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Biggest NFL Week 3 Reactions (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 26, 2023 10:05 pm

Biggest NFL Week 3 Reactions (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 26, 2023 10:05 pm

Week 3 NFL Overreaction or Proper Reaction? l Who is the best team in the NFL? l Closing Bell

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Shop in store or visit today. Another NFL week is complete, which means it's another week to freak out about your favorite team. Which tanks are truly crazy? And which are so crazy, they might be right? Zach lets you know in this week's edition of Over Reaction or Proper Reaction.

I can't start anywhere, Zach, but here. Break them up, the Arizona Cardinals got their first win of the season. They've been a plucky, scrappy team. All three games have had a lead in the fourth quarter for what most people thought. Yours truly included here would be the worst team in the NFL. But now they sit at one and two in the season after taking down the previously undefeated Dallas Cowboys. Over Reaction or Proper Reaction? The Arizona Cardinals will win at least five, five games this season.

I'm gonna say it's an overreaction. I like what Jonathan Gannon has done through the first three weeks of the season. But what your schedule is also does matter. And you look at their schedule the rest of the way. Tell me where they're getting the four more wins. They're at San Francisco Sunday.

Then they. Alrighty. At the Rams. Alright, the Rams could be a win. At the Seahawks. Ravens. At the Browns. Falcons. At the Texans. Rams again. At the Steelers. San Francisco again in division.

At the Bears. The Eagles and the Seahawks. Like, if you're looking, maybe they pulled the upset against the Seahawks one of those times. But you play the Rams twice. You play the Bears. You play the Texans. It's like those four games, you gotta win all of them to get to five. Only lose one and then win one that you're not supposed to win.

But you just got the one that you weren't supposed to win up against the Cowboys. Ultimately, I just think the lack of talent shows them to maybe get close to the number five but not totally there. Like, they'll probably get four wins, I would say, this season. So I will go overreaction there. Alright, Monday night, last night, the Bengals got their first win of the season in taking down the Rams.

They sit now at one and two. The rest of the division in the AFC North, all two and one. Steelers, Browns, and the Ravens as well.

So overreaction or proper reaction. The Bengals will still win the AFC North. Gonna go proper reaction even though the Joe Burrow injury scares the living you-know-what out of me. The Browns, I know they won and they dominated Tennessee, but Tennessee stinks if we're just being fair. I like that defense a lot. I still don't trust the Sean Watson and now Nick Chubb is out for the season. The Ravens, the Ravens just don't know what their identity is on offense. Like, they're telling you they want to throw the ball more, but then when it comes to a crucial spot, you know they're gonna run the ball with Lamar Jackson.

Everyone keeps on getting injured there. Like, they'll probably make the playoffs. But then you look at the Steelers, it's like they were horrible against the 49ers. They give them credit, they beat the Browns, they beat the Raiders, but it's not like the Browns and Raiders are these two great football teams. And you look at the Steelers, they have a great defense. But offensively, I do believe it's gonna be a rollercoaster ride with Kenny Pickett this year.

And, you know, Pickens is good, Friar Muth is good. Like, they got some talent on that team, but I'll still go back to the Bengals as long as Burrow is upright, which is a big if. I think this team's gonna be 3-2 after five weeks, so then it's gonna be a totally different conversation from where it was last week and then where it is after getting their first win of the season last night and a sloppy one up against the Rams. Coming off their 70-point performance over the Denver Broncos on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins, no surprise, lead the NFL in points per game scored through the first three weeks, averaging 43.3 points per game, almost two touchdowns greater than right now the Bills, who are second at 30 points per game. Now, the NFL record for highest points per game in a season is held by, can you guess, the team? Oh, the 07 Patriots.

Of course, no. The 1950 Rams, 38.8. I remember that year, that was a good year. They were great. Their quarterback and that running game, let me tell you, was elite. Let me tell you, I was watching those games with Holtz and with also Lee Corso and we were sitting there saying, oh, we're gonna all go after the Washington State coach and Dickert and then eventually Ryan Day all those years later, even before those guys were born, those young whippersnappers. I'm sure when Lou was like five years old and Corso was six and you said next to him, you said, you know what, these two guys, they're gonna be great head coaches one day in college football, I know it.

Of course. That was 1950, you said? 1950. They were nine and three and they lost the championship game. According to Pro Football Reference, hopefully that's right. Well, you know, it wasn't because of their offense. 38.8 points per game right now is the team record for a season. So overreaction or proper reaction, Zach, the Miami Dolphins will break the season points per game record right now, currently held by the 1950 Rams. One more time, what was that score? Rams 38.8 points per game. Right now, the Dolphins are at 43 points per game. Aided, of course, by a 70 spot. Well, the 1950 Rams, they also had a 70 spot.

