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The Raiders Need To Fire Josh McDaniels (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 31, 2023 4:01 pm

The Raiders Need To Fire Josh McDaniels (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 31, 2023 4:01 pm

Raiders Dominated By Lions I Dan Lanning, Oregon Head Football Coach I Dalvin Cook, New York Jets Running Back


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I've got leftovers. Introducing Discover Cash Back Debit, a checking account with cash back. It pays to Discover. Eligibility in terms of slash cash back debit. Discover Bank, member FDIC. Live from the play show getting out over the ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Happy Halloween and welcome in to a Tuesday edition of the Zach Gilb show across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, the free Odyssey app and of course streaming on YouTube. 855-212-4CBS is number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You could always interact with me on the good old cesspool of Twitter or on Instagram where I'm always straight flexing at Zach Gilb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. I currently have my binoculars up right now. I am doing some scouting as I am dressed today as Connor Stallions. Thank you for your service Connor and we appreciate all the great work that you did for the Michigan football team. So we are going a little Connor Stallions today on CBS Sports Radio and I'm not the only one that is dressed up and we do have some big guests today as we are going to be joined by the head coach of the Oregon Ducks, Dan Lanning. The actual Dan Lanning coming up 20 minutes from now and we'll be joined by Dalvin Cook who could be traded by the NFL trade deadline at 4 p.m. Eastern 1 p.m. Pacific today.

But on the other side of the glass I don't know how we did this. This is excellent booking but we have Mike McDaniel the head football coach of the Miami Dolphins and coach you're off to a wonderful start this season. You know it would be nice if you guys could take down the Buffalo Bills or show up against the Philadelphia Eagles but everyone thought you were a joke of a hire when you were made the head man the head honcho of the Dolphins two years ago and now two years later you have a team that is a legitimate Super Bowl contender in the AFC.

Thank you Zach happy to be here and happy to be one of the best teams in the league and to a tongue of Aloha just the best quarterback in the league where we're happy to be here. You've really embraced them unlike Brian Flores you got to talk a little bit slower and then if Samter you got to be careful we'll get to your costume in just a second Mickey Mouse but if you see Stu start to run and jolt right out of the studio maybe trip him and make sure he doesn't leave the confines of the CBS Sports Radio Studios because we do have a show to get to and we'll be rock and rolling all the way up until 6 p.m. Eastern 3 p.m. Pacific and Michael Samter is dressed up as Mickey Mouse and a source did tell me from all the fine scouting that I've done because I'm scouting not only in the college football world but all around the world that your beautiful daughter is Minnie Mouse today so that's a nice job. She's Minnie Mouse today. Wow I wasn't expecting you to sound like that that's pretty creepy there Mickey Mouse sounds like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Well if you were an old producer that used to work here Sean Marash that would be pretty simple to just dress up as the Pillsbury Doughboy but there you go Big Mike CBS is dressed up as Mickey Mouse. Well happy Halloween we'll give you our top five candies coming up later today and maybe some of our favorite costumes of all time but I got to start on a scary note and it's scary if you are the usual board op of this show and not the head football coach of the Miami Dolphins in Stuart Kovacs because last night on Monday Night Football to conclude week 8 in the NFL you saw an embarrassing lethargic and putrid effort from the Las Vegas Raiders and let me be abundantly clear right out of the gate the Raiders signing Jimmy G was a mistake they need to trade Devante Adams it won't happen in the next hour it's gonna happen this upcoming offseason and Josh McDaniels needs to be fired that is the easiest way to say it that is the simplest way to say it and all those statements are true now my take on this is not impacted by the fact that I had Devante Adams at plus 150 on an anytime touchdown last night but that dude is too good of a wide receiver to be open twice one would have been like a 99 yard touchdown as they were stuck in their own end zone and the other would have been 45 to 50 yards and Jimmy Garoppolo he couldn't hit water if he thought of a boat last night because he had Adams wide open and both times he just overthrew Devante Adams and it wasn't even close and then also if you want to go back to earlier in the game almost forgot about this the under throw at least the last two were an overthrow and he's used to that like Emmanuel Sanders how he overthrew him in the Super Bowl a few years ago but even double coverage Devante Adams because he's so great got the separation and he under threw him and it led to an interception I have never been a fan of Jimmy Garoppolo I remember a few years ago when Tom Brady left the Patriots some people are trying to advocate for Jimmy