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CFB Week 1 Reactions (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 5, 2023 10:10 pm

CFB Week 1 Reactions (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 5, 2023 10:10 pm

3 biggest takeaways from Week 1 in college football l Craig Bohl, Wyoming head football coach l Closing Bell

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

Out of number four of our radio program, that's right it is the Zach Gelb show, Coast to Coast, CBS Sports Radio.

Action-packed show so far. I think we've done college football in every segment but two. Scott Hansen joined us earlier and then we talked about this Travis Kelce injury news where I guess we'll get further clarity if he's going to play on Thursday tomorrow, but he has the knee injury. They don't, it's not an ACL tear which is good. The ACL is still intact so I would be surprised if Travis Kelce does play on Thursday.

The question just is going to be how long is he going to be out, but it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs avoided a major scare today and maybe Kelce will be back in in a week or two for the Kansas City Chiefs, but outside of that it's been college football, college football, college football. Cordell Stewart joined us to talk about his Colorado team as Colorado with Coach Prime had a wonderful start to their season. We know Cordell Stewart was a quarterback at Colorado and did some really special things. Mike Norvell joined us about an hour ago, fresh off of Florida State's beat down up against LSU and coming up in about 20 minutes from now, Craig Bowle is going to join us, the head football coach at Wyoming and Wyoming.

How about this one, Hickey? When they're down 17 to nothing, did anyone think they were going to come back and beat Texas Tech who Joe McGuire's done a nice job early on there and I know that you had the lightning delay early on and the weather delay and then when you're down 17 points against a team that's just more talented than you, I'm not thinking for for a single second that Wyoming was going to come back, but that's college football. That is the the craziness of college football with what you got to see over the weekend where a lot of people are talking positively about Texas Tech in an open Big 12 and then boom, you lose to Wyoming after when you're up 17 to nothing, not that the game is over but you're thinking you're in a good spot. I think the one thing college football's told you, when you're in a weird location, no offense to the Wyoming but it's out there for Texas Tech, not used to playing in an environment like that, when it's a night game, again odd time and when you get weather which puts a delay in it, weird stuff always happens. And I always feel as if whenever these games end up having an upset that you always have to survive the initial onslaught. I'm not just bringing this up because I went to Temple and you went to Penn State but eight years ago, Temple defeated Penn State who that was not a great Penn State team, their offensive line was horrible but Temple went down in that game 10-0 and they weathered the storm and they came back and they scored 27 unanswered points. And for Wyoming, no pun intended but the weather is a lie but they weathered the storm and when it got to 17 to nothing and you look like you're on the ropes and about to give in to the storm, you found a way to punch back and then it ends up going just blow for blow in the second half and then in overtime they don't make their two-point conversion, you get the touchdown and a great fourth down throw by the quarterback who took a big hit and then you get the two-point conversion play right after that and you end up winning the game. So it's just one of those things whenever you have an upset in college football, I do feel as if the the quote-unquote inferior team at a certain point in the game looks inferior but then they're able to dig deep and find a way to pull out the victory.

So let's do this right now. I'm gonna give you three college football takes from this past weekend. Hickey will give you three college football takes as well.

Let's go one for one here. I'll start off with Florida State. We just talked to the head football coach and Mike Norvell. I told you before the start of the year that Florida State was going to win the ACC.

I will take it a step further. Florida State is going to be a college football playoff team this year. I think at most Florida State is going to have one loss heading into the college football playoff. If you are a one loss ACC champ, I think you will be in the college football playoff and they showed you how dominant they could be and why right now I have them as the third best team in college football with what they were able to do over the weekend where LSU was just as equally hyped if not more hyped heading into this season and people are talking about LSU and Brian Kelly and right how great they're going to be and that game was was ugly early on and LSU early on looked like the better team but they weren't able to put the ball in the end zone and then LSU had a three-point lead heading into halftime and Florida State ran them out of the building in the second half.

So my first take Hickey, Florida State it was I already had them win the ACC now they will be a college football playoff team. You started positive I'm gonna go negative here and that is this. Why are you such a jerk here? It's a Tuesday we're coming off a big holiday weekend we're feeling good even though the summer's you know coming to a close and it's over now and you got to be all negative.