Wow. They beat the Baltimore Colts 70 to 27. The next week, they beat the Lions 65 to 24.

Break them up. How did they lose the championship that year? Geez. They lost to the Cleveland Browns 30 to 28. Is that Otto Graham, Red Grange? I think so.

The Ghosts. I don't know if Red Grange played for the Browns, but Otto Graham, I definitely know did. I would assume that, yeah, that was Otto Graham.

What are you, Mad Dog Russo now? You taking gummies as well? Red Grange? That's just like an old school guy who's played in the 20s or 30s.

Maybe college football more than I thought. You taking gummies now that what you're doing is you're giving us a history lesson? No, I'm just trying to sound smart and throwing out names that I think I know. That's all. Red Grange, by the way, is the most football-looking player of all time. Interesting. With those old leather helmets. Oh, now we're talking. I guess they had leather, right?

He played for the Chicago Bears, the New York Yankees, and then the Chicago Bears again. From 1925 to 1934, according to our friends over at Wikipedia on a quick search, because that's a reliable source. Almost a hundred years ago. Can I send you, though, this photo here of Red Grange? Sure.

Good old Red. I'm going to quickly drop it to you. Hold on. Come on, my fat fingers are getting in the way here. I can also just, if you want, look it up myself to save time.

No, but that's not fun. I want the instant reaction. Well, I'm just going to type it in right now. No, no, don't ruin it.

I'm not typing anything. Make sure you go to his Wikipedia page. Good old Red.

Red Grange. When do you think he died, by the way? 1940, if you're going to say 1934. Dude, 1940?

I look good. That would be chopping off a bunch of years. He died in 1991. Interesting. He lived to 87.

He does look like a guy that would be portrayed in a movie about 1920 leather heads. But there he is. That is an iconic football photo. Good job.

Anyway, what was the question here again? The Dolphins will surpass the record held by the 1950 Rams and have the highest point per game total in NFL history for an entire season. And they're currently at what? The Dolphins right now are currently at 43 points per game, the record 38.8. I don't know.

Scoring 39 points per game is pretty damn tough. Who's slowing down Tyree Kill? Who's slowing down Jalen Waddle? Can I answer that question? Who's slowing down Tyree Kill? Sure. Probably himself. Well, as long as it doesn't go on any fishing trips during the bye week. Did you also see what he said today?

What he wants to do after his career? Oh, no, I did not. Now, I got to make sure that this is real before I... That's true. Twitter now is the misinformation.

You thought it was great before. It is at an all-time high now. I saw a tweet today. It was from Dov Kleiman.

Right? Dov Kleiman's not going to get caught by AI. Well, you would think he's also just an aggregator that has to be first on it. Alright, can I just say what Dov Kleiman then said? There's a video of Tyree Kill today. Dov Kleiman wrote, is Tyree Kill serious? Tyree, when I retire, bro, I really want to be a porn star. Very serious. You think I got that?

He was on with Mike Evans who was speechless and eventually said, nah, I mean whatever you want, bro. You put the AI in my head, so I'm not going to jump to conclusions just yet, but I will say not that surprising from Tyree Kill. Now, Barstool's also running with it. Not surprising. You got multiple people running with it. Well, everyone ran with the Brian Farrance thing. That was all over the internet, so it's not like people knew right away, oh, this is an AI fake.

Everyone got got. I don't know who was the whistleblower. I don't know how eventually it was found out it was fake.

But a lot of people believed it before it turned out to be not real. Yeah, I'll go overreaction on this one. Okay. Dang. Hope we can get some history here. Alright, speaking of history. Tyree Kill may be doing a lot of scoring, though, after his playing career according to what he wants to do.

That is true. He may break the record by himself. Coming to a theater near you, Mia Khalifa and Tyree Kill. Holy cow. Who's the famous porn star that does the fantasy football show now? Who used to be in these studios? Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann and Tyree Kill. Fantasy football insiders. CBS Sports Radio's next show. Fantasy football in more than one way. Eye on fantasy football.

A lot of eyes will be on that, that is for sure. Eye on the end zone. What people do not have eyes on after Sunday is the Denver Broncos, who stink. 0-3. Defense can't stop a nosebleed. Offense cannot get anything going consistently here. 0-3 again in the Sean Payton, Russell Wilson-led era. So overreaction or proper reaction, Zach? The Broncos won't win five games this season.

Ooh. I'm gonna say proper reaction. They're really bad. And when you go through a game like that where you lose 70-20, it's not just because you're bad, it's also because you quit. Like, if you're an NFL team and you have a pulse, you should not be allowing 70 points in a game.