Garoppolo to return to one Patriot place and my response was why why would you want to bring in someone who is not a franchise quarterback because Jimmy Garoppolo is a quarterback he is an average you know slightly above average quarterback who has won a lot of games in this league but the biggest reason why he won games was because of the system he was in with the San Francisco 49ers in the loaded roster but it seems like each and every year this dude gets hurt so when you go to Jimmy Garoppolo and then we'll work backwards to McDaniels and Adams but Jimmy G was such an underwhelming signing for the Las Vegas Raiders and it's something that through six games you know it's not working and when there were rumors this offseason like Stu is getting excited oh maybe Tom Brady's gonna go there and I thought that had some legitimate legs because I didn't think Brady was done with playing football but once Brady retires all the speculation was Aaron Rodgers and if you recall the day Aaron Rodgers and I know he didn't get traded that day but the day that Aaron Rodgers declared that he intended on playing football this year and he wanted to get traded to the Jets Pat McAfee asked him about a former teammate of his who plays on the Raiders in Devante Adams and I'm paraphrasing here but Rodgers basically said there was interest there and for whatever the reasons were the Raiders didn't actively and seriously pursue that and I don't get why maybe it's because Josh McDaniels is an egomaniac but do you want to keep your job do you want to win games because to say to a fan base and I know it's not him but there was speculation legitimate speculation that Rodgers was gonna be there or Brady was gonna be there and to wind up with Jimmy freaking G it is the ultimate and you know he's either not gonna be good enough or he's gonna get hurt and last night I actually had some sympathy for Jimmy G now the Raiders offensive line stinks that is abundantly clear as well but with how many injuries he suffered it's clear mentally the physical beating that he's taken is now getting to his head because even when the Raiders were able to muster up a few seconds and hold the defensive lineman Jimmy G had no awareness Jimmy G was afraid last night and how many times did he have an opportunity to get the ball out even if he had to make a risky throw and he saw a defensive lineman and he said yeah I'm just gonna roll right into you and take the sack I don't even know what to say to Raiders fans I really don't I try to be at times optimistic I want to try to enlighten and help a passionate crazy fan base but there's no hope this team it's crazy that they already got to three wins because they're three and five and they suck and you have three of the what top 20 players in the league Josh Jacobs is a stud they're wasting him Devante Adams is a stud they're wasting him and Max Crosby he was a man possessed last night and it meant nothing because he was great in the game but when you have Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo running the show there's only one destination and that's failure and that's what the Raiders are right now the Raiders are a bunch of losers the Raiders are a bunch of failures and Mark Davis you can't be either this stupid or this cheap moving forward I know that you had to page John Gruden and you had to give him a certain amount of money and now through two years you don't want to be paying another coach to not coach the team but you are the biggest buffoon in the NFL and there's a lot of buffoons in the NFL if you bring back Josh McDaniels after this season I don't see anything this guy does well like if I give any coach Max Crosby Josh Jacobs and Devante Adams you should be able to be competent instead you're incompetent now let me get to Devante Adams real quickly no one should be surprised with his frustration last night now don't get me wrong Devante Adams also the rare times he gets thrown the football he has to catch it cuz last week when Brian Hoyer was playing right down that left back of the end zone he had a wide open touchdown and he dropped it last night on third down he was wide open they were deep in their own territory and they dropped it but when you are used to a standard of Aaron Rodgers and being someone that's playing along with Aaron Rodgers I understand he wanted out of Green Bay he wanted to go play with Derek Carr but you have to have some foresight there I know he wanted to get closer to home and the family and all that stuff but you got to be a little clairvoyant and know yeah Derek Carr I know he's your buddy from Fresno State but he's not that good either and he was on the last go-around with the Raiders so you were annoyed that the Packers weren't giving you enough attention financially then at the end of it it was too late you left actually more money on the table to leave and you wind up with the Raiders your best bud in Derek Carr after one year gets cut released he's now with the Saints and we all knew this was going to be an unmitigated disaster before the start of the season because it was in the offseason where he was basically bitching and complaining about the coach of the GM and then a day later he's like up let me put all the toothpaste back in the tube and there's nothing wrong nothing to see here I was misquoted that was a bunch of bull bleep there's no other way to say it so now halfway through the season no