Why are you such a negative Nancy today? Geez that's a power that's just the way I am I'm sorry and I take I will say this I take no joy in what I'm about to say some people might say it's bias this is unbiased to the truth Ohio State's in trouble. Ohio State is in big trouble you could talk about Marvin Harrison Jr. and Emeka Ibuka and having the best wide receiver in the country and all these great tight ends and running backs. The reality we saw on Saturday is this quarterback is shaky at best offensive line stinks. Common Core is getting a lot of attention made some terrible decisions.

Also had some job passes too. Yes but also was lucky in the sense he didn't have three or four picks in the red zone with some of the balls that he put out there and nearly intercepted. His decision making has to get a lot better for sure but also the offensive line was not very good. Big question for Ohio State coming to the year they lost both their tackles for last season both got abused by an Indiana defense that's not very good. Indiana stinks their defense stinks and so you struggle and put up 23 points in your opener you can have all the great weapons you want. If you don't have a quarterback you don't have an offensive line does not matter that's the reality right now for Ohio State.

So you know how for most of this offseason whenever Penn State or Michigan or Ohio State would come up it would be like the schedule is really just those two teams like those those two teams that we like if you're Michigan it's Penn State and Ohio State that's pretty much a schedule. For Ohio State though they're gonna have an early test where you're implementing McCord in there sure it was not a good performance I'm with you I did not like what I saw from him and if I had to rank it right now Michigan's number one in the Big Ten Penn State's two and then Ohio State's three but we'll really be able to get a full evaluation of Kyle McCord coming up towards the end of the month at September 23rd because you're in Notre Dame you're up against the Fighting Irish prime time game Saturday night on NBC. You know Indiana, Youngstown State, Western Kentucky if you lose any of those three games you're screwed and you beat Indiana even though it was a pretty dull performance but we're gonna really find out what this Ohio State team is up against the Notre Dame team who I like Marcus Freeman now in your number two you have a good running back in Audrick Estime and you have Sam Hartman who we know has been around in college football for a long time that Ohio State game could change the tune or that Notre Dame game for Ohio State could change the tune of some following week one but I will agree with you it was not pretty and usually like when you're at Ohio State you think right away right they're gonna score 40 points up against Indiana and it was a tough tough race to even get to the 23 points to clear the 20 point mark that they did. Alrighty my next take before the year I was more optimistic than most on Colorado where I said I believe Colorado could win five games now five games not going to make you bowl eligible after what I saw this weekend against TCU and you have Chidor Sanders throwing for 510 yards four different pass catchers go over 100 yards receiving Travis Hunter Jr playing one of the more insane college football games that you'll ever see and he even dropped the touchdown but he had 100 yards over 100 yards receiving played over 100 snaps and had an interception right inside the red zone which was just phenomenal and the dude after the game is dancing in the locker room and doesn't even look tired like I don't know about you Hickey if I played 100 plus snaps just on one side of the ball I would need oxygen I would need a big fat meal I would need an ice bath and I wouldn't be moving for a day. Travis Hunter is dropping dance moves going crazy in the locker room after the game as if he just woke up and he had his coffee and had the most energy possible but what I saw from this Colorado football team I'm not telling you it's going to be easy sliding the rest of the way I'm not telling you they're going to be Pac-12 chants not telling you they're going to be a college football playoff team but there was a question of would they be bowl eligible and most people would have said no before the start of the season because this is a program even though Deion Sanders, Coach Prime changed the entire program the program did have one win a year ago but I would be really surprised at this point if Colorado does not make it to the top of the game this year. So my take after watching this weekend is yeah you could have two Heisman Trophy finalists from Colorado if Chidor Sanders and Travis Hunter Jr. keep this up but this team is a lot better than what people expect and if they don't get the six wins this year something really did go wrong so Colorado to a bowl game this year. Take two for me is this the Pac-12 conference is the best conference in college football instead of coming into the season and so far combined record 13 and 0 no conference has ever started 12 and 0 before in the last 40 years Pac-12 here they are they have they are like they're the only actually only conference with five teams that legitimately could compete for a cultural class yeah but you know what the crappy part is so they have so many good quarterbacks in that conference and so many quarterbacks that could be playing in the NFL too as well they'd be in a really good college quarterback and then we talk about some of these quarterbacks that there's also belief they could be really good pro quarterbacks too. I just wonder the Pac-12 champ they should be good enough to get in the college football playoff but how many losses are they going to have because remember it's only four it's not going up to 12 and augmenting to 12 like it will next year I just wonder when you really get into conference play and these teams in the Pac-12 do what they do best where they beat up on one another whenever you're about to put a team in the college football playoff in the Pac-12 they lose a game that they're not supposed to do what is the the loss total going to look like at the end of the year for the the winner of the Pac-12 and that's a big thing this year when you're about because if you win that conference with how tough that conference is the final year of its existence you would think you should be good enough to get into the college football playoff but I just don't know if the record's going to be good enough.