That's a video game type of score. So two weeks ago, Hickey, before the season you said 12 wins. Then after week one you said 12 wins. After week two you even said 12 wins. I think you went down to 11. I was gonna say, after the week one loss, I said, okay, I'll go from 12 to 11. Okay. So you're at 11 going into this week.

That's right. So after two losses, you start at 11. Can you do win-loss with me here?

Sure. At the Bears. I mean, I'm gonna say win here. Should be a win. I'm gonna say win. The Jets after that. I'm also gonna say win.

Wow. Jets stink. I know, but come on, at least they have heart. I get it, but in Mile High, Zach Wilson, good luck. That's a Nathaniel Hackett revenge game, though. Well, I'll say this.

I'm being dead serious. You know I've been a champagne defender. There's no way they win in both those games. If Nathaniel Hackett with Zach Wilson at quarterback goes in Denver, I don't care if the score is 2-0 and you win on safety. If you lose that game, retire. Retire on the spot you cannot lose to the guy you called out on when Zach Wilson is his quarterback.

Cannot do it. At Kansas City. Loss. Green Bay. Loss. I mean, they stink right now. Kansas City. Loss.

Oh, hold on. Can you give a little love to the Packers? Packers have played well. No, no, no. Not the Packers.

No, no, I know, but you said all. I was like, you hesitated. I'm like, oh, the Broncos stink right now. The Packers have lit it up.

I mean, they blew a 13-point lower, 12-point lead to the Falcons. Oh, they dominated the Bears? Well, who's not dominating the Bears right now? The Broncos.

Well, we'll see. If they can't dominate the Bears, then we're really in trouble. By the way, I was also very close to saying, I said Vikings charge your 31-31 tie in overtime. We almost got that this weekend.

Almost. Maybe we predict another tie this week. Bears and Broncos. Can we get Al Michaels on the call for that one this week?

Honestly, I would pay a lot of money to have him off Thursday night for that one. All right, so going into the bye after Kansas City, Green Bay, Kansas City, then you go into the bye. They only have two wins, according to this. Yes.

And that's you being benevolent. At the Bills. Loss. Vikings. I'll say win. Vikings are a mess.

Really? No, but the Vikings at least put up points. Well, that's if even Kirk Cousins is on a team by that point. He will be.

He's not going to trade it. Browns. Loss. At the Texans. Win.

You have four wins already. At the Chargers. Loss.

At the Lions. Loss. Patriots. Win.

You're a jackass. Chargers. Patriots aren't good.

Win. And the Broncos are? No, but they'll win that game. At least the Patriots show up pulse in these games. And they will definitely split against the Chargers, without a doubt. So you have another win here?

Yes. And then at the Raiders. Win.

They'll go revenge. You have them at seven wins. So where you were a few weeks ago, when you said, oh yeah, that means nothing, but it really showed your true heart and your true colors before going back up to that erroneous number 11. You still think this team's getting to seven wins? Seven and 10 is not a good season.

There's no way. I'm at 12 and five. This team sucks.

I'm at 12 and five. Yeah. And what are you?

We need to drug test you. Look, they are bad. They suck. Their offense sucks. Their defense sucks. The coach sucks.

They all suck. And you think this, you just can't help yourself. You need to go to Broncos rehab. I'm already emotionally detached. I was honestly emotionally detached going into this game because I knew they're not going to beat the dolphins.

So I already started talking about Sean Payton being the biggest disappointment through three weeks. The season's over. Seven wins. So I have already ripped up the ticket, if you will, and thrown in the garbage, the Broncos to the playoffs.

So I have no reason, like them winning seven games does me no good. There's no chance. There's a better chance.

I'm dating Taylor Swift by the end of the day will not. Then the Bronx figure it out. No, they will sense that again, they'll get to seven wins. That's not any sort of accomplishment. There's no chance they get to set. They're already on three.

There's no way there's a better chance that you never make a wrong prediction again than the Broncos getting to seven wins. Well, continue. All right. You're an embarrassment. Let's go from bad to worse here. That's Zach Wilson.

Oofa. He's been bad. The legendary jets quarterback Joe Namath on the radio, Cohen, Zach Wilson, we traded and bench saying it's disgusting watching him play teammates are fighting now on the sidelines in park is how bad Zach Wilson has been.

Robert Sala has been comments that he's the best guy that will gives us the best chance to win. They did make a big move today. Quarterback wise, the jets did signing Trevor Simeon to the practice squad.

So overreaction or proper reaction. Zach Wilson will start at least three more games for the Jets this season. They play the Chiefs, they play the Broncos and they play the Eagles.

Just the next year, the rest of the season, rest of the season, he'll get at least three more starts. I know that I shouldn't use logic with the Jets. I'm going to go overreaction there. I think this is it after after Sunday, Sunday football, primetime NBC, they're going to get embarrassed by the Chiefs. I think that's going to be the end for Zach Wilson, maybe because they could make a big time move.

