Heisman conversation. He was starting to scream two weeks ago, like, give me the Heisman Trophy. You didn't earn the trophy. One.

I mean, come on. That's a pretty respectable at that moment. That was the that was the play of the season. That was the Heisman play of the season.

Wasn't I? But I think, though, when he's maybe that wasn't the first time then that he said, give him the Heisman Trophy. If he did so after the Auburn game, maybe I missed it.

But I thought it was the week prior where I remember him. Well, no, it was after that play where he was screaming on the field, give me the Heisman, give me the Heisman. But it was right after that play. I mean, it was literally he he threw that ball. The touchdown scored and then the cameras rolled to him. Yeah.

And he's running around. Give me the Heisman. That was some touchdown. That was really it's still crazy. I thought he let that happen. I don't know what I'm still more shocked about. That we had a fourth and goal at the thirty one or that they got the touchdown. Like, what's more surprising to you in that situation, the touchdown or that it was fourth and goal at the thirty one? The touchdown.

I mean, I guess you're right. But I've never seen fourth and goal at the thirty one. Like, you know, that score gummy thing whenever there's a crazy score that's ever happened before that that count goes out score gummy. I've never seen fourth and goal at the thirty one. It was nine on five, nine defenders and five receivers. And he was wide open. It wasn't like it was a Hail Mary jump ball.

He threw it to the back of the end on the guy was just open. It was wild, terrible defense by Auburn may have put Hugh Freeze back in that hospital bed where he's got a coach from when he was at Liberty with how dreadful that was. All right.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. One more thing that I'll just say. Michigan fans, though, because I have a bunch of buddies that are Michigan fans. They're like, God, Alabama. Ah, the committee really screwed us. Let me just remind you, Michigan fans. You were the same Michigan fans last year that were already secure in your national championship game reservations when you got TCU. Now, this is now the third year of you guys getting into the college football playoff. I don't care who the opponent is. You got to find a way with the experience that you have and how well rounded your team is to get to that national championship game, regardless if it's up against Alabama or not. You know that it is. All right, we'll take a break here on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio.

One of my favorite football analysts in the country, former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker will join us next. It helps get your groceries. Your first three deliveries are free.

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Save time and money on mailing and shipping. Get started at today with code program for a four week trial, free postage and a digital scale. Alrighty, this is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Now joining us is the host of the Ross Tucker football podcast, and you can check him out on social media at Ross Tucker NFL and Ross always comes to us on behalf of my front page and go get the best gift ever right before Christmas Hanukkah all the holidays as well. Ross Tucker, how are you, my friend? I'm doing great. Dude, you're looking jacked Zach. You look awesome.

Thank you. I would say that you're looking awesome too, but you're wearing a Penn State shirt. What the heck is going on with you? What do you want me to wear?

I don't know. Go back to Princeton. I go back to any other team in college football. Like I love Pat Kraft, but come on to James Franklin.

I can't support him. You know what, first of all, I live in central Pennsylvania. Secondly, I think at some point, Franklin or Penn State actually gave this to me. I don't think I actually bought it.

I think I got it like in a gym bag or something. And thirdly, dude, I wear prints and stuff pretty much every day to the point where it's obnoxious. And I'm taking my daughters to and from hip hop class tonight.

And I don't want the other parents to be like, oh my gosh, this dude's wearing prints and stuff again. I'm like the guy that wants to make sure everybody knows that I went to Harvard every time I go to school. So I'm trying to not be that guy tonight. Yeah, I do always feel very dumb when I talk to you because you're just at a different intelligence level than yours. Not at all. Not at all. Listen, I was a football meathead way before football helped me get into Princeton for school.

Way before that. Ross Tucker here with us. Get him back to the football. Eagles get blown out by the 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field. Now they have a game up against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football in Jerry's World on a scale of one to ten. No concern at all. Ten all the concern in the world. Where's your concern level with the Eagles right now? Probably, it's a good question.