That's one of the perils of playing in a conference that's deep I mean five teams it's it's going to be really tough and like you said the college world playoff unfortunate for them the expansion is one year too late. And then finally my last take that I'm going to give you here and so far I already told you that Florida State's going to the college football playoff and Colorado will be bowl eligible the last take that I'm going to give you you know what I have to go back to the well here and and I know I I just talked about them but Clemson. This is a Clemson team that last year they won the ACC but they weren't a great team. You hear Dabble after the game when we just played the cut it's almost if he's dumbfounded it's almost if he can't understand why this is happening and he's refused to embrace the transfer portal they don't have as much talent as they once did and then I think Dabo still like kind of looked at Duke as an inferior football team where on paper sure Clemson is better than Duke but it's not as if Duke had this crappy season last year. Duke last year they won a bowl game and they were nine and four and they have a really good young quarterback and it's almost as if Dabo just didn't even think that this was going to be a fight because you hear him hickey after the game talk about the stats as a goal we had a quarterback go for over 200 and we had a you know a run game go for over 200 and it's almost as if Dabo like just didn't realize that yes the role before the game was his football team superior team and his you know team is going up against an inferior football team but after watching that game Clemson by far and away was the inferior football team and it's as if Dabo's still living in the past that he has Trevor Lawrence and he has Deshaun Watson and Cade Clupton is supposed to be a good quarterback but we're at a point now with Dabo where the dude just doesn't adapt and he doesn't adjust with the times and until he does that I'm not saying they're gonna lose every week 28 to 7 like it's all a solid record you would think at the end of the year but they're not a team that that I believe in and a team that I trust to be one of the better teams in college football.

Adapt or die right we say it for almost any sort of you know line of work in this country especially if you're not a change with the times you're going to get left behind and we're seeing that right now Dabo Swinton he's not adjusting he's not changing and right now you're seeing Clemson's demise really right in front of our face. Yeah I might even say people are even going to the year and say oh Clemson go win a national championship like they used to but did anyone even pick them to get to the college football playoff this year? I'm sure someone did I'm sure there's a small group of people but did you notice a majority of people putting Clemson in their top four?