You know, the Minnesota Vikings right now, oh, and three on the season after their season or after the game against the Vikings against the chargers was lost with an interception thrown in the end zone and that game. And now the free agent quarterback and Kirk cousins set to be a free agent after the season overreaction or proper reaction. The Vikings will trade Kirk cousins. No, they won't. That is a overreaction. I think it's going to be too difficult to get a deal done from now until the deadline where the salary is for Kirk cousins. I don't see it happening.

And finally, you've buried the lead long enough. Biggest story from the NFL week number three, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Yes, T Sizzle was in the box cheering on, I guess now her new boo and Travis Kelce.

Watch him score a touchdown. I mean, I'm going to assume they're dating. Let's just go into the premise that at least exclusive for the most part, Paul's here.

Sure. If you're not dating her, why would you let her go to the game? Sit next to your mother in the, in the Travis Kelce suite, like, come on, they're dating and all these people that are just trying to get clicks that are saying, Oh, they're not a thing. Like if you want to say like, he hasn't been like, Oh, you want to be my girlfriend?

Okay, whatever. They are going on dates. They are romantically invested in one another. There are a couple right now. They are. You can call them whatever you want to call them. They are obviously together.

Right? They will be proper action or proper action. They will be a couple.

Now I guess we've got to figure out a new power couple of name, but Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will still be an item by playoff time. I'm going to say proper reaction. Wow. You want to know why? Why is that?

I didn't listen to you yesterday. I was off for a Yom Kippur, but were you pushing this nonsense again, saying that you still wouldn't date Taylor Swift because there's too much. She's too popular.

Yeah. There's too many people. I'll go on a date or two without a doubt because that is sick brag for myself.

I could say when a few dates with Taylor Swift, but in terms of her being my actual girlfriend, you're in a fishbowl. You're basically in jail. You can't do anything.

No thank you. Stop. You're ridiculous. Did you see the video? She apparently had to sneak out of the luxury box in the popcorn machine. You don't actually believe that. That was not her.

Of course. That was not her. I watched a 60 minutes episode with Kenny Chesney. I watched a 60 minutes episode with Kenny Chesney around his concert.

They put him in a luggage cart and walked up and down through people. Stop. It makes all the sense in the world. You are that popular. She was not in the pop. There was no security around the popcorn.

Me, because no one expects her to be in there. That's why you put them. If there was security in there, people are like, Oh, why is there five security guards around what we think is a popcorn maker?

It makes no sense in the world. You make it. No, you put no security so you don't bring any attention to it. Could people still think, Oh, there's Clint at the suite. She's still in there. I'm going to wait to see her. And then boom, there goes. There she goes.

She's got her head on the ceiling right there. I'm not going to look. It says gullible right there. Oh, heck. You just looked. Oh, wow.

Geez. You really believe that nonsense? How do you think she gets out of a crowded area? There's probably some back elevator in those suites and they go right down to the bottom floor. No, there's no back elevator.

It's a stadium. But in the suites, you go to any suite, there's an elevator right on the suite level. So you put a key in the elevator and they take you all the way down to the tunnel. And people were right where the suites are. People at other suites, they weren't on suite level.

They were where she would come down the escalator or come down the entrance of the suite right there. I'm telling you. I know. I'm telling you.

She was in the popcorn machine or she was in the popcorn holder, whatever you want to call it. Please. Too much popularity. You don't think they're going to last as a couple, right? No, I do. I hope I'm rooting for them. I hope they make it. Oh, then what was the question here?

Overreaction, proper reaction? playoff time. Choose fans. Better hope. Well, it's not going to happen.

Well, that's the thing. If she breaks up with them right before playoff time, it's one thing getting over a relationship, but then you have all the swingers going after you basically telling you that you suck and you're the reason why she broke up with you. Chief's fans, worst nightmare. We can be talking about the end of the dynasty because of Taylor Swift. So just remember that for those cheering on the relationship now, enjoy it again. I'm rooting for it, but come January, if you wonder why Travis is now dropping a few balls, you'll know why. I told you the Kansas city chief's dynasty ended because there was a breakup song with Travis, Kelsey and Taylor Swift breaking up the chiefs featuring ESPN's 30 for 30.

I mean, is it crazy? You got the curse of the Billy goat, right? That night haunted the Cubs for all those years. And who was the other guy? Bartman. Remember him? Yeah. And he was part of it. Headphones.

Yeah. Bill Buckner and the Red Sox curse. Curse of Babe Ruth curses.

They're a real thing. They did not have the curse of Taylor Swift next hundred years. No Super Bowls for the chiefs. Jeez. Jeez. Jeez.

Jeez. Can we try to roll you through the studios this week with a popcorn machine? I think there's a popcorn machine around here somewhere.