Probably about a three or a four. So I lean more towards not being overly concerned. Now, that's not the same as saying that I think that they're going to win the game necessarily or that they're going to, you know, go on another run here. Because this is a really tough spot for them, Zach. I mean, you know, this would be a win that the Eagles would be a really nice win for the Eagles. Let's be honest. The Cowboys have to win this game.

Yeah. Like to have a realistic chance to get to their first NFC Championship game since 1996. I think if you're the Cowboys, you pretty much have to win this game. Because the wildcard road is just so tough, Zach, right? I mean, you know, three road playoff games as opposed to the Eagles, you know, they're still battling it out, obviously, for that number one seed, which I personally, I think they overdid it.

I think they overweighted it. I think two home playoff games for the number one seed as opposed to having to play three games, including one on the road with the number two seed. I mean, Zach, they might have the same record, right? Like Niners, Eagles or whoever, they might have the same record.

And the path for those two teams is so different, it bothers me. So I still think the Eagles are a really good team. I thought they would lose to the Niners. Not sure I thought they would lose in the manner in which they did, but I thought they would run out of gas and lose the game.

That's what happened. The Dallas point that you bring up, you're right. Like, the game mattered for the 49ers more up against the Eagles, and now it matters more for Dallas because there's a few teams this year, like the Lions, the Dolphins. You know, I'll throw the Cowboys in there as well. They all have really good records, but when they go up against that next step, it's like, hmm, are they really ready to be a great team in the NFL, even though the record indicates they are? And to your point, Zach, those teams, they haven't really shown for the most part, we can go through, I know the Lions beat the Chiefs in the opener, and I'm sure the Cowboys have a good win at some point, but for the most part, those teams have not beaten good teams. So, to think that if they're not the number one seed, that they can then go and win three games against good teams seems unlikely, right? Like, who's picking the Dolphins if they're not the number one seed to go to the Super Bowl?

Probably nobody. Same with the Cowboys. Like, we haven't really seen these teams beat a really good team, let alone three really good teams in consecutive weeks to believe that they're going to do that. People will still end up picking, you know, maybe the Chiefs or the Ravens or, you know, the Eagles or the Niners. Ross Tucker here with us. Ross, Tyree killed through 13 weeks of the season, is on pace for over 2,000 yards, over 130 catches and 17 touchdowns.

I don't have an MVP vote, but if I did, he would get my vote right now. What says you? I'm okay with that. Yeah, I'm okay with that. I think the interesting thing about that is, is he more valuable than Tua Tungovailoa on his own team?

And I would submit to you that he probably is. Now, the problem with that is a lot of times that's a product of who else on the roster. Like if you had a great backup quarterback, then maybe Tua is not as valuable. And I don't know how you feel about Mike White or Skylar Thompson or whatever.

And obviously my whole thing is this. If you were playing the Dolphins and you're a defensive coordinator, would you rather them be without Tua or be without Tyreek? Tyreek. And I would submit to you, I think that they would rather the Dolphins not have Tyreek.

I think they'd rather deal with Tua and the other guys as opposed to Mike White, but they have Tyreek Hill because he's just so scary. And you have to account for him and everything you do and make the annual does an unbelievable job of getting him open and getting him in these situations where he's a game wrecker. He is an absolute game changer. It's funny because there's a lot of momentum now for Purdy as MVP, Zach. I'm fine with that.

I think he's excellent. But I also kind of wonder, like if you ask the Niners players, if it's Purdy or McCaffrey, I'm not sure they would all say Purdy. Like if you ask them who's the most valuable player on your offense, I don't know that they would all say Purdy. I think some of them might say McCaffrey. Well, it's funny that you bring up McCaffrey because when I had did this take yesterday, I said Tyreeks by MVP. And if it's not Tyreek, it would then be Christian McCaffrey.

But you know what? This has become there hasn't been a quarterback to not win the MVP since 2012. It now just goes to ever the quarterback is for MVP. And then offensive player of the year is the best non quarterback. Yeah. And I don't know when we all decided that, right?