Definitely not majority definitely not. Not even close and I know Dabo has probably reached a level where he looks you know down upon us all and you don't want to feed the noise and all that but how many more signs this guy need and you know the other obnoxious part about Dabo is it's it's almost as if he's only willing to do it one way where you see other coaches embracing the transfer portal other coaches embracing name image and likeness Dabo takes like no transfers and then remember that quote last year with the name image and likeness oh we we built our program off god's name image and likeness like what are you doing here go do what a lot of these other coaches are where they all a lot of these coaches think NIL could be a pain in the ass and and the transfer portal could be a pain in the ass but look at the programs that have taken advantage of it and look at the success that they've had all right final take your hickster it is on the transfer portal it's looking right now to be one of the great equalizers in college football NIL the transfer portal were created in part to bring some parity to college football and you see Dion Sanders complete roster overhaul beats a ranked team on the road Texas state credit to them goes on the road as 30 point underdogs beats Baylor big 12 team same kind of thing the second most transfers for one team behind Colorado Texas state so two teams most active in the transfer portal both get wins in week number one you see Florida State we just had Mike Novella and a lot of his key contributors were brought in from the transfer portal as well so coaches are using it you know sparingly for some places others are building rosters from it and we are seeing now honestly even to my surprise you can put things together quickly you can now build um on the fly faster than maybe anyone's ever thought and I think it's been again while it gets a lot of grief all these kids are quitting how can you leave it is I think been a positive in the sport you're seeing it yet again and I've always said this I think kids should be able to make money while they're in college and if you don't like the school for whatever the reasons are I think you should have the freedom to leave now with that being said if you're leaving because you think you're deserving a more playing time and you're not getting it sometimes that could be a tricky situation but and maybe like you don't put any of the blame on yourself but with that being said kind of the reason you go to college and right you attend the college I attend the colleges you'll learn a lot and no one's perfect in college so even though it could put the student athlete in a spot where you maybe make a hasty decision I do believe that at that part of your life and other voices could influence that decision you're I know we call them kids but you're a grown man at that point you know you're still learning but you should be able to choose where you want to go play college and the transfer portal even though it's a lot of people leave it and people bitch about it the coaches that adapt are the coaches that will thrive and by the way you mentioned the Baylor loss look how quickly the the lustre has worn off on Dave Aranda two and seven the first year then wins the the big 12 and all and that was a good roster they took over with the players that rule had in there then six and seven last year when they had big expectations and now you start off the year oh and one losing to an inferior program that's and I like Aranda but that's a rough a rough start to your season especially where now it was one badger one great year one badger and you get off to the start of this season with a really bad showing all right this is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we will take a break talking about a good showing how about Wyoming Craig Bowles going to join us on the other side the head football coach at Wyoming with the Cowboys they upset in a big 12 team in Texas Tech and they were down 17 nothing had they do it we find out next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show we continued as the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio how about Wyoming this past weekend getting a big victory in double overtime up against Texas Tech and now joining us is head coach the Wyoming Cowboys and that of course is coach Craig Bowles coach Tom thanks for doing this you know what I appreciate this relationship with CBS Sports we've had a great partnership several years well we appreciate you saying that let me start you off with your quarterback though coach because when I'm watching you guys on Saturday Andrew Peasley is one tough quarterback what do you see especially the performance he was able to give well as you know if you'd use the word gritty I think that would be an understatement I mean he he competed there's certainly some things that he needs to improve on from the first game to the second game but Britain determination is not one of them you know he was resourceful he made several plays he took a lot of hits matter of fact one time I went out and saw him in between timeouts and he didn't know how much more he could go and so he reached down and and certainly the last pass he threw was exceptional and we kind of threw blitz right up the a-gap and he delivered the strike to with John Mike for a touchdown yeah that fourth and seven play that just defines who he is because you're absolutely right the amount of hits he took in that game I know that's not sustainable but he was not afraid there knew the game was on the line and he had to take some of the contact to go make the play he certainly did I talked to him at halftime and we talked about trying to reach maybe reshape our game plan a little bit and he convinced me because coach keep on running me and I'm going to keep on taking off and he made a lot of plays I thought our offensive line by and large did a good job protecting him but you know some good scrambles and things like that and then we did miss a blitz pickup when she took a heck of a shot but he was out there practicing yesterday and he'll get himself ready to go for this week's game against Portland State you've been around so many different kids throughout your stops in college football his leadership skills take me through those a little bit because you hear him taking the contact you hear the conversations that he's had with you it seems like this kid is just a top-notch leader you know he certainly is and here's one of the I guess positive things about the transfer portal because we were in need of a quarterback he was had finished up at school at the last school and even though it was in the conference we sat down and we had a chance to get to know one another you know his family comes from a ranching background he's from a smaller town great work ethic I knew the head coach who had recruited him and had had an extensive conversation and so I think the the meshing of the cultures was exceptional last year was his first year in our system he's certainly grown exponentially he's a bright football geek I mean he lives in a film room we put a lot of pressure on the quarterback mentally and he's answered the bell coach Craig bowl here with us so