I wouldn't fit in that in that actual, you know, I needed the big one that tells us. She was not in the popcorn. She was in there. I'm telling you, she, if you are famous like that, you have to have smart ways to get out of a crowd quickly. She was in the, they walked out the elevator from the suite right there and they put the key in the elevator.

It bypasses all the stops and then boom, you're right in the tunnel. And then what, how about that suit that Travis Kelsey was wearing? That was ugly.

Swag daddy. No, that was ugly. You don't like that?

Oh, I like that. I like Travis Kelsey. A lot of big fan of Travis Kelsey. I thought that was a putrid looking suit. He is someone who has a lot of swag.

I trust his fashion. Did you have a problem with them not holding hands by the way? Like if they're an actual couple, you think they're walking around the tunnel like you like holding hands.

Right? I, again, I don't think they're an actual dating couple just yet. I think it's still just going on dates.

Yes. Like that was like one of those, like the girl, you know, you kind of a crush on each other. She goes to the game, you score a touchdown.

I get outside of them being super famous where she's sitting in a luxury box and not the stands like in a high school movie. I think it's one of those high school crushes right now. I'm hearing wedding bells. You sit next to mama, Kelsey, who's the real story here. Two hall of fame sons and rubbing elbows with Taylor Swift.

I think you got to go get a ring already. Which see mama Kelsey's reaction to next to Taylor Swift. What about it? Didn't look too pleased.

What do you mean? Taylor Swift screaming, let's effing go. Oh, stop it.

Smash in the glass. Donna Kelsey is a saint. She knows. Mrs. Kelsey just is clapping. She's seen three Super Bowl victories between her two sons. I'm just saying you think like, oh, like I'm going to celebrate my son's touchdown with now his maybe soon to be your brand new girlfriend and said she's just like basically looking like someone get me out of here. Someone save me. I will allow you to spew a lot of dumb takes. You do it all the time. You are not having any takes with mama Kelsey.

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Check eligibility and schedule this season's COVID-19 shot on the CDC site sponsored by Pfizer and biontech. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Alrighty, Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio. I have to talk to a sane person right now after last segment Marco Belletti is here.

Marco, I have three questions for you. So before the start of the season, he said the Broncos are going to win 12 games. That's clearly not going to happen. I've even said I thought his takes about the Broncos this year are more embarrassing than his takes about the Broncos last year, we predicted them to go to the Super Bowl win the Super Bowl and Nathaniel Hackett, the top three coach in the coach of the year rankings. So how many games do you think now, like if you just had to give me a number here that the Broncos are going to win the rest of the way after losing 70 to 20 to the Dolphins and their own three five, Hickey went to seven, like seven wins with this team. I think that's crazy to me. Yeah.

I mean, I thought I was giving him the benefit of the doubt at five, to be fair. I got to give you the schedule real quickly. I mean, I know their divisions obviously difficult. I don't know what's outside of the division. They play the Bears and the Jets the next two weeks. OK, so you could get two wins. You could Kansas City, Green Bay, Kansas City, Buffalo, Minnesota, Cleveland, Houston, the Chargers, the Lions, the Patriots, the Chargers and the Raiders.

There's not a lot there. I mean, again, you're looking at anywhere from three to five. And not only that, you got to beat all those easy teams.

And that's not a given thing, like that they're going to definitely beat the Bears, beat the Jets, you know, beat the Texans if you want to go through some of those teams because of the fact that the Broncos don't get the benefit of the doubt. Let's put it this way. I think you got a better shot at everything imploding between Russell Wilson and Sean Payton. Really. I mean, you think it's bad now. It could get to the point where Payton's already given you little hints of trying to get him out of town and putting everything at the feet of Russell Wilson.

This is going to be a power struggle that's going to be to the end of the year. And Wilson will probably lose because now the Broncos have put all their chips in the Sean Payton basket. Well, yeah.

And it's a cycle, right? Russ got the Nathaniel Hackett card last year. OK, now we bring you in a guy that is a coach that's well respected and a Super Bowl winner who you claim you wanted. And let's be real. People are going to start pointing the finger at Sean and saying, well, how good of a coach are you actually?

Real quick. Which is why he's throwing the blame already at the feet of Russell Wilson. You're already getting it. That's going to be a disaster relationship. And you know what? I don't know why he took this job.

I know it's the money and all that. But you looked at how much of a disaster they were. You were going to be the number one name on the market. I know you wanted to go to the Chargers and the Chargers didn't open up.

There was some talk that maybe go to the Cardinals. But I think that was a lot of smoke and it wasn't actual factual information. I think it was just things are being tossed out there. It just shows you that these coaches, they get addicted.