Like I'm actually okay with it. Like if we just, we just put it out there, but you can't have the MVP be a quarterback and like the MVP voting. The top four will be quarterbacks usually. Right. And maybe not this year, but usually, but then the offensive player of the year will be like Justin Jefferson or Tyree kill. So let me get this straight. So the guy that got second and MVP voting isn't the offensive player of the year or the MVP himself isn't the offensive player of the year, but somehow we all just kind of go along with it and be like, yeah, it's kind of funny. And I'll take it a step further. Ross Tucker.

I think you could make a case. One of these teams make the playoffs and they stay healthy, which I know miles Garrett's dealing with an injury, miles Garrett and TJ. What by the definition of the MVP, I don't know how many players are more valuable than them this year. Cause both of those teams don't have a quarterback. It's a very good point. And I think when miles, especially is banged up for the Browns, you see that really look at the record for both those teams without those guys.

It's actually remarkable because usually like, you know, I have a betting podcast, the even money betting podcast. Right. And usually Zach defensive players, non quarterback, they don't really move the betting line that much.

You know what I mean? Like maybe a half a point where as quarterbacks, it can be a four or five, six point swing. But you would think at this point, based on the body of work that we have, that there would be a difference in the, in the point spread a significant one. If TJ watt and miles Garrett, weren't playing, I'd love to know what it would be for the dolphins if Tyree kill wasn't playing. But then that also goes back to your initial question, which is. If Tyree kill wasn't playing the betting line would not change as much as it would have to.

It wasn't, it just wouldn't. So then what, what, what the books are telling us is Tyreeks not as valuable as to us. I like this conversation. I also hate part of this conversation because to make the case for Tyreek, you have to kind of knock to a tongue of ILO. And I think to has shown this year, he's a good quarterback, but I'll just go back to last year in the playoffs against the bills with Skylar Thompson, the third string quarterback, the dolphins almost went into Buffalo and one.

So I think like that also factors in. And you know, what's so funny about you saying that Zach. So a couple of days ago, I was all with Jim Rome here on CBS sports radio. And he, and he asked me something about Tyree kill. And I said what I said to you earlier about the defensive coordinator thing. And you know, Joe Shad used to be a college football insider. He posted that clip.

He posted that clip. Not one person replied saying, great point about Tyreek. Tyreek should be MVP.

Tyreeks awesome. Every reply was you're trashing Tua. I'm trashing Tua. It's so funny. It's so funny. Like I didn't say a single negative thing about Tua, not a single negative thing about him. Yeah.

Well, welcome to the world that we live in. Ross Tucker here with us. Another game, like we talked about the Cowboys having something to prove this week. Seattle now all of a sudden is six and six and they have a tough one going to Santa Clara up against the 49ers. Can you give me an argument why the Seahawks could win this game coming up on Sunday afternoon? Yeah, here, here, here's what it is. Forget turnovers or flukes or whatever.

It's very simple. Let down game for the Niners. Let down game, right? The Niners had revenge on their mind ever since the NFC championship game. I remember when the schedule came out, Zach, it was big. And Kyle Shannon had made a comment about being thankful that they're not playing the Eagles to week 13 because that way they'll have their whole team, which I thought meant by the way that Purdy wouldn't be available for the opener at the time. But since when does the coach do that? Cause when does the coach know what his locker room was saying?

Right. Since when does the coach in April already talking about a week 13 game? So I think the Niners were poised for a letdown here. And I also was really impressed with Geno Smith and the receivers for the Seahawks against the Cowboys.

Now they've had 10 days to rest and prepare. So unlike the Niners who had the rest advantage against the Eagles, now the Seahawks have it. And I still think even though they're playing well, you know, Ambry Thomas and Trevarious Ward, I still think that's the way to beat the Niners. I still think you got to attack them with Lockett and Jackson Smith and Jigba.

And obviously DK Metcalf, big plays in the passing game who fungus out. So I think the Seahawks have those two things going for them. Do I think they'll win the game?