some coaches right it's new waters with the transfer portal and it always takes time to really adapt you've seen college football from so many different types of versions was it all tough to to adapt to the transfer portal you feel comfortable where you guys are at on that front or is it still a lot of work to do to kind of get the program where they need through the transfer portal I would not say I'm comfortable I'm certainly maybe more adaptable than what I was you know the first year I mean it was like a bomb went off in our place and we're a developmental program we have developed our players and so as far as going out and basically acquiring them through transfer portals was a little something outside of my wheelhouse and I can still remember like it was yesterday when Andrew and his father were sitting in my office and I felt like I was an NFL GM doing some kind of transactional agreement you know it was a leap of faith by both of us but our program has grown I think we have you know some real good examples of guys that we have added but the whole key for us has been to make sure that you know we we have a great character reference we know people that will stand on the table for these guys that we've invited in our program because I'm convinced that's probably the biggest reason why we beat Texas Tech was our team chemistry and our resiliency and how those guys have had each other's back it's never easy to beat a program like Texas Tech and I have a lot of respect for Joey Maguire what he's done in his short time there but it's you know you guys were down by 17 now when it's down 17 nothing not many people thinking you're coming back to win that game what does it say about the the toughness really of your team and the resilience of your team to be able to beat a team like that especially being down 17 nothing out of the gate well you know what it's interesting because at the pregame meal I gave a message on what things we were going to need to do to win the game and at the end of the first quarter I said I don't think these guys listen to me at all we were doing everything just the opposite and you know through a number of years you kind of have a barometer on okay can you keep on with the same type of game plan and move forward and we were still within the margins but at 17 down I knew that we were getting close to maybe a term inflection point that we needed to get something going and we certainly did and then we plot our way back our whole goal was to take Texas Tech into the fourth quarter at home and you know usually when you're at home and you you take an opponent on the road here at 7 200 feet you know we're going to come out ahead and so but it took us to the mat it says a lot about this football team I'm personally excited about this team and I think the future looks bright yeah what do you think this team can accomplish this year because you know how it works before the year you get ranked where you're ranked and now you get a big victory like that and everyone's going to be talking about Wyoming and and what this football team did and how they could carry throughout the rest of the season you know we're going to take one game at a time we have a mantra here called one and oh and you know it was interesting a couple years ago one of our players I put up there one and only what do you mean coach we've already played four games you know we're very focused on the next opponent and continual improvement but we have a great Mountain West Conference you know it's not by chance Fresno's playing really well some of our other clubs are playing really well and it's going to be very competitive our non-conference schedule is competitive as well I mean we opened up with Texas Tech we have Portland State and we play the University of Texas and then we play Appalachian State so quite a bit to bite off there but I like where our team is at and now coach Craig Bowl you kind of get the double whammy because when you you get a big win like that people wonder is there going to be a letdown and then you also have Texas coming up in two weeks like you said so then there's that fear of the look ahead I know what you just said about want to know but do you kind of re-emphasize that a little bit extra this week going into Portland State after such a big victory well our players know our coaching staff very well and and this is not something new that that I've introduced however you're dealing with young men that are 18 to 22 and many times some players will start to maybe read some of their press clippings and some of the accolades that people are saying and I told them the other day it's not very far from the penthouse to the outhouse and you better be ready to go every Saturday. So when we look at your team clearly a great win over the weekend Craig Bowl head coach of Wyoming who joins us right now some scene as well after the game I know it's just a frenzy with all the fan storm in the field what's going through your mind once the game is over you guys win in that crazy fashion in double overtime making your way to the locker room and just seeing all that unfold. Yeah you know it's interesting because one of the referees was asking me are you kind of nervous and this was about three minutes left to go in the game I said well no not really I've done this I mean these are some things why you coach I guess more than anything else like you said I think the world of coach McGuire and I wanted to get across the field and shake his hand I've been on that side when you maybe haven't played like you wanted to and there's a disappointing loss but I wanted to say hello to him and you know wish him the very best and then you know it's heartwarming to see the people in Wyoming we only have one school in the whole state so the whole state rallies around the cowboys and then to see the fans enjoy themselves and they're singing out there on the field I made it into the end zone and kind of took it all in and then what was really fun that was when our players came in the locker room we sang our school song. What did you say to your players after a game like that in the locker room because that's always such a special moment coach addressing the team right after a big win like that. Well you know what I talked to them at halftime and I said there's two things that have changed that have kept us in this game our pride and our conditioning and so that that kept us in that game and then I said there's going to be two things that are going to allow us to win this game our toughness and our togetherness and I reiterated that at the end and I think those words resonated with our players I was really proud of them and it was great to see them enjoy a big win. Coach you know the the moving landscape in college football it's crazy it's all over the place with conference realignment when you get a game like that a power five school up against a non-power five school I know you always want to play your best brand of football but just not knowing what the sport's going to look like what schools are going to be changing over the next few years do you kind of sense a little extra pressure going into a game of that magnitude just to prove what this program Wyoming can accomplish.