Where Sean didn't have a quarterback anymore. I realized that. He said, OK, I'll stay here once for more year. Then I'm going to leave. And then I do TV.

You're good on TV. Comfy job. You really work one day a week and you left just because it was the first job that was offered to you. He could have waited a year and had his pick of anywhere again the next year with the jobs could have been more attractive. Well, there's two things. One, he wanted to coach. He knows the longer you're out, the more difficult it is. I'm sure that was part of it. Plus he won.

He had the itch. The other part of it is we would have said two years ago, wait a year. You got the pick of any job you want.

And that's not what happened. Not the pick of every job, not he wasn't the number one guy for everybody on the market. I was looking for coach last year. I get it.

The jobs were really great out there. Well, I mean, the Cardinals didn't look like they had any interest in Sean Payton. So let's be fair. He didn't have his pick.

Now one more year again, you're further away. Maybe somebody would have been desperate. What do you have had the first choice?

Maybe not. Let me throw this scenario out there to you. Would you rather have the Broncos job now or if I tell you a year from now, I know this is a difficult game to play. We could go to Chicago where they probably give them control of the entire organization and you could have the number one pick in the draft. And then you have another top five, top 10 pick because they made the trade with the Panthers when they were in one last year. And you get to get some capital back trading Justin Fields. It's like, I'd rather start from nothing than just bad contracts with the Broncos and a division by the way, where you're going up against my homes.

Yeah. There is also the idea that, and this is something that coaches really look at. And the one thing that we kind of forget because not in the building, stability with the ownership. I know they just transferred over, but the Bronco organization and they figure with the new ownership as well, that there is stability and there's solid ground and there's a, there's a workplace environment that you want to be a part of because they have a culture there that's been a good one. And that's something to a lot of coaches that's important to them that they want to make sure that they walk into something that's stable. The Bears, the last thing that they would look at is a stable organization right now.

And that's something that's been a long time coming. So as much as we think sometimes almost like on the video game level, well, if I got the number one pick and I get a quarterback and I can get the roster I want, they look at it as instability inside the building could derail this thing before I even get a chance to put a product on the field. Now I know it's a totally different stage of his career, but when he went to the Saints, the Saints weren't the stable organization.

They were a laughing stock of the league and he made his magic work there. Now it's a little bit different when you're a little bit older and you accomplish all you want where you probably do value the stability. Again, when you pick picking your first job, no, when you're picking where you want to be for your career and taking the money and trying to figure out, that's a lot of things. I mean, yeah, there's a lot of situations where guys, when it's not their first job, they back off and you go, well, what's the problem? You got the number one pick or you got a young quarterback and it's like, you don't realize that they look at it and say, I know the entire workplace environment is a crumbling mess and I'm going to walk in and I can't fix that. And then it's going to get pinned on me. I'm not dealing with that.

I'd rather go someplace where it's a good environment that I'm walking into. Would you not want to date Taylor Swift because there's too many people following you around all the time. Would you say, Taylor, I'm good.

I'm not going to date you because of how many people follow you on a daily basis. Now, this is assuming that I was a single man. Correct? Oh, yes. Full disclosure. Marco is happily married, has three beautiful kids.

If the Belletti family is listening right now, this is not Marco is coming home tonight and daddy's leaving to go date Taylor Swift. I don't need that. If you were twenty four year old, how old is Taylor Swift, by the way? It doesn't matter.

Yeah. You could pick whatever age you want. It doesn't matter.

Let's say you were single. Marco Belletti. When did you get married?

Twelve years ago. OK, so let's say, you know, Marco's sitting there at twenty five, Taylor Swift comes calling. Let me ask. Let me let me preface this. We're talking about dating or we're talking about looking for Taylor Swift for me to be giving her a ring at some point in my life.

There's a difference. Yeah. What are we talking?

You guys are dating and there's a chance that maybe one day you guys are walking down the aisle. I do like. Probably not. Why? Not my style. I don't want that.

So Hickey said the same thing. I don't want that. He goes.

She's too famous to date. I look. Yeah, probably.

I mean, look, I wouldn't want the private jets everywhere. I get all that. And I know that there's a million perks and all that. I'll be fair. And you guys have known me for a long time. And you see me in front of cameras 24 seven where I can't even go to, you know, 7-Eleven without getting that. No, it's not.

It doesn't fit. I will say you would make the out the outfits that you wear. Yeah. Very popular. Yeah.

All guys around the nation would start dressing up like their lumberjack. That's great. You know what? Balletti wear could be worn anywhere you want. That's fine.

Bodies by Balletti. That's not. It doesn't fit my personality that we would actually be able to function because I would be like I would be at my wit's end all the time, all day long, all day, every day. We can't do anything. We can't go anywhere. And I would be like, look, we're not leaving a house. And she was like, well, we got to go somewhere. I don't want to go anywhere. All these people are following us. We're either sitting in the house. Let's order some taking.