No, but I think that's why I took the Seahawks and the points on the even money betting podcast because I just think that that's enough for the Seahawks to be able to keep it close at least. Ross Tucker, where do you have Bill Belichick coaching next year if you had to make a prediction? I think it's Washington or Carolina because I think it's somewhere where they're looking to change the culture and or get some credibility, which I think both those franchises are sorely lacking, right? You've got the last 20 years for the commanders, the disaster and a new owner who I think, interestingly, both of these guys, Zach, are hedge fund guys, right?

Both Josh Harris for Washington, David Tepper for Carolina. What does that mean? That means they realize that there are ebbs and flows to a market.

They realize that you're going to have down years and how have those guys made a lot of their money buying stuff at the bottom, like buying stuff when it's down and then watching it go back up. They probably might look at Belichick as that. Okay, so they have a terrible quarterback and Mac Jones.

They don't have a good roster. Did this guy just forget in three or four years how to coach football? Probably not. Right. And with everybody being so upset up in arms in Carolina right now, I think that there's a possibility that Tepper, you know, it's a credibility factor for both these guys, right? You bring in Belichick. No one can really criticize that move, right? I mean, he's one of the best coaches of all time. They can't say it's a terrible hire. And then he breaks the all time record for wins with your franchise and you get to celebrate that like like that's something you did.

I think he goes to one of those two. I would say the commanders over the Panthers, if that's the choice, because Josh Harris, I believe, would get out of the way and let Belichick do his magic. I don't think Tepper like Tepper tries to pretend he's the football guy when he's not the football guy. That would not go over well with Belichick. That would not be a real good. That would not be a real good match. So maybe he's better with the commanders.

We never know. Maybe, maybe, maybe the Chargers think that Belichick, that would be the best one he did with Brady all the time. Maybe they think that Belichick just needs a good roster and the Chargers certainly have that.

And I'll give you one more. I've been saying this since September after they lost their first game of the season. Jim Harbaugh, the perfect fit is Buffalo.

What do you think about that? Jim Harbaugh to Buffalo. Boy, a lot of people think Jim Harbaugh to Chicago.

That's the one I've been hearing a lot of. I think that's possible. I don't think that the Bills will let go of McDermott.

I don't, I don't. They might, but I think we're going to see. I mean, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

It'll depend on how they finish, but I think Pegula might give him one more year. So right now, if we had to blast this clip out on social media and get a bunch of people riled up, because I know that you always love that after the whole Tua conversation, too, Ross Tucker. You got to tell me through 13 weeks who you feel most confident playing the Super Bowl coming up in February in Las Vegas. Who would the two teams be? Oh, if I had to pick right now. Man, I guess I would go Niners Ravens rematch. What was that, 10 years ago?

I think it was 2014 or 2013, something like that. Yeah. Yeah. I think I'd probably go Niners Ravens rematch, but you know, just like we talked about the ebbs and flows of a market and like there's still more ebbs and flows to be had.

You know what I mean? Like, well, Lamar's got to stay healthy. Like Lamar gets hurt. They're screwed.

Right. And also some of these teams that are nine or more wins, like, you know, lions or dolphins or whatever, maybe Eagles, who knows, they're going to start to play bad and vice versa. Somebody's going to really start to turn it on.

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And it's a great gift and highly recommended for so many people, especially during the holiday season. Green Bay Packers Jordan Love playing really well the last few weeks. Where's your confidence at with Jordan Love right now?

Pretty darn high, as is my confidence level with that franchise. They're remarkable. I mean, they have five receivers, three of my rookies and two more second year guys.

They're two tight ends are both rookies. I mean, that is impressive. And they're making the playoffs too.

They probably are. I want I don't even know I got to look at the sports books like can I start to bet a future like their season win total over for next year right now. Because I would like to do that for the Green Bay Packers because I think that they're gonna they have a chance I mean even the injuries they've had on the offensive line.