You know what and I appreciate you bringing up power five and whatever term right now there's 10 leagues and I don't know how many are going to where they're all going to go. I did know for us to play on CBS on a national stage Saturday night against a ranked opponent was going to be a great window of opportunity for us to showcase what kind of program we have and it was neat you know the place is sold out our players there's drama in the game I knew that you know as in a baseball term I think you're a baseball guy the ducks are on the pond and we needed to deliver and we did. Coach before we let you run just want to talk about one of your former players that I know he was enjoying the victory Josh Allen I saw Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes were tweeting about the game back and forth so that that was fun to see. I always love stories like this right unexpected greatness and a guy that got under recruited. Take me back to the recruiting process of Josh Allen landing him to Wyoming. Yeah we had just arrived here and the head coach at Montana State now was our offensive coordinator and we had identified Josh as a junior college player outside of Fresno and watched him on tape saw an unbelievably competitive player and we vetted who he was being recruited by. I know that Fresno State was not recruiting him and so I was flying all over the country and actually I was on a private jet trying to get out to Fresno and there was an emergency people don't know this I don't know if Josh knows this there was an emergency we had a land in Wichita.

Wow. And worked on the plane all night long and I was able to get out there the next day and walked into his home and I said listen I've traveled all around the country you're the one that we want we're going to build our program on you and mom began to break down and cry and dad was there they're a neat family that comes from a farm and he was he was a cowboy through and through and and loves us and you know I'm sure he still rides for the brand out there and I know he was doing a lot of tweeting Saturday night. If you don't mind me asking what was the emergency trying to recruit him on the plane?