I'm not going nowhere. I would be a mess. It wouldn't be good for her. It wouldn't be good for me. It wouldn't be good for anybody. Okay. Mark, you've done a good job selling that. You got to know your limitations. Know your limitations.

That is not something that I would be comfortable with. And finally, entertain me here with the poll questions and I give me your answer here between these three teams. Who's the best team in the NFL right now? Eagles, 49ers, Dolphins. Those three teams. I would still take the Eagles.

I'm with you, too. I would still take the Eagles. And it's simply because of the Dolphins are third in that regard.

I know they're the hot topic. I know they put up 70 points. I know what they've done and they've looked ridiculous. And I know all that. There's still questions abound with that team that I haven't completely solidified in three weeks and I'm not going to in three weeks. I don't know 100 percent with Mike McDaniel.

I don't know what the story is with Tua. I know what he can be when he's right. But I've still got concerns there. Plus, I don't know defensively if the Dolphins are to that level of winning a Super Bowl. I'm not there yet.

I like Phillips a lot of that defense. I get it. Again, there's a lot of good things there and they're trending in the right direction and you're getting closer and closer to me believing in it.

But I'm not there yet. The 49ers have the better roster in my mind, but I still have some questions about Brock Purdy in the bigger spots because as much as we want to say we felt it, we didn't. We didn't get that full vibe. We got cheated of it. We didn't see him in the Eagle game in the championship last year. We didn't see him when everything was up against the wall. Played great in the Seattle game.

I need to see it. So as much as I believe that he can be the guy that can take him to the Super Bowl, I got to give the edge to Jalen Hurts and the simple fact that I've seen it. I know what he can do and the rosters are similar.

They're not 100 percent. I'd give the 49ers a slight edge, but it's not enough to say that Jalen Hurts doesn't give them the edge on the Brock Purdy side. Well here's why my answer is with you with the Eagles and we're splitting hairs really between all these teams right now. Like I would order dolphins three and I think dolphins are the best team in the AFC right now.

49ers two, Eagles one. The Eagles have got to a point where even when they win, you criticize the Eagles. Like they are 3-0 and it's like, oh, they could do this better. Oh, they could do that better. They still haven't played their best brand of football yet and I think when they get to their apex, I'm not going to say you can't beat them because can the 49ers walk into Lincoln Financial Field and get a victory in the playoffs?

Sure. You know, it's not inconceivable. That's why I was so mad at Debo when he joined us and he was like, oh, we would have blown him out. I'm like, the Eagles didn't get blown up by anybody last year. So what made you think that you were going to walk in there even if you were fully healthy and like win the game, I get it, have confidence, but blow them out?

That was just jackassery to me. But that's the thing with the Eagles. It's just the respect that people have unintentionally where now it's, oh, you beat the Patriots, but you only beat them by five. You beat the Vikings, you only beat them by seven. You beat the Bucks, but Hertz had a few turnovers. That's what shows you're a great team. They're getting into the chief stratosphere.

They are. Now the Chiefs have accomplished more, but we do the same thing with Kansas City. Every time Kansas City wins a game, unless they win 41-3 like they do against the Bears and then we say, ah, it was just the Bears. Every time Kansas City does something, we go, what's the big deal?

You've done this before. You got Patrick Mahomes. We expect them to win and win decisively. We've gotten there with the Eagles. And the other thing, and I texted this to Spagnole the other day, I said, your defense is damn good this year. And I feel like you guys are getting disrespected because no one's talking about the defense. In week one, everyone's like, it's a win for Chris Jones. They love like 14 points.

Mahomes threw the pick six off Tony's hand. That doesn't go against the defense. Week two, they held Trevor Lawrence out of the end zone and then I get it.

It's the Bears. But still first three weeks of the season, that defense, the last, the year when they've won, they didn't get serviceable or good towards later the season. They're starting off the season this way. I think that defense a lot better than what people think.

They are, which is also part of the reason why you can't count them out. You look at all the offensive weapons that they've lost, but the defense has gotten much better and you still have Patrick Mahomes. And that's the thing with the offense. They haven't played their best. I know they just scored 41 points. They still have not played a great offensive game against an opponent. They haven't even scratched the surface of how good they can be. And we're already talking about how they are not the favorite in the AFC. We're already starting to look at the shiny object that is the Miami Dolphins. The Chiefs do get, and it's not a disrespect, it's almost the ultimate respect that we don't give you enough until you dominate on a weekly basis.

The Eagles are in that same category. We know you're good. We know you win.

We expect it. Unless you dominate for 60 minutes, it's not enough. That's a good spot to be in.