They weren't expecting these two guys to be their tackles. It's impressive man really impressive. Alrighty, everyone needs a good gift this time of the year.

I we're getting closer and closer to the end of the month and people are like, Oh, I don't know what to do. Is that your mother? Right? I'm assuming. No, that is my wife's grandmother. Oh, with the little one.

I didn't see the little one there. Yeah, my one page grandmother. She calls her OMA.

And it's the front page treatment. We got her from my front page She loved it. She actually passed a couple years ago. But that's one of the reasons why we're so happy we did it because now we have Yeah, right. And when she moved into a senior community, we got her that story.

Dude's actually read it every day. And I know a lot of guys are driving right now and have no idea what to get any of their loved ones for the holidays. You're probably just thinking like a gift card or something.

Make this the year that you do something special and unique. Just go to my front page Check it out that you literally while you're in the car, talk to a writer for 10 minutes.

Tell them how great your wife is or your mom or your dad, whatever. They write this unbelievable story. You see it. It looks like it's on the cover of the newspaper framed beautiful. And be like, Yeah, I want something special for you, honey. I had a story written about you. They love it. And then when they read the quotes, like, I never thank her hit her enough everything she does for the family.

They cry every morning. You want to make your wife cry happy tears. My front page If you want to look as jacked as Zach go right now.

My front page That's the key. How about that? Ross Tucker could come on any time.

He wants Ross Tucker. We appreciate it. Great to see you. See you, bud.

There you go. Ross Tucker joining us on the show. Always loved my conversations with Ross have known him a long time. Going back to my first job in local am radio, which is in the Princeton market.

And Ross, always a big supporter of the Princeton program still actually worked at that station, too. I was I was Stu's boss. I didn't even know Stu was one of my employees. When we go back to that station when I got here at CBS Sports Radio, she was like, Oh, I know you from 9 20 a.m.

The Jersey. I go, How the heck do you know that? You go, I was one of your employees. It was during a transition where Stu was leaving, and I was just named the boss there. You must not have been a very good boss. I was great. They were crying when I was very disappointing.

What can you do? I still worked on the weekends on Sundays. I wasn't going in on Sundays.

All right. That was Monday through Friday. No Saturdays, no Sundays. And it was not a good paying job. So if I didn't know what I was paying job still.

Yeah, not at all. It must have been good enough for paying a job that he's affording Taylor Swift tickets. I was years later. Yeah, that was like 15 years ago.

Trust me, none of that changed from 9 20. The Jersey got Stu Taylor Swift tickets. Stuffing that piggy bank for a rainy day. What?

75 cents? Here's the latest CBS Sports Radio update. El Capitan, Marco Belletti. All right, it is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. So Stu, Samter and I, we've known each other for a while, but now working together every day, you learn a little bit more about the people that you work with each and every day. I'm going to learn a lot about you guys here going on right now. And I stepped into the hallway during the break and I heard all of these loud noises and I heard like this raucous atmosphere.

What the heck's going on? And I go, oh, today's the company holiday party. Now, like I remember when the company used to go to like these big places that used to do like these big events with the company holiday party. And I would be really mad right now if the company holiday party was going on during our show and it was at this big, like ostentatious type of event.

But now we just kind of do it here at our 345 Hudson Street studios. They have dinner, they have all these hors d'oeuvres, they have drinks, all that. So I believe the holiday party ends at 7 p.m. Eastern.

So we get off the air at six. Samter, you are the definition of a gregarious human being. There's no doubt about it.

You're going to go socialize with our with our confidants here and our and our co-workers. I may or may not have already partaken in many different fun activities while I was there. That justifies a lot of your crazy takes. You had a few pops before the show? No, I did not. I was trying to sound as buzzy as I could, but no, I have not yet. I might go on the break and grab some hors d'oeuvres and some snacks, but you want to get us some. I mean, it's not what I'm here for. I could use a pick of the blanket.