Oh there was a bear something with a pressurized cabin and so we were up real high and we had to get down and what made it a little bit more comfortable though in my previous school I was a pilot I used to fly myself around on a small single engine so I kind of knew we were going to be okay but I don't know if Josh ever knew I said I told those guys I said we got to get out there the next day and like I said they worked on the plane all night long. That's unbelievable last thing I'll ask you clearly you had confidence that Josh was going to be a really good player and you saw him before a lot of other people but when did you know that he could go on to accomplish some of the things that he already has in his young NFL career? Yeah you know I began to see some things the year before he came out his arm strength was off the chart his competitive nature you know I had coached against some great quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and I can go down the whole list but his arm strength was spectacular and then his ability to make plays now what he did the next year where some quarterbacks have chosen to come out early he came and spent another year with us and had another year in our pro style system and that really helped hone his school skills did I think he would be great I did he might he's ahead of schedule I know that and I'm really proud of him and and love him and and his family and like I said he probably did more to change the the nature of our winning attitude more than anything else here. Well coach heck of a win really do appreciate you taking some time good luck good health to all your players the rest of the season and thanks so much for doing this. You bet, bye now. What a victory by the Wyoming program always appreciate Craig Bull for joining us and what a story that was about the recruitment of Josh Allen where the plane had to have an emergency landing I wonder if Josh knows that he coach even said doesn't even know if Josh knows the story so maybe that was an un I never told untold story of the recruitment of Josh Allen we'll try to get some answers on that we'll come on back though with the closing bell we'll tell you whose stock is booming whose stock is dooming you're listening to the Zach Gelb show another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show the defensive play of the week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces DoD veterans and their families their members are the mission learn more at how about Colorado's do it all stud Travis Hunter Jr he was all over the field on Saturday recording an interception and a pass breakup in the end zone to help the Buffalo's pull off the 45 to 42 upset over 17th ranked TCU and Travis Hunter Jr also recorded 11 catches for 119 yards on offense playing 129 total snaps and probably the most impressive part of that performance was his dancing afterwards in the locker room how the heck he able to drop all those moves after playing all that football that was crazy but give Travis Hunter Jr a stock up and bonus stocks up to coach prime Shador Sanders Shiloh Sanders that entire Colorado football team what a joy they were to watch week one of college football let's go to Jayla Milro the quarterback over at Alabama nice performance to open up his season I know a big game this week up against the Texas Longhorns but going up against middle Tennessee he was able to go on out there and have five total touchdowns as Alabama crushes middle Tennessee the blue Raiders 56 to 7 so give a stock up to Jayla Milro let's go from one jm to the next jm and this of course is the Tennessee quarterback in Joe Milton who's been around the block for a while was originally at Tennessee we're looking he was gonna be you know he was the quarterback then replaced by Hendon Hooker we know he's at Michigan before that but the volunteers blew out Virginia over the weekend 49 to 13 and Joe Milton was a very efficient 21 of 30 passing for 201 yards two touchdowns through the air and then on the ground also had two rushing touchdowns so give Joe Milton a stock up Mike Norvell for two years everyone wanted him fired last year gets a double digit wins this year opens up the season up against LSU and he blows them out in the second half give Mike Norvell who joined us earlier on the show you can listen on the free odyssey app or go to my twitter at Zach Gelber or show pager anywhere you can find your podcast and you can listen to the entirety of that conversation but give Mike Norvell a stock up it was a slow start up against West Virginia as a team but I gotta give credit to hickey's guy and drew aller I think drew aller's gonna be really good for Penn State this season give drew aller a stock up now we talk about something that could be really good we already know someone that is really good and that is Washington's quarterback Michael Pennix Jr. a lot of people were upset that he was not a Heisman Trophy finalist last year after a long time in Indiana reunites with Kaitlyn DeBoer and we saw what he was able to do a year ago while he picked up right where he left off 450 yards passing and five passing touchdowns as Washington just absolutely dominates and destroys Boise State by final score 56 to 19 so give a stock up to Michael Pennix Jr. so last year we saw Bo Nix transfer Bo Nix have a really successful season Michael Pennix Jr. transfer have a really successful season after both of those quarterbacks at Indiana and Auburn did not come anywhere close to having the years that they had last year so for the last two years DJ Uengole has not played well at Clemson now Clemson got destroyed this weekend by Duke DJ Uengole I get it's up against San Jose State but DJ Uengole in his debut for the Oregon State Beavers goes 20 to 25 for 239 yards and three touchdowns and also rushes for two touchdowns so five total touchdowns when Davos Sweeney's squad only put up seven points in the contest good day for DJ Uengole give him a stock up we'll keep it moving here Shane Beamer let's hear from him he was upset that the chain crew was late coming out of halftime we have any stats anybody it's kind of the story the night clock was wrong the whole game we're trying to kick it on side kick to start the second half and we got to wait on the chain crew because they're eating a hot dog that's the only disappointing thing about tonight so Shane Beamer has come on this show a lot and I like Shane Beamer but that's amateur hour you just lost 31 to 17 I don't want to hear that you were annoyed with the chain crew for eating a hot dog and the clock management issue that's not why you lost the game North Carolina took it to you and that's something I hate I gotta be fair here even though I like Shane Beamer when a coach loses I hate the coach that makes excuses and points to things that don't even make sense and that was one of them that's a bad job by Shane Beamer we get we you know we give you a lot of credit a lot of praise I like what he's done with that program but you just had an embarrassing loss where if you just lost to North Carolina something to be ashamed of it's a good football team you have someone to drink may as phenomenal but when you lose 31 to 17 and you score three lousy points in the second half shut up after the game just shut up I think sound like Jim Calhoun there shut up shut up but I want to hear about the hot dogs so give a stock down to Shane Beamer Kyle McCord underwhelming debut for this season of Ohio State football they only put up 23 points up against Indiana we'll see what that team does in a few weeks up against Notre Dame but I did not love what I saw from the Ohio State offense so give Ryan Day Kyle McCord the receivers a stock down and finally I've been talking about this a lot Dabo Sweeney who has been a phenomenal college football coach but the last few years he has lost his way and that Clemson team should not have been ranked in the top 10 before the start of the season they showed that the other day just duke embarrassing them and doing whatever they wanted with them but he just doesn't embrace the transfer portal I'm not saying to go all in on the transfer portal but when you have talent problems you have a brand that's good enough like Dabo Sweeney and Clemson is built you got to find a way to go utilize that transfer portal more the great coaches adapt the great coaches change and just Dabo Sweeney isn't willing to do that right now and all he does is make fun of the transfer portal and all he doesn't make fun of NIL and look now all we're doing is making fun of Dabo Sweeney today so give him a stock down and finally I'm gonna throw one more curveball at you here I'm actually gonna go back to the well here of positivity I know that they were cupcake opponents but I give credit to Oregon and also Oklahoma Oregon just destroyed Portland State by a final score of 81 to 7 and then when you look at Oklahoma I know it's up against Arkansas State but they won 73 to nothing so give Oklahoma and give Oregon both stocks up alrighty and that is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio big thanks to everyone of you for listening to the program always follow me on social media twitter instagram at Zach Gelb z-a-c-h-g-e-l-b do that right now Cordell Stewart thank you for joining us Scott Hanson thank you for joining us Mike Norvell thank you for joining us and of course the Wyoming coach in Craig bowl thank you for joining us hot take hickey thank you for producing this extravaganza Sean Alexander the former NFL MVP and Alabama star will join us tomorrow and we're out of time so we'll talk to you then at 6 p.m eastern 3 pacific we out buh-bye peace
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