one should be surprised that Devante Adams is perturbed and yeah you got to catch the football but he's used to a different standard and his most obvious thing I did a sportsman on it this summer yeah Devante Adams is gonna play this year for the Raiders but at the end of the year the Raiders aren't gonna be any good and at the end of the year he's gonna ask for a trade and it's very easy to probably say he'll kind of go NBA kind of approach and what I mean by that is he'll going out there and he'll say I want to go to the Jets Rogers put the public pressure on him and then what if you're the Jets give a first-round pick to go get Devante Adams so this is inevitable that at the end of the year it's not gonna happen the next 40 minutes doesn't make sense for the Raiders to do that but at the end of the year Devante Adams will get traded let me play two audio cuts here this is Devante Adams after the game where they lost 26 to 14 and it's crazy the final score was 26 to 14 because it looked a lot worse than that and he had some turnovers he had the interception that went for a touchdown by Jared Goff but it's amazing that this game was only 26 to 14 because it felt like it was like 35 to 3 but here is Devante Adams so you know it's bad he was so dejected after the loss that he was at a loss for words honestly I don't know what to say at this moment I truly don't I wish I had the the words to you know to say something that's not going to get blown up in the media and taken out of context so I'm just I truly don't know oh we all know what you want to say you could blame the media we all know what you want to say you hate Josh McDaniels you think Jimmy G is a bum quarterback and you want out but you're not gonna say that because then you're gonna get the tag of being a bad teammate and here is Josh Jacobs who didn't get rewarded this offseason they barely been using him they only gave him 15 carries last night he gets four yards a carry so give him credit he led the Raiders hear this he led the Raiders in receiving he only had two catches for 27 yards and the first half I knew was bad for the Raiders but they go to halftime and here Aikman and Bucko well no Raiders receiver had a reception in the first half and I was laughing but here is Josh Jacobs who didn't get rewarded this offseason with a brand new contract clearly doesn't like Josh McDaniels and David Ziegler either and knows that the Raiders are wasting him and this was the what the league's leading rusher last year and here's Jacob showing his frustration with the offense they say it's got to be better if you have any ideas or anything you think they could spark the offense going forward is a bright spot for you at least in the passing game I think you know you are leading all running backs and receiving so you have Devante Adams annoyed you have Josh Jacobs annoyed and both of them you know they would want to get out of the Raiders and their organization and the dysfunctional organization right now if they could but that's not going to happen until the end of this season it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio one of the best teams in college football is Oregon quack quack we'll talk to the head football coach of the Oregon Ducks Dan Lanning when we return after these short messages alrighty we continue this is that Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio the Oregon Ducks have been one of the better stories in college football this season they are seven and one coming off a big-time win at Utah over the weekend 35 to 6 this weekend they have Cal and now joining us is the head football coach at Oregon in Dan Lanning coach always appreciate the time thanks for it how are you I'm doing good thanks for having me well I little birdie told me that you guys had a little Halloween fun yesterday in the facility but you dressed up as the big bad werewolf and you scared some children yesterday on your coaching staff yeah I got a I got a rough time last year because I wasn't dressed up I wasn't wearing anything so I had my wife I said hey go grab me a mask or something you know Halloween store and she went she went pretty aggressive the big bad wolf and it was a hit but not really when a three-year-old walks around the corner and into my office it's a little too scary so I got to reassess that for next year always learn what is your favorite candy item by the way I'm probably a gummy guy you know they they had some of these were they like life same lifesaver like gummy ring deals or whatever those are pretty legit I'd say that my image of you is just crushing candy in the office and then a lot of energy drinks is that fair not you know I'm coffee and I've been pretty good this year about not not doing too much candy but there's a bunch of candy my office right now because of this Halloween deal yesterday so I got to figure out a way to get rid of it but uh more coffee than energy drinks every once in a while hit a Red Bull you know sugar-free Red Bull but uh for the most sport it's coffee and I would imagine your real coffee is just getting on that football field because when you get in that locker room and you give those epic pregame speeches or you're on the sideline you just get in a zone coach and I mean this in like the most polite way possible and I want this for my football coach you just have that look in your eyes that like you're all in on football when you get on your