Is that what they have there? I'm assuming now. So you don't it seems like you'll go for a quick second. Yeah, I'm not going to stay for the full hour after the show. OK, Stu, you stoolies, a studio as quick as this show ends. Stu comes in six, baby.

Great to see you. Got to go make the train. Got to go home. Got to go see the misses.

Stu is lickety split. Five minutes after I say I've seen him here five minutes after the show ended. I don't leave by six or one.

I miss my shuttle. So I almost think like Stu is betting like the under on how how quickly it takes him to get home from work. With how quickly he darts out of it. No problem with it. Right.

You do all your responsibilities. You're here early. Stu gets it.

What time do you get in here? Ten or three minutes after Jim Rome responsibility. So Stu's here for for a long time.

That's not taking a shot at Stu's work ethic. Are you going to stay after? As long as it's not like totally dead at six o'clock, I will stay. I'll stay till seven or whenever it's still stuff going on.

I do think it's a good rule of thumb. Like if you are because we have a large company, right. It's the New York City holiday party. Like if you're in Pennsylvania or you're in D.C. because there's some crossover, I don't think you need to come to this company holiday party. But if you're a New York City employee or you're a New York employee and you come to this building at least two or three days a week, I do think it's a good idea to at least show face at the company holiday party. Now, I wish I remembered that it was the company holiday party because I was showering right before the show today. And then I make my trek over to our studio about 25 minutes walk from my apartment. And sometimes when I take a late shower in the afternoon, I just have no desire to put on jeans. So even though I have a collared shirt and I look all professional, blah, blah, blah, I have sweat pants on. So I'm going to show up to the company holiday party and I don't I stick out like a sore thumb. Like I can't hide.

I'm not a small human being. Everybody knows that. Ross Tucker said, I look, Jack, thank you very much, Ross.

I love Ross Tucker. But I think it could be a bad look. Me showing up to this company holiday party in sweatpants.

Based on how people dress here, I am very confident you will not be the worst dressed person. But that's on our side. That is on the on air, you know, just radio. The sales floor. I mean, they show up like they're in suits all the time. The salespeople. What salespeople are you looking at? All the same, I go into the sales pit a lot and I rub elbows with people in the sales pit. I think the salespeople dress very nicely. You don't think so? I mean, some of them do.

The younger ones come in with leggings and a T-shirt. You know what? I'm on to you. Before you criticize someone's appearance all day, you look like a bum. I'm about to say you look like a bum today. You're taking off the hat now. You don't like you put the hat on. I don't think you could question anyone's appearance.

Yeah, there you go. You look like you robbed the bank or you're a bum. Yeah, I'm not questioning their appearance. I'm just saying that you would be totally fine. And let's also be honest, I have an extra pair of pants in my locker. Yeah, they're going to fit.

They may fit my big toe. 855-212-4CBS. Let me go to Dave in Chicago real quickly. Dave, what do you got?

Yeah, I see we're up against the clock, so I'll try and do this quick. First of all, first time I've got to talk to you, but shout out to you. That was real classy when you called in on DA's last day. Oh, thank you. I like DA. I love DA. Hardest working man on radio, and I see why afterwards. The way I do the show and then the eight hours on Sunday, they're like, mercy.

But anyway, I'll try and do this as quick as I can. With the college football playoff, you know, you made the argument about four makes the regular season meaningful. But the problem is what they did this year just threw that out the window. They said now the regular season doesn't, man. We're going to do what we want anyway.

So, you know, and a week or so ago you had Yogi Ratan, he's the only one who makes this point on how the AYACC does it too. And the SEC especially, they do it one less conference game. So they played their extra game in the likes of UT, Chattanooga, Jacksonville State, UConn, Georgia State, Florida International. You're trying to guarantee the conference an extra win, which puts everybody up in the polls, and then you can say, oh, look, we got these many ranked. Dave, I hate to cut you off.

I'm up against it. I appreciate the kind words. Please call back and I'll make sure to give you more time.

It's a bad job, bad of me. But thanks so much for calling in. That's why I said go to six.

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