That also keeps your players pretty damn hungry. That's a good spot. All right. We'll take a break. It is Zach Galb's show on CBS Sports Radio.

We'll wrap things up with the closing bell next. What's up everybody? I'm Danny Parkins based out of Chicago. This is my buddy Andrew Filipponi. He's based out of Pittsburgh.

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Only on the Zach Gelb Show. The Defense of Play of the Week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces, DoD veterans and their families and members of the Mission Learn More at How about Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson? He was a ball hawk on Monday night recording two interceptions of Matthew Stafford as Cincinnati got their first win of the season.

Wilson finished with four tackles for the game as the Bengals defense sacked Stafford six times while recording seven tackles for loss in the contest. Houdet, give him a little stock up to the Cincinnati Bengals. You know who I got to give a stock up to? Jeremiah Woosokaramoah of the Cleveland Browns. Hey, can you have any idea why I'm giving him a stock up here?

No clue. So, on ION Football, I am reacting live, Eric Nelson's our stringer in Minnesota to the decision of Brandon Staley to go for it on fourth and one at his own 24 yard line. I am freaking out, losing my mind. Absolutely trashing Brandon Staley saying if they lose this game, he has to be fired.

Like use your gut, stop with the numbers over and over and over again. I didn't hear it because I was losing my mind, but EJ said it to me one time, the producer, we got Jeremiah Woosokaramoah on the line as a guest postgame from a happy Cleveland Browns locker room. So he's sitting there, hear me just going off. And then once I end the rant, EJ goes, we got to get to the phones and I looked at the screen, I'm like, oh, we have the line background, let's go to him.

So we do the interview. I didn't even think he was on hold the entire time. And then EJ said to me afterwards, Jeremiah said, heck of a rant. And he was laughing.

He goes, that guy was really going off against whatever coach he was talking about. So I appreciate Jeremiah's patience. Stay in the locker room, listening to my big ass yell about Brandon Staley and then joining us for an interview on ION Football afterwards.

Stock up. Given a stock up to Bo Nix. What a performance this weekend up against Colorado and with a lot of eyeballs watching. I know he was not a great quarterback at Auburn. He made a big impression last year at Oregon, but now has really elevated himself in the Heisman Trophy conversation. We'll see who's the last man standing in the Pac-12. You know Williams will be a finalist.

Michael Penix Jr. will probably be a finalist as well. Bo Nix did a lot for him this past weekend up against the Buffalo, so give Bo Nix a stock up. The Falcons made no sense to me that they only ran the football with Algier and Bijan Robinson 17 times on Sunday up against the Detroit Lions.

Keep it simple, stupid. Just keep on doing what you've been doing, not what you change things up on in game three and you ended up losing the Lions by 20 to 6. So give a stock down to the Falcons. Did you see the video of Shiloh Sanders? So Shiloh Sanders before the game walks up to the Oregon players and is basically like saying they don't look tough, they look small, and then saying he like kicked the crap out of Dan Lanning too. I'm okay with trying to intimidate the other team, but the game can't be over on like the first drive of the game when you're talking that much smack.

I love the Colorado story, but I thought that was not the best look in the world for Shiloh Sanders, so give him a stock down. Cowboys and Jaguars, two most disappointing teams that I watch over the weekend. Cowboys lose to the Cardinals and the Jaguars get blown out by the Texans. Their offense has been a mess.

Give a stock down to the Cowboys and the Jaguars. And finally, Notre Dame and Clemson, both of those teams should have won. Notre Dame should have beat Ohio State as much as it pains me to say it, thankfully it didn't happen. Clemson should have defeated Florida State. Davos Sweeney had no control of his team at the end of regulation, no control of his team in overtime, and for Notre Dame, you got to catch that ball. McCord put it right in your hands, the player dropped it, and then at the end of the game, learn how to count. Notre Dame's smart, smart school, tough to get into.

Coach got to have 11 players on the field, not 10, and he did it multiple times in the game, so give a stock down to Notre Dame and Clemson. All righty, and that's the Zach Gilp show on CBS Sports Radio. Very fun Tuesday edition, we'll be back tomorrow. The great Magic Johnson will join us, so very much looking forward to that conversation. Big thanks to Mike Pritchard for joining us earlier from VISA, and also the former Bronco and Falcon wide receiver, played for the CLX2 and also played his college ball for the Colorado Buffaloes and really enjoyed our conversation with the legendary ESPN correspondent, Imarti Smith. Hot take, Kiki, thank you as always. Big thanks to each and every one of you for calling, listening, and tweeting. Make sure you follow the show if you don't do so on Instagram and Twitter. Do so right now. Come on, folks, let's get a move on. At ZachGild, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B, we'll talk to you tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific right here on CBS Sports Radio. We out. Bye bye.
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