sanctuary I mean how great is this sport like how fun is this board and I loved playing it I was never talented enough to play at Oregon but this is like the closest thing to that six there's no feeling in the world better than getting the coach football talking to Dan landing right now the head coach of the Oregon Ducks that team last week what you did in a tough environment was so impressive I thought you guys were gonna win the game and he can't touch in the gambling side of it but I laid the six and a half points with you but I didn't even think it would be that much of a blowout what does that win say about your team coach well just that we can play a complete a complete game you know and there's obviously a lot of season left so you can't get to cut up the moment because the next game is now the most important game and our guys went out and performed kind of in all three phases but I'm probably more excited that our guys walked away saying oh man what if we would execute this better so a lot of room for growth for us moving forward now this is only your second year at Oregon it's your first time being a head coach when you hear that from your players where they walk away from what looked like a perfect game but they think they could do more that's got to be a signal to you what you and your staff are doing is really working that they're understanding your guys's mentality well I think it's a signal more than anything that our guys live in reality right then people media and everything else that exists out there they're gonna create highs and lows for your team that really have nothing to do with your team and the reality is we do need to get better we do have a lot of things that we can improve and I'm glad our guys see that were you surprised with the way that the game played out because we all know how much respect people have for Kyle Whittingham and what he's been able to do at Utah the last two years back to backpack 12 champs to see it be that lopsided that catch you by surprise I thought our team could perform well and match up well and you know for the brand of play that they have it's hard if they get down for them that you know convert to a different brand of play on offense so I felt like that was something if we you know the same things that he preaches like if you take care of the ball and you win the line of scrimmage you're gonna have an opportunity to control the game and we were able to do that on Saturday and that's probably what led to success the last two weeks coming off that crushing defeat up against Washington which was my favorite college football game of the season it was awesome to see both teams play the way that they did and unfortunately for you guys you just lose right at the end they don't get to go to overtime but I was wondering how your team is gonna respond the following two weeks coming off a tough loss like that in a big national stage these last two weeks not not only on the field because we've talked about on the field but in practice what kind of hunger did you sense from your guys yeah our guys are hungry and that's just because they're competitors you know one of the best things you can do for your team is make sure you have guys with competitive spirit on your team and we got a bunch of competitors on our team we just I just actually got off the practice field with our guys today the Tuesday practice and it's it's physical practice that I've been a part of in a long time with guys competing and you know I think that's the secret to having great successes guys that embrace the strain of what it takes to be successful let me get to your quarterback like I don't even know what else there is to say it's all praise praise and praise you get to see him day in and day out you've known him for a while what do you enjoy the most about coaching Bo Nix well his competitive spirit is certainly where it starts his ability to execute and I say it all the time but get us in the right looks in the right place he's really good at that but he holds himself to a high standard the people around him to a high standard which makes us better why has it worked at Oregon because it was a little up and down at Auburn and the last two years he's been one of the better quarterbacks if not the best quarterback in the country I can't speak to what didn't work before but I can speak to what Bo's done here and I think everybody can see what the success that Bo's had here he's obviously a great quarterback I went against him when he you know when I was at Georgia and I was always fearful playing Bo because he has big playability at all times his legs are a weapon as well as his arm and I think what he's done here is just been able to show everybody else what he's capable of and what he can do do you feel like you have the best QB in the country yeah I certainly do and I don't get to coach every other QB but I again I don't know if everybody realizes the value of everything else this guy does for us and I mean I spend as much time talking to Bo throughout the week as I do anybody on our coaching staff and you know any of our players his preparation is unmatched his intelligence his work ethic I just never been around anybody quite like it and then for him to go out and perform the way he does on Saturdays is really impressive you know in my business we spend so much time talking about the coach talking about the quarterback through this season so far where you guys are seven and one in the top ten looking like a college football playoff team potential PAC 12 champions what else has really impressed you outside of the quarterback with this team well all that stuff so far away and it's really about focusing on where we're at right now what I'll say is I think there's a lot of outside noise and a lot of questions about a lot of places and pieces on our team and I think that our players have responded well and saying they can eliminate the outside noise by just going out there and doing their job you know there's a lot of questions around our offensive line going in the season you know we're running the ball really well and we're protecting the quarterback a lot of you know questions about our some of the defensive pieces we had and you know what that was going to look like moving forward those guys are executing a high level but again it has nothing to do with the next week and it's about what you would what you do now and what's next so we got to continue to improve and continue to grow but I'm really happy with where our team's at so far well I saw a quote that you gave it it's music to my ears because I'm very strict in calling a team great and you said since the summer we talked about the process of good to great we're a good team right now what you do in November will determine if we're a great team you've been around great teams you've been around Alabama you've been around Georgia are you seeing signs from your team so far that suggests all right this team's ready to take that next step and be a great team in the final two three months of the season well time will tell you know time will tell like you said I've been around great teams but I'll say at this moment with every one of those teams that I was a part of I don't think you knew yet you still don't know and it's it's still about going out there and executing within the game it's still and each one of those teams faced adversity to you know at the end of season great teams that I've been a part of they still experienced some adversity that they had to overcome so we don't know that yet you know we're good and but I don't know those were great you know for our performance in November I'll tell us that how are you a different coach from last year to this year just wondering maybe a little more patient and you know just my thought process and I'll say this last year you know you expect the unexpected but I don't know if I always knew how to react in the unexpected and this year I feel like with the unexpected I know exactly how I want to react because I've kind of played that out my mind before it before it happens before we let Dan landing run the coach of the Oregon Ducks I want to ask you this you know we've seen coordinators get tabbed as like that next guy in college football some succeed some fail it's the nature of the business through the first two years you've had a lot of success why when you got the opportunity to be a head coach where you're ready for the moment more because I've had the opportunity to be around phenomenal coaches before I got there you know I always talk about in coaching it's really not about years of experience it's about quality of experience and if you look at the people that I got to work with and work for and the players that I got to coach I had really quality experience to get to be a fly on the wall for guys like Kirby smart Nick Saban and Mike Norvell and Todd grant and Casey Keillor the coaches the plethora of coaches that I got to work for I learned a lot from each one of them things that I wanted to do things that I wanted to do different but I always learned and as long as I continue to have that growth mindset for me I think I can continue improving you better myself I know the first college football playoff rankings come out tonight do you care where you guys land or is it too early just win if we win we take care of the rest takes care of itself well it doesn't really matter what what that says just win last thing I'll ask you and there's some irony in this because I'm dressed up as Connor stallions right now that's my Halloween costume how do you react to everything that's going on at Michigan and the sign stealing scandal in the sport of college football right now well I think that'll take care of itself obviously that the operation there is you know that that was different and the more that comes out I think the more people realize that's not the way it's supposed to work it's not the way college football is supposed to work but but that'll all take care of itself that's that's not on my plate which I'm glad it's not and then one more bonus thing that I'll ask you how about Cal this upcoming weekend what do you see when you scout them well it's a 19 day team from last year their efficiency on offense is really impressive they've all put up points I think they're getting more and more comfortable which is hard you know and you're one with coordinator you know according to change coach Pat I've done a really good job and obviously coach Wilcox's has done a good job for a long time but this team can create explosives they're one of the best running backs in our league using NFL back you know and they do a good job distributing the ball and making sure that they're always in games with the way that they play and the points that they're able to score so it's gonna be a really unique challenge for us we have to go out there and play really sound football and the things that win every week in college football still still win we got to take care of the ball we got to create explosive plays and prevent explosives well coach your team's been a joy to watch so far good luck and good health the rest of the way and always do appreciate when you carve out a few minutes for us on CBS Sports Radio absolutely thanks Zach for having me have a good one you too there he is coach Dan Lanning joining us on the show and that team has been such a joy to watch and they have one of the more impressive wins this season I know Utah doesn't have camera rising he's out for the season but Kyle winning him is one of the top coaches in the nation and they are so tough to beat in their own building and Oregon they didn't just go to their house last weekend they were confident I saw Dan Lanning was on game day right before the game earlier that morning you don't usually see that in a road environment and that team and once again I laid them minus the six and a half points right you know I liked them I didn't think the game though was gonna be 35 to 6 and that game was over rather quickly with the Ducks making a big statement and I know the PAC 12 is loaded the PAC 12 is the preeminent conference in college football this year from top to bottom in my opinion but I really want to see and hopefully we get it a rematch Washington and Oregon with two coaches I love in Dan Lanning and Kaitlyn DeBoer alright we'll take a break on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we will get to Dalvin Cook when we come on back trade deadline is 28 minutes away is Dalvin Cook going to get traded we'll discuss with the Jets running back for now when we return update time here he is the Ackman Rich Ackerman we continue this is Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio now joining us from the New York Jets is Dalvin Cook and Dalvin joins us on behalf of a science-driven wellness company and supplement manufacturer called Thorne and Dalvin of course is a huge advocate for optimizing his health and wellness on and off the football field to learn more please visit that is Dalvin Cook thanks so much for doing this how you been I've been great man I've been great well it's Halloween so I don't usually dress like this I'm dressed as Connor Stalin's the Michigan Scout that is in the news right now but take me back to your youth a little bit do you have a favorite Halloween costume through all these years favorite Halloween costume I'll probably just put on some pads is it cool now especially when you're in Minnesota now coming over the Jets I'm sure were you in Minnesota a bunch of kids dressed up as Dalvin Cook when you were playing for them is that pretty neat to say that's cool that's what you do it for like to share that that positive light Halloween come around see a kid with your jersey on or something that's what you do it for what's your favorite candy by the way Oh tootsie roll oh nothing like a good tootsie roll I'm a KitKat guy or a Reese's peanut butter cup but I could go with some tootsie rolls Dalvin Cook here with us let me start you off with your old team and then we'll get to the Jets unfortunate news this past week with Kirk Cousins going down for the season torn Achilles you know him well just when you saw that after your game how'd you kind of react to it no there's always no bad when the player any kind of player gets hurt in his lead because you put so much into the game as far as preparing you know just working and just putting yourself in position to go perform and then you get you know bad outcomes like that no Kurt is one of the greatest human beings I've been around my entire life so and I sent my love out to him he's like a brother to me so I hope you heal up fast and get back on the field and you know what it's like to have to leave one home and start off in a new place it is the final year of Kirk Cousins contract you kind of feel like that's it for him in Minnesota or could there be a chance for a reunion next year hello man Curtis Cooper is the he just wracked the numbers up that's what he do man he's a winner and just just being around him and playing with him I just think he has a great relationship but with the organization and they understand who he is and you know how to win football games with him so I don't know Calvin cook here with us from the Jets this got to be an interesting and a little bit of an awkward day for you your name's getting thrown in a bunch of trade speculations it's trade deadline day right at 4 p.m. Eastern just how has this day been like for you another day another day for me I love where we at as a team no I'm just grinding man I let the business handle the business and you know I handle the grass and that is how I approach it you guys are four and three and that's without Aaron Rodgers going down four games into the season so it shows the talent that you have on this team you being a new guy even though you've been in the league for a while what has stood out with you with this jet squad through the first seven games I think the mindset I think the mindset of don't flinch you see the some of the games we be in would be close game but when it comes down to it you know the few games we did lose it was right at the end and we just got that don't flinch mentality you know we could be playing a certain way come have time and then you know here we come like we ready to come in to what we need to do so it's a don't flinch mentality and I think that's the that's a good mindset to have as a unit who is Zach Wilson as a quarterback and how would you kind of describe him he's Zach Wilson he bring his that swag that you know his mentality his way of playing football and I think it's been good for us you know once we you know get rolling for him and start making plays but we get into a rhythm and you see the type of ball you can play at a high level but he plays his style of game and you know that's who he is it wasn't that long ago that you just got into the NFL and you immediately got to a pretty elite level you look at Breece Hall he was gonna win Rookie of the Year last year before getting hurt and he's come back stronger than ever you knowing what it takes to be a great running back in this league what has impressed you so far with Breece Hall I just think his mindset just putting it behind him we're gonna we want to play Denver and that's when he had the big run I think that was the field he got hurt on just putting that putting that behind him and just going out there and just playing ball I think that's what it comes down to and I have my ACL injury and that was the only thing getting you over the hump was your mindset like I I put the work in I put the time in I let's go to play football I think he got that in his mind he's just he's just playing ball you know we're similar ages and we're not old heads but in the NFL you're considered now a veteran in this league when you talk to a younger player like a Breece Hall knowing what it takes just what kind of advice do you give them um just trust just trusting yourself you know initially you put a lot into the game and the the part off the field where is you in the weight room you putting the time in the field you doing all the work that you need to do to lead up to game day to be successful so like no trust yourself and just go turn it loose and I just the best advice I could give anybody what kind of player are you still cuz this is the first time really in your career after some sustained success where people are wondering how much more football do you have left in you I'm me I'm down my brand of ball is my brand of ball you know you cut the tape on this was what you need to see and still I got man this opportunity is coming I'm gonna be ready to go is that difficult for you because you're not getting that many opportunities with the success of Breece and I know that you're a competitor I know that you're hungry but you have all these people saying oh Dalvin cook is washed up all Dalvin cooks not great anymore and you still feel like you're the same back that we just saw a year ago in Minnesota right yeah nothing's changed same mindset same grind every day I said opportunities coming and I'm gonna be ready to go but you can't let other people opinion no waiver how you prepare for the put it for the test and I prepare the same way and I'm just ready for opportunity that's it when the deadline comes today and a little bit at 4 p.m. Eastern if you don't get traded how would you react to that um like I said tomorrow I'm gonna wake up and I'm gonna go to work this is what it is I said I like our situation I like where we're at I'm a firm believer of thing on player highs don't play up like I said you cannot never be ready for the test and I'm be ready for the test so this isn't a situation where if you don't get traded you're happy like you said you're not asking for a release or anything like that yeah I wake up and enjoy going to work the day I stopped doing that that's the day I stopped playing football my body's ready to go my mind is ready to play yeah I wake up and I enjoy going to work let me get to your guy your quarterback the guy who's supposed to be the starting quarterback this year unfortunate injury with Aaron Rodgers you guys were adversaries for all those years now on the same team to just see him on the field before the game not that long removed after tearing his Achilles and he's dropping back and he's saying he's gonna come back this year how do you kind of view that knowing what he's been through yeah you know it's crazy I'm sitting right here watching the Pat McAfee show and I just seen the video for the first time like of him dropping back and putting weight on his leg it's impressive man like that's a guy of his age but you just know the way Aaron take care of himself and the way you go about his business you know that he's serious about what he's saying so you know you kind of center results it's a great vibe man that's that's good to see man and like you said that's our leader oh no to see him in good spirits to see him you know aiming to get back with the group is good so when he says that he plans on playing and he's not rule that out a lot of us go on that's not possible I guess he is one of one do you fully expect Rogers at some point this year to be running out on that field on MetLife Stadium and taking snaps and playing I think a lot comes with that I think we got to be in the position to go do something as a unit I think you got to be comfortable enough to come back in you know do what he needs to do and be Aaron you know everybody knows the way Aaron played a game so I think there's a lot come with that but like I said he's one of the goats so you don't rule them out all right Dalvin cook before we let you run tell me more about the work that you're doing with thorn once again that's t-h-o-r-n-e is how you spell thorn Dalvin cook the floor is yours yeah I think just me as a premier athlete just putting the right things in my body put myself in position to go perform each and every day and I prepare myself to go train so I think going has some of the best supplements and some of the best things you can do to put in your body so you know that's where we're at with it now and I think you know they're one of the companies that you don't need to look and look into Dalvin cook enjoy the rest of the day we appreciate the time thanks so much for doing this be well appreciate it bro there he is Dalvin cook joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we are 10 minutes away tick tick tick tick tick tick to the NFL trade deadline and so far Dalvin cook has not been dealt I would actually be surprised if he does get traded and that's why I kind of followed up with well if you don't get traded would you then ask for your release and he didn't directly answer it but he did say multiple times in the interview that he is happy going to work and he likes the team but you know he wants more carries and more touches I don't think that's realistic I would have thought he would have been used more with the Jets but with that being said Breece Hall came back quicker than what anyone could have expected and you just know what this is when you get to 27 28 29 years old and you have some wear and tear on the body in the NFL the moment you don't put up those big prodigious stats people then start to say oh you're in decline mode so I think it could be a little mixture of both where he's starting to decline but then yet again he had a wonderful season last year if he gets more opportunities down the stretch maybe starts to look like the old Dalvin cook but he still feels efforts as if he's the same player alrighty coming up in a few moments we will recap everything from the trade deadline the two biggest deals so far is Montez sweat getting traded for a second round pick to the Chicago Bears there's a lot of questions on that one why did the Bears do this you could have got him at the end of the year I have a different thought on that so we'll get to that in about eight minutes or so and then once Montez sweat got traded a lot of people are like I guess they're gonna keep chase young who hasn't been healthy has been a disappointment you know I'd Paul Alexander the former offensive line coach he once compared him to Lawrence Taylor and I remember I interviewed chase young at the Heisman and I said to him when you hear the comparisons to Lawrence Taylor how do you react to it and his like eyes lit up he couldn't believe it now chase young was a dominant player at the Ohio State but so far whether it's a mixture of injuries and then this commander's defense being more disappointing than successful we have not seen chase young pop off and the Washington commanders have been a team where they've already questioned chase young by not picking up his fifth-year option before the start of the season so I guess I shouldn't be shocked by the fact that chase young got traded today but once sweat did get traded I did not expect young to get traded but if you're not gonna resign him and give him a new contract you may as well get what you could get and Montez sweat ends up going for more than what chase young ended up going for because chase young only got traded for a third round pick to the San Francisco 49ers so the Niners defense which was dynamite a few weeks ago now gets called under questioning gets put under the magnum magnified glass now all the sudden they go make a move to give them another weapon on the defensive side of the ball and some people they obsess over the third round pick but I do think that it's a low risk high reward with chase young and that defense I know we all talk about the offense and Brock Purdy not having Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams and is Brock Purdy a system quarterback but that defense last few weeks has really done a 180 especially up against Joe burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals and it shows you how great of a player Joe burrow is the defensive player of the week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the Armed Forces DoD veterans and their families their members are the mission learn more at Navy federal org this week's player is Vikings linebacker Daniel hunter in Sunday's 24 to 10 win over the Packers hunter had a sack and two force fumbles and on the season hunter has ten sacks and three force fumble so he is the defensive player of the week and once again that's brought to you by the Navy Federal Credit Union all right it will come on back we'll see what happens in the final six minutes what news is breaking who's getting dealt usually the NFL trade deadline it ends up being more underwhelming than overwhelming but let's see what chaos ensues in the final six minutes we'll react to it on the other side plus I have compiled my list through the first eight weeks of the season is now we're moving on to week nine of the coaches that are on the hot seat and whose seat is warmest we are scouting we're getting ready to go Connor stallion Zach Gelp here with you on this Halloween coming on back after